Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Burning Down the House

It was late 1943 and Churchill was pissed off. The Yanks had nixed his pet project Operation Thunderclap, the one that aimed to kill 275,000 Berliners in one single 2,000-plane raid. As a consolation he asked Roosevelt for a supply of anthrax bombs that would be used to wipe out the population of Germany's six biggest cities. Again Roosevelt demurred. But he offered a glittering alternative: The Dugway villages.

Excerpt: Dugway was a high-security testing facility for chemical and biological weapons. The purpose of the replicas of German homes, which were repeatedly rebuilt after being intentionally burned down, was to perfect tactics in the fire bombing of German residential areas. In order to build a facility that was an authentic reproduction, studies were conducted to determine which materials and furnishings available in the U.S would closely match those in use in Germany. A group of German-American architects including prominent Jewish architects Eric Mendelsohn and Konrad Wachsmann, were employed to design the facility. To ensure that the fires spread as realistically as possible, typical German home-interiors were included, and the wood was periodically doused to simulate conditions in the more humid German climate.

Churchill was delighted as was his Chief Scientific Adviser Frederick Lindemann. A German Jew described by Anthony Eden as 'bad, and quite possibly mad' his main purpose in life according to a colleague was 'to destroy every building in Germany, ideally burying his erstwhile fellow citizens under the rubble'. Lindeman insisted that "the bombing must be directed essentially against working-class houses. Middle-class houses have too much space around them, and so are bound to waste bombs."  Nice chap.

According to the official document no effort was spared. The "German" architects used their knowledge of their former country to design the buildings and contents in such detail that even children's toys were included.  The houses had to be built, burnt, built and burnt, again and again. Oy vey, the frustration! But it was vital that kids not escape lest they grow up to be Nazis. At last the happy day arrived and the go-ahead was given to drop the bombs on the by now virtually undefended cities. The net result was that within a year more than 40% of German housing stock had been destroyed and up to half a million defenceless men, women and children slaughtered.

Can you just imagine going to work in that facility? You asked yourself practical questions like 'how do we get the fire to spread spread quickly enough so that a mother doesn't have time to reach her baby in the cot?' Can such people be truly human or were they some form of demon from another universe? Either way they all went on to enjoy fame and fortune. And why not, were they not the Good Guys? Meanwhile the Bad Guys such as Julius Streicher was hanged after the war, essentially for saying nasty things about the Jews.

And people still say the truth always comes out....

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luke2236 said...

As Jesus said, "Of their father the devil"...

wilmo said...

The spawn of Satan. Literally.

Anonymous said...

You bring up Streicher. He has to be the most bone-chilling example of what people on the Alt-Right are potentially getting themselves in for. Words. Mere words. And you get executed for "incitement". It was so bad for Streicher that none of the other Nuremberg defendants would have anything to do with him. They all knew that it wasnt a war crimes tribunal but a "bury anti-semitism for good" tribunal and that their only chance of beating the hangman was to say they were just being soldiers, following orders, etc. What you describe in this article sounds like a deliberate Holocaust of Germans.
Nuremberg was also meant to be a Holocaust in the sense of the last instance of capital punishment in the history of the world (which would then presumably enter its tikkun olam phase of contraception, abortion, doctor-administered death, sodomy and porn). Since your Irish you'll "enjoy" this story about the Pope told in the June 2017 issue of Culture Wars: "The death penalty, he told Sergio

Rubin in El Jesuita, must be rejected. Unless, of course,

we are talking about a situation when the lives of Nazis

are at stake, as they were at the Nuremberg Trials. In

this instance, the death penalty was justified because

“it was the law at the time and it was the atonement

that society demanded in accordance with the prevail-
ing law.”11

Henry said...

There is no evidence that Lindemann was a Jew. His father was German, his mother American. Of course it is possible that he was Jewish but the Nazis were well aware of his antecedents, his activities, and his influence over Churchill, yet THEY never laid the 'Jewish' accusation at his door.

Unless his American mother was a Jew, he was a severe case of the self-hating German. Something that's currently all the rage amongst Germans, today.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating read about Philip Johnson Amercan architect


Ian said...

There were "prominent Jewish architects" ? I have been led to believe that Jews were and are rather underrepresented in architecture and engineering. Have I been had ?

Anonymous said...

All of this was a war crime. It is illegal to intentionally target civilians. Bomber Harris and Spaatz and Churchill should have been in the dock at Nuremberg. The Soviet killers of Polish civilians also should have been in the dock, instead of sitting on the judges bench.

Anonymous said...

The main news story today is Trump is planning retaliation against Assad for a "secret" plan to gas his own people.

Could be the kikes jawboning to increase oil prices. That could have been the purpose of the last retaliation against Assad for gassing children for fun.

I guess the point is that the main adversary of fake news(Donald Trump) is in fact a main promoter of fake news.

You can find this everywhere, across all ideologies.

They are all fake.

Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

JK smaller said...

How many german civilians were killed during the war.was it 6oo,000 or 1 million.

Flanders said...

"The nation of nearly three million people is one of Europe’s poorest countries, with high unemployment and poverty rates forcing more than a million people to emigrate mostly to EU countries."

"Soros on path to win Albania’s elections"


Flanders said...

There is no doubt about what is being said by Jon Rappoport holds truths which are observable, and finally, is something holding good news for us. Be sure to read this article all the way through.

"Elite TV news anchors are gone: hypnotic effect crumbling"

"Elite television news anchors are absolutely essential to the hypnotic delivery of fake news. They have always been a mainstay of the mind control operation.

From the early days of television, there has been a parade of anchors/actors with know-how—the right intonation, the right edge of authority, the parental feel, the ability to execute seamless blends from one piece of deception to the next:"


Rob said...

Aren't you glad Churchill and company made Europe safe for Africans?

JK smaller said...

Where is my comment

James said...

CNN "faced" a $100 million lawsuit for "poorly reported" story about Trump and Russia.

That's how the NY Post spins it.

How about: CNN caught lying about the president - escapes unscathed by blaming fall guys.


Captain John Charity Spring MA said...

Julius Streicher was almost certainly illegally executed. He was killed for cartoons.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Eden was bad enough.

Celtic Morning said...

Slowly the people learn the facts and realise the truth is not as they were taught, their leaders were not the heroes they were led to believe. Slowly at first. But the pace of revelation is increasing daily as many more people are shown where they are being led. But there is not much time left and the mass of the people must accept that drastic actionwill soon be needed. Nothing will happen without true inspirational leaders. Are there any in sight? I cant see any.They need to appear PDQ

saj said...

Ah yes, the "free" West had to crush the "evil" Nazis. We were so easy to dupe! In reality, we, the slaves of the International Jewish Central Banking Cartel, were being used to crush the only White tribe that had been raised up by Nazis to free themselves from the Jewish yoke.

At the same time, were we ever told by our "heroic" bought and paid for leaders what awaited us lest the Jewish Bolshevik regime steamrolled over the rest of Europe? No. That is only really coming to light now. Below is but one example of how the Jewish regime seeks to reduce all others to a state of animal existence through sadism and horror (if you can read it through):

After thirteen hours of continuous torment, the victims were allowed to sleep only in a prescribed position that was, perhaps, more cruel than the others. Stretched on his back, face up, his body out straight, with his hands above the blanket covering his body to his chest, the student was not permitted to alter that sleeping position in any way. At his feet, with a bludgeon in his hands, stood watch a student guard; who in turn was tormented by lack of sleep and therefore the more antagonized by any resistance of his charge.

To whom does it not happen while sleeping, involuntarily, to turn on one side, or to raise his knees? A blow on the ankle-bone given with the full force of the arm brought the one who had moved again into the "correct" position. The watcher was obliged to strike a strong blow because he feared not only the "unmasking committee", but also the one whom he was watching. I do not mean that the recipient of the blow would request that he be struck a strong blow, but the watcher himself was apprehensive of being punished, should he show any pity. For when once a man's resistance was broken, he began to talk about "everything," and if the watcher did not strike him hard enough, he in the course of his "unmasking" would tell that on such and such an
occasion he had been let off lightly by his watcher, who must therefore be a former friend, and must either have made an incomplete "unmasking" or had a recurrence of bourgeois thoughts and prejudices. Thus it often happened that watchers were forced back into the routine of "unmasking" for a second time, merely because someone denounced them for not having struck him hard enough during the "sleeping discipline"!

Excerpt from "The Anti-Humans", or what the Jewish Bolsheviks did to Romanian patriots (students in Romania were very patriotic and were mercilessly targetted).


eleos said...

Jews are underrepresented in architecture and engineering. There are always exceptions.

Mr White said...

Whites Should Reject the False Idea That Hitler and National Socialism Were “Evil”

When it is pointed out that war was forced on Hitler and he was defending White people and White interests, they try to deny this very real truth and revert to universalist clichés — and usually spout off with the expected anti-White bromides along with the anti-Hitler and anti-Nazi nonsense that has been force-fed them for years. In reality, if you are against what Hitler and the National Socialists really stood for, then you are against Whites — and you are against our survival, expansion, and evolution along a White trajectory. Or, put more simply, you are against Whites and your own best interests. And, if you are against Whites and your own best interests one has to ask: Are you are just stupid — or a neurotic self-hater?


SAVANT said...

