Thursday, 12 September 2019

Farewell to the 'lungs of the world'?

Have you ever come across anything like this 'Amazon is burning away' furore'?  None of the great and good missed the opportunity to warn us of the calamity that would follow should 'the lungs of the world' be destroyed. Posturing and preening, they flew by the dozen in their private jets to swanky resorts where they agonised over the planet's future. Leo DiCaprio, Ronaldo, former ghetto porn star Meghan Markle (a.k.a. the Duchess of Sussex) and  gap-toothed pox-ridden whore Madonna were among those hectoring their moral inferiors. And they made it very clear who the culprit was:  President Jair Bolsonaro, the 'Brazilian Donald Trump'. You could almost picture him speed-boating down the Amazon hurling Molotov Cocktails left and right.

Mind you our saviours had evidence to back up their claims. Problem is all of it was wrong. Where to begin? For a start the fires were almost all on agricultural land being cleared of scrub in the traditional way. And those pictures? Macron's was twenty years old, Ronaldo's five, Madonna's thirty. Yet they tell us that the rate of forest burning is unprecedented. CNN, The Leading Name In Fake News, went so far as to claim that “the current fires are without precedent in the past 20,000 years.”  Er, not exactly. As this graph illustrates, a more accurate figure than 20,000 years would be......three years. Before Bolsinaro was elected.
As for the 'lungs of the world' claim here's what Dan Napsted, one of the world’s leading experts on the Amazon forest, had to say.  “It’s bullshit. There’s no science behind that. The Amazon produces a lot of oxygen but it uses the same amount of oxygen through respiration so it’s a wash.” Thanks Dan. And, according to NASA, forest fires are actually declining globally. But why let facts get in the way of a good story when rich pickings are to be made in the highly competitive (competitive for donors' dough that is) environmental saviour market? And a globalist agenda to be maintained ('an international approach is essential').

Then there's the remarkable fact that the burning forests in Bolivia, Angola and the Congo, in total bigger than Brazil's, hardly got a mention. And the reason is simple: Bolivia has a globalist left-wing leader while Angola and the Congo are 'independent' black-ruled countries. Can't criticise them.

The facts associated with the Amazon fires could be ascertained in less than an hour by anyone with a device connected to the internet. That's what I did. We're therefore left to conclude that this has been a deliberate hoax in pursuit of an agenda.


Signifier said...

Thank you for helping to preserve my sanity.

ianrob said...

Yes indeed Savant, loved you description of those attending. One thing always puzzles me about these type of events, well not just one, but why on earth would you want a film actor or pop singer's views on anything. An actor makes a living pretending to be someone else, Madonna was never in my opinion any good at anything she did, and without promotion by others would have been a pub singer. Now however they are telling real people how to view something, whilst relying on information from professional liars.
The truth about the situation being freely available to anyone who looks.
It isn't just this but Clooney gets his oar into things too, as do many celebrities. I fail to understand how celebrity status makes you knowledgeable, on anything other than your chosen carreer.

Jen said...

Why lash out so viciously at Meghan Markle and Madonna? What have they got to do with the Amazon? Greedy developers are destroying the Amazon forests. It's the same story everywhere animals can't defend themselves.

a lightwatcher said...

Sav I'm glad you highlighted this environmental issue and its misuse for political / financial ends.

In the meantime, the real issue of the Holocene extinction -- an accelerating mass extinction driven by increased human population / consumption -- seems relatively neglected.

While organized Jewry / globalists try to exploit environmental issues, as you might know, a real ecological catastrophe is unfolding and it threatens the survival of humans. I have info about this on my blog if you're interested.

I first became aware of this tragedy through my bird watching and involvement with the local ornithological society. The decline in bird populations revealed by our surveys is so depressing. The same applies to our populations of insects and other animals. This subject is too serious for it to be messed about with for political / financial ends.

To anybody here (anywhere in the world) in need of a grim reality check about the state of nature -- get involved with a local wildlife organization and learn about the changes in their survey results.

Iron Felix said...

If our chum Mugabe, God rest his soul, had created such fires (how do we know he didn't?) there would never have been a word of criticism. It is not what is being done, it is who is doing it that counts. That is what determines the stark asymmetry between otherwise similar events. God man Savant for pointing it up.

luke2236 said...

A deliberate hoax in pursuit of an agenda?!?!? say it aint so! Why ...THATS never happened before; you must be one of those 'conspiracy kooks'... :P

[Thanx for that graphic]

Jim said...

If Israel lit the fires they would be OK too. More than OK. Firemen would be antisemitic for putting them out.

The U.S. government concluded within the last two years that Israel was most likely behind the placement of cell-phone surveillance devices that were found near the White House and other sensitive locations around Washington, D.C., according to three former senior U.S. officials with knowledge of the matter.

But unlike most other occasions when flagrant incidents of foreign spying have been discovered on American soil, the Trump administration did not rebuke the Israeli government, and there were no consequences for Israel’s behavior, one of the former officials said.

This could be a canard, calumny, trope, or a rare combination of all three. It could be that the Israelities were merely conducting surveillance on only those US officials who say Israel conducts surveillance on US officials. In that case they would be justified in combating hate this way and Trump is doing the right thing.

Team GT said...

Greta Thunberg is gonna get yo ass fo dis sheet.

RW said...

It's the same story everywhere animals can't defend themselves.

What about these animals?

Jim said...

The joes will ekstirmin8 the Pl3stinians, because their Lorde commands them too do so. They have no other choice.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What are they going to do about all the naturally occurring coal-seam fires around, some burning for thousands of years.

Anonymous said...

Them 'celebrity' whores would do literally ANYTHING to serve The Agenda. As in ... the GloboHomo Agenda. They are, at best, opinioneers for hire.

Despite all the burnings, real and imagined, carbon dioxide stubbornly remains a trace gas in the earth's atmosphere. The current concentration is about 0.04% (410 ppm) by volume. Wikipedia tells me so ...

Pity we don't have more of it. Plants love it. It stimulates growth.

That said, I too would like to see an end to the incessant pillaging of the natural environment. Why do all the economies of the world need to be in perpetual expansion?

The most destructive force on the planet is, without doubt, compound interest. It is the gargantuan debt bubble hovering over the earth which drives the perpetual growth machine. Which results in ever accelerating pillaging and looting.

