Sunday, 15 September 2019

In Ireland the poz runs deep

The story just emerging about Welsh rugby international Gareth Thomas is that he's gay and HIV positive, facts which he's kept secret up till now, even, presumably, from the woman he duped into becoming his wife and thus giving him cover to operate in the macho world of rugby union. He revealed those facts only because a British tabloid was about to do an expose. What would be your opinion of Thomas? I'll bet it's different to those that swamped the reader comments section of Here's the single most popular: "God bless him. Hiding being gay for years hiding the HIV also. The years and years of stress that he put himself under is sad." And the second-most popular "Hats off to him. He’s a hell of a role model for anyone." And "A role model for anyone who has an interest in compassion and humanity."

Yes, the readers acclaim as a role model someone who lied about his sexual orientation, engaged in degenerate homosexual behaviour which predictably resulted in contracting the deadly HIV virus, who may or may not have subsequently put his wife and male partners at risk and who fessed up only because he was going to be outed anyway. How sick in the head do you have to be to acclaim such a person as a role model? Seriously? How deep must run the poz in what in ancient times was known as The Island Of Saints And Scholars....

Then again....The villagers of Oughterard (inexplicably means 'high cream' in Irish) in Co. Galway were recently presented with the opportunity to celebrate diversity up close and personal. And turned it down in the most emphatic fashion. "A silent protest has been held in Oughterard, Co Galway in response to the potential development of a direct provision centre for asylum seekers at a disused hotel in the town. Around 1,500 people [in effect everyone in the village] attended the protest with a number holding placards stating ‘No to Direct Provision for Oughterard’ and ‘Oughterard says No to Inhumane Direct Provision Centres’. 

"Local TD 
[Member of Parliament] Noel Grealish  has come in for criticism for telling a public meeting on the matter earlier this week that the type of people to be accommodated in the centre would be “economic migrants from Africa” whom he described as “spongers”. “I can guarantee you it is not the persecuted Christians and Syrians that are coming here. It is the economic refugees that is coming in from Africa that are trying to get across the Mediterranean and ended up in Europe and ended in up Ireland and ended up in Oughterard,” he said."

Oh dear. Predictably he was ordered to recant by the chattering classes. But, tellingly, he did not. In fact he didn't even dignify the instructions with a response. RTE, the official State propagandist broadcaster felt constrained to help the misguided villagers back to the path of righteousness. They did this by conducting a survey of how Wicklow town was getting used to having had a similar asylum centre installed there a few years back. And indeed the broadcast interviews would suggest that everything was going swimmingly. Yes, those Nigerians, Somalis, gypsies and Pakistanis were proving a boon to the town. No, schools and hospitals were not overwhelmed, and no, there's been no increase in crime rates. Now you bigots in Oughterard - put that in your racist pipes and smoke it! Mind you only three interviewees were featured. From a town with a population of 11,000. Still, as a state-funded broadcaster with a charter to present fair and honest material I'm sure RTE's interviewees accurately reflected the views of the townsfolk. Don't you?

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Farewell to the 'lungs of the world'?

Have you ever come across anything like this 'Amazon is burning away' furore'?  None of the great and good missed the opportunity to warn us of the calamity that would follow should 'the lungs of the world' be destroyed. Posturing and preening, they flew by the dozen in their private jets to swanky resorts where they agonised over the planet's future. Leo DiCaprio, Ronaldo, former ghetto porn star Meghan Markle (a.k.a. the Duchess of Sussex) and  gap-toothed pox-ridden whore Madonna were among those hectoring their moral inferiors. And they made it very clear who the culprit was:  President Jair Bolsonaro, the 'Brazilian Donald Trump'. You could almost picture him speed-boating down the Amazon hurling Molotov Cocktails left and right.

