Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Your smile for day.....


trav777 said...

Chinese are using DNA editing to put our DNA in their offspring. Not yours. We will live forever. Asia has a multibillion $ industry of skin whitening and plastic surgery to look like…US, not you.
Nobody pays money to look black. Even you niggers spend billions to make your hair, skin, nails, lips, noses, look like ours.
Your children prefer our white dolls.
Your men prefer our women
You are in last place in online dating, nobody wants you.
Computers say we’re prettier than you and confuse you with a gorilla.
Nobody floats across the ocean in a raft to get into your countries.
In your countries, foul mouthed sows like you are more likely to be raped than graduate high school.

BOW DOWN nigger.

Gorges Smythe said...

LOL - Not one of your finer posts.

Flanders said...

"The story of the disappearance of Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts last month gained national attention, but the liberal media is about to forget everything about it. Tibbetts body was found on Tuesday and a suspect was arrested for her murder. Here’s the thing that will send the leftist press looking for another story: the accused killer is an illegal alien. Like I said, nothing to see here.
Fox News reports:

An illegal immigrant stands accused of killing college student Mollie Tibbetts and dumping her body in an Iowa cornfield — after he accosted her during a July 18 jog and she threatened to call police.

Cristhian Bathena Rivera, 24, was charged with first-degree murder Tuesday in Tibbetts’ death, officials confirmed.

Authorities said Rivera, who lived in the rural Poweshiek County area, is being held on a federal immigration detainer. He’s believed to have been in the area for four to seven years."


Jules Joules Jewels said...

Pan Am to South America 1935


Too Many Koons said...

The gentlemen cannibals appear to be Australian Abos. They are carrying wooden spears. The spears are tipped with flint, which was high tech for them and often involved trade to get the flint. The abos never invented bows and arrows, pottery, metals, or the wheel. In 40,000 years living often on hot, rocky and spiky ground, they never invented shoes.

White guilt redirects a lot of taxpayer cash to Abos, most of whom do not work.

This white girl must have escaped from her "white slaver" Jew or Arab owner. It could not have been an Abo because they never invented chains. This girl appears to be "up for it" and is not fussy about who her partners are. Is the illustration a male fantasy or a female one? Most likely it comes from a sick mind. Seems to be the cover of a CD of cannibal music. Described as "harsh noise".

Tracks from "Smell The Stench" are:

1 One Cannibal To Another: I Never Met A Man I Didn't Like! 8:52
2 How Can You Help A Starving Cannibal? Give Him A Helping Hand 8:29
3 A Cannibal's Dilemma: If God Didn't Want Us To Eat People, Why Did He Make Them Out Of Meat? 7:37
4 First Cannibal: "Have You Seen The Dentist?" Second Cannibal: "Yes, He Filled My Teeth At Dinner Time." 7:42
5 Was The Principal's Brother Really A Missionary? He Certainly Was, He Gave The People Of The Cannibal Islands Their First Taste Of Christianity!


Anonymous said...

During the Russian Civil War (2017-2022) that killed at least 10 mio. both sides, the Bolsheviks and the White army, resorted -among other niceties- to impaling alive the captured prisoners.
Borderless barbarity has been the russian trademark since their Mongol-Tatar empire of the Middle Age. Russian cruel behaviour makes even the African cannibals look benign.

nilus said...

Special K : The Hell That Is Breakfast Telly

BBC charisma-free droids....beep..beep...let us banter: "Did you say you loved Ireland?" "No I said did you see Love Island?" beep beep "great banter" "indeed" "yes" "now here's a female with the sport"

BBC2 A program all about that traditional and 100% WHITE ENGLISH annual cheese-rolling event....presented of course by a CURRY/PAKI male.

ITV: FAGGOT: "Will Idris Elba be the next James Bond?"
Blonde Moron: "I think James Bond should be a girl"
Blonde Moron 2: " No, he should be a man. A black man"
"Did you see Love Island" "OMG of course" "Hashtag me too"
"Hunky guys" "Yes, we all like sexy hunks" "In trunks" "OMG"
"Did you say 'with trunks?' " "No I said I love Ireland" "OMGEE"

back to COMMUNIST HQ: (BHEEB 1) : OH MY GOD: It turns out that some (most) private landlords refuse to consider DHSS tenants.


A Strong Womman says "It used to be 'NO BLACKS NO IRISH NO DOGS', now it's 'NO DSS'.
Then a five -minute FEMINIST history propaganda piece about WYMMINZ RIGHTS and EMMELINE PANKHURST and SYLVIA PANKHURST and SUFFRAGETTES and WYMMINS RITES in relation to housing. They are seriously talking about making it ILLEGAL TO NOT LET YOUR PROPERTY TO DOLE SCRATTERS
(People who tend to cause twice the usual wear and tear, people who can be nuisances to other (working) tenants by living nocturnally, people who are likely to struggle with bills and rent , etc.......)

