Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Are you still laughing?

"The achievement, if I can call it that, of inducing the most successful race in the world, the creator of the most advanced civilisation ever seen, to turn on itself and willingly self-destruct by way of societal degradation and internecine warfare is simply awesome. So incredible that, even as an agnostic, I sometimes wonder whether some supernatural agency is not after all involved."

wrote that some time ago as I metaphorically scratched my head at the West's ongoing destruction. I also wondered why those who'd already been amply rewarded continued their destructive role into old age. For example why does Peter Sutherland (now in his seventies and apparently in ill-health) still work assiduously to flood Europe with millions of Muslims and Africans despite the ensuing catastrophe that's coming down the line? Why does he not sit back and enjoy the millions "earned" during his career, or better again make some effort to undo the evil he's wrought?

Maybe the architect of the long march through America's institutions (and mentor for, inter aliaHellery Rodent Clinton and Obama) can shed some light on the issue. (((Saul Alinsky))) in Rules For Radicals, his blueprint of destruction, wrote the following in his introduction to that book. "Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgement to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer."

Don't know about you, but I'm no longer laughing at the supernatural dimension.


NWO Chaos said...

Savant you must realize that immigration is a racket. It is a transfer of money from labor to capital .Immigration is promoted by billionaire open border globalists who profit from immigration and then pass on all social, economic and environmental costs to the communities. at the same time, they spend hundreds of millions of dollars buying the media, the elected representatives who need their money to get elected, and forming front organizations to promote their agenda while smearing all who oppose with the most vile and treasonous labels.

Immigrants and immigration are not a problem, they are a symptom. The problem is elitist billionaire open border globalists that use their criminally and digitally created wealth to pervert the democratic system and transform nations to consolidate their power and wealth and to punish their political enemies.

If a true far right does rise up, it will not have occurred in a vacuum, but been caused by those who wish to steal the birthright of citizens on the cheap and not expect to pay for it in the usual nasty historical way.

James said...

For example why does Peter Sutherland (now in his seventies and apparently in ill-health) still work assiduously to flood Europe with millions of Muslims and Africans despite the ensuing catastrophe that's coming down the line? Why does he not sit back and enjoy the millions "earned" during his career, or better again make some effort to undo the evil he's wrought?

Apparently the masons believe that in the next life (in hell) they will have slaves in proportion to the number of souls they corrupt in this life.

There's his motivation. This might be why he works even into old age.

The elites also believe they can control reincarnation and come back as their own grandchildren or great grandchildren so they can enjoy the wealth and power they spent a lifetime accumulating and preserving.

Meanwhile they teach us that when you die, that's it.

James said...

Anonymous NWO Chaos said... something about money

It's about blood, not money. Take your pointless claptrap elsewhere.

Flanders said...

Satanic architects have held reign over and within our societies for a long time. I doubt that anyone who has studied seriously the issues of Jewry's adverse effects within our White Christian societies can help but connect those issues to the jew's (and to their Freemasons), who do their selfish works in accordance to their father's scheme.

"The first Protocol is subtitled The Basic Doctrine, and it sets forth a viewpoint of mankind and the world which perceives man as a merely primitive animal concerned exclusively with his own preservation and how he may dominate his fellows. There it becomes evident that the Protocols are predicated upon the godless evolutionary view of the origins of man, which we perceive to be the view that Jews favor and promote incessantly in their media and their pseudo-academic writings. (The Jews have no truly academic writings.) They then assert that in the formation of societies, man submitted to law only under threat of force, the might-is-right theory of society, which is once again predicated upon godlessness. This is indeed a Satanic view of human origins and human behavior. It is also the antithesis to true Christianity.

But as we also witnessed, Henry Ford in The International Jew agreed with this assessment of human behavior which is found in the Protocols. We perceive that the authors of The International Jew, having only experienced society in a capitalist system where man is indeed reduced to the status of beast, seems to have agreed with the Protocols on that basis. Now we may add, that they also experienced society only from the viewpoint of world empires, and their concept of nationhood was highly diluted by that experience. Among the general masses of people in the West today, the fact that there is no true concept of nationhood buttresses our position.

We would assert that it was not that way from the beginning. The Jewish view of man as beast only becomes evident under a Jewish economic system and a Jewish system of government. As we had also asserted earlier in this series, the authors of the Protocols understood that they had the power to implement the plans which it outlines because they were already in control of the society which they planned to conquer. Man did not begin as the self-indulgent beast that the Jew portrays him to be in the Protocols. Rather, capitalism and democracy reduce man to that beastly state, where he is forced to compete against the members of his own community rather than cooperate with them as brethren."
"The Jew exploits men by dividing one against another, so that the Jew may rule over each and every one of them...". [Continues]

The Protocols of Satan, Part 10

heuristic said...

The ONLY problem I have with those who liken either their concept of god or the devil with a living person or a political movement, is why are they so sure, have they actually seen either of these (to my mind) imaginary deities?

sentient said...

Alinsky endorses Lucifer's rebellion, as autonomy,, suggesting Alinsky's own unresolved childhood issues re authority and his lifelong acting-out

John C said...

Are you still laughing? Matter-of-fact I'm not as it goes, its all a bit spooky. I feel like praying for the first time in my life, ive only been to church for weddings and funerals, couldn't sing a hymn in pace with the others, even tho the others were giggling. I feel we have let god down and he's turned his back on us for being stupid. Even if 800 million whites people in the world would start to pray this minute would it be enough? Would he help us? Lucifer the fallen angel is now our god, he's not bad after all. Oh man, this is to much to take in, its giving me the willies. A friend was telling me this stuff on the phone a few months back, afterwards I said thats the last time I'll be talking to that nutter, now this. That's it, im done.

BigNoniePhil said...

But civilisations have collapsed before, from the Egyptians to the Mayans. Do you attribute supernatural forces to their downfall too?

Anonymous said...

I did a post a little while back: Re The John Christey of Rillington Place murders.(special constable coppers nark ).
Shown on BBC ..they got the dreary grubby period (40s mid 50s) of to perfection! It took quite a long time to get over the war and blitz.
In the trial , the false conviction and execution of a innocent young man.
Timothy Evans.
A bit thick but employed mostly.. a suitable hostage? The perp of other murders at that house was Christey.
I had just started full time work when the trial of took place and there was much debate around the hand wash carousel.
This was a bit of a wake up call for me as anything religious or posh or to do with the bill , was not to be challenged!
What I noticed was it was the old farts and those who were originally from that part of London .... Who expressed considerable doubts about the guilty verdict they considered it was killing a hostage to make the fuss die down.
I would recommend you watch this 3 part series on BBC iPlayer in the day time and take stroll in the sun for ten minutes (If it’s safe to do so in your part of the world).
Now what you will have watched: Is were I see things heading is the future
..http ://

SAVANT said...

I don't attribute other civilisational collapses to supernatural forces and I'm not doing it with the West either. But the West's case is different in that it is largely self-inflicted. I'm merely suggesting that the idea of some supernatural causation is not as ridiculous as it would once have been considered.

Heraclitus said...

Flanders, the Jewish view of man as beast gels nicely with the almost total absence of afterlife material in their 'sacred' books.

Flanders said...

Whatever our White people believe or disbelieve, there is no doubt that jewry has engaged in a long battle to alter, change and to misdirect what once was almost all White people's Christian beliefs, and the basic grounding of their society. Due to many changes the jews have recently (in a historical sense) become much more successful at the latter. Much of this has been done by changes made to the Bible. Is there a reason why jewry is so eager to sabotage and to change Christianity? I think so, and so do many others.

"So Beware! I am told that In the NKJV, there are 22 omissions of "hell", 23 omissions of "blood", 44 omissions of "repent", 50 omissions of "heaven", 51 omissions of "God", and 66 omissions of "Lord". The terms "devils", "damnation", "JEHOVAH", and "new testament" are completely omitted."
These changes in the new versions of the Bible, are based on the remaining five percent of manuscrips, most of which are from Alexandria, Egypt. (There are only two lines of Bibles: the Devil's line from Alexandria, and the Lord's line from Antioch.)

We hear much talk these days about "older" and "more authoritative" manuscripts, but we aren't hearing much about the origin of these manuscripts. It is a well established fact that there are only two lines of Bibles: one coming from Antioch, Syria (known as the Syrian or Byzantine type text), and one coming from Alexandria, Egypt (known as the Egyptian or Hesycnian type text).
The Syrian text from Antioch is the Majority text from which our King James 1611 comes, and the Egyptian text is the Minority text from which the new perversions come.
Never mind Rome and her Western text, for she got her manuscripts from Alexandria.)

The manuscripts from Antioch were mostly copied by Bible-believing Christians for the purpose of winning souls and spreading the word of God."

This post must be accessed through the center main post, "The Famine is Coming", and if you have trouble finding it [Control F, and type in the word famine]. Then click that link.

["The Famine is Coming"]

Flanders said...

"The first National Grand Lodge in Israel was constituted on 1933, even before the creation of the State, and brought together all the Lodges that had been working under Egyptian or French jurisdictions.
The historic origins of Freemasonry in the Holy Land date from the 13th of May, 1868 (the first recorded Masonic ceremony in Israel), when Dr. Robert Morris, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky (a lawyer and educator from Boston, Massachusetts, and the founder of the Order of the Eastern Star in the U.S.), directed a Secret Monitor Ceremony in the Cave of Zedekiah, popularly known as King Solomon's Quarries, deep under the walls of the old city of Jerusalem. Morris worked unceasingly to erect the first regular Masonic Lodge in the Holy Land, and in 1873 he finally succeeded in obtaining a charter from the Grand Lodge of Canada (Ontario) for the "Royal Solomon Mother Lodge" #293, working "at the city of Jerusalem or adjacent places". This was the first regular Lodge in Israel. Most of its founding members were American settlers living in Jaffa, belonging to a Christian sect called the Church of the Messiah. In 1866, they had left Jonesport, Maine, for the Holy Land, with the avowed intention of founding an agricultural settlement. Robert Morris was supposed to be the lodge's first Master, but it appears that he could not arrive, and Rolla Floyd, one of the leaders of the American group took his place. The lodge had a difficult existence and after a few years stopped reporting to the Grand Lodge of Canada. It was finally erased in 1907."
"In 1993, the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel, celebrated its 40th anniversary. It maintains close fraternal ties with regular Grand Lodges throughout the world. Frequent visits by delegations and individual Brethren from abroad give testimony to the universality of our Order.