The central banksterin' cabal which creates the credit flows as a debt to themselves needs to be broken up and smashed into a thousand tiny pieces. It's the only way to save this ol' world of ours.

Rapparee said...


Q.Lizzie doin' the mason handshake thumb press thingy with Boris.

heuristic said...

Most people don't think that way Ianrob. In fact most people just don't think. But they will take notice when a celebrity says something. So for the globohomos that represents success. The serfs notice the propaganda, don't evaluate it but instead pressure their authorities to "do something".

Croesus said...

Excellent series of questions there Anon 4.54 but in fact you answered your own question.

We need growth to keep the ponzi scheme operational

We need inflation to gradually whittle away the value of savers' deposits

So growth and inflation combined finance the system of compound interest theft

Barney said...

Anonymous (13 September 2019 at 04:54) - I couldn't agree more. Why the obsession with perpetual economic growth? Isn't enough enough? We (meaning they) can't drive ten cars at the same time, live in twenty houses, have simultaneous conversations on six "smart" phones or eat five dinners (though some do the latter, as demonstrated on the freak-show tv programme "My 600 pound life").

Enough is enough, but (((some))) always want more. "Only twelve zeroes on your bank balance? Poor you. See if you can get it up to fifteen, and then twenty". WHY FFS? Usury means it grows faster than than they can spend it, so what's the point? It's only a number on a computer.

They're destroying the world in (((their))) insane game of nineteen-upmanship, and then they recruit a retard who'll believe anything they tell her to preach all this "global warming" CRAP.

A few weeks ago the Bugger Boys' Club (BBC) was giving us a great steaming pile of BS about wildfires in Alaska and Greenland of all places!

One night I switched the radio on to hear an "expert" (code for BBC propagandist) saying the Amazon fires were worse this year because (non-existent) "global warming" meant there was less evaporation from the Atlantic!

Higher temperatures mean less evaporation? Never heard that one before. So does that mean if I put an open container of water in the fridge, it will evaporate more quickly than it would in a pan on a hot stove?

Now they tell us we've got a "heatwave" in Southern England for the next week, with temperatures approaching a "scorching" 70 degrees! (21C) How are we going to survive it?

Jim said...

This raises the ugly specter of...

Jim said...

Never again.

Hate rises to the top in Europe.

Unknown said...

Most people don't think that way Ianrob. In fact most people just don't think. But they will take notice when a celebrity says something.

Then how do you explain Brexit?
The British people (17.4 million) ignored what the establishment elitist and celebrities had to say.
Two fingers up a big Up Yours Mate.

Unknown said...

Croesus13 13 September 2019 at 09:16

Yes you're right But some, a little savings are better than none. Wtshtf you don't want to be in a situation where you ain't got a pot to piss in.

Jen said...

Anonymous Croesus said...
Excellent series of questions there Anon 4.54 but in fact you answered your own question.

We need growth to keep the ponzi scheme operational

We need inflation to gradually whittle away the value of savers' deposits

So growth and inflation combined finance the system of compound interest theft

13 September 2019 at 09:16

Bond markets have been destroyed except in countries like South Africa where interest rates are much higher than in the developed world. Which tells you the underlying bonds are lower grade and higher risk so there is a lot of carry trade speculation with money flowing in and out. Inflation is high in South Africa, so high inflation and high interest cancel each other out. Don't believe the 'official' SA inflation stats, they're bogus.

The world wide trend is to push investors into overpriced equities. Pensioners get whacked by low interest after spending a lifetime of buying overpriced equities that pay low dividends.

Jen said...

Yes, the aging and lowgrade 'shlebs' who keep touting their old and low-grade wares are bores. I can't (not) wait for the next time Meghan Markle is five minutes pregnant so we can see photos of her rubbing her tummy in public again. I try to avoid news stories concerning the so-called 'royals'.

Anonymous said...

Hostage to Psychopaths

About this psychopathic destruction of nature and thereby human life.

Although the last text in the "light as we go" YT video says "humans takes themselves and fellow earthlings into oblivion", s/he could have said "organized Jewry takes us all into oblivion".

As a clinical psychologist by trade (PhD in stress and coping), like other mental health professionals here, I am well aware that (a) we are ruled by psychopaths and (b) the extent of their anti-social aspirations is beyond the comprehension of most 'normal' people.

When I was more naive, I thought that Jewish psychopathy was limited to certain situations (e.g. national socialist Germany, white South Africa and false-flag attacks such as 9/11), then I realized that their psychopathy toward non-Jews is global, and now the ecological catastrophe indicates that their destructive intentions are ultimately toward all non-Jewish life.

In other words, these psychopaths really mean it when they say things like "In the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes" (Deuteronomy 20:16).

We and the rest of life on Earth are hostage to these psychopaths. As in other life-threatening hostage situations, we urgently need to decide: "Do we let them take us all down?" or "Do we take them out before they can do any more harm?"


Anonymous said...

Get saving, Europeans need to save money, silver, gold anything of value, buy small plots of land, house without debt, make no mistake (they) want Europeans poor, broke and broken, with that achieved it's easier for them to destroy you, one by one. Mossimaidpods sniffer agents and their 5th column goons reading off a script are running rampant in London and the Home Counties, antagonising and setting up British patriots to break the law.

There wasn't a public vote to join the EU BuT there was one to leave...The English Welsh people voted massively in favour to leave. Hence the activities of the agents.

Anonymous said...

Printing evermore funny money.
Just delaying the fall of the EU, when your financial policies are failing print more money and really bollocks things up. Whatever happened to living within your means which the EU have never done it needs to fail.

European Union going down the shitter

Jen said...

All in a day's work in South Africa. Don't like your girlfriend anymore? Pour petrol over her while she's asleep and set her on fire. 'Normally' they kill any children who happen to be around as well, also with petrol and a couple of matches. Then run for it to save your own arse.

"They watch the procession of postponements and motions that the magistrate, prosecutor, assessors and defence attorney spend their time on for seemingly the entire morning, waiting for their turn to come. When it does, they are given another date to come back, as the state “finalises” its case. And as these unfortunates gradually empty the room, you realise that there are none of the cast of characters you would expect to see, given what is about to unfold in this small wood-panelled room in downtown Johannesburg.