Back to ITV...a fawning "interview" promo with a NEGRO actor ( Denzil Washington's son ) who stars in RACIST NEGRO Spike Lee's latest "joint" as a NEGRO COP who infiltrated the EVIL WHITE-SUPREMACISS KKK, complete with mention of David Duke....

then , how NEGRO Meghan Markle stays in shape !!!

then another FAGGOT talks to JEW Claudia Winkleman

Now here's NEGRO FAGGOT Andi Peters....

On 5..'The Shite Stuff' : "Can normal actors play degenerate faggot perverts?"
Panel is NEGRO actor promoting an ALL NEGRO movie. ( It's 'The Purge: NEGRO VERSION', in which for one night every year, niggers stop killing, raping and stabbing people)
Plus arrogant CURRY Nihal, and a Dumb Essex Blonde with fake tits.

BBC2 : 'Vagenda Derbyshite' More fucking NEGROS Typically quimpathetic report about Sudanese black bastards attempting to break into our fucking country for the gibs and da White Gal pussy

ITV: Jeremy Kyle exhibits White AND ONLY WHITE ENGLISH Untermensch,
the unfortunate genetic garbage of a garbage culture ,for sadistic pleasure

On Channel 4 is 'Everybody Except Raymond Is A Jew' created by
JEW Philip Rosenthal, starring
JEW Monica Horan (Rosenthal)
JEW Brad Garrett (Gerstenfeld)
JEW Doris Roberts (Green) directed/written/produced by
JEW Kenneth Shapiro
JEW Steve Zuckerman
JEW Jeff Meyer
JEW Jeff Melman
JEW Ken Levine
JEW Alan Kerschenbaum
JEW Micheal Zinberg
JEW Paul Lazarus
JEW Jerry Zaks
JEW Lew Schneider
JEW Aaron Shure
JEW Bruce Kirschbaum
JEW Stephen Nathan
JEW Jason Gelles
JEW Joe Rubin
JEW Eric Cohen
JEW Micheal Feldman
JEW Ellen Halpin
JEW Jay Kogen
JEW Ken Ornstein
JEW Mark Greenberg, and many many more...

Anonymous said...

Correction; 1917-1922!

Noah Lott said...

If there was any justice those who facilitated the illegal alien murderer's four year long stay should face charges as well.

V said...

Prominent Iowa Republican family which owns farm where Mollie Tibbetts' alleged killer worked say he PASSED government's migrant background check as the 24-year-old is charged with her murder after admitting to 'chasing her down while jogging'


Take a look at the faces of these smug globalist race traitors. (They will do anything to gain an extra bob or two.. fucking SCUM) they don't give a damn what happens outside the gates of their compounds/Fiefdons.
NATIONALISM will kick these cunts into the gutter where they belong.

Lemmyhead said...

Sav, You missed the rest of the conversation out.
'Dad, you do know that she's a transgender?'
'Does that mean I can't fuck her?'
'No, I think she has a hole.'
'O.K.. we'll still eat your mother.'

nilus said...

Bicycle Race-Blind "There's only one race, the bicycle race"
(face the) music and (last) words by
J. Austin and L. Geoghegan

I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like

You stay back if you're White
My bark's worse than my bite
You say mudshark : hating
Jews was never my scene
And I don't like Race Wars

You say Reich I say Rice
and abortion's a 'choice'
My Lord's gay, I hate Christ
I won't be reading Phil Rushton
Duke, K-Mac or Covington

All I wanna do is
Bi-Polar, bi-sexual bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to wear wrist icicle
I want to ride dik bike

More dark-skinned races are coming your way
So forget a White future oh yeah
Fat-bottomed g'rillas be twerking away
So make room for those booties oh yeah
Read your Marx, get set go !

Bicycle race bicycle race
Sickle-Cell Race
BiPolar bi-sexual bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle bicycle
(I want a) one human race !

Wagner, Thomas Paine
I prefer Lil' Wayne
Top Dog? I say Cat Lady
I don't want Trump to be the President of America

I love gubberment cheese
Get a job? , nigger please
Im Egyptian Black Jesus
I don't wanna be a Caucasian
Black Lives Matter more than them
'Cause all I want to do is

Bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle, bicycle (c'mon), bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like

Red Mist said...

Re the Dodo

And they lead contented worry-free lives for thousands of years until the Dutch settled the island. Having no concept of fear the birds ambled up happily to the settlers, who promptly slaughtered them to the point of extinction.

And they led contented worry-free lives for thousands of years until the Yids/shitskins settled the British Isles. Having no concept of fear the dumb white wimmins and under-age girls ambled up happily to the parasitic settlers, who metaphorically slaughtered them to the point of extinction while the police "Men" turned a blind eye and/or watched.

Kalergi ...!

Dr, Wassell said...

Still bullshit even with the correction Shlomo/Jeff.

Uncle Nasty said...

Damnit, Nilus. You're better than Freddie Mercury ... and a I mean that as a a compliment.


Rapparee O'Hogan said...

Dumping the wife cannibal style - eat her.
Then wipe arse.

Anonymous said...

Dr Wassell: Am I telling lies?

Anonymous said...

The facts are: Granny Mulvey in Ireland reported gran-dad to the police.
The authorities in Ireland took hostages. (my opinion ), children at that.
Granny Mulvey, had more sense and guts than the lot of them.
One of my sisters mother in law , shopped her son to the police.
One of my sisters daughter Mary has done some fantastic research on the Irish side .

Too Many Koons said...

Jeff you ask Dr Wassell if you are telling lies. Yes, you are telling lies.
"Russian cruel behaviour makes even the African cannibals look benign.

The Rev Jesse Jackson once said he was ashamed to admit that, if a few men were walking behind him at night, and he turned around and saw white faces, he instantly felt safe.

Ask yourself Jeff, would you rather have 3 Russian men walking behind you at night, or 3 Coon men? Why does your nation Israel expel all Coons, but accept vast numbers of “cruel” Russians? Some Russians that went to Israel in the 1960s were not even Jews; they just pretended to be to escape the Soviet Union. No Jew can walk around at night in an Israeli city without Russian and Ukrainian men walking behind him, or her. Yet nobody is worried – except you.

The murders by the Bolsheviks were largely ordered and done by Jews. This includes the destruction of 40,000 Christian churches, torturing raping and murdering nuns, torturing and murdering priests. Lenin starting killing millions of innocent civilians in 1917 and this never ended until Hitler invaded in 1941. By that stage the Soviet Jews had enjoyed the deaths of 60 million Christians. Stalin was not a Russian, not even slightly. He was from a foreign country.

Yes Russians are more brutal than Englishmen, on average. Albanians are also more brutal than Englishmen. We need every white man to stick together and not listen to Jew wreckers who seek to divide whites. I would rather live in Russia than any nation with more than 10% blacks or with a Government run by blacks.

Flanders said...

"[[[ (((Sick))) Press]]] mocks the murder of Mollie Tibbetts soon as it turns into an illegal alien story"

"So instead of photoshopped Time magazine covers, howls from the on-screen punditry, and big news space doled out for a weepy open letter from Laura Bush pleading the case for illegals, we get this callous response to this actual murder from the press:

First, in the cynicism of Associated Press White House correspondent Zeke Miller:

Likely coming to a Trump rally near you.... Investigators: Suspect in Mollie Tibbetts death is in custody, subject to immigration detainer https://t.co/S14Mbnd7Ff
— Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) August 21, 2018
As one respondent on Twitter noted: Uhhh, that's not the story, pal. See Twitchy's curation of choice tweets, signaling how well that went over.

[More examples are given in the story from the slanted (((press)))].

We're talking about a murder here, and that of a very innocent young person, someone who never so much as gave a middle finger nor threw a water bottle at a cop. Yet the press is playing it up in a disgusting manner, mocking it, politicizing it, belittling it, all because they have bottomless contempt for the people who consider this issue important, which happens to include their viewers.

Obviously, they don't want to cover this story (or see to it that Mollie receives justice) because they don't like this narrative. To them, illegals are all valedictorians and war heroes, not cold-blooded killers whose contribution to 'diversity' is importing the typical doings of Mexico into the U.S. heartland. That's what this story is really about, and they resent that reality, or the weight that U.S. viewers put on this issue,..".


Flanders said...

"Killing Us Softly"

"This entire black women screaming on a microphone is nothing but another Jew erosion on the white people and the Jew knows exactly what it is doing.

Jerry Wexler and his prize possession. Jews are such humanitarians. [Image] [Other jews involved in the "black music" scene and with Franklin are discussed in the article].
There is no doubt in my mind at least that Jews are exactly what the Bible says they are and not a doubt in my mind that doing what that book tells us to do is the only way out. Jews will have another Aretha Franklin in some form or another, maybe an “Antifa” Franklin whatever the case my be they will be in your faces on that Talmudvision and on the big screen and if that doesn’t work they will be in the prime spots of your most trusted free speech internet radio networks. After all “free speech” means we must allow Jews to broadcast, that is exactly what they have made free speech into.

Free speech means we can be pulverized by 300 pound black women with mouths bigger than gorilla’s, Jews who claim to be on our side on the internet radio networks trying to convince the dumb victims that Jews aren’t contrary to us (Rivero, Savage, Levin, Kapner, Atzmon, etc etc). Free speech is having Jew Rap music all over our FM radio now entirely other than a few totally Jew controlled Christian radio shows with Jew call screeners. I think most of us here know what I am talking about. Jews will kill us softly with their refugee’s, with their slaves, with their music (or what they claim is music), their movies, their culture and their culture is to kill us off."


Flanders said...

"In Spies Battle, Trump Holds The High Ground" - Authored by Patrick Buchanan

"Americans sense that these are privileges that should be extended to those who protect us, not perks for former officials to exploit and monetize while they attempt to bring down the commander in chief."


Flanders said...

"If you want to redpill people you don't use facts on them at first or much at all really, facts are for arming people with information - creating soldiers.

Redpilling must be done with emotion. No one is going to remember the homicide rates of blacks vs Whites in the US for very long, but they will remember chants of "Kill Whitey" or pictures of White South Africans being slaughtered." - Anon

AnalogMan said...

Russian cruel behaviour makes even the African cannibals look benign.

Bull shirt. That impaling trick was a speciality of Shaka Zulu.

Uncle Nasty said...

There is an old Portuguese saying: A fish rots from the head.

The only way the White man is going to stop losing hand over fist -- we won't even talk about winning -- is when they start executing the scum in the black robes; the judiciary. And I mean all the judiciary and everyone associated with it ... starting with the legislators and ministers of justice(?) ... the state prosecutors and judges at the top to the lowest court messengers at the bottom. All lawyers, from advocates to paralegal assistants are included, of course.

Pick an anniversary or an eventful date of some sort -- loaded with symbolism. The hosenoses love symbolism, so give them some.

One that springs to mind is August 17th.

On the agreed day at exactly the same time (GMT), the most egregious one hundred would be swooped upon, tied or taped to kitchen chairs and launched from a minimum of ten floors ... See if they can learn to fly on the way down.

This sort of thing can cause comment, so, at some undisclosed time in the future, when the initial fuss has died down, move on to Phase 2 ... the owners and Editors of the top hundred news publications -- the infamous MSM.

Ditto for the Chairmen and CEOs of the top one hundred financial, investment and insureance institutions. Then the owners and CEOs of the top one hundred advertising and marketing agencies ... you know the drill. The order can be shifted around at will.
At the moment there is no downside to their activities. This must be changed.

Needless to say, I do not advocate violence at all. These are all just possible scenarios.

Still, the question has to be asked ... at which point in the above timeline, do you think we would see a radical, nay, extreme shift in behaviour?

Never forget the legendary -- almost reverential -- fondness these creatures have for their own skins.


A. Wyatt Mann said...

Why do cannibals hate clowns?

Because they taste funny.

Frenz said...

Cohen was for years one of Trump’s most trusted advisers, but his lawyer made it clear he has thoroughly turned on his billionaire boss, less than a year after he said he “would take a bullet for” the president.

Cohen believes Trump is “unsuitable to hold the office”, 


European said...


Very soon there will be no more 'sidelines' in the political, cultural and spiritual battle being waged. If it's not already at your doorstep, it will be, shortly. Consider how culture has shifted over the recent decades, and picture the pace of this change continuing over the coming decades. Now picture your children growing up in this environment. Paralyzed with guilt and shame, not allowed to meaningfully disagree or speak their minds... roundly despised in a nation their fathers built. Taught to devote their lives to the pursuit of money by a ruling class of small men utterly devoid of spirit. This is the future the foremost power brokers seek to create. These are parasitic personalities, men who've hijacked the products of truly lofty minds like that of Tesla only to misuse their creative energy to their own corrupt ends. As their power begins to wane, they've chosen to double down, dragging nearly half of our nation into their twilight zone reality of illusion and indoctrination, and setting the stage for something akin to civil war, whether we like it or not. There's still time to reach those who have ears to hear, before that chasm between the factions grows to the extent that we can't hear one another anymore, and the inevitable occurs. Changing hearts and minds now may very well save lives in the future... and hasten our untangling of this Gordian knot. Our restoring order and justice, creating systems and structures that are in accordance with our nature and time-tested, that reward merit over ambitious parasitism, honesty and genuineness over shrewdness and deceit. We live in unprecedented times. Let's rise to the challenge

Anonymous said...

OFF TOPIC SAVANT, saw on You tube Irish owner trying to evict shirtless niggers, ""why did he rent to them in 1st place?" house looked destroyed and had the appearances of a recent fire in it,niggers picked up sticks and jumped around threating to crack owner and son and front yard had shit scattered all over the place,saw this type of goings on as a cop here in Chicago and just wondered if this was Dublin,years ago if they pulled that shit here it would be ""wood shampoo ""time but due to the Yid mayor and the fact that all Gods children have cameras of one sort or another its all in the past,also why were no police at this scene when this occurred??John old rtd Chicago copper.

Anonymous said...

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