Despite its small size, the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel can be proud of having been able to foster and develop a true fraternal spirit within its Lodges even under the most trying external circumstances. We must endeavor to bring our message of enlightenment, toleration, and fraternal love to all, so helping to build a better world for our children.

An extraordinary meeting of world Freemasonry took place in Mexico on March 19-23, 1995. The assembly, summoned by the Grand Lodge "Valle de Mexico" to celebrate its 112th anniversary, was destined to examine, from a world masonic perspective, the challenges to be faced by the Fraternity in the third millenium. The conference was attended by 41 Grand Masters and accredited representatives from Grand Lodges all over the world.

In the concluding ceremonies at Acapulco, the "Charter of Anahuac" was issued, calling the world Masonry to intensify international cooperation and exchange of information, to be in a better position to face the challenges posed by the changing circumstances of contemporary life, the communications revolution, the threat of fundamentalism, etc."

Contemporary Freemasonry in the Holy Land - Israel

Flanders said...

For those who are truly interested in how "our" governments actually work, you will obtain a better understanding at the site from which the link in my previous comment came.

I'm leaving the main site link to the site, but I think you will see that it is not only interesting but informed, despite it's photos having captions such as these:

"Ceremony held 20th of December 1788, Lucifer recognized as the Yod godhead – the Jewish Star of David, aka the King Solomon Quarries seal - the 28th degree Knight of the Sun – Shaharit symbol

David Rockefeller - Master of One World Yod Antichirst Zionist Shadow Government, born in 1915 in New York City, ordained as the Jewish Moshaich in 1926 and as the Egyptian Benu David (Ben Ben Stone), known as King David dead or alive".

Flanders said...

The jews are not yet treating our own White people in this same way within our countries, at least to our face, but they are working to import other's in order to do that work for them.

How the Jews Treat Christians in Israel - It's Serious [2 minutes]

Maybe I was wrong above. Some jews do try to treat our people the same way here.

Don't hate jews? Maybe You should

Frank Galton said...

Re Flanders' link: "How the Jews Treat Christians in Israel"

VIDEO: What do Jews in Israel think about Jesus

Israeli woman (01:10): I'm not religious at all...THANK GOD [this country] is going in the other direction.


Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

UN Demands “Undermining of European Homogeneity” but Silent on Israel

The United Nations special representative for migration, Peter Sutherland, has called on the European Union to “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states but has remained completely silent on Israel’s expulsion of non-Jews and that state’s determination to remain homogenous.

Sutherland, a non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International...heads the Global Forum on Migration and Development, is typical of those sort of goyim who are weak puppets of the international Zionist death-grip over world political affairs, which demands one standard from all non-Jews, and another from Jews.

BBC, 21 June 2012

EU should 'undermine national homogeneity' says UN migration chief

The EU should "do its best to undermine" the "homogeneity" of its member states, the UN's special representative for migration has said.

Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.

Jweekly, 05 June 2014

Israel’s new Jewish identity campaign

Conceived last year as a partnership among the Israeli government, the Jewish Agency for Israel and major diaspora Jewish bodies, the initiative aims to strengthen diaspora Jewish identity and connections between Israel and Jews worldwide.

“It’s a historic development that the Israeli government has decided to take more responsibility for strengthening the identity of Jewish communities,” said the Jewish Agency’s chairman, Natan Sharansky. “We’re talking about Jewish identity built on a connection to Israel.”

Given the success of Birthright Israel, a free, 10-day trip to Israel for Jewish young adults, the initiative will focus on immersive experiences in Israel, college campus programs, Jewish summer camps and experiential learning, Sharansky said.

The Jewish Agency, historically focused on promoting immigration to Israel, has in recent years taken up a new mission of strengthening Jewish identity in the diaspora and Jewish peoplehood. It now offers diaspora Jews long-term experiences in Israel without a commitment to immigrate.

“In the non-Orthodox world nothing stops assimilation except connection to Israel,” [Natan Sharansky] said.


List of Patrons

* Peter Sutherland – Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, former Attorney General of Ireland.

Frank Galton

John C said...

The Guvnor,
 I also wondered why those who'd already been amply rewarded continued their destructive role into old age. For example why does Peter Sutherland (now in his seventies and apparently in ill-health) still work assiduously to flood Europe with millions of Muslims and Africans despite the ensuing catastrophe that's coming down the line? Why does he not sit back and enjoy the millions "earned" during his career, or better again make some effort to undo the evil he's wrought?

I don't know if this sutherland bloke has got any kids, if he does then I might surmise that having made his dosh getting the ball rolling regarding multi-cult wonderland in Ireland he didn't actually think things would go this far I also think it started off just has a career move with a few ethics here and there with every other Irish man getting themselves a nice Mediterranean wife (like him) who can dish up some nice Mediterranean salads unlike the Irish women who just want to cook pork chops with boiled potatoes all the bleeding time.
All that above is obviously just nonsense, I mean who would chose a hairy arse Mediterranean woman over a lovely Irish woman.
This sutherland bloke worked for goldman sachs and everyone knows they work hard(supposedly) and party hard, and you know what that means dintcha, yes of cause. They have the fucker in very (cough) uncompromising positions, he's got to do it or else, or if not, he's been told his kids and grandkids won't get the lovely wonderful career path that's been promised for them ie very short lives. Other than that he's just a fucking mentalist with a deep seated grudge for Northern European people, why is that? Well I surmise that he had far too many vicious thashings when a very young boy and not so young boy by men in blackcloth. There is hatred within this man.
Ps if muslim women ditch the hijab, slap a bit of make-up on, put some blond highlights in their hair, what do you have?

Anonymous said...

I've just had a post blocked. I'll re-write it. Meantime....
Italians say what they think about immigrants. I would like to know what the 'unintelligible' bits are.

Can't say I disagree with anything said.


Anonymous said...

You have to say this guy's on the nail. However if he was white he'd be run out of town..

Anonymous said...

Believeable ?
Comical or what ?

The UK is a joke

John C said...

Watched that lemmyhead, those Italians don't mess about. Unintelligible is really censored or the camera crew are taking the piss saying unintelligible because its a working class district and as you know working class people can't talk proper, no wot I mean bruv.
Not a good idea to talk to the camera and the target is wrong. Have a little word with those in authority. How many have been seen?

Right you other lot we ain't talking about Lucifer anymore, so you can come out of the cupboards now.

Anonymous said...

Sav, you got it down.

See, (((they))) know that if you can get people to mock their own founding myths, disaster follows. Nothing actually says you can't call it "supernatural", as myths are our meta-stories. They define us. By hijacking our myths, they un-define us.

Easy to find examples in hisory.

EG: In AD 405, (((they))) got the Romans to mock and destroy the Sybilline texts, sacred since the founding of the City. In AD 410, the Visigoths sacked Rome. Divine retribution has been suggested, but when you spit on your ancestors and their beliefs, a bad moon rises. Call it whatever you want.

Another EG: "Lucifer" is only a reworking of the Greek myth of Hephaestus, whom the Romans called "Vulcan" which seems to be the derivation of the Hebrew forge god Tubal Cain. See it? Vul-Cain. Lifted nearly without change.

Hephaestus was thrown from Olympus, mocked for being lame and broken after forging the weapons of the gods. It's the first case of Class Warfare and needs some serious scholarly attention... as soon as we working stiffs get a scholar or two on our side.

But see how (((they))) flipped it?

Having done his job, he was now useless. Hephaestus, made redundant, mocked (at least there were no hamburger-flipping jokes in his day) then tossed to the isle of Lemnos, to become the first Deplorable.

Deplorables! Scrap Lucifer, go back to the original, and clear his name. We have nothing to lose but the continuing snickers (((they))) use to divide us! Do it in the name of Vulcan, Hephaestus... or your OWN name. It's you they want dead.


ps - Not recommending it exactly, but Bill Nighy plays a wonderful Hephaestus in a silly movie called Wrath of the Titans. Small role, Bill's mad-in-exile forge god is a pitch-perfect performance. Worth it for me, but then I was a metalworker.

Clogheen said...

Sutherland has 3 kids.

James said...

But civilisations have collapsed before, from the Egyptians to the Mayans. Do you attribute supernatural forces to their downfall too?

There's no proof either way, is there?

James said...

Sutherland, a non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International...heads the Global Forum on Migration and Development, is typical of those sort of goyim

What makes you think he's a goy? Got any evidence?

Sutherland is a Jewish name.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Goldman-Sucks, we here in New Jersey have Phil Murphy to look forward to. You'd think Jon Corsine would have been enough but here comes Phil, out of Goldman and Harvard, to wreck the state. Likely to be elected after the ridiculous Chris Christie.

The plan here is to put the state into an impossible debt situation.

James said...

I don't attribute other civilisational collapses to supernatural forces and I'm not doing it with the West either. But the West's case is different in that it is largely self-inflicted. I'm merely suggesting that the idea of some supernatural causation is not as ridiculous as it would once have been considered.

Revilo Oliver once pondered this too. He felt that the forces against us were so powerful that they seemed super-human and that it would take a miracle to save the white race.