Henry, the Oxford Chabad Society claim Lindemann as one of their own. http://www.oxfordchabad.org/templates/articlecco_cdo/aid/457389/jewish/Oxford-Jewish-Personalities.htm

Joe Splunge said...

Goering--I think it was---apparently said at Nuremberg that had the war gone the other way Churchill and all the rest of them would have been the ones in the dock. Just about summed it up,think ye?

Mr White said...

“I don’t like standing near the edge of a platform when an express train is passing through. I like to stand right back and if possible get a pillar between me and the train. I don’t like to stand by the side of a ship and look down into the water. A second’s action would end everything. A few drops of desperation.” – Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

In 2006, a British mental health charity defended a statue it commissioned of Churchill in a straitjacket, after the statue sparked a public outcry.

Churchill’s favorite drink was whisky and soda, starting soon after breakfast. He is on record as having once drunk 11 of these during a single meal. When Churchill traveled to the US during Prohibition, he obtained a doctor’s note to certify that regular consumption of alcoholic spirits was necessary to his health. Churchill’s heavy drinking was no secret and even President Roosevelt complained Sir Winston was drunk half the time. Many could conclude this was alcoholism and another connection between Winston Churchill and manic depression.


Bipolar people are alright at a safe distance I suppose, but are a total nightmare when they have any sort of power.
The British people say good old Winnie.... When instead they should be saying Winston was a drunken c*** who belonged in a mental institution.

Henry said...

Sav, yes I was aware of that before I posted. They also claim six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis but there's no evidence for that either, and that Denis Avey broke into Auschwitz when everyone else was trying to break out. lol

See here: http://www.oxfordchabad.org/multimedia/media_cdo/aid/1945196/jewish/The-Man-Who-Broke-into-Auschwitz.htm

The Jews behind Lindermann are interesting, as they were the ones who came up with the idea of mass murdering German civilians and provided Lindermann with the data that he used to convince Churchill to put their ideas into practice.

The leading force in this was Solly Zuckerman (later Lord Zuckerman) who, between 1934 and 1945, was 'Demonstrator and Lecturer in Human Anatomy' at Oxford. I notice the Oxford Chabad Society does not list Zuckerman in their list of Oxford Jews. Do you suppose this means he (Zuckerman) wasn't Jewish....

Six Million Dollar Man said...

Captain John Charity Spring MA said...

Julius Streicher was almost certainly illegally executed. He was killed for cartoons.
William Joyce who was born in New York and moved to Ireland (Co. Mayo) was also most certainly illegally executed. (And to have the lying mass murdering Judeo-Bolsheviks not put on trial and their mass murdering regime given Lend Lease and allowed to murder tens of millions more is beyond comprehension, to the awake and aware)

“In death as in life, I defy the Jews who caused this last war,
and I defy the powers of darkness they represent. I warn the British people against
the crushing imperialism of the Soviet Union. May Britain be great once again and in
the hour of the greatest danger in the West may the standard be raised from the dust,
crowned with the words — you have conquered nevertheless. I am proud to die for my
ideals and I am sorry for the sons of Britain who have died without knowing why.”
William Joyce (Twilight Over England)

Anonymous said...

 JK smaller said...

Where is my comment

It's over there JK where you left it

Anonymous said...

The grotesque and evil fire bombing of Dresden was the equivalent of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima but Dresden is forgotten.

Rob said...

Who knows but our cucked-to-the-marrow rulers may yet be egged on into a war with Putin. After all, it's going on three quarters of a century since Europeans slaughtered each other by the million. And the people need something to distract their attention from the fact that our navies are colluding in the invasion of our countries.

Anonymous said...

A Tory MP has revealed swastikas were daubed on her posters and people were urged to "stab" her during the General Election.
She suggested "good people" may be put off standing for election to Parliament unless action is taken.

During Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday, Ms Murray said: "Over the past months I've had swastikas carved into posters, social media posts like 'burn the witch' and 'stab the c'.

"People put Labour Party posters on my home, photographed them and pushed them through my letter box. And someone even urinated on my office door."

During the General Election campaign, Ms Murray asked an aide to call police after being heckled at a hustings event.
The Conservative MP was booed after telling an audience she was "really pleased" there were food banks in her constituency.


A month is a long time in politics especially at election time - Diary of a British MP

Anonymous said...

Radio Reel (audio) shows raids between 13 and 15 February 1945, 722 heavy bombers of the British Royal Air Force (RAF) and 527 of the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) dropped more than 3,900 tons of high-explosive bombs and incendiary devices on the city.

2 minute video
Massacre of Dresden Radio Reel
The Impartial Truth 

Anonymous said...

What's the whitest possible ethnicity?

Frightened Irishmen.

Kevin Alfred Strom

Franz said...

"...Churchill was delighted as was his Chief Scientific Adviser Frederick Lindemann. A German Jew described by Anthony Eden as 'bad, and quite possibly mad' his main purpose in life according to a colleague was 'to destroy every building in Germany, ideally burying his erstwhile fellow citizens under the rubble'. Lindeman insisted that "the bombing must be directed essentially against working-class houses. Middle-class houses have too much space around them, and so are bound to waste bombs." Nice chap.

Winnie and Lindemann were just men ahead of their time.

The gun-show favorite of the 1990s was Tom Chittum's book, Civil War II. Chittum's book made the point (over and over again) that the elites are driven by a total hate for the White Working Class.

It makes a quick, odd read now:


The above download is the "gun show" edition, exactly as we saw it a quarter century or so back. A bit archaic, maybe ("The League of the South" was still known as the "Southern League", and so on).

But ignore the book's age... look how well what it describes dovetails with the Churchill/Lindemann plan against the whites workers of Germany.

After all, white working class families are most likely to do the dirty, productive work of the nation and raise stable and disciplined families. Chittum makes point after point how much the elites hate them more than anything else.

(And how GOOD elite propaganda really is: The boomers, the most downsized generation in history with a minimum of 10 million repossessed homes is considered guilty of "white skin privilege" by our college trained nongs.)

Germany in the 40s was what industrial engineers call the "proof of concept test run". They got away with it. Now they know for sure other white men will sit on their hands or even join in. Now they know they can do it anywhere. And they are, aren't they?

Kevin Rafferty said...

Off topic but....wife watching some trashy series called Riviera. Beautiful blonde millionaire's wife at a Sotheby's auction. Who does she have a one night stand with? Yes, a black guy. Does it EVER fucking stop?

Anonymous said...

Churchill and company had nothing on Curtis LeMay. The Tokyo bombing exceeded Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As he himself said, he would have been tried for war crimes if we had lost. Truman didn't really decide to drop the atomic bomb. He wasn't in a position to say no. And he was barely notified about the second one. The military was prepared to drop one every ten days as they came off the assembly line. But to his credit, Truman put his foot down, realizing that the world was already traumatized.

LeMay came back for another crack at the world during the Cuban missile crisis but, luckily, was shouted down.

Anonymous said...

Avowed homosexual Douglas Murray on PBS talking about his new book "The Strange Death of Europe." Hostile interview by Robert Segal who announced himself a Jew (as if we didn't know!) and pointed out the uncomfortable similarities in the things Murray is saying about ragheads and what used to be said about kikes. No similarity says the butt pirate. The mean things said about the Jews were all lies and anyway there are a lot more camel jockeys. Sounds kind of intolerant, says Segal. The salami smuggler says he won't be tolerant of people who want to put him in prison.

Vercingetorix said...

Re Douglas Murray and Segal. You can see here why the jews instinctively identify with the Muslims and go out of their way to defend them. And to invite them into OUR countries, but curiously enough not their own.

Anonymous said...

Local scandal here about Orthodox Jews fraudulently claiming welfare benefits. A rabbi nabbed among them. One trick I heard they use is for the women to claim they don't know who the father is. Since they don't respect the state, it doesn't matter to them that their kids are bastards according to public records.

Strangely similar to their supposed opposites. the ragheads who consider welfare and welfare fraud as the legitimate tribute they should receive in Dar Al-Harb.

Anonymous said...

Of course, the thing about the merciless bombing of our enemies in WWII is: what would have been the alternative? Slugging it out with the super-competent German armies and the fanatical Japanese? As it was, the US lost 400,000 in deployment and battle. We would have missed our dads in all those golden summers on the beach.

Anonymous said...

What's with all the religious fanatics on here. If I want that I can just go downtoen and listen to the black street preacher. A nice guy, more entertaining and, when he gets into it, does an actual jig.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame the Israelis for keeping migrants out of their country although there are groups there that want to bring them in. It's just a little country and they can't even afford to bring back their own refugees, let alone former hunter-gatherers from Africa. Why, that would be as crazy as flooding Ireland with third world trash.

Uncle Nasty said...

Burning down the house, indeed.


I honestly thought I was reading some sort of sick parody, but no. Please read and prepare to be astounded. Not at what's happening, but at some of the admissions of failure.

Swedish Civil War – Catastrophe Engulfing Europe Due To Multi-Culturalism

Despite censorship and information control across the European Union news from the Geller Report that the National Police Chief of Sweden, Dan Eliasson, is pleading for help to deal with the outbreak of violent civil unrest comes as no surprise to Sweden watchers and journalists from the free media.

What does come as a surprise is its severity as illustrated by Mr. Elliasson when he warned that Swedish police forces can no longer uphold the law and pleaded with all good forces in the country to support them. It is even suggested that outside forces may be required such is the Swedish authorities inability to cope with the insurrection.