"There are no journalists, no protesters, no activists, no support groups, no family. Nobody’s outside burning impepho for either the victim or the accused, as we have become accustomed to seeing in the trials of more famous offenders.

"All of this is somewhat strange, because court 9 is the setting for the trial of a young man accused of committing one of the most shocking acts of femicide in a country no longer shocked by the killing of women. It is in this courtroom where Mpho Thobane is the sole murder accused in the 2018 death of Viwe Dalingozi, his girlfriend at the time. Thobane, the state alleges, set her on fire while she slept in her bachelor flat at Fashion Lofts in downtown Johannesburg. He then fled to his hometown of Mokopane in Limpopo, where he would be apprehended by police days later and returned to the city. He was denied bail and has been in police custody since."

Knowing how the magistrates' courts don't work anymore in South Africa this scumbag will have to be brought to justice by mob violence.

Jen said...

The dead feed the worms that feed the birds. Tweet-tweet.

Lynchings in the RSA

The SAPS recorded 789 popular executions in 2018/19

Twenty four years after the formal abolition of the death penalty in South Africa, at least 789 public executions were carried out by the people between April 2018 and March 2019. This is according to the latest annual crime report by the South African Police Service.

Over the past two years the SAPS have provided a detailed breakdown of the circumstances behind murders, where this was established and recorded. This covered 6 306 or 30% of the 21 022 cases recorded by the SAPS in 2018/19. This lists “Mob justice/vigilantism” as the “causative factor” in 789 murders. This is a minimum not maximum figure, given that the “causative factor” in 70% of murder cases was not known.

The sheer number of such summary, community-level, executions of various categories of enemy of the people (mostly criminals), is striking from a historical perspective.

In February 1990 President FW de Klerk announced a moratorium on the death penalty. In 1995 the Constitutional Court declared the death penalty to be unconstitutional. In his judgment Arthur (((Chaskalson))) wrote that “The rights to life and dignity are the most important of all human rights, and the source of all other personal rights in Chapter Three. By committing ourselves to a society founded on the recognition of human rights we are required to value these two rights above all others.”

The ANC [for its own reasons] released a statement welcoming this ruling saying, "never, never and never again must citizens of our country be subjected to the barbaric practice of capital punishment."

Through its twenty-five years in office it has been true to its word, resisting persistent calls from the right for the reinstatement of the death penalty. The ANC has traditionally been less averse however to forms of summary justice emanating from the popular will; these having been integral to the liberation movement’s highly successful People’s War strategy of the mid-1980s which helped vault it to power by 1994.

In 1989 the Human Rights Commission reported that 1 335 people had been hanged in South Africa between 1978 and 1988 - excluding in the ‘independent’ homelands - following their trials, convictions, and unsuccessful appeals. This was in most cases for murder, though also occasionally for rape, robbery with aggravating circumstances, and treason. For example in 1982 there were 99 executions, 95 of which were for murder. In 1983 there were 90 executions, 83 of which were for murder and 3 for treason.

By contrast, in the past two years the SAPS recorded a total of 1 635 popular executions (846 in 2017/18); more than the total number of hangings in the last twelve years of capital punishment in South Africa. From a comparative perspective too, these are very high numbers. The Montgomery Advertiser reported on 26 April 1959 that:

“While lynchings [in the United States of America] have about reached the vanishing point in recent years, Tuskegee Institute records show 4,733 persons have died from mob action since 1882. Except for 1955, when three lynchings were reported in Mississippi, none has been recorded at Tuskegee since 1951. In 1945, 1947, and 1951 only one case per year was reported… For a period of 65 years ending in 1947 at least one lynching was reported each year. The most for any year was 231 in 1892. From 1882 to 1901, lynchings averaged more than 150 a year. Since 1924 lynchings have been on a marked decline, never more than 30 cases which occurred in 1926.”

In 2018/19 there were thus three times more popular executions in South Africa than the highest annual number of lynchings in the United States (in 1892). At this rate we surpass every five years the total recorded mob killings committed in the United States between 1882 and 1959.

Politicsweb | 12 September 2019

Rapparee said...

Re: Jim's Grotesque Spectre @13 September 2019 at 10:14 ...

To achieve our "Common Destiny" for shared ethics and values. Universal Unity for all jewry for jews around the world. Unified Vision for global jewry. Yada, yada, etc......

Got it goyim!

And don't you forget that universal adherence to the Noahide laws is incumbent upon you for the existence of civilization.

And all our Fellow-Mason, Nations Heads of State, being self declared 'Noachidae or Sons of Noah' you are obligated under oath, to adhere to this and set up The World Court for Noahide Laws, and accept Jerusalem as the New World Order's Capital. OK goyim! Oy vey....

Unknown said...

Would the PC Brigade be so hostile to Brazil if its President wasn't an attractive, no BS, smart, normal, Straight White Man (with similar progeny)?

j whiteman said...

They need growth to keep the Ponzi scheme operational

They need inflation to gradually whittle away the value of savers' deposits

NWO Chaos said...

"This scumbag will have to be brought to justice by mob violence."

Sometimes I think this is the only way justice can be achieved in our broken Western systems.

Californian said...

The belief in "Amazon Fires" is part of a wider spectrum of trendy beliefs which go contrary to reality.

Look at the belief in racial equality. All real scientific evidence (not to mention personal experience) shows there are inherent, genetic, differences between the races. But those pointing out this reality are immediately castigated as heretics (James Watson, Jared Taylor).

Or look at the high rates of black violent crime. Again, criminal justice statistics demonstrate that blacks commit these crimes at several times the rate of other races, yet this fact is suppressed by the mainstream media.

Or the ongoing debacles caused by third worlder migrations (aka invasions) into White countries. Said migrations cause increases in crime, welfare dependency and terrorism, as well as general disintegration of social trust. But the official slogan is "Diversity Is Strength" (thank you, Ministry of Truth!).

Liberalism has become like a demented religion, where what counts is not reality but the faith of the followers. Celebrities can flitter around the world for the latest trendy cause, but what is really burning down is their own civilization. Quite literally, when you consider all the rioting and car burnings perpetrated by the diversity.

Believe, brothers and sisters, believe!

Raoul said...

Good posts there @Jen13:17

SA, worlds #1 for murder rates.
White rule although (((flawed))) is now considered preferable by many to the corrupt, dysfunctional ANC cronyism and state of chaos and despair enveloping this once 1st class modern nation with so much potential for all.