His single cause for cautious optimism was that liberals might eventually rather be part of a viable race rather than be laughed at.

Anonymous said...

Believeable ?
Comical or what ?

Pedo ring busted in Norway. 15 TERABYTES of PDF file files seized.

Some call it a police sting. Some would call it antisemitism.

SAVANT said...

John C - I think they - our Controllers - actually do have the dirt on the likes of Sutherland, Merkel etc. And yes, their children could also be factors in it even though in his case the children also seem to be on the same page as he is.

Flanders said...

The following bits are "off-topic" (I'm too lazy to search any deeper today}, but we need some news to brighten our day. It's not like it's happening to our families or neighbors ---- yet. "Our leaders" will do their best to protect us.

2 young women, age 21 and 22, suffer sex attacks by "migrants" in Germany

"...the reply of the Public Prosecutor's Office in Oldenburg.

During their investigation, they wrote to the victims: "It is quite conceivable that the young men just wanted to show in this way they were interested in you."

Flanders said...

"Germany To Make ‘Fake News’ Punishable By Prison"

Supposedly, fears of Russian hacking are the impetus, but is that only to hide the planned agenda for the future internal crackdowns.

Flanders said...

"New York Times Demands Ad Networks ‘Ban Independent Media’'

"New York Times CEO, Mark Thompson, Speaking to the Detroit Economic Club, Mark Thompson urged advertising networks to starve all forms of alternative media and independent news websites of cash, thus causing them to disappear from the Internet altogether, claiming that they are guilty of spreading “fake news."

Flanders said...

"DHS Found Guilty Of Faking Russian Hacking Attempts"

"The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have been caught posing as Russian agents and hacking into U.S. government computers.

The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office say that 10 cyberattacks on its network were traced back to computer belonging to the DHS."

Flanders said...

"WaPo Does It Again: CIA “Secret” Assessment Discredited By Top US Spy Agency, FBI and CIA Itself"

"Last Friday, a Washington Post article entitled “Secret CIA Assessment Says Russia was Trying to Help Trump Win White House” cited a “secret” CIA report which allegedly found evidence that Russia interfered in the US election on behalf of President-Elect Donald Trump. However, numerous other agencies in the US intelligence community, including multiple sources within the CIA, have discredited the “secret assessment” in recent days. This past Friday, a senior FBI counterintelligence official met with a bipartisan group of lawmakers and told them that the agency did not agree with the CIA’s assertion, calling them “fuzzy” and “ambiguous”, as no concrete proof of the allegations exists. The Washington Post later admitted this, saying that the difference of opinion between their “secret” CIA sources and the FBI is that the FBI “wants facts and tangible evidence to prove something” while the CIA is “more comfortable drawing inferences,” or, in other words, passing off assumptions as facts.

On Monday, Reuters reported that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) refused to endorse the CIA “secret” assessment “because of a lack of conclusive evidence” proving Moscow’s intent to elevate Trump’s chances in the November election. A senior US official also told Reuters that the CIA’s assessment was based on the conclusion that “judgment based on the fact that Russian entities hacked both Democrats and Republicans and only the Democratic information was leaked.” However, no evidence has even been released proving that Russian entities hacked Democrat and Republican networks as recent events have indicated that the election leaks were likely the work of Democratic Party or Intelligence community insiders.

Furthermore, multiple sources from within the CIA have disputed their own agency’s assessment of the situation. CIA analysts told True Pundit that the report was “an outright lie.
This latest revelation regarding the Post’s dubious journalism comes just a week after the paper’s editors admitted to using unverified, or fake, news in an attempt to smear alternative media as “fake news” by including numerous well-regarded sites in a libelous “black list.” This latest debacle for the paper, which is owned by Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos, would normally be enough to tank its little remaining credibility. However, the anti-Russia/anti-Trump narrative it is pushing directly appeals to many of those who voted for Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton as well as the neo-liberal establishment at large, ensuring that many wishful thinkers will continue to read the Washington Post no matter what drivel they decide to publish next."

Flanders said...

Citing an article in Forbes at Blacklisted News.

"Picking his way through the Soviet archives that Boris Yeltsin had just thrown open, in 1991 Tim Sebastian, a reporter for the London Times, came across an arresting memorandum. Composed in 1983 by Victor Chebrikov, the top man at the KGB, the memorandum was addressed to Yuri Andropov, the top man in the entire USSR. The subject: Sen. Edward Kennedy.

“On 9-10 May of this year,” the May 14 memorandum explained, “Sen. Edward Kennedy’s close friend and trusted confidant [John] Tunney was in Moscow.” (Tunney was Kennedy’s law school roommate and a former Democratic senator from California.) “The senator charged Tunney to convey the following message, through confidential contacts, to the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Y. Andropov.”

Kennedy’s message was simple. He proposed an unabashed quid pro quo. Kennedy would lend Andropov a hand in dealing with President Reagan. In return, the Soviet leader would lend the Democratic Party a hand in challenging Reagan in the 1984 presidential election. “The only real potential threats to Reagan are problems of war and peace and Soviet-American relations,” the memorandum stated. “These issues, according to the senator, will without a doubt become the most important of the election campaign.” [Continues]

Flanders said...

"Virginia Raggi told an immigration summit of European city leaders mayors need to be the first to welcome refugees with “warmth, shelter and accommodation”.

She was speaking just days after a Moroccan family was prevented from moving into a council flat given to them by the authorities after neighbours shouted: “We do not want these n*****s.”

John C said...

Anon, 18:31
That man is a good man, gets assaulted by a woman and carries on talking, class. If it wasn't for her saying she was jewish I wouldn't have known, same has the video linked by Flanders (who by the way i have downloaded all your links, cheers) with the lunatic jewish bloke running barefoot who then stops to shout/rant at a christian man talking about the love of god. Ive seen this act before, they just cannot stand to be questioned so go into crazy mode, hoping to embarrass you to shut up and go way. Just be nonplus.

Flanders said...

"Marking his final holiday season at the White House on Wednesday, hosting his last Hanukkah reception for America’s Jewish leadership, US President Barack Obama pulled at the community’s heartstrings by reminding them of their historic fight for liberal democratic ideals.

The president is engaged in a long series of “lasts” just one month before the inauguration of his successor, Donald Trump. This may have been his last significant engagement with the Jewish community at home, capping eight years of festive parties held throughout the White House mansion.

Yarmulkes capped snowmen in the cross hall, and once again, latkes, sushi and lamb chops were served as the Marine Chamber Orchestra played folk songs. Members of Congress, Supreme Court justices and loyal Democratic operatives were in attendance— some of whom openly waxed of their party’s past years in power, wondering if they ever again would get to celebrate in the East Room.

Obama told guests not to forget that the story of Hanukkah is, at its core, one of many demonstrating Jews’ epic fight for human freedom.

“Tonight, we come together for the final time to tell a familiar story,” Obama said, recounting the Maccabees’ plight. “That spirit from two millennia ago inspired America’s founders two centuries ago.”

“They proclaimed a new nation where citizens could speak and assemble, and worship as they wished. George Washington himself was said to have been stirred by the lights of Hanukkah after seeing a soldier seek the warmth of a menorah in the snows of Valley Forge.”

Obama then pointed to a letter on public display in the White House written to the Jews of Newport, Rhode Island, that assured the community that a new independent America “gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance.”

[The Head HouseBoy caretaker at the jew's White House continues rasping his retching rhetoric].

Anonymous said...

The English Girl

My father was Irish and so had various cousins living in England. In the late fifties, an English girl, Violet, of late teenage years showed up in the house for a visit of several months. Nothing remarkable about her except I recall that I got on with her somewhat less well than I did with my much older sisters. Since she stayed so long, she was able to get a part-time job at a local grocery store in order to make a little money.

Nothing remarkable about it until the afternoon I was wasting time on the porch and my sisters were chatting with Violet. She mentioned that there was a black guy at work, something very exotic in her experience. Violet asked my sisters if they had ever dated a black guy and allowed that she was considering it.

My sisters jaws dropped, eyes wide as saucers and I assume it was promptly reported to my mother because in very short order there was a formal meeting in the dining room. A Council of Women, in effect. I don't know what went on because I was quickly shunted out into the tick-infested wilderness but the vibes were very heavy.

And I never heard anymore about it but for sure there was no more talk of inter-racial dating. And I gather that dad, the old puritan, never heard anything about it.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile while white people argue about nonsense on the Internet
1.000 Muslims march through London demanding a caliphate

Yes whilst we are sleeping they are on the streets getting louder


Me and my mates are now talking about demonstrating against their next demonstration -problem is we all live 100s of miles away from London,whilst are Londoners out there

James said...

Simon at asks the following.

An intriguing and little-discussed element of female psychology: What is happening when a female flaunts feminine sanitary items before males? This is consistently observed behaviour, and has even been a feature of TV ads for the same.

Another is phoning a previous boyfriend during or shortly after sex with a new one.

Does anyone know? Searcher? Frank?

Anonymous said...

John C - I think they - our Controllers - actually do have the dirt on the likes of Sutherland, Merkel etc.

Merkel's competitors were cleared away by being smeared as communists - all arranged by Merkel's communist comrades. That's how she became chancellor.

The others were probably less commie than dear old Angie, but she was the pick. If they have dirt on her its a good bet she would have given it to them to prove her loyalty. She's a very willing participant I would think.

John C said...

Apathy...... It really will get us nowhere, can you really pass the buck on to your beloved.

Thanks Clogheen, hope you didn't mind me having a jib at Irish women's cooking, which is second to none in Europe if not the world and I aint talking bs cos ive experience it, plus the hospitality goes without saying.
Merry Christmas SweetHeart

Anonymous said...

This is joy


Anonymous said...

Sorry off-topic

I have just found out why the BBC [Bolshevik Bummers Club]moved its offices from metropolitan London to the northern town of Salford.....40% of the local population is Jewish.

