Sunday, 19 August 2018

And this year's Dodo Award goes to.....

Because it had no natural predators on the island of Mauritius, evolution shaped the dodo to be a large, flightless and defenceless bird. And they lead contented worry-free lives for thousands of years until the Dutch settled the island. Having no concept of fear the birds ambled up happily to the settlers, who promptly slaughtered them to the point of extinction.

But the spirit of the dodo lives on in today's European-derived societies.  Created by the genius and drive of White men, these societies are so wealthy and safe that many natural human instincts for survival have atrophied. In a development unprecedented in history vast swathes of the population can now live comfortable lives without ever producing anything of value, be they welfare parasites or engaged in para-parasitical contrived occupations such as diversity managers or NGO employees.

Exhibit 1Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan (Soyboy and Manjaw).

Austin wrote in one post; “You read the papers and you’re led to believe that the world is a big, scary place.  People, the narrative goes, are not to be trusted. People are bad. People are evil. I don’t buy it, evil is a make-believe concept we’ve invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own… By and large, humans are kind. Self-interested sometimes, myopic sometimes, but kind. Generous and wonderful and kind.”

To put this to the test they decided to cycle through ISIS-held territory in Tajikistan. What could possibly go wrong? Well...., according CBS News "they were riding their bikes through the country on July 29 when a car rammed them. Five men got out of the car and stabbed the couple to death along with two other cyclists, one from Switzerland and the other from the Netherlands. Two days later, ISIS released a video showing the same men sitting in front of the group's black flag. They looked at the camera and vowed to kill all "disbelievers".

For such an initiative I award Austin and Geoghegan the coveted Dodo Award for 2018, albeit posthumously. Many thoughts crossed my mind on reading this story. For instance could they not have put their theory to the test by trying to cycle through a Detroit ghetto rather than travelling half-way around the world? And what were their last thoughts? Maybe 'Trump was right after all'. And I consoled myself with the thought that, tragic as it was in its own way, the gene pool had been enhanced by their premature departure.

Should we feel sorry for them? It can be argued that they were idealists who walked the walk so to speak. Maybe, but I see them more as virtue-signalling religious fanatics with an ultimately fatal sense of self-righteousness. The likelihood is that they were exemplars of everything that's destroying the very societies that enabled them to live in their comfortable smug bubbles.  Soyboy was a vegan who worked for the Department Of Housing And Urban Development where for sure his time was spent polluting decent White neighborhoods with Section 8 ghetto trash.  Manjaw worked as an admissions officer at Georgetown University where she ensured straight White males got dumped to the back of every queue. They'd have held up signs saying 'Syrian Refugees Welcome', marched in parades supporting every form of sexual degeneracy, looted the White working and middle classes to support brown and black parasites, demanded that legally (i.e.White) held guns be given up and they were the kind who'd have turned a blind eye to Muslim rape gangs.

Once again the gods of karma must be grimly smiling.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Sweden: No more Mr. Nice Guy

You've all heard of Phillipines' President Duterte's no-frills approach to drug dealers and other anti-social elements. In effect he tells his police to shoot first and ask questions later. So far they've racked up an impressive 12,000 kills and the total rises every day. Now maybe Sweden's Prime Minister is taking a leaf from Duterte's book as his exasperation with his country's African and Muslim guests reached breaking point after nearly 100 cars were recently burned out in co-ordinated multi-location attacks. Such attacks are endemic since the country became enriched by multiculturalism but never before has such damage been done.

This finally drove 
Prime Minister Stefan Lofven to his Duterte moment. “I’m furious. My question to (the perpetrators) is: what the hell are you doing?” he told Swedish Radio on Tuesday. “You’re ruining things for yourselves, your parents and your neighbourhoods,” adding the incident “looked very coordinated, almost like a military operation”. And then the moment the "youths" were dreading. "We have already begun interviews under caution with the parents of the young people who participated in the events although we chose not to arrest anyone”. 

Yes, driven to distraction by the orgy of violence and destruction the Swedish authorities are going to the parents.

