Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Go, Basildon!

Some of you may have seen that Basildon Council are planning to evict about 100 Irish travellers from land on which they’ve illegally built. The issue is simple. They did what travellers regularly do: Buy green belt land for a song, then begin gradually building on it. When the local authority protests they (the travellers) use the law and their carefully cultivated state of victimhood to procrastinate, all the time extending their domain.

Well, it seems for once the authorities aren’t going to be intimidated by threats of violence or cries of racism. And yes, these red-haired, freckly skinned, blue-eyed travellers are apparently a different race to the British. Mind you, the way Britain is going, such people will eventually be a minority race in a sea of brown and black.

On this latter point I laughed out loud at that batty old hag Vanessa Redgrave. She described the knackers as ‘this strong, wise and gentle community’. Now I could pick out every single adjective in the full Oxford Dictionary and the very last one I’d apply to travellers is ‘gentle’. Oh boy! Gentle they are NOT. Jesus, how divorced from reality can you get?

So anyway, I wish Basildon Council well. Ignore cries of racism, discrimination, the conveniently ill granny who’ll be shunted out in front of the cameras at eviction time, and apply the law. Just as you would to a law-abiding Englishman.

On reflection, Irish travellers and blacks share several key defining characteristics:

() The belief that the law does not apply to them, and any enforcement represents discrimination

() High levels of dishonesty

() Astonishing levels of violence

() See living off welfare as the natural and fair order of things

() Whenever they arrive in a locality there’s an immediate increase in robberies and violence, while filth and litter proliferate

() If they stay, normal law-abiding citizens move out

So good luck to Basildon Council.


Rightwinggunnut said...

Where is Oliver Cromwell when he is needed?

beppo said...

Well Savant, I was just about to suggest that we use your blog to raise a protest group to go over to England, hopefully under your leadership, to support our oppressed fellow-Irish in their fight against their historic pagan enemies.
I am getting the feeling that you might not help here- I hope this is not so; after all is said and done blood is thicker than water.
Please clarify.

Herod said...

Will somebody help me here? They refuse to leave the settled environment. So how the hell can they be travellers ten? Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Do you know Savant that I arrived in the UK from South Africa about 10 years ago and was subject to the normal questions from interested Brits as to why I and my family had left the sunny shores of Africa to come to this place of cold and rain. I tried to explain about the savage nature of the indigenous African but was met with a vague stare and the typical "tolerant" British response of not making a fuss and not challenging me on my stance. After all - I had obviously not seen Eastenders? or any other TV program on the BBC where blacks lived in harmony with their white brothers and (sickeningly sometimes) - their white wives.I must be one of those white South African racists that they had read about, that Peter Hain had warned them about.

It took me a year or so of doing business around the UK before I became aware of the traveller problem especially around the fens and in Essex.

At last I had a real way of describing to the average Brit what it was like to live in SA where black and white culture is so glaringly different.

Imagine I said if the UK with it's population of 60 million had a majority of 54 million Travellers, and you formed the minority of 6 million normal tax paying, law abiding, hard working people who were continually harassed, assaulted and prayed upon by this majority of useless eaters.

Would you stay stay for the weather, or would you leave?

So nice to see the penny drop.

Kevin said...

anon 11.34 - that's a great point. Imagine of Britain were 90% travellers living off the productive 10%. Boy, THAT would concentrate minds wonderfully!

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember where it was that a man built a house in a place where it could not be seen from the nearest road and the planning officers came across this and had it knocked very, very quickly?
None of this messing around malarkey of we must understand the feelings and culture of the guy.

Anonymous said...

A clarification, if you please. Are these the "Pikeys" referred to in the movie "Snatch"?

None of the mainstream movie sites seem to want to actually say it.


Essex boy said...

That's right. In England there's no messing with planning. Breach the regulations and demolition follows.

Bemused stare said...

Anon 6 September 2011 11:34

Thamks for the great tip.

Anonymous said...

Travelers are great. They're bleeding the beast.

They've got something 90% of whites don't.

Situational awareness.

Whites can't ever be black, but they could become like travelers.

Travelers then serve as a goad to keep bourgeois English in line.

What do you get if you take a traveler, take away his welfare, and surround him with blacks?

A South African -- as about 800000 of them now live today.

Anonymous said...