Had they stayed in London they would have had to recruit a lot of the local Mohammedans whereas in Salford there is a large pool of on-message, culture distorters to recruit from.


PS re the some of the theological points raised in the comments, the Bible is clear that God oversees the rise and fall of nations.
If 800m white europeans cried out to God for help, God wouldn't necessarily act to save their homelands from destruction as they are sinners and as such their prayers carry a lot less weight than the prayers of the righteous. But if the 800m held up their young babies and asked God to save these innocents, then I think God would intervene in a dramatic fashion.

SAVANT said...

Interesting insight MISTER. Hard to know where all of these factors intersect. Not called the occult for nothing.

Anonymous said...


Great post! Which ONE factor explains the decline of the West?

Answer: Rebellion against Jesus Christ.

Let that sink in.


John C said...

800 million whites need to hold up a sword. God helps those that help themselves.
And he has given us agency to act. We are not drones.

Declan-P said...

Very true JP.

And this rebellion derives from the most deadly sin of all: Pride.

John C said...

Clogheen, having had a bit of wine, I should of said the Irish people are great hosts. What I wrote before came across wrong if you have a dirty mind. (Bloody hell john, yer doing it again son, turn it in will ya)

Flanders said...

"Germany Hospital Crisis HIV Infected Refugees Stab Doctors and Female Staff!"

I don't think that this is reported by our Western press, either. The video says that it's not being reported locally either. The video was published on Nov 11, 2016, and I highly recommend watching this one, and the one which automatically follows it, "She refused to sell them cigarettes".

Flanders said...

Bill's Rope Supply where I obtained this next link says: "Another obongo democrat arrested for pedophilia… how deep does the District of Columbia, UK, and Vatican #PedoGate actually go? All the way to israhell? YEP "

"You won’t read about this in the real fake media outlets like the Washington Post because the mainstream press protects its chosen political ideology, no matter what they do, but yet another insider Democrat who has been arrested for sexually abusing a child.
They identified a man named Terrence Bean, a fundraiser and a “bundler” for Obama and Clinton (a bundler collects, or “bundles,” vast sums of money for a political candidate and are highly coveted). Bean has traveled at least twice aboard Air Force One with the president.

In 2014, Bean was arrested for raping a child. He and his 25-year-old boyfriend were charged with a pair of felony counts of having sex with a minor (a 15-year-old boy) the previous year. They allegedly took turns molesting the boy while Bean was campaigning with and for Obama.

This would be the second pedophile linked directly with the Clintons and, indirectly, Obama. The first was billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who has flown the Clintons to his private island where it is rumored to be a haven for sex with young and underage boys and girls." [More]

Flanders said...

Mike Adams is hamming it up, trying to get you to click on one of his links which I assume he gets paid for, but I'll report his headline because it's probable that there will be such leftist attempts to disrupt the inauguration.

"The next American Civil War begins on January 20… Second Amendment patriots may be called on to defend the Republic against left-wing terrorists"

Flanders said...

The jew media is adept at deceiving all of us - and all done while we swear up and down that they do not influence us. MSM is the most dangerous weapon in the arsenal of the jews, and it props them up in every one of their other scams and controls. The jews media must be the first thing that goes.

"The effects of decades of manipulative media can be seen in the gridlock of ideas, the overly-confrontational and divisive nature of modern discourse, and the extreme homogenization of American cities and towns, where people now look the same, buy the same things, eat the same food, and share a narrow spectrum of ideas and values.

These two expert examples are but a couple among many techniques used to sway public opinion and change public behavior, but for these to be effective, the public must be remain unaware of the how the science of social programming and brainwashing are at work manipulating our lives.

“As Tavistock’s researchers showed, it was important that the victims of mass brainwashing not be aware that their environment was being controlled; there should thus be a vast number of sources for information, whose messages could be varied slightly, so as to mask the sense of external control.” ~ Specialist of mass brainwashing, L. Wolfe"

There is a good video there which explains important points about the tricks of media. Skip to about the 22 minute mark, and then go back to the intro if you have the time.

Flanders said...

John C said...
800 million whites need to hold up a sword. God helps those that help themselves.
And he has given us agency to act. We are not drones.
Agreed John C. Those knifes and swords are nothing to be sneezed at, even if someone is carrying a firearm. A range of differing weapons would be better, even if homemade. Creating a psychological wedge against an enemy is often as effective as surprise.

Flanders said...

Why is it even considered relevant whether it was Russia or my Grandma Iilley who released the information about the emails which showed that Hillary was doing her dirty work? Maybe Russia deserves a Nobel Prize for muckraking.

Flanders said...

"According to crime statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), knives are consistently used to kill people far more often than rifles are used. And the numbers aren’t even close: five times as many murders were committed with knives than were committed with rifles last year."

Flanders said...

"Firearms Experts Joke, “Never Bring A Knife To A Gunfight”? Here Are 5 Reasons They Were Wrong."

Luke 2236 said...

Mr Savant, it is solely supernatural. It is the work of satan and [[[his children]]] - as Jesus called them - and is a result of our turning our backs as nations/a people on God Almighty and His laws statutes and judgements. Once you understand that WE are the people of the Bible, the true Israelite nations of Gods covenant, this becomes apparent. It is a cycle we have repeated throughout history and is recorded in the Bible as well as profane works.
The creature pictured is not only doing the work of his father the devil, it is genetically encoded in him / [[[them]]]. They can do naught else. They are a 'rod of chastisement' and 'creatures of instinct, created to be destroyed' as the Scripture tells us.

Uncle Nasty said...

Don't know if this is on-topic, Savant. But it's interesting, nonetheless.

Looks like the jews have been giving the lettuce, garlic, bacon and tomato industry a few lessons in pre-emptive revenge.

Note the headline in which we learn that:-

Brady Bunch star Susan Olsen fired from radio show after homophobic rant about gay actor

(Very old image) Susan Olsen as Cindy Brady.

Former Brady Bunch star Susan Olsen has been fired as a radio host after an anti-gay rant online.

After interviewing gay actor Leon Acord-Whiting on her LA Talk Radio show, Two Chicks Talkin' Politics, the pair got into an online confrontation.
On Facebook, Acord-Whiting called Olsen a "Trump fanatic" and accused her of using her show to "spread outrageous misinformation".

Susan Olsen was sacked over a homophobic rant.

Olsen hit back with an expletive-ridden tirade across several Facebook posts, using homophobic slurs to attack the actor.

You can read the "expletive-ridden tirade" rant at the site. If you dare.

I must say that I am surprised at the restraint shown by the original MSM fags that posted it, and that these frightful fagophobic "rants" were merely "posted."
I would have expected them to be ((("Spewed"))) -- or at the very least ((("uttered"))) in the finest hosenosian victim tradition.

Interpreting fagonese can be a tiring exercise. One has to assume that ((("Uttered"))) is much lower on the antisemitic knee-jerk totem pole than ((("Spewed")))

Once again, we have an example of what we have come to expect from the increasingly beleaguered MSM ... utterly content-free content.

Speaking of totem poles, I did an IMDB seach for "Leon Acord-Whiting" ... no luck. I guess Spielberg or Lucas, he ain't.


Flanders said...

Before becoming so blessed by the current poly-hued multicultural imports into the country and by a monopolizing consortium of globalist jew corporate owners, America had to valiantly struggle through with the American's people's own economy of the 1950's.

Flanders said...

"Our Presidents should not be able to conduct secret operations which violate our principles, jeopardize our rights, and have not been subject to the checks and balances which normally keep policies in line." - Morton Halperin, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Affairs

The CIA didn't want to discuss their people who were in the television networks in 1973. I suppose this was from the Frank Church committee hearings, although the video blurb say's 1950.

"This is an old clip showing admittance of the CIA that they use the mainstream media to manipulate the thoughts and ideas of American citizens in the USA." [3 min]
"On January 22, 1946, President Harry S. Truman issued an executive order setting up a National Intelligence Authority, and under it, a Central Intelligence Group, which was the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency. Truman recognized the need for a centralized intelligence apparatus in peacetime to help ensure that nothing like the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor would ever again happen. The organization that was to become the CIA took on a life of its own and over the past four decades has become the secret army of the President of the United States. Presidents from Truman to Ronald Reagan have used this secret army whenever they found it impossible to achieve their policy goals through overt means.

Over the years, the CIA has evolved from an agency whose primary assignment was to gather intelligence into a powerful entity whose help is enlisted to help attain American foreign policy goals."

The above was from the introduction page. This below is the overall link.

Clogheen said...

The reason you probably failed to find any reference to this "Leon Acord-Whiting" guy UN is that the Whiting bit is the name of his (here I pause to retch) 'husband'. The most faggoty looking 'man' I ever saw.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic but you have to see this.

Bill Clinton without make-up:

Anonymous said...

Don't know how this figures into the cultural commentary here but I think it is worth noting.

There's a guy driving around town here with a six foot fully lit Christmas tree with a star on top in the bed of his pick-up truck.

And who says white people aren't dangerous. I'm sure he's no one I would want to have a beef with.

Anonymous said...

Here's a luvly girl for you lemmyhead pity she ain't a yam yam like Doreen


Anonymous said...

Those who are surprised that Trump had a meeting with Kanye West should bear in mind that he was good buddies with Al Sharpton and Don King 25 years ago when he was promoting boxing in his casinos.

I mean I like the guy. I voted for the guy. But his loudmouth style and crude materialism is kind of like a nigger who won the lottery.

Anonymous said...

Putman - Kike name ?

Flanders said...

George Soros is at it again. Isn't it past time that foreign dual-citizen traitors were tried and convicted for overt attempts to internally change and overthrow other countries, including the "US"? He pretends to be an "anti-Semite" jew and anti-Israel, and operates the Rothschild faction favoring governance by "globalist capitalists", all while instituting domestic revolutions to further institute leftist policies within those countries and globalist corporations.