Anonymous said...

They need growth to keep the Ponzi scheme operational

They need inflation to gradually whittle away the value of savers' deposits

Yet there isn't any inflation. There is a lot of encouragement to spend what you just about have and more.
Get rich schemes that leave lots ripped off when all you have to do is save a little. The system wants people one wage packet from destination. Tsic don't be near the fan.

Jay Walker/Whiteman said...

Yet there isn't any inflation

OMG, just what they want you to believe. The core and essence of the fake money system is inflation. Inflation does NOT mean rising prices- inflation causes rising prices.
Inflation [adulteration] is any increase in money quantity, regardless of price levels.
Inflation is like adding water to wine, and for the same purpose.

The exponential rise in national debt is pure inflation- loans to government made up from whole cloth. Asset bubbles, housing, stocks, and so on- purely the result of the printing press. The funny munny does not flow equally into all sectors of the economy- more for assets, less to spend on daily necessities- there seems to be "no inflation" there.

The government has been lying about consumer prices for almost forty years. Circa 1982 housing was removed from CPI [consumer price index] and replaced by "Owner's equivalent rent." [housing was 47% of the weighted index- something had to be done] Items that rise a lot % wise are removed or modified in some sneaky way, so the folks [I almost said rubes] will "think"- "there is no inflation." MSM used to discuss the CPI and money supply [!]- no more. I cannot recall the last time inflation was even mentioned- down the black hole of Cal Cutta.

[scroll down to "shadow stats"]. . .

Frank Galton said...

H2P said: "When I was more naive, I thought that Jewish psychopathy was limited to certain situations (e.g. national socialist Germany, white South Africa and false-flag attacks such as 9/11), then I realized that their psychopathy toward non-Jews is global... We and the rest of life on Earth are hostage to these psychopaths. As in other life-threatening hostage situations, we urgently need to decide: "Do we let them take us all down?" or "Do we take them out before they can do any more harm?""

Diaspora Zionist-Jews view Israel as a "shelter for a rainy day".

YNET News, 26 October 2011

The [Jewish] Americans view Israel as a "shelter for a rainy day" and feel committed to help the State, but some feel their money is being wasted due to wrong moves; the Israelis live in fear of what will happen if and when the aid stops.,7340,L-4099803,00.html

Zionists-Jews fear:

1. BDS (BDS is the name of the movement to boycott Israel)

Arutz Sheva, 10 October 2014

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu convened a secret discussion regarding the BDS threat to Israel... present were representatives of the Mossad, Shin Bet and the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT).

One of the tools being used to combat BDS is the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) working definition of anti-Semitism. Mainstream political parties in the UK (Conservative Party, Labour Party, Liberal Democrats etc), as well as more than 130 UK local councils, the police, the Crown Prosecution Service and the judiciary, have adopted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) working definition of anti-Semitism. It won't be long now before the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) working definition of anti-Semitism is introduced into law.

2. Equal voting rights for Palestinians

HAARETZ, 29 November 2007

"If the day comes when the two-state solution collapses, and we face a South African-style struggle for equal voting rights (also for the Palestinians in the territories), then, as soon as that happens, the State of Israel is finished," Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told Haaretz Wednesday.

3. Palestinians' right to return

The Guardian, 11 March 2010

Today there are more than seven million Palestinian refugees around the world. Israel denies their right to return to their homes and land – a right recognised by UN resolution 194, the Geneva convention, and the universal declaration of human rights.

Socialist Worker, 26 June 2018

[Jeremy] Corbyn was branded antisemitic by people who claimed the right of return would mean the end of Israel.

H2P said: "'Do we let them take us all down?" or "Do we take them out before they can do any more harm?"""

One solution is to support wiping their "shelter for a rainy day" off the map (peacefully).

Frank Galton

wilmo said...

Our Government is controlled by of the NWO, many of which are empowered to serve Lucifer. In reality, I knew that our Country was lost, I just didn’t want to admit it. Our Country and Government have been totally hijacked and it is not just the bankster thugs who have stolen our most precious resources. America, I beg you not to let the bankers steal the lives of your precious sons in the next war of global unification and profit. The minions of the NWO are controlled by Satan.

English Tom said...

@Frank Galton

Re: wipe it off the map peacefully.

Respectfully disagree Frank. (((They))) will just keep on pushing and pushing with their global power grab. I believe it can only end one way, in rivers of blood. They've been creating their self fulfilling prophecy for years now (aka the holohoax).
In Frank Herbert's masterpiece Dune, one of the Fremen tribes (the Iduali) were cannibalising the other tribes. Eventually all the tribes banded together and wiped them out.
Now that's a future I would like to see!

Rapparee said...

If this is victory, blessed be defeat. (Credit: Vigilante Jesus [Morgoth's])

Anonymous said...

Barbara Friedrerg says
the Federal Reserve moderates inflation to keep it around the 2% mark. In other words, you don't need to worry that you'll be carrying suitcases full of dollar bills to the grocery store any time soon.

Anonymous said...

Where do you think you are?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

gle must pay a record $170 million to settle allegations by the Federal Trade Commission and the New York attorney general, which claim YouTube collected children’s personal information without parents’ consent Children are spending an alarming amount of time watching media on various screens and devices, but among them,
Google-owned YouTube is emerging as one of the biggest threats to their well-being.

Baroness Beeban Kidron, who is leading a campaign for children’s online rights, told the New York Times, “The idea that it’s O.K. to nudge kids into endless behaviors, just because you are pushing their evolutionary buttons — it’s not a fair fight …
It’s little Timmy in his bedroom versus Mark Zuckerberg in his Valley.

Anonymous said...

Hostage to Psychopaths

@Frank Galton, thank you for your helpful comment, 'Diaspora Zionist-Jews view Israel as a "shelter for a rainy day."'

This fits with the observation that Jews are urban dwellers who do not understand / care about nature. Most Jews likely couldn't tell the difference between a Robin and a Chaffinch and would assume that Painted Lady is another name for prostitute.

Yes, these ignorant Jewish parasites would foolishly believe that the Holocene extinction -- if they even know about this accelerating mass extinction -- will somehow wipe out other humans without affecting them in Israel. I support the idea of 'wiping their "shelter for a rainy day" off the map (peacefully)' and more.