The desperate situation is further emphasized by Johan Patrik Engellau, a research expert regarding destabilized countries who is quoted as saying “I’m afraid it is the end for the well-organized, decent and egalitarian Sweden we have known up to now. Personally, I would not be surprised if a form of civil war occurs. In some places, the civil war has probably already begun”. In other words Sweden is finished.

As Solzhenitsyn said:

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?... The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If...if...We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

Could it be -- is it too much to hope? -- that this ...


Is closer than we think? After all what does this mean?: "It is even suggested that outside forces may be required such is the Swedish authorities inability to cope with the insurrection.

Berlin 1919? After all, Sweden's citizenry is a very well-armed citizenry. Time to break out those gorgeous M96 Swedish Mausers ... again.


Anonymous said...

"Unless his American mother was a Jew"

his mother Olga Noble was married to a wealthy banker with the surname of Davidson. You couldn't make it up.

Bevois [0-0-0]

Anonymous said...


I got a load of stick from the cryptos on here for saying the Norman invasion was financed by the Jews but this kosher link states that there weren't any Jews living in England apart from one before the Norman invasion.

Bevois [0-0-0]

Cognitive Dissonance said...

Good point Bevois.

Cognitive Dissonance said...

That black street preacher does an actual jig or IS an actual jig?.

Cassius said...

One alternative to 'slugging it out with the super-competent German armies and the fanatical Japanese' would have been not insisting on unconditional surrender. Another one of course would have lay in not dancing to the jews' tune and stayed out of the war. That would also have saved Rooseveld the bother of enabling the Pearl Harbor attack.

Anonymous said...

The cryptos on here will say that this is just a coincidence but for those who can connect the dots...

"According to an old chronicle, a great auto da fé of the Dresden Jews took place on Shrove Tuesday, 1349 ("Chron. Parvum Dresdense," in Menken's "Script. Rer. Germ." ii. 332). It is possible that this was connected with the Black Death, although Dresden was but slightly attacked by the plague."

"Since the facts of the combined USAF and RAF raids on Dresden became known, mostly through the novel 'Slaughterhouse Five' by Kurt Vonnegut, there has been great controversy as to why this appalling raid was considered necessary.
The city had no military targets to speak of, and it was known that it was packed with civilian refugees from the east. Here is an eye-witness account.... I remember celebrating Shrove Tuesday (February 13th) together with other children, The activities of the war in the east came nearer and nearer. Lots of soldiers went east and lots of refugees went west through our town or stayed there, also in the air raid night February13th/14th.
About 9:30 PM the alarm was given. We children knew that sound and got up and dressed quickly, to hurry downstairs into our cellar which we used as an air raid shelter. My older sister and I carried my baby twin sisters, my mother carried a little suitcase and the bottles with milk for our babies. On the radio we heard with great horror the news: "Attention, a great air raid will come over our town!" This news I will never forget.

I have not checked this for myself but I read in a Jewish history book so it must be true that Shrove Tuesday in 1349 like Shrove Tuesday in 1945 fell on Feb 13th.

For the record and your own personal safety the Edict of Expulsion of the Jews from England was proclaimed on 18th July 1290.

Bevois [0-0-0]

katana said...

The horrific destruction of Hamburg through fire bombing, starting on the night of July 24th, 1943, is graphically described here by Michael McLaughlin in his booklet: Death of a City



“In terms of personal success, there has been no career more fortunate than that of Winston Churchill. In terms of human suffering to millions of people and destruction of the noble edifice of mankind there has been no career more disastrous.”

Wild Goose said...

Completely off topic but we all need a good laugh:
Project Mayhem
Published on Jun 23, 2017

Ever get a call from these annoying pricks? This should feed your appetite for revenge! We flood the scammers lines to prevent them from being able to scam any other people, AND we recorded it for your listening pleasure!


Uncle Nasty said...

It's said that the pen is mightier than the sword. I wouldn't really know about that ... but could the keyboard be mightier than all of them?

Ransomware outbreak worse than WannaCry is affecting computers worldwide

Rich Haridy June 27, 2017

A new ransomware outbreak is causing mayhem around the world just weeks after the WannaCry outbreak

A new ransomware outbreak is causing mayhem around the world, compromising banks, airports, energy suppliers, and even shutting down automated radiation sensors at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Reminiscent of the recent WannaCry attack that affected thousands of organizations just a few weeks ago, initial reports are claiming this new virus is more sophisticated and potentially harder to stop.

Initial reports began surfacing early on Tuesday US time after a wave of ransomware attacks struck businesses primarily in Ukraine and Russia before spreading to Western Europe. Early investigations from Kaspersky Labs identified the ransomware as employing multiple infection strategies, including a modified version of the EternalBlue exploit which was the primary way the recent WannaCry virus spread.

The ransomware has initially been labeled as a variant of the "Petya" ransomware that has been circulating since 2016, but it appears to have been recently updated to add significant new virulence. This has caused some to dub the new ransomware "NotPetya" or "Nyetya".

Much like most general ransomware, the new variant encrypts the data of an infected computer and locks the system down with a ransom note, in this case claiming the data will be released if $300 in Bitcoin is paid. Interestingly the ransom process for this malware is oddly unsophisticated. Unlike other ransomware demands that utilize unique Bitcoin wallets for individual infections, this malware uses a single Bitcoin wallet for all demands. Consequently the ransom note asks those infected to send an email to a certain address after paying to confirm payment and receive decryption information.

Not all revolutions need barricades ... not all revolutionaries need rifles. Are you going to tell me that there is not one angry lone hacker out there who could not bring the whole rotten ediffice down around their ears?

I like to think that there are lots.


Flanders said...

Off Topic.
"More than 130 Jewish labor groups sent representatives to a New York protest meeting against the Johnson-Reed Act, which severely restricted immigration to the U.S. from Southern and Eastern Europe as well as Africa — and banned outright the entry of all Asians and Arabs — on this date in 1924. Fiorello LaGuardia branded the act “an immigration pogrom,” “the creation of a narrow mind, nurtured by a hating heart.” On the same date as the protest meeting, U.S. Secretary of Labor James A. Davis reported that from 1908 to 1923, 9,949,740 immigrants had arrived in the U.S. and 3,498,185 had left. “The Hebrews, above all other races,” noted Secretary David, “come to stay; only five percent as many left as came. The Chinese occupy the other extreme; 10,914 more left than came.” Some 27,000 Jews immigrants were debarred and deported from 1899 to 1923 — only 1.56 percent of the number admitted. In 1924, however, the restrictions set into place by the Johnson-Reed Act resulted in more Jews leaving the U.S. than arriving.

“Upon signing the Act, President Calvin Coolidge commented, ‘America must remain American.’ This phrase would become the rallying cry of anti-immigration sentiment until after World War II. . . . This was also the period that produced the lynching of Leo Frank . . . and its defensive response to a spreading anti-Jewish threat, the Anti-defamation League for Jews; inspired by that lynch mob also the rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan, an organization that, within eight years grew from the few murderers of Leo Frank to a mass movement of more than four million by 1924.” —Jerusalem Post


Flanders said...

Off Topic - again.
Jim Stone has now come to learn that Otto Warmbier was a jew, and he shares my own suspicions that Warmbier was a spy, likely working with Israeli Mossad, or with it's "American" jew and zionist agents.

"Warmbier: Credible speculation
There is credible speculation that Warmbier was an Israeli spy, and that when he was sentenced in North Korea, he bit a poison pill he had been carrying in his mouth the entire time. Many Israeli agents have poison pills in their mouths at all times that they can bite to kill themselves if "the need to" arises. The rumor is that Warmbier was rendered brain dead rather than killed by "a pill made by the lowest bidder".

If Warmbier was a spy, there is probably a whole lot more to the story about why he was imprisoned than we have been told.

Warmbier's trip to North Korea was paid for by Birthright, an Israeli organization that pays for overseas trips by people who "Identify as Jewish". That's suspicious right there, and strongly implies he was not there "as a student on vacation". Obviously no one is going to actually step forward and admit he was a spy, but there is definitely room to be suspicious considering how his trip was funded, and how he ended up brain dead with no apparent injuries or trama whatsoever."

This report below, which was done Jan 22, 2016, would to me lend further credence to that possibility, and that he would likely have been rendered brain-dead from the immediate outset of his detention, rather than that occurring later into the custody. Note that according to this report, Warmbier would likely have popped the capsule soon after having been detained, upon which he was then taken to the hospital.

Also, how frequently would the top "British" CEO of that travel company based in China (with a "Pioneer" company name, "Pioneers" is a name jews like to use for their "youth" activists, along with "Scouts") accompany the "travelers" on their trips?

"A China-based tour company specializing in travel to North Korea, Young Pioneer Tours, confirmed that Warmbier was detained at an airport in Pyongyang, the nation's capitol on Jan. 2 after a five-day New Years trip.

The tour company said in a release that he was the last person to go through customs and an airport official told a tour guide that Warmbier had been taken to a hospital. The guide tried to go to Warmbier but was ushered through immigration, according to the statement. Gareth Johnson, CEO of Young Pioneer Tours, remained in Pyongang for a few days after Warmbier was detained and learned "there had been an incident."

The company's statement does not explain what that incident was. It previously told the Associated Press that Warmbier was being held over an unspecified incident that occurred at the Pyongyang's Yanggakdo International Hotel, where he stayed during the trip."