Those types of activities are going to continue so long as people sit back and allow them to continue. They sneaked upon the American people at an earlier time and were not recognized for being the dangerous evil that they are. American's realize it now, but need to shake off the complacency which has built after having it happen so long without having effectively been challenged by anyone - mainly because the MSM media supports those activities, too, and it's not just because they can sell more papers or advertising, but because media ownership wants those overt changes, too.

George Soros, the convicted jewish felon, and EBay founder, Omidyar, and Zuckerberg are joining together for censorship activities at Facebook financed by them and by Soros. All these activities are likely to be endorsed and pushed fully by the full range of MSM, including newspapers and television networks, and the Democratic Party, the Republican Party's "behind the scenes leadership" and the full assortment of leftist groups.

"Clinton mega donor George Soros leads line-up of liberal billionaires who are funding Facebook's fake news fact checker"

•George Soros's Open Foundation Societies will fund fact checking initiative
•Hungarian businessman donated more than $25million to Clinton's campaign
•Clinton super-donor Pierre Omidyar is also linked to the pilot project
•He has given more than $30million to the Clintons and their charities in past
•Facebook feature will flag 'disputed' stories to users before they share them
•Stories are reported to 'third party checkers' which include ABC and Snopes
•Clinton's campaign was plagued with fake news stories before the election
•Right-wing commentators fear it will boost liberal content and censor Republican messages

"The 86-year-old Hungarian financier's Open Foundation Societies is listed among organizations which are backing The International Fact Checking Network, the body tasked with flagging bogus news stories to social media users, on its website. ----

Other donors involved in the new fact checking feature include eBay founder Pierre Omidyar who has committed more than $30million to the Clintons and their charities.

Google, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the National Endowment for Democracy are also funding the pilot.

The line-up feeds criticism from right-wing commentators that the new [ Poynter Institute's] fact checking feature will be biased towards left-wing causes and could interfere with the social media feeds of millions of voters.

The feature was announced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday night.

It will flag any stories which have been 'disputed by a 3rd party' before users attempt to share them and prohibit the promotion of any fake stories.

The third parties include but are not limited to ABC News, Politico, Snopes and The Washington Post." [Full list and a recounting of "fake news", some of that news likely created by the jews pushing this effort for this very purpose, is at the site, along with more "info".

Flanders said...

Anon 16:49, That is a hell of a scary picture! That is what living around Hillary for many years will do for you.

Flanders said...

UN, I don't know if you actually would want a picture of that Leon Acord and Laurence Whiting Wedding? You have to hang out in trendy places in order to become privileged to these things. [Scroll down at the link - way down!].

Flanders said...

JustJared, and followers (whatever they are) are a teensy-weensie upset about Susan O., too.

Flanders said...

"This is Laurence!"

"Laurence Whiting is the consummate host, event pro and Minister of Hospitality! Watch him in action!"

John C said...

Who's experience this with family members and all knowing blokes down the pub?
40 years old and still a moron. They can't deal in facts but repeat what they have read in the msm.

Arch Stanton comment Dec 16 12:07

Flanders said...

"BREAKING: Court Releases Video of OK Running Back Joe Mixon Viciously Punching Out Blonde Female Student"

"We really have to do something about these feral animals who walk among us.

The blacks on youtube are celebrating. The whites are calling the blacks niggers.

It’s interesting how the Negroid population admits that any slight is enough to set them off, which they think is just fine.

They don’t belong among civilized people.
“Avoid the groid. Around blacks, never relax.”

Flanders said...

"Muslims Filmed by Security Cam Trying to Rape Young Girl"
"The Statue of Liberty (Isis)"
Emma Lazarus - jewess

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."
In France where the jew's Freemasons long ago began the construction of their ISIS v America program of destruction, and which is now against the whole Western world, while the jews and their secretive Freemasons remain in the background and pull the strings.

John C said...

This country Needs a good thorough clean up and clear out. Too many good lives/families are being destroyed by the scum that willfully put drugs into their body system, then plead that they didn't know what they were doing. No excuses Hang the scum.

John C said...

God is watching you: How the fear of god makes us human

One year ago everywhere you looked on the Internet people were saying Wake-up or Wake the fuck up. Not so much now, I hardly see it written at all. Why is this? Have the people woken up, so that people don't have to keep screaming WAKE-UP!!!!! Or is it that those awoke people have thought fuck-it this is exhausting me, I'd better rest somewhile and in no time nodded off to sleep. I wonder.

John C said...

What the Hell is in our food?

Do they want us dead or sumtink

David said...

And then there's this:

The late American Professor Revilo P. Oliver, a confirmed atheist, was forced to conclude: "A theory that a conspiracy has been working consciously for many centuries is not very plausible unless one attributes to them a religious unity. That is tantamount to regarding them as satanists engaged in the worship and service of supernatural evil.
The directors of the conspiracy must see or otherwise directly perceive manifestations which convince them of the existence and power of lucifer. And since subtle conspirators must be very shrewd men, not likely to be deceived by auto-suggestion, hypnosis, or drugs, we should have to conclude that they probably are in contact with a force of pure evil." (Prof. Revilo P. Oliver, Conspiracy or Degeneracy?, USA)

Anonymous said...

John C Said :-

Have the people woken up, so that people don't have to keep screaming WAKE-UP!!!!! Or is it that those awoke people have thought fuck-it this is exhausting me, I'd better rest somewhile and in no time nodded off to sleep.

Perhaps people are awake, it does seem many more are than a year ago are, so what do you suggest? TBH I'm sick of asking the question. What do you suggest would unite the awoken in one mass to change things? If you believe in any of the many conspiracy facts, holohoax, 9/11 inside job, Pizzagate, Illuminati, et al, then you must realise that something is wrong. What about the wars that are being fought? The West, white hats, invade countries to stop their dictators from killing them by killing the people in greater numbers than any dictator could dream of. When someone tries to stop the insanity like Putin and Russia they are the black hats. Is it possible to believe in any of these and think it's all for the good? Is it so horrible to comprehend that people can't believe that it's happening?
A few months ago I said I had a feeling that something was happening. A feeling that you can't describe. I think it was James who agreed he had the same feeling. It would seem that more people are moving towards that feeling that can't be described.

"I'm merely suggesting that the idea of some supernatural causation is not as ridiculous as it would once have been considered".


Anonymous said...

With the talk of myths, religion etc. I got to thinking, unusual itself. How many laws are there that you can break? I would bet that it must be at least half of this amount:-

15 TERABYTES of PDF file files seized.

So my thought, I only had one, was to go back to a more simple time. I'm not a religious person, all the Christian churches have sold whites out, but I believe the Ten Commandments are a good basis for a society. F*ck every other law. If you are going to do something a bit dodgy you would have to think that if you are stood before twelve good men and true, would they think you acted correctly? That's it. Tax dodges, accountancy 'irregularities', all those little things that rely on a word interpreted here to mean one thing and interpreted by another as something else, gone. Lawyers making millions of pounds from the average man by dragging cases out over years, gone. Tax evasion or tax avoidance? Chance your arm before a jury when you send that fifty million offshore. Your accountant thought it was O.K?
You and your accountant can stand before the good men who toil away just to have two weeks holiday in Benidorm. There will be a judge but only to act as chairman not to advise on the finer points of the law. You put your case, the jury ask questions. The jury decides if your guilty or not and what sentence you deserve. Including the rope.
Perhaps one more law. The eleventh commandment. M.P.s are the first to carry out the decisions that they make for everyone else. We need to go to war? Fine, you and your kids are on the frontline. More immigration? You have as many immigrants as can possibly be fitted into your house and you feed them. Seems only fair.


joe btfsplk said...

Putman - Kike name ?

on the list of jew surnames

Anonymous said...

White helmets are just jihadists in disguise who that joe cox woman was cajolled into thinking they were right on good geezers just misunderstood Muslims

There's a few things also afoot at home which the British government is implementing

Marine A has had a new court case Friday 16 12 16 / 2.000 odd ex marines and others from midde England turned up at court so they put off giving a decision for 5 days maybe hoping not to upset middle England when they don't give him freedom on 23 12 16
I bet Putin doesn't have soldiers languishing in jail for breaking the gene a convention

Then the leader of Britain first Paul Golding love him or loathe him . Has been arrested on trivial charges and imprisoned instead of giving him bail, I mean he won't skip bail so why remand him in prison unless the government want him attacked in prison like they arranged to happen to tommy Robinson


Flanders said...

Here is the recent event that is being hushed up by jewsmedia about what seems almost certain to be the murders of 2 doctors in Marburg, Hesse, Germany. I knew that I'd heard a brief blurb, quick and hushed up, but this is the only acknowledged report which I have found. It is December 15, 2016.

"Violent incidents are not uncommon in doctors’ practices, with patients usually attacking doctors when such incidents do occur."

The police and authorities pretend that they do not know, but one of the newspapers makes clear that it's unlikely one of the "theoretical points" which the rest of the controlled press are reporting.

"But Hessische Rundfunk reports a police officer earlier saying “there is a threat level. We fear bad things to come.”

Uncle Nasty said...

Okay ... this does come from the Jew York Times -- and it is written by an RSP, but they sound rather alarmed at the possibility, which always brightens my day.

How Stable Are Democracies? ‘Warning Signs Are Flashing Red’
By AMANDA TAUB NOV. 29, 2016

WASHINGTON — Yascha Mounk is used to being the most pessimistic person in the room. Mr. Mounk, a lecturer in government at Harvard, has spent the past few years challenging one of the bedrock assumptions of Western politics: that once a country becomes a liberal democracy, it will stay that way.

