Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Indeed we live in interesting times.....

A longish post but bear with me as I'm going somewhere with it. To make my point I'll focus on the USA but the ramifications can be extended to all White countries.

First take a look at the current international stock market melt-down. Is this the Big One, where the spinning plates of the financial ponzi finally spiral to earth, or will mass money printing by the world's central banks stave off the evil day for a little longer? I don't know, but for sure this baby will blow sometime soon.  And the ensuing destruction will be epic. Add into the mix the ongoing hollowing out of America's real economy (a process to be rapidly accelerated by the introduction of the secretive Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)), the displacement of  skilled Americans by H1B visa holders, and the general war against Whites, White males in particular.

Despite the Fed's dollar-printing ponzi these developments have pushed the economic position of Americans, especially Whites, into long-term decline. This decline will become precipitous over the coming years. First it looks like the dollar will lose the preeminent reserve currency status (RCS) that has provided America with a standard of living vastly higher than its productive capacity entitles it. Not only would a sharp diminution of RCS reduce purchasing power it would lead to foreigners presenting a flood of IOUs for redemption. Assuming they no longer accept the Fed's confetti money the redemption will take the form of physical asset purchases. Typically real estate. This in turn will precipitate an inflationary spiral in the domestic economy in the context of stagnant salaries and wages.

Now let us turn to immigration. Europe and the USA have virtually given up control of their borders. Whole regions of the USA are being over-run with the dregs of the Third World, depriving Americans of jobs, driving up welfare and housing costs while atomising society. More fundamentally they're  changing the very make-up of the American population. The economic significance being the fatal weakening of the legendary American can-do attitude. There will be no traditional come-back from adversity this time simply because the traditional people have been substantially replaced.

The net effect is a drastic decline in the economic fortunes of Whites, arguably greater than that experienced during the Great Depression. But the malaise goes well beyond economic. Every aspect of traditional White Christian culture has been under relentless attack with White males in particular the subject of ritual humiliation in the courts, academia, media, 'entertainment' and employment. Hollywood and the likes of MTV disgorge an endless stream of degenerate filth, featuring every form of depravity and never miss an opportunity to extol the negro and demean Whites.

Despite all of this Whites have remained passive and accepting. So far. But the spring of resentment is being coiled to breaking point. Will the forthcoming squabble for rapidly reduced resources be the trigger that uncoils that spring? As Fred Reed has speculated 'it could explode. It really could. You might be surprised how many people out there think 'bring it on'. Not a good idea, but we go that way.'

And if it does blow the people will be looking for explanations. If not scapegoats. Now what does the following Cast Of Villains bring to mind? International financiers, speculators, globalists, the Federal Reserve, open border advocates, Hollywood moguls, the owners of  the newspapers and TV stations that celebrate White dispossession, and the agents of government subservience to the Israeli Lobby?

Get my drift?

And believe me, already that genie has one leg out of the bottle. People are making the connection. How do I know? Largely through a comprehensive analysis of reader comments on mainstream outlets, outlets that cross the political spectrum. As I said here, I spend long hours evaluating such comments because they represent the only reliable source of the ordinary person's views. And that's allowing for the frantic efforts of moderators to weed out unsanctified opinion.

Those views have undergone a seismic paradigm shift over the last five years or so. The numbers who have become wise to Jewish manipulations have increased by many orders of magnitude. Hitherto an 'anti-Semite' comment that managed to make it onto a mainstream outlet would have been buried in an avalanche of rebuke. Now such comments are commonplace and it seems that the hasbaras have actually given up the fight on many leading forums. What a turnaround! Now couple this rapidly growing awareness with the impending catastrophe I referred to and the Jewish position becomes seriously uncomfortable.

I've spent a considerable part of my retirement trying to understand why Jews have been so unpopular throughout history. My going in explanation was envy at their intelligence and hard-won success compounded by the Christ-killer myth. But research showed in fact that Jews always over-reached themselves via ethnic favouritism, becoming increasingly arrogant until ultimately, immune to any sense of responsibility and blinded to others' perception of them they provoked an explosive backlash. My own exemplar for this was the appointment of Stanley Fischer, former Governor of the Central Bank Of Israel as Deputy Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. This appointment was so grotesque, arrogant and insensitive that for the first time I began to think that Jews really might not be that clever after all. Talk about hostages to fortune! Here's part of what I wrote about the appointment in this post:

"I'm just staggered at the chutzpah here, which borders on the reckless.  The Federal Reserve (of course it's not 'Federal' at all. It's privately owned by the major American banks and has been a Jewish preserve since God was a boy) has, over the last few decades, roundly screwed up the US economy and further enriched the infamous 1%.  Now were I a member of the tribe in question, especially when you consider that tribe's existing stranglehold on the MSM, Hollywierd, the law, politics and academia I'd be saying - I really would -  Jesus ladstake it easy will yez? We'll have everyone else down on top of us like a ton of bricks. This is totally over the top. Stop it, for the love of God or we're all fucked.

Who knows how things will play out?  But indeed we live in interesting times.....


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Can't fucking wait for it to start.

Glen C. said...

I concur with the Great Awakening to jewish manipulation, at least here in my neck of the woods (South Texas).

Anonymous said...

Now we see why the tribe hate the idea of Loyalty Oaths. They only have one and it sure ain't to you and I or the United States of America.

IGnolde said...

Hi there Laguna! I know you from somewhere! Is it Chateau Heartiste and/or Zero Hedge or where?

I like your stuff!

Peters said...

I would agree that commenters at most sites are showing negro fatigue. Especially gratifying is to see pro-White comments at Huffington Post. The comments on jews' role in this and other things that plague us are still a minority though.

Dan said...

Make sure you have an Armalite.

Either NATO calibre will do.

Anonymous said...

Savant...Wow!...... Ponder there is much to in this article.

One of your regular "Yank" readers.

Anonymous said...

In regard to the 2nd point made:

Jared Taylor is spot-on.

Anonymous said...

O/T but, I need some feedback. I'm logging onto various websites, and beginning today ... now find specifically chosen, highlighted words (capitalised) peppered throughout the message with advertisements with an "DNS unblocker" designation (including Irish Savant's web page). Anybody else ... or has my computer been compromised??

Unknown said...

The great comeuppance is long overdue...

Anonymous said...

Savant, I have been following your blog for some time and occasionally commenting. It has been interesting to see your development in comprehension regarding Jewry although I am still bemused as to why it has taken you so long to grasp a rather obvious situation - I am not trying to be condescending - indeed, the subject of whole populations (almost) being brainwashed into believing the most ridiculous narrative is worthy of a study in itself - your cherished faith in IQ does not even offer any protection it seems!

Cutting things short, I have, since childhood known that there was something very wrong about the society in which I grew up in. I could not grasp intellectually what precisely what was wrong but knew it on an INSTINCTIVE level.

The intellectual understanding came from following the instinct.

Anyway, after your studies of the history of the Jews, I must ask quelle surprise? The same old song is being sung again and the similarities with the Weimar republic are closer to repeat than rhyme.

Anon. Sch.

Chris said...


Frank Galton said...


“If the Jew with the help of his Marxist creed is victorious over the peoples of this world, then his crown will be the funeral wreath of humanity.” – Adolf Hitler, 1925

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Ethiopia, which is receiving £300 MILLION in BRITISH AID this year, is launching its own space programme.