In England there's no messing with planning. Breach the regulations and demolition follows.

The obvious solution:

Build nothing. Just move in to another's home. Like the Roma.

Shaunantijihad said...

This is about as off-topic as it gets, my apologies, but if anyone remembers I once asked who the singer was of a most beautiful rendition of Ave Maria?

Well, her name is Barbara Bonney, and that decides what I want for Christmas!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gap6wFS6_-w

Franz said...

Sounds like a contest between Travellers and Romani gypsies is needed to see which group is the most obnoxious.

Not a face off but a scum off, if you will. Maybe with different events to ensure a wholistic approach? Like a decathlon:

1. Producing as much filth as possible in 10 minutes.
2. Competitive wife-beating.
3. Competitive pickpocketing.
4. Competitive sale of fake goods to passers-by.
5. Competitive robbery of passers-by.
6. Competitive negotiations with fence over stolen goods.
7. Collecting as much welfare money as possible in one hour.
8. "Scream-Racism" competition. Loudest wins.
9. Comparison: How many fake gold items does the participant possess?
10. Final event: 100 yard dash with pitchfork-wielding native in pursuit.

Anonymous said...

There is no messing with planning unless you got a UNICEF goodwill ambassador on your side.

Corkonian said...

Don't know about the film, but the term pikeys definitely refers to Irish intinerants.

Corkonian said...

Franz, not being defenise, but IMHO gypsies are WAY WAY worse than Irish travellers. Many of the latter have ordinary honest jobs, many more operate out of site of the taxman. But very very few of them go around robbing strangers or attacking people for no reason. ALL gypsies are brought up to be crooks and scam artists.

But the other factors like wife-beating and welfare scams, tough call as to who are worse.

Franz said...

@ Corkonian

Gee, you spoiled the whole contest for me. I was genuinly interested in seeing who'd win a scum off. But now you took the whole suspense out of it. Shame on you!

PS: The Irish Travellers seem to be fond of fighting each other and uploading videos of it on youtube. Very entertaining indeed!

Anonymous said...

WAs it in Dunsink there was an illegal encampment and the solution to this problem was to pay for them to go away? Which some forgot to do!

Anonymous said...

Well, her name is Barbara Bonney, and that decides what I want for Christmas!:

Nice vid of stuff white people like:

1) Scenic temperate vistas.

2) An occasional jaunt to the tropics or the jungle.

3) Saving THE EARTH.

F McCool said...

You mean to say they weren't paid after leaving Dunsink? Tell me, make my day!

Anonymous said...

For the information of our overseas readers,there is a small town in County Limerick named Rathkeale.

This town is about 50% traveler,50% normal people,though the travelers are growing rapidly in numbers.Rathkeale has long been known as "The Home of the Tinkers"(as travelers used to be called).

Indeed,in one of his wartime broadcasts from Berlin,Lord Haw Haw sneered that:"the Irish Army could not even chase the tinkers out of Rathkeale."

He may have been correct.

The "normals" are stuggling to make ends meet like everyone else.
On the other hand,the travelers live in huge houses and drive only the most expensive 4x4s or customized vans.

But heres the thing:many travelers do not live in these houses but in caravans or mobile homes parked in the driveways of their mansions.

I guess it gives them the illusion of living the nomadic life without having to go to the bother of actually doing any travelling.


Anonymous said...

{whispers] Unfortunately Fionn after being paid to leave and travel elsewhere some travellers decided to settle and not be travelers.[/whispers]

Would the UN kindly give a seminar to these people to expalin what it means to live in society?
Imean if there were a cultulral miscommunication with the council wouldn't the travellers be half involved in being lost in translation?

Anonymous said...

And,for the further information of our overseas friends.If you encounter any Irishman named Ward,McDonagh,Maughan or Sheridan,then he is not necessarily a traveler,but there is a good fucking chance that he is!.

Especially if he offers you a great bargain to tarmac your driveway.

And doubly so if he has several often stunningly pretty,scantily clad,perma-tanned daughters named Mary,Bridget,Mary,Bridie,Mary and Biddy.Oh,and I forgot Mary.

You have been warned.

P.S Franz.Bare knuckle fighting is part of their "culture"


Anonymous said...

Here in the Chicago area we have in the last 10 years been victimized by these Irish tinkers, they will come around to a old ladys house to do work and put on a heavy brouge and say oh i see you have a Irish name and then start in how they know where Mom and Pop came from etc etc ,meanwhile they are looting the old girls house or will do some ultra sub standard work on the driveway or chimmny, the best one was the tinker girl took something back to a store in Indiana and the little kid with her told the clerk oh we didnt buy it here, they were put out by security and the parking lot camera showed Mom beating the hell out of the kid, she was then arrested and the kid put in family service group home, when she had court date she showed up with a entirely new kid saying it was kid in the video, back she went to the slammer,these leeches have a huge compound in No, Carolina where they live in 500,000 dollaR HOMES AND TRAVEL AROUND PULLING SCAMS IN THE SUMMER MONTHS,although truth be known i have seen a fw of their women i would love to do.

Bemused stare said...

Off topic here, an interesting article.


It seems the British police are hard at work keeping folks safe.

Anonymous said...

Shaunantijihad said...

Well, her name is Barbara Bonney, and that decides what I want for Christmas!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gap6wFS6_-w

Tanks Shaun, and here's my little something for the group ...


Along with all the Brennans of Clannad.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Travelers are great. They're bleeding the beast.

They've got something 90% of whites don't.

Situational awareness.

A beautiful term: Situational Awareness

Know who you are. Know where you are. Know where and what everyone else is.

Speaking of which, the fifth novel in the Covington series is now available for Download.

Uncle Nasty

mush said...

I'm from Rathkeale, it's quite a place. It's probably the only town in the entire country that declined in population over the last 15 years.

I guess it's the nearest thing to white flight in Ireland, whole sections of mainstreet borded up, abandoned housing estates etc. You'd never be in danger of being robbed or assaulted as the knackers in Rathkeale are very wealthy due to their various business ventures/scams abroad. But they are barbarians and no one wants to live near them.

The knacker population explodes at christmas time leading to some fairly chaotic stuff with family feuds and the like so for the full knacker experience that's the best time to visit Rathkeale.

Some years ago on a drunken St Paddys day, I was enjoying a burger when a 10 year old knacker rode his donkey into the chipper, up to the counter and tried to make an order! Hilarious, but not where you want to raise your kids.

navan man said...

Here's a youtube excerpt from one of their weddings. Just check out the dress! Weighs 15 stone!


Franz said...

@ mr a

"stunningly pretty,scantily clad,perma-tanned daughters named Mary,Bridget,Mary,Bridie,Mary and Biddy."

Them Travellers don't seem so bad now. Except for the names, you could be describing Russians gals.

Really: Stunningly pretty girls and males fighting bare-knuckle to gain their favor sounds like a pretty good combination.

Also, I was surprise by the whole surname bit: Civil War General Sheridan was a Traveller? No wonder he handled his cavalry so well in the Indian wars.

The Irish are truly full of surprises. Reminds me I have to spend another vacation there...

Educated Edsel said...

Your very first commentator, Mr. Rightwinggunnut, asks re Cromwell; Pater asks me to mention the names Jurgen Stroop and someone called Dirlewanger, says there should be examples of these chaps extant to deal with this; asks where are they, with the hour approaching.
Aged Parent is a worrier but he could be right here.
Educated Edsel.

Anonymous said...

Would the UN kindly give a seminar to these people to expalin what it means to live in society?

But they do live in society!

It's just not your society.

It's a parallel one, a separate one within yours, that makes the most of what yours offers.

But actually it's just called yours.

If it WAS yours, you wouldn't offer what it does.

Would you?

Fiachra O'Blodbaoith said...

Fiachra O'Blodbaoith said;
I am blue in the face from saying this to people who simply do not hear me. There is far too much African in the Irish; we have never been strictly speaking a white race. Al our ancestors---Celts, Vikings, Normans, Old English, New English---have suffered the same fate,racial degradation by miscegenation with the autochthonous aborigines. And a workable laboratory example of this degraded gene pool may be seen in Basildon today. If they were cattle we would be holding a Ministerial Order saying "Cull the lot---Now!"

Anonymous said...

Mush - so you're from Rathkeale! I feel your pain buddy. I'm from Charleville, not too far away, and am familiar with annual horse fair in Buttevant. What a fucking disaster! Worst of all was the filth. There was knee-deep litter throughout the town by the time the fuckers finally left. It took a full week to clean up after them.

navan man said...