His research suggests something quite different: that liberal democracies around the world may be at serious risk of decline.

Mr. Mounk’s interest in the topic began rather unusually. In 2014, he published a book, “Stranger in My Own Country.” It started as a memoir of his experiences growing up as a Jew in Germany, but became a broader investigation of how contemporary European nations were struggling to construct new, multicultural national identities.

and ...

... Support for autocratic alternatives is rising, too. Drawing on data from the European and World Values Surveys, the researchers found that the share of Americans who say that army rule would be a “good” or “very good” thing had risen to 1 in 6 in 2014, compared with 1 in 16 in 1995.

That trend is particularly strong among young people. For instance, in a previously published paper, the researchers calculated that 43 percent of older Americans believed it was illegitimate for the military to take over if the government were incompetent or failing to do its job, but only 19 percent of millennials agreed. The same generational divide showed up in Europe, where 53 percent of older people thought a military takeover would be illegitimate, while only 36 percent of millennials agreed.

In the United States, Donald J. Trump won the presidential election by running as an antisystem outsider. And support for antisystem populist parties in Europe, such as the National Front in France, Syriza in Greece and the Five-Star Movement in Italy, is rising.

Dermokkasee falling apart? No more dictatorship by the great unwashed?? Oh, the humanity!!!


Flanders said...

Since these were imported black trash and not indigenous White men, the authorities, of course, basically just let them go.

"Africans in Italy Hold Refugee Center Hostage: “Give Us More Money or We’ll Kill You”

"Three African migrants ended up in jail after threatening to kill refugee centre workers unless they handed over more cash and improved the quality of food they served.

The men, one from Nigera and two from Gambia, sparked outage when they turned against the voluntary helpers.

The shocking incident erupted in at a refugee centre in the southern Italian town of Potenza.

According to local reports the men were given food, clothes and their daily allowance of £3.30 but became angry and shouted: “If you don’t give us more money and better food, we will kill you”."

Flanders said...

"The jews have it all pre-planned so that faceless bureaucrats do the work for jews, passing and enforcing "laws" and "regulations" favored and implemented by the jews so that several layers of faceless bureaucracy and passage of time hides that it was the work of the jews all along, which was responsible for these measures - which all along were intended to stick it to Whites."

Whether that was the actual case here, we may never know for certain - but what does your own gut (when combined with your own knowledge about how the networking jews work) tell you?

"A recent study done by an pro-system think-tank, “The Urban Institute,” shows that the states with the largest population of “ha-Latinos” or “Latinx” classify their Mexican criminals as “white.” This is then passed off to Federal statisticians, and in the case of states like California where the Mexican population is especially feral, this undoubtedly inflates the national white crime rate."

"New Study: White Crime Rate Data Being Inflated by Miscategorizing Spanish-Speaking Indians as “White”

Uncle Nasty said...

... aaaaaand, just in time for Christmas, another heart-warming -- nay, tearjerking story about the world's Hide and Seek Champion 1942-1944.

Coming to you, of course, from that segment (did I nearly say "smegma?") of the jew population responsible for News(?) Propaganda and Disinforamtion ... the tired old MSM.

You know them. They're the ones currently squealing about "Fake News"

Was Anne Frank's family betrayed? After 72 years, historians have a new theory

The interest in the betrayal of a teenage girl seven decades after her death is a testament to the universality of Anne's powerful tale.*

For two years, Anne Frank's family hid in secret rooms in Amsterdam, knowing that a curtain left open by mistake, a wayward noise or a nervous conspirator's phone call to the Nazis could land them all in concentration camps.

The worst happened on a summer day in 1944, when investigators discovered their secret world behind a movable bookcase and rounded them up.

Of the eight Jews hiding, seven died before the Holocaust was over, including Anne, whose diary was a testament to the horrors of the Nazi regime. She died of typhus at age 15 at Bergen-Belsen camp in Germany.

The Anne Frank House museum has more than 1 million visitors every year.

And for decades, her father Otto tried to figure out who tipped off the Nazis - a question historians have debated for 72 years.

* Anne Frank's diary published online
* Anne Frank's diary isn't pornographic
* Justin Bieber: Anne 'would have been a Belieber'
* Book owned, signed by Anne Frank to be auctioned
* Rare handwritten note signed by Anne Frank sells for $211,000

Now, the Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam has put forth a new theory:


Anne Frank died of typhus at age 15 at Bergen-Belsen camp in Germany.

Maybe it was all just a coincidence.**

For decades, the common theory has been that Anne Frank's family was betrayed, possibly by a new employee at her father's business or a conspirator's wife unsympathetic to the plight of the eight Jews hiding from Nazis in secret rooms.

But, according to a research paper published this month by the Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam, "this explicit focus on betrayal, however, limits the perspective of the arrest ...other scenarios tend to be overshadowed."

Read on, we can all use a laugh.


*Actually, no. It's a testament to the RSP's propensity to beat the living shit out of a pet subject, blithely innocent of the fact that no one really gives a fuck anymore ... if they ever did.

**Cohensidence? Surely not.

Anonymous said...

Further to Gerrys post. A Canadian reporter, who has actually been to Aleppo tells you what you knew anyway.The MSM have been lying! Even the, sucks in breath, organs of the SJW, The Guardian and the BBC. Those f*cking evil Ruskie bastards that bombed that hospital? Putin should be put up against a wall and shot for the suffering that caused. Oh. Sorry, that didn't happen.
The reporter gives the figures for the Syrian election. That makes very, very, uncomfortable listening. The last election was in 2014. A turnout of about 80% overwhelmingly voted for Assad.
The bad news is here. Here in Britain, we have a Prime Minister who no one voted for to be P.M. Not only no votes, not even a f*cking election. I'm expecting American bombs any minute now. A friend from Mousehole has just rung to say American boots are on the ground. They're shouting "Freedom! Democracy! Yea" as they shoot off roofs and throw hand grenades through the fisherman's cottages windows. Froome is their next stop. Soon we will be free from the Fascist dictator May. She will be treated exactly the same as Saddam Hussain and Muammar Gaddafi. I won't be doing the anal bit but I'm sure someone will take the job.
I wonder if anyone else sees the irony of the Assad/May situation?

Here's a video of the speech she gave to the U.N. and the world's press.

As you can see the place is,..... deserted. The newspapers and news channels who report on Aleppo and have never been there? None. Questions from the press? Some c*nt who works for a Norwegian paper.
On the upside, it does seem the Russians are doing a good job eliminating the US proxy terrorists.
I'm thinking of seeking political asylum in Russia.Let's all go. Claim asylum and have a bit of a lads night out piss up.


John C said...

Then the leader of Britain first Paul Golding love him or loathe him . Has been arrested on trivial charges and imprisoned instead of giving him bail, I mean he won't skip bail so why remand him in prison unless the government want him attacked in prison like they arranged to happen to tommy Robinson.

In fact Gerry, I detest the pair of them, both saying more or less the same thing. Paul Robinstein (got that of a comment from another blog so i won't claim credit for that, but funny nevertheless) is a cunt pure a simple. Paul Goldding? As a 18 year newbie with printing connections from nowhere to help the bnp in their 1999 euro election with printing then totally backed cunt griffin over John Tyndall, within no time, fat golding is falling out with cunt one eye (I'll tell you a funny story about that one day) griffin. Strange people, strange manoeuvers, all makes sense if you have a critical mind (we have been born for war, then the victorian factories, only to see your life out on the rock&roll, really thats all the establishment see you for), tell me Gerry, me old China, wot does golding Stand For? Answer this, All his points of contention, within the next 24 hours, this saviour of the Anglo Saxon Celt.
Stop and think for once. Stop Backing False messiahs. Toadie of the establishment that is put before you. A street protest that is really nothing but a song to whistle too.
You had a little opening in your life Gerry to join the good fellows back in the day, but you declined cos the msm said the bnp were nazi (white survivalist) even tho they were gaining support from all over the country, and you declined. Say no more. Say no more.... Unless you really have too..... I don't think you are all there mate. If you know wot saying.

Uncle Nasty said...

Just did a bit of reading on "Marine 'A'".

A fellow who has been sentenced to ten years for doing his job ... killing sand niggers.

Just imagine playing by today's rules -- but going back two or three generations.

Churchill, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Stalin -- all standing together on the scaffold ... confused and blinking in the bright sunlight. Woodrow Wilson and Truman bringing up the rear

The jews who framed -- and murdered -- the Reich's top brass -- and a heap of innocent bystanders at the biggest bullshit show trial in history ... Nuremberg -- standing, waiting their turn.

The architects of Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, behind them.

In place of honour, though -- Eisenhower, for the studied and calculated murder of up to a million Wehrmacht POW's

Waiting in the wings ... pretty much everyone in the top echelons of the Allies for knowingly repatriating former allies to their certain death behind the Iron Curtain

No doubt about it ... everyone owes the jews, the West of the last century and its politicians -- big time. I just hope I live to see the debt even partially settled.


Flanders said...

Seems to be an image only.

"Two doctors shot dead at a doctor's office in the German city of Marburg, SEK special force on scene in standoff with the gunman"
"German-Iraqi boy, 12, 'tried to bomb Christmas market''

"German prosecutors said Friday they were investigating a case in which a 12-year-old boy allegedly tried to detonate a home-made nail bomb at a Christmas market.

News weekly Focus first reported the case, saying a German-Iraqi child had attempted the attack, possibly after being radicalised by Islamic State group jihadists.

Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman Steffen Seibert said "a report like this is frightening" but declined further comment, saying the matter was in the hands of federal prosecutors.

The home-made device -- a glass jar filled with a combustible powder and nails -- was discovered on December 5 in the western city of Ludwigshafen and destroyed by police.
The boy allegedly first tried to detonate the device at the city's Christmas market on November 26.