Meanwhile, the number of people relying on food banks in the UK is expected to pass the one million mark.

Daily Mail, 27 September 2012

Tory grassroots 'despair' at £12bn foreign aid spree: I haven't met one backbencher who agrees with [part-Jew] Cameron, says ex-minister

[Part-Jew] David Cameron’s PLEDGE to spend BILLIONS MORE on FOREIGN AID has come in for a withering attack from a sacked minister – who said he did not know a single rank-and-file Conservative who backed it.

The Guardian, 13 May 2007

“It is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.” – part-Jew David Cameron

Evening Standard, 03 September 2014

As many as 800,000 immigrants have been granted British citizenship since [part-Jew David Cameron] came to power, new figures reveal.

The Jerusalem Post, 13 June 2007

Cameron declares himself a Zionist

Daily Telegraph, 12 March 2014

David Cameron speaks of Jewish ancestors

Cameron’s great-great-grandfather Emile was an √©migr√© BANKER who became a British citizen in 1871 and enjoyed considerable financial success, becoming a director of the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, which had offices in Threadneedle Street in the City of London. the Latin form of the name Levite, a Jew descended from the Tribe of Levi...

Emile’s eldest son, Arthur **, a stockbroker...

** The Rothschild Archive

Takahashi Korekiyo , the Rothschilds and the Russo-Japanese War, 1904–1907

Shortly after Japan’s war with Russia broke out in February 1904, the government appointed Takahashi its financial representative to sell Japanese treasury bonds ‘to capitalists’ in London.

After arriving in London on 1 April, Takahashi met with many of the most important London bankers and financiers of the time: Sir Ewen CAMERON of the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank [and] Arthur Francis LEVITA of Panmure Gordon...

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

Always a good read .. found in Savant's archives.

These are gems and must be treasured.


Anonymous said...
Great site btw keep up the good work in telling the truth.

Celtic Morning said...

Bring it on and lets start all over again. Sooner the better, no time like the present etc! "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my children may live in peace." Tom Paine.

Iron Felix said...

This is a considerable piece, Savant. If the global economy be likened to an ocean, then very good seamanship is a sine qua non for survival during the raging storms to which all oceans are perennially host. Do we see this anywhere? Does the phrase "ship of fools" not press itself for utterance? Are not some of those navigation lights up ahead in fact the lights of wreckers? Things could get interesting, methinks.

SAVANT said...

@Peters, I agree with you that in absolute terms the number of Jew-wise comments is still low. My point really refers to the dramatic increase in such comments. Bear in mind too the mod censorship is still very active,even on White sites like Amren.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to go off subject.but don't pick on a big Irish guy

heuristic said...

@2.11. I'm logging onto various websites, and beginning today ... now find specifically chosen, highlighted words (capitalised) peppered throughout the message with advertisements with an "DNS unblocker" designation (including Irish Savant's web page). Anybody else ... or has my computer been compromised??

No, it does not mean your computer has been compromised. Many sites or domains get blocked, for example by a country (think China) or a company. For example Irish Savant is blocked both by companies and most Middle East countries. What the DNS unblocker does is kind of hide the IP address of the 'offending' site making it invisible to the censors.

If you do decide to install one you need only the DNS numbers from the supplier and insert it into the IP DNS settings. The blocker does the rest!

Anonymous said...

Religious Muslim bigots who are seeking asylum here refuse red cross parcels because they have a cross on them
And they claim to be fleeing bogotry

Wideguy said...

China dumped $100B in USTreasuries during the past two weeks, over $200B this year. China holds some $1.27T in US I.O.U.s. When the remainder of the planet realizes that China is leaving the burning movie theater it will be curtains for the US dollar. The dollar will fall, the FED will have to double/triple interest rates, credit will become unaffordable in the USA, bye bye.

The FED can't pull a QE4 and create another 5 trillion out of thin air... NO ONE WANTS US I.O.U.s

SAVANT said...

@Anon. Sch.. You're baffled at the length of time it took me to become Jew-wise? How the hell do you think I feel!

Anonymous said...

@ heuristic 11:06 Thanks for your info ... will pursue the matter.

@ Savant 14:10 Thanks for the hearty laugh, and another excellent post.

Canuck said...

The zionist/jmafia who control the Fed and large banks can create trillions just using a computer to create digits, then passing those digits through channels/banks that are immune to audits and presto! Money to buy the world. Before the dollar actually falls they will do this, purchase all the hard assets they can, cover their tracks and then when the collapse occurs they are sitting pretty as they bought everything with totally bogus "money". And no one will be allowed to back track what happened.

Of course what happens after that is another matter. Whether they robbers will be able to make off with the loot to safe havens (probably) leaving ordinary jews to face the wrath of the victims.

Anonymous said...

"That's just what they do. They can't help it."

The frog and the scorpion comes to mind.

britinnorway said...

This short film by Jewish leftists from 2012 about how Israel views refugees or "infiltrators" is worth study. Apparently the influx of Sudanese there was due to Europe shutting it s doors according to the Jewish Leftie LOL

britinnorway said...

This short film from 2012 about racism in Israel is worth study. Interestingly the Jewish Leftie who made the film said Europe closing its doors was responsible for the influx in Izzie LOL

Sam said...

WARNING! Working or living with blacks is hazardous to your existence!

"Disgruntled" black colleague shoots dead white female TV reporter, white cameraman, and white interviewee live on TV:

Video contains distressing scenes.

beppo said...

@ Anon 10: If you read into it more deeply you will see that he is another "Irish" guy.

Anonymous said...

The left are picking on the good old Sunday roast

Oh and if you barbecue your a racist

Effing useless flops they are. Probably bullied at school and never had a fight except with their moms

Croesus said...

Swiss authorities estimate that “there are thousands of "politically exposed persons” (PEPs) with accounts in Switzerland, not hundreds,” Valentin Zellweger, who heads the ministry’s Directorate of International Law, told reporters on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Black footballer Jason Defoe willing to pay a grand a week for a manservant

Iron Felix said...

The Donald had a set-to with some media luvvie there in which the latter hooted "you can't deport eleven million people" which kind of set me thinking. Can't you indeed, was the thought so thunk? Well now; think of the closing stages of Bagration (the largest allied military operation of WW2---there are still dingalings out there who think it was Overlord....). In a matter of weeks, I believe, some 13,000,000 people-- almost all of them women, kids, oldsters, non-combatants---were deported over hundreds of miles in the course of Bagration. This was in the winter of 1945, and the means of persuading them to go included fire, pillage, mass rape, mass murder, mind-blowingly hideous atrocities and other such artifices of gentle persuasion. I understand that an estimated 2,500,000 died in those four months. I do not relish this, all I am saying is that it can be done. This is a possibility in our future; it could happen again. As Free Reed puts it, a spring is being wound. There are two things to keep in mind if ever push comes to shove on this one. First, it will have come down to "them or us" before anything happens along these lines. Second, remember that in 1945 whatever was left of the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS did what they could to protect their people. In a future scenario of this sort one will see the armed forces and the whole apparatus of the state acting AGAINST their own people. I do not look forward to anything like this, not at all.

limey said...


The black who murdered his white 'colleagues' in America wants a race war:

"Suspect who killed two television journalists reportedly said in fax to ABC News Charleston church shooting of nine black people 'sent him over the top'
“What sent me over the top was the church shooting," he wrote. "And my hollow point bullets have the victims’ initials on them."
“As for Dylann Roof? You ----! You want a race war ----? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE ----!!!”
Williams said on Twitter after the shootings that Parker had “made racist comments” in the past and wrote in the document that he had suffered racial discrimination and bullying at work.........

Frank Galton said...

“At its heart, Judaism is about – is supposed to be about – trouble-making.” – Rabbi Elli Tikvah Sarah


Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

"My spirit will arise from the grave and one will see that I have been right.” – Adolf Hitler, 1945

The Gazette and Daily, 02 January 1946

Nuremberg, Germany, Jan. 1

Beaten and bitter, Adolf Hitler prophesied a week before his death in flaming Berlin that "MY SPIRIT WILL ARISE FROM THE GRAVE AND ONE WILL SEE THAT I HAVE BEEN RIGHT," a long-secret letter by Joachim Von Ribbentrop disclosed today. Von Ribbentrop, then Nazi foreign minister, wrote the letter to Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden just before he was captured in Hamburg last summer. He said Hitler made the prediction in their final conversation in Berlin, and described his letter as Hitler's "last political will." Von Ribbentrop's handwritten letter was put on the secret list by Army Intelligence when he was captured, and this is the first dispatch to quote from it textually. The letter declared that the jittery Hitler entrusted to Von Ribbentrop the delivery of an appeal to British statesmen - for real friendship between their empire and Germany as a "fundamental necessity if both nations will live in the long run." Churchill and Eden at the time were prime minister and foreign secretary of...

Hitler also was quoted as saying he "regretted" the war with the United States. Further, the fuehrer could not help expressing his wonder at the power of the Soviet Union and called Marshal Stalin's creation of the Red Army a...

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

There are happier and healthy things going on for White Male. FYI I was watching cspan2 the their day and was happy to witness Rabbi AaRon Pankin addressing a crowd at the Shalom Hartman Center. I paraphrase ; He is not so much worried about the world wide spred on anti-semitism as he was horrified by the indifference of the goyim in North America. White apathy horrifies him. The jewish condition means nothing to them ( white North Americans) anymore. No Jew has been freer or safer than the post WW@ north American jew. Now they have cried wolf once too often

a swedish friend of this blog said...

Here is a graphical representation of your predicted scenario Savant.

Quebecois said...

White people should realise that mixing/working/living with blacks is dangerous...

Unfortunately as Europe/USA/Australia/New Zealand etc are being purposefully swamped by Africans, white lives are increasingly in danger and white flight will bring only temporary respite.

Anonymous said...

Some good news from North America. In a speech given by Rabbi AAron Pankin to an audience at the Shalom Hartman Center. He said he was not sot much concerned the spread of world wide anti-Semitism as he was horrified [sic] at the apathy of North American whites as to the Jewish Condition {sic] I remind you that no jew has had been as protected or free as the North American Jew. Now their draddle has stopped spinning. They have cried wolf once too often.

Anonymous said...

Frank Galton said...

Ethiopia, which is receiving £300 MILLION in BRITISH AID this year, is launching its own space programme...

Is that like the Namibian space effort of 40 years ago, where they rolled fellows downhill in trash cans to simulate the "terrible effects" of re-entry? A great laugh back then; Namibia had no rockets, nothing.

Back on point: One thing that's changed in the last decade: Whites no longer consider "winning back" their nations. They figure ways to enclave themselves off, or take a remnant of their own (think H. Covington) but there's no revanchism.

A good sign for activists when it's obvious that most regular folk have given up.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I should move to Sweden.

I mean, if you figure the punishment continuum for violent crime over there, you get 180 hours community service for beating and raping a twelve year old. Therefore, it must be no punishment for beating and raping an adult woman. And what, do they give you a reward for a not so brutal regular rape of an adult woman?

Somehow, though, I bet you will do real time if you pass a bad check or rob a bank.

Anonymous said...

Big Irish guy beating up Turks turns out to be from County Kuwait. Thought he looked kind of greasy.

Anonymous said...

Notice the Obama reaction to the Americans taking down the train terrorist. Mumbled something about a "greater tragedy" being prevented. Like with the cop head shooting the two terrorists in Texas. Apparently, it annoys him. Notice he didn't show at the Charlie Hebedo rally. Oh well, just 16 months to go.

Kea said...

When ever a market moves there is an opportunity to make money. Stationary markets create no opportunity.

The rich and powerful manipulate the market to make money and gain power. You can be certain the rich Jews will benefit while the rest of us suffer.

john7 said...

Whilst indeed Jesus did lay down His life of His own accord, the 'Christ killer myth' is NO myth - the jew was at the centre of it. Reason enough right there...

Anonymous said...

Capital vs labour is the main event the real war globalisation has done the job labour on a global scale is destroyed forever the markets and the economy at large continues due to false demand of financial jugglery however financial jugglery aka deficit spending qe welfare state and so forth allows the capitalists or nwo work to its true objective absolute power and all labour as slaves without reward. The jitters in the markets is the truth showing its head no real demand hence a 1929 crash on steroids is guaranteed my view the endgame is 2030 and everything as we know it is no more and the genocide proper of the white race ensues

Dan said...

Christ is a nice warning about what happens if you interupt the Shekel Train for our Hebe friends.

If you whip the financial wizards they will sic the Bullet Headed Soldiers on you. They will get their Puppet to hang you.

It's a stark and clear anti-Jewish story from beginning to end. No surprise that second century Greeks and Romans who had to handle the Hebe menace adopted the story and recognized something of the character in their own existence.

Anonymous said...

Savant, if the Christ killing were a myth, the Jews would not have such an enduring hatred of him and references to him. Surely they would be bemused at Christian folly.

Frank Galton said...

BBC, 17 June 2009

Settler vineyards take root in West Bank

Settlement of occupied territory is illegal under international law.

But the Settlers' Council has grand plans for the Psagot winery. The Council is talking about building as many as 20 holiday homes around the winery.


The importance of wine to Jewish celebration cannot be undervalued. The pasuk in Tehillim (104:15) teaches that wine gladdens a man's heart. Chazal also treat wine as a special beverage, and therefore, it has its very own special beracha. Special events – kiddush, havdalah, weddings, sheva berachos, brisin, pidyon haben – includes a beracha over a cup of wine. And the halachah mentions the special role of wine to celebrate Yom Tov.

What are Yayin Nesech and Stam Yeinam?

Chazal extended this proscription by banning use of any wine or grape juice which a GENTILE TOUCHED, and in some instances, including even if he just moved it or caused it to move. This prohibition is called stam yeinam.

When one can assume that the gentile involved does not worship idols, there is a dispute among halachic authorities whether one may benefit from stam yeinam. This means that if a gentile touched or moved wine that a Jew owned, one is not required to destroy the wine and may derive benefit from it. (According to all opinions, it is FORBIDDEN TO DRINK THE WINE.) However, most authorities prohibit purchasing stam yeinam. Nevertheless, a minority opinion permits a Jew to purchase stam yeinam in order to make a profit, and it was upon this basis that many Jews owned taverns or liquor stores, where they sold non-kosher wine to gentile customers (see Rama, Yoreh Deah 123:1).

When is it called wine?

As I mentioned before, wine becomes forbidden when it is touched by a non-Jew. At what point is the product called "wine" that this prohibition takes affect? While the grapes are growing, or even while they are being harvested, a gentile's contact will not affect them. So when does the problem start?

The halachic answer is that it is considered wine once the juice has been removed or separated from the pulp of the grapes (Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh Deah 123:17). This step is called hamshachah, literally, drawing away. When this happens, both the liquid that has been removed as well as the entire remaining mixture are considered wine and become forbidden if handled by a non-Jew. Once hamshachah takes place, if a gentile touches the juice, he makes it prohibited. Furthermore, if a gentile separates the juice from the pulp, the entire batch becomes prohibited.

HAARETZ, 08 December 2008

When does wine become wine; does crushing of the grapes by a NON-JEW render the product "gentile" wine; what vessels are considered safe from IMPURE TOUCH; how can one protect the barrel from coming into contact with something that will disqualify the wine; does contact by a NON-JEW with the spigot of the barrel, or the container in which the grapes are crushed, have any bearing on its status; is supervision by a Jew required at the time the wine is transported; and if it is exported abroad, how can such supervision be assured?

... halakha of gentile wine and the restrictions related to its consumption sparked hatred of the Jews, because the disqualified wine ended up being sold to non-Jews. They railed against the fact that Jews sold them a beverage deemed unacceptable for their own use.

Thus, in addition to the complex halakhic questions, the issue of anti-Semitism also surfaced. As early as the ninth century, Agobard, the archbishop of Lyon accused the Jews of insolence in all matters relating to the sale of disqualified wine, and as a consequence, Pope Innocent III, too, came out with a denunciation of Jewish insolence.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Daily Mail, 27 August 2015

Net immigration soars to record high of 330,000 as [part-Jew] Cameron's pledge to cap numbers arriving in UK is left in tatters

In the 12 months to March, 330,000 more people arrived in the UK than left - equivalent to a city the size of LEICESTER - smashing the previous record at the height of the Eastern European immigration boom under [useful idiot] Tony Blair in 2005.

The Office for National Statistics also confirmed this morning that Britain's foreign-born population has surpassed EIGHT MILLION for the first time.

Part-Jew Cameron orders the Royal Navy to participate in the invasion.

ITV News, 08 May 2015

HMS Bulwark was despatched to the Mediterranean by the PRIME MINISTER...

Daily Mail, 07 June 2015

HMS Bulwark in dramatic rescue of 700 African migrants

Charles Maynard, the ship’s deputy commander, told crew their efforts recalled THE D-DAY LANDINGS. ‘The 6th of June was known as the longest day, but the 7th of June was the longest day for Bulwark,’ he said. HMS Bulwark, which has rescued around 5,000 since being deployed in late April, WILL DOCK IN CATANIA, SICILY, LATER TODAY.

BBC, 08 June 2015

More than 1,000 migrants have been rescued by the British naval warship HMS Bulwark and are beginning to DISEMBARK IN THE SICILIAN PORT OF CATANIA.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

I love his lady

britinnorway said...

Rampant canibalism by aboriginals in Settler gold rush Oz. Gives new meaning to having a Chinese. (A lot of Chinese panned for gold)

Frank Galton said...

Daily Telegraph, 29 Jun 2014

MPs are too white, says [part-Jew] David Cameron

MPs do not represent the people of Britain properly because they are too white, David Cameron has said.

HAARETZ, 28 June 2015

Stop the Knesset's Avalanche of Racism

A new bill designed to broaden the range of reasons used to disqualify candidates wishing to run for parliament is yet another assault on Israel's embattled democracy.

HAARETZ, 21 March 2010

'Current Knesset Is the Most Racist in Israeli History'

Civil rights groups cite all-time high of 21 bills proposed in 2010 aimed at discriminating against Arabs.

Daily Telegraph, 12 Mar 2014

[Part-Jew] David Cameron pledges 'unbreakable' support for Israel

In a speech peppered with Hebrew to the KNESSET, Israel's Parliament, Mr Cameron vows...

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

HAARETZ, 12 March 2014

[Part-Jew] Cameron: Israel Is JEWISH HOMELAND

The Guardian, 13 May 2007

“It is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.” – part-Jew David Cameron

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Daily Telegraph, 24 Jul 2013

[Part-Jew] David Cameron: 'I want to export gay marriage around the world'

HAARETZ, 03 June 2014

Who would you be allowed to marry in Israel today? No civil marriage, no MIXED MARRIAGE

“Same-sex couples are also excluded from marrying...”

Daily Telegraph, 12 Mar 2014

[Part-Jew] David Cameron pledges 'unbreakable' support for Israel

Frank Galton

Iron Felix said...

This "Christ killer" thing is interesting. Do you recall the scene? P.Pilate saying "I can find no guilt in this man", then symbolically washing his hands of the filthy charade being conducted in front of him---and ever afterwards being slandered by the boobitry. But, more apt for today; think of the Nazarene enduring the demented hatred of the rabble as he was led away to his death, and wonder to yourself if this is not something you have seen in recent times. A more recent case of persons embodying the same redemptive principle being led to their deaths while the rabble puked up their hatred at them, this will have its one hundredth anniversary marked by hyenas poetising over their graves, squabbling with each other while snarling around a dried-up waterhole. Ah yes; 1916/2016.

katana said...

britinnorway said... 27 August 2015 at 20:46
Rampant canibalism by aboriginals in Settler gold rush Oz. Gives new meaning to having a Chinese. (A lot of Chinese panned for gold)


Thanks britinnorway for that link. Those abos were certainly not picky eaters.

“They killed and ate their own women and children and occasionally their men", he wrote. '' The older women were often killed for eating purposes like livestock. When a gin was to be killed she was taken away to a secluded spot. One man seized and crossed her hands in front of her, while another hit her on the back of the head with a nulla-nulla or wooden sword. Then she was disemboweled and cut up for roasting. A woman who was unfaithful was killed and eaten. If a man fell from a tree, or was in any other way seriously injured, he was generally killed and eaten. Plenty of food to eat was the mainstay of the peninsula aboriginal's existence.

They never ate the head of a foe. The part of a man most appreciated as food was the thigh, and of a woman, the breast, but the part most sought after was a man's kidney fat, or the kidneys themselves, which were regarded as the centre of life. They liked to carry a piece of a dead foe about with them as a trophy; it was generally rolled up in grass or leaves and carried in a basket work dilly-bag. It was supposed to bring them good hunting---of man or smaller game."

Savant’s post Rudd's "Abology" is also a good read on the quaint practices of the Aussie abo in its natural state, at one with nature.


BTW, I’m still seeking volunteers to help in writing up the transcript of the Alex Jones Debates David Duke interview. So far I’ve completed 35 minutes, with 85 minutes to go.

Please see this post for details:

Alex Jones Debates David Duke 2015 08 18 Full Interview — TRANSCRIPT


Searcher said...

This is v interesting from Sweden:
A Swedish journalist speaks out against Swedish MSM and politicians. She explains why and how she set up a new newspaper (Dispatch International). Similar to you (at the start of your blogging) she doesn't address the root causes of the absurd situation in Sweden. She focuses on the trending of nonsensical, topsy turvy attitudes in the Swedish political/journo cliques and the absolute refusal to speak about the immigration problem. Although she is on the right track, I knew from the start that she wouldn't name the Jew and I'll tell you why: she was confident in her manner of speech, body language, the works. It is that simple. The confidence was the "tell".