Whatever we do at this late stage, according to the prognoses of respected ecologists, this Holocene extinction ends very badly for humans and -- due to the exponential nature of the ecological collapse now well underway -- the end could be much sooner than most people are able to appreciate.

For people who are not familiar with this subject, please note that this is *not* about "anthropogenic" global warming" (scam) or "climate change" (real, associated with the solar cycle). This is about human destruction of natural habitat and direct exploitation of organisms due to increased human population and per capita consumption. Also, there are parties trying to exploit this real problem for political / financial ends. Don't let that distract you from the reality of this accelerating mass extinction and what it means for you and your loved ones.


Jen said...

Not good.


ON THE SOUTHERN CREST of the unscathed Amazon rain forest, a storm inundates a wooden shack just off a sodden mud road. Inside, Antonio Bertola sits clutching a $1 beer under a painting of the Virgin Mary, his face ruddy and his clothes tatty from a lifetime of work on the land. The frontier town of Realidade is a mere speck on a changing map. To the north stretch hundreds of billions of trees and more than 1 million species never charted by man. To the south the muddy trail of human conquest reaches back for centuries. In a bittersweet tone of voice, Bertola recounts how his family of migrants had hungered for prosperity, security and, most of all, land to call their own.

Five decades ago Brazil incentivized millions of its people to colonize the Amazon. Today their logging yards, cattle enclosures and soy farms sit on the fringes of a vanishing forest. Powered by murky sources of capital and rising demand for beef, a violent and corrupt frontier is now pushing into indigenous land, national parks and one of the most preserved parts of the jungle.

Brazil’s new President, Jair Bolsonaro, an unapologetic cheerleader for the exploitation of the Amazon, has the colonists’ backs; he’s sacked key environmental officials and slashed enforcement. His message: the Amazon is open for business. Since his inauguration in January, the rate of deforestation has soared by as much as 92%, according to satellite imaging.

As human activity in the Amazon ramps up, its future has never been less clear. Scientists warn that decades of human activity and a changing climate has brought the jungle near a “tipping point.” The rain forest is so-called because it’s such a wet place, where the trees pull up water from the earth that then gathers in the atmosphere to become rain. That balance is upended by deforestation, forest fires and global temperature rises. Experts warn that soon the water cycle will become irreversibly broken, locking in a trend of declining rainfall and longer dry seasons that began decades ago. At least half of the shrinking forest will give way to savanna. With as much as 17% of the forest lost already, scientists believe that the tipping point will be reached at 20% to 25% of deforestation even if climate change is tamed. If, as predicted, global temperatures rise by 4°C, much of the central, eastern and southern Amazon will certainly become barren scrubland.

The fires that raged across the Amazon in August helped illuminate something the world can no longer ignore. Inside the crucible of this ancient forest, relentless colonization is combining with environmental vandalism and a warming climate to create a crisis. If things continue as they are now, the Amazon might not exist at all within a few generations, with dire consequences for all life on earth.

To understand what is truly happening to the world’s largest rain forest, TIME journeyed thousands of miles by road, boat and small plane this year to the front lines of deforestation. We spoke to loggers, tribespeople, environmentalists, ranchers and scientists. Despite growing outrage and threats by Western leaders to withhold trade with Brazil until Bolsonaro reverses course, on the ground we discovered the battle for the Amazon is close to being lost. The emboldened forces of development are running without restraint, and the stakes for the planet couldn’t be higher. As the official formerly responsible for Brazil’s deforestation monitoring, Ricardo Galvão, who was fired in August for defending his data on tree loss, told us, “If the Amazon is destroyed, it will be impossible to control global warming.”

Frank Galton said...

English Tom said: "(((They))) will just keep on pushing and pushing with their global power grab. I believe it can only end one way, in rivers of blood. They've been creating their self fulfilling prophecy for years now (aka the holohoax)."

I Agree, English Tom.

The reason that I said "One solution is to support wiping their "shelter for a rainy day" off the map (peacefully)," is because we know that Zionist-Jews such as David Ben-Gurion believe that Jerusalem will one day be the capital of the world.

Also, it's their little bolthole. Look at Zionist-Jew Barbara Lerner Spectre, travelling backwards and forwards to her beloved racist, apartheid, Jews-only state in the Middle East whilst promoting mass immigration and multiculturalism in Sweden. If, or should I say when, it kicks off in Europe, and it looks like there's going to be regime change, the likes of Barbara Lerner Spectre aren't going to hang around. They'll head straight for their little bolthole - their "shelter for a rainy day" - in the Middle East.

Israel is their insurance policy. One solution is to cancel their insurance policy.

Frank Galton

ianrob said...

Frank Galton. Israel is diaspora Jews shelter for a rainy day. Easy to feel but never put into words so succinctly. Well put Frank.

Jen said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

14 September 2019 at 06:35

True, that. The left really, really like to think they are better people. I know a couple of socialist poms where I live who are outraged by anyone who says anything centre-right to the point of totally ostracising that person, but they don't lift a finger to help the 'oppressed' themselves. On top of that they are woefully uneducated. They just want to have something to be smug and self righteous about. Dense as enriched uranium.

Frank Galton said...

Cheers ianrob,

Frank Galton

Gelu Valah said...

this is why i joined here – to share relevant information.
i love the fact that neither Romans nor Englishmen could erase the Celtic culture.
yet something else impacted hard damage on the Celtic culture, but not totally.
i read this yesterday, i understand Spanish, the article is written by a respected gentleman.
“Cinco judíos llegaron desde el mar con regalos para Tairdelbach [Rey de Munster], y fueron devueltos nuevamente al mar.”
Anales de Inisfallen, 1079 d. C.
the article is in Spanish, but Turlough O´Brien (AD 1009-86) did best, although not enough.
“...Turlough O'Brien... probably holds the record for the fastest expulsion of Jews in history”

Jack Finney said...


You got any HARD information on Meghan Markle being a "former ghetto porn star?"

Love to see it as I'd just figured she was a regular forty-year-old Hollywood skank.

Not to say it would be breaking new ground for the British upper classes, as Churchill's mother was likely a sometime prostitute and the Duchess of Windsor...well, you can just see it, but this stuff needs to be brought out again and again now that we have the chance to, once and for all, smash the British royal family. Turned out there was a purpose to Prince Andrew's life, after all.