Meanwhile as massive forest fires rage throughout the country help was sought from neighbouring states, which were willing to help. But as Polish fire teams raced to the fires they were astounded to learn that many Swedish firefighting units were otherwise engaged. Taking part in a Gay Pride parade!!

Welcome to Cuckistan.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

A clear case of Jewpidity

How sweet it is to see identity politics turning on its Jewish creators. Their black and brown bio weapons, coupled with artificially-induced White guilt, did a great job for a long while. But now (((their))) heads are beginning to explode as  their dastardly plot unravels.  The target of choice for Nick Cohen, who gets paid handsomely by the goyim to berate goyim for being insufficiently philo-Semitic, is the "British" Labour Party. He's outraged for instance that one Mike Sivier remains a member of the party despite a flagrant anti-Semitic outburst. Mike said - hold onto something solid please - that 'it may be entirely justified to think that Tony Blair had been unduly influenced by a cabal of Jewish advisers'.

What an incredible suggestion! Although maybe not so incredible as this story from a wealthy "Labour" donor suggests.

"We were greeted by Jane Hogarth and taken to meet Lord Levy. He was like an animated cartoon, with large gestures and an overbearing personality. He discussed donations and how appreciative the party would be, especially Mr Blair.

Then they witnessed an extraordinary exchange. Lord Levy was taking a call when the Prime Minister walked over to him and started to speak. Courtney said: "Lord Levy held up his hand and said, "Not now, Tony," and went back to his phone call.The Prime Minister turned to walk away and Lord Levy said, "Tony, wait, I need to speak to you."

"I thought, "My God, what a way to talk to a Prime Minister." But Mr Blair stood there like a puppet on a string while Levy continued his phone call for at least a couple of minutes. Then he turned to the Prime Minister without apology for keeping him waiting and launched into a conversation about the importance of the evening. "Here was the leader of your Government being treated like a child. Jane Hogarth, Lord Levy and Tony Blair all acted like this was normal.

And some people still wonder why Blair pushed Israel's proxy war on Iraq.

And now Nick wails that "the party’s decision to ignore a widely accepted definition of antisemitism simply beggars belief". Now if you're not familiar with this widely accepted definition you can read it here. But in a nutshell it means that anything negative about Israel or Jews is anti-Semitic. Chutzpah on steroids, but they do allow one chink of light: You can criticise Jews provided you don't identify them as Jews. Well thanks a lot for that. But seemingly Labour's 'minorities' balked at the Declaration's clause that Jews don't have divided loyalties between their host countries and Israel. Yahweh forbid! Which brings to mind Joe Sobran's greatest line, "We'd be thrilled with dual loyalty." 

Jews and their dumb White enablers can  now only look on aghast as Labour, like the Democrats in America, rips itself apart as feuding minorities squabble over Whitey's spoils. As they hear opinions and voices that are not their own the terrible realisation dawns that their golem has turned against them. Who would have thought that 'The Help' would get so uppity? Why, it's like the family dog giving an opinion on a movie. 

Cohen and his ilk claim their long-standing loyalty to Labour has now been betrayed. But their loyalty was never to the British working class. In fact they despise them and are embarrassed and irritated by their very existence. Do they have one iota of empathy with an unemployed and unemployable Yorkshire miner? Do their chests swell with pride as a White choir sings God Save The Queen?  No. Just like their Neocon counterparts in America their left-wing loyalties were always determined by the one foundational principle: What's best for the Jews?

They're a globalised hostile elite, modern arch-cosmopolitans, trendy, faux working-class, and completely alien to the people they claim to represents. And, delightfully, the can feel the ground moving under their feet.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

The most persistent and pernicious canard

One of the most persistent and pernicious canards we hear about Third World invaders of White lands is that if given a chance to settle they'll become 'just like us', law-abiding and productive. So why aren't they like that in their home countries? Ah, that would be because they have to 'endure' high levels of crime and corruption there. And who are the instigators of said crime and corruption? Well, unless unknown interlopers are making daring nightly raids  across their borders then their own people are to blame. 

The overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants to the USA are from Latin America and that region is one of the world's worst in terms of the murder, poverty and corruption upon which lie a flimsy and delusional patina of democracy. Unbelievably almost 120 politicians were murdered in the run up to Mexico's most recent election. But this just reflects the rest of society. The homicide rate stands around 22 per 100,000 population — near the levels of Columbia and Guatemala. By way of contrast the USA rate is 5 (the vast majority of murderers are non-White) while Ireland's is less than 1.  The real high achievers are Honduras (44) and El Salvador (60) - both, by the way, rich sources of illegal immigration to the USA.

Meanwhile in Brazil, that happy samba-land of multicultural bliss, things have got so bad that, according to Zero Hedge the country's elites have become "totally freaked out" and are fleeing 'bloodshed and chaos'. 'Amid the economic, political, and social collapse, Brazil has been described by many as being in the midst of a “zombie apocalypse” as years of corruption and violence spectacularly implodes all at once. Horrified by the out of control violence and pessimistic about the nation’s political and economic outlook, thousands of wealthy Brazilians are now fleeing the country'. A well-known actor said he has considered moving his family to Europe for the safety of his three children. “In several years, they’re going to want to go out, to start dating, without worrying about getting shot.”  Well there's a simple answer to that: Ban guns.

It makes perfect sense for Third Worlders to emigrate to wealthy, safe and clean White countries. It makes no sense whatsoever for White countries to let them in because, as we see in the barrios and ghettos of America and Europe they'll turn their new host countries into mirrors of the ones they fled. While complaining bitterly about the racism of their hosts. 

No less an authority than Plato recognised this phenomenon more than 2,000 years ago when he said that 'this City is what it is because our citizens are what they are.'

Monday, 6 August 2018

Will South Africa's farmers have the last laugh?

Everyone on this site will know by now that the Government of the post-racial Rainbow Nation, in the best cargo cult traditions, is to pass legislation allowing White farmers to be dispossessed of their homes and businesses without compensation. All decent people must worry about the fate that awaits them. With an array of official and unofficial discrimination measures in place their opportunities for gainful employment are minuscule, rampant crime and corruption render a private business fraught with difficulty. Emigration offers few prospects given that whatever meagre possessions they may retain after the seizures can be exchanged only for free-falling Rands. So it seems like they'll be driven off their ancestral lands without a penny in their pockets.

Or will they?

An interesting article in the normally reliable Zero Hedge points out that White farms are massively indebted to the banks.  The article asks "who is going to pickup the debts (mortgages) that white South African farmers have attached to their land when they get kicked off? They walk off with nothing, so there will be no way that the banks will be able to have any claim with them. I don't think the new "owners" will take over their debts." The writer claims that the debts are high enough to precipitate the collapse of many banks. "So either South African banks take it on the nose and have their balance sheets wiped out (i.e. the banks would collapse)... or the South African government will have to make good on the debts that are owed to the banks."

Now few things would make me happier than seeing banks and financiers reaping the whirlwind of black corruption and incompetence. But the big takeaway for me is that maybe the farmers aren't so badly off after all. You see it's common knowledge that South African farmers brilliantly exploit the land, are highly productive and efficient. Which means they should be making good money. So why have their debts skyrocketed over the last ten to fifteen years?

Here's a thought. Maybe when they saw the way things were going in the Rainbow Nation that all the talk of a fair and balanced post-racial society was just that - talk. Maybe they realised that Zimbabwe II was being incubated. Maybe they played it really really smart by keeping up an optimistic front while borrowing money that, rather than investing in their businesses they squirrelled away for the catastrophe heading their way? I don't know if my theory is true. But it's a nice thought.