I remember getting a taxi out to Leopardstown. Driver was a very well-spoken girl, lovely looking and well-informed. We passed a knacker encampment out by the NTR offices/HQ. I launched into a tirade against them. As I was paying her she told me that she was 'of itinerant stock'.

I was totally amazed. But with all her looks and other good qualities, I, and I think 99% of other Irish men, wouldn't touch her with a barge pole. The knacker blood is in them and is likely to break out at any time. And as for the relatives.........

navan man said...

Didn't know that Sheriden was a knacker name. Yes, Ward, Maugham and McDonagh are the big ones. Also Stokes and Joyce (sorry James!)

Anonymous said...

Did you see one of the ones in Gysy Wedding film? She was a stunner, cross between Michelle Pfeifer and Charlize Theron. She's probably knocked up in a caravan now with about 4 kids.

Jack Quinn said...

Savant et al,

I have to admit I'm at quite a loss to understand most of this post and its responses....perhaps someone could enlighten this yank by providing a simple glossary of terms?

Let's start with "council house". I'm going to guess this is the same as the US version of welfare housing or section 8 housing?

"Tinker or tinkerer": does this term apply to any low-competence or completely incompetent worker?

Irish traveler: this one really has me stumped. It seems to mean Irish tinker with a criminal bent...please enlighten if I'm wrong.

Also how is an Irish traveler different from say a Polish plumber?

Further, by extension, why are you EU guys complaining? I thought free travel across your particular borders was a desirable thing? Might not Sicilian travelers be just as bad? Or Portuguese travelers? It would be about the same in the States for an Arizonan to complain about all of the obnoxious Californians moving in.


Rob said...

@Franz 16:20
Would there be still time for this competition to make it into the London Olympics next year?

Anonymous said...

@ anon 19:42 Same set up down here in ozz ,current affairs program down here only last week,itinerant accented groups come down for the summer months & target the old even getting cash upfront ,tarmacing, guttering ,roofing etc , the cops actually got a couple of them . Well obviously get about globalist gypos .... Dave in ozz

Anonymous said...

What a fucking disaster! Worst of all was the filth. There was knee-deep litter throughout the town by the time the fuckers finally left.

Why that's not a disaster, that's a tragedy.

Tragedy of the commons, that is.

It took a full week to clean up after them.

All's well that ends well.

kulak said...

She was a stunner, cross between Michelle Pfeifer and Charlize Theron. She's probably knocked up in a caravan now with about 4 kids.

I am SO turned on. No fainting prozac-popping damsel in distress is that one. (And neither would she take one for a husband.)

Score: Knackers 4, typical white 1.6.

Soon they WILL outnumber you, just like everybody else will.

And then you'll have no choice but to lead or be lead by them.

Well, that or an ignominious death. I thought at first I perhaps shouldn't mention that, seeing as we hear so much about it from our dear friends.

But no, I can clearly see a reminder is in order.

Anonymous said...

Sixty-seven shot in NYC over weekend

Yesterday it was reported that 39 persons had been shot in New York City between Saturday and Monday morning. The total casualty figures for the Labor Day weekend are now up to 67 shot, ten killed. Much of the violence was in the vicinity of the West Indian Parade in Brooklyn, as well as in other black neighborhoods.
As Obama's presidency seemingly implodes, it seems that his two most solid bases of support, labor and blacks, are going berserk, with labor leaders threatening to kill Republicans, and with blacks shooting and killing each other in record numbers.

Now if Jews start shooting each other in the streets of New York, we'll really know that Obama's in trouble.

- end of initial entry -

Paul K. writes:

The Jewish community was also going berserk over the weekend. There were 17 instances of Jews making extremely hurtful remarks to their mothers, including six cases in which the mothers were moved to tell them that they were "killing your father and me." (The latter cases involved marrying Korean women and dropping out of law or medical school.)

Posted by Lawrence Auster at September 06, 2011 08:54 PM | Comment | Send

Robert in Arabia

SAVANT said...

JQ: I think your problem lies with the word 'traveller'. Maybe it should have a capital T. The word refers to a lifestyle and a 'culture' rather than the fact that they move around a lot. Think of them as fair-skinned gypsies, although, as I've said, they're not as bad as the gyppos.