Mind you our saviours had evidence to back up their claims. Problem is all of it was wrong. Where to begin? For a start the fires were almost all on agricultural land being cleared of scrub in the traditional way. And those pictures? Macron's was twenty years old, Ronaldo's five, Madonna's thirty. Yet they tell us that the rate of forest burning is unprecedented. CNN, The Leading Name In Fake News, went so far as to claim that “the current fires are without precedent in the past 20,000 years.”  Er, not exactly. As this graph illustrates, a more accurate figure than 20,000 years would be......three years. Before Bolsinaro was elected.
As for the 'lungs of the world' claim here's what Dan Napsted, one of the world’s leading experts on the Amazon forest, had to say.  “It’s bullshit. There’s no science behind that. The Amazon produces a lot of oxygen but it uses the same amount of oxygen through respiration so it’s a wash.” Thanks Dan. And, according to NASA, forest fires are actually declining globally. But why let facts get in the way of a good story when rich pickings are to be made in the highly competitive (competitive for donors' dough that is) environmental saviour market? And a globalist agenda to be maintained ('an international approach is essential').

Then there's the remarkable fact that the burning forests in Bolivia, Angola and the Congo, in total bigger than Brazil's, hardly got a mention. And the reason is simple: Bolivia has a globalist left-wing leader while Angola and the Congo are 'independent' black-ruled countries. Can't criticise them.

The facts associated with the Amazon fires could be ascertained in less than an hour by anyone with a device connected to the internet. That's what I did. We're therefore left to conclude that this has been a deliberate hoax in pursuit of an agenda.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Another 911 anniversary accompanied by the sound of silence

So yet another 911 anniversary is on us and the twenty ton elephant in the room continues to be studiously avoided.  Here are just two items of evidence which prove the official explanation to be utterly false and which shine a laser on the real culprits.

The 'dancing Israelis'. These were self-confessed Mossad agents who, in their own words, were present that day to 'record the event'. Self-evidently this means that they knew it was going to happen. They knew it was going to happen. Yet they warned nobody. 

WTC 7. No serious scientist or engineer believes that a few small fires could have brought this steel-framed building down in free-fall. Be that as it may, Larry Silverstein openly admitted in a TV interview that he gave the order to 'pull it' (a phrase synonymous with 'demolish' in the construction industry).Self-evidently the building had to have already been rigged for demolition.

There's a mountain of additional evidence to fatally undermine the official report on the attacks but the two I cited unequivocally prove it to be false. Yet the 'dancing Israelis' were allowed return to Israel with no attempt ever being made to extradite them while Silverstein was never even pulled in for questioning about his bizarre admission.

What this demonstrates is the staggering and terrifying power of ZOG. The United States doesn't have even the pretence of being an independent country.


Sunday, 8 September 2019

An open letter to Britain's stupidest man

To the Right Honourable (sic) David Lammy MP

Dear Dave,

I notice that you're distressed to have been excluded from Labour's Shadow Cabinet, and further that you attribute this to racism on the part of the 'old White men' making the selections. Well Dave here are a few alternative explanations.

It could be,  unlikely I know, that they asked themselves why they should put an African in a British cabinet. After all, they might have surmised, we used to run whole countries made up of people like him with a few dozen administrators.  What could he possibly add?

These reservations would have been reinforced by your car-crash performance on the BBC's Mastermind quiz. Maybe they remember your thinking that Marie Antoinette discovered penicillin and that Henry The Seventh reigned after Henry The Eighth had died.

Many of them would have served with you in the previous Government where you had responsibility  for Innovation, Universities and Skills. They would have gasped with disbelief at this appointment given that  charging your mobile phone would  stretch your technical skills to breaking point. Some might even be aware of the 'Lammy Moments' enjoyed by your staff at the Ministry, convulsed with mirth as they recounted your latest side-splitting foray into the world of technical innovation.

And finally it's possible they felt that with Diane Abbott they already have enough token black imbeciles in the Shadow Cabinet.

Anyway Dave I hope this helps explain your exclusion and ameliorates your fit of pique.

Saturday, 7 September 2019

More internet problems

So much for my 120 mbs! Signal gone for last two days hence lack of posting.

I've also begun to clamp down on some of the flame wars in the comments. Going on too long.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

"The same was said about the Irish"

I see that mad-eyed coolie plagiarist Fareed Zakaria - who seems to have become CNN's voice on immigration "reform" - is at it again with his stock response to complaints about immigrant crime in America. 'The same was said about the Irish when they started arriving in large numbers.'  And you know what? He's right. For once. Because the Irish who emigrated en masse after the Famine proved to be one hell of a problem for the US. They established themselves in poverty-stricken enclaves like Hell's Kitchen and became a byword for drunkenness, violence and gang warfare. And - the horror! the horror! - they were very, very racist. Upon learning  in the middle of the Civil War that slaves would be freed under the Emancipation Act they set upon every unfortunate black within reach, beating, shooting, lynching and burning down black-owned buildings.