Then, on December 5, he allegedly hid the explosive in a backpack outside a shopping centre near the city's town hall where a passer-by spotted it and informed police.

The child, who cannot face a German court because he is aged under 14, was detained and placed into a juvenile care facility, said Focus weekly.

City mayor Eva Lohse said he "is currently staying at a secure place and therefore presents no public threat".

Flanders said...

"The chateau of Chambord, the biggest in France's Loire Valley, will see its French formal garden restored thanks to a 3.5 million euro ($3.6 million) donation from a super-rich American financier.

Stephen Schwarzman, chairman and CEO of the Blackstone private equity firm who is reportedly worth around $11 billion, "loves France, loves our heritage," Chambord's director Jean d'Haussonville told AFP on Saturday.

Schwarzman, already a patron at the Decorative Arts and Louvre museums in Paris, decided to finance the restoration of the garden at the chateau built by King Francois I (1494-1547) after visiting there twice over the past few years.

The 69-year-old business magnate also wanted to help France "at a time when we see that heritage is an issue for civilisation," d'Haussonville added, citing the jihadist attacks in France that have claimed 238 lives since January 2015."
Rent A Jew

Indoctrination in your own home.

"Germany is a country of about 81 million people - only about 200,000 of which are Jewish. As a consequence, most Germans have never met a Jewish person, despite the omnipresence of the Holocaust in German public life and in school books. A lot of Jewish people, on the other hand, want to be more than just the regular stereotypes, reduced to victims.

This is where Rent a Jew steps in. The initiative provides speakers to educational institutions or groups, for school classes, adult education courses, religious communities, student groups or cultural associations. In reaching out to non-Jews, we aim to provide the opportunity to socialize with the Jewish community and break down prejudices in the process. The focus of our encounters is to introduce real people and promote dialogue about the current Jewish life.

Talk to us, not about us. We don’t give lectures on Jewish history or religion as experts but talk about what it’s like for us to be a Jew in Germany. Above all, we encourage people to ask questions and yes, voice those stereotypes like: Are all Jews rich? Do they control the media? Or are they really the chosen people? Most importantly, people can talk with Jews instead of only talking about them."

This goes to the German link. Click the English info at the top.

Flanders said...

I thought Europeans were supposed to be smarter than Americans. If there are any "americans" who find the phrase, "unity in diversity" to be a compelling intellectual argument, then they are neither American nor White. They would also be dunces.

"The German Chancellor Angela Merkel is to receive an honorary degree from the universities of Leuven (KULeuven) and Ghent (UGent) in January.

Leuven and Ghent want to highlight her efforts "to improve Europe's political strength."

The honorary degree will be bestowed upon the German Chancellor at a ceremony in Brussels, on 12 January. The event will be attended by the Belgian Premier Charles Michel and his Flemish counterpart Geert Bourgeois. Rik Torfs (head of Leuven University) and Anne De Paepe (Ghent) will be delivering the title.

Merkel has been chosen for "her diplomatic and political efforts to boost Europe's political strength, and to defend the values which allow the continent to find unity in diversity."

John C said...

I couldn't wait that long, its Christmas and I couldn't wait to unwrap my present. Here it is folks.
Make sure to read it all.

God Bless You John Tyndall

John C said...

Gerry's favourite jar of dynamite to toss into the mix. Enjoy.
Love or Hate

Gerry Was To Sacred to join the bnp when the msm said they were bad, bad nazi's. Even though they had amassed quite a following.

Dystopia calling on the world wide web. LA calling Birmingham calling Stockholm calling Berlin calling yeah wotever. Sorry Paris miss you out. You're the tops.

Anonymous said...

Christ vs. anti-Christ, simple as that.

True servants of Christ are optimists, in that they realize futility in this reality but at the same time always strive for unachievable truth in the valley of lies.

Anti-Christ is a pessimist and always settles for the lie.

John 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

SAVANT said...

That's a heart-warming scenario you summon up there UN. Agree with you about Eisenhower being the worst of the worst. Wrote about it here.

Soul Glow said...

"unity in diversity". Textbook Orwell.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Elderly "other" forms of unknown denominational, 'pale skinned' trash are the nucleus of the insidioius "Hate" against white people especially white males

Uncle Nasty said...

Aaaaaah ... raghead kids:-

"German prosecutors said Friday they were investigating a case in which a 12-year-old boy allegedly tried to detonate a home-made nail bomb at a Christmas market.
From Flanders.

(sigh) they blow up so quickly these days ...


Anonymous said...

John c

I didn't join the BNP mainly because I was born a catholic in n Ireland
And the BNP people I knew hated all Irish Catholics
Although I did join them on a march in digbeth Birmingham late 70s
Which turned into a mini riot
I also got into trouble in the pubs in Brum and down the football after for months as people recognised me from the march
So stop slandering me because it's pissing me off
And to be honest you with your. Boring comments are ruining this blog
I usually skip over most of them

John C said...

New West End Play At The Golders Green Theatre

Kosher Politics

Tommy Robinstein playing himself
Paul Goldberg playing himself
And a cast of very dubious characters
Some say the best play since Fiddler On The Roof

Jews in London

In 2015, Britain First offered "solidarity patrols" in areas of London with high Jewish populations while blaming anti-Semitism on Islam. TheCommunity Security Trust, an organisation against anti-Semitism, has warned Jews not to become involved with Britain First, and has likened this policy to similar ones by the English Defence League and the BNP, saying that all of these groups were opposing Muslims more than supporting Jews.

Street movements that then try their hand at electioneering, fail miserably cos they don't know wtf they are doing, whilst splitting the nationalist vote where they stood in elections, then turn around and say electioneering is Dead in Britain. What utter toe rags.
Both edl bf created around the time the bnp got its first european elected mps.
Both grew from splits in the bnp.
John Tyndall would be ashamed of these little shits.

Anonymous said...

By the way john c
I support almost anybody who speaks out about Islam I mean people who put their head literally on the chopping block
So if you aren't happy with anybody out there doing that
The job is open for you. I will follow you
As you have all the answers and lead a puritan life

Anonymous said...

Sorry my bad memory
It was a NF demo late 70s and they hated
Irish Catholics as well

Anonymous said...

John C. May I ask a personal question? You will either understand this or be baffled. Were you in an industrial unit on the North Wales border in 2009?


Anonymous said...

Anne Frank's diary; written in biro which was invented after WW2 no ?

Anonymous said...

What a 'hard man' ...

Anonymous said...

"unity in diversity" LOL

I'm just a regular American and find these type of phrases ridiculous. "diversity is our strength". When? Where? How? Is it the restaurants? Some of those "restaurants" are scary looking shitholes.

Diversity is fine as long as it stays where it came from. LOL

Anonymous said...

Bullshit James.
There is no such thing in masonry.

Anonymous said...

When president, Eisenhower dispatched federal troops to enforce de-segregation in the US South. He also opposed the Anglo-British invasion at Suez. Both these actions began the cascade of events which would lead to the dispossession of White people in the USA and Europe. Had Nasser been brought down, and Anglo-French power asserted, the Islamic world would have been thrown on the defensive and it's doubtful you would have the ongoing Muslim invasion of Europe.

Anonymous said...

Savant, so good to see/hear you accept the possibility that we are also dealing with something not of this world. I believe most people who seek the truth will stumble upon this anomaly and accept the possibility it may very well exist. If logic is any part of the equation when analyzing our reality, the supernatural or alien life interference must at least cross the mind. I also believe there's a possibility that the 'Mandela Effect' is also real. The late, great researcher, Dr. Stanley Monteith often replied to questions from his audience that "they are after your soul." And, the man was no crazy.

Perhaps 'making a deal with the devil' is as old as time itself.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Colin Wilson's book "The Mind Parasites" isn't fiction at all.

Anonymous said...

"When president, Eisenhower dispatched federal troops to enforce de-segregation in the US South. He also opposed the Anglo-British invasion at Suez. Both these actions began the cascade of events which would lead to the dispossession of White people in the USA and Europe."

Oh, you must go back much, much further in time. The dispossession of white people has been going on for centuries (probably further but less documented). We were used to build and conquer, then we were no longer needed. In fact, we are now an obstacle.

The late geopolitical genius Bob Chapman said Eisenhower was controlled by his globalist brother, Milton (his handler); and, that Ike was persuaded to desegregate American schools to stop the influence of communism in the black community.

Anonymous said...

The Judas Goat, Peter Sutherland, needs an introduction to The Judas Cradle.

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

When president, Eisenhower dispatched federal troops to enforce de-segregation in the US South. He also opposed the Anglo-British invasion at Suez.

Okay ... firstly, I think you mean Anglo-French

You also sort of forgot to mention that israel was (almost) a major player in the 1956 Suez invasion ... in fact, they were first in play and -- quelle surprise -- discovered that they were not quite as tough as they thought themselves to be ... without the big, bullying, bumbling, dumb brother to run interference for them, when the going got tough.

Which is why they were so determined to make America their attack-bitch.

... Nasser ordered the Suez Canal seized and nationalized. The British were angry with the move and sought the support of France (which believed that Nasser was supporting rebels in the French colony of Algeria), and Israel (which needed little provocation to strike at the enemy on its border), in an armed assault to retake the canal. The Israelis struck first, but were shocked to find that British and French forces did not immediately follow behind them. Instead of a lightening strike by overwhelming force, the attack bogged down. The United Nations quickly passed a resolution calling for a cease-fire.

The above from the History Channel .. hardly an enemy of the noses.


Flanders said...

Right Wing Safety Squad

Leftists don't like it, now that actions are being taken to close down their leftist (and the alphabet perversionors) - "progressive" dangerous drug and filth dens (called "DIY locales") and warehouse dwellings, for valid and reasonable purposes. A similar movement needs to happen later to close the filthy illegal "Sanctuary" cities.

even the most basic and untrained civilian can spot potential hazards and safety risks

1. if it looks flammable, it probably is flammable. things like insulation, wood, paint, neon signs, or unknown liquids can be a hazard

2. exposed electrical wiring of any kind poses not only risk of shock but also starting a fire. if it looks unsafe, treat it as unsafe. you can not get in trouble for reporting possible safety risks

3. when entering any building, look for exits and emergency exit signs to ensure the highest possibility of safety, be sure to always check and test your smoke detectors for proper functionality the case of a fire stay low to avoid inhaling smoke, if possible cover your mouth and nostrils with a wet cloth, look for emergency exit signs that will be marked and head for them in a calm orderly fashion if possible

5. if you think something is a violation or safety risk report it. you CAN NOT get in trouble for doing so. and always remember only you can prevent fires and ensure not only yours but others safety

this has been a public service announcement brought to you by right wing safety squads, ensuring the safety and lives of others
Saftey Inspectors [RWSS]

"Internet Trolls Launch Campaign to Shut Down Progressive Spaces"

"Internet trolls are trying to shut down DIY venues across North America"

International: Uk: Squatters Handbook, fourteenth edition

"Warehouses / Underground / DIY Spaces Under Attack in the USA"

Flanders said...

Dwight Eisenhower, son of Jacob David Eisenhower and his wife Ida, was called by his West Point military classmates "Ike - The Terrible Swede Jew".

"Eisenhower, in his personal letters, did not merely hate the Nazi Regime, and the few who imposed its will down from the top, but that HE HATED THE GERMAN PEOPLE AS A RACE. It was his personal intent to destroy as many of them as he could, and one way was to wipe out as many prisoners of war as possible.

Of course, that was illegal under International law, so he issued an order on March 10, 1945 and verified by his initials on a cable of that date, that German Prisoners of War be predesignated as "Disarmed Enemy Forces" called in these reports as DEF. He ordered that these Germans did not fall under the Geneva Rules, and were not to be fed or given any water or medical attention. The Swiss Red Cross was not to inspect the camps, for under the DEF classification, they had no such authority or jurisdiction." [The full story is at the link]

Flanders said...

None of our White people had heard anything about the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR] until after it was accidently exposed to the public in 1954 by a short media blurb, I believe it was in a Boston newspaper. Previous to that time, the CFR was being used by "white"-skinned subversives who have never been White, and have never had the best interests of the United States of America or the American people at heart, working secretly for forty and more years along with their fellow subversives, at laying a groundwork against Americans and White peoples, and against the government of the American people.

Since that time, it has spread and the tentacles, and organizational offshoots, have multiplied and have taken on international dimensions such as the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg as well as having created (almost too many to count) other secretive (or misleadingly named) organizations none of which are under the people's control. Those are all now allied internationally, along with most MSM, against all White people and their governments.

"The Council on Foreign Relations
And the Trilateral Commission
The two organizations that run the United States"

joe btfsplk said...

"New Study: White Crime Rate Data Being Inflated by Miscategorizing Spanish-Speaking Indians as “White” .............................

.....................THEY LOOK WHITE TO ME...................................


........................merry x-mas kykes........................................


Flanders said...

My old friend, Barney, from another site had something practical, interesting, and funny to say which I want to share, and I feel it likely relates back to my CFR comment. His comment deals with the Aficoons and the jewmanitarians.
"No time this week, but there’s something that really pisses me off.

I don’t have (or want) a tel-aviv-zion myself, but I see plenty of it (too much) while I’m away for medical appointments.

“Water aid” continually begging for shekels “to provide wells for Africa”! We know niggers are useless apes, but even an ape should be capable of digging a fkn hole! Why would they “need” shekels and trained workers from thousands of miles away, just because they’re too fkn lazy to do anything for themselves?

They say the “women” (niggerines) and niglets “have to” walk “20 miles a day” to collect water because God or Nature put the river too far away, ffs!

I realise niggers don’t have anything between their ears, but they live in mud huts, ffs! Does it take more than the usual two defective nigger brain cells to understand it would make more sense to build the huts closer to the river?

No real point asking, when we know the whole “foreign aid” thing is a complete scam designed to rob us of our few remaining shekels to pay for office blocks and company cars, with little or nothing going to the niglets we’re told we should feel sorry for."

Flanders said...

The jews at Google are still at it:

"european people art"

Thanks to Saboteur365 for the link.

Flanders said...

Maine is not exactly a warm and tropical state. In fact, it is downright brutal during winter.

"So, let me get this straight.

If I’m a Christian baker and my morals won’t allow me to bake you a gay wedding cake, you and the state can fine me and possibly cause me to lose my business through a civil lawsuit alleging damages.

But if I’m that same Christian baker and I voted for Donald Trump, then a propane dealer is within his rights to refuse to sell me gas that I need to keep me and my family warm during a record-breaking cold wave."

Anonymous said...


The vision of Isaiah the son of Amoz, which he saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem in the days of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah.
Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth: for the LORD hath spoken, I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against me.
The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master's crib: but Israel doth not know, my people doth not consider.
Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters: they have forsaken the LORD, they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger, they are gone away backward.

Flanders said...

Is there an ulterior motive behind the "fake news" messages? The globalist jews and THEIR fake media don't DO by "accident". They always have a plan. So long as the jews control the widespread MSM, it will be US who will have to determine what those plans are, and our guess is only conjecture. That is another reason why the MSM must go, but they have the all the funding from hidden, but deep, sources - and the advantage until then. Are we in a game, and if so, how do we emerge as the winner?

"My belief is that conservative movements and the alternative media are being allowed into a position of cultural authority. The globalists are stepping out of the way (for now) as we grow in power. They are doing this in preparation for the final stage of an economic collapse they have been gestating since at least 2008. They are doing this because their goal is to set us up as scapegoats for a global disaster that will be remembered for centuries to come. I was able to predict the success of the Brexit Referendum and Donald Trump’s election win based on this theory and I believe it will continue to prove itself.

The globalists know that at this stage the fake news meme will only help us, rather than hurt us. That is to say, the elites are throwing the leftist media to the wolves ...".

L H Oswald said...

That racial misrepresentation has been going on for a long time, Joe. If a hispanic does something goof they call him hispanic, if he commits a crime they class him as white. Just look at the Most Wanted pictures that get published every so often for proof.

John C said...

No not in 09 but a few years before.

Your other question you asked
Perhaps people are awake, it does seem many more are than a year ago are, so what do you suggest? TBH I'm sick of asking the question. What do you suggest would unite the awoken in one mass to change things?

Well its getting late in the day for things to happen democratically but still can if you look at the 17.4 million that voted out of the eu, that vote boiled down to gut instincts of the English people who voted on two things, which were immigration and sovereign, pretty nationalistic if you ask me. Remember as well that the vote for out would have been much higher if not for the killing of a little very slight happy women called jo cox one week before the vote.
A nationalist party CAN compete for these votes IF it can put its best face forward ie simple slogans of five key policies that would resonant with the English people of mainly working/middle class people, those are decent pensions, full employment, decent family wages, decent education for all(which would mean sacking all under achieving teachers) start Repatriation for those that can't or will not assimilate.
There is only so much you can put in a leaflet without being dragged though the courts which cost the party of much needed funds, So don't do it, you get your chance on the doorstep to explain things better. Stay the fuck away from conspiracies (join a ufo/alien debating society) historical events? Well go and join a history debating society, pop along to a David Irving talk, Don't let msm bog you down into vote losses, which they have been successfully doing for years (even a Cambridge law graduate couldn't avoid that one, the silly sausage).
Full employment for our people is a must, which will shit the life out of a few million people but it must be done, for the country, for their mental health, that means the welfare state as we know it will have to go. Its going anyway if they like it or not, better it happens under a genuine nationalist government and not the shits who run the show now.
The welfare state was allowed to become an alternative life choice for people so as to allow the Globalist to ship british jobs to China, a double whammy for us who are still in employment. Low wages, high taxes. Also government borrowing is out of control to pay for this bollocks, the bill incidentally will be picked up by some one, one day.
The fact that the establishment over the years have used every fucking trick in the book to stop English nationalism tells me they are shit scared of the English people organising and voting for nationalism.
No one and I mean no one should hold England back or encourage the Balkanization of this great land.
You are either with us or against us. There is no in between.

The NF BNP were anti ira and thats all. 1/5 of English dna is made up of Irish dna. From the last two hundred years I suppose.

John C said...

This site is good for what's got to be done.
We are in a spiders web and we have got to get out off it, even if we have to lose a limb or two.

John C said...

Forgot to add these to the last comment. There's loads of good reading material out there.

A question for everyone. Do you refuse to buy the Heather even though... She might put a spell on you?
I ask because a woman at the traffic lights said because I didn't buy a heather off her, that she'd... The lights changed and off i went, i looked into my side mirror and there she was, with a screwed up face and giving me the middle finger.
Nothing has happened to me so far but its still early days.

James said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Bullshit James.
There is no such thing in masonry.

Prove it asshole.

Anonymous said...

John c said

The NF BNP were anti ira and thats all

Try being a 18 year old kid with a Irish background and a brummies accent and red hair going to a NF or Bnp meeting
You weren't trusted
Worse some of the older twats wanted to prove either how hard they were by calling you a spy,lol
Or trying to fight you down the pub whilst ridiculing you for being a paddy
That's why I didn't join the NF or Bnp even if after growing up in brum I could see whydople supported them

John C said...

OK, I hear you mate. Those blokes who put you off were bloody idiots, they put off a good nationalist.

Carlos Danger said...

Carlos Danger from CH. Want to know something ironic about Peter Sutherland? His son is a born again Messianic Jew. He has a spot on the One for Israel on YouTube. You are correct not to scoff at the supernatural dimension.