Sean said...

Is anyone still thinking of going to the Costa del Sol in Spain for their holidays? Like much of Western Europe Spain is undergoing a hostile African invasion aided and abetted by the EU, various governments, the Red Cross and other charities, and, of course. Soros.

Is anyone still in any doubt that war has been declared on white countries and that the Africans and Pakistanis etc are the foot soldiers of the hidden hand?

Migrant chaos on the Costas: Spain's holiday beaches are the new backdoor to Europe. The result? Tragic drownings and police overwhelmed amid fears ISIS may be smuggling in terrorists
Last week, 1,025 migrants had arrived illegally on the Andalusia coast in Spain
Every day, more arrive in what is becoming the fastest-growing migrant route

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4648840/Spain-s-holiday-beaches-new-backdoor-Europe.html#ixzz4lNQ1DE8h .....................................................

Watch The Truth About 'Refugees' by Paul Joseph Watson


Flanders said...

The anthrax proposal may not have been taken off the table. Maybe it was just delayed for later usage.

"WASHINGTON – Repeated failures of leadership at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah resulted in the shipment of live samples of potentially deadly anthrax worldwide over 10 years, an internal Army investigation found.

The report, released Friday, singled out then-Col. William King, the Dugway commander from 2009-2011, for repeatedly missing warnings that the military facility was lax in handling and securing anthrax.
Dugway works with biological and chemical agents, and is the military facility that produces the largest amount of anthrax shipped to other labs for research. The facility will no longer be allowed to produce anthrax to ship to outside customers. It will be able to resume production for in-house research only." [Continues]

"Almost immediately workers at the Dugway Proving Ground began testing chemical weapons to be used against wartime enemies. Tests with toxic agents, flame throwers, and chemical spray systems were performed at Dugway. One of the most popular World War II weapons, the 4.2-inch chemical mortar, was developed at the base. Animals were the victims of biological warfare research.

In order to test the effectiveness of new chemical warfare agents, whole villages were built in German and Japanese architectural styles. Prisoners from Utah jails were transported to Dugway to build the structures. Six German and 24 Japanese full-scale buildings were created. Refugee architect Eric Mendelsohn designed the huge German apartment building, and the Japanese worker housing was designed by Antonin Raymond, a Frank Lloyd Wright student who had worked in Tokyo for 20 years. These authentic buildings, the most expensive constructed at Dugway during World War II, were constantly repaired as testing took its toll on them. The Army tested incendiary bombs and other weapons on these structures. These experiments increased the effectiveness of bombing attacks on enemy production centers.

With the end of World War II the Army began to deactivate Dugway Proving Ground, but the Korean War led to the resumption of testing at Dugway beginning in the summer of 1950. Area ranchers opposed reopening the facility, but state and local officials supported the planned reopening and expansion. Renovation and new construction continued into the 1960s with the government committed to building as normal a town as possible for Dugway employees and their families. The Cold War climate, as well as the Korean and Vietnam wars, justified the new weapons testing at Dugway.

In 1968, however, an unusual event created a public relations turning point for the military at Dugway. In March 6,400 sheep were found dead after grazing in south Skull Valley, an area just outside Dugway's boundaries. When examined, the sheep were found to have been poisoned by a deadly nerve agent called VX. The incident, coinciding with the birth of the environmental movement and anti-Vietnam protests, created an uproar in Utah and internationally. Even after paying more than $1 million in compensation to farmers for their losses and to conduct the investigations, Dugway was unable to restore its reputation as a safe military site. Then in May 1969 rare antibodies of a disease called Venezuelan Encephalitis were found in birds, cattle, sheep, and rodents around the base. During the same year Air Force pilots flying over Dugway identified an entire region as highly contaminated."


Flanders said...

"Why did 4,000 sheep die near the United States Dugway Proving Ground in 1968?"

"What killed the sheep and how far did the government go to cover up the deaths?

A military base bigger than Los Angeles and London combined
The Dugway Proving Ground is a chemical and biological weapon testing and training site controlled by the United States Army. The facility covers over 3,000 square kilometers of Utah — larger than the combined area of London and Los Angeles — and is situated less than 100 miles from Salt Lake City.

Operational since the days of America's entrance into World War II, Dugway allows for testing of extremely dangerous weapons — a necessary evil for a country with a massive industrial military complex — in a controlled environment. On the grounds of Dugway once stood the German Village...".


Croesus said...

One angry lone hacker out there could not bring the whole rotten edifice down by taking out the international banking system. As Sav says, anything to bring about a catastrophic economic jolt.

Flanders said...

From an architectual website in Barcelona, which brings Einstein into the periphery.

"The architect Konrad Wachsmann was born in 1901. After an apprenticeship as carpenter he studied at the arts-and-crafts schools of Berlin and Dresden and at the Berlin Academy of Arts, with the architect Hans Poelzig in Berlin and Potsdam, who was one of the main representatives of expressionistic architecture in Germany. Wachsmann was chief architect with the back then greatest wood construction company in Europe, Christoph & Unmack AG in Niesky, Lower Silesia from 1926 on.

“In spring 1929 Konrad Wachsmann got to know of the birthday present of the city of Berlin to Albert Einstein (50th birthday) and that Einstein in this connection was interested in a wood house. Thus he went to Berlin to Haberlandstrasse 5 and offered Einstein to build this house for him. After some conversations with Einstein and numerous construction proposals Wachsmann received the order to build the house."

In the 40s Wachsmann worked with the architect Walter Gropius (1883–1969) and together they developed the general-panel-system (prefabricated house system) after Gropius endorsed Wachsmann’s desire to embark on a charrette for an industrialized housing system, which they eventually called “The Packaged House.”

I could not save the link below, but that is of little importance from what I could tell in this architectural PDF.

"The confluence of system theory and the production of architectural
building systems in the U.S. are related through the adaptation of
pre-World War II techniques and knowledge that were transformed
during the war and in the immediate postwar period. After dis-
cussing the theoretical implications of system theory, this paper
explores The “Packaged House” by Konrad Wachsmann and Walter
Gropius, a building system developed during the war. This building
system illustrates the unique manner in which systems theory as a
concept that linked vastly different fields would be explored in the
field of architecture.

Prefabricated, quickly deployable building systems were necessary
during the war to house troops and strategic equipment. Prefabri-
cated building systems were also needed to house large numbers of
migrant workers adjacent to the factories producing aircraft, equip-
ment, and weapons. Even during the war, there was the notion of
194X, or the unknown, but eventual end year of the war, in which
the stepped-up wartime factory could be retooled to produce low-
cost prefabricated housing for returning veterans and their families.

Advancements made in technology and industrial fabrication during
the war share a symbiotic relationship with a systems approach
in architecture."


Andromeda said...

Interesting piece about the Danish civil war UN. But notice it was written in 2007 and according to the author should have occurred in 2012. The Scandinavians are further from a civil war today than they were then.

John C said...

The attack during the last week of July, 1943, Operation Gomorrah, created one of the largest firestorms raised by the RAF and USAAF in World War II, killing 42,600 civilians and wounding 37,000 in Hamburg and practically destroying the entire City. Before the development of the firestorm in Hamburg there had been no rain for some time and everything was very dry. The unusually warm weather and good conditions meant that the bombing was highly concentrated around the intended targets and also created a vortex and whirling updraft of super-heated air which created a 1,500-foot-high tornado of fire, a totally unexpected effect.

This film was confiscated by British military from it's German owner soon after the war. I wonder why.
Vid 6m 48s
Operation Gomorrah - Bombing of Hamburg

Joe Splunge said...

OT somewhat, Savant, and a bit left field though it be, consider this. It is probably a given that deep within the roots of what might be termed the Jewish Idea there is an antediluvian hatred for that definitive antithesis of this Jewish Idea---in a phrase, the Aryan Idea. As we look at the curious alliance forming just now, that of the US (muscle), Israel(brains) and the Saudis (Sepoys) versus Russia and Iran mainly, a wild thought seems to suggest itself. Is the real target here by any chance Iran? Thing is, Iranians are, unlike Arabs, an Aryan rather than a Semitic people who, whist Islamic embrace a different flavor of that creed. Perhaps an ancient, race-based antagonism is coming to the surface, as it did in two appalling wars waged to engender the destruction of the essential Aryan people of our European homeland. All this is just an impression I have gained, but mayhap there is something in it.

Anonymous said...

The "Good Guys" had no qualms about slaughtering defenseless German and Japanese civilians. Because the Goods won the war they didn't have to worry about facing War Crime trials.

AKAEW said...

Anonymous said...

I got a load of stick from the cryptos on here for saying the Norman invasion was financed by the Jews but this kosher link states that there weren't any Jews living in England apart from one before the Norman invasion.

Bevois [0-0-0]

28 June 2017 at 23:15

Doesn't mean it wasn't financed from elswhere.

Uncle Nasty said...

Further to Sweden ...

The word that Swedish authorities and media use for the country’s “no-go zones” is utenforskap. The word means something like “excluded area.” In these areas, Swedish law has been replaced with a mixture of the law of the jungle and the Islamic legal code, sharia. Armed Muslim gangs and Islamic radicals are simply carving out big pieces of Sweden for themselves. The only reason why it has not evolved into large-scale armed conflicts — in this formerly peaceful and safe country — probably relates to how Sweden’s feminist-liberal government is not putting up any real resistance against the Islamists.