The word 'tinker' comes the time when these people did honest work for a living by fixing pots and kettles as they moved around. Of course such skills are no loner required in our disposable age.

Anonymous said...

Dave in Oz - glad to hear that you've been getting a dose of 'vibrancy' courtesy of the knackers. Gives us a break from the fuckers for a while.

Hector G. said...

anon - this is a good point. They calim to be 'travellers' yet they want to have a fixed abode. Which, as you say, in turn brings a raft of responsibilities. I gues we'd have to explain that word carefully to them.

Anonymous said...

On your next visit to our shores,you should complete your visit by going to any traveler camp and offer money to the Patriarch of the camp for the services of one of his daughters.
They are very understanding about these things.

@john retd.
I remember seeing a documentary about those North Carolina tinkers a few years ago.Except for the accent,the similarities between they and their Irish cousins were astounding!.And this despite a separation of 120-130 years.

I must try to dig out the name of that programme.I'm pretty sure it was Irish made.


kulak said...

How many traveller coal burners are there?

Why, I can just see it now, grandpa tinker happily bouncing his very own Obama upon his knee come Christmastime.

I rest my case.

Right bastards they may be, but these are primordial fuckers from which you sprung, and they've got game.

What have you got? Ron Paul?

Hehehehe. :))

Clogheen said...

kulak - God help any 'groid who tried to have his wicked way with a knacker female. These boys don't mess about.

RegThe Hedge said...


I suppose the Belfast Telegraph didn't know you're not supposed to tell people about niggers.

Anonymous said...

15 or so shot in chicago over the labor day wkend here in chicago,guess who all niggerss, the MSM just says youths and as far as it goes,but once the neighborhoods are mentioned we all know, as we used to say on the police force a dead nigger was just made good,

Motoboy said...

Reg, it's reasonable to assume that had the MSM ben honest and open (I know crazy thought) and shown how violent and dangerous black 'youths' are, this young man would now be alive.

Interesting, his family think Colombia safer than London. Maybe it is.

News from Chicago, good. Let them keep on ventilating one another.

Anonymous said...


There is one!
A farmer shot dead a predatory knacker who was scouting out his farm in order to steal.Or worse.

The farmer got jail.The "grieving widow" married an erectus.

Don't know if this romance made in heaven lasted.


Anonymous said...

The blogs are full of this incident ... one of them linking to the Grauniad for their take. So I cruised over there, did a search for "Pikey bastards" and came up with nothing.

Was astonished to see the editorial say about time these thieving, parasitic bastards were kicked out.

Yeah, right.

Lots of emotive language along the lines of "Ten year old friendships torn asunder"; "What will they do, now, poor dears?" Along with photos of two white children holding hands in the way they're told to by Grauniad photographers who know absolutely fuck-all about kids.

I must admit I was amazed to see photos of sober, untattooed non-feral white children in the Grauniad. I didn't know it was still allowed.


PS In retrospect, the kids must have been new Polish immigrants.


Anonymous said...

'I must admit I was amazed to see photos of sober, untattooed non-feral white children in the Grauniad. I didn't know it was still allowed.'

It's called the hierarchy of victimhood UN. Obviously pikeys, even though white, are fairly well up the table.

Anonymous said...

Not strictly on-topic, but, Oh, man, this was funny.


‘The usual rubbish about equal opportunities’:

British government job advert pulled from website after blunder: “It’s probably what a great many think about advertisements for public sector jobs. But the words ‘the usual rubbish about equal opportunities’ were clearly not supposed to be published.

A Liverpool hospital trust has begun an inquiry after the phrase was accidentally published on its website. The advert by the Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospital NHS Trust invited applications for a trainee anaesthetist.

But the familiar provision about equal opportunities that usually appears at the bottom of such adverts was replaced by the rather embarrassing ‘usual rubbish’ phrase. The advertisement has since been updated to remove the statement.
A trust spokesman said: ‘The wording on this advert in no way reflects the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust’s position in relation to equal opportunities, to which it is fully committed.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Uncle Nasty

SAVANT said...

Great story Uncle N. I did it myself some years ago in a letter to some Meddle East potentate. I verbalised 'Yous till hell freezes over' and to my horror found that the secretary had typed it in as dictated! and before you ask, she was white. (Still is, as far as I know)

Anonymous said...