Bring it all out, let all the worms hatch out, I need stuff about these scumbags to hang around the necks of the various royalists and mystery meat proletarians who want to "ape" these people. On government radio, there was a female "black academic" who, in all other ways wants a Bolshevik race war, actually cried about the Battenbergs accepting a mulatto into their family.

How about years ago (1961?) when Prince Philip brought his whore onto the yacht for a Mediterranean cruise?. When the British queen found out, she threw her off at the next port.

And of course, the real scandal is that the Markle family accepted this gang into their family. And did'cha hear they're really Jews, anyway?

SAVANT said...

@Jack Finney. I saw at least one clip where she was in a car going down on some guy. You don't actually see his dick in her mouth but other than that..... Maybe that clip and others like it have been shoahed by our tech overlords.

Jayne Wokker said...

AWE [Fear,beware] JVDAEI bearing gifts [Latin not Spanish]

"Five Jews arrived from the sea with gifts for Tairdelbach [King of Munster], and were returned back to the sea."

Frank Galton said...

Re Gelu Valah's Occidental Observer link

English version:

“Become other than White”: Ireland and Radical Jewish Activism

Frank Galton

Heimdall in Africa said...

Savant: Please could you ask commenters, when posting a youtube url, to give a (short) description of the video..I (and I imagine others) won't just waste time on going to an undefined link. I'm sure I've missed out on some interesting ones, but I NEED a description!

Anonymous commenters: Please enforce the rule you had a few months ago : NO Anonymous! FGS, just make up a name - you don't have to register or anything. It really spoils the comment section - IS is superb - and half the reason I come here.

Thanks, as always, for a fantastic, intelligent and thought-provoking site.

Rapparee said...

My slightly edited version from Brexiteers fighting for liberty and the people’s will, by Greg Sheridan in 'The Australian'(paywalled) but posted on -

As one shrewdly observes, once politics is “jewdicialised” all politicians become “mere talkers”.

A devastating observation that jewdicialising politics actually represents an enormous transfer of power from the poor to the rich. The jewdiciary is drawn from an extremely narrow band of society, typically from successful lawyers who are generally by birth and education, and then professionally, among the tiniest sliver of the wealthiest people in the society, and generally uphold all the (((approved))) opinions.

The fact so many working-class and poorer areas voted for Brexit is used by Remainers, with fabulous class condescension, to show what an ill-judged, foolish decision it was, for the great unwashed could not possibly know what is actually in their best interests. …

The type and model of governance the EU promotes pervasively diminishes all the traditional and real measures of democratic input and accountability. It privileges the affluent technocratic elite with all its neurotic virtue signalling and tells the common man his life embodies no wisdom and not much value.

Rapparee said...

Please be aware of the fact that all the banks are bankrupt by design and by definition. This is because of "fractional reserve banking" being practiced and allowed.

Fractional Reserve Banking is a fancy name for check kiting---writing more checks than you have assets to cover.

Banks are allowed to extend 7 to 10 times more credit than they hold as assets, and the assets they hold belong to depositors, so the banks have no skin in the game at all. They are bankrupt by definition from the get go.

The credit they extend is not theirs to extend. It's yours.

They write checks based on your assets and credit themselves for this via check kiting, but since they keep the books, they get away with entering whatever digits they want to enter.

Bankruptcy is a patented business model that is necessary for this fraud to continue. Otherwise, those responsible for this situation would also be accountable for it. But as long as they can claim bankruptcy protection and risk nothing but their depositor's assets, they have no motivation to stop.

All the banks you see --- "central banks" and "retail banks" --- are bankrupt.

When they advertise "home loans" they are soliciting you to loan your home to them as an asset --- a deposit --- that they can borrow against.

They take your home as a deposit equal to its market value. They then use your asset as the basis to extend seven to ten times the loan amount as new credit to other victims.

They return the amount of the purported "home loan" to you, and you think that they have loaned you money, though in fact all you have received is a check --- a transfer instrument --- transferring "money of account".

Money of account is not actual money of any kind. It's just arbitrary digits entered in a ledger.

They also take a "security interest" in your home, as if they had anything at risk. And they force you to make monthly payments to repay THEIR loan, while they pocket the difference--- six to nine times the value of the check they kited on your credit. Plus interest, of course.

Rapparee said...

Ancient Written Jewish Plan to take Over the World
with Usury
Christopher Jon Bjerknes in a @bitchute EXCLUSIVE!

ianrob said...

Jen @ 19:34,, good point Jen. I am me and purely or impurely, "I am no angel", believe what I feel is correct and likely to be true, but am sometimes mistaken by the left for one of them. It usually ends quickly when I air any one of their many taboos. They are outraged and hate filled. They seem to feel that they are so much better than everyone else. I was once talking to a socialist left wing girl in the local pub. I heard her say that her pussy was bald and It sounded interesting enough to investigate, but it turned out she had some Russian cat with no hair. We talked a little on politics, immigration and other things and it ended with her telling me that she thought that offending anyone should be illegal, and low and behold, apart from white men, it now is in Europe.
Very fixed views, both her and her partner had. Weirdos, deviants, perverts and immigrants, were to be respected for what they are, and low and behold, that is in European law now too.
You would think, that a primary school child would be able to see that these policies would destroy the culture that was already there and had worked for millennia, and yes she saw that too, but she felt that it needed destroyed. It was corrupt, I agreed, It was male dominated, I agreed but argued the reasons behind that, and we differed greatly. We needed to care more for the poor. Well I come from an area of South West Scotland where living off the State is a job. You need a hospital aluminium crutch worth extra money in benefits and even mobility allowance. It gets to me a little, but given that the industry is being carried out elsewhere for a mere pittance, and there are few jobs especially if you are an arsehole not wanting to work then I wouldn't see them starve to death. I argued that it can't keep going on, as there are limited resources. She didn't agree, and her and her partner left.

Anyway, I saved them money. Every time I go into the pub now, they go home to their bald pussy. Come to think of it, so do most people, even those with hairy pussies. Perhaps that's why I'm banned.

Jim said...

How the big US gun grab might work:

In New Zealand the cops said "everyone needs to hand in their semi-automatic weapons on date X" which was 6 months away. Nobody really worried about it too much since they didn't have to do anything for a while.