Even if the Swedish feminist government chose to fight back tomorrow, Sweden has nothing close to the paramilitary capacity needed to reverse this situation. That 80 percent of the country’s law enforcement officers are considering quitting their jobs is a clear sign of a police force that is completely demoralized. The military in this traditionally pacifist country is cut down to almost nothing, and there is no money to fix it.

As Johan Patrik Engellau puts it: “The government does not seem to understand that it has lost control. There is a point where you can no longer stop a situation’s development. I do not know if Sweden has reached this point when it comes to [the consequences of] immigration, but I fear we are drawing close. If we right here and now take and clear and powerful action – including stopping immigration and the political promotion of multiculturalism – we might with some difficulty be able to save Sweden.”

The fact remains that Sweden’s political elite is nowhere near taking such decisive action, as it has not even started to openly speak out about these problems.

Therefore Sweden will very soon need help from abroad. Police chief Dan Eliasson’s prayer for help only included potential partners inside Sweden, but very soon the international community will have to intervene if a humanitarian catastrophe is to be avoided.

What I find really odd, is that America fell over itself to rescue a clutch of niggers in Mogadishu from another clutch of niggers in Mogadishu, back in 1993.


Why is there no Yewnited States Yewmanitarian intervention in Sweden? It's not as though the You Ess troops would even have the problem of identifying the good guys from the bad. One group is White and the other are sand niggers.

Aaaaand ... having just said that, I remembered that the Good Guys in Croatia as far as the Jew-Enn, the Jew Ess Ay (and the clintons) were concerned -- were the muslims.

The Christians could drop dead ... and they did. In their thousands. Maybe on reflection, it's better -- for the Swedes -- that US troops remain elsewhere.

Anywhere but Sweden.


UNcle nasty said...

Andromeda said...

Interesting piece about the Danish civil war UN. But notice it was written in 2007 and according to the author should have occurred in 2012. The Scandinavians are further from a civil war today than they were then.
29 June 2017 at 09:21

Now, now, Andromeda. You wouldn't deny an old man his dreams ... would you?


F McCool said...

MORE than half of the applicants for council homes in north Dublin are from abroad, new figures show. http://www.herald.ie/news/over-half-on-housing-list-are-foreign-27973856.html

Rob said...


What took them so long?

First fraudulent claim for loss of relatives in Grenfell Tower fire.

Mr White said...

 Anonymous said... 22:04
Of course, the thing about the merciless bombing of our enemies in WWII is: what would have been the alternative? Slugging it out with the super-competent German armies and the fanatical Japanese? 

Well when you tell your enemy that you want unconditional surrender, basically we will do to you has we see fit. You kind of get a no surrender mentality come back at you from a proud people/nations, and if you are a cowardly nation who doesn't want to lose too many men, then what do you do? You take your planes high above the clouds and drop untold bombs on women, children and the elderly in city's that have no military in them.
Beaten nations in war eventually do away with their beaten leaders out of shame, germany was in retreat. So the question is why did the allies want unconditional surrender? And go to great lengths to murder untold innocents.
Was it so you could have a day at the seaside with an ice cream with your daddy.

Frank Galton said...

AnalogMan said (previous thread): "Interestingly, he [Douglas Reed] describes Hitler as "one of the Most Forgettable Characters" that he met, in The Battle for Rhodesia."

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 23 September 1936

Lloyd George Calls Hitler Among "GREATEST" He's Met

"Chancellor Adolf Hitler is one of the greatest of the many great men I have ever met," declared David Lloyd George in an interview with the News-Chronicle.

The wartime British Prime Minister, who saw Hitler twice on a recent trip to Germany, said that "I have never seen a happier people than the Germans," adding that the Nazi system is "A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT." He expressed himself as impressed by the "universal adoration" of Hitler throughout the Reich.

"I have never seen a happier people than the Germans." - David Lloyd George

Business Insider, 22 August 2011

These Are The Most Miserable Countries In Europe

#3 - Germany (Joint)

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Henry said: "There is no evidence that Lindemann was a Jew."

According to the Oxford University Chabad Society, Frederick Lindemann was Jewish.

OU [Oxford University] Chabad Society

Oxford Jewish Personalities

The following work is the first comprehensive biographical sketch of past Oxford Jewish personalities, who lived or visited Oxford, from the medieval period until today.


Lord Professor Frederick Lindemann was appointed in 1919 professor of experimental philosophy at Oxford University and director of the Clarendon Laboratory, largely on the recommendation of Sir Henry Tizard who had been a colleague in Berlin. In July 1941 Lindemann was raised to the peerage as Baron Cherwell, of Oxford in the County of Oxford and in 1956 he was made Viscount Cherwell, of Oxford in the County of Oxford. During the Second World War he served as Winston Churchill's leading scientific adviser.

Frank Galton

Franz said...

Speaking of anniversaries:

Soldiers: An Obituary for Geneva (Soldaten. Nekrolog auf Genf) by Rolf Hochhuth is a 1967 play highlighting Churchill's support for the mass bombing of German cities in 1943.

Laurence Olivier, John Calicos and others got in trouble for trying to put this play on in London during the 1967-68 season.

The ostensible reason was that Hochhuth blundered about some of the facts of an assassination in the story.

In fact, the bulk of the play was the insightful and daring exchanges about, precisely, the morality of mass terror bombings in wartime.

Interesting fact: A few years BEFORE Soldiers, Hochhuth wrote another play slagging the pope for being insufficiently concerned about the Fate Of The Jews in Hitler's Germany. It was called The Deputy, for which he was lionized and made famous and (reasonably) prosperous.

With Soldiers it all went the other way. Still living, even the wiki pages on Hochhuth are nasty beyond belief.

"All glory is fleeting."

Anonymous said...

A friend in Plymouth works as a man and van
He is over 55 and his wife is disabled
After 4 years on the council housing list he was eventually given a 1 bedroomed council flat in a nice little complex of 60 flats for the over 55s or the disabled
Low rent. Full of elderly plymothians
He met his new neighbour a African man who is very polite and over 55 but has only been in England for 20 months

Today he helped a disabled Plymouth born man move from his shared squalid house
To a nice clean studio flat he had sourced himself in a student mostly complex. after 13 wasted years on the councils housing list

He told my friend because as he had found the accommodation himself out of despair I might add,the council informed him he had now gone tumbling down the list for re housing

My friend told him about his African neighbour and he nearly broke down in tears
That's so unfair he said I helped build those flats 30 years ago
And now when I need one I'm not considered because I am a singe white guy at the bottom of the list

Race displacement in action


Anonymous said...

Another problem with fighting the Germans was they were so technologically advanced. They also had plans to develop weapons of mass destruction and to use them. Lucky for us that they tended to lag in the practical application of technology.

It's kind of like our dilemma with North Korea. It's a mess either way. But better them then us.

Anonymous said...

Really...I don't understand you people. You don't like Jews. Hitler didn't like Jews. But the Nazis didn't kill a lot of Jews?

Seems like he might have. But...so what?

Shit happens.

I just know that I didn't do it.

James said...

Tommy Robinson infiltrating the IDF, or something.


James said...

Even if the Swedish feminist government chose to fight back tomorrow, Sweden has nothing close to the paramilitary capacity needed to reverse this situation. That 80 percent of the country’s law enforcement officers are considering quitting their jobs is a clear sign of a police force that is completely demoralized. The military in this traditionally pacifist country is cut down to almost nothing, and there is no money to fix it.

I don't believe that. If they had the will they would easily find the way.

James said...

Thing is, Iranians are, unlike Arabs, an Aryan rather than a Semitic people who, whist Islamic embrace a different flavor of that creed. Perhaps an ancient, race-based antagonism is coming to the surface, as it did in two appalling wars waged to engender the destruction of the essential Aryan people of our European homeland. All this is just an impression I have gained, but mayhap there is something in it.

There is a Rabbi on the net explaining that massive race mixing must happen according to the bible prophecy. That's why the migrants are going to Europe now apparently.

This is all part of their same plan and they just blame the bible, and call it God's will.


There is also a recording claiming to be from the Sanhedrin where one Rabbi says to another they have to destroy Iran - they have no choice because YHWH told them too do it. So they will do it, no matter what.

James said...

Of course, the thing about the merciless bombing of our enemies in WWII is: what would have been the alternative? Slugging it out with the super-competent German armies and the fanatical Japanese? As it was, the US lost 400,000 in deployment and battle. We would have missed our dads in all those golden summers on the beach.

Not the point. You may as well ask what's the alternative to the war in the first place.

Henry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James said...

Some people were saying Lauren Southern is a Jew.

She got her DNA tested and came up mostly Spanish and 20% Danish.


Uncle Nasty said...

Don't you just love the English language? There is a word for everything. Absolutely everything.
Including us.

If we don't actually have the exact, right word, we'll hunt around until we find one ... then steal it for our own.


Also found in: Thesaurus, Legal, Encyclopedia.
Related to helot: agora
hel·ot (hĕl ət)
1. Helot One of a class of serfs in ancient Sparta, neither a slave nor a free citizen.
2. A person in servitude; a serf.
[From Greek Heilōtes, pl. of Heilōs, Heilōt-.]
American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.
Helot (ˈhɛlət; ˈhiː-)
1. (Historical Terms) (in ancient Greece, esp Sparta) a member of the class of unfree men above slaves owned by the state
2. (Historical Terms) (usually not capital) a serf or slave
[C16: from Latin Hēlotēs, from Greek Heilōtes, alleged to have meant originally: inhabitants of Helos, who, after its conquest, were serfs of the Spartans]

That's us. and, if we don't do something fairly fast, that will be our descendants .... yea, unto the tenth generation.