Actually, I have mixed thoughts on this. In a way it may be better just to start a little spark of "hang on a second here" before unravelling all the psychological attacks on Swedish people through the usual institutions and who is behind it. People can only cope with so much.

However, if you were to point to the sky and tell a child to find the plough, they would probably find it difficult/impossible but if you showed them them a starting point (the North Star) and to focus only on that patch of sky, you now have a FOCUS, from which you get your STARTING POINT to map out the entire constellation. Henceforth you can PLAN to move forward to your DESTINATION. The journey is another question but at least you would be sure of your DIRECTION. (Sorry for "shouting" but the bold/italic function is unavailable). The sad thing though is that none of us are children. We have all received warped versions of history / modern ideologies and the jargon to go with it. Our vision has been impaired. How quickly we gain clarity depends on the person. In my experience, the more educated the person, the harder it is for them to gain clarity. Unsophisticated, working class people are like the canary in the mine for lots of Big Issues (punning aside), and typically have more cop-on.

When I speak of focus, I mean that it is essential to identify the particular MENTALITY and peculiarities therein that make it adept at exploiting BOTH our best and worst traits viz. trust vs greed; common good vs special snowflake; humility vs individualism.

Searcher said...

Incidentally, I stumbled upon the whole "chosen" connection by chance. I was researching sociopaths and it suddenly dawned on me when I looked at the causative and presenting factors: trauma under the age of two; inflated sense of specialness; low level of empathy for others; falsely attributing envy to others; inflated sense of own abilities; large ego needs (i.e. driven) - there are probably more that I can't recall just now. The way I see it, these factors are not unique to Jewish people; sociopaths can be found in any group. However the negative stereotype of a Jew is the that of a narcissist/sociopath.

Nation states or close communities, cannot survive with large numbers of sociopaths and by necessity the individuals tend to stick out and can get weeded out pretty lively - the smaller the community the more likely that is to happen. To my understanding, Jewish people tend towards urban areas, which suits sociopaths perfectly. Lots of disconnected people in cities means a greater number of bridges you can potentially burn.

The other factor is that most other communities do not en masse cause trauma to newborn baby boys i.e. circumcision. BTW you probably know this already, but with Muslims it's generally a lot older - typically 7-10 (which is incidentally and unsurprisingly typical for warrior cultures).

This is why I see Judaism as the book club for wounded babies; Islam as the book club for wounded boys and Christianity as the book club that instructs you to love your tormentor.

It is noticeable that in Christian countries, the music inspired by religion is of unparalleled beauty. This is no accident of chance. Christianity prescribes a code of high moral behavior; a martyr complex; a generosity of spirit; a respect for all peoples; a search for perfection; the cross is heavy, the burden is great etc but above all a belief in TRANSCENDENCE. Of course this would inspire creativity to its greatest heights. Music can be shared with all, it is the most portable of all treasures, safe in the abstract of the human mind. I would never save the Mona Lisa in a worldwide flood (e.g. 2012 film); but instead make sure to have at least one musical genius on board the "Ark" and scripts of the best music. On a separate tangent. who on earth would be bothered bringing bags of gold on board?

Searcher said...

You ended your article with "hang on lads here....". That is an Irish attitude. We know when to hold back and respect the host nation and not to overstep the mark to a large extent. We tend to despise any of our own "letting down the side". There is even collective guilt for such bullshit reasons as some Polish people had a "No Irish" sign on their building site in Poland. Why on earth should we give a flying saucer for what some building site people do in Poland? Well, the good side is that we keep ourselves pretty honest and hold each other to high standards. The downside is that we are assuming fault with our own people reflexively on a pretty much near constant basis. This is very easy for outsiders to exploit when they know we will turn on our own people very quickly. It is very easy in general to manipulate a shame based culture (until they cop on and then it's EPIC!)

That's why I wouldn't even see Mr Shatter or Mr Sutherland as traitors (I wouldn't see them as "one of us" in the first place).

The Irish Travellers in the US wander far away from where they live to do their "tar macadam/painting/roofing" jobs and never "hit" the same locales without leaving a long time gap in-between. Sociopathic behavior/culture also, hence the need to be "good-to-go" at a moment's notice. I cringe when I see/read Irish Traveller misdeeds abroad because they actually are "one of us".

But, say if Mr Shatter went totally nuts and did something like grab the torch from the Olympics runner. I wouldn't cringe like I did when the excommunicated "end is nigh" Irish priest did it because the priest is one of us yet Mr Shatter is not. It only hurts someone to be disowned when they actually belonged in the first place e.g. if some "New Irish" tells me I'm not Irish and they are embarrassed of me it would be meaningless, as they are in no position to disown me. Ronit Lentin e.g. stirs antipathy in me and a desire to send her flying over the Wall to her "Place in the Sun" as not only is she destructive but she is also patently not "one of us". Telling an unwelcome guest to leave the house is completely different to disowning "one of your own".

North Star: Jewish history / mentality
3 faiths: look at the cultural output as well as behavioral
Irish dilemma: hard on ourselves; easy on strangers. Biggest fear: to be disowned (?) => Irish people lose out in a multicultural Ireland

So at the end of all that, here are the links to the interview and the paper:

Dispatch International

Uncle Nasty said...

I had to share this ...

Absurd—and Not-so-Absurd—Immigration
August 24, 2015 7:44 am / 9 Comments / victorhanson

Trump’s plan of mass deportations en masse is unworkable, but that’s not an argument against weeding out criminals and those without work histories in the U.S.

by Victor Davis Hanson // PJ Media

In the discussion of Donald Trump’s agenda for dealing with illegal immigration, lots of his proposals are said to be absurd. But are they all?

Mass Deportations?

Targeted deportations are not the same as mass deportations. Trump may want all of the latter, but just as absurdly the Democratic Party seems not to want any of the former.

We don’t know how many illegal immigrants are in the United States, only that the proverbial figure of “11 million” exists in amber since the last century, and despite massive influxes each year. So there is no way to ascertain either the size of the pool of illegal immigrants or how many have committed crimes. Rounding up every illegal alien and immediately deporting them is not feasible, but that does not mean that over one million with criminal records could not be returned to their home countries as undesirables.

... and the key to this is in the very first line ... "Trump’s plan of mass deportations en masse is unworkable"

Why is it unworkable? ... the yids in israel found it very workable. They shed every Falasha, Coptic Christian and all that they deemed to be mud-coloured interlopers -- I think the word was. And it was all done in a matter of weeks.

Okay Donald, baby. Time for you to pop the question. I'll even give you the format:-

"Israel did it ... why can't we?"

Try it.


Iron Felix said...

Uncle Nasty, mass deportation---see my piece earlier on the ethnic cleansing of Germans by the Red Army. In three months some 13,000,000 people driven westward, goosed along by arson, mass rape, mass murder and the bottom line for all things Russian, limitless brutality. It can be done. Not nice but do-able.

Anonymous said...

Immigrants found dead in a lorry in Austria being reported on the BBC. They were found in a refrigerated lorry. It is thought that they started their trip on Wednesday. Everything fine so far. They probably died from suffocation. Fair enough. The bodies were in an advanced state of decomposition. Hang on. They were in an airtight refrigerated vehicle. They have been in there for two days and the bodies are in an advanced state of decomposition? How?


Anonymous said...