That gave the cops plenty of time to go through an ordered list of people and quietly raid them to take all their guns. They were surprise visits, lest anyone hide any guns. It wasn't a confiscation because they gave most of them back. But they kept the AR15s and even paid for them. The media didn't report this. The media said everyone was "complying with the law". The quasi-racial (Maori) gangs said they would keep their guns. The government said OK, kind of.

The Americans talk tough about "from their cold dead hands", but will it really happen like that? Prediction: The government will bury any story of resistance so everyone thinks they are on their own. You will not hear about anyone resisting although possibly a few carefully selected stories might make it out.

Boomer said...

Well done Mr Hitchens

The worm is turning bitches as the rabid turds are turned over

JJ you said...

Bjerknes is cranking out the hate lately. Lots of serious videos.

Rapparee said...

Soviet Romanian defector Ion Mihai Pacepa’s message to the world is a simplistic narrative of the Soviet Union pursuing a campaign to destroy Israel and the Jews, but it’s unclear why.

Soviet anti-Semitism as state policy is a decades-old myth that can only be Jewish disinformation itself, as it serves to distance the Jewish elite and the State of Israel from communism and its controlling organs in Russia and the East Bloc, thus protecting the hidden core of anti-Christ Jewish power in the world.

Operation SIG (Jewish-controlled government), a 1970s KGB plan to control the Middle East through conflict, seems to be a real KGB operation, as it is paralleled by known Israeli strategies like the Oded Yinon Plan (1982). It calls for perpetual conflict through Balkanizing the Arab world by arming and financing warring factions, including against Israel itself. Several Israeli dissidents, like Jack Bernstein and Victor Ostrovsky, corroborate Yinon’s prescriptions. For example, Ostrovsky writes in his book The Other Side of Deception,

Pacepa’s misreading of Operation SIG

Jen said...

@ ianrob...

A pussy is a man's best friend ...

Rapparee said...

Jen said @ 14:16 ...


... Jen, treat with caution anything from (((

Remember this from Lügenpresse:-

Gelu Valah said...

i've watched a video material on my TV - mesmerising, about surfers.
the images and the soundtrack were awesome.
i delved into the visual and the acoustic story.
Aussies White alright.
the doccummentary is proprietary, on a public TV, i can't get any link to
share, but it is awesome.
something like this is a gem to keep (Sunday brains did't fetch any USB memory
stick of many, to record).
but a thought bothered me: i can't see any niggers surfing - how come?! ain't
enough niggers in Australia?!
because niggers are poor swimmers and they keep away from real water (seas,
the only instance i know of free niggers capable to perform limited seafare is
the golden period of pirating and privateering in the Caribbean, about 400
years ago.

Gelu Valah said...

@ Frank Galton
thanks, mate.
did't find that first.
but the message is clear irrespective to any White language.
i hereby thank you again.

ianrob said...

jim @ 10:40 said
That gave the cops plenty of time to go through an ordered list of people and quietly raid them to take all their guns. They were surprise visits, lest anyone hide any guns. It wasn't a confiscation because they gave most of them back. But they kept the AR15s and even paid for them. The media didn't report this.

If the media didn't report this, then where did you find it Jim?

Frank Galton said...

Jewish Virtual Library

The Book of D’varim (Deuteronomy): Chapter 15

For HaShem thy G-d will bless thee, as He promised thee; and thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow; and thou shalt rule over many nations, but they shall not rule over thee.

Frank Galton

Jen said...

Rapparee said...
Jen said @ 14:16 ...


... Jen, treat with caution anything from (((

Remember this from Lügenpresse:-

True. Time is after all a second tier news magazine.

Casual Observer said...

Only Jews (and Pakis) get convictions overturned without too much fuss

Rapparee said...

Gelu Valah said...

i've watched a video material on my TV - mesmerising, about surfers.
the images and the soundtrack were awesome.
i delved into the visual and the acoustic story.
Aussies White alright. ........

Yeah, good stuff Gelu, indulged a bit myself at surfing in my younger years. Aussies love their beaches. I tend to avoid these days as I've had a few melanomas cut out so far, expect ongoing treatments further down the track. Payback is a bitch, so they say.
Spent the whole month of March in tropical north Queensland, Palm Cove about 50K north of Cairns, house-sitting for a distant friend while he was away. All expenses generously paid for. I enjoyed walking down the street to the main beach, most days when it wasn't pissing down with rain, (luxury hotels, lots of Euro tourist Japs & Chinese) planted myself in shade under the palm trees taking dips in the netted protected warm waters (deadly stinging box-jellyfish season plus saltwater crocodiles). Did wonders for my health felt great. Even had a little, er shall I say, 'dalliance' with an attractive French femme tourist.
However I had never realized how 'liberal' my absent host was until his gay! housemate, unbeknownst to me, returned home way earlier than expected, he was worried about his pet dachshunds. I was rather taken-aback, but me having a queer twin, non-identical, I managed to handle the situation OK, I think. lol

As you ask, "but a thought bothered me: i can't see any niggers surfing - how come?! ain't
enough niggers in Australia?!
because niggers are poor swimmers and they keep away from real water (seas,
Well the African's maybe, they in their gangs, prefer to make trouble and rob people at Melbourne's popular beaches I know. However Abbos, in the main, like to take to the waters also and are generally no trouble.
You also say "the only instance i know of free niggers capable to perform limited seafare is
the golden period of pirating and privateering in the Caribbean, about 400
years ago.", but aren't there big problemas with niggs pirating off the coast of Somalia, I think, just recently?

Anyhow, Cheers Mate. Avagooday!

ianrob said...

Lol Jen, stop on.

Jim said...

If the media didn't report this, then where did you find it Jim?

I personally know people who were raided and have heard of many more. Very polite raids mind you. Very quiet, just plained-clothed cops. They might tell you "good morning sir, unfortunately someone said you said something against muslims so as a precaution we need to take your guns. Sorry mate, nothing I can do, instructions from above.". Half a dozen armed cops show up to pack your toys up and take them. Maybe you get the shotguns back. Maybe you don't. But they'll keep the "assault rifles" and pay you for them later.

Lots of National Front members have been raided. The media is quiet about that as far as I know, but I don't watch or read the media - I rely on brainwashed goyim to tell me what the media thinks it is important for us to know. NF website down. Someone tried to restart it and got raided too. Sorry if your rule is "It's in the paper or it didn't happen." Nothing I can do about that.