Franz said...

@ Anon 21:50 --

"...You don't like Jews. Hitler didn't like Jews. But the Nazis didn't kill a lot of Jews?"

Don't like???

Read the OP again. Has to do with Jews... who certainly killed lots of working class Germans.

If current events are any measure, they're still at it.

Which part are you missing here?

JK smaller said...

What about the german nuclear bomb they developed during the war
If they used that before the allies they could won the war

SAVANT said...

RE the German nuclear bomb....what I said was that there were no 'Good Guys' in that war. THe opposite of what we've been conditioned to believe.

Normalcy Bias said...

Good point about Soldiers disappearing while The Deputy went on to glorious success. Par for the course.

Frank Galton said...

Daily Mail, 29 June 2017

Germans now the MINORITY in Frankfurt: More than half of residents in the city have a migrant background, official figures show

A book published last year predicted that native Germans would soon be reduced to a minority in Frankfurst, Augsburg and Stuttgart.

The German cities would join others throughout Europe that have already seen immigrant numbers overtake natives, including Amsterdam, Brussels, Geneva and London.

TIMES OF ISRAEL, 11 September 2015

The president of the CENTRAL COUNCIL OF JEWS IN GERMANY, Josef Schuster, said this week that..."The Jewish community in Germany SIDES WITH THE [MUSLIM] REFUGEES and has started a lot of local initiatives to help them."

Note that this is the same organisation that supports the JEWS ONLY* State of Israel - a State which:

• built a 30-kilometer fence along the border with Jordan to keep migrants and asylum seekers ("wild beasts") from entering Israel.
• imprisons then deports African asylum seekers.
• has a Jews-only immigration policy.
• bans mixed marriage.
• has separate schools, separate housing, separate roads and separate buses for Jews and Palestinians.



"Israel is the nation-state of the JEWS ONLY." - Benjamin Netanyahu


THE TIMES OF ISRAEL, 06 September 2015

Work on a 30-kilometer (18.6-mile) fence along a southern stretch of Israel's border with Jordan has begun amid efforts to...keep MIGRANTS AND ASYLUM SEEKERS FROM ENTERING THE COUNTRY, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Sunday.

A fence, replete with sophisticated sensors and regular IDF patrols, already exists on the northern half of the Israeli-Jordanian border, from the northern edge of the Dead Sea up to the three-way meeting point of Israel, Jordan and Syria near the Sea of Galilee.

The Independent, 10 February 2016

Benjamin Netanyahu says he will build a fence around the whole of Israel to keep out ‘the wild beasts'

Reuters, 11 June 2012

Israel rounds up African migrants for deportation

TIMES OF ISRAEL, 29 July 2013

Prime Minister's Office says would-be immigrants from former Soviet Union may be asked to prove JEWISH BLOODLINE

HAARETZ, 03 June 2014

Who would you be allowed to marry in Israel today? No civil marriage, NO MIXED MARRIAGE

Jerusalem Post, 30 November 2014

Is separate education working in Israel?

In a sense even the “liberal” voices in Israel accept SEGREGATION.

HAARETZ, 07 November 2010

Supreme Court backs JEWS-ONLY HOUSING in Jaffa neighborhood

YNET NEWS, 03 June 2013

Separate roads for Jews, Palestinians

Daily Telegraph, 03 March 2013

Israel launches Palestinian-only buses amid accusations of RACIAL SEGREGATION

Frank Galton

AKAEW said...

Henry said...
Part One....

"@Frank Galton, that's not evidence. It is a (barren) claim posted by a rabbi from a lunatic sect that throws a cloth over the bread at meal time in case the bread sees the wine being enjoyed by the diners and suffers hurt feelings as a result".

I LOL'd yes I did!

Is this true please can you link me to info if only for my own entertainment.

Some say Judaism is a lunatic sect in of itself.

Henry said...

Savant, where is the second part of my reply to Frank Galton? I originally tried to post it as one complete comment but your restriction on the number of characters forced me to split the reply in two and after allowing for adjustments they were posted closely one after the other.

If it is lost then I can delete part one above and re-post the two parts again in order to keep them together.

SAVANT said...

I was interested in reading the 2nd part myself Henry. Suffice to say I have not received it.

Henry said...

OK, then I'll remove the first part above and try to repost them together again.

Henry said...

Part One....

@Frank Galton, that's not evidence. It is a (barren) claim posted by a rabbi from a lunatic sect that throws a cloth over the bread at meal time in case the bread sees the wine being enjoyed by the diners and suffers hurt feelings as a result.

David Irving once saw it written by an Israeli Jew that Churchill's mother was an American Jewess and publicised the notion that her father had changed the family name from Jacobson to Jerome to avoid detection. It was me who proved that Jerome would've needed the use of a time machine to pull off such a stunt as there had been generations of Jerome's before him . Now Irving won't even acknowledge his faux pas never mind correct his long standing error.

If Lindemann was a Jew then let's have the evidence.

In the meantime I'll tell you what I know to start you on your quest for the truth.

His (Lindemann's) paternal family were Alsatians and his paternal grandfather chose to be French rather than German. As I said, the Nazis (who were in a position to research his father's line) spoke and wrote about his relationship with Churchill, but never claimed he was Jewish,

His mother 'Olga Noble' is far more interesting than his father. Born (1850) in New York to her father Gilbert Noble (English), her mother's name appears to be unknown. Even Lindemann's biographer fails to mention her name nor even any detail of her mother as a person. Nothing! The time and place of Olga's birth is also not certain as the alternative date of 1848 and Manchester, Lancashire, can be found in the records.

It seems Olga married three times. Her first marriage in 1865 (age 16 or 18?) was to a Henry James De Lucy O'Brien at St George Hanover Square: An Anglican Church in Mayfair, London. Curiously she was presented in church, not as 'Olga Noble' but instead as 'Olga Celeste Blanche Marie Hoffman'

I don't know if Henry O'Brien died leaving Olga a widow, or if their marriage was dissolved through divorce, but Olga entered into her second marriage in 1878. It is this second relationship where things become interesting from our point of view.

In 1875 Olga married a wealthy Jew called Benjamin Davidson. However in the years prior to their wedding Olga had (in 1872, 1874, 1875) bore three children to Davidson in the order of two daughters and one son, all of whom would have been considered bastards at a time when such a standing posed a serious threat to success in life and it seems quite likely that her legitimate husband, Henry O'Brien, may have denied her a divorce and that she had to wait until after his death (date unknown) before she was free to marry Davidson. It should be noted that in the census of 1871, Davidson lists himself as a "retired bank agent" living with one "Olga O'Brien" described as a "visitor" [born?] "Lancashire, Manchester"


Henry said...

Part Two....

The "bank agent"

@Frank Galton: If you have read much of the more serious literature on the early 'English' Rothschilds then the name and activities of Benjamin Davidson should be known to you. He was born in England in 1823. His father was Meyer Davidson and his mother was Jessie Cohen. It is written that he was related to the Rothschilds by marriage. This connection is through his mother. Jessie Cohen, whose sister, Hannah Cohen, married the mighty Nathan Mayer Rothschild, while her other sister, Judith, married the equally powerful, Moses Montefiore. The same two brothers-in-law who pulled off the Waterloo scam upon which the Rothschild machine was built.

According to the records, Benjamin Davidson, acting as a Rothschild agent, was sent to Mexico to establish Rothschild business interests there. He then moved to California during the gold rush and in San Francisco formed the Merchant Bank of 'Davidson & Co' importing material goods in exchange for gold on behalf of the English and French Rothschilds. Though he described himself as "retired" in the census 1871, that business finally closed its doors when Davidson died in 1878 aged 55, three years after his marriage to Olga.

In 1884, Olga married, Adolph Friedrich Lindemann and eventually bore him four children to go with the three she already had with Davidson. Other than Frederick, none of Olga's seven children were born outside of England. Sometimes it was the fashion for wealthy woman to travel abroad to "take the cure" and so, in 1888, off to Baden-Baden she went, and once there, out sprung Freddy, much to his lifelong annoyance.

According to the census of 1891, Olga was living in Sidmouth, Devon: with her third husband, Adolph F. Lindemann, her children from both marriages, and 12 servants in residence. Young Frederick, the future Lord Cherwell, was at that time 5 years old and living happily with his three Jewish siblings (two half-sisters and one-half brother) who were very much part of the Rothschild cousinhood and could legitimately look upon N. M. Rothschild % Co as..."Uncle."


In her time with Davidson, did Olga convert to Judaism? I don't know. Perhaps she was already Jewish? I don't know. Where did her use of the name "Hoffman" come from? I don't know. Who was her mother? I don't know. Why is there uncertainty about Olga's place and date of birth? I don't know. But what I do know is that I've given far more information here than has ever been given by Lindemann's biographer (Lord Birkenhead), by David Irving (see Churchill's War - V, II, p.595) and by the nutty Chabad sect which attaches itself to the University of Oxford in such a way that people might believe that the Jews have been of vital importance to the success of that ancient seat of learning...when in fact they haven't.

I have also shown that Lord Cherwell was intimately linked via his family to the most vicious and successful Jews ever to walk this planet.

But I still can't find evidence that he was Jewish.

So over to you, Frank....

SAVANT said...

Interesting material there Henry and there certainly seems to be some doubt. The Chabad may be - in fact probably are - a lunatic sect. But they are very assiduous about whom they consider to be Jewish. Lunatic or not Jared Kushner has achieved the position of de facto American American Co-President so they must have their hands on the pulse as it were. If they consider Lindemann Jewish then it's good enough for me. Also I find it hard to believe that his visceral hatred for Germany and Germans could derive from anything other than a Jewish connection.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you one thing about here in Norway- I havnt met anybody yet here who gives a damn about the invasion. All they ask for is NRK television programming, sports, their idiotic tabloid news magazines and internet porn. They have a big fat statue of Churchill in their main city and the newest "have to live there" neighborhood is called "Barcode". No kidding. They really are getting what might be rightly called God's judgement.

Henry said...

Sav, I've no doubts about the power of Chabad and while Trump was being supported by the Altright I took every opportunity to warn the Red Ice crew and others as to the danger of Trump's connections. In fact I cancelled my membership to Red Ice and will not renew. The fact remains that Chabad Lubavitch are fanatically kosher and while the orthodox Ivanka Kushner may meet the strict tenets of halakhah (Jewish Law) on the evidence available, Frederick Lindemann never did.

The statement that Lindeman was a Jew is subjective at best. However If someone cares to contact the rabbi who made the claim and obtain his proof then I'll be more than happy to accept it as long as it is objective and sourced.

As things stand we have boastful hearsay without proof. That Lindemann was what he was and connected to, should be more than enough ammunition for our needs.

Frank Galton said...


The Torah says: "Distance yourself from words of falsehood.

It is evident from the Talmud that being careful to only speak truthfully is a segulah (spiritually propitious activity)...

The Talmud says that there are four groups of people that do not merit to greet the Divine presence. One of them is liars.

A true tongue will be established forever.

Frank Galton

Vercingetorix said...

Bad news from Norway then. Similar story in Finland but the Baltic states seem to be different. The Estonians want no truck with these fuckers.

joe btfsplk said...

How many "blue states" got that way from voter fraud? JS suggests that California would go red every election with honest vote counts.

>>>'Voter fraud'? California man finds dozens of ballots stacked outside home


Martinus said...

The irony about Norway revering Churchill is that he planned to invade just before Hitler did. What would that have been called then?

nilus said...

Irish Savant recently put up a very concise post, the gist of which is that there is no such thing as a "moderate muslim", cos if you are moderate, you arent muslim, and vice-versa.

The FIRST /MAIN/ LEAD story on "JEWSNIGHT" is about a PAKI student ,killed by other PAKIS, in PAKISTAN , for 'blasphemy'. He was dragged out of his dorm room by fellow "students" and was savagely beaten, stomped,hacked and finally shot to death, the beating carried on after death. This is AT A UNIVERSITY IN PAKI-LAND!!

He described himself as "a muslim, but also a liberal" LOL

"pick one" , as they say.

(There's a report from some PAKI, then an in-studio discussion with another PAKI,
then it's back to back to some whining bint called "Pilgrim Tucker" from the Balti Towers Gibsmedat Committee, and finally an interview with snide, faggotty JEW nebbish about some film he's written (more BBC FREE PROMO FOR TRIBE-MEMBERS HAWKING PRODUCT) trying to scare kids into not eating pork.
(nilus aka tony hayers)

James Lord said...

Good to see you back Nilus. How are things in Brighton?

James said...

Ethnic Differences in Babies -- A Scientific Study

Before the Marxists took over science, proper studies were done.



James said...

Chabad are "Trump's kind of Jews".

What does he mean exactly?


Uncle Nasty said...

Ah Nilus ... welcome back. We miss your regular updates on the occupation of the HeebBeeCee.

I, personally, am trying to de-complicate my life, which I think does not quite have the same meaning as "simplify" -- not for me, anyway.

It is a very pleasant and satisfying exercise in that I have reduced everything to the bare essence.

1. Does what one sees, hears, reads every day strike a discordant note? If YES, drill down until you hit israelite ... that unfortunately-not-quite-rare-enough earth.

2. Step two is pretty much redundant but I'll include it anyway. Is what one sees, hears, reads every day of any benefit to the Tribe? If so ... go back to (1.) above, and continue.

3. Step three ... informing the uninformed, but curious newly awakened person -- that is the one who realises that there is something seriously amiss with the world, but does not know quite where to begin.

Send them here:


This site exists to promote an open scientific, evidenced-based approach to historical enquiry. We do not believe or reject anything, though naturally we do form opinions. However, they are just that: opinions based on our current understanding of the facts. We are not emotionally attached to them and we would have no problem with changing our current positions on any subject if the evidence suggested we should.

We are mainly, though not exclusively, interested in the Second World War and the German treatment of Jews during that conflict, since this is the area where free enquiry is most actively and efficiently suppressed by force of law and imprisonment in some countries and by taboo in all. The topic is protected from any objective investigation by an electric fence of emotion and insult, with the result that few other than those with a political axe to grind dare question the received story. We have no such axe.

We have looked at the orthodox story and at the arguments brought against it by Revisionists, and we find that, at the very least, the Revisionists have raised questions which so far have not been satisfactorily answered.


Anonymous said...

This blog is mostly racist gibberish.

Kikes love this game because it is their game, their rules.

What is a "jew"? Why do they use that term of identity? Why do you use that term of identity?

Are they from Judea? Judea hasn't existed for 2000 years.

Are they descended from Judah? This is like calling all Britons Arthurians or all Americans Washingtonians. It is retarded.

Personally, I call them kikes.

The best defining term of identification for these vermin would be Antichrist, as a whole, or individually as anti-Christ.

Unfortunately, the terms of identity Antichrist and anti-Christ are so accurate to describe so many groups and individuals, that they can no longer be the sole identification of the kikes.

Anonymous said...

Muslim, moslem, moslom. Who comes up with this garbage?

Well, it's either the kikes or "white" people.

"White" people are dumber than doorknobs and kikes print money. I'm going with the kikes.

They are mohammadans

The basis of mohammedanism is the same as judaism, anti-Christ.

Thirty pieces of silver will get you a length of rope and an unmarked grave and that is it.

Anonymous said...

savant, after checking incidents on you tube concerning JERRY ADAMS and his love of the ""diversity people"" invading Ireland we can understand your dislike for him and Sein Fein,what a fucking sell out son of a bitch and traitor to boot, the English in years past may have dealt the Irish a bad hand but at least there never flooded the country with niggers,John old rtd chicago copper,

Flanders said...

"The Inspector General at Treasury found that the IRS knows of 2.4 million people a year who file taxes using an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), which is generally given out to people who are not authorized to work in the country. But up until now, according to the Inspector General, the IRS has not coordinated with Homeland Security to help agents identify who and where those taxpayers are."

'Identity theft in the United States is one of the fastest growing crimes. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reported that undocumented immigrants stole nearly 1.4 million Social Security numbers...'."


Flanders said...

Americans who have not had to deal with this don't understand that this is being pushed upon them here, but in the "silent" but deadly ways through the leftist jewish-led networks which have been built. People neglect to remember that when it comes to morality, there is only personal morality, because - "secular" bureacracies do not think and cannot feel. When the state assumes or is pushed to adopt that "responsibility", it's because morality has ceased to exist both in the state and in it's people, and morality will soon cease for everyone.

"Matt Walsh: Courts in Europe have sentenced a baby to death. This is socialized medicine."


Flanders said...

The old Soros-Rothschilds game.

"Pumping money into foreign countries for regime change, or manipulating foreign elections for leadership change, is an old game that the CIA and branches of the US Government have been playing for decades.

The game is nothing new; it's only the style that has changed. NGOs are the velvet glove on the iron fist, carrying out the dirty subversive work of the NWO but making it look like roses.

Fortunately, many nations targeted by this rank infiltration have noticed the threat and taken appropriate measures to defend their culture, laws, stability and way of life.

How much longer until people in the US and the West wake up to the NGO subversion too?"


Anonymous said...

Re attack on Kensington Town hall: I am surprised that the police have not put crime scene tape around the Housing Dpt. People have died!
In my opinion, there are folk who would love to sack that place!
Some to my eyes looked like street thugs….used shut down discourse and cause confusion and mayhem whenever immigration comes to the fore.

Mad Max 2000 said...

Western European nations are having severe policing problems , with muslim no-go areas springing up in the major towns and cities.

This is caused by the practice of Consanguinity amoungst the new arrivals.
Consanguinity will require the police forces of Western Nations,to be increased in numbers, one hundred times their present size, to combat the large numbers of hostile men, that can be summoned with 5 minutes notice.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

savant, after checking incidents on you tube concerning JERRY ADAMS and his love of the ""diversity people"" invading Ireland we can understand your dislike for him and Sein Fein,what a fucking sell out son of a bitch and traitor to boot, the English in years past may have dealt the Irish a bad hand but at least there never flooded the country with niggers,John old rtd chicago copper,
According to historian researcher Nesta Webster in her book "The Socialist Network" some of these Irish liberation organizations were a part of the global (K) socialist network. Rumor has it that De Valara was a Frankist who destroyed Michael Collins and most of the nationalists in the IRA in the "Civil War". O'Duffy & the Blueshirts who went to Spain to fight the communists were the last of them. Here is a link to a forest named after De Valera in the Frankist zio-masonic state of Israel


Normalcy Bias said...

That is an excellent site UN. What I like about it is the absence of 'fucking kikes' type of comment. Cool, rational, factual. Remember all we need to start undermining the false narrative of the Holocaust is to show people how just a few "facts" are not facts at all.

Anonymous said...

"English" lock ... you seen how DUMB IGNORANT ... AND STUPID white British reporters for the BBC are ?!? Same for Lewis Hamilton in F1 - described as "English" ?!? Kikes like Vanessa Feltz and Jeremy Paxman, James Whale "English" LOL

Maro Itoje


SAVANT said...

John Chicago....The Brits weren't that bad over here. If the situation had been reversed (if Ireland was England's size and we had invaded them) we wouldn't have been any different. Adams and SF are traitors as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

But, Savant, Sinn Fein is not responsible for adding one foreigner, just as the Orangemen are not responsible for subtracting one foreigner. Those decisions were made at a higher level. Also, google the Orange Order in Africa. Traditionally, they've always been happy to bring the jigs into their brotherhood.

The problem with SF is that they morphed from a nationalist movement into the very kind of quasi-Marxist political party that had no time for them during the struggle.

Anonymous said...

Hitler had no problem with the bombing of civilians, obviously. That it became policy on both fronts during the war is puzzling because the tactical bombing tended to be more effective than the "strategic" civilian bombing. A good case can be made that if the Germans had concentrated on airfields and radar, instead of blitzing London, they would have won the Battle of Britain.

The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the next day the US declared war on Japan. At the time, a majority of Americans were isolationists. A significant and powerful minority had previously supported intervention against Germany to support Britain. The American establishment was strongly Anglophile but most Americans felt that we had been duped by the Brits in WWI in order to save their empire. The Jews also supported intervention but they were very much the tail on the Anglophile dog and were very strongly excluded even as refugees because they were considered subversive.

The war against Japan would have gone full speed ahead and lend-lease aid to Britain and Russia would likely have been curtailed to push the Pacific war effort.

And so, what does the genius Hitler do? He declares war on the United States and thus loses any leverage in the global power equation.

But go ahead. Blame it on the Jews. I mean...Hitler looks kind of Jewish. And the names of the top Nazis. If I heard them reporting on National Public Radio, I'd assume they were Jews.

Anonymous said...

Germany was just too dangerous to do anything but smash it as soon as possible. And, as Richard Pryor said about the Japs, what were they thinking about?

But it is interesting to consider what would have happened if the US had just continued on and conquered the world in 1945. Per Joe Kennedy and General Patton. With a war machine just getting fully geared up and 12,000,000 military personnel and a potential of several million more.

But Americans just didn't have the heart to take the extra several million casualties and life in peacetime, even during the Depression, was pretty good here. Call us cowards, as I notice some of the Brits here are wont to do, but I'm glad to have had ice cream on the beach with my father. Better than him being at skeleton at the bottom of the ocean.

Anonymous said...

Check out the weird NYC hospital shooting yesterday. A coon doctor went berserk.

I'm sure he had good reasons.

Anonymous said...


I hope the link works but I think it shows a American police force fb site getting 400.000 hits
To a anti sharia march in Manchester
It tells the police fb site to support the native Brits who are marching against sharia

It also states the British police tried to sabotage the demo by letting antifa cause trouble

FFS how far we in Britain have fallen if its true


Anonymous said...

, This blog is mostly racist gibberish.

Your posts are mostly pseudo-christian gibberish.

Whilst Jesus said there are not going to be husbands and wives in heaven, we know from Jesus speaking out against adultery and divorce, marriage is certainly part of God's plan on earth and is meant to be the chosen framework for the raising of children.

Whilst marriage has a very unique status, it also part of God's plan that related families should cooperate together to form larger societies - 12 tribes of Israel.

The Tower of Babel story is very instructive. God intervened and created many different language groups with the aim that because they could no longer converse with each other, each language group would forced to find their own spot on the planet and thereby the whole of the planet would be populated. The Bible is not a science manual, so it doesn't cover why we have African, Asians and Europeans races. But I don't think it is fanciful to conclude that blacks are the way they are so that they can easily live in the planet's hotspots and whites are the way they are so that they can easily live in cooler spots on the planet.

What we are witnessing today is an attempt to reverse God's will for mankind Tower of Babel. All the tribes of the world are learning one language English and descending on Western Europe and Britain and now Ireland in particular and creating a multi-religious, multi-cultural society. Not surprisingly as its the opposite of God's plan for mankind, that these multi-racial, multi-cultural societies are becoming hell holes. At some point, it will all explode into tribal warfare and the various tribes will all separate again.

I am not saying that all migration is sinful but the default position should be that if you were born a Nigerian in Nigeria that is where God intends you to work out your passage to heaven and that a decision to emigrate to Britain for a more comfortable lifestyle is purchasing a one way ticket to hell.

Bevois [0-0-0]

Six Million Dollar Man said...

I should have also added that National Socialists like James Connolly, & nationalist leaders (and especially one of the greatest word smiths in history Padraig Pearse) were murdered by the Judeo-British after the Easter Rising.
Tere is a book that claims that (Sephardic crypto) De Valera was a British spy and his path cleared for him to assume leadership after Pearse, Connolly, Clarke etc were executed (and of course his involvement in getting the great Michael Collins murdered)


Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Hitler had no problem with the bombing of civilians, obviously. That it became policy on both fronts during the war is puzzling because the tactical bombing tended to be more effective than the "strategic" civilian bombing. A good case can be made that if the Germans had concentrated on airfields and radar, instead of blitzing London, they would have won the Battle of Britain.

Almost everything in your post is bullshit ...


Secondly if Hitler wanted Britain crushed, why did he allow the unhindered escape of tens of thousands of battle hardened BEF soldiers at Dunkirk? And finally the ratio of British acres bombed to German acres bombed is so ridiculously small that, should the the luftwaffe have desired -- and had they bombed England at half the intensity of the Allies -- they would have reduced all major British industrial (and therefore war-supporting) centres to a glowing cinder in six months.

It was only after months of saturation bombing of Germany by the Brits, that Hitler returned the favour -- and even then, half-heartedly.

and as for your dumbarse finishing comment: "But go ahead. Blame it on the Jews. I mean...Hitler looks kind of Jewish."

Yes, we most certainly will ... and not as much as you do, I'm sure.


Uncle Nasty said...

Further to my last ... I wlll try to find a better graphic. I have seen several.



Anonymous said...

1 July 2017 at 20:49

"Your posts are mostly pseudo-christian gibberish."

You should be specific when making such an accusation. As far as I know, I have never made any posts that could be construed as anti-Christ.

Perhaps it is my fault for criticizing racism without defining racism.

Racism, in my opinion, is defining race as a truth, before the truth of Christ.

Race is a relative truth as all races are capable of interbreeding, barring geographic or cultural boundaries.

I have promoted racial integration, immigration, miscegenation exactly the number of times that our Lord Christ did which is 0.

Matthew 10:32 Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.

33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.

37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

38 And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

A patriot threw red paint a few years back on "Bomber Harris's" statue. Harris is sometimes used by (K)jewish perhaps through their infiltration of the British elite

'I would have destroyed Dresden again': Bomber Harris was unrepentant over German city raids 30 years after the end of World War Two

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2276944/I-destroyed-Dresden-Bomber-Harris-unrepentant-German-city-raids-30-years-end-World-War-Two.html#ixzz4lg17lRQN
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


Anonymous said...

"Your posts are mostly pseudo-christian gibberish."

You started off by saying most posts on this blog are 'racist'.

Whilst 'racism', 'sexism', 'homophobia', 'anti-semitism' and 'islamaphobia' are considered to be the most grievous 5 sins by the self-appointed high priests of Modern Britain, you won't find any mention of them in the Bible. That's why I said your post is pseudo Christian gibberish for inventing a non-existing sin.

And most posts on this blog are 'anti-racist' anyway because they are protesting against the use of the weapon of mass immigration to genocide white people.

But back to the Bible, we read in St Luke's Gospel Chapter 1, that Our Lady on hearing from the angel Gabriel that her previously barren cousin Elizabeth was pregnant made a hazardous journey to help her.

"And Mary arose in those days, and went into the hill country with haste, into a city of Juda; And entered into the house of Zacharias, and saluted Elisabeth."

No doubt there were local pregnant women who would have appreciated help from Mary, but the order of charity is to help your closest kinsfolk first.

Well you are going to say Mary was holy woman but she was not God so this doesn't prove anything. But Jesus Himself made the same point. St Mark's Gospel Chapter 15

Then Jesus went thence, and departed into the coasts of Tyre and Sidon. And, behold, a woman of Canaan came out of the same coasts, and cried unto him, saying, Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou Son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil. But he answered her not a word. And his disciples came and besought him, saying, Send her away; for she crieth after us. But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Then came she and worshipped him, saying, Lord, help me. But he answered and said, It is not meet to take the children's bread, and to cast it to dogs. And she said, Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters' table. Then Jesus answered and said unto her, O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt. And her daughter was made whole from that very hour.

Bevois [0-0-0]

Anonymous said...