It took several decades before they fully settled down and bridged the achievement gap with WASP Americans. But bridged it was. By the 1950's studies showed Irish-Americans at the high end of the economic spectrum. The Old Country hasn't done so badly either (despite having the most useless political class imaginable). Ireland has been continually in the top five of nearly 150 countries as judged by the multi-faceted Human Development Index. Contrast that with the position of America's blacks. After half a century and trillions, yes, trillions of dollars spent trying to 'bridge the achievement gap' between blacks and Whites the gap today remains as wide as ever. Meanwhile blacks' ancestral homelands are without exception poverty-stricken hell-holes which are getting worse rather than better. Despite an avalanche of Western aid.

Even a sociology professor should be able to understand what's happening. After all Plato cottoned on to it 2,500 years ago, observing "this City is what it is because our citizens are what they are." And that's why in general (there will of course be exceptions) blacks and mestizos never will bridge the achievement gap. At least in the foreseeable future. But understand that even high-achieving Asian immigrants represent, at best, a double-edged sword. Highly tribal and nepotistic, they'll act like the cuckoo in the White nest, gradually pushing Whites towards the edge until they finally plummet to earth. Hell, they're doing it already. Just check out what's happening to White students at the Ivy League colleges. They're a minority, and a declining minority at that.

Monday, 2 September 2019

The Cloward - Piven Strategy

Anyone else notice the Cloward-Piven strategy popping up with increasing frequency? I certainly have and I'm not sure what it signifies. Briefly the C-P strategy was one developed by two Marxist sociologists (are there any other kind?) in the sixties with the aim of 'bringing down the system'. This would be achieved primarily by overloading the welfare system until the Government could no longer make the payments. This would be followed by turmoil in the streets as the welfare parasites rioted, at which point a well-prepared cadre of left-wing extremists would seize power and implement a Communist dictatorship. “Cadres of aggressive organizers . . . from the civil rights movement and the churches, from militant low-income organizations like those formed by Saul Alinksy and other groups on the Left”. The authors whisper that the objective is 'to end poverty once and for all' but like all left-wing ideologues they couldn't care less about ordinary people. They love The People but hate people. 

I imagine that the plan received a cool reception when first published. I mean it wouldn't have seemed very practical, would it? But considering what's happened in the meantime it seems like an inspirational blueprint. Bear in mind that the strategy gelled elegantly with the rest of the Cultural Marxist nation-wrecking agenda (and is in many ways a derivative of the (problem / reaction / solution) Hegelian Dialectic). This includes mass immigration of Third World parasites, the undermining of the family with a consequent increase in welfare dependency, the fostering of a grievance / entitlement culture, the fanning of racial resentment, weakening personal accountability and the traditional sense of duty etc. 

C-P identify many supporting initiatives to enable their strategy such as getting governments to become heavily involved in charities, either by financially supporting established charities and/or taking on the roles formerly performed by religious institutions, undermining faith in traditional institutions like law enforcement by, inter alia, sharply tilting the system in favour of defendants and to foster the belief that government deficits don't matter.

If you consider all that's gone down in the intervening time their strategy reads less like a theoretical fantasy and more like a blueprint for our NWO globalist overlords to destroy White nations. As Henry Ford said about The Protocols Of Zion 'I'm making no comment on them. I just ask you to look at what's been written and what has come to pass in the interim'. The plan seems close to fruition. Now all that's needed is the spark to ignite End Game. How long more can governments, especially that of the USA, continue to spend more than they earn? How long more will native Whites put up with the abusive behaviour and parasitism of our minorities?

I don't know. But we should read all of this in the light of the American Government's frantic attempts to disarm its White citizens - and that's what 'gun control' all about - while arming their own forces to the teeth. Many people have a sense that something is going terribly wrong with their societies but are unable to connect the dots. 

That's our job.