Apparently many years ago -- in the 1890's -- when rail travel was king, many people used to travel overnight in a sleeper or sleeping coach.

One of the really big US rail companies (Pullman) received a letter complaining about bedbugs in the linen.


Some things never change.


Anonymous said...

There was a guy called Tony Martin who was done for killing one gippo and wounding another. They had travelled 70 miles to his farm.

Padraig Nally waas eventually clearedover John "The Frog" Ward who had many outstanding warrants when he met his demise. One of them was for attacking a police officer with a slashhook.

My favourite part of the story was the son heard the shotgun blast and just sped off in his car leaving his accomplice behind.

Blood is not thicker than water in thiscase!

Anonymous said...


Those stories about ripping out the fittings of a free house to sell and then demanding a new house a true.

Anonymous said...

Thetaxi driver attacked in Tralee by travellers is of african origin.Where oh where are the Residents Against Racism and the Irish Immigrants Councils deplorinf this readful racist attack?

Anonymous said...

Here's a comment from Dave on that Myers article.

On the housing issue. I know of a number of cases in the west of Ireland where "Travellers" were provided accomodation by the local Council. They proceeded to strip out anything of value and within a few months were demanding the provision of new accomodation as the housing provided was "unliveable". The Council knocked down and rebuilt these houses such was the state of disrepair. The new houses now lie in a similar state.

These people buy new vans every year, keep horses etc etc. but yet none have a job. They thieve from and terrorise local rural communities, particularly the eldely who live alone. All of this behaviour is of course a "right", afforded to them because of their ethnicity. It is of course a right that can never have any responsibilities attached because of their ethnicity.

kulak said...

@mr. a

Is she still a traveller?

Anonymous said...

But they do live in society!

It's just not your society.

It's a parallel one, a separate one within yours, that makes the most of what yours offers.

But actually it's just called yours.

If it WAS yours, you wouldn't offer what it does.

Would you?


Ouch. that one hit home.

beppo said...

@ Mr.a
I too saw that programme about the reality of American-Irish travellers and was astounded that it had somehow made it through the MSM truth- filters. I remember it as a 60 Minutes programme (american).
I doubt we will ever see it again; as in other cases which have occurred damage limitation sets in.

Marcus McSpartacus said...

"Where is Oliver Cromwell when he is needed?"

Sucking Joe Stalin's dick in hell.

Anonymous said...

"Where is Oliver Cromwell when he is needed?"

Sucking Joe Stalin's dick in hell.

So that's where he is. Often wondered!

Anonymous said...

some of the travllers own property in Rathkeale. Who wudda thunk that?

Educated Edsel said...

Educated Edsel said;
Dear Father (he was away briefly counseling the ECB Directors dontcha know; just got back) asks why Basildon does not request of darling Vanessa that she should be able, nay more than that, actually willing, to accommodate these strong wise gentlefolk upon her own ancestral acres. Seems sensible, I thought; Papa still has his marbles, methinks.

Anonymous said...

Some travellers have traveled away from the spot but other travellers have remained adamant to stay put.

Anonymous said...

<a href="http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2045279/Traveller-mother-claimed-63-000-benefits-saying-living-alone.html>The appropriately named Chavelle</a>

A mother of nine claimed almost £63,000 in benefits by pretending she was single despite living with her husband in their caravan.

Chavelle Price, 33, told the council she lived alone on a travellers’ site which featured on the Channel 4 series My Big Fat Gipsy Wedding last year.

Anonymous said...

In the Internet Café minding my own business when Tom and some other Traveller decide to start battering the heads off each other. Nearly flatten a small girl ten feet away from me.
Staff eventually gets them to stop and they are best friends going on facebook to check their messages.

Larks a mercy Gawd bless their superior culcha'!

Anonymous said...

The BBC are a one-eyed bunch of left wingnut clowns who have lost all credibility. Worse though, they are parasites, demanding unearned income with threat of fines and inprisonment. Disband them and sell the bits to real corporations.

BBC found to have broad cast a biased account of the Dale Farm saga.Well I never.

Read more:

pdf1 said...

BBC found to have broad cast a biased account of the Dale Farm saga???

I just do not believe it!

Anonymous said...

jewish links