Saturday, 14 May 2011

Schengen and the Classicists

You’d imagine that the architects of the New Europe would have read some of the great Classicists. Like the Roman satirist Juvenal, (“drive out nature with a pitchfork and it will nevertheless return”) or Plato “this City is what it is because our citizens are what they are” Or, moving from the sacred to the profane, they could have examined the results of a detailed study on Eurovision voting patterns. It seems that regional blocks massively vote in one another’s favour. There’s a block comprising the Nordic countries plus Britain and Ireland, another one featuring the Benelux countries plus France and Germany and a third comprised of the three Baltic states. There are others. Basically, people support people like themselves.

Taking such basic realities into account could have avoided the potential collapse of one of their greatest accomplishments, the Schengen Accord. Now full disclosure here, I must confess to experiencing a thrill, marveled in fact, while driving almost unknowingly across Germany’s formerly blood-soaked borders with the likes of Poland, France and Belgium. What a transformation. And anybody who says the EU achieved nothing should reflect on this accomplishment.

But they blew it. First they expanded too far too fast. Most notably by including the poverty-stricken gangster states of Rumania and Bulgaria, with their millions of gypsy parasites. They saddled us with the execrable European Court of Justice and worst of all with their policy of mass immigration from the worst countries in the world. What did/do they expect from Somalis? Jeffersonian democrats? “This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are.

How could they not have anticipated the disastrous impact of including such people in the mix with welfare states and open borders? But they did not. And now they’re casting about desperately to stem the tide. Even the Danes, once one of Schengen’s most enthusiastic supporters, are now backing off, disillusioned by the army of violent ignorant parasites flooding across their Schenger non-borders.

Sure, the EU Commission will fight back desperately, but I feel the tide has turned. The whole European project in fact has never been in greater danger. Which gratifies one part of me, saddens another. We live in interesting times.


Digby said...

Europe is all about eliminating borders, while sovereignty belongs to an unlected elite. So don't believe that the elite will give in on this one without a major fight.

Anonymous said...

Why are we getting this seeming reversal of policy?

The glacially slow realisation that perhaps multi-culti, PC and inundation of the mud races is perhaps not the unalloyed joy that everyone says it is?

Especially now that Europe is being flooded by third world flotsam at a rate (800,000 and counting this year) that even Europe cannot absorb. An example being Italy shipping so-called refugees to France who are refusing entry -- and shipping them back.

Malta, Spain, Southern Italy and the island of Lampedusa experiencing riots, anarchy and arson by enrichers.

Why are we seeing even these tiny, faint rays of sunlight?

Could it be because the greatest enabler of PC in the U.S. (the Democratic Party) finally sees the Frankensteinian perfect storm of mass unemployment, plummeting credibility, societal collapse and cosmic-scale bankruptcy ... and are a little too busy to listen to every squeal and whine from the SPLC and AIPAC?

Could it be that the Red Sea Pedestrians in Israel finally realise that the Middle East Meltdown (Egypt, Yemen, Syria, etc.) may be growing beyond their control and may not be such a great thing after all, and are too busy with damage control to indulge in their usual international shit-stirring?

Three little words that seem to characterise every political cock-up since the dawn of time:-

Overtaken by events ...

Uncle Nasty

Olda said...


Anonymous said...

Further to my last, I did an Altavista search on "recent refugees in europe"

Take a look at the search results on the page:-

"6,160,000 results for
recent refugees in e:"

Does six million results on one search string show indifference to you?
Me neither.

fascinating how that nice round historical figure keeps popping up, no?

Hoo, boy.

Uncle Nasty

Franz said...

When the borders were thrown open - in 1992 if I remember correctly - I was a young lad on the verge of adulthood.

I distinctly remember being enticed by the prospect of Italian, French and Swedish girls descending on Germany and - consequently - me. Especially the Italians.

Somehow, the avalanche of raven haired, red-lipped and large bosomed temptresses never occurred.

Who/what came were a flood of obnoxious, loud, ill-tempered and mud complexioned males from the darkest parts of the world.

Even now, with Ireland, Greece and Portugal in a depression the "desperatly needed fresh labor" is not incurred from these parts of Europe but instead from Nigeria, Lebanon and Turkey.

I therefore conclude that the forthcoming demise of the Schengen accord is not to be lamented.

As for preventing future wars: The EU is doing its very best to kindle the flames of latent aggression by extracting vast sums from some nations whereas stirring up resentment over the alleged stinginess of their neighbours in others.

In Germany we have a saying: Friendship ends when money is concerned.

I hope, but am not confident that the European bonds of friendship woven in the last 50 years will survive the coming years of hardship.

If one is kind, one would call the current proceedings in Europe Habsburgesque.

If not so kindly inclined, one would remark upon the sad trajectory upon which the Arnolds, Kerenskys and Quislings in Brussels have sat this continent.

Anonymous said...

But as to the question Savant posed - would not the quislings have seen all this coming - I dont knowthe answer.

Anonymous said...

The open border and open arm policies of Europe's guilt ridden conscience is Hitler's last revenge.

Anonymous said...

Uncle nasty you are a man amongst men and your right it won't be long now fella here's to the revolution

Rob said...

The general thrust of this post and the comments is that the EU project and the removal of border controls was a noble dream that somehow went awry. I doubt it. The Brussels Empire wants to rule the lives of all Europeans and simultaneously open the Continent's borders to the Third World. I believe that was part of the plan from early on, not an unfortunate side effect. The benefits of living in a free trade and free travel area were just the bait used to sucker the member countries into signing up to it.

There could be no more honorable goal than a Europe of countries united in mutual goodwill and a resolve never to go to war with each other again. Uniting into a single economic bloc was certainly a major step towards that ideal, as was the removal of border controls and bureaucratic impediments to commerce and travel.

But I believe this great project was hijacked at an early stage by people who essentially want to destroy Europe, both by erasing the independence and identity of individual countries from within, and opening it up to invasion from without. That always seems to be the way with people with the most evil designs. They never reveal themselves openly, but take over good causes like a virus.

Anonymous said...

Europe should be an awakening to other countries but the very rich don't want to curb cheap labor.

The USA will be a shithole by the year 2050. I do not have the projected longevity to witness the turmoil that is decending on this country.

Los Angeles, Ca. is broke and a sewer to live in. Prime example of what mass immigrants can do to a city.

Anonymous said...

I've never been convinced by the romantic "open borders" image at all. In their daily life how many people have to cross borders - or exchange currency for that matter.

The Euro and open borders are for middle-class dreamers.

Anonymous said...

Even if the tide has turned,it is surely far too late.The damage done in the last 10 years cannot be repaired.The walls have been breached,the barbarians already inside the gates.

Apologists for the EU argue that,after two catastrophic wars in the last century,"Brussels" prevented a third war.I am more inclined to believe that the presence of a large US army within the borders and millions of Soviet troops to the East,had rather more to do with keeping the peace.

And anyway,with the devastating decline in the birth rate,which European nation could provide enough young men to form a credible army to threaten its neighbours,even if the desire to do so was there?.

Yes Uncle N,those three words say more than many volumes could possibly do.
But worse,we can see it happening and know what the outcome must be.


bomber said...

Closing the stable door.The only real thing the euros agree on is that they always disagree,now theyll all start arguing and having talks and talks while nothing gets done and then finally itll be some half baked measure which will be torn apart by the human rights laws.Europe is not the US you are different nations with differnet ways and itll never work,all youll get is confusion and huge amounts of money wasted,give it up.

Olda said...

I don not agree that the presence of two main military blocks was the main reason for European countries notto fight. The EU did create a kind of an environment when to fight was not good, in fact almost impossible. The EU does deserve some credit.

Californian said...

In all this, have Europeans considered pushing for a Right to Bear Arms? In America, this is supposed to ensure that in a confrontation with the government, the people at least have an equalizer.

Anonymous said...

"I don not agree that the presence of two main military blocks was the main reason for European countries notto fight. The EU did create a kind of an environment when to fight was not good, in fact almost impossible. The EU does deserve some credit."

The Suez Crisis of 1956 proved that
Europe (UK and France, who else?) was impotent. Does anyone think the only other serious European power (Germany)ever considered another war after the catastrophe (Année Zero) of 1945? Anyway, the idea of war within Europe was ridiculous when the whole of the continent consisted of vassal states of the US and the USSR. Of course *civil* war war did break out in Yugoslavia-but only after the Cold War came to an end.

After the Cold War, The idea of war (in the traditional sense of the term)is again ridiculous if only because the whites of Europe are Americanized, barren, postmodern, post-Christian Last Men. It's just as absurd as the idea of the South fighting another war of independence.

captain zero said...

@Californian: The subject of the right to bear arms is a very sensitive one in Europe. In some countries it's almost impossible to get a license for even a low powered rifle. Then again, most Swiss are armed - and gun crime is almost non-existent.

Anonymous said...

Detr(io)t has been mentioned on another thread about "culcharel enrichy Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton but not the peole they "care" about"ment

Franz said...

Sorry for going off-topic, but I am positively itching for a discussion regarding the chief of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauß Kahn (henceforth: DSK) who is in custody for rape charges.

Story here:

This is interesting, illuminating, terrifying, enraging etc on so many levels:

1) Finally all the world will see which card in the PC-Deck is the highest. DSK has the Jew card and the socialist card to play. His detractors however have the feminist card which may or may not trump his hand. At long last, the rules of the PC game will be clarified and revealed for all the world to see.

2) I have always cosidered it supreme irony that a self professed socialist like DSK is living high on the hog, shovelling myriads of currency to his banker buddies - while never finding any cash for the poor people of the world. Now, we have an even, err, supremer irony: A self professed socialist takes the right to penetrate a lowly prole chambermaid at his merest whim. Some pigs are indeed more equal than others!

3) Has "primae noctis" been reintroduced and the overlords simply forgot to tell the hoi polloi about it?

4) Has Sarco decided to play hardball and take out the competition in the upcoming election? Will Marine LePen be found guilty of fondling boy scouts?

5) Assuming it was DSK's longing to enter a mundane and none of Sarco's agents which led to this turn of events, will DSK have his day in court or will his friends in the financial industry threaten the end of the world again?

As I said, the proceedings NY are fascinating, all right.

Maybe the Savant will find the appropiate greco-classic quote for it all?

Captain Logic said...

Anon 16:43, succintly put.

Olda, are you seriously naive, or what? The post-war military threat to Europe was kinda obviously the Eastern bloc (the Commies), and not the previous usual suspects. And the fairly obvious defender of European freedom was primarily the USA. Please, don't dream.

Rob, I mostly concur! However, I believe the EC/EU project was/is about creating a world without borders and nationalities - Europe was the starting point for this project (cheap labour comes into it, but then that's fundamentally a part of the desired "new world order").

The EU is the most foul-smelling turd that has adorned the West in the last 60 years or so.

I would UTTERLY love it's demise!

Anonymous said...

"The USA will be a shithole by the year 2050. I do not have the projected longevity to witness the turmoil that is decending on this country"

It is now. If you take into consideration all the nigger crime, open borders, constant lies and corruption from our government.

We went from a 90% white nation in the mid 60's to a shit mix of various races from the third world.

By 2050 the US will be a waste land, unfortunetly I'm only 35 and will be around the witness the full colapse.

Anonymous said...

What's good for the goose ...

Whenever I see something like this I think of the budgiefaced bitch in Sweden who primly announced that Europe was too white ...

Uncle Nasty

Kevin Rafferty said...

anon 22.09. I spent about a month n the NE earlier this year and was staggered at the deterioration since 2006. And it seems NY, CT and MA. are not at all the worst hit afreas. I sincerely pity you if you're only 35. What do they expect if they change the composition of the popualtion. That latinos etc. will create different societies than the shit holes they left behind?

nemesis said...

Uncle Nasty - don't see the conection between the Jewish dating agency and the Swedish lady?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like DSK's let his importance go to his head; he has a sense of invulnerability and can do whatever he pleases.
Perhaps he'll be portrayed in a movie as the victim of a frame-up, a modern day Dreyfus.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Franz. We have here the retelling of an old, old, story.

36 years old right now.

Look who else had the loony left falling over themselves leaping to his defense ...

The Outrageous Defense of Roman Polanski

Do you think the defense of Dominique Strauß Kahn will still be raging in, let me see, 2047?

I do ... if there is a loony left to defend him and we're not all speaking Farsi or Arabic.

Happily, I will have gone to my reward -- with my bloody luck, probably 72 clones of Michelle Alibama and the forty ho's.


Uncle Nasty

PS I commented on this in another thread on the feminazi's.

PPS. I really recommend the "Age of Treason" Blogspot for a bookmark. There's lots of good stuff there.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"The USA will be a shithole by the year 2050. I do not have the projected longevity to witness the turmoil that is decending on this country"

... By 2050 the US will be a waste land, unfortunetly I'm only 35 and will be around the witness the full colapse.

All I can say is ... read the Covington Chronicles and go here:-

As one of the characters said: "When you find iron in your soul, you'll find iron in your hand ..."

Uncle Nasty

Rob said...

@Franz 20:13
No, the droit de seigneur hasn't been sneaked back in while you weren't watching, not even for IMF bigwigs - DSK is in big trouble.

Also, in a $3000-a-night hotel, the staff member in question might not be an illiterate Mexican, as you might expect in a more down-to-earth establishment. She might even be - horror of horrors - a Jewish Ivy League graduate.

I'd say this tops the list of the Worst Career Moves of All Time. Of course, his bid for the French Presidency might now have the marginal advantage of an endorsement from ex-President Bill Clinton, but I don't think that's going to cut it.

Anonymous said...

Why are we getting this seeming reversal of policy?

To keep you in.

Somebody has to pay to feed the darkies, and that's whitey.

The EU does deserve some credit.

No, mr. a's right.

And his reason is one reason Jews are, how shall I put this? ambivalent about joining the white cause.

Because any difference, no matter how small, is something to fight over -- and will be fought over if it provides a differential advantage. When the mountain is demolished, people turn their attention to what were molehills.

(That's not however a problem, in principle, for those that make aliyah.)

Anonymous said...

Please forgive the off-topic post, Savant, but it appears that Goldman-Sachs finished their 1st quarter of trading and managed to not post a profit on exactly one day.

Apparently the odds of this happening in a non-rigged market are in the trillions to one.

A quote:-

"Have we offered them very cheap financing backed by the government, which has allowed them to take great risk? Absolutely," Alexis Glick of the Fox Business Network said on "Good Morning America," today. "At the end of the day, though, if they are able to turn the page, which they're starting to do, it means higher taxes. And for right now, if you look at what's happening to states, to municipalities, to the federal government, that is what we need."

"I know it's one of those oxymorons," she continued. "You feel like you should be really angry about the outrage here. But on the other hand, we need the money. We need them to turn, because we're inextricably linked."

Once again ... you know what they look like and where they live ...

Uncle Nasty

Croesus said...

Uncle Nasty - you are 100% correct. You just cannot make those kind of profits trading unless the market is rigged. Which of course it is. All those variations in oil prices and those of other commodities are not functions of supply and demand but of market rigging.

Anonymous said...

Croesus said...

... All those variations in oil prices and those of other commodities are not functions of supply and demand but of market rigging.

As I keep saying -- and as Gilad Atzmon keeps saying:-

There Is No Conspiracy

... and there isn't. There's no need for one, anymore; It's all out in the open. Their contempt for us is complete.

What they are saying is:- "We fucked your parents and grandparents during the depression; we're fucking you now and we will fuck your children tomorrow. What are you going to do about it?

Thought so."

They just say it a bit more politely ... when they deign to say anything at all.

I despair, sometimes.


Shaunantijihad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shaunantijihad said...

You let loose a cage full of starving rats in the granary and you don't expect them to gorge themselves? Of course they knew the Muslims and Somalis would just sit on the dole en mass and breed - 50% of male Muslims and 75% of female Muslims have never worked in the UK - that's the way to breed an invading army for the purpose of the destruction of Western Civilisation.

They knew exactly what they were doing, and are likely being directed by Communists in the secret Soviet in Russia and the Chinese.

We need to start an Anti-Treason Alliance across the whole of Europe.

Anonymous said...

If lice could be gleeful, they would be too.

Bank of America didn't have a single losing day, first quarter. In 2010, 90% of trading days were positive for BofA, with two perfect quarters.

It is possible without rigging.

How many trades do they make per day?

If BofA made one trade per day, each trade would have to be right 90% of the time to get 90% positive days.

If BofA made 9 trades per day, with an equal amount bet on each trade, each trade would have to be right only 70% of the time for the probability of a losing day to be 10%.

You can see where this is headed.

They make hundreds of trades. Thousands. For the same reason the high frequency shops are popular.

But it certainly helps to be first in line to fiat dollars.

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, I'm going to make a wild guess, that their capital-weighted accuracy is about 55%.

Just like the neighborhood bookie.

They're not as smart as they think -- or want you to think.

What you are seeing is the vig.

Nothing more.

And nothing less.

Franz said...

@ UN

Actually, The Goldman has had multiple of these perfect quarters with only a token day of loosing bets in between. This has been going on since the third quarter 2009.

The odds of this occuring in a non-rigged market are the same as DSK accepting the word "no".

Speaking of the toad: It seems as though the MSM has already agreed on two memes in order to defend DSK. One is (predictably) a right wing plot to ruin a great socialist. The other is that DSK is "the great seducer" (I kid you not, they call him that) and that all women who resist his charms are probably anti-semites.

Isn't it funny: Two weeks ago, all those who doubted the official story about the demise of Osama Bin Laden were called kooks and conspiracy theorists. Now, one of the aristocracy is in trouble and within hours the MSM openly speculates about an anti French/European/Jewish/IMF conspiracy. How quickly the tables turn.

IMF - I molest females.

Anonymous said...

Yes, hidden in plane sight!

dave aberdeen said...

Are they shutting the doors because they know something we don't--- Could it be the news that Great Britain as millions of citizens well under the poverty line--and are the first of the new world order Refugee's--Looking to escape the Grinding EU tyranny and despotic ECHR--

Giving Britain away to Foreign immigrants as reduced a once great nation to its knee's---Will other nations accept British Refugee's--give them Benefits and a free house at the expense of their own citizens ---i don't think so ! ! !

euroserf said...

Trading is a zero-sum game. No value is added anywhere. These guys are total parasites, worthless scum.

Anonymous said...

Trading is a zero-sum game.

It can look like it isn't when there's inflation.

See, the insidious part is much of the vig doesn't come from the counterparties directly.

If it did, more would notice.

The banks are simply a lot closer to the source of fiat.

Inflation lets them book an accounting profit purely on froth.

But the accounting profit is also a real profit because they're trading with newer currency.

The vig comes from all holders of the fiat currency concerned.

And it hurts those last in line for the new currency the most.

i.e. the poor.

Is it any wonder guys like Buffet ALSO support large social spending?

They're guilty.

And they know it.

But stay rich they certainly want to. Continue what they're doing they certainly want to.

Jesus had 'em pegged.

Anonymous said...

The most efficient way would be to stop illegal immigration at the frontline European Mediterranean ports. Otherwise, