Sunday, 19 August 2018

And this year's Dodo Award goes to.....

Because it had no natural predators on the island of Mauritius, evolution shaped the dodo to be a large, flightless and defenceless bird. And they lead contented worry-free lives for thousands of years until the Dutch settled the island. Having no concept of fear the birds ambled up happily to the settlers, who promptly slaughtered them to the point of extinction.

But the spirit of the dodo lives on in today's European-derived societies.  Created by the genius and drive of White men, these societies are so wealthy and safe that many natural human instincts for survival have atrophied. In a development unprecedented in history vast swathes of the population can now live comfortable lives without ever producing anything of value, be they welfare parasites or engaged in para-parasitical contrived occupations such as diversity managers or NGO employees.

Exhibit 1Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan (Soyboy and Manjaw).

Austin wrote in one post; “You read the papers and you’re led to believe that the world is a big, scary place.  People, the narrative goes, are not to be trusted. People are bad. People are evil. I don’t buy it, evil is a make-believe concept we’ve invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own… By and large, humans are kind. Self-interested sometimes, myopic sometimes, but kind. Generous and wonderful and kind.”

To put this to the test they decided to cycle through ISIS-held territory in Tajikistan. What could possibly go wrong? Well...., according CBS News "they were riding their bikes through the country on July 29 when a car rammed them. Five men got out of the car and stabbed the couple to death along with two other cyclists, one from Switzerland and the other from the Netherlands. Two days later, ISIS released a video showing the same men sitting in front of the group's black flag. They looked at the camera and vowed to kill all "disbelievers".

For such an initiative I award Austin and Geoghegan the coveted Dodo Award for 2018, albeit posthumously. Many thoughts crossed my mind on reading this story. For instance could they not have put their theory to the test by trying to cycle through a Detroit ghetto rather than travelling half-way around the world? And what were their last thoughts? Maybe 'Trump was right after all'. And I consoled myself with the thought that, tragic as it was in its own way, the gene pool had been enhanced by their premature departure.

Should we feel sorry for them? It can be argued that they were idealists who walked the walk so to speak. Maybe, but I see them more as virtue-signalling religious fanatics with an ultimately fatal sense of self-righteousness. The likelihood is that they were exemplars of everything that's destroying the very societies that enabled them to live in their comfortable smug bubbles.  Soyboy was a vegan who worked for the Department Of Housing And Urban Development where for sure his time was spent polluting decent White neighborhoods with Section 8 ghetto trash.  Manjaw worked as an admissions officer at Georgetown University where she ensured straight White males got dumped to the back of every queue. They'd have held up signs saying 'Syrian Refugees Welcome', marched in parades supporting every form of sexual degeneracy, looted the White working and middle classes to support brown and black parasites, demanded that legally (i.e.White) held guns be given up and they were the kind who'd have turned a blind eye to Muslim rape gangs.

Once again the gods of karma must be grimly smiling.


Tony in VA said...

They both look like goony nerds, and so I'm not surprised they met their fates in this fashion. Both of them win the Amy Biehl Award for Liberal Stupidity.
This article brought to mind a story about a year or so ago, about that old man SJW who went around justifying Bantu criminality; only to be killed by Bantus in Oakland, CA. Remember that one?

elaine said...

Disappointed in you Savant and in this post. How can you be so callous? You have no basis for making all those assumptions about the couple's activities and views. One of your worst posts.

Californian said...

Here's an idea: sponsor bike rides for disingenuous white liberals (DWL): call it the "We Are the World Rainbow Raised Consciousness Bike Tour." Have the itinerary include Detroit, Selma, Port au Prince, Rotherham, Malmo, whatever territories currently held by the Islamic State, then Liberia, Congo and wrap up on a farm in the new rainbow nation of South Africa.

By the time the tour is done, attrition will have cut down their numbers considerably, and perhaps the survivors will have learned a lesson or two about the nature of good and evil, like maybe there are issues of black and White.

Once again the gods of karma must be grimly smiling.

As I say, "karma, dudes and dudettes, karma!

Gorges Smythe said...

I agree completely with your analysis.

Tom said...

You have something missing in your soul Savant. Humanity!

Uncle nasty said...

Or as a friend of mine used to say "My karma has just run over your dogma ..."


Manwe said...

Simply put, there are some places whites shouldn't waste their time(and lives) visiting and there are other places that third world parasites should not be allowed to migrate to(the West, for example). To cop a line from Nancy Reagan, "Just say no to mass migration!"

Uncle Nasty said...

Fred Reed, once roundly condemned for tiptoeing around the Tribe, has changed radically. He no longer avoids the Third Rail, but gives it a good hearty kick at every opportunity.

He has been doing this for quite a while, now. I wonder what changed? An example

Democracy, to the extent that it ever existed, doesn’t. Americans have no influence over what their children are taught, where Christmas carols can be sung, over war and peace, whether they can legally choose their neighbors, who they must hire. All of these things are dictated from far away. This cannot be changed. If you disagree, tell me how.

Social control intensifies. Saying the wrong things about blacks, Jews, feminists or homosexuals has in many places become a firing offense–very Soviet, this. The mainstream media, utterly dishonest, are committed mouthpieces for those who rule. This will not change. Who could change it?

The social media, also organs of government, censor us. The three CEOs of Google and Facebook, unelected, two of them Jewish, control what almost the entire world is permitted to see. Is this not astonishing? Twitter is now in the same category, and all are censoring both covertly and actively. The silenced may win an occasional lawsuit, but the censoring will not stop., It will grow.

Speaking of Facebook, I understand that everything was going swimmingly for Zuckerberg. The rumour mill states that as soon as he vowed to keep facebook free of censorship that (((they))) lowered the boom.

A US$16 000 000 000.00 boom. Sixteen billion US dollars.

Now, to clarify, I have no knowledge of the veracity of the above story at all. It is (I repeat) RUMOUR!!! Can anyone confirm or deny? Or clarify?

Inquiring minds need to know. Thank you.


James said...

Nice one Elaine, LOL.

As The New York Times ​put it, they shared "the openheartedness they wanted to embody and the acts of kindness reciprocated by strangers."

ISIS were kind enough to do it quick.

Some conservatives have framed the tragedy as a cautionary tale about not just the perils of travel but also naivete in general. In their telling, an overly generous understanding of human nature is behind much of today's progressive movement, including calls to radically scale back immigration enforcement and policing and support for socialism.

Some liberals, for their part, view Austin and Geoghegan as simply unfortunate. Experts on the region ​​told The Washington Post: "Central Asia generally is fairly safe."

Naive or unfortunate? Who can tell? How many other cyclists have made it through the area? Do we have the numbers? I suspect we would have been given the numbers if lots made it through.

"ISIS were such friendly people, they invited us into their homes and were so generous with their food!" gushed Sally Simpatico, a tourist from the US.

"I agree", said her boyfriend Rudolf Soyballs, "they are unfairly maligned by Trump. They have a valid grievance against the whole world and its our responsibility to help them in their dreams and goals. A mind is a terrible thing to waste especially if that mind learned the entire Koran off by heart by 10 years old.".

Well Sav, Elaine might have a point. ISIS might have just needed the bicycles.

James said...

We live in a world of wonders.

Denise said...

@Elaine - you are kidding, right?

Too Many Koons said...

Good post Savant. elaine is 100% wrong. I am glad you are callous when SJWs are killed by their pet chimps. White men need to harden up and grow a pair.

Recent terror attacks in the UK and USA by Mudslime black car drivers have often targeted riders using on road bicycle lanes. The Coons know that almost all of the inner city riders are white. Naturally the media has never made the connection that the Black Rampage was not because they rode bicycles but because they are white. The London Khanate is worried. Not about the killings, but about the fact not enough dark skins ride bicycles in London. They see this misallocation of bicycle lane usage as White Greed, or something like that. Not Muzz and Black laziness and cowardice and lack of cycling skill. I hope Khan succeeds, because without non-whites sharing bike lanes, all bike lane users are sitting ducks for Muslim and African car drivers. There is no need to travel to ISIS held territory. The West is also ISIS held territory, controlled by the ISIS masters – the Jews. The Western media is pro ISIS and recruits for new ISIS members with front page banner articles. They glorify ISIS.

Irony is that modern white cycling may go the way of the Dodo due to invading killer black barbarians. We are told to ride bicycles and save the environment. Especialy for those who vote or act Green. The same voting brings in more people that want to kill all white bicycle riders and pedestrians.

Better White than Shyte.
BTW how did the vibrant killers of the 4 Dodos not know they were not all Muslims? They may have hesitated if all 4 had been men. The presence of women in shorts and short sleeves would have been a dead “unbeliever” give away.

cranky white woman said...

I am not sure Elaine,if you are being sarcastic or not.Regardless,I nominate them for
Darwin Awards.To Tony in VA,don't recall the one about the SJW in Oakland. Can you refresh my memory on that one?I keep thinking SJW means single jewish woman,not social justice warrior,but very often they are the same thing.

Unknown said...

Another funny story is of an young American who went to live in Russia and then he bought a car there. Every time he drove his car he was stopped by the police who "asked" for kickbacks. Moreover after a few weeks he had been several times crashed by other drivers - Russian traffic is world's most dangerous. He had enough and went back to America.

Anonymous said...

seems like IS qotes and uses facts....wrt>

Disappointed in you Savant and in this post. How can you be so callous? You have no basis for making all those assumptions about the couple's activities and views.
[SUCH AS???]
One of your worst posts.[ONE OF HIS BEST].

James said...

Henry Makow makes a good point.

We can't even acknowledge our calamity without being "politically incorrect."

Is it a calamity? Cyclists were killed so I supposed it is now.

...there has long existed, "like a canker at the heart of our civilization, a secret revolutionary sect, mainly of Judaic origin, bent on the destruction of all Christian empires, altars, and thrones."

There is only one way out of all this...

In his book "The Decline of the West" (1918) Oswald Spengler noted that almost an entire generation of the ruling classes of Germany and England had perished in WWI.

"Thus the Anglo Saxon race had entered a period of irreversible decline in which it would inevitably give way to another more vigorous race, probably from the east."

...and that way is war.

Before Elaine objects that war is mean and possibly even nasty, don't worry there will be no war to save the white race and we will disappear. A very satisfactory outcome; nice and neat and tidy. No fuss, no mess. Fading away in (((rest homes))). In a big war lots of people on bicycles would die and nobody wants that.

A system of education will erase "any recollection of their former state" from the minds of the goyim, and "establish the Jewish religion as the universal faith."

Atheists are already more Judaic than they realize and the churches are almost converted. It's almost funny to watch its so absurd.

James said...

I wonder when ISIS will release the video. I'll post it here if I ever find it so we can all laugh at the liberals like Hillary laughed at Gadaffi. :-)

They went, they rode, they died. Ha ha ha ha. -- Hillary, maybe.

James said...

Bad news.

Flanders said...

Snowflake Advanced Training Academy - (((Media-MSM)))

"Media Omits Key Detail About ICE Arresting Man Who Took Wife To Hospital For C-Section"

"Here are some of the headlines featured by the media:

The Washington Post: "ICE arrested a man driving his pregnant wife to give birth. She drove herself to the hospital."

The Sacramento Bee: "They were on their way to the hospital to have a baby when ICE took him away"

CBS News: "ICE detains man driving pregnant wife to hospital to deliver baby"

TIME: "ICE Agents Detained a Man Driving His Pregnant Wife to the Hospital"

Slate: "ICE Officers Arrest Man Who Was Driving Pregnant Wife to Hospital for C-Section"

NY Mag: "ICE Arrests Husband Who Was Taking Wife to Give Birth at Hospital"

Newsweek: "Ice Agents, Part Of Trump Crackdown, Detain Husband Driving Pregnant Wife To Deliver Baby"

One of the only media outlets to report that Arrona-Lara was a murder suspect in the title and in the report was NBC News, which reported that ICE specifically noted that Arrona-Lara was arrested because of an "outstanding warrant issued for his arrest in Mexico on homicide charges."

Flanders said...

They are just irritable because they had a long week picking cotton.

"Gun Control In Action: 74 People Shot in Chicago Over the Weekend"

"According to the numbers available on Monday, at least 74 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend, 40 of whom caught a bullet in just a seven-hour time period on early Sunday morning. The overall violence raged from Friday afternoon until Monday morning, shocking police and residents in a city that has become nearly accustomed to this kind of brutal, warzone-like bloodshed. The victims ranged from an 11 year-old all the way to a 62-year-old. Police said that some of the shootings were random while others were suspected to be targeted gangland executions.
It cannot be overlooked, of course, that one of the main crime prevention strategies in Chicago is focused on the guns themselves. And while we applaud efforts by both local and federal authorities to get stolen and illegal guns off the streets, Chicago’s gun-focused gameplan is clearly not having the results they want to see. The city already has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country; simultaneously, it is home to some of the most deadly streets in America....The fact remains that Chicago is a real-time example of the maxim: If a criminal wants to get a gun, laws aren’t going to stop him."

Flanders said...

He's liberal-minded, very active chasing children around all day long, and "identifies" tremendously with "jewish sufferings", so that causes him to have a most horrendous appetite.

"Nathaniel Bar-Jonah: The 300-Pound Child Murderer And Suspected Cannibal"

"By now, he had changed his name from David Brown to Nathaniel Benjamin Levi Bar-Jonah, claiming that he wanted to know what it felt like to live with the persecution that Jewish people experienced (he alternatively claimed that he had always been Jewish, and the actual truth may never be known for sure).

But despite the name change, he had changed little else about himself.
By the time the trial began, the FBI had decoded Bar-Jonah’s journal. Inside, he described his obsession with torturing and murdering children. There was also a list of 22 names. Eight of them were known to be Nathaniel Bar-Jonah’s earlier victims. Many of the rest were local children. The others were never identified.

Even more disturbingly, the diary detailed his plans to cook and eat children. “Barbequed Kid,” “Sex A La Carte,” “My Little Kid Dessert”, “Little Boy Stew,” “Little Boy Pot Pies,” and “Lunch is Served on the Patio with Roasted Child,” were all entries in Bar-Jonah’s twisted writings.

Taken with the meat grinder that police found in Bar-Jonah’s home, the writings raised a dark suspicion.

Thinking of the strange meals Bar-Jonah had fed them, his neighbors began to wonder if Bar-Jonah had murdered Ramsay and fed them his flesh."

Flanders said...

Other murderers have no weight problem and no excuses. They are evil.

"TEHRAN (FNA)- Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman deliberately attacks civilian targets in Yemen to break the resistance of the Yemeni army and Ansarullah, a prominent Saudi dissident living in exile in London, said, adding that he has learned the lesson from Israel.

Saad al-Faqih, who heads the Movement for Islamic Reform, in a video clip released on Youtube quoted a source in the Saudi air force as saying that Riyadh "deliberately" targets the civilians in Yemen, which it has learned from the Zionist regime.

He added that the Saudi measures are like the Zionist regime's acts in the Gaza Strip, where the Tel Aviv regime targets civilians deliberately to wear off the resolve of the Palestinian resistance groups, including Hamas.

Al-Faqih said bin Salman wants to provoke the Yemeni people against Ansarullah by targeting the civilians.

As soon as a bus carrying school children entered a busy market in the Sa’ada town of Zahyn on August 9, Saudi fighters targeted it. At least 51 civilians have lost their lives and 80 others sustained injuries, most of whom were students.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) announced that 40 children were among 51 civilians recently killed during a Saudi airstrike on a school bus in Yemen's Sa'ada province.

In a new toll last Tuesday, the ICRC reported that 56 children were also among the 79 people wounded in Riyadh-led air raid on Sa’ada Province."

Flanders said...

South Africa - "North West farmer single handedly defeats three attackers, then chops off their legs with a grinder"

"Constable Sam Nyanda said a 75-year-old farmer went to investigate when his dog started barking on Saturday night and found three men in the house.

The farmer allegedly first wrestled the men and then took out his gun and shot them, tired them, and chopped off their feet with a grinder. None of them died.

“Two cases were opened, one of housebreaking, and the other one of attempted murder against the farmer ,” Nyanda said.

“The farmer has not been arrested as the matter will be taken to the director of public prosecutions for a decision.”

Anonymous said...

Savants assumptions about their views seem perfectly justified. I took a little time to read their blog here and whilst they seem perfectly capable of understanding the dangers of terrain and climate, their observations could be written by a robot. They are utterly devoid of any observation on differences between races and religions as they travel the world, something which is actually impossible unless you choose to ignore the obvious differences or are afraid of being called a racist when you get back home.

It is fair to say that their views were similarly so inclined before leaving America - and that this blindness to racial and religious differences not only put themselves in danger but other white people back home suffering from the effects of the racial and religious invasion so carefully not noticed by them and other dodo birds.


James said...

I was reading another article on Makow's site.
Someone commented:

Note that (1:16:03) "HEBREW SCRIPT"!!! is shown when the announcer covers up what we see with our own eyes by saying "Middlesex England". Blink and you'll miss it. If Israel was selling weapons to Iraq you can bet they were/are selling the DIRECTLY to Iran.

Actually it does say Middlesex England, but it's upside down. Rotate the video, it's easy to see.

Was it a purposeful error or just wishful thinking?

Interesting video though. Lots of crazy shit about biological weapons and stuff.

Chumlee's Brother said...

....As they sow, so shall they reap....

Good post Sav.

Gaslighters Inc said...

Anonymous elaine said...
Disappointed in you Savant and in this post. How can you be so callous? You have no basis for making all those assumptions about the couple's activities and views. One of your worst posts.

19 August 2018 at 00:46

OK Elaine, I'll summarize it for you in nicer terms. Dumb lefty fucks went cycling through a terrorist stronghold country and got what was coming to them.

As an aside how do you think they spent their time in their respective occupations?

Are you familiar with Occam's Razor?

Gaslighters Inc said...

Blogger Tom said...
You have something missing in your soul Savant. Humanity!

19 August 2018 at 01:02

Because the individual is more important than the race?

No Tom I think you have something missing. Common sense. The damage that these people do and the amount of innocent people that must suffer as a result of their virtue signalling campaigns means that there demise is a good thing for the survival of the White Race.

Savant has oodles of humanity. That is why he writes this blog.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

let me see...mmmmm..travelling circus included a member from sanhedrinzentral and a wandering clogwearingchabaddeecheeser. the main characters wandered from uselessburg USofA. smells like marcopolo. Sanhedrin recon. give the ciasis lads a medal.

James said...

We should not laugh at the dodo too much.

Bjerknes has some harsh words for the alt-right. He says MGTOW is just the anti-thesis to the thesis of feminism and both lead to white genocide - the true and enduring aim of Lenin and his Bolsheviks.

James said...

They see this misallocation of bicycle lane usage as White Greed, or something like that.

I saw a campaign about 10 years ago to get more poor blacks into trout fishing and pheasant shooting. The tweed jacket requirement was seen as racist.

The few blacks I saw in the countryside were being dragged around by PC liberal do-gooders and they were not enjoying the experience. One group were stopped at a roadside lookout and I heard Mr Cuck say to his pets "Isn't this view just incredible". Caesar Jr. had a "Fuck this shit" look on his face and wanted to go back to the hood ASAP.

Tony said...

"...but my college professor said it was a religion of peace..." last words
The problem here is where we learn our History. If these two bicyclists had learned that Mohammed didn't start a religion as much as he started an anti-christian army for the fun purpose of rape, pillage, and plunder. For nine years he led his Arab army in victorious slaughter. Today the schools call that religion whereas yesterday we called that barbarism.
Sorry Elaine but sometimes to learn you might have to be whacked upside the head a bit.
-The other Tony from Virginia

Rapparee O'Hogan said...

Shameless schadenfreude Sav.
I approve.

James Lord said...

Saw this blacks in the country caper myself in England. Exact same response from the liberals' pets. In one case one of the organisers had her purse stolen. As you say Sav, the gods of karma are smiling.

Pom Z said...

Seems to me the Yids hated the "true English" or Anglo Saxon WASPS before they started hating Germans. Then again the English were the last to accept them fleeing the pogroms and the first of the European countries to boot them out when they began to understand them.
Jews don't feel comfortable being 'understood'.

I had no idea the so called 'right wing' newspaper - an 'intellectually' crafted rag called "The Daily Telegraph" was formerly called "The Morning Star" with an interesting history

And yes, I've always believed the fratricidal wars between the German Axis powers and the then United Kingdom and its empire was the beginning of the end of civilisation and the beginning of NWO enslavement and mongrelisation.

Henry Makow (Jewish) is seemingly very brave to openly reveal everything he knows, with pointers to inform us in such an easy to read format. Is he another Benjamin Freedman or is there something else?

Too Many Koons said...

The rot started a very long time ago.

The very popular 1950’s Goon show was promoting race mixing and Jew/Coon degeneracy 60 years ago. The two musical interludes make this obvious; one is by a Jew jazzist the other is by a Jew nigger jazzist.

Out of 7 stars and musicians, there is only one white man, Harry Secombe. Wally Stott may have been a white man, but became a woman by surgery.

Spike Milligan - Part Indian. Coward in WWII. Bipolar nutter.

Harry Secombe - Welsh

Peter Sellers - Jew

Michael Bentine - Half Peruvian shitskin. Father was a brown Inca.

Musicians 3 out of 3 are PC
Max Geldray - Jew

Ray Ellington – Jew darky. Coon father Jew mother. Jew women like black cock. Ray the Jewcoon married white woman Anita West.

Wally Stott - Jewey looks. "Stott underwent sexual reassignment surgery in the 1970s and became Angela Morley.”

Here are some characters. These all mock and ridicule our leaders and “betters”.
Major Dennis Bloodnok
Played by Peter Sellers
A corrupt military cad, pervert and idiot.

Hercules Grytpype-Thynne
Played by Peter Sellers
A sleazy, well-educated and scheming cad.

Count Jim Moriarty
Played by Spike Milligan
Unscrupulous member of the French aristocracy who turned to crime to support his lifestyle

Jim Hansen said...

This couple was disingenuous at best - I don't believe for a second that they thought everybody is "kind" regardless of their human frailties. I guarantee you that they quietly consulted with others on the "safest" areas to travel in the different countries. What happened in Tajikistan is that they got bad information - and paid the ultimate price.

If they really believed what they said - then, as others here have stated, they would have bicycled through the worst areas of Baltimore, St. Louis, Memphis, Detroit, Birmingham, etc.

Thus they are exemplary examples of the typical Leftist - they push a very defined narrative, and attack those that question it even though they themselves know it's full of holes. Like the "Holocaust" - if the narrative could hold water then there's no need to defend it (put people in prison, verbally / physically / economically attack those that don't agree).

I agree with those that say that this couple got what they deserved. Who knows how many other innocent / stupid people they could have inspired with this trip had it been "successful"? Similar to the woman (previous Savant article) that preached the feminist lifestyle and then screamed / cried when she realized that she'd waited too long - how many others did she poison (could not have children later on in life) with her writings?

Frank Galton said...


On 19 July 2018, Jewish Chairman and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said posts from Holocaust deniers should be allowed on Facebook. Six (there's that number again) days later, on 25 July 2018, Zuckerberg's net worth fell more than $16 billion* after Facebook's stock plummeted by 20%.


BBC, 19 July 2018

Mark Zuckerberg [may his name be obliterated**] has once again found himself at the centre of a row, after saying posts from Holocaust deniers should be allowed on Facebook.

The Guardian, 25 July 2018

Facebook stocks plummet more than 20%

* The Gaonim (post Talmud generation) have decreed that even though fines cannot be assessed today courts should excommunicate the guilty party until he mollifies the claimant. Once the court deems that he has offered reasonable monetary appeasement [e.g. 16 billion dollars, LOL!!!], they release him from excommunication whether the claimant is mollified or not.

** The Hebrew phrase yimakh shemo "May his name be obliterated" is a curse placed after the name of particular enemies of the Jewish people.


Frank Galton

Jen said...

Jay Austin's mother said her son was simply a gentle soul who wanted to leave the world a better place.

Well, he just did.

Jen said...

Totally agree, Californian. Make a movie called Extermination of the Vegan Nerds. But I think the word you were looking for was ingenuous, not disingenuous. Stupidity beyond naivete deserves to die.

Here's an idea: sponsor bike rides for disingenuous white liberals (DWL): call it the "We Are the World Rainbow Raised Consciousness Bike Tour." Have the itinerary include Detroit, Selma, Port au Prince, Rotherham, Malmo, whatever territories currently held by the Islamic State, then Liberia, Congo and wrap up on a farm in the new rainbow nation of South Africa.

By the time the tour is done, attrition will have cut down their numbers considerably, and perhaps the survivors will have learned a lesson or two about the nature of good and evil, like maybe there are issues of black and White.

Once again the gods of karma must be grimly smiling.

As I say, "karma, dudes and dudettes, karma!
19 August 2018 at 00:46

Johnny Rottenborough said...

I haven’t been able to access the Fred Reed article mentioned by Uncle Nasty at 03:12. If others are experiencing the same problem, the article is on the Unz Review, here.

Aitch said...

Fruitcakes like them infest the BBC and Channel 4. At least there are two less of them now, which in my humble opinion is something to be thankful for.

"Make Britain Great Again!"

Anonymous said...

You can walk in the English countryside such as on the ridgeway only 30 miles from the western suburbs of London and still feel like you're in England. As long as you stear clear of cities.

Chumlee's Brother said...

Tom said...
You have something missing in your soul Savant. Humanity!

....Prove Sav wrong Tom. On yer bike!

Gaslighters Inc said...

Flanders, don't put too much stock in "Breeknuusza" its one of a few fake news sites trying to capitalise on sensationalism and BS.

I cannot think that a farmer or anyone else would willingly expose themselves to pathogen swarming blood in such a manner.

Lemmyhead said...

Anonymous elaine said...

Disappointed in you Savant and in this post. How can you be so callous? You have no basis for making all those assumptions about the couple's activities and views. One of your worst posts.

I'm not. Got to agree with Sav. I don't care about it being callous. It's these that are now 'victims' are getting their chickens home to roost. In my opinion, if you can't see the problem, you are the problem.

I read your reply to my film review. I couldn't agree more. I do exactly the same. If it wasn't for Mr Putins's gangs (and a few others) I wouldn't watch anything. I wouldn't take the chance and spend money on the crap.
Patient Zero was one of those films I thought I'd try while doing something else. Something to have on in the background. When the Prof made his speech it was a case of 'Hang on. Did I hear that right?' I replayed it a couple of time to make sure. The film, in general, is a poor action flick with this nugget in the middle. I've said on this blog before that I've viewed zombie flicks as analogies for the white plight. Usually, a brave band of a few whites fighting a hoard of invaders. This film turned that on its head (sort of) but only when you got the Profs speech did you find out. Although the 'infected' are violently enraged the reason for this is treated with a lot of sympathies, (that might be my slanted view of liking the infected).
I'm going to stick my neck out and say that this film is, at least, sympathetic to white nationalism.

Gaslighters Inc said...

Anonymous James said...
We should not laugh at the dodo too much.

Bjerknes has some harsh words for the alt-right. He says MGTOW is just the anti-thesis to the thesis of feminism and both lead to white genocide - the true and enduring aim of Lenin and his Bolsheviks.

19 August 2018 at 13:16

Makes sense. The Jews say they want to own all the horses on the racecourse. Why just have one?

Pom Z said...

Aitch said...
Fruitcakes like them infest the BBC and Channel 4. At least there are two less of them now, which in my humble opinion is something to be thankful for.

"Make Britain Great Again!"

The tax payer funded, shitskin riddled NHS is no different.

awakened said...

Bjerknes is right when he says MGTOW is just the anti-thesis to the thesis of feminism and both lead to white genocide. It turns White men and women against one another. How bad is that?

John A. Alpha said...

Excellent article Sav!, one of your best. This unfortunate but entirely expected incident succinct encapsulates the gelded, guileless clueless lost and leaderless spirit and soul of the Western man.

Expect more - much more of this to come before Western men start to grow a pair and lay their gonads on the line for their own future and the future of their fellow men, women and children.

This will come right down to the wire - it will be do, or it will be die.

Expect it.

Flanders said...

Aretha Franklin - May we never forget one of the great white heroines of our times

James said...

Tom said...
You have something missing in your soul Savant. Humanity!

I bet they had more sympathy for ISIS than they did for David Duke.

According to liberals it was just a "random act of violence" that "could have happened anywhere". So why is it news then? Because it attempts to conflate conservatism with ISIS, and does a fair job at that too.

James said...

Savant has oodles of humanity. That is why he writes this blog.

According to liberals, worrying about ISIS coming to Ireland is more hateful than ISIS itself.

James said...

Because at least ISIS are not racist.
They are anti-racist. Islam only hates white people.

James said...

The Twitter Blue Check approval system is for liberal immunity.

Plenty of them call for hard white genocide and Twitter supports them.

Twitter is run by Bolsheviks.

Flanders said...

"NO WHITES ALLOWED: Stormzy & University Of Cambridge Launch Black-Only Scholarship"

"Grime rapper Stormzy has caused controversy after launching a black-only Cambridge scholarship scheme which will pay for four talented black students to go to one of the world’s most prestigious universities.

The scheme, which bans all white students from applying, has sparked outrage online with many describing it as “racist” because of its black-only policy.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, the 25-year-old artist said: “If you’re academically brilliant don’t think because you come from a certain community that studying at one of the highest education institutions in the world isn’t possible.”

Of course, what he failed to point out is that he is not selecting students based on their community; he is selecting them based on their skin colour.

The scholarship, which will give students £18,000 per year, was launched in partnership with the University Of Cambridge and is only open to students who “have ‘Black African’, ‘Black Caribbean’, or ‘Black Other’ ethnicity,” according to the University’s website." [Continues]

James said...

Bill Maher is complaining about Alex Jones getting de-platformed. He thinks it is an attack on free speech and doesn't like it. He seems genuine, but a woman next to him say hooray Alex gone. He then contradicts her. Is Bill Maher a Nazi?

J Bull said...

Fascinating perspective on The Goons. Never looked at them that way but....EVERY FUCKING TIME.

James said...

Laura Ingraham is a Nazi!

Good for her.

James said...

Plenty of farms for sale at good prices in South Africa now. You and all your liberal friends can go buy one and feed the people. Nothing evil will happen, promise. Evil doesn't really exist.

Erik said...

Twitter is run by Bolsheviks.

It's run by Jews you stupid prat

A. Wyatt Mann said...

Virtue signalling at its worst. Most people want to conform to social norms, and if they do this better than others, they feel morally superior. But what if the social norms are destructive? That's what's going on right now. W.L. Pierce called them lemmings, and they are. These two idiots wanted to be ahead of the other lemmings to show how good they were. But our morality should be the morality of survival. It's all that matters.

Here's an example of two other lemmings, who decided to travel by car through the CONGO by themselves. It's a miracle they survived! If you want to get an idea of how Congoids behave, YOU MUST READ THIS. It's long, but it will blow your mind.

Here's a quote from their travel story:

Customs Officer: "Hi, that'll be 5$US"
- Me: "Ofcourse,but what is it for exactly?"
CO: "Tourist tax"
- Me: "Oh, I was not aware of the existance of a tourist tax?"
CO: "Yes, but only on the first entry"
- Me: "Aaaah, ofcourse how could I forget. I already paid this when I entered at by boat in Kinshasa a few months ago" <-- I lied, there is no such tax and I never paid such tax. But I did have the proof of my previous entry in Congo in my passport
Co: *long silence*
Co: *hesitating* "You still have to pay..."

Flanders said...

In addition to the earlier story I had left about the accused murderer illegal "immigrant" who was rushing his wife to the hospital to rut out her 5th anchor baby, there are agencies actively at work, paid by the government, to bring in even more of them. How much more stupid can it be than to allow them to continue?

The biggest ones are named and more information is given about them in the report below:

"Refugee Resettlement: The Lucrative Business of Serving Immigrants"

"US Catholic Bishops launch campaign to pressure Trump to admit large number of refugees"

"It is no surprise that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops—the largest resettlement agency of the nine NGOs hired by the US State Department *** to place refugees in your towns and cities, is launching this campaign directed at Donald Trump."
"Michael Patrick Leahy at Breitbart has penned another post within days of telling us about the Iraqi refugee arrested in California. In that case the government alleges that the Iraqi was a member of ISIS when he arrived here from Turkey.

Here we learn that the DOJ is alleging that this refugee was not abused and persecuted, but was himself a human rights abuser.
"Report: Ethiopian Refugee Arrested for Fraudulent U.S. Citizenship, Was Interrogator During ‘Red Terror"
[Flanders]: The Justice Department link mentions some organizations which I've not heard of, if you follow that link from inside this report. These really should also be targeting those nine largest "resettlement agencies", who are the illegal (((importers))) biggest agents.

"The case is being investigated by HSI with the support of the Human Rights Violators and War Crimes Center (HRVWCC). Established in 2009, the HRVWCC furthers the government’s efforts to identify, locate and prosecute human rights abusers in the United States, including those who are known or suspected to have participated in persecution, war crimes, genocide, torture, extrajudicial killings, female genital mutilation and the use or recruitment of child soldiers. The HRVWCC leverages the expertise of a select group of agents, lawyers, intelligence and research specialists, historians and analysts who direct the government’s broader enforcement efforts against these offenders. The HRVWCC is comprised of ICE HSI’s Human Rights Violators and War Crimes Unit, ICE’s Human Rights Law Section, FBI’s International Human Rights Unit and DOJ’s Human Rights and Special Prosecutions Section (HRSP)."

Uncle Nasty said...

Johnny Rottenborough said...

I haven’t been able to access the Fred Reed article mentioned by Uncle Nasty at 03:12. If others are experiencing the same problem, the article is on the Unz Review, here.
19 August 2018 at 15:43

I seem to have no problem at all. Hopefully his home page address will help.

Good luck,

Flanders said...

"Once upon a time... Common Sense!" - Works when away from home too.

Flanders said...

"What They See vs What We See"

Flanders said...

Rockefeller Republicans were willing to accomodate law-breaking invaders.

"Republicans on Illegal Immigration in 1980" [Video - 10 min]

"Presidential candidates Ronald Reagan and George Bush...debate in Texas over illegal immigrant access to public schools. Clearly the handwriting was on the wall at that time, that these Republicans were willing to accomodate law-breaking invaders just as much as any Democrats were."

nilus said...

ITV 'Zoe Ball's Sunday Show' with
Flaming, camp FAGGOT Andrew Morgan plays with
Flaming, camp FAGGOT Jake Shears

BBC1 'Sunday Morning Live' : 'Should straight actors be allowed to play queers?'


BBC1 6am 'Breakfast' Interview with a disgusting
Flaming, camp FAGGOT DRAG -FAG in full trans

ITV: 6am 'Good Morning Proles' / 'Lorraine' with
Flaming, camp FAGGOT Andi Peters
Flaming, camp FAGGOT Dan Whooton
Flaming, camp FAGGOT Bobby Norris
Flaming, camp FAGGOT Louie Spence
Flaming, camp FAGGOT Stephen Bailey
Flaming, camp FAGGOT Mark Heyes

(Flaming, camp FAGGOT Stephen Bailey is to host and present a
"Celebs On The Farm" show on Channel 5 , two of the guests are flaming, camp FAGGOT Louie Spence and flaming, camp FAGGOT Bobby Norris, as well as two duck-billed dumb Essex bints and a fat sheboon , who is "famous"
for watching TV on TV ) This show was infamous for showing a JEW SLUT (Rebecca Loos) wanking off a pig.

Channel 5 9.15am 'The Shite Stuff' with
Camp FAGGOT Dr David Bull (plus a NOG and a FEMALE CURRY)

ITV2 9.25am 'The Ellen Degeneres Chats To Jews Show'
JEW today is Deborah Messing, promoting the latest series of
KWEER / K-KE SHITCOM 'Willy and Disgrace'

Channel 4 9am FAGGOT David Hyde-Pierce ( Frasier)

ITV 10.30am 'This Morning' with
Camp, flaming FAGGOT Rylan Clark and
Camp, flaming FAGGOT Gok Wan. First feature:
TRANSGENDER DYKE ( Female to male who cut off her tits, got pregnant and became the first "man" to have a baby: TWICE )

Lifetime 9am Camp, flaming JEW FAGGOT Andy Cohen (Real Housewives)
ITV3 8.30am JEW Judith Sheindlin (Judge Judy)
ITV4 8.30 am JEW Jack Klugman (Quincy ME)
Universal 9am JEW Jerry Orbach (Law and Order)
Channel 4 9am JEWS Brad Garret, Phil Rosenthal, Doris Green, etc
Com Cen 9am JEWS Andy and Susan Borowitz (creators, Fresh Prince of )
Com Cen 10am JEW Zach Braff (Scrubs)
Com Cen 11am JEW David Schwimmer, JEW Lisa Kudrow (Friends)
E! 10am QUEER JEWS /JEWS / QUEERS (Million Dollar Listing NY)
E! 10.30am JEW Patti Stanger (Millionaire Matchmaker)
horror 10am JEW William Shatner, JEW Leonard Nimoy, FAGGOT George Takei
Community 11pm Camp, flaming FAGGOT Gok Wan (Fill Your House 4 Free)


Red Mist said...

The achilles heel clicks again - another Charlise Theron if she's Caucasian.

Her name is ((Rachel)) and the hair looks dyed blonde maybe one of ((them)).
More mongrels/goffels for the Cape of bad hope

Gaslighters Inc said...

Anonymous Erik said...
Twitter is run by Bolsheviks.

It's run by Jews you stupid prat

19 August 2018 at 21:24


There's a difference?

James said...

Anonymous Erik said...
Twitter is run by Bolsheviks.

It's run by Jews you stupid prat

19 August 2018 at 21:24

In the struggle for supremacy (rule) in the early stages of the Russian Communist Revolution, two Jewish parties stood out. The Bolsheviks ("majority") and Mensheviks ("Minority").

The difference?

The Bolsehviks believed Jewish power should be subservient to the Revolutionaries, whilst the Mensheviks believed the Revolutionaries should take their orders from the Sanhedrin or whatever. Something like that.

"Bolsehvik" in this context is a term which perhaps applies to Twitter because they do what the Bolsheviks did.

It is at least as acceptable as calling David Duke a "Nazi". In fact it is far more appropriate. David Duke has nothing to do with the NSDAP, but Twitter follows Lenin's playbook perfectly, except they don't kill people yet that we know of. Their thought control and censorship in the service of white genocide is similar however. They are neo-Bolsheviks.

Boomer said...

It's begun


Flanders said...

Part 1:
A good write-up in this article below explains more about the Trump administration than will ever be found in any jewish MSM article. "Religion" is the key to Trump and his administration, but very few seem to see or understand that, or to understand that it's actually a false "religion" which is very likely to lead to WWIII in a very active sense.

I suspect that the WWIII will itself be a false war designed to eliminate all remaining resistors to the jewish powers, and to consolidate authority worldwide into what at first will be a jointly-held jew, Freemason and "Christian"-Zionist operated cabal. In America, we operate under that already, as does most of the "free" world. We know that will not be the ultimate group remaining in power, regardless of what the treacherous Freemasons and Satanic-Zionists may think.

I suspect that there are very few world "leaders" who are not a part of the plan, and who dutifully play their assigned roles of bad guys and good cops, operating usually while hidden behind secret Freemason frameworks of some type, roles carefully described by the carefully scripted and controlled while passed through various medias and MSM.

"Christian Zionists and Pastor Brunson"

"The Evangelical Christians in rural America who vote for Republicans make up a significant rate. The balance between the two parties in the senate is quite sensitive. The two or three seats that may be lost in the by-elections in fall may change the arithmetic balance in favor of the Democrats. This is where the subject comes to the Pastor Andrew Brunson issue.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are known for their Evangelical Christian identities. It is with Pence's election that Evangelists achieved such a high status for the first time in the U.S. administration. Evangelists, who classify themselves as Christian Zionists, are part of the Israel lobby in the U.S. Both Trump and Pence threatened our country with sanction in the event Pastor Brunson is not allowed to return to the U.S. By referring to Brunson as "a great Christian," Trump is giving a message to Evangelists. There is benefit in reminding that there is propaganda war in far-right publications that there are efforts to destroy the Christians in the Middle East.

The politically exhausted Trump and his team seem eager to turn the "Brunson issue" into the element of the November elections. Brunson's attorney Jay Sekulow is Trump's personal attorney. Evangelist Sekulow is the founder and chief adviser of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). The ACLJ is an institution that defends Israel in every platform. The ACLJ had made efforts to cut the funds the UN allocates to the Palestinian administration and Palestinian civil rights organizations. The ACLJ, which works very closely with U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, is accusing the UN and its subsidiaries of financing Israel's sworn enemies. The U.S. had withdrawn from the UN Human Rights Council and UNESCO based on pro-Israel reasons.

Flanders said...

Sekulow, who is on the Time magazine's "Most influential 25 Protestants in the U.S." list, had a role in moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem as well. Sekulow was also among the American Evangelists who joined the opening ceremony in Jerusalem on May 14. Sekulow, who says the move of the embassy is a historic event, wrote, "A dream came true today." The opening and closing prayers of the ceremony were made by Evangelist pastors. Trump had also said the Evangelists were the ones most happiest about the move. Yet, according to Sekulow, defending Israel is a sacred duty."
"World War 3? How the US tested 'most dangerous nuclear weapon ever' amid Turkey row"

"THE US has carried out a string of successful tests of a nuclear bomb, described as one of the world's most dangerous nuclear weapons,...".

"The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) under the US Department of Energy and the US Air Force carried out the successful tests, with plans to deploy the nukes at Incirlik airbase in Turkey, according to the Russia's RIA news agency.
Washington also plans to deploy the "inert" gravity bombs at other military bases in Germany, Italy, Belgium and Netherlands.
Tensions between US President Donald Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continue to escalate, after Turkey imprisoned American pastor Andrew Brunson, who they accused of plotting the 2016 coup to oust Mr Erdogan.

In response to the move, President Trump said on Twitter: “Turkey has taken advantage of the United States for many years.

“They are now holding our wonderful Christian pastor, who I must now ask to represent our country as a great patriot hostage."

English Tom said...

@Too Many Coons

If Elaine is serious then we can always organise a whip round to buy her a bike.

English Tom said...

@Pom Z

Jews don't feel comfortable with being 'understood.'

Yes. That spotlight beam actually burns them.

Boomer said...

Uncle Nasty said...

Further to Flanders' post immediately above, this is, once again, confirmation of McGovern's statement that "There ain't a dime's worth of difference ..."

If the jew poxy (genuine mistake there .. I meant proxy, but I'll let it stand) -- the US Military -- is successfully testing new and improved methods of whacking out enemies (real or perceived), this means that along with extreme-range missiles, drones, autonomous cannon and self-regulating supply trains, the US has finally achieved that dream of the general.

Being capable of whacking out everyone on the planet who looks at you funny, without risking a single hair on your precious lil' head -- Or as Roger Waters said in the song "The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range"** without even leaving home.

Imagine what a vote-catcher that would be. They could even afford to hold unrigged elections.

Everybody wins ... except the rest of the world, perhaps.

There are times when the failure of the human imagination boggles me. On more than one occasion I have had the conversation with Kiwis regarding the US military occupation or invasion or bombing of, well, pretty much everyone since WWII.

It is a scandal in contemporary international law, don’t forget, that while “wanton destruction of towns, cities and villages” is a war crime of long standing, the bombing of cities from airplanes goes not only unpunished but virtually unaccused. Air bombardment is state terrorism, the terrorism of the rich. It has burned up and blasted apart more innocents in the past six decades than have all the antistate terrorists who ever lived.

And it's not slowing down ...

My argument being, that in a year or two or three (an eternity in politics), we could have troops, tanks and Humvees (Anyone approaching closer than 50 meters will be fired upon) rumbling down Queen Street or "K"* road in Auckland ... how would you like them apples?

"Oh, no!!" They say. "The US and New Zealand are friends ... allies. We even have troops in the Middle East"

Oh yes. In 1945 South Africa and Rhodesia were great buddies with the rest of the West. After all, we had just finished assisting them in the greatest genocide of the twentieth century ... the murder of between 9 and 11 million soldiers alone, not counting the incineration of civilians in Dresden and Cologne.

Twelve short years later, we were skunks. Some people just don't have a fucking clue.


* Actually Karangahape Road ... but "K" is easier.

**Just love those laser guided bombs
They're really great For righting wrongs
You hit the target And win the game
From bars three thousand miles away
-- Roger Waters "Amused To Death" (1992)


Uncle Nasty said...

Having read Boomer's post and link (thanks for that)

... regarding the latest in Zootch land grabs. All very fine until one of the jigaboos forgets who he really is -- and tries to grab a jew-owned Gold, platinum or diamond mine.

You'll see US troops patrolling downtown Johannesburg before Christmas.

Humvees in Eloff Street -- getting hijacked. Ah, well ...

However, on that very same page I saw this ... and my spirits were lifted for a moment ...

Sweden riots: Why is Sweden rioting? Is it to do with the Sweden election?
EXCLUSIVE: There are just three weeks left before the Sweden election and car fires, violence and arson attacks have hit the streets. Why are they rioting, and do the riots have anything to do with the Swedish election?
By Amalie Henden

PUBLISHED: 00:31, Tue, Aug 21, 2018 | UPDATED: 00:45, Tue, Aug 21, 2018

More than 80 cars were torched or vandalised in Gothenburg and other major cities west and south in Sweden on Monday, August 13.

Fires were reported in Malmö, Gothenburg and Helsingborg and shocking footage showed youths destroying vehicles in a shopping centre and hospital car park in Frölunda Torg in the west of the country.

Youngsters dressed in black were also throwing rocks at the police to keep the firefighters from putting out the fires.

"Youths and youngsters" At one stage I owned two 6.5mm Swedish Mausers. Beautiful workmanship and quite possibly among the most accurate bolt action military rifles in the world.

Oh, to be in a high spot in Malmö, Gothenburg or Helsingborg with a Thermos, a packet of ham sandwiches and 500 rounds of 6.5mm soft point. Talk about a "terget-rich environment"

Sweden still has thousands (literally) of surplus M96/41 rifles on farms and in cupboards. Put them to the use they were intended for, Lads ... like these fictitious guys.

Fictitious, yes, but jolly good fun, nonetheless.


Jules Joules Jewels said...

(((Jay Sekulow))). . .

Trump attorney Jay Sekulow’s family has been paid millions from charities they control

Too Many Koons said...

James said...
"In the struggle for supremacy (rule) in the early stages of the Russian Communist Revolution, two Jewish parties stood out. The Bolsheviks ("majority") and Mensheviks ("Minority")."

I have noticed over the past several decades that the Mensheviks are being deliberately written out of history, especially in "documentaries". My opinion is that the (((Mensheviks))) were secret allies of the (((Bolsheviks))) and their supposed attempt to continue the war against Germany was to ensure (((Bolshevik))) success while killing white people at the Front. Never trust a Jew! Imagine fighting and dying for a Jew government, as Americans have done for over 100 years. Why did one single Russian trust either the Jew Mensheviks or Bolsheviks? Why not have a Russian Government instead - and save 60 million lives? The Bolshie murders of the Slavic Christian population were the gratitude shown by Jews for allowing them to live in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. With Jews, you lose.

If the Mensheviks were genuine, why did they not arrest and execute Lenin and his gang, who were allies of German Imperialism? Preferably at the border when the sealed train from Switzerland via Germany arrived at the Russian area of control. Lenin and his gang were all criminals and traitors and should have all been arrested in any case. Thus the Mensheviks were also traitors of the most sleazy and cunning kind.

Californian said...

The damage that these people do and the amount of innocent people that must suffer as a result of their virtue signalling campaigns means that there demise is a good thing for the survival of the White Race.

This is so.

This couple is from the same class which has opened the floodgates of third world invasion in Europe, attacked White rule in South Africa, looked the other way at Rotherham, and probably has cheered on the deplatforming of many Alt Right websites. They are effectively the foot soldiers of globalist hostile elites.

No sympathy for them. And perhaps their demise will be an abject lesson learned for other White people who have strayed into the delusion of egalitarianism.

Flanders said...

"Lost in hypocrisy: Greece’s lenders celebrate end of bailout programs"

"A historic day. The end of bailout program. The begin an new era. Lenders celebrate the “great news.”The Greek government cheers. Greece ‘s creditors and and the country’s government congratulate each other. Internationale media are in euphoria. A success story with happy end."
[Flanders] Along with others recited in the article there is this very "joyful", 'trust in me' comment from a twit below:

I have always fought for #Greece to remain at the heart of #Europe. With the conclusion of the stability support programme the Greek people begin a new chapter in their storied history. They will always find in me an ally, a partner and a friend.

— Jean-Claude Juncker (@JunckerEU) August 20, 2018
Are they serious? Really? They pushed Greece into the biggest recession since the WWII, threw millions of people into impoverishment, destroyed the largest parts of the middle class, demolished wages and ruined stable work, forced half a million Greeks to migration, shattered health services and implement a personal debt of more than 30,000 euros to every Greek aged 0-99 and beyond.

They ruined a whole generation of young Greeks who independently of their skills and education, they have to be satisfied with wage of 300-400 euros with part-time jobs in cafes and fast food businesses.

Young, Greek, Jobless

— Nicholas (@Nicholas___D) August 20, 2018

And of course, they skyrocketed Greece’s debt to 345 billion euro.

Are they serious? Is there any reason to celebrate?

I could have looked into my archives and in fact write a book about the Greek crisis. About those who lost their homes and ended on the streets, about the thousands who committed suicide who were cracked by pressure of the new situation, about all those businessmen who took their lives unable to cope with their skyrocketed debts, about all those, the silent ones, who isolated themselves socially unable to bear the loss of their dignity.

Do we, Greeks, have any reason to join the lenders’ cheers and festive mood?

I’m sorry. We don’t."

Flanders suggests reading all of it, the author's opinion is realistically heartfelt for his people.

James said...

Canadian parliament is full of cry babies. LOL.

Justine Castro used VIOLENCE of the worst kind. Savage elbow to the tit on some female politician.

Watch the video: LIBERAL SLAM 2018. No holds barred.

Flanders said...

I've seen some posts and videos recently which seem to be going fairly wild with speculation about the Defense Bill that Trump had just signed. I'll leave you a couple of the headlines about it without the links, since those seem to be screwy or do not know of what they speak. I'll leave another link to the only interpretation which makes sense and with value for us, and it was done far previous to those headline postings, so it's not out just for the fanfare ratings.

"Trump signs ARMAGEDDON $717bn defence policy bill into law - (Strong's concordance: 717 = Armageddon)"

"Trump Signs ARMAGEDDON Defense Policy 717 Billion Bill Into Law"

As I said, the one below is not based on those headlines, but it speaks on that very issue of Armageddon:

Interested in where this link leads? From the link below:

"by Pastor Mark Downey
1.Strong's Concordance #717"

"There are three views entertained by Christians as to who the Israel people of the Holy Bible are, namely: 1. the church, 2. the Jews, and 3. the Anglo Saxon and kindred people [Israel]. It behooves all serious inquiries to let the scriptures establish the answer....The third group claiming identity as Israel is the most controversial and has been forced to scholastically produce the evidence (it is not based on the say-so of their pastors).

Therefore, what sayeth God's Word? Jesus announced to the Jews (followers and leaders of the Babylonian Talmud), who had rejected Him in Matthew 21:43, that the Kingdom shall be taken from you (Jews) and given to a nation (Israel).
Let's untangle the confusion of the word-manipulators by reading Isaiah 65:15: And ye shall leave your name (Jew) for a curse (Revelation 2:9 the blasphemy of them [Pharisees] which say they are Jews [Judahites] and are not; as are today's Jews falsely claiming to be God's chosen) unto my chosen (Israelites): for the Lord God shall slay thee (the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.) and call His servants (Israel) by another name. And in Isaiah 62:2 the Gentiles (those Israelites dispersed from the Assyrian captivity and scattered abroad, James 1;1) shall see thy righteousness....and thou shalt be called a new name: which is Christian (Acts 11:26). In Hosea 1:10-11 Israel's identity is lost and found in divorcement with God and future restoration; we are the sons of the living God and we have been gathered together into Christian nations.
When a White man (Israelite) rejects the good news of his God given identity, he also rejects the blessings from the one and only true God."

Flanders said...

"The era of Jewish fake news is coming to an end, as people move on to alternative sources based on honest journalism. Not only do Jews admit to running the media, but any honest analysis of the Zionist lies and bias propagated by the likes of the BBC, CNN, Daily Mail, Guardian, New York Times, etc., confirms that the lamestream legacy media is run to further the Jewish supremacist anti-White agenda.
Fake news #3: "Six million" Jews were "exterminated" / "annihilated" / "genocided". a) There were 6 million Jews in 1869, 1889 and 1900, and there are (sadly) 15 million of the blighters today; genocide is what happens when the population goes down, not up, and "extermination" / "annihilation" is what happened to the dodo and the dinosaur. b) As the honest Jew Paul Eisen says about the alleged "genocide", "The trouble is, that the forensic, topographical, documentary, chemical, photographic etc. evidence, all contradict the narrative." c) The narrative is the only 'event' in history that needs to be propped up by jailing and fining those who question it, yet truth needs no laws to defend it. d) There is so much evidence that the "Holocaust" is a lie that there are doubts as to the sanity of those who still believe in it.
It is clear that Jews must be removed from all positions in the media, education, banking and government, since Jews only advance the Zionist Jewish supremacist agenda to the detriment of everyone else. The expulsions can be arranged later. There is no such thing as an "English" Jew, a "German" Jew, a "French" Jew, an "American" Jew, etc.. There are only Jews. And Jews are incompatible with a civilized society based on truth and reason."

Lemmyhead said...

Sometimes you're wending your merry way through another boring day wondering if you are completely insane or the world. Then you read Savant and his commentors and realise that there are a few sane people and the rest are the lunatics. You could, of course, argue that this minority are the loonies. Then you know the rest of the world is, in fact, insane when you read 'TRANSGENDER DYKE ( Female to male who cut off her tits, got pregnant and became the first "man" to have a baby: TWICE )'.

nilus said...

Monday 20th August 2018: UK TV J-WATCH:

E4 5pm (((The Goldbergs))) X 2
JEW Adam F Goldberg
JEW Jeff Garlin
JEW Sam Lerner
JEW George Segal
JEW Stephen Tobolowsky
JEW Dan Fogler
JEW Judd Hirsch
JEW David Katzenberg
JEW Dan Levy etc etc etc

ITV2 5.55pm 'Judge Rinder'
JEW FAGGOT Robert Rinder

SKY 1 6pm 'Futurama'
JEW David X Cohen
JEW Claudia Katz
JEW Katey Sagal
JEW David Herman, etc etc etc

SKY 1 6.30pm (((The Simpsteins)))
JEW James L Brooks
JEW Sam Simon
JEW David Silverman
JEW Mike Reiss
JEW Harry Shearer
JEW Julie Kavner
JEW Hank Azaria , etc etc etc

E4 8pm (((The Big Nose Theory))) X 2 created by
JEW Chuck Lorre aka Chaim Levine and
JEW Bill Prady, produced by
JEW Eric Kaplan, starring
JEW Simon Helberg
JEW Kevin Sussman
JEW Mayim Bialik
JEW Melissa Rauch
JEW DYKE Sara Gilbert
QUEER Jim Parsons

ITVbe 9pm 'The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' presented by

ITV2 9pm (((Family Guy)))
JEW Mila Kunis
JEW Seth Green
JEW Alex Borstein
JEW David Zuckerman
JEW Alec Sulkin
JEW David Goodman
JEW Kara Vallow
JEW Matt Weitzman
JEW Neil Goldman , etc etc etc etc

Channel 5 10pm 'Celebs On The Farm' presented by
FAGGOT Stephen Bailey, with
FAGGOT Louie Spence and
FAGGOT Bobby Norris

Channel 4 10pm 'Who Is America?'
JEW Sasha Baron Cohen peddles his lame schtick to
JEW Jill Stein, then it's all piss and shit and objects going into or out of anuses, including a baby doll. Produced / written by
JEW Dan Swimer
JEW Dan Mazer
JEW Nathan Fielder
JEW QUEER Matt Lucas
JEW Todd Schulman
JEW Andrew Newman
JEW Brian Reich
JEW Melanie Elin
JEW Scott Goldman
JEW Jonathan Levene
JEW Jeremy Cohen, etc etc etc etc

Channel 4 10pm 'Synagogglebox' with
JEW Leon Bernicoff and the
JEW Tapper family

BBC2 10.30pm
JEW Ian Katz's 'Jewsnight' presented by
JEW Emily Maitliss

BBC1 10.45pm 'Cuckoo' originally starring
JEW Andy Samberg, produced by
JEW Chris Sussman and
JEW? Dan Hine

Channel 4 11pm '8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown' produced by
JEW Richard Cohen, starring
JEW Rachel Riley

Channel 5 11.05pm 'Sleb Big Brother's Bit On The Side' presented by
FAGGOT Rylan Clark, produced by
JEW Rachel Rosen

BBC1 11.55pm 'The Celebrity Apprentice' X 2 with
JEW Joan Rivers (Molinsky) and
JEW Gilbert Gottfried

Spike 12.10am 'The X Files' starring
JEW David Duchovny

BBC2 12.15am 'Imagine' presented by
JEW Alan Yentob

ITV2 12.20am 'Plebs' starring
JEW Tom Rosenthal and
JEW David Schneider

BBC4 1am 'Jerusalem: The Making of a Holy City' presented by
JEW Simon Sebag Montefiore

ComCen 1am 'The Fresh Prince of Bell End' created by
JEW Andy Borowitz
JEW Susan Borowitz , etc etc

Gold 'The Young Ones' 2.25am
JEW Ben Elton
JEW Lise Mayer
JEW Alexei Sayle
JEW Ruby Wax
JEW FAGGOT Stephen Fry

nilus said...


Sunday Morning, BBC1: "Should straight actors be ALLOWED to play queers?"
(A herd of obese , gross dykes and scrawny faggots decide: NO)

Tuesday morning, ITV:
NEGRO Beverly Knight talks about her new role as White, early 20th century suffragette /proto-feminist Emeline Pankhurst, in which her speeches are turned into twerky raps and funky choons, and how STUPID it is that anyone would object to an AFRICAN NEGRO playing this historical WHITE, EUROPEAN figure.

Knegro Knight talks with glistening eyes of when she met Her Royal Brownness The First NEGRO Michelle Umbongo: "She's so Presidential..she's built for it..when she have to listen...I wish she would run for office..apparently she can heal the sick with just a gaze, and bring dead mice back to life with one of her rose-and-honeysuckle-scented farts"

Then it's over to NEGRO FAGGOT Andi Peters, scampering around on Bournemouth beach, offering the White People £20 notes.

Now here's NEGRO MP Spearchukka Umbongo saying (of the recent epidemic of vibrancy) that
"It's not just black kids killing black kids like some people think"

No, there are mulattos and pakis involved too. What's yer point,Sambo ?

Sunday Morning Live, BBC1:

"Should straight actors be ALLOWED to play queers?"
(A herd of obese , gross dykes and scrawny faggots decide: NO)

nilus said...

John Morlar over at Morgoth's Review said that this is the best summation of the JQ he's read:

Why do so many cultures think the Jewish people are nefarious?
Curt Doolittle
Curt Doolittle, The Propertarian Institute, Kiev, Ukraine
Answered Aug 19, 2018 ·
—-”Why does [insert group here] dislike Jews?”—-

(NOTE: Thanks for the Ask To Answer, although I suppose I prefer not to be an authority on this subject (jews as a hostile elite), just like I prefer not to be an authority on Race, but apparently people want scientific answers to questions of ethnic competition, and purely by accident I seem to have developed a specialization in these Taboos, so I get ‘the duty’ no one else wants.)

Historical Gossip of Justification, vs Historical Evidence of Incentives

Silly people talk about the six or seven usual *justifications*, all of which amount to claims of insubstantial difference, but as always people write justifications (fictions) rather than state the uncomfortable truth - which is always and everywhere, a matter of costs: normative, economic, cultural, institutional, political, and military.

nilus said...

Josh Cohen | (((The Guardian)))
Josh Cohen is a professor of modern literary theory at Goldsmiths, University of London, and a psychoanalyst in private practice. He is the author of many books, ...

Josh Cohen | Our Authors | Granta Books
Josh Cohen is Professor of Modern Literary Theory at Goldsmiths, University of London and a psychoanalyst in private practice. He is the author of books and ...

Interrupting Auschwitz
By: Josh Cohen

About Interrupting Auschwitz
Hitler, wrote (((Theodor Adorno))), imposed "a new categorical imperative on arrange thoughts and actions so that Auschwitz will not repeat itself." Interrupting Auschwitz argues that what gives this imperative its philosophical force and ethical urgency is the very impossibility of fulfilling it. But rather than being cause for despair, this failure offers a renewed conception of the tasks of thought and action. Precisely because the imperative cannot be fulfilled, it places thought in a state of perpetual incompletion, whereby our responsibility is never at an end and redemption is always interrupted. (((Josh Cohen))) argues that both (((Adorno)))'s own writings on art after Auschwitz and (((Emmanuel Levinas)))' interpretations of Judaism reveal both thinkers as impelled by this logic of interruption, by a passionate refusal to bring thought to a point of completion.

“"This is a singular book of enormous importance. Interrupting Auschwitz forges another way of thinking that is neither simple invention nor mere speculation. While there are many books that take the theme of Auschwitz, JEW Cohen's work transcends any easy identification with holocaust studies. He knows the difficulties and therefore follows exacting and complex thought with great rigour, insisting that Auschwitz is a key problem for how we think."--
JEW Andrew Benjamin, Monash University” –

“"JEW Cohen underscores the necessity to remember history and write literature, or make art that can face-up to the terrible past and provide moral principles that could assure that Auschwitz will never happen again. Simultaneously the author is acutely aware of the impossibility of doing so. Rather than adopting JEW Adorno's pessimism, JEW Cohen reasons that the impossibility of this assurance places ethical thought in a state of continuous, endless incompleteness. Thus, closure is impossible, redemption is unattainable and our responsibility never ends. ... Rather than being understood in terms of a will to finality, the redemption is interpreted as an 'interruptive' thought, a refusal to bring thought to any point of completion. Very creatively, JEW Cohen calls this ethical task 'interrupting' which signifies two distinct meanings, but both essential to our present-day thinking." -JEW C. Oscar Jacob, Janus Head, 7.1, 2004” –

nilus said...

A comment at (((The Guardian))) under the risible Ralph Little hagiography:

kariad dairak
"People such as Farage and Hunt need to be removed from all public discourse. The right-wing is not a counterpoint to the left, it is a toxic brand in its own right offering racism and all the resulting violence. Those who espouse it have absolutely nothing to offer this country."

Yes, wouldn't it be awful to have people advocating for political opponents to be "removed" , and any and all political opposition demonised and dismissed as "toxic" and having "nothing to offer". LOL

So what is it about (their notion of) "fascism" that they object to ?

Idiots. Dangerous fools. Do read the article. This utter PRICK stopped talking to his own mother when she voted to ditch the EU. He's a "lefty socialist" who drives round in a supercar.

nilus said...

Has England's Finest Shakespearian Thesp , Sir Leonard Of Henryshire got AIDS ? He's on The One Show being his usual hilarious but humble self and he looks like he's got The Gift.

I mean, I heard he'd lost an unsightly 30 stone but I assumed they meant
Dawn French

nilus said...

Democracy – The White Man’s Covenant with Death (1965)
"So we are still at a loss to explain the White retreat, and always will be at a loss to explain it if we look for the explanation among the non-Whites. No, only too obviously we are being defeated from within; by the High Finance which with the help of its running dogs, the Liberals, organises the systematic brain-dirtying of the Western voting masses and university students, and either appoints its own puppet politicians or exerts enormous pressure against the ‘unappointed’ ones. It is a vast power of hatred, destructiveness and megalomaniac ambition spreading among us, its victims, the seeds of despair, futility, disorientation and even acceptance. It is a new ‘religion’ (or perhaps a very ancient one); and the majority of us cannot fight it because we are weak in love and, owing to the censorship of other than Leftist views, even weaker in understanding. The result is that those few among us who can fight it and do fight it are instantly attacked, not even so much by the ‘Liberals’ themselves as by those of us who cannot and dare not fight it — by the Empty Men, the men of parrot mind and parrot conviction."

-A. Jacob in White Man, Think Again!
For if we cannot stand on our native soil and call it
our own, we shall not have anywhere to stand at all.

Unity, in any event, is strength only when it is based on enduring
family ties, on the unity of like peoples.

It is nothing short of lunacy, or Liberal unrealism, to attempt to weld
civilised white men and uncivilised black men into an enduring 'family unity'.

nilus said...

Hi Savant.....when's you and Morgoth getting together?

Did you listen to the recent one with the two Irish lads ? A few days ago.

nilus aka tony hayers

Jen said...

Talking about dodo's, here in South Africa the way too powerful trade unions are encouraging strikes in the face of government's proposed retrenchment of excess staff - which should be all of them, but they are looking at a target of 30% for the time being.

Eskom wants to put up electricity prices in the face of reduced demand and municipal theft. The municipalities blow the money paid over to them for electricity purchases so consumers want to deal directly with Eskom and not via the thieving municipalities - a demand which is denied - quite understandable from the ANC's goal of sending the country to hell.

It is the goal of the ANC government to keep the poor uneducated and dependent on cheap social grants instead of employment in any productive way. Most of the niggerboos pretending to study political science and law at the universities they regularly vandalise are illiterate so they can't even scrape their way through bullshit courses. The ANC wants to expropriate all property so a nigger bum can be thrown out of his shack if he complains about unemployment and starvation. Only the nigger women can claim grants for their bastard children, the bucks can't unless they are disabled or at pensionable age. So you have all this free floating testosterone waiting to be ignited and blow up the country. Their anger is directed at whites, but once the whites are all gone, they will turn on each other as tribes. This is the secret to keeping their numbers down. White people never got that black people need to exterminate each other to prevent them from becoming a scourge.

Gary Paul said...

Yes UN, just watch the change in attitude if and when the jigs go after the mines. Which they will once the food starts to run out. Several friends in the West have suggested to me that the jigs must surely realise that they cannot make a hand of the farms. I patiently point out that they do not look that far ahead. All they see is nice land, nice buildings, valuable machinery. And it's theirs! Now!

Gary Paul said...

That mudshark ( I doubt if she is one of 'them'. Marrying coons is for goyim) might be gushing right now but one day her pet monkey will hightail it and leave her to raise the picaninnies on her own. No white man would touch her after what she did.

nilus said...

BASTARDS. Has it ever been clearer that we live in K-KE WORLD ?

US deports former Nazi camp guard, 95, to Germany

NEW YORK (AP) — The last Nazi war crimes suspect facing deportation from the U.S. was taken from his New York City home and spirited early Tuesday morning to Germany, the White House said. The deportation of the 95-year-old former concentration camp guard, Jakiw Palij, came 25 years after investigators first confronted him about his World War II past and he admitted lying to get into the U.S., claiming he spent the war as a farmer and factory worker.
Palij lived quietly in the U.S. for years, as a draftsman and then as a retiree, until nearly three decades ago when investigators found his name on an old Nazi roster and a fellow former guard spilled the secret that he was "living somewhere in America."

Palij told Justice Department investigators who showed up at his door in 1993: "I would never have received my visa if I told the truth. Everyone lied."

A judge stripped Palij's citizenship in 2003 for "participation in acts against Jewish civilians" while an armed guard at the Trawniki camp in Nazi-occupied Poland and was ordered deported a year later.

But because Germany, Poland, Ukraine, and other countries refused to take him, he continued living in limbo in the two-story, red brick home in Queens he shared with his wife, Maria, now 86. His continued presence there outraged the Jewish community, attracting frequent protests over the years that featured such chants as "your neighbor is a Nazi!" ( ie "a German ie "a White person" )

According to the Justice Department, Palij served at Trawniki in 1943, the same year 6,000 prisoners in the camps and tens of thousands of other prisoners held in occupied Poland were rounded up and slaughtered. Palij has admitted serving in Trawniki but denied any involvement in war crimes.

Palij's deportation is the first for a Nazi war crimes suspect since Germany agreed in 2009 to take John Demjanjuk, a retired Ohio autoworker who was accused of serving as a Nazi guard. He was convicted in 2011 of being an accessory to more than 28,000 killings and died 10 months later, at age 91, with his appeal pending.

In reality, officials say, he played an essential role in the Nazi program to exterminate Jews in German-occupied Poland, as an armed guard at Trawniki. According to a Justice Department complaint, Palij served in a unit that "committed atrocities against Polish civilians and others" and then in the notorious SS Streibel Battalion, "a unit whose function was to round up and guard thousands of Polish civilian forced laborers."

nilus said...

'Tom Daley becoming the new face of Pampers is a baby step in the right direction for equality'
(to those unfamiliar, Pampers is the leading brand of nappies / diapers, and Tom Daley is a FAGGOT who has a Real Baby Toy with his arse-partner )

Ironically he or his butt-buddy may well end up having to wear nappies one day when the "old sphincter gives up"

'Sphincter' by the celebrated QUEER JEW PAEDOPHILE Allen Ginsberg

" I hope my good old asshole holds out
60 years it's been mostly OK
Tho in Bolivia a fissure operation
survived the altiplano hospital--
a little blood, no polyps, occasionally
a small hemorrhoid
active, eager, receptive to phallus
coke bottle, candle, carrot
banana & fingers--
Now AIDS makes it shy, but still
eager to serve--
out with the dumps, in with the condom'd
orgasmic friend--
still rubbery muscular,
unashamed wide open for joy
But another 20 years who knows,
old folks got troubles everywhere--
necks, prostates, stomachs, joints--
Hope the old hole stays young
till death, relax

Tony said...

Off topic:
Watch Frankie The Fraud make an upside down Satanic sign-of-the-cross starting at 43 seconds
Hidden in plain sight.

Gaslighters Inc said...

Blogger nilus said...
BASTARDS. Has it ever been clearer that we live in K-KE WORLD ?

US deports former Nazi camp guard, 95, to Germany

I wonder in the future how many warmongering kikes (and shabbos goys) in the US and UK will be rounded up in the twilight of their years and put on public trail for the trail of (real) slaughters, genocides, exterminations, tortures, imprisonments, mutilations, desecrations, religious wars of terror, illegal invasions, aiding and abetting and giving sustenance to terrorists, crimes against children, crimes against Humanity, acts of war against sovereign states and against innocent civilians, economic warfare etc.

We can only live in hope that one day all of their "humanitarian" statutes which are such a farce today will be brought to bear in full force against them with no lenience or mercy shown.

Anonymous said...

Jen of South Africa: We all know what went wrong in South Africa: The fatal mistake of Whites bringing education to Blacks to make them functional as servants and cheap labour and so empowering them!
Nazis had the right approach: They were conquering living space in the slavic lands, mostly in Russia, but had no intention of educating those primitive slavic masses. Education should be a privilege for only White people!

Johnzoid said...

Cyclists are wankers . FACTOID.

Bloody Bolsheviks said...

More bolsheviks doing what bolsheviks do
They're rather good at it
bloody bolsheviks

Kilbarry1 said...

I took a more "compassionate" view on Twitter. I wrote:
"They had the courage of their (mistaken) convictions. Many people today refuse to recognise the existence of personal evil & blame society (Church & State) for all wrongs. Unlike the murdered two, these take no risks but instead created the Victm/Compensation industry."

However my "compassion" is rapidly diminishing. I have an article (on my blog IrishSalem dot Blogspot dot com) regarding the Irish Sisters of Mercy called "The Apologies of the Sisters of Mercy - and the Visit of Pope Francis to Ireland". I originally intended to call it The Decadence of the Sisters of Mercy.... but compromised for now. The leaders of the nuns threw their own innocent colleagues to the wolves in an effort to "heal the pain" of sociopathic false accusers. It is small consolation that the sociopaths refused the sacrifice and turned on the current leaders anyway!!

Too Many Koons said...

This quote is from 2014, I am not up to date but presume Google still owns Blogger.

"The Ugly
Ran By Google, Owned By Google

Now for the biggest downside of all. All Blogger sites are on Google servers and not something that can be self-hosted. As that is the case, (((Google))) has the final say and overall control over your blog. What does that mean?

It means that they can flip the switch on your blog at any moment with no warning whatsoever. The blog you build on Blogger will never really be yours, and that lack of ownership is perhaps the biggest reason why to not use the platform."

Sav, I hope you have backed up all your posts and comments with say 3 separate copies on different media. Then if Google pulls the pin you can start afresh and reload all the old posts you like.

Genuine truthers are being taken down and annihilated by WordPress. False Messiahs and shysters are allowed to run free all over the Net and Jewtube aka (((Spewtube))). As this site is genuine and names the Jew, "Warning, Warning, Danger, Will Robinson!"

Brother Nathanael is proposing an alternative Jew free Net.
"BrotherNet Is A Comprehensive Solution
To Jew Censorship
*Rolling back the oppression of free speech and free commerce on the internet by Jewry*"

Pom Z said...

Who owns this uber lefty do-gooder and now controversial 'charity' Oxfam?
Were they aware of this multi millionaire's will before he was killed?

I smell a rat

heuristic said...

Alibaba is the holding company that owns both J|oogle and Jootube.

James said...

Justin Castro-Trudeau wants to massively increase immigration.

Do you think the opposition party will try to stop that?

James said...

Anonymous Gary Paul said...
Yes UN, just watch the change in attitude if and when the jigs go after the mines. Which they will once the food starts to run out. Several friends in the West have suggested to me that the jigs must surely realise that they cannot make a hand of the farms. I patiently point out that they do not look that far ahead. All they see is nice land, nice buildings, valuable machinery. And it's theirs! Now!

At the moment they are only taking farmland in excess of 25,000 acres.
Nobody needs more than 25,000 acres do they?

James said...

White people never got that black people need to exterminate each other to prevent them from becoming a scourge.

They need to eat each other too. Back in the good old days they had lots of fun with that. It stops them eating so many animals too.

James said...

Please swarm this site - correct the record

Faith Goldy is running for mayor of Toronto.

This blogger says she is "politically toxic" (even though she leads the polls) due to her concerns about white genocide, which this blogger says is a myth.

Please go here and leave a comment telling him white genocide is real, and the Kalergi Plan is real.

James said...

If the Mensheviks were genuine, why did they not arrest and execute Lenin and his gang, who were allies of German Imperialism?

The Mensheviks were probably worse than the Bolsehviks; Talmudists to the core. I'm not sure what you mean by "genuine" but nobody is suggesting that they would have been pro-white in any way whatsoever.

James said...

Bolsheviks and Mensheviks were the two main Jewish parties. There were other parties but they seemed to believe that violence never solves any problems so they became the problems and got solved.

James said...

If the Mensheviks were genuine, why did they not arrest and execute Lenin and his gang?

They weren't the government.
The B's took over using extreme violence, not by winning elections.

Flanders said...

A Liberal Carried an American Flag to Protest "Fascism" in Portland. Antifa Cracked His Head Open With a Bat.

"Masked Antifa agitators told Welch, a Hillary voter, to hand over the flag. He resisted. They attacked.

The concussion landed him in the hospital for two days.".

Shannon said...

Very short videos and to the point

Putin; 80-85% Bolsheviks Revolution were Jews.

Russians who fought with National Socialist Germany against the Bolsheviks

Shannon said...

The B's took over using extreme violence, not by winning elections.

And also spent a majority of their donations (from rich elitist) on propaganda before they got killing.

Anonymous said...

Scroll down to entry #2 South Africa. How naive, stupid and self-loathing can you be? White South African private security save the girl from being gang raped and both of them butchered in the most hideous way and all this cluck can imply is that his saviors are racist.

Gaslighters Inc said...

Anonymous Shannon said...
The B's took over using extreme violence, not by winning elections.

And also spent a majority of their donations (from rich elitist) on propaganda before they got killing.

22 August 2018 at 00:23

And now they do it by winning elections that they've gamed in their favour. A bit like smallpox among the natives we thought we had it all worked out until they came along waving the "wev are your friends" flag.

nilus said...

Special K : The Hell That Is Breakfast Telly

BBC charisma-free droids....beep..beep...let us banter: "Did you say you loved Ireland?" "No I said did you see Love Island?" beep beep "great banter" "indeed" "yes" "now here's a female with the sport"

BBC2 A program all about that traditional and 100% WHITE ENGLISH annual cheese-rolling event....presented of course by a CURRY/PAKI male.

ITV: FAGGOT: "Will Idris Elba be the next James Bond?"
Blonde Moron: "I think James Bond should be a girl"
Blonde Moron 2: " No, he should be a man. A black man"
"Did you see Love Island" "OMG of course" "Hashtag me too"
"Hunky guys" "Yes, we all like sexy hunks" "In trunks" "OMG"
"Did you say 'with trunks?' " "No I said I love Ireland" "OMGEE"

back to COMMUNIST HQ: (BHEEB 1) : OH MY GOD: It turns out that some (most) private landlords refuse to consider DHSS tenants.


A Strong Womman says "It used to be 'NO BLACKS NO IRISH NO DOGS', now it's 'NO DSS'.
Then a five -minute FEMINIST history propaganda piece about WYMMINZ RIGHTS and EMMELINE PANKHURST and SYLVIA PANKHURST and SUFFRAGETTES and WYMMINS RITES in relation to housing. They are seriously talking about making it ILLEGAL TO NOT LET YOUR PROPERTY TO DOLE SCRATTERS
(People who tend to cause twice the usual wear and tear, people who can be nuisances to other (working) tenants by living nocturnally, people who are likely to struggle with bills and rent , etc.......)

Back to ITV...a fawning "interview" promo with a NEGRO actor ( Denzil Washington's son ) who stars in RACIST NEGRO Spike Lee's latest "joint" as a NEGRO COP who infiltrated the EVIL WHITE-SUPREMACISS KKK, complete with mention of David Duke....

then , how NEGRO Meghan Markle stays in shape !!!

then another FAGGOT talks to JEW Claudia Winkleman

Now here's NEGRO FAGGOT Andi Peters....

On 5..'The Shite Stuff' : "Can normal actors play degenerate faggot perverts?"
Panel is NEGRO actor promoting an ALL NEGRO movie. ( It's 'The Purge: NEGRO VERSION', in which for one night every year, niggers stop killing, raping and stabbing people)
Plus arrogant CURRY Nihal, and a Dumb Blonde Bitch.

BBC2 : 'Vagenda Derbyshite' More fucking NEGROS Typically quimpathetic report about Sudanese black bastards attempting to break into our fucking country for the gibs and da White Gal pussy

TV: Jeremy Kyle exhibits White AND ONLY WHITE ENGLISH Untermensch,
the unfortunate genetic garbage of a garbage culture ,for sadistic pleasure

On Channel 4 is 'Everybody Except Raymond Is A Jew' created by
JEW Philip Rosenthal, starring
JEW Monica Horan (Rosenthal)
JEW Brad Garrett (Gerstenfeld)
JEW Doris Roberts (Green) directed/written/produced by
JEW Kenneth Shapiro
JEW Steve Zuckerman
JEW Jeff Meyer
JEW Jeff Melman
JEW Ken Levine
JEW Alan Kerschenbaum
JEW Micheal Zinberg
JEW Paul Lazarus
JEW Jerry Zaks
JEW Lew Schneider
JEW Aaron Shure
JEW Bruce Kirschbaum
JEW Stephen Nathan
JEW Jason Gelles
JEW Joe Rubin
JEW Eric Cohen
JEW Micheal Feldman
JEW Ellen Halpin
JEW Jay Kogen
JEW Ken Ornstein
JEW Mark Greenberg, and many many more...

nilus said...

Bicycle Race-Blind "There's only one race, the bicycle race"
(face the) music and (last) words by
J. Austin and L. Geoghegan

I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like

You stay back if you're White
My bark's worse than my bite
You say mudshark : hating
Jews was never my scene
And I don't like Race Wars

You say Reich I say Rice
and abortion's a 'choice'
My Lord's gay, I hate Christ
I won't be reading Phil Rushton
Duke, K-Mac or Covington

All I wanna do is
Bi-Polar, bi-sexual bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to wear wrist icicle
I want to ride dik bike

More dark-skinned races are coming your way
So forget a White future oh yeah
Fat-bottomed g'rillas be twerking away
So make room for those booties oh yeah
Read your Marx, get set go !

Bicycle race bicycle race
Sickle-Cell Race
BiPolar bi-sexual bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle bicycle
(I want a) one human race !

Wagner, Thomas Paine
I prefer Lil' Wayne
Top Dog? I say Cat Lady
I don't want Trump to be the President of America

I love gubberment cheese
Get a job? , nigger please
Im Egyptian Black Jesus
I don't wanna be a Caucasian
Black Lives Matter more than them
'Cause all I want to do is

Bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle, bicycle (c'mon), bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like

Adrian O'D. said...

With you on that Kilbarry. The attack on Catholic institutions is just using the suffering of the victims to damage White Christian people. ANd those in authority in the Church are doing the most damage.

James said...

ANd those in authority in the Church are doing the most damage.

Leo Zagami recently stated that there are more Satanists in the RCC than in the Church of Satan itself!

James said...

And now they do it by winning elections that they've gamed in their favour. A bit like smallpox among the natives we thought we had it all worked out until they came along waving the "wev are your friends" flag.

Jim Stone has a leaked series of communications from DNC people which say Hillary was actually fake in the first debate (and probably the rest as well).

One of the DNCers was amazed at how good she looked and the other said don't ask how it was done.

AI can replace faces quite effectively now, if that's how they did it.

Kilbarry1 said...

To Adrian O'D
Originally the male leaders of Catholic Church defended themselves against false allegations - I recall at least two successful libel suits in 1990s (against the UK Guardian and TV3). Also Christian Brothers took a case to Supreme Court to prevent DECEASED Brothers being officially labelled as paedophiles by the Ryan Commission.

BUT from the beginning, female religious grovelled and insisted on treating every allegation as true. Even if it was demonstrably false the nuns took the view that the fake "victims" must have been badly treated by the Patriarchy to make them say such things!

The other issue is that even secular intellectuals who eventually came to realise the thuggery and nihilism of our present rulers, spent too much time attacking the declining Church. People like Kevin Myers used to say that modern "liberal" journalists have taken over the oppressive role formerly played by the Catholic Church. Well Myers knows the difference now! Google "Kevin Myers and the Age of De Valera and McQuaid".

By the time some of these secular ones realised their mistake, the influence of the Bishops was zero and they themselves stand alone in a moral wasteland they helped to create!

c said...

we should encourage social justice warriors to go to ISIS occupied lands or to Detroit or Chicago or toher such vibrant city and " prove " to us that if we are nice to barbarians they will magically stop being barbarians.( yeah right )

we should encourage tens of thousands of liberal social justice warriors to do that

the more of them go there and die, the less of those freakin stupid people we have to deal with.

That way we can keep our hands clean, and even our conscience will be clean.