Thursday, 22 December 2016

A rhetorical device

When dealing with whinging immigrants most of us have probably used a derivative of 'well if you don't like it here just fuck off back to where you came from'. But based on the principle that if you're explaining you're losing maybe posing this recommendation in question form might be better.

'Why are you here in a White country?'  'If White countries are so bad for you why didn't you go to a non-White one?' 

'Can we assume by your choosing to live among Whites ahead of your own you see Whites as more desirable co-citizens? If so aren't we justified in not wanting these less desirable people coming to our countries?'

'If your own people and culture are so good can we assume you'll be heading back at the first opportunity? If not, why not? If it's the case that you actually prefer to live in a White country can we expect that from now on you'll STFU and just be glad we left you in?'

This structure can of course also be used when arguing with libtards about whingeing immigrants, replacing second person singular with third person plural. 

Remember, if you're explaining you're losing.


Anonymous said...

' 'Because I am healthy minded person, and healthy minded person carry an explicit and an implicit mind. The implicit pursues their actual, basic needs and interests. The explicit constantly redraws reality, including our own actions, to make them consistent with the beliefs and image of ourselves we need to feel good about ourselves (a very basic need, you'll concede)' '

Now unhealthy people who are indifferent to being spoiled are available. We are healthy, and we take all the gain we can.
Superficial circumstantial consistency is OK, real overall consistency is part of the lack of mental health and shows the explicit and implicit mind aren't working together well.
Therefore my reply to your argument will be that you are a racist, a xenophobe. Because healthy people know when they can't argue, and when they can't they instead point the finger and throw out slurs.' '

This is the implicit reply.

Anonymous said...

Assad the satan with the help of Putin the devil have been waging a war of extermination on the Syrian civil population. Not a single refugee will return to Syria as long as the butcher Assad's clan is in power.
The Kurds have founded an autonomous Kurdish territory in northern Syria and will fight to the last man against Assad.
Erdogan has already started an all out persecution against the Kurds in Turkey; this year 12 thousand Turkish Kurds applied for asylum in Germany alone: A new wave of refugees on the make.
We have a coalition of evil posing a threat to civilisation and the West: Putin, Erdogan,Assad and the Iranian mullahs.
The open borders Eurasian Union the EU must go!

Anonymous said...

The only reason these creatures are in white countries is due to the overwhelming number of libtards and pale skinned kikes within and controlling post WW2 European establishments.

The majority indigenous white populations are too frightened or self centred - both to do anything about them or care about the consequences which continue to unfold thanks to these treacherous bastard's actions.

Get rid of the libtards, shut down the benefits 'system' and the entire stinking pile will flush out like shit off a loo basin.

Until majority WHITE populations get a grip and grow some it will only get worse - much worse than it is already

This is the shit;

Look at the title of this alien creature in "Europe"

Nobody else is to blame but "us" for collectively allowing this turd to be who and what he is in this circus.

How can true EUROPEANS recognize South Asians as being representatives of them and their cultural identity ?!? .. and allowing this shit to sway rule and laws over us?? We're fucking MAD!! collectively PUSSIES both

We are our own worst enemy for not dealing with WHITE libtard TRASH in authorities and the pale skinned kikes who puppeteer them.

Shaunantijihad said...

Finally this anti-White is on trial. Savant reported on this years ago, I recall.

Publicise, publicise and publicise again.

The very silence of the msm is it's own indictment:

Anonymous said...

All NIGGERS should be immediately deported.

Uncle Nasty said...

Not really on topic, but ...

Man accused of killing a US postie is convinced he shot President-elect Donald Trump

Last updated 07:17, December 23 2016


Justin Barkley is accused of of killing a UPS driver in Ithaca, New York, but believes he killed Donald Trump.

A New York man accused of killing a UPS employee is convinced that the person he shot with a rifle this month is US President-elect Donald Trump.

Justin Barkley said during a Monday hearing, in which he attempted to plead guilty, that he had shot and killed the president-elect, Tompkins County Acting District Attorney Andrew Bonavia told The Washington Post. Barkley has been indicted on charges of second-degree murder and menacing a police officer.

After Barkley's statement about Trump, the judge stopped the proceeding and ordered a competency evaluation, Bonavia said. Two psychiatrists will determine Barkley's ability to stand trial.

Hey, nice try, Yehudi, but less haste, more speed, eh? Didin't your mama ever tell you that? Pick your tools with a bit more care, next time.
The big problem in dealing with the jews is that you have to win every one ... they just have to win once.

The only upside (for us, that is) is that they have no imagination or creativity whatsoever. The "Angry Lone Nut" scenario was wearing paper thin back in 1967. I don't suppose that we should be surprised at that. After all, look at Hollywood.
Yid riddled from top to bottom, they have not had a truly original thought since Disney snuffed it.

You can't be too surprised if all their assassination schemes have a dreary sameness to them ...


Anonymous said...

You don't need to explain that you feel that some communities get special treatment
Police in Bristol after the attack in Germany send out special patrols looking for islamophobia


Anonymous said...

Pedophile faggot pervert "Prince" Charles comparing migrants to the Holy Family and, as if that wasn't degenerate enough, goes on to suggest that Mohammad's flight to Medina was similar to the journey to Bethlehem.

At least our monkey (and notice the big ears on both of these pricks) did something good for a change and outlawed oil drilling on the Atlantic coast. We have plenty of oil and New York harbor messes up the local beaches enough. Give him a banana.

Uncle Nasty said...

I am sure you will be as amazed as I was to discover that NASA's great successes, were not thanks to the slide-rule wearing crew-cut boys from Texas, but actually three negritas whose light has been hidden under a bushel for decades, now.

Meet the Tuskegee Spacewomen.

Hidden Figures (2016)
Genius has no race, strength has no courage, courage has no limits.

Based on a true story, Hidden Figures recounts how three largely unacknowledged black American women served as the brains behind several key NASA missions.

Written by Theodore Melfi, Allison Schroeder (based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Margot Lee Shetterly)

Right. Let's see: It would appear that Genius has no race, strength has no courage, courage has no limits. (sic) ... whatever the fuck that may mean.
It sounds amazingly like it was ghostwritten by the same no-talent shill who gave us Barack Obumbler's purported autobiography ... "The Audacity of Hope" or something ...

They have taken this ridiculous concept of ever-more-remote connectivity to ridiculous lengths. Obviously a spin-off of the principle that if you delivered milk to an employee at I.G. Farben in 1936, you bore the same guilt (largely manufactured) as the guy who fed the cremas with RSP's in 1943.

So ... give me money!!

By the same token, three negresses who scrubbed the urinals at Houston Space Centre somehow became part of the team that put man on the moon in 1969.

The joofux never sleep, do they?


Anonymous said...

@anonymous at 18:19:

Removing Assad would be a DISASTER, not a blessing.

"a moderate rebel is a rebel who cuts off your head with a moderately sharp knife."

Listen to this talk by senator Richard Black:

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!

This is the time of the year that we celebrate the birth of our Lord Christ. Or don't.

Feel it slipping away.

Flanders said...

It's almost impossible to convince those who have been conditioned to be "Positive jews" - those who think "only on things positive, and avoid the negative", especially when they have been conditioned to swallow the jew's falsehood, that our former White countries and White peoples were the ones who truly were evil. They avoid thoughts about their own relative swiftly-declining condition in life. Those so conditioned do their utmost to avoid fact. They consciously avoid it. Anything factual, except the skewed daily info-tainment briefings from (((approved MSM))) is scrupously avoided as if actual facts were a plague - Avoid at all Cost!

They congregate together under the controlled outlets, preening and pawing for "respectability", thinking of themselves as being the "oh so" intelligent and politically correct stewards who are "free" to express any thought, since all their thoughts are approved and reinforced by (((mainstream media))) and by their own social networks, even their "naughty thoughts", too. They all are moral and mostly "follow the law", except for a few joints (which should be legalized anyway), making them morally superior, so they think. They feel so sorry for those poor starving kids in Africa. They are doing fine, aren't they? They can afford cable and net-flix and a big-screen TV with theater seating and sound! The wife is working, the baby has Obama-care and the "black dude" who's now his boss had a pretty nasty life growing up, too, don't you know? You just have to apply yourself and you can have all of that too.

Flanders said...

When using factual arguments to try to convert addicts of MSM, which reinforce daily their customer's pre-existing "jew-favorable" indoctrinations, it must be kept short and simple. That is something I find difficult to do myself, and I do overstep people's "comfortable" boundaries when speaking to those "educated and have a degree" (the most indoctrinated, and system dependent of the brain-dead) people face to face. Dropping seeds online, along with an effective link or two, is about the best that I can hope to do, and I must leave the persuasive face to face conversations up to others.

We can know that as our now growing base of newly awakened people continue dropping those seeds themselves, there will soon be a multiplier and ripple-effect greater than any one of us can achieve individually. That doesn't mean that our efforts should stop. Drop the seeds and let others come along to reinforce them. As the power of MSM diminishes there will be more and more of our people awakened, so long as we White people, the only people who are true citizens within our White countries, do not allow ourselves to become diverted by other jews who are attempting to lead and control our efforts into meaningless paths, or fall by our own inertia into those false illusions of having "solved" political goals by winning for a time or two at elections.

If a leader is true to their word, he will need every ounce of help which we can give to help him be able to achieve his promises, and if he is not, then he can be the most destructive to all of us, and either way it winds up being we must not give in or give up. Whether it is the jew hyper-capitalists, or jew communists, or the "little" jew on the street, jewry will not stop their efforts to sabotage and subvert our race and nations - until they are (forcibly) made to stop. The leaders within jewry have been trained since birth for this, and they have studied hundreds, possibly thousands, of years to perfect and implement what it has taken the world of jewry this long to achieve (after having, "Oh Vey" - suffering from so many defeats!). The jews are not interested merely in a hunk of desert land when the jew's communal system has been geared to attack, as an international network, against all of us within our own White lands. It should be obvious to any knowledgeable and clear-headed White person that the world of jewry are intent on destroying all of us, and will use every tactic to muzzle those in our nations who expose them.

You either give up and all of us die, or you fight along with those of us who love our race and our White nations until the enemy is squashed, destroyed and utterly defeated. After that you are free to either f--- up our lands with continued "inclusive" racial policies, or you can continue living as happy White people together in our own undisturbed lands, under God, just as our ancestors happily did, and pass it on to your own happy White children, just as they once did for hundreds and hundreds of (prosperous, intellectually achieving, and successful) years.

Flanders said...

"Whatever the People Believe is The Truth! Not True!"

"This is the abomination that the American people have accepted from a professed “Christian” man (2 Corinthians 11:14). He advocates that which God condemns.
One doesn’t’ have to question Obama’s ties to Satan. After all he was a disciple of Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his “Rules for Radicals,” the handbook for a leftist takeover strategy, to the devil.

“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”
Americans can attempt to decry the truth of what has been written here, but the fact of the matter is that they have accepted his actions by being accomplices to his crimes and accepting his lies better than most in this country know how to live out the truth (Jeremiah 2:19).

The revisionists of the day have been busy tearing away at the character of those who established this country in an attempt to put themselves in their place. Is it working?"

Flanders said...

I wrote about the main one in Savant's previous posting. It's too bad that the well-intentioned site can't seem to recognize (((who))) it is which is really behind all of it. Their vocabulary stopped with learning the words "liberal" and "mainstream media". There is nothing Mainstream about jew-controlled media, wherever you are, except that some dunces still think that it is "their own".

"Right there, 18 incidents of faked hate crimes — all found with a simple Google search. All of which the mainstream media pushed as proof of Trump supporters were racist and deplorable, and then conveniently ignored once the truth came out — that every single one of them were hoaxes committed by liberals to further divide America.

Where’s the outrage? Where’s the front page stories on The Washington Post and New York Times about the rash of false accusations against Trump voters?

Go ahead, look. We’ll wait… but to save you the time, we’ll give you a hint: They don’t exist."

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 18:49 --

"Nobody else is to blame but "us" for collectively allowing this turd to be who and what he is in this circus."

Mainly right.

But the Italian Coast Guard is cooperating with the NGOs and refugee "aid" scam and my guess is that's the tip of the iceberg.

This thing is big. The parasitic superstructure is gigantic: Banks, churches, NGOs... they outweigh all the governments of the West in terms of pull and finance.

Americans are about to find out. Trump can build a wall (dam sure better!) but the Catholic Knights of Columbus (an immigration aid outfit rarely mentioned but sure in on the action), the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the Quakers, the Lutherans, and so on will not give the man peace. Between their money and the corporations who stopped hiring natives after Century 21 started, he's got a fight on his hands even if one of them DONT kill him first.

Blame ourselves only partly: We didn't know it was an extermination war against us till it was far, far in progress. We'll see how Brexit, Trump and the French Elections play out, amongst other things, in the days to come.

The fire seems to be crowning now. Push has come to shove. '17 will be an interesting year.


Flanders said...

Those who refuse to heed words of wisdom about not covorting with niggers will often wind up quickly - or worse, sometimes not so quickly, dead.

Some are simply trained to have a flirt with death wish, and don't realize how gruesome that some deaths can be - until it's too late to change their minds.

"FLORENCE, Italy — An Italian court on Thursday convicted a Senegalese man of murdering an American woman in her flat after they met at a nightclub, and sentenced him to 30 years in prison.

Ashley Olsen, 35, was found dead in her apartment Jan. 9, 2016 after her boyfriend — an Italian artist in Florence — became alarmed when he hadn't heard from her and asked the landlord to open the door. An autopsy found that she had been strangled and had suffered skull fractures. {More details at link below]

Cheik Tidiane Diaw

Flanders said...

This is why people in our own countries don't see, or understand, that their own countries and people are better. There are leftists such as this "artist" below, who are most likely promoted from behind the scenes in order to goad "authorities" into actions which favor passage of new "laws and regulations", none of which are actually aimed at the group of troublemaker imported invaders, but are actually aimed at changing the existing societies into becoming more regressive and repressive toward their own normal citizens. It's a trick often used, just as the false flag "terrorist incidents" are so often used.

There are much better methods for controlling the unwanted imported animal behaviors, but those (((behind the scenes))) want a pretense of having done something, while that pretense is being used to crack down on the people's own previously open, liberal and free societies. The leftist promoted measures are usually illogical and are never really are about what is good for society, but are about how to place more controls in place in order to allow actual abuse of it's own citizen's within the state.

It's often not that easy to see through the guise, especially when it is covered by an actual problem and that a solution is then created by "reporting" within (((media))) and from divergent leftist groups by people whom those same groups have caused to be there. People forget that it is not their own people who were ever the problem (or very rarely were) to begin with. They see it aimed at "others", and don't understand that there never was a problem in their own countries until the problems were purposefully created. They just want "something" done.

"A Swiss artist and psychologist has responded to the spate of migrant sex attacks in Germany by standing in a town square in Düsseldorf and allowing anybody to feel her breasts.

The performance was then repeated in Amsterdam and London, where she allowed people to touch her vagina.

When asked to explain why she stood in a public space and encouraged people to touch her private parts, Milo Moiré said her “performance” was intended to “show that women are not only victims.”

What is next for the Swiss artist and psychologist? Wearing a hijab and encouraging men to stone her to death in public, to show that woman who get stoned to death by Muslim men are “not only victims?” [More along with a fairly graphic video - about 4 minutes at the link].
[Photo caption of presumably naked Milo Moire - ""Respect us! We are not fair game even when naked!": Swiss artist Milo Moire protesting the Cologne attacks at the scene"

"Germany set to finally update rape law"

"Women's groups and many politicians have long been arguing that Germany's sexual assault law is archaic, with loopholes that mean groping and surprise attacks are not necessarily prosecutable unless the woman tries to fight off the attack - which police often advise against.

"There have been very many cases that you and I would probably unequivocally describe as rape or sexual assault that haven't come to a conviction, because the women allegedly didn't defend themselves enough," Elke Ferner of the Social Democratic Party's women's group told DW.

Flanders said...

I had intended to point out a couple of phrases from that dw dot com link with my last comment, but I didn’t want to make the comment too long.
“Surprise acts happen, as they probably did in Cologne. When you’re groped on the breast or under the skirt, I can imagine that you could initially be so shaken that you don’t say anything, and then, according to the current interpretation of the law, that may not be punished as sexual assault.”

[Hell, they’re letting “immigrants” walk for much worse than that already! And this leftist bitch is intentionally encouraging more of it.]

“The Istanbul Convention states that any “non-consensual” sexual act must be criminalized, and while Germany was among the first countries to sign it, the country has still not ratified or implemented it, unlike many other European countries (including Turkey).”
[Such stellar examples to follow! A “Convention” passed which hurts the people of Germany more than it will any raghead - and Turkey, the model of perfection, is praised just to get a “non-consensual” clause into law. Any ideas who will actually RECEIVE the punishment meted out under those “laws”? If you guessed, a White kid, you probably, almost certainly, got it right. The imported invaders will get slapped on the wrist, and at worst allowed to go back home.]

“…we enforce the ‘no means no’ principle – in other words, if the woman says no, and sex still happens, that is a crime.”
["No...but..." - Just what the mothers of those White kids soon to be convicted really want to hear? Again, what has happened to those much worse rapists (and killers, too) from the invader classes already?]

b boru said...

That dago MEP Anon (18.49) refers to has "written widely and provided regular media commentary on human rights and migration issues". Of course we all know the message without even looking: Big Bad White countries must open their borders and be very nice to their dusky invaders.

My suggestion, in line with the thrust of Savant's post would be 'why don't you write widely and provide regular media commentary on human rights and migration issues in in the Turd World where thee real problems lie?'.

b boru said...

Flanders (06.32) of course what you say applies widely.The cause of the malaise being the joys of virtue signalling and the ability (for now) to manage the cognitive dissonance. I personally know a picture-postcard example of the type you mean, down to the level of having a black guy leapfrogging him in the company hierarchy while he excuses it. Truly is a disease.

Anonymous said...

Yep, all good suggestions to throw back at the uninformed or willfully ignorant people of our "political correct" times.

Back in the day when racial segregation was a matter of natural course, there was no need to explain. Nevertheless, in this own words, the recently-deceased Muhammad Ali had to explain it to a deluded White Cuck in 1971. A memorable encore:

John C said...

Well if they are resorting to this and getting caught red handed all over the place then I believe they are losing. They are helping us sow seeds in the publics mind regarding how thoroughly underhanded and wrong they are. Every little helps. Before war breaks out the seeds of that war were sown years before. Its taking time, to fucking long for my liking but then again who am I, how much pro nationalist activities have I done in the last five plus years, how many have you done. Walking down a high street with ban halal meat sign and the like Don't count. Following false messiahs is very stupid but people still do. You and only you can do it in your own areas, but will you. take a good look at the people in your area, are they worth putting yourself out there on the front line for, are they still in need of a good fucking kick to the nuts and fannies to get their thinking straight. I think you know the answer to all these questions thats why I didn't put a question mark to any of them.

The globalisation programme is working wonders for someone. Have a read. Find out how your fairly cheap clothing comes at a cost to people far out of reach, out of sight and mind.
The welfare programmes we have here in the west cos of globalisation. The extra high tax for co2, a extra layer of bureaucracy to enforce those laws in the west.
But we will just sit and wait for a genuine nationalist leader that is decent, incorruptible and uncompromising. We might have a bit of a wait ahead of us.
The People Are Still Buying Things On Their Plastic To Care.

medusa's curse said...

It's certainly remarkable Mister how just about all the agencies of power support the globalist NWO agenda, even those like the Catholic Church you'd imagine would be at the opposition forefront. But intuitively I feel that this could be their acchilles heel. Same applied in the old USSR empire.

Frank Galton said...

Anonymous said: "At least our monkey (and notice the big ears on both of these pricks) did something good for a change and outlawed oil drilling on the Atlantic coast."

PHOTO: Oil drillers on the Atlantic coast

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Merry Xmas everyone

Frank Galton

Declan-P said...

Thanks for the holiday greetings Frank but please....Happy Christmas.

John C said...

A teaching assistant who swindled almost £80,000 in state handouts will spend Christmas in jail after a judge warned benefits cheats to expect more than 'a slap on the wrist'.
Mother-of-three Maliha Parveen was previously convicted of scamming £12,000 from the taxpayer and given a community order - but began over-claiming just three years later.
The former council worker, 65, claimed a range of handouts while working at Redwood secondary school in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.
She called on the judge to spare her a jail term, insisting one of her daughter's is in an abusive arranged marriage and another is unwell.

I would like to tell this immigrant Sav, that it had filled her boots, now she can Fuck Off Home. How about that one?

John C said...

Ffs Frank thanks for the laugh mate but do you think we can have a white Christmas.

Uncle Nasty said...

Ever heard of Carl Paladino?

Neither had I ... but I think that may change. The MSM will ignore him at first -- the way they did Trump.
but he'll go viral until they cannot do that any more -- whereupon they'll turn around and attack him with everything they have -- the way they did Trump.

Will he cave in? I somehow don't think so.

Former GOP Gov Candidate: I Want Barack To Die Of Mad Cow, Michelle To Become A Male Gorilla

Blake Neff Reporter
2:49 PM 12/23/2016

A former GOP gubernatorial candidate in New York isn’t backing down from his expressed hope that President Barack Obama will die while his wife Michelle “return[s] to being a male” and goes off to live with wild gorillas.

Carl Paladino launched a failed bid for New York governor in 2010, and more recently has been an ally of president-elect Donald Trump. And now, he’s made people upset thanks to an interview he gave to the publication ArtVoice, in which he said his biggest wishes for 2017 are for Obama to die and his wife to go back to “Zimbabwe.”

When asked what he would “most like to see happen” in 2017, Paladino replied as follows:
Obama catches mad cow disease after being caught having relations with a Herford. He dies before his trial and is buried in a cow pasture next to Valerie Jarret, who died weeks prior, after being convicted of sedition and treason, when a Jihady cell mate mistook her for being a nice person and decapitated her.

When asked whom he would “like to see go away” in the coming year, Paladino gave this response:
Paladino’s interview responses sparked an immediate outcry, with many calling it racist, but he isn’t backing down in the slightest. In a statement given to The Buffalo News Friday morning, Paladino literally told his critics to “go fuck themselves.”

In another lengthy statement released Friday afternoon, Paladino was similarly defiant.

“It has nothing to do with race,” he said. “It’s about 2 progressive elitist ingrates who have hated their country so badly and destroyed its fabric in so many respects in 8 years.”

Paladino blasted Barack Obama as a “yellow-bellied coward” for his handling of Syria, and said he wanted mass Muslim migration into the United States for the cynical purpose of increasing Democratic vote totals.

“Merry Christmas and tough luck if you don’t like my answer,” he added at the end.

Read more:

Dunno why ... but something about this guy appeals to me.


Uncle Nasty said...

John C said...

A teaching assistant who swindled almost £80,000 in state handouts will spend Christmas in jail after a judge warned benefits cheats to expect more than 'a slap on the wrist'.
Mother-of-three Maliha Parveen was previously convicted of scamming £12,000 from the taxpayer and given a community order - but began over-claiming just three years later.

I was told by a local a few months back: "You think teachers are fucking useless? I tell you compared to teaching assistants, they are Einsteins."

I know, I know. She was trying to be nice. She actually meant it in a positive way, but you get what I mean.


Anonymous said...

Off Topic - but following on from the women thread raised recently
A Psychological Sketch by John Allington
2 April 2005 Women: A Psychological Sketch by John Allington PART ONE
If you haven't already read Arthur Schopenhauer's discussion about women then you need to. It is the best concise analysis you will likely ever find. I will draw out his discussion a bit and relate it to practical matters. I will probably be accused of misogyny for my comments. So what? We must have children with white women in order to perpetuate our genes, which is without question, our most important biological imperative and should be our most important personal priority. It is also one of the most powerful political statements we can make. There are plenty of good things about women, most notably their appearance when young and their skill and patience in nurturing children. All of this however does not preclude the requirement for an honest assessment of what exactly we're dealing with. Women compare notes; men usually don't. Consequently, men are usually outgunned emotionally, psychologically and sexually in their dealings with women. Even after a man has been nearly financially and emotionally destroyed by a woman, his stupid ego often prevents him from understanding what really happened to him. Women don't really possess egos in the male sense and you can learn from this. You need to improve your understanding of women in order to protect your resources and allocate your time efficiently so that they are effectively used to perpetuate your genes. Important Conclusions Regarding Women are prone to deception; it is their nature-endowed weapon. As Schopenhauer noted, they are so good at detecting deception in others because they're so good at it themselves. This deception is not limited to their ability to lie with a straight face. In fact, that is just beginning. They deceive us by coloring their hair, altering their shape through constrictive clothing and prostheses, and altering their height and posture with high-heeled shoes. They use colored contact lenses to fool us into thinking they have desirable green or blue eyes. They get cosmetic surgery to reduce the size of their noses and apply a multitude of cosmetics to their faces and skin designed to fool us into thinking they are younger than they actually are. They carefully select clothes which are designed to make them appear thinner. In addition, their deception extends to where they live.

Anonymous said...

You have probably noticed that when a woman decides to change men, she often changes her physical location. After creating social chaos in one area, she'll look for a new, uninformed pool of men who will find any story she decides to relay as plausible. Women are parasites. They expect you to support them. Most have no intention of supporting themselves in the long term, regardless of their rhetoric about being "independent." In addition, they expect you to be grateful that they allow you to support them! The way to deal with this in your own mind is to understand that they are incubators for your children. Romanticizing this arrangement, as many male European writers have done, misses the point. It also sets you up for much disillusionment. The notion of courtly love was created by men, not by women. The more cynical women actually mock this notion. To men, courtly love means chivalry; to women it means that they are the center of a man's attention and the recipient of his resources. If you closely examine female behavior, you will identify attention seeking and resource transfer as recurring themes. Women are social creatures. If raised on a farm or in a rural area, you can almost bet that they will leave that area for a city after high school. They seek a more socially stimulating environment and this consideration generally supersedes career opportunities. They're willing to move to a city even though the cost of living is higher, and there's more crime. In many small towns and agricultural communities, there are often shortages of eligible females. The female preference for high-density herding is one of the reasons why women don't generally oppose immigration -- they prefer crowds. The preference among women to live in an urban environment has its consequences for our society. The more urban a population, the less self-reliant it is. It depends more on government services and it is more disconnected from nature

Anonymous said...

As Schopenhauer pointed out, women live more fully in the present, with less concern for the past or the future. This expresses itself in trivial ways such as the cyclical nature of their clothing fashion, hairstyles and makeup preferences. They're willing to wear what only a few years ago would have been considered among all of them as ridiculous. Their pant-leg and eyebrow widths seem to have an inverse relationship as they expand and contract with each passing decade. Their narrow time horizon also expresses itself in serious ways such as an almost total lack of interest in history (and by extension the lessons that can be drawn from it). This present-centeredness is probably required for nurturing children and explains their superior interpersonal skills. But it plays hell with their analytical and abstract thinking skills. You should now be able to comprehend the danger of giving the vote to a population that doesn't learn from the past and has little concern for the future and how this dilutes the collective ability to make good decisions in a democracy. Because they live in the present and they are more herd like, they are more easily manipulated by the government, Hollywood, universities, advertisers, Oprah and their friends. Modern women and men have been stretched to their limits by our unnatural society. Women have become more male like. And men have become more female like. This androgyny is a sort of a regression to the mean of the gender behavioral spectrum. You say: But look how sexy-looking the women of today are, they don't look more male like! Think about that a bit more carefully... We now have young women trying so hard to become less feminine (soft and curvy) that they strive to become lean and muscular through obsessive working out. This reduces their body fat percentage and shrinks their breasts, giving them a less feminine shape. To compensate for this, they (with more frequency than is mentioned in the media) have breast implants installed into their bodies to deceive us. In southern California, I judge that a substantial percentage of young, attractive women have these implants. Think about it...this is a sign of a warped society. In contrast, men have become less aggressive and more passive. They display less emotion; they control their anger more. Do you think there were "anger management" training courses fifty years ago? Were so many men confined to fabric-covered cubicles 50 years ago? Were 5-10 percent of male children doped up with Ritalin 50 years ago? In the long run, drugging our male children and forcing our men to be docile, conformist drones will ensure an angry reaction.

Anonymous said...

cont ..
The (mostly Jewish) feminists, educators and greedy capitalists will have a lot to answer for. It is worthwhile to observe that after "Women's Liberation," females emphasized their sexuality more than ever before, which is exactly the opposite of what the feminists cited as their objective. Essentially, women are immodest when unrestricted. They are the natural corrupters of society because their sexuality is their most powerful weapon. When permitted, women will emphasize that sexuality to obtain higher status and collect more resources, naturally loosening public mores in the process. They will seek neither political nor economic freedom, as only aesthetic and sexual freedom relate to their evolutionary survival strategy. For example, possessing the requisite body type, they will wear hip hugger pants with their thong underwear sticking out and tight-fitting blouses to emphasize their augmented breasts. They will flock to Florida for spring break, where they hope to be captured on film baring their breasts for the next "Girls Gone Wild" video. You think all of this is really sexy? Well, of course it is in one way. So too is a strip joint filled with drugged-up dancers. In another and much more important sense, all of this is just pathetic and desperate attention-seeking -- which of course provides yet more insight into the pathologies of unregulated female psychology."Women's Liberation" unleashed behavioral patterns that contributed to declining completed fertility rates and undermined high-investment parenting strategies. (The resulting demographic damage may lead to the death of Western Civilization.) Female psychology and behavior are considerably more malleable than male psychology and behavior. Tighten public morality and women become Victorian prudes. Loosen public morality and it's nipple, tongue and clit piercing time! An anarchistic, secular Jewish cultural milieu plus malleable female psychology and behavior equals social disintegration. It's that simple! Are you living in the best of times? No - You are living in a civilization decadent to its core and on the edge of a steep decline. This type of society, despite its prosperous veneer, is a Potemkin village. It cannot sustain itself. It lives off the hard work and wealth of previous generations, an energy subsidy and an overvalued currency. It does not place as its top priority on the rearing of its children. It borrows money from the future for consumption in the present. Its ethos will pass through one of two possible outcomes: Radical change through revolution or a collapse to a lower level of complexity. - John Allington

Anonymous said...

More from John Allington here

James said...

Tell them they are part of a genocide plot, and as such accessories to a crime.

James said...

The mess in India - Explained

This is a good series in 6 parts, written by an Indian so he knows his stuff. He thinks India is a basket-case and will never be a great economic powerhouse - contrary to what all the western liberals are saying.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Flanders said...

I never thought there was an actual difference between saying Merry Christmas and Happy Christmas, as someone above mentioned. Searching online, one place said it varied between the US and Europe, but is that true and is there something else I'm missing? There is another explanation at this site, but it is unclear. I'll leave the link to their Christmas quiz.

Christmas Quiz

I wish everyone, all our good people here and all our White countries everywhere, a Merry Christmas and a Naturally Happy [Exclusively White] New Year!

James said...

It cannot sustain itself. It lives off the hard work and wealth of previous generations, an energy subsidy and an overvalued currency.

Also, the Chinese etc are doing a lot of our real work for us and they will demand payment eventually.

James said...

From the Indian articles above:

I have yet to meet a public servant who does not ask for a bribe. Simple financial corruption would have merely redistributed wealth. But the real problem with the public servant is his utter moral and spiritual corruption.

He expects citizens to grovel, a sadistic pleasure every Indian public servant enjoys in his demeaned existence. He is incapable of taking a decision or of thinking straight. It is here that the State suffocates society and wealth-creation. This is the real corruption characterizing the State.

More fundamentally, the real problem of India is not even its bureaucracy, but Indians as such. Indians will pay and take bribes when given an opportunity. They will strive to get into positions that give them the power over other people. They know exactly how others should live. The fingers of my hands exceed the number of Indians I have known who are different.

In NZ we have Indians all through our bureaucracies now and it is having an effect, for sure. Most Kiwis are too naive to notice it and will blame the problems they encounter on "red tape" or "politics" or "stupidity".

Flanders said...

Anonymous Uncle Nasty said...[@ 20:52]
Ever heard of Carl Paladino?

Neither had I ... but I think that may change. The MSM will ignore him at first -- the way they did Trump.
but he'll go viral until they cannot do that any more -- whereupon they'll turn around and attack him with everything they have -- the way they did Trump.

Will he cave in? I somehow don't think so.
Great one, UN! Thank you for this heartfelt Christmas present!

Flanders said...

Anon 21:10, That was an interesting series you posted on John Allington's observations on women. It seems to be generally, and in all too many instances directly, right on. Thanks for sharing that. I've never been able to figure women out and have found it best to give up trying, but this helped to explain a lot.

The jews are communal in the same way or even moreso, with 95% of the jews living in urbanized jewish kehillah areas and environments. They are intent upon herding the rest of the people into similar, more easily controlled (and attackable) enclaves, and despite stubborn resistance from White people that tactic seems to be working for the jews.

The greaseball status-seeking jews like to think of themselves as being "cosmopolitan" and "special", as well as being Chosen. That is why the jews "make fun" at every opportunity of Southern, rural and common people, trying to establish as fact in peoples minds that the jews are the only ones who are Truly Special.

John C said...

Don't lose any sleep over this but how I see it, Merry Christmas is said by English people who see Christmas has one great piss-up ie Eat Drink and be Merry, a Feast. Like their Pagan forefathers.
Happy Christmas is said by Teetotallers who might go to church(most people dont) who give fake smiles thoughout the few days of Christmas hoping to get though it without having a breakdown, mainly the women this effects. They like the idea of being happy but the big day is all such a big disappointment after getting all those prezzies bought and wrapped-up only not to be appreciated enough, then the tears.
Happy Yuletide is said by wannabe pagans who want nothing to do with this numby-pamby kid that was born in a stable that was supose to have been jewish, but at the same time don't want to talk about sacrificing little babies or even little furry animals.
I use 1 & 3 all depends who im talking too. My Christmas/Pagan festive season starts on 1st December to 9th January when my liver starts to pack-up. Its all to do with the long dark cold nights you see, plus now with over commercialisation, foreign people everywhere with their strange ways I think next year it will start early November.
Merry Christmas or if you're a missible Teetotaller churchgoer Happy Christmas

Luke2236 said...

You are absolutely correct MR Savant, and I plan to use these verbatim in the future.

and merry Christmas to y'all - whether you recognise the fact of Jesus or not. :)

Uncle Nasty said...

I know that an hour and a bit is quite a long time to spare out of our increasingly busy lives, but please, take a moment and watch this:-

-- and realise that you are only watching an hour of what the Chinks have to put up with on a daily basis in Africa ... and what we South Africans had to put up with all our lives.

Only then, will you realise just how useless and unsuited for any purpose at all ... is the average nigger.

Be aware, though, that here you see the african in his natural habitat -- Africa. There, they are almost acceptable because they fit in to the environment. They actually function ... after a fashion.

Now, take your average American nigger. The same basic stock as above but with Five generations of jew propaganda telling him that he/she is actually a superior being, but crushed under the yoke of White Devil Supremacists.

Remove from him (or her) all necessity to work for a living -- thanks to the US (and Western) Welfare system that actually rewards indolence, stupidity, laziness and feckless breeding.

Reinforce the message through the lyrics(?) of tuneless, atonal, thumping, primitive, drum-machine-generated aural garbage exhorting them to "Get dat green ... get dat dope ... get dem beeatches ... get dat pussy. -- Interchangeable, meaningless noise.

And, finally, the icing on top

Pour a thick dollop of mindless White-hatred into the mix ... telling him and her that all their problems are the work of the White supremacists among them. Tell them that their worthless, drug-addled, congenitally-violent, cognitively-impaired, uneducated and ineducable brat children are being murdered on a daily basis by racist White cops.

Then make sure that they have unlimited supplies of Govt/CIA supplied drugs and firearms

A part of me is amazed that the race war to end all race wars did not erupt in the US as far back as, say, 1975.

The only reason I can come up with is that the average nigger is too lazy to get out of bed to have a piss -- combined with the fact that the jewsmedia had not yet found the right buttons to push.

I am afraid, though, that they will ... eventually


Anonymous said...

Is it the flat nose, the myth about the dick, or are attractive looking white females for the most part, inherently stupid and utterly obtuse about what constituted their looks and the genes behind it ?

Flanders said...

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Irish folk.

In that short phrase, I have blasphemed all of the lies of anti-Christ.

I celebrate the birth of our Lord. There are no Christian countries, only nominally Christian secularist states ((kikes)).

I recognize a group of people as being distinctive in heredity and culture and it's not a pack of filthy kikes.

Flanders said...

"The Anglo-Saxon Jesus
The question is what did Jesus Christ really look like?"

John C said...

Miserable Teetotallers out there you just have to read this, it could turn you to alcohol but that's the chance you're gonna have to take. It's breaking news, so don't be the last to know.

James, that indian corruption stuff is what Shaun had linked to with a video a few weeks back, but was hard listening, cos of the accent, better to read it.

It will be the last you hear of me today, got to get that special someone a last minute prezzie, a bone or another squeaky toy. Decisions, Decisions.

John C said...

NATO Chief Auditor in charge of terrorism funding murdered in Belgium.
Well worth a watch. 30 min

Anonymous said...

Re pagan feast:
The view I take to be correct>>>>>>>>>>>>>>They were smart enough to work out how much food was left for the cattle and live stock...........The surplus was killed and consumed !
I imagine .
In a climate like Europe: timing would be critical. They had to think about bandits and sea born raiders in those days too.
The cosmos considers it an important period ...The days start getting longer Those were aware of this tv and laser enhanced jit-abuggers to distract.

Cassius said...

Great writing from Allington but regarding his dismal conclusions I offer just one word: Weimar. The decadence he cites - correctly - mirrors that of the Weimar Republic. Within a few years of the NS taking power it had been destroyed. So maybe there is hope.

AnalogMan said...

Flanders said...

it must be kept short and simple. That is something I find difficult to do myself

No! Really?

Kevin Rafferty said...

Watched that documentary (Chinese in Congo) all the way thru. Cnforms with my experiences in West Africa the South Africa. Goes to prove that Africans are the same everywhere. All of the same pathologies. PS I love the way the Chinks make no bows in the direction of PC. 'You've gone backwards since the Belgians left'. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

(True) Nationalists are today's heretics who are hunted down as rabid dogs by the universalists. The zombies commemorate the birth of that guy from the desert. Hail Galilei,hail Copernicus, hail Giordano Bruno!

Declan-P said...

We are very quickly coming to an end of Satans world.
He had a specific amount of time and he lost the argument

Mankind needs Gods direction and they cannot rule themselves.

John C said...

A little bit of Christmas cheer, this one really tickled me. Sums up madhouse bureaucratic Britain and how they look after their jobs but want their pound of flesh in the private sector probably £50 a day foreign tradesmen for their home repairs.

'Hero' engineer who turned to Facebook to find out which street lamps needed fixing - with great success - is given a slap on the wrist by bosses who took a dim view of his bright idea 
Robert, who works for a firm which is contracted by county hall to repair lights, said: 'I was covering someone for a week and was told to go out and fix as many streetlights as I came across.

'I thought that as I live in Canterbury I would go onto Facebook and ask people where the ones that needed fixing were.
'It was better to ask them to pinpoint the location than just driving around. I could get more fixed that way.'

This is not how it's done Robert, not where public money is concerned.
Well done tho for showing great Initiative.

AnalogMan said...

Uncle Nasty quoth

“It has nothing to do with race,” he said.

I wish he hadn't said that. Too many people say that.

Of course it's about race. The whole reason why it's racist to say "gorilla" or "monkey" in the same context as "kaffir" or "nigger" or any euphemism thereof, is because the similarities are obvious to everybody. Saying "Michelle Obama looks like a gorilla, but it has nothing to do with the black face, the broad nose and gaping nostrils, low forehead (which have nothing to do with her race)" is just silly and fools nobody.

Remember a few years ago when a black woman won the gymnastics at the Olympics? Immediately after, a commercial aired featuring a chimpanzee doing gymnastic exercises. "Raciss" yelled the press. But of course, when the commercial was commissioned, filmed and scheduled, nobody knew who would win. Had the White girl won, it would have been fine. Nobody foresaw a black winner. So the ape followed the negress on the TV screens, and the similarity was obvious. That's racist.

Let's stop pretending we don't see what our eyes show us.

Uncle Nasty said...

A very, very illuminating post ...

Anonymous said...

Off Topic - but following on from the women thread raised recently
A Psychological Sketch by John Allington

2 April 2005 Women: A Psychological Sketch by John Allington PART ONE

If you haven't already read Arthur Schopenhauer's discussion about women then you need to. It is the best concise analysis you will likely ever find. I will draw out his discussion a bit and relate it to practical matters. I will probably be accused of misogyny for my comments. So what?

Thanks for that, Annonny.


Flanders said...

"Gen ident Germany"

Flanders said...

Re the Russian hits, the neo-cons and more, "Are the Neo-Cons Dispatching Assassins?":

"So simply, by the process of first grade-level deduction, it is easy to show that right now, the only victors after a hard-fought series of years long battles on the battlefield, media, and in politics are the Russians under President Vladimir Putin, and the “America-Firsters” under U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump, and the vast majority of global humanity supporting them, that are all unanimously welcoming a new chapter and epoch of peace and prosperity in the future of the global community.
Therefore, like any other spoiled brat armed to the teeth with jacked up private security and mercenaries, state of the art military hardware and technology, layers and layers of secret societies dispensing orders from up on high like any other mafia/organized crime family, and under the “color of law and authority” of the U.S. or other allied foreign government, these recent targeted assassinations by well-trained and connected “insiders” are no doubt being dispatched, like “Sith Warriors,” to the far corners of the globe, in order to kill off their enemies in a retaliatory and bitter fashion."

AnalogMan said...

A happy Christmas to all readers of this blog, and especially to Savant and family. Thanks for the work you do here.