Jim said...


Doesn't matter. It used as much oxygen as it produced. It's not as crucial as Greta says it is.
Besides, there is still plenty of it.

Gelu Valah said...

@Rapparee 15 September 2019 at 18:20
thanks for your support, mate.
i am sad about the medical problems you had.
like my late father used to say to me: ”boy, you keep yourself out of the hospital and out of the court of law, understood?!”
if only that was possible.
the niggers from Somalia are not seaworthy men – they are tolerated tools, serving whatever CIA purposes, and expendable; these niggers ain’t free to roam the seas like the niggers in the Caribbean some hundreds years ago.
i was talking about the “vibrant enriching” niggers into Australia, not of the poor Aborigines – i gather that “vibrant” niggers from Africa are an example of integrity and good will everywhere they go, not only Australia, but everywhere they go – they fear the ocean, though.
i thank you again for your support.
be well.

ianrob said...

Jim said
I personally know people who were raided and have heard of many more.

I would have thought that AR15 ownership in NZ was not high, that's all, and hearing about many from the "goyim", on the street unlikely. Just suspicious of you Jim that's all. As for the dig at the end regarding my need for the MSM, it just makes me wonder if you are Chumley, as it is a very childish Chumleyesque trick.

We have to be suspicious these days, as it is possible that you are in some army base with a bun in your hair sitting in a hasbara group. How would I know, so just as I am with your beloved MSM, I trust nothing unless it sounds correct.

Jim said...

I would have thought that AR15 ownership in NZ was not high, that's all, and hearing about many from the "goyim", on the street unlikely.

I don't know if it was high or not but they were always at the gun clubs in my experience. Plenty had semi-autos of various types. Only someone swayed by CNN propaganda thinks AR15s are somehow special in this regard.

You could get an AR15 or similar semi-auto on a basic license here. They were not counted as "military-style" unless they had a pistol grip, or magazine size above 7, or a few other specific things. The "E" endorsement to get MSSAs was easy enough to get if you could be bothered with the paperwork and passed the extra background checks and exams. Tarrant's didn't have any of those things, except the big magazines (which were 100% legal until he put them into his gun). He had the basic license. It's almost like Ardern planned the attack.

John Podesta was here the week before, and they banned the video because it shows the whole thing looked staged. People with clipboards, officials in red jackets showing up all through it, road cones appearing from nowhere in front of the mosque driveway and carefully toppled over to indicate direction, most of the victims already dead before it started, etc etc. It's so fake and gay they had to threaten everyone in the country. Ardern must be totally in on it. Why else so desperate to hide it? Doesn't matter now. Guns gone. They won. I'm sure they got gun grabbing experience to apply to the US case. That was the point I was trying to get across.

Cops are the #1 power behind white genocide. I wonder if they have the brains to ever live to regret it?

ianrob said...

Jim @14:54
I'm from Scotland, you need to go through the Spanish inquisition to get a hunting rifle here. No self loading rifles except rimfire. Centre fire rifles 3 shot mags max. Also no hand guns. Re the NZ shooting, yes obvious FF or fake not sure which.
I watch so very little TV it isn't worth mentioning. Deffo no MSM news as it boils my pish. I just thought it odd how word of the gun seizures got around.

They must be desperate to disarm NZ residents for some reason, unless it's an experiment for methods, to use elsewhere as you suggested.

Jim said...

ianrob, interestingly they are not taking handguns off people at all. They only want the "assault rifles".

At least the government wants us all safe and comfortable as it genocides us. We have a caring government. They make us use car seats for our kids because they care about our kids growing up and experiencing the multicultural nightmare properly and not missing out.

Tell me more about this Spanish inquisition to get the hunting rifle.

Jim said...

I just thought it odd how word of the gun seizures got around.

Unless I knew people personally that it happened to, or knew people who knew people it happened to, I would not have heard about it either.

ianrob said...

Jim said ,
Tell me more about this Spanish inquisition to get the hunting rifle.

Well, you collect a form from the police, as it's now them who deal with licensing. You answer all questions, such as where , and what you'd hunt. How much ammo you'd like to buy at any one time, and how much you'd like to keep, where you'd keep the gun and where you'd keep the ammo separately. You need to specify names and addresses of landowners, on who's land you intend to shoot. Your mental state and permission if necessary for the cops to contact your doctor.

The cops, or a specialist cop, then visit the land that you intend to shoot on, and question the owner, sometimes advising them of the ballistic capabilities of the gun you intend to buy, and checking of "in their opinion" the suitability of the land in question.

They visit your home and check you out, also the suitability of you security arrangements. The cabinet should be fixed to an outside structural wall of your house out of sight of a casual visitor to the premises. The ammo in a cabinet elsewhere, and the bolt for the rifle somewhere else.

If you are deemed suitable, then you might be granted a certificate which needs your picture on it. You are likely to have restrictions on your licence, eg where you may carry it and where you may use it. The type and quantity of ammo that you can purchase and the amount you can keep.

A friend who uses shotguns only, "nearly as regulated" recently refused to seek medical help for depression, as he knew it could impact his ability to own a gun.


When I was a teenager 50 years ago, you could buy shotguns mail order with a licence over the counter at a post office. We all had them and I never ever heard of anyone getting shot, so public safety is not the issue.

Jim said...

Here you apply for license, do a safety course and exam, then officers come to your house, inspect your storage systems, and interview you and someone you live with.

They do ask what you want the guns for and you just say hunting and/or target shooting. Everyone knows to never say self defense. The individual guns are not tracked (unless class E, most of which have been bought back now). You can get as many as you like without telling the cops. No ammo limits. If you move house you have to tell them so they can inspect the new storage setup. Ammo and bolts mus be locked separately from guns.

Even fishing is heavily policed in the UK so no surprise guns are too. We can go to national parks to shoot pigs or whatever but you need to get a permit for that, and they give you an area so you hopefully don't cross paths with other hunters and shoot each other, but many say its a big like a war zone out there sometimes where there are too many hunting at once. You don't need a tweed jacket or any of that sort of thing.

Hand guns are a major hassle to get but can be got if you are keen enough.

Jim said...

We all had them and I never ever heard of anyone getting shot, so public safety is not the issue.

People used to have kitchen knives too. Diversity is our strength.