Scotland the only country in Europe reputedly to have never 'expelled the Jews' ?
But the Goy are not safe under their sherrif laws either

Anonymous said...

Jews suffer from collective Narcissistic Personality Disorder which is incurable,

Anonymous said...

Yes. They always lose in the end (imo) because their programming isn't designed for long-term success but for preventing assimilation so they have no brakes; they'll always keep attacking the host until there is either a reaction or a collapse so either way they have to move somewhere else and start again.

The question is whether they do too much damage in the process for what's left of the western nations to rebuild again.

The next question is when it goes wrong for them this time whether or not it leads to a sulky nuclear Masada. I give it a 30%+ probability. To be honest if they've done more damage than can be fixed then I don't much care - let the cockroaches inherit the earth - but if they haven't then the light at the end of the tunnel might end up being a bit too bright.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Corbyn & The Jewish Question

It goes without saying that a Far Left Marxist such as Jeremy Corbyn is no friend to white people, in any sense. According to Corbyn

"My constituency has people from probably 70 different countries living there, a very large number of languages.
"People understand the difference of cultures, and I think children growing up in a multicultural society have a very good understanding of the rest of the world."

However, like so many Leftists Corbyn does not believe all people should be ethnically cleansed and replaced in their own lands, Corbyn and the Far Left would not batter an eyelid if England became as ethnically black as Sudan, but they do care about Palestinians and they do tend to see Israel as an illegitimate outpost of the Western Capitalist Hegemony. And so elements on the Left are inadvertently wandering into the electrified fence which contains public discourse. Jeremy Corbyn is alleged to have given cash to Holocaust deniers, he's called Pro Terror Muslim groups ''My friends'' and he could very well become the Leader of the Labour Party. When ''populism'' is wandering this far off the grid the electric fence is dispensed with and the cultural gatekeepers rush in and attempt to put the rogue cattle down with a captive bolt. On the Right we saw this same story play out recently with UKIP, and now we see it again with Corbyn as our gloriously ''Free Press'' line up as one do dowse the flames of public dissent.

Anonymous said...

"China dumped $100B in USTreasuries during the past two weeks"

Indeed :)


Christ-killer stuff - not gonna have a big argument about it but I think blaming people living today for something some of their ancestors did 2000 years ago is a tad unreasonable. It's fair in a way because they do it to everyone else but that's them. I don't agree with it.

Frank Galton said...

Anonymous said: “Scotland the only country in Europe reputedly to have never 'expelled the Jews' ? But the Goy are not safe under their sherrif laws either”

Soviet Decision Making in Practice: The USSR and Israel, 1947-1954, by Yaacov Ro'i

Page 300

Early in 1945 President of the USSR Academy of Sciences Vladimir Komarov published a statement made by Stalin – in 1931 – in which the Soviet leader described anti-Semitism as “an extreme form of racial chauvinism”...“In the USSR,” Stalin had said, “anti-Semitism is persecuted most severely... According to the laws of the U.S.S.R. active anti-Semites are punished with DEATH.”

Tel Aviv University

Yaacov Ro'i, Professor of History

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Holocaust Educational Trust

We work with schools, colleges and communities across the UK to educate about the Holocaust and its contemporary relevance.

Our aim is to educate YOUNG PEOPLE ** from every background about the Holocaust and the important lessons to be learned for today. The Trust works in schools, universities and in the community to raise awareness and understanding of the Holocaust, providing teacher training, an outreach programme for schools, teaching aids and resource material. One of our earliest achievements was ensuring that the Holocaust formed part of the NATIONAL CURRICULUM for History. We continue to play a leading role in training teachers on how best to teach the Holocaust.

Huffington Post, 14 May 2013

"Education is a weapon whose effects depend on WHO HOLDS IT IN HIS HANDS and at WHOM IT IS AIMED." – Joseph Stalin, 1937

** “It's a great brainwashing process which goes very slow and is divided into four basic stages. The first one being "demoralization". It takes from 15 to 20 years to demoralize a nation. Why that many years? Because this is the minimum number of years required to educate ONE GENERATION OF STUDENTS in the country of your enemy exposed to the ideology of [their] enemy. In other words, Marxism-Leninism ideology is being pumped into the soft heads of at least three generation of American students without being challenged or counterbalanced by the basic values of Americanism; American patriotism...” – Yuri Bezmenov, ex-KGB

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering, by Norman G. Finkelstein

“...the field of holocaust studies is replete with nonsense, if not sheer fraud.”,+if+not+sheer+fraud%22&source=bl&ots=MRvYGMuTjv&sig=d6imN6VxIV9PSxSM2pK0ISM_VcA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CDQQ6AEwBWoVChMI5qvXz4_DxwIVAwUCh3rlQD1#v=onepage&q=%22the%20field%20of%20holocaust%20studies%20is%20replete%20with%20nonsense%2C%20if%20not%20sheer%20fraud%22&f=false

The Guardian, 14 June 2007

Raul Hilberg, the leading scholar on the Nazi holocaust, has called Finkelstein's The Holocaust Industry "a breakthrough"...

New York Times, 07 August 2007

Raul Hilberg helped begin the field of Holocaust studies.

Mr. Hilberg said the Holocaust had been the result of a huge bureaucratic machine with thousands of participants, NOT the fulfillment of a PRECONCEIVED PLAN or a SINGLE ORDER BY HITLER.

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

From Covington's site ... this is interesting:

Check You(r) Privilege, Niggaz

by Martin Frobisher

[This is a take-off on one of the most utterly idiotic columns to appear recently in the nauseating Salon Magazine. - HAC]

Dear Black Men,

You are persons of privilege.

You didn’t earn it. More than likely aren’t yet prepared to either admit to it or lose it. This letter, written by one of you, is offered to invite you on a journey of insight, honesty, hard truth and just living.

Privilege can be hard to see, mostly because of what doesn’t happen to us when we have it.

Our women aren’t getting raped by the tens of thousands.

We aren’t being punched in the face while walking down the street because of our race.

The government didn’t write codes, rules and laws that kept us out of the universities and jobs.

Property values don’t go down when White people move into our neighborhoods.

Our children aren’t sitting in classrooms being indoctrinated to believe they were born evil because of politically correct myths about things that happened hundreds of years ago.

Young black men are not being gunned down by Whites in “wrong place, wrong time” robberies gone wrong.

Our homes aren’t being invaded, our wives and daughters raped and murdered.

We are not saying to ourselves as part of a black man’s code of conduct that when we continually fail at work and don’t get fired something like: “Well, once again I didn’t get fired because I’m black.”

I recommend reading all of it -- then copying, pasting and sending to all your friends. It's a keeper.


Uncle Nasty said...

Amazing what one discovers while trolling (in the nautical sense) through older posts.

Frank Galton said...


“If the Jew with the help of his Marxist creed is victorious over the peoples of this world, then his crown will be the funeral wreath of humanity.” – Adolf Hitler, 1925

I went to the link, which is very interesting, and was struck by a thought which has been worrying me subconsciously for years now ...

If the muslim arabs and other genuine semites really hate the heebs as much as they say, why would the jews go to the trouble of importing millions of them into the West? After all the arabics (for want of a better generic term) not only have generations of open hatred between them and the Tribe, but they know the jew!!

Obviously far better than we (as a race) do.

Muslims probably hate us Whites, after a fashion and if they are allowed to (or encouraged to do), as in the UK, but I for one, cannot take them seriously. While the stone-cold bone-deep detestation that they hold for the tribe makes any dislike of us Whites pale into insignificance. With (on reflection) the exception of Americans who have, let's be frank, are seen as the occupiers -- in one Mid -East country or another -- since the Gulf War

So my question is this: While I can see the logic of the jew's race replacement strategy using negroids, who are basically dumb as a bag of rocks, and, let's be frank, can -- should the time come -- be culled to extinction in a matter of months as they can't really tell the difference between jews and Whites ... and as said before, are too thick to know they're being culled without rabble rousing yid media to endlessly tell them so.

Why should the heebs introduce a newer species (muslims) into the mix. especially a volatile and unpredictable one that has loathed them (with good reason) for centuries?

I don't see the logic, here. Can anyone enlighten me?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now we see why the tribe hate the idea of Loyalty Oaths. They only have one and it sure ain't to you and I or the United States of America.

26 August 2015 at 00:35

Look up "Kol Nidre Prayer"

Uncle Nasty said...

Frank, your posts are wonderful, but the links posted can sometimes be a little, shall we say, overwhelming?

Please let me introduce you to the Blogger's best friend ... TinyURL in which:-,+if+not+sheer+fraud%22&source=bl&ots=MRvYGMuTjv&sig=d6imN6VxIV9PSxSM2pK0ISM_VcA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CDQQ6AEwBWoVChMI5qvXz4_DxwIVAwUCh3rlQD1#v=onepage&q=%22the%20field%20of%20holocaust%20studies%20is%20replete%20with%20nonsense%2C%20if%20not%20sheer%20fraud%22&f=false

magically Becomes:-

Or even:-

Click on either one above to test them ... and, you're welcome.


Uncle Nasty said...

I guess an actual link to TinyURL would have been of some help.



britinnorway said...

Thanks for the link Katana. I remember I'd read that before, horrifying. I'm not sure if their was a tribal variation in this practice with Australian aboriginals. It still goes on in areas of Congo documented at least as near as 2006 from a brave (or foolhardy) traveller couple s journal to Congo: scroll down p6
I won't do anymore posting on cannibalism, but it shows how ridiculous "white guilt" is. Incidentally that travel journal is a riveting read, the couple got chased round by machetes mid way through their sojourn.

Anonymous said...

Sav! .Have I got right The EU Soviet and it’s in house acolytes choose not to find an answer to the invasion of Europe?
Never before have European people been attacked from within and without to such an extent!
This invasion is something else: It is from folk of many levels of development and obvious contempt for those they intend to replace.
They are, in my opinion, taking their encouragement from the MSM and the EU unelected/unaudited Soviets.

Dan said...

The execution of a man who tried to disrupt the money grubbing Temple is the core meaning of Christianity.

Go up against monied interests and you can expect to be eliminated.

britinnorway said...

Another tale which may help induce reality in those who have "white guilt" . No reason to believe it s not true....

I've got some great "almost happened" stories.

Like this one ...
I'm travelling with this older lady in a team - let's call her Mary.
she's in her late 40's. nice lady, not totally attentive to practical details, though :-)
we get to the end of the trip in Africa. I tell her to keep her head on straight. I have to go home.

she decides she's going to hand around Zimbabwe for an extra week or so.
this was the corner of Zim over near Victoria Falls - which by the way is a really beautiful place.

so she's out one time at lunch with a female friend.
somehow they hook up with these African guys from Zimbabwe - look a little bit rough.
the guys ask them to go out and check out their vehicle.
they pop the trunk on the 4WD and it's jammed full of AK-47's.
turns out these dudes are former high-ranking military from Zimbabwe.
now on-the-run and doing a business selling human body parts.
in this case - private parts cut off boys. they would just lure the kids,
take them out to the forest, kill them, and cut off their privates.

great lunchtime company, eh???
These two ladies were lucky they weren't on the menu-de-jour for the day.
human body parts are a big black market trade in Africa - used for witchcraft.

anyway, the lady made it home OK. like I said - some people just float through life.
It's just amazing. Hahahahaha!

I've got quite a few stories along those lines. all true.

Uncle Nasty said...

Whattaya know ... they even got the colour right.

Or Tiny URL


Johan said...

UN 02.17

Some Muslims hate Jews and some Jews hate Muslims but when it comes to the conquest of white countries they are bosom buddies.

I don't just mean Spain during the caliphate. Look at the way Jewish politicians, money men, and lobby groups across the West break down immigration barriers to allow third worlders (many of whom are Muslims) to invade and despoil those formerly white, civilised countries. Jewish lawyers and politicians bring in 'hate-laws' to prevent whites speaking out and defending their countries and their people.

Jews hate whites the most, Muslims just hate everyone.

Anonymous said...

The dirty kikes of CBB show how committed thwy really are to freedom and tolerancw by kicking off hot Asian chick Tila Tequilla. Aren't you ashamd that our own White women never show the same courage as this hot girl?

Anonymous said...

They are getting bolder and bolder. They tell us right in our faces to undermine national homogeneity. From an article written three years ago:

The EU should "do its best to undermine" the "homogeneity" of its member states, the UN's special representative for migration has said.

Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.

Mr Sutherland, who is non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International and a former chairman of oil giant BP, heads the Global Forum on Migration and Development , which brings together representatives of 160 nations to share policy ideas.

He told the House of Lords committee migration was a "crucial dynamic for economic growth" in some EU nations "however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states".

This fat bastard Sutherland makes my blood boil.

Frank Galton said...

“I suspect that [Jewish-controlled] MTV *, for better or for worse, will prove more powerful with YOUNG MUSLIM immigrants than the mullahs...” – Dr. Stephen Steinlight, Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies and former National Affairs Director at the American Jewish Committee (AJC)

MTV, 29 January 2015

This Band Explains Why Identifying As Muslim PUNKS [LOL!!!] Is A Reminder Of Where They Stand In America

'When the FAR RIGHT is trying to criminalize your very being, it’s nice to have a scene that’s all about being yourself,' says Basim Usmani of The Kominas.

* MTV is a subsidiary of Viacom Inc.

The President and CEO of Viacom Inc is Jew Philippe Dauman. Dauman is a longtime associate of the company's chairman, Jew Sumner Redstone.

Jewish Business News, 05 February 2015

[Jew] Les Moonves Getting Ready For Post-[Jew] Redstone

The 91 year old Redstone currently owns 80% of National Amusements Inc., which controls both CBS AND VIACOM.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

I saw the Bhoys signed Tyler Blackett. Before I googled, I knew it was an ape. WTF is going on?

Frank Galton said...

UN said: “I don't see the logic, here. Can anyone enlighten me?”


“There is something that many American Jews fear in their heart of hearts even more than they fear Moslem anti-Semitism, and that is white Christian anti-Semitism.

The self-protective INSTINCT to DIVIDE AND WEAKEN a potentially oppressive [CHRISTIAN] majority population may have served JEWS well at certain times and places in the past when they truly were threatened. Under current circumstances—in America, the most philo-Semitic nation in the history of the world—it both morally wrong and suicidal. Not only are the open-borders Jews urging policies harmful to America's majority population, but, by doing so, they are surely triggering previously non-existent anti-Jewish feelings among them.” – Lawrence Auster


Center For Immigration Studies, October 2001

The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography

“It is simply astounding to contemplate the recent historical rise in Mexican immigration. In 1970, there were fewer than 800,000 Mexican immigrants; 30 years later the number is approaching 9 million, a 10-fold increase in one generation....