Here's another nice thought. Once the dispossession/theft orders have been signed the farmers should adopt a scorched earth policy on their farms. Poison the wells, burn the corn seed, let machinery seize up through lack of lubrication and sterliise the land. On second thoughts, what's the point? The new farmers will have done that all by themselves within a few years.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Another victory for Mother Nature

The Washington Post writes of Brigitte Adams, a vocal and influential feminist  who encouraged women to put off raising a family and focus on their careers instead. Her slogan was the catchy  “Freeze your eggs, Free your career.”  Several years later, Brigitte has found herself a victim of her own advice.
Her story was one of empowerment, how a new fertility procedure was giving women more choices in pursuit of the holy grail "to have it all.”   Her plan was to work a few more years, find a great guy to marry and still have a house full of her own children. Things didn’t turn out the way she hoped. In early 2017, with her 45th birthday looming and no sign of Mr. Right, she decided to start a family on her own. She excitedly unfroze the 11 eggs she had stored and selected a sperm donor. But for a variety of reasons all of the eggs failed and her chances of carrying her genetic child had just dropped to near zero. She remembers screaming like “a wild animal,” throwing books, papers, her laptop — and collapsing to the ground. “It was one of the worst days of my life. There were so many emotions. I was sad. I was angry. I was ashamed,” she said. “I questioned, ‘Why me?’ ‘What did I do wrong?’ ”

Well lady I can be of help here. In fact you did quite a few things wrong. First you failed to realise that as a 45 year-old with an expression that said 'I'm proud of my five abortions and one hundred cocks' every Mr. Right in your ambit had long scarpered, married to women much younger than you. I could have told you that, but would you have listened? Right now you'd be lucky to snag an elderly Kerry farmer. Then, with full knowledge of what you were doing you declared all-out war on Mother Nature - with predictable results. So whining 'why me?' only shows that you're representative of the prevailing 'go grrrrrl' attitude: Power without responsibility. In fact you're fully responsible for what's happened to you and now you face the future alone in a roomful of cats while your useless marketing career aimlessly plods along. Not exactly having it all, is it? 

But here's another thing you did.  Being a vocal and influential feminist you suckered thousands of other women into taking the disastrous course that you did. Do you feel guilty about that? Or are you so solipsistic that their fate never entered your mind? Let me remind you Brigitte - you can’t fight biology with ideology.

The gods of karmic justice are smiling grimly at your fate.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

For our children, and our children's children....

It's the go-to political cliche for every opportunistic charlatan seeking to win support for whatever wheeze he has in mind. 'For our children, and our children's children....'. But actually the concept has often crossed my own mind when I consider the NWO globalist threat posed to my country and the West in general. Because this threat, destroying our heritage, ethnic solidarity and the family structure on which both are based, will not really affect me given my age. The same cannot be said for my children, and my children's children. I dread to think what their world will be like say in another twenty to thirty years.

In fact that world will surely, if present trends continue, be terrible for all Whites, even the so-called elites leading the destruction. Surely Europe's most powerful leaders must share my concerns to some degree? Well no. Because, incredibly, and in defiance of statistical norms, the majority of Europe's leaders, especially those from the most powerful countries, are barren and childless. I researched the subject and ticked off the list with mounting incredulity.

Angela Merkel
Theresa May 
Emmanuel Macron
Paolo Gentiloni (Italian prime minister up to a few months ago)  
Holland's Mark Rutte
Sweden's Stefan Loumlfven 
Luxembourg's Xavier Bettel 
Scotland's Nicola Sturgeon 
"Ireland's" Leo Varadkar 
Jean-Claude Druncker and now Martin Selmayr, the guy parachuted in against the rules to succeed Druncker

This is absolutely stunning and would have been virtually impossible at any other time in human history. Whatever's driving the most powerful EU leaders it's not the future of their children and their children's children. Note that all of them are ardent NWO globalists while those leaders with normal families (such as Viktor Orban, who has five children) are on the opposite side. A grossly disproportionate number of the people making decisions about Europe’s future have no direct personal stake in that future. Such people's motivation will naturally focus on their own temporal personal interests and as such they are far more likely to make pacts with the devil as it were in order to advance those personal interests. 

Coincidence? I think not.