Thursday, 3 December 2015

Mithridates' solution

Those of you with a Classical bent will be familiar with
Mithridates, a Greek king who ruled the territories surrounding the Black Sea about 100 years BC.  In his youth he was fearful that his mother (who favoured his younger brother for the throne) planned to poison him. A reasonable fear, given that she probably offed her husband in the same way. So Mithridates headed off into the deep woods wherein he developed what became known as the Universal Antidote, a process whereby regularly ingesting sub-lethal doses of every known poison gradually built up a total immunity to said poisons - an immunity that enabled him to send the rest of his loving family to early graves.  (Apart from his young sister, whom he married).

His Universal Antidote was based on sound science and has become formalised in medicine as the principle of hormesis.  You see it in action when you get your flu or anti-malaria jabs, or even when you pump iron. Obviously the ratios need to be carefully calibrated, too little and hormesis doesn't work, too much and...... Which thought tantalisingly suggests that maybe the current mudslide immivasion of Europe could act as a form of hormesis. The relatively small numbers up to now have failed to activate hormesis as, mixing my metaphors, the boiling frog that's White civilisation has failed to respond. But the current avalanche, while hopefully not big enough to destroy the host, is certainly sufficient to generate a reaction.

And that reaction is developing to the point where we of right mind might for the first time actually believe that an immunity can develop. The referenced post above cites an explosive (!) growth in awareness and opposition from the hoi polloi. And in further evidence I offer you the latest developments from Finland, one of the most pussy-whipped PC countries in the world, one where the crimes of disadvantaged minorities get carefully screened from public view. But lo and behold, the recent flood of enrichment has occasioned this wall of silence to crumble in spectacular fashion.

Finland's biggest daily newspaper devoted many column inches to the issue of rape. The topic of rape and violence against women has come to the forefront of discussion in Finnish media since highly-publicised incidents of rape committed by asylum seekers in recent weeks.Citing Helsinki University's Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy figures, the paper writes that incidents of reported rapes by immigrants were about eight times higher than that of native Finns. The paper also writes that the most reported rapes were committed by people from the Middle East and Northern Africa. The evening tabloid Ilta-Sanomat featured a blazing headline on page four's "Refugee Crisis" feature with a headline that reads: "Suspected crimes increase."

This is quite unprecedented in its scale and suddenness. Maybe the little matter of the rape and burning alive of a 17 year-old Finnish girl by an Afghan enricher concentrated their minds somewhat.  In any event the genie is out of this particular bottle and will not easily be reinserted.

A concluding thought. If Providence grants that our societies are saved we must never forget or forgive those who instigated, enabled and covered up the destruction. We know the identities of these traitors and understand their agenda. May the day come when we see them on trial for High Treason.


kulak said...

Anecdote time.

Lifelong Democrat, edjewmacater in the People's Republic of Madison. Politically active, tried to recall Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. Friend of a friend.

She said the other day "Trump makes some sense".

Facts and events that may be behind that statement:

Madison is experiencing some immigrant / refugee problems. About 1/2 of the kids in the Madison public school system are now on reduced / free lunch.

A high school "student" broke a teacher's arm. Suspending or expelling said "student" was prohibited on the grounds that his violent tendencies constitute a disability.

Glen C said...

Same all over the country kulak. Education by rape. IMO the polls are deliberately under-reporting the level of support for Trump.

red pill said...

Great meme over at Chateau Heartiste

Gun control = Goy control

Declan-P said...

This is largely because fewer and fewer Whites are self-identifying with Christianity anymore.

And, really, why should we?

This is the religion that, at the point of sword, told us that worship of our own gods and love of our spiritual ancestors was "heathen".

This is the religion that tells us to take money that could be spent within our own communities, for our own people, and give it to Third World parasites who hate us.

This is the religion who, through Catholic Charities; Lutheran Social Services; Anglican Aide Agency,, takes money from us and uses it to import "refugees" and displace us as a people.

I observe culturally "Christian" holidays such as Christmas and Easter because I'm aware of their pagan roots and I utilize them as times to honor the spirits of my past ancestors and be near my living loved ones. But I am not a Christian and I do not attend church services or donate any of my money to churches that wish to destroy me or my people.

Anonymous said...

ew ew Abrams statement

Mithridates solution does not work with Star Worse The Farce Awkns. the Trojan War lasted a decade so did the horse go in one night or were aiders and abetters dropped in over 3650+ days until they reached sufficient numbers to be useful?

Hamtramck got a majority minority council and it is the model minority that Obama sides with in space exploration and other stuff.

Anonymous said...

I saw the new Jeff Goldblum ad for Bosch and I must say Jews really appreciate a good oven.

Anonymous said...

"I observe culturally "Christian" holidays such as Christmas and Easter because I'm aware of their pagan roots and I utilize them as times to honor the spirits of my past ancestors and be near my living loved ones. But I am not a Christian and I do not attend church services or donate any of my money to churches that wish to destroy me or my people." - AMEN to that. The masses really need to be educated to the fundamental importance of race.

Anonymous said...

Yeah we should all rear up and throw these parasites out of their benifits houses
Eff the villa

Trouble is if we went round there we would get arrested and he would get a panic alarm paid for by the police

Scott said...

Apparently the neighbors of the Bernardino killers were aware that something was not right, but were afraid to report it for not being called racists. So these poor people would still be alive, if the politically correct, bloody do-gooder fascists would shut up!

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Amen to that. Put the bastards up against the wall.

john7 said...

Declan P - Nowhere does Christian teaching say we should take money and give it to thirdworld heathens who hate us ; in fact, the Bible tells us EXACTLY the opposite! The Bible tells us that those who do not provide for their own are worse than unbelievers. [and it is speaking of race and nation here; family is dealt with earlier in the chapter] The Bible tells us to be separate from other peoples. The Bible warns against intermarriage and instructs us against mingling with other 'cultures'. The Bible is clear that God put the peoples in their own place and to leave borders alone. Etc etc etc. Do NOT confuse catholicism [or episcoplaian, COE, presbyterianism or other forms of catholicism light] for Christianity; they are all opposed to true Christianity. Christianity was never imposed at the tip of the sword; catholicism maybe, but to do so would be antithetical to real Christianity. It simply never happened.
The fact that fewer whites identify as Christians is precisely the cause of our problem. As Horace Greeley rightly noted, 'It is impossible to enslave a Bible reading people'. This is exactly why the jewish overlords in media, government and the 'entertainment' industry work tirelessly day and night to discourage us from doing so and contacting our Christian roots and heritage as Caucasians ; were we ever to do so in any numbers, a large enough percentage of us would undoubtedly soon figure out not only what had happened to us, but who was responsible... then its game over jewboy. As parasites, they just cant have that happen.

Maybe this will be the one positive thing come from 'feminism' ; were these crimes committed against males - especially white males - there would be no notice taken. But as the violence is against women, even the MSM is forced to take at least some notice. Im sure theyre having a real internal struggle there in kosher media land....'Hmmm... which takes precedent today? protecting our pet minorities or squawking about viloence against women?' Minorities win most of the time I imagine as you see only a small portion of the rapes by third worlders reported, but at least some of the news is getting out. Maybe it will be enough to stir some action.

kulak said...


A vicious squirrel is on the prowl in Novato.

What’s been reported as a gray fox squirrel has jumped from trees and scampered into classrooms and garages to attack a total of eight people in northwest Novato in past weeks, and the Marin Humane Society is on the hunt to find the perpetrator before more attacks ensue.

“The fact is, we want people to stay calm,” said Lisa Bloch, Marin Humane Society spokeswoman. “It’s probably just one squirrel and a really unique situation.”

The biting and scratching attacks began three weeks ago when a squirrel reportedly leapt from a tree and onto a man’s head as he did yard work on Nov. 13. He was treated at Novato Community Hospital for his injuries. In another attack five days later, a squirrel entered a classroom at Pleasant Valley Elementary School on Sutro Avenue and attacked a student. As a teacher attempted to flee from the room, she too was attacked, according to the humane society officials.

Because the attacks have all taken place between Sutro Avenue and Vineyard Road, a single squirrel — likely hand-raised, and conditioned to feel comfortable around humans — is believed to be responsible.

“This is one of those stories that’s hard for us to hear,” said Alison Hermance, director of communications at WildCare in San Rafael. “It’s a situation the squirrel has no doubt been fed by people and has been encouraged to get close to people. When he doesn’t get what he wants — he attacks.”

Richard Williams, 78, had the most recently reported entanglement with the squirrel. On the day after Thanksgiving, Williams said he was working on small tasks around his garage, off of Vineyard Road, when he looked up to see a gray squirrel scampering towards him.

“He jumped me three or four different times,” Williams said Wednesday. “I got him off my shoulder the first time. He was clinging pretty hard. When I got him off, my hand and arm were torn up. When I got him off, he’d get back on.”

Williams said his wife, Norma Williams, alarmed by his screams, ran out into the garage with a broom. The squirrel then began to attack her, he said.

Williams managed to grab the squirrel by its tail and threw it to the ground. The squirrel, dazed and in a stupor, then ran off, he said.

Williams said his right arm, hand and leg were injured in the incident, along with his lip and head. His glasses were also broken during the scuffle.

“It was just a mad scramble. I was up and down on the garage floor. It was quite an experience,” he said.

Williams’ wife was more fortunate. She was wearing a jacket during the incident and was only scratched on her shoulders, he said. The couple received both vaccines for tetanus and rabies at Novato Community Hospital.

According to the humane society, rabies in squirrels is rare, but all victims have received anti-rabies treatment as a precaution.

The squirrel’s behavior is hardly normal, Bloch said, as most squirrels have a natural fear of humans. To discourage wild animals from becoming too comfortable around humans, residents are told to never feed wild animals. If any individuals come into contact with the squirrel, they are encouraged to visit their physician as soon as possible, Bloch said. Victims should go to the emergency room if seriously injured, she said.

The humane society recommends residents in the area of the attacks cut back trees that overhang roofs and are close to telephone lines. Officials also suggest removing bird feeders and screening or blocking all possible entry ways, especially at the height of fence tops, telephone and power lines.

Hermance, echoing Bloch’s tone, said community members should not become fearful.

“It’s unusual,” she said.”It’s not something typical at all and not something people need to worry about — aggressive squirrels running around Marin County.”

Anonymous said...

got commercial on tv here in the states where white girl friend calls nigger boy friend to go on date at pricey resturant, nigger don't have the cash but he spots old video dvd gathering dust on shelf and puts it on E BAY and next scene he's on street selling it to dofus white guy smiling,last scene has him in resturant with white girl friend soon to be victim talking about ""what a great place this is"" nigger smiles at camera and winks, disgusting,

GHQ said...

@effthevilla. What makes me somewhat hopeful is the constant highlighting of such outrages. The Mail and Express, although very far from perfect (their reporters are all PC drones) keep reporting these stories and the message must be sinking in to the man in the street, even if only by osmosis.

MK said...

What the hell is the story of the Pleasant Valley squirrels about? Some kind of allegory for the coons raghead infestation?

Anonymous said...

Read all about it and the slime ball called the Dean. This is Oxford England today

Uncle Nasty said...

Speaking of stories we all read ... you've all read this in the MSM:

Or haven't you?

Israel border security is killing African asylum seekers. 16 dead, 12 wounded in past week

November 15, 2015

Israel is building new border fences, new detention camps and taking strong decisive action to stop illegal alien “asylum seekers” from Africa. Currently, tens of thousands of illegal aliens from Africa are living in Israeli camps awaiting deportation. Under the Israeli-Egyptian Peace agreement, Egypt must provide security for the Israeli border. When illegal aliens get through, Israel puts more pressure on Egypt to stop the flow. During the past few years, this has resulted in the shooting deaths of numerous African immigrants.

In the past few days, the number of illegal aliens killed by gunshot has exploded. Last week, Egyptian security personnel working on behalf of Israel shot five Africans trying to cross the Israel border. One died and four were wounded. Yesterday, the same security forces mowed down a large group of Sudanese. Fifteen were killed and eight were wounded. The wounded are being treated by Egyptian medical workers.

There are currently about 45,000 illegal aliens from Africa in Israel. The majority are from Eritrea and Sudan. Israel stopped accepting asylum application from Eritreans and Sudanese in 2013. Israel does not accept temporary work permits from Africans.

In 2012, Israel passed a law calling for illegal aliens to be imprisoned for three years and face deportation. This law was overturned by the Israeli Supreme Court in 2013. The parliament passed it again, and it was voided a second time. The parliament passed it a third time calling for three months in prison and twenty months in a detention camp. That law is currently in force. The Israel Supreme Court reduced the detention period from twenty months to twelve months. However, those who refuse deportation are simply being held indefinitely. Over ten thousand Africans are currently being held in detention camps in Israel.

BTW, MK asks if the squirrel story was a allegory. Odd, that. I looked at the author (Kulak) and immediately started the mental substitution of "Squirrel" with "Third World scum of your choice ..." and Voila! evertything fell into place.

Oh, and back to the israel story -- as for those who "refuse deportation" -- what the fuck makes them think they have a choice?


Anonymous said...

Savant said:-
If Providence grants that our societies are saved we must never forget or forgive those who instigated, enabled and covered up the destruction......May the day come when we see them on trial for High Treason.

We will never forget and never forgive. I'm sure that when we win will afford them exactly the same rights that they have given us. The right to imprisonment because of belief. No right of reply. The truth will not be a defence. IF they get a trial they can plead either guilt or culpable. We can go back to the old laws. Hanging by the short drop for one.
(The older I get the more bitter I feel).


Uncle Nasty said...

Not quite on topic, but still ...

As I have said before, I download video from various sites. Somehow, I don't think I will waste good bandwidth on this one ...

BBC - This Is Tottenham (2015)

WEBRip | 1280x720 | .MKV/AVC @ 2398 Kbps | 59mn 0s | Audio: English AAC 128 kbps, 2 channels | Subs: None | 1012 MiB
Genre: Documentary

Documentary showcasing the extraordinary spirit of ordinary residents living in one of Britain's most vibrant and challenging constituencies.

One short sentence containing every politically correct buzzword one can fit into a two-line paragraph:-

extraordinary spirit [Check]

ordinary residents [Check]

living in one of Britain's most vibrant [Check]

and challenging [Check]


All that needs to be seen is, are they:-

1. Commiserating?
2. Convincing?
3. Gloating?
4. Endorsing?
5. Complaining?

A small prize for the first correct answer.


Anonymous said...

Red blooded, all-American Paki boy innocently goes to Mecca on Haj and gets fixed up with a Jihadi witch.

House looks like attached condos. Neighbors saw them shooting in the back yard and didn't call police? Shooting a deer in the woods and fields near the tracks around here would bring out a tactical squad.

Anonymous said...

Okay about the idea of building resistance to poison, Savant. But don't fall for the meme that "whatever doesn't kill me will only make me stronger." Seen any cancer survivors lately? Or survivors of car accidents? Or taken a really good beating? name it.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the idea that "whatever doesn't kill me only makes me stronger" applies in very few circumstances. Like survivors of the 1st Marine division's fighting road march from the Chosin reservoir in Korea.
Really, check out the documentary film of the look of those guys when they made it to safety.

In similar circumstance, it would have applied to Roland but then he didn't survive.

Bernal Diaz did survive and wrote a great book about it.

kulak said...

Gloating, UN.

Flanders said...

Why must we look to Putin for hope and to Orban for reason? The squirrels in our own yards have turned upon us, and storing other nuts everywhere we live, with another 500,000 on the way.

"The Prime Minister [Viktor Orb├ín] highlighted that the problem is not that they cannot be detained, but that in fact “we ourselves” organise them, “send vehicles to collect them” and “suspend the laws” which would permit a reasonable migrant policy. This is modern-day mass migration, and the migrants are not merely entering Europe, but invading, he stated.

It clearly testifies to the absurdity of the situation, he argued, that the minority coming here demand the removal of the religious symbols of the native majority, because they offend their sensibilities. “If you visit Brussels too often, the mind simply boggles”, he said.

He further stressed that immigration is not a method for the solution of demographic problems; this is clearly “a policy of self-elimination”.

Flanders said...

I see we have many kool-aiders who still haven't learned that Democracy is when you vote for someone on a list where all the candidates are pre-approved, but by the jews - not by you. Just one "politically incorrect statement" is all it takes for the media to remove Trump and clear the board for Hillary, as if the jews don't already know that.

Anonymous said...

Abominably low quality of research from ESRI...e.g. the longitudinal study on Growing up in Ireland

This is a shockingly low quality report, summary here:

Does sending a kid to childcare or caring for them at home make any difference to their development?

Glossy but vacuous PDF here:

1) Wordy gibbercrappe...almost no hard data...yet huge amount of money spent collecting the data

2) No evidence of complex multivariate regressions...indeed little if any discussion of statistical techniques

3) No discussion as to the pros and cons of the chosen experimental design, nor discounted alternatives...indeed the authors exhibit little awareness of any scientific method

4) No effort whatsoever at establishing confidence intervals ...nor error bounds...nor is there useful discussion about uncertainty

5) Very little discussion as to whether related factors had fundamental causation...or were mere unexplained correlation

6) Shockingly little reference to the fundamental established literature in these fields (e.g. the Judith Rich Harris vs Sulloway debate is a glaring omission )...and it is an area rich with fundamental empirical research

7) No mention of the considerable cost of the study itself. ..and the related data collection effort

In short wishy washy shoddy crap...and a waste of public funding

At this stage the ESRI being shut down in the morning would be a good thing....a complete waste of money...but more importantly unnecessarily demented wibblement being dumped on then public...and more important again: the totally false warm fuzzy feeling that some people may have, who think ESRI has our backs

ESRI are worse than useless. ..and should be reapportioned as refuse collectors or some such similar useful societal function. These are the timid goons who failed us in the Bubble Era. ..and now seem completely out of control

About the only good I can think of the ESRI is that keeping all the incompetents in sheltered sector employment protects the rest of us from any of them being let to make any professional decisions in the real world

I lifted that from another site because ESRI are the people who replicated the flawed african names study which suffered from all the above and we pay these people who turn around to insult us.

Flanders said...

"Merkel calls on refugees to reject anti-Semitism"

"German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged refugees arriving in Germany to embrace the country’s values and reject discrimination and anti-Semitism.

Speaking in the Jewish museum in Berlin on Wednesday, Merkel said the influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants, many fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East, was a great opportunity if Germany properly conveys what it means by integration.

“This is not about forgetting your own roots but living with your roots within our values and social order, and part of this is the unrelenting fight against any form of anti-Semitism,” Merkel said on Wednesday.

The leader of Germany’s Jewish community has said an influx of asylum-seekers from cultures where hostility towards Jews is common could feed anti-Semitism."

"Ireland Should Take in 10,000 refugees’, says Holocaust survivor"

"A Holocaust survivor living in Dublin has called on the government to re-home 10,000 refugees displaced by the crises in Syria and the Middle East. Tomi Reichental was just nine years old [Little jew gets to dictate policy when he "survives" and grows up - FINALLY, "learns how evil racism and anti-semitism are".] when he was sent to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp."

Anonymous said...

Mithridates' solution only worked because Mithridates wasn't born more currently.

Now it goes like this:

"What does not kill me makes me weaker, weaker, weaker till all it takes is a flea bite to kill me off.

Most Euro places repealed hormesis after World War II (coincidence there, eh?) when childhood vaccinations became both mandatory and covered literally everything. When a child gets mumps, measles, chicken pox or even worse, his immune system is learning. Gradually it learns to deal with some of the beastly ailments that comes when they get older.

Assuming they have the chance. From about the 70s on, we've been overprotected on that score. Now the enrichers are enriching us with challenges mid-20th Century medicine once considered obsolete.

Due for an epidemic or two? Or many? The influenza epidemic of about a century ago might make a big comeback. Many Third Worlders might be immmune, or reproduce so incontenently they won't give damn.

For sure, wrap-up time's getting closer.


Uncle Nasty said...

This was posted on a thread that is beginning to stumble a bit, so I repost it here.

Anonymous said...

@ Uncle Nasty

Re money creation - the Positive Money organisation produces a lot of informative short videos:

3 December 2015 at 12:46

Thank you for that, Annonny, but I get to the age that I regard such articles, interesting and useful as they may be, the same way that I regard articles on colonising Mars, re-inventing Tesla's broadcast power or running your car on water ... as an interesting intellectual exercise.

Not going to happen in my lifetime -- or in the world as it is, now.

The only way we can pry the capacity to make money and wealth (real or fake) out of the podgy little hands of the Tribe, is by first destroying their stranglehold on the dissemination of (mis)information ... the blanket entity called the Mainstream Media.

Pardon the caps, but ...


There are ways to take it all back ... but I don't think you want to hear them from me. I would make Covington sound like a limp-wristed pacifist.


Flanders said...

A Michigan man, Keith Woods, 39, is charged with a felony for obstruction of justice and misdemeanor of tampering with a jury for passing out fliers about jury nullification rights on the sidewalk and faces 5 years in prison on the felony charge and 1 year on the misdemeanor. Fines are additional. He "faces charges after handing out 50 fliers on Nov. 24, which describe juror rights that are typically not given by judges during jury instructions before a trial".

“When he (the Judge) told me the bond, again I was speechless," said Wood. "$150,000 bond for handing out a piece of paper on a public sidewalk? Speechless.” "The pamphlets Wood handed out specifically discuss jurors' right to vote their conscience, also known as jury nullification of law. Jury nullification occurs when a jury acquits a defendant, despite evidence, because they either believe the law is immoral or wrongfully applied. However, since the late 1800's many judges have omitted jury nullification from their jury instructions", though Woods attorney, Dave Kallman said it is implied.

"Kallman said this is a violation of Constitutional rights including freedom of speech.

“It’s free speech for goodness sake,” said Kallman. “The Judge directly ordered him to be arrested for jury tampering, for tampering with a jury that didn’t exist, now wrap your head around that.”

SAVANT said...

@23.45. Actually I agree with you about that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger. It's total rubbish and I've removed it.

Corkonian said...

Speaking of poison, the Tribe are relentless in poisoning a culture from every possible angle, using every possible poison, in every possible dosage strength, via every possible mode of delivery.

Anonymous said...

Whooo Hooo. I've won something! UN, I know the answer to that one. It was a trick question you sly old bugger. The answer of course is, all the above!
What do I win? New car? Cash? Framed,signed photo of AH? Cottage in the country?
I've not been this excited for years.
The only thing I've won before was a sack of potatoes in a raffle.

(Awaiting star prize)

Anonymous said...

I remember getting mumps, measles and chicken pox as a kid. 'What? I can't go to school?' 'Oh nooooo'. 'What a shame'.

Anon @23.45 said
" Seen any cancer survivors lately? Or survivors of car accidents? Or taken a really good beating? Well, plenty actually.


Anonymous said...

Savant said :-

'Actually I agree with you about that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger. It's total rubbish and I've removed it.'

I have never thought it was meant to be taken literally. It is was used when you had a small scrape that could have been much worse. It was meant as a mental metaphor not a physical one.


beppo said...

@Savant 09:51

Exactly; one of the silliest observations ever made by an intellectual. Although, that has never stopped people swallowing and quoting it for generations. It's good to have a positive attitude for sure, but you could get into a lot of trouble with this idea too firmly fixed in your head.
To be charitable, we could bear in mind that Friedrich Nietzsche, who originated this particular copybook headline, died in a madhouse.

Another preposterously silly utterance from the world-class egghead, Socrates: The unexamined Life is not worth Living. So, parents who are kept busy raising a large family are nothing compared to a navel-gazing academic?

Vote Tyson Fury Sports Personality of the Year said...

BBC urged to rig Sports Personality of the Year

Having had questionable results before where the public voted for the wrong people corrupt broadcasters (British?) urge that your vote goes to 66/1 shot Mo Farah rather than the interesting Mancunian Tyson Fury to fit in with their metropolitian prejudices. I think the move to Salford can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

I note that the Pistorous show trial is being regurgitated: F me they are getting some mileage out of this farce!....must be working though know , psycho numbing the mupet brain....most murders are done by whites in SA , aint they?

Samia said...

Anonymous, I agree with your comments on the weakening effects of vaccines.

"When a child gets mumps, measles, chicken pox or even worse, his immune system is learning."

Anonymous said...

ITV broadcasts footage of Ainsley Harriott to go with Sir Lenworth George Henry's nithood

A no Kardashian was mistaken for another non Kardashian and people have a problem with that. Splain.

Radio" removed due to cultural traditions skin" had a problem with met office

They weren't pushing Global Climate Warming properly.

When does hanukah 2015 begin?

Who gives a phuq!

eleos said...

@ 3.13. Agree about that ESRI report. Jesus if it were a Fourth Year student's composition. Shows that they choose "researchers" on the basis of political outlook rather than academic ability.

FOD said...


UN, I put it in caps AND bold. Because it is so true. Hitler recognized this very early on.

Anonymous said...

Anti immigration event to be held in Belfast Saturday
No flags or allegiances to be shown just your hatred of forced immigration
Can you go and have a shout for me savant.and report back please
Eff the villa

Oh and some pictures please

Anonymous said...

@ john7 "'It is impossible to enslave a Bible reading people'." - Horace Greeley. There's a good chance Greeley was referring to Black bible reading people. He was a staunch abolitionist and a Radical Republican. The Radical Republicans lead the fight for the 13th Amendment and the Reconstruction Act which forced the Southerners to ratify the 14th Amendment before they could rejoin the Union. They fought against Lincoln's plans to send the Blacks back to Africa. They brought a "hard peace" to the South, which was basically a military occupation, a denazification. The freed slaves along with the carpetbaggers and Methodist ministers were put in charge of cleansing the Southerners of their sins.


Anonymous said...

What white men can't say without being called racist.but a back woman can say

Anonymous said...


Trump met with a bunch of Jews yesterday and said five insensitive, un-PC things to them about them.
Like he hadn't decided about Jerusalem as the permanent capital of Israel (very third rail for politicians) but would talk to Bibi about it.

Told them he didn't need their money and would have more of their support if he did.

Something about how he likes to haggle and how he certainly knows they like to haggle.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to inform you of this, Savant, as I know she is a favorite of yours but Nicki Minaj's brother was arrested today for raping a twelve year old. Surprising as the brothers usually get a pass on statutory rape's their culture and's all in the family anyway. But I guess twelve is pretty young even for a brother these days.

Anonymous said...

Liberal White women are the achilles heel of our race - kikes and the mud people LOVE and abuse the assholes with impunity due to their feminist lemming like utter stupidity !!

Anonymous said...

As to your point of anti-bodies being built up to mud-colored fanatics and pavement apes by a limited exposure to them, I have to disagree. You are dealing in a zero sum game. Add one and everything is worse by one. You can see that, even with America's nearly 500 year experience with the groids, we still have our problems with them.

The only way to control them is through terror and we can't do that anymore. But the situation can be mitigated through harsh law enforcement. Unfortunately, it has to be equally harsh on everybody.

Forget about this "replacement" stuff. They want to double your population in less than twenty years. Saw that link in your comments section about the corporate pig who wanted Ireland to prepare for ten million people as a way to "grow" the economy. He also complained about rising wages. That will be ten million for the Republic and another 4 million in NI. And most will be dark savages. Don't let it happen!

Uncle Nasty said...

I find it very interesting that none of the group (until now, that is) has seen fit to even comment on this farrago ...

Probably because it's commenting on the sun coming up. I shall now decently bury it.


Uncle Nasty said...

Lemmyhead said...

Whooo Hooo. I've won something! UN, I know the answer to that one. It was a trick question you sly old bugger. The answer of course is, all the above!

It hurts me more than it hurts you, Lemmyhead, but, at the risk of tarnishing my otherwise sterling reputation for probity, straight dealing, virtue and honorable behavior in all things, I have a confession to make.

The prize was a Whittaker's* almond chocolate bar, but -- knowing that it would never survive the rigours of today's posts and couriers without degenerating into a sad, gooey little puddle ... I ate it.

The good news, however, is that I thought of you while doing so ... and surely, it's the thought that counts?



*Far better than Cadbury's

** You can tell I was a slimey advertising bastard, can't you?

Anonymous said...

Stop obsessing about Sinn Fein. They've never had any power regarding UK or Republic immigration policy. They're not responsible for bringing one jig into either one of your countries. That they are savvy enough to utilize an accomplished fact politically (you are stuck with whatever was allowed into your country until such time as it decides to go somewhere else, which will be never as long as there is a meal available) is understandable but also ridiculous and ironic. That they've now become the "Officials" instead of the Provos and spout leftist globalist values instead of nationalist working class ideals shows a severe misunderstanding of their place in the political universe of the last several decades. The Left, in spite of a couple kind words from Mandela and personal interest from Bill Clinton, pretty much abhorred their nationalism and assumed Catholicism. Their support in America was based in a small fraction of the Irish-American community. Usually first or second generation ethnics with an interest in the culture. My girlfriends would worry that the IRA would prevent women in NI from getting birth control. So, it was a tough sell always but enough to give pause to the worst elements of the British establishment (the monarchy, aristocracy, military and associated bourgeoisie) who were rampant and vicious for decades. It never should have happened. It was a tragedy. A situation that should have been properly settled after WWII, at the latest.

In a way I miss it and maybe we'd all be better off if the Brit/Irish culture wars still had relevance. I could insult your demon lizard monarchy and you guys could respond with eighteenth century Irish stereotypes.

A lot better than worrying about the niggers. Believe me...I know.

Flanders said...

Making US stronger:

“Negroid Asylum Grabbers Kidnap Italian Woman, Gang Rape Her, Sell Her to Other Blacks”:

Black Pleads Not Guilty to Killing and Burning White Babies

1,000 American rabbis sign letter welcoming Syrian refugees

Anonymous said...

amen to that

Anonymous said...

"got commercial on tv here in the states where..."

They always overplay their hand because their hatred and paranoia towards white people drives them insane.


"Forget about this "replacement" stuff. They want to double your population in less than twenty years"

That leads to replacement - although you're right a lot of the white corporate types aren't necessarily doing it for replacement - they've just been conned into believing it is good for the economy by merchant.

Anonymous said...

Who wouold have thought this on here....

Fanny Kaplan

February 10, 1890 – September 3, 1918

On August 30, 1918, in front of a Moscow factory, Kaplan fired three shots at Vladimir Lenin. One missed, two didn't. Lenin wasn't killed, but was injured sufficiently enough that it led to deteriorating health and death in 1924. Kaplan was executed four days after the assassination attempt.

Now imagine Lenin was killed on the spot. In 1918, it's unlikely that Stalin comes to power. Russia, already in disarray and fighting a Civil War, would destabilize further. Who rises to the top? Is there even a Soviet Union? Do the Bolsheviks prevail? What happens to Stalin, Trotsky, et al? A different path for Russia pretty much means a different path for the entire world. What about the Great Purge? World War II? The Cold War? Etc, etc, etc.

But, you know, they don't teach sharpshooting to Jewish girls.

Andreas said...

Izlam and muzlims are incompatible with western civilization. The 7th century throwbacks need to stay where they are, and stop mooching off Europe and the US - taking all sorts of free money and services while cursing and committing violence against the very people who welcomed them. Look up a you tube video about the muzlim rape crisis in Sweden, and how the savages have taken over Swedish society. They believe that blond girls are infidels and must be beaten and raped. Where are the true European men to protect their women?

katana said...


Please help in writing up the transcript of these two speeches by Jez Turner and Andrew Brons at the first public meeting of British Renaissance. [1-20 mins in progress]

Please see this post for details: British Renaissance: Jez Turner and Andrew Brons — TRANSCRIPT


kulak said...

But, you know, they don't teach sharpshooting to Jewish girls.

I don't know, those Arrows of Guilt and Emotional Blackmail are usually on target.

Uncle Nasty said...

This looks really interesting ...

I will download as soon as ...


kulak said...

Add one and everything is worse by one.

Except tap dancing.

Searcher said...


I saw that video and downloaded a copy. The man who produced it refused to pay his TV license. Encouraging comments on the Daily Mail:
Daily Mail readers back the TV license non-payer

This is another good video on 9/11 (am only 20 mins in) 2 hrs long, but he is a good speaker, intelligent, American.
Richard Andrew Grove, easy to listen to

This is my favorite video regarding 9/11. It is the most compelling evidence for someone like me. An hour long discussion by engineers showing graphs on gravity and talking about melting temperatures and thermite etc are not within my expertise (never heard of thermite before tbh). I think a lot of people are similarly not overly won over with those kinds of discussions, but LARRY convinces me in 3mins:
Larry yada yadas

I find it interesting that Larry and George* were the only two people who both claimed to see the first plane hitting on TV that morning. No-one else saw the first plane hitting on TV that morning, (because the regular TV stations did not have their cameras pointing at the Twin Towers). And indeed, why would they (since it was a surprise event)? 99.99% of the population only saw footage of when the first plane had already hit. IIRC, it was only later that footage was released by a French? outfit who happened to catch the first plane hitting. Yet, Larry and George managed to see the first plane impacting that very morning. Funny that.

*George said he saw the first plane hit (before he read My Pet Goat). Here, found it:
George slips on a banana

James Lord said...

Searcher. Some excellent comments and note also the votes are nearly 100:1 in favour of the guy who got fined.

Another thing. You know those little mini-reports down the right-hand side of the screen on the MAil? I counted no fewer that SIX which features black/white 'couples'. In every case the boon was the man.

It never ends.

GaryPaul said...

A great film on 9/11. But why have comments been disabled so soon?

Anonymous said...

Anti migrant demo Belfast.outnumbered by anarchists anti racists and the church

eleos said...

From the same Guardian edition: Australia's far-right fringe groups must not be allowed to become mainstream


Anonymous said...

Interesting TV debate by two non-indigenous "Brits" debating the issue of mass migration into Britain.

Searcher said...

That TV debate. So funny. "The reality of someone who runs a website insulting me as a diversity consultant is ... quite cheering really.."
- Professional diversity consultant, Jabeer Butt, speaking to Raheem Kassam from Breitbart.

So in Jabeer's worldview, running a website is a number of steps below diversity consultant?! Maybe diversity consultants get paid very well? The sad thing is, that this is our future in Ireland.

We will have a Nigerian debating a Pakistani on similar topics in future the way things are going. We will have our own Dianne Abbott, our own Quilliam Foundation and people saying "that is not a Muslim" "they are not real Muslims", when Sh*t Gets Real. Hearsay alert: Dr Ali Salim was offended by Christmas trees. Direct recollection: Ruairi Quinn wanted crucifixes out of hospitals so as not to offend Muslims (atheists co-opting Muslims to remove Christianity, how original).

We will have the same nonsense peddled that Judaism/Christianity/Islam are the three threads of the same friendship bracelet (thanks Pope John Paul II for his false equivalences; thanks also to Mel Gibstein's dad for reminding us that John Paul II was the "Koran Kisser"; thanks to Pope Francis for diluting Christian teaching so much that he is possibly the most loved Pope of atheists; thanks to Pope Francis for urging Catholics in Europe to take Muslims not only into their countries, but into their private homes" (guilt-tripping debt burdened, high youth unemployed societies).*

Anyhow, just speaking of Mel Gibstein's dad, he is also a few rungs below a professional diversity consultant, like the Breitbart guy. He also runs a website, derp...
Hutton Gibstein's Website

* Funny that the Nazi Pope Benedict is the one who stood against Islam... had to go... had to go... goodbye Benedict (we will forever portray you as the Nazi Youth boy, with allegations of paedophilia as the reason for your retirement).

Anonymous said...

UN. I guess I shall have to forgive you because I love chocolate nut bars too. I shall live with the karma I have created through the joy you had in eating it.


Uncle Nasty said...

Someone once mentioned the rather brilliant truism of "Jews set the fires, then sell the firehoses."

No doubt about it ... they control the narrative, in the US, anyway. First we have the poster girl for the Hasbara site Theo Spark, Caroline Glick:-

... To a degree, the very fact that Siddiqi had no compunction about stepping in front of the cameras just hours after the attack is proof that the US has lost its way.

If American elites were even semi-competent, Siddiqi would have faded into the shadows, never to emerge again 15 years ago.

We then have another jew commentator endorsing her as the best and brightest since Einstein:

-- The two of them completely ignoring the fact that jews now completely control the US from top to bottom ...

... and are the controllers of the negroid and mystery meat monstrosities like the previous US Attorney General -- Eric Holder -- and this thing ...

-- A jew-manufactured ond wholly enabled creature, very much like Barry Soetero.

Then the last straw ... the judaic chattering-class who are the so-called elite engage in the circular argument that the US govt is a major problem while carefully ignoring the fact that they are the US government!!

If I did not detest them so much, I could almost admire them.


Searcher said...

More 9/11 notes

A comment from a 9/11 video:
"Every single member of the 112th,113, congress and presidential administration staff know this event called 9/11 was fiction...When will our populace demand for a real independent impartial investigation of this conspiracy? One particular person should be held for trial is Michael Chertoff...He actually has stated the internet should be torn down..A menace to society and a threat to every person in the U.S."

Just take a look at this guy.

In this interview, he equates Truthers with Birthers and Holocaust Deniers, which in fairness is pretty reasonable.
Trainee corpse is interviewed

- If you believe that 9/11 was a false flag, you might research other false flags and see commonalities.

- You might then look at Obama and his background and conclude that he is not independently powerful: was not a well-known politician/military leader/public figure/wealthy, then boom... speeches and lots of MSM attention. You might note that Trump and Hilary Clinton question whether Obama was in fact born in the USA. You might have reasonable suspicion that his background is being covered up deliberately: not releasing his university records (possible motive: they might show that he was registered as a foreign student). You might then be confronted with news that the lady who produced a certificate of live birth for Obama died in a plane crash one week after a Doug Vought alleged in a radio interview that she had come into extra money. You might look further into Obama's background and see connections with Saul Alinsky, subversion tactics and anti-American ideology. You might conclude that Obama is not necessarily good for the USA. You might also conclude that Obama is controlled and blatantly "not his own man".

- You might be aware of Michael Moore's Farenheit 9-11 and get interested in the Patriot Act and the increase in Government powers. You might also note that the war in Iraq was based on lies and democracy means nothing in the UK (huge public protests against the Iraq War) and the "Coalition of the Willing" seemed like a strong-armed group (with us or against us). Later you might note Edward Snowden's disclosures and realize how much spying is being done.

- You might note that a Jewish Billionaire (Kantor) is promoting internet censorship throughout Europe with Tony Blair as Chairman of his outfit. You might note that he is particularly interested in Holocaust promotion.

- You might also find out about Bilderberger Group, CFR etc and start realizing that the UN is not this airy-fairy talking shop of goodness that you once thought it was.

- You might note that the Holocaust is trotted out at every turn to justify mass immigration into European countries. You might find the evidence for 6 million Jews systematically killed in a factory-like manner to be scanty and unreasonable. You might see some "Survivors" publicly caught out on outlandish tales and simply refuse to admit their lies and insist like a fantasy-prone child that: "I believed it in my imagination, therefore I did not lie".

- You might have been feeling the winds of World War 3 rustling for the last few years and get genuinely unrattled and try to discern from WW1 and WW2 how did those wars really start. You might pursue a follow the money track, a cui bono track, and conclude that the simple "everyone lost" statement is false. You observe what went on during the Credit Crunch of 2007/2008 and think hmmm... how the hell do we the people in the West get suddenly landed with huge debt burdens that were not of our creation? How did our politicians get shafted so badly (or were they simply the conduits for this change and not particularly personally concerned)?

Searcher said...

You might discern from history that the 3 conditions necessary for "End of Empire" are
- Debt
- Food and entertainment for the natives
- Large influx of non-natives

You can see that these three circumstances are taking place right now all over the West. You know that the only thing saving Amercians is their high rate of gun ownership and their guaranteed right to speak out. You notice that these rights are under attack and you know why.

You might notice a lot of these things and realize that your own government is not really a leadership of a sovereign state. You might have taken notes during the Lisbon Treaty and the Gay Marriage referendum in Ireland as to the nature of democracy and that it is a farce.

You might look outside your own country (in my case, Ireland) and realize that the exact same malarky is happening in all Western countries.

So, Michael Chertoff, is bang-on.

People who question 9/11, will likely also question Obama's background, will likely question WW2 history and are likely to draw conclusions that oppose/amend/refine the "narrative". The internet is somewhere that like minded people can connect, where they would not necessarily come across each other in real-life. This is why it is so important to "shut it down". People helping each other to become more informed...that cannot be! But, but they need the thought police, otherwise they might continue to think for themselves. How dreadful... They need to read approved newspapers, look at approved TV, listen to approved views. And you start to understand why so many Jewish groups/individuals are pushing for internet censorship.

So Michael Chertoff is right. I stand by my belief that you can learn a lot from sociopaths. They get kinda predictable after a while, the only caveat being "never trust a sociopath".

* You might also notice that Holocaust Denial laws in European countries are pretty recent even though WW2 ended quite some time ago: 1985/1990/1992/1995/1997/1998/2001/2006/2010.

Californian said...

A concluding thought. If Providence grants that our societies are saved we must never forget or forgive those who instigated, enabled and covered up the destruction. We know the identities of these traitors and understand their agenda. May the day come when we see them on trial for High Treason.


Anonymous said...

They're Marxists / Bolsheviks not Fascists

kulak said...

You know those little mini-reports down the right-hand side of the screen on the MAil? I counted no fewer that SIX which features black/white 'couples'. In every case the boon was the man.

$50 says the new Star Wars co-stars get together, on screen or off.

Uncle Nasty said...

You may find this interesting.

When I was a kid and one heard of a country blatantly fudging its election results, the usual response would be: "Fucking banana republics. That's what happens when you bring niggers into the democratic process ..."


Worse is better? The end of electoral democracy in the UK

December 7, 2015 |
Francis Carr Begbie

Those who say that the electoral road is finished for White advocates in heavily Muslim populated areas of the UK, have had their argument boosted by a perverse by-election result in one of the Labour Party’s safest seats. Indications were that Oldham West and Royton near Manchester would be close, with the anti-immigration UKIP breathing down Labour’s necks. Completely against normal mid-term by-election patterns, the Labour vote effectively defied gravity and went up 7.49% and the party romped home with a greatly increased majority.

The election appears to have been stolen by massive organised postal vote fraud within the Muslim community which comprises more than a third of the electorate in Oldham. The crucial factor seems to be bundles of postal votes delivered in the last days by “senior Muslim representatives of the Labour Party.” Oldham, which has a long history of racial tension, is notorious for this type of rigging.

It is a travesty so blatant that the only way the establishment can deal with it is to sneer and collectively turn a blind eye. The media is restricting itself to reporting how UKIP leader Nigel Farage immediately came under fire for suggesting the vote was “bent.” Indeed, Farage sees the end of British democracy:

"There are some really quite big ethnic changes now in the way people are voting. They can’t speak English, they have never heard of Ukip or the Conservative Party, they haven’t even heard of Jeremy Corbyn.

I’m commenting on the state of modern Britain, post mass immigration. It means effectively that in some of these seats where people don’t speak English and they sign up to postal votes, effectively the electoral process is now dead."

Read on ... This must come as quite a shock to those poor, deluded sods who think democracy actually works for the betterment of humanity -- or is meant to.


Uncle Nasty said...

kulak said...

You know those little mini-reports down the right-hand side of the screen on the MAil? I counted no fewer that SIX which features black/white 'couples'. In every case the boon was the man.

$50 says the new Star Wars co-stars get together, on screen or off.

7 December 2015 at 18:16

The sad thing, Kulak, is that the world is now full of fat, flabby, forty-year-old, non-aggressive (or actually passive-aggressive) basement dwellers who, through external influences -- feminism, social pressure and propaganda -- have reduced their goals, fighting spirit, ambitions and passions into what can fit on the screen of an iPad.

Pretty much the denizens of The Big Nose Theory writ large. These are the mindless orbs, the followers of the fad-of-the-day who actually are permitted just enough disposable cash to consume MacDonald's, the latest iPhones, Star Trek action figures, Game Of Thrones replica swords or the latest vogue in cheap, disposable Chinese Crap ... all the while kept off balance by nebulous if never-actually-realised subconscious fears of runaway pollution, carbon footprints, Global Warming (Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! -- Make that "Climate Change") and the like.

These sorry creatures, in an excess of hope over experience, will shell out twenty dollars for a premium ticket to the show, ten dollars for parking, five bucks for a gallon of watered-down soda fountain Coke, probably another five for a Feed-an-Ethiopian-village sized bucket of popcorn (Gotta get that movie-going ambience, Folks!!!) and about another three or four Kilos of chocolates, M&Ms, jelly beans, Mars Bars, assorted other sweets and candies and all the shit that goes with the ultimate twenty-first century movie-going experience.

They will all spend the pre-movie runup and trailers texting their equally sad friends and gleefully telling them that they are about to see (Da da da DAAAAH) --++**STAR WARS**++-- EPISODE SEVEN -- THE SCREWING OF THE FANBOY®©™ ... Woot, woot.

And the really sad thing? It will be no more than just another Hollywood jewboy's wet dream.

Lotsa CGI, Lotsa Bangs and Booms and weird, excessive colour timing just like every Marvel comic flick and DC comic flick. Lotsa 'splosions, 'SPLOSIONS, 'SPLOSIONS!!!

And if they can somehow shoehorn it in, a not so subtle message ... a reference to years in the future, in a galaxy far, far away, where untold suffering will happen to a poor downtrodden race of cute, fluffy hosenosed aliens ... called Joobaccas.

Six million of them -- if we don't stamp out racism and homophobia now, NOW, NOW!!!

I pray that it will not happen, and that it collapse -- in epic fashion -- rather like John Carter** did, but I fear that the Tribe will live to pay the rent for another year ...

Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.
H. L. Mencken



Ragnarok said...

Mithridates also had a solution to his "Roman" problem which he tried to effect in the year 88BC, which was subsequently given the name 'the Asian Vespers'. Whilst very effective locally (Some 80,000 "Romans" were apparently solved in a single night's work),it was indeed not a Final Solution. Vae Victis