The Jewish community is thus in a position where it will be able to DIVIDE AND CONQUER and enter into SELECTIVE COALITIONS that support OUR AGENDAS.” – Dr. Stephen Steinlight, Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies and former National Affairs Director at the American Jewish Committee (AJC)

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) is a member of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organisations.

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organisations

The proven and effective voice of ORGANIZED AMERICAN JEWRY [ORGANISED JEWRY] for more than half a century, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Fund advances the interests of the American Jewish community, sustains broad-based support for Israel and addresses the critical concerns facing world Jewry.

Frank Galton

Big Billy Burgess said...

Anyone with a first name of Tyler has to be a boon.

Frank Galton said...

Re Tila Tequilla

Daily Mail, 28 August 2015 a series of online postings, including a blog entitled 'Why I sympathise with Hitler Part 1', she described the Nazi leader as a 'good man' who deserved forgiveness.

She said: 'He was not a bad person as they have painted him out to be. Not even close!!!

'Hitler was a good man and it takes some f*****g balls for someone to say this out loud in this day and age, especially for a public figure like myself.'

A Channel 5 * spokesman said: ‘The views Tila had expressed, and permitted to remain UNCORRECTED, are totally unacceptable and, accordingly, her continued involvement in the programme was untenable.'

* [Jewish pornographer] Richard Desmond has agreed to sell UK broadcaster Channel 5 to US group Viacom for £450m, in a move that will see him receive more than four times his initial investment.

Both CBS and Viacom are controlled by 90-year-old [Jewish] billionaire Sumner Redstone [Sumner Murray Rothstein].

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

'Anyone with a first name of Tyler has to be a boon.'

I'm not.

Tyler Durden

Frank Galton said...

Jewish Chronicle, 27 August 2015

Conservative FRIENDS OF ISRAEL director Stuart Polak receives peerage

Elevation to the famous red benches marks the high point of Mr Polak’s 35 years campaigning for Israel and encouraging the leaders of Britain’s political right to back the country.

He has gone on to have the ear of [whisper in the ear of] almost every senior Tory since Margaret Thatcher’s premiership.

Also joining the Lords will be former Liberal Democrat MP Lynne Featherstone.

She had been the most senior Jewish politician in the coalition government.

Barking MP Margaret Hodge [Margaret Oppenheimer] was also made a dame in the list.



Rt Hon Margaret Hodge [Margaret Oppenheimer] MP

Liberal Democrats FRIENDS OF ISRAEL

Liberal Democrat Parliamentarians: Lynne Featherstone

Daily Mail, 12 March 2012

[Jewish] Minister [Lynne Featherstone] in legal battle to STOP Christians being able to wear a cross to work

A [Jewish] Liberal Democrat minister has ORDERED Government lawyers to oppose the right of Christian workers to wear a cross.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Operation Black Vote, 05 February 2015

Margaret Hodge [Jewish Member of Parliament and Labour Friend of Israel]: "London needs a Black mayor"

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

'Anyone with a first name of Tyler has to be a boon.'

I'm not.

Tyler Durden
29 August 2015 at 18:51

The name "Tyler" is derived from the old English occupation of "Tiler of roofs". Tyler Durden, however, was a character in David Fincher's rather wacky film Fight Club, so, I guess, it's a moot point, anyway.

Sorry folks, it's a bit of a slow day, here.


Uncle Nasty said...

Regarding my comments on the importation of low-caliber muslims rather than sticking to niggers, who are, let's be frank, as predictable as a wedge -- and about as smart.**

I still feel that the tribe have miscalculated in the unlimited export/import of ragheads, rather than sticking to tried and (mis)trusted coons.

The solutions offered thus far to my dilemma, make sense in an abstract way, but somehow are not totally satisfying. They do not have that bell-like chime of "Of course!" that one gets when a monumental Truth clobbers one between the eyes.

Or maybe it's just me.


** The simplest imaginable tool.

Uncle Nasty said...

Frank Galton said:-

Barking MP Margaret Hodge [Margaret Oppenheimer] was also made a dame in the list.


"Barking MP Margaret Hodge ..."

Would that be her constituency -- or her condition?

Sorry, couldn't resist.


Uncle Nasty said...

For those of you who like movies (like me) but are heartily sick of the Hollywood jooshit ladled into our bowls as "Entertainment" (like me) ... please accept this as a sort of palate cleanser.



Anonymous said...

Notting Hill Ape fest underway

Anonymous said...

The thought of this Simon Schama 'educated'/'programmed' ape woman as shadow home secretary is enough to make you throw up

Just look at the black cunt

Anonymous said...

UN asked us to enjoy :-

'This page is not available through Virgin Media.'

Yet it's available on Jewtube!!!

Cheers Mate.
P.S. Trust you are well?

Anonymous said...

A useful idiot of the highest order ?

Henry IX said...

Diane Abbot looks like Bill Cosby in drag. Remember she insisted on government schools for all children. And secretly sent her own turdlers to a private school. The shadow cabinet is about 50% coons and Pakis. Good. Means their chance of getting in goes way down.


Anonymous said...

Unlike the tens of thousands of NEGRO foreigners who've stealthily invaded Ireland these past 20 years, I have never set foot on Irish soil as a visiting foreigner. Some forty years ago, having never understood the Irish fratricide wars (brother against brother) over differences of religion, I'm now even more flummoxed by the passive acceptance of wholly incompatible Black Africans allowed into your nation of only 4.5 million!? The continent of Africa harbors over 1,100,000,000 (Billion) Negroes, with many itching to colonize Ireland with their absolute numbers, and yet no nationalistic Irish fervour has erupted to address this onslaught.

A 3 minute video for your liberal friends and relatives to ponder over:

Anonymous said...

O/T but, I need some feedback. I'm logging onto various websites, and beginning today ... now find specifically chosen, highlighted words (capitalised) peppered throughout the message with advertisements with an "DNS unblocker" designation (including Irish Savant's web page). Anybody else ... or has my computer been compromised??

Quite possibly you disabled your Java Script blocker.

Anonymous said...

People don't really like to fight even when they like to fight. Most would rather stand off if at all possible. Closest I ever got to a "fight club" kind of environment was the Army barracks in Germany in the 70s. But even then everyone was pretty much hopped up on booze and quaaludes. Always surprised me how quickly the human body could recover from a beating, and especially the face even when it looks marked for life. Most dangerous part, of course, is the possibility of concussion where you may go to sleep and never wake up.

But then you Brits and Irish must know all that as compared to Germany where you had no chance whatever of a fight unless you ran into a criminal or a Turk. Danger in France of course was getting stabbed. Seems like an effete culture has seeped into the Isles. Same here for the middle class but watch out for your urban Irish cousins. Something of the fighting reputation left, at least in some neighborhoods.

CptnCZ said...

The top of the pyramid has never shunned the sacrifice of a few clerical levels, if only for feeding the victimization pattern.

Yet recurring pogroms have never cleared the problem, as we all know. The top banks on the small people going at each other's throat, thanks to an atomized society and multiculturalism. And I don't mean to be negative here, but the average Joe is way more likely to go after brownies than a financial elite he hasn't even started to identify when shtf.

Anyway, great blog. When of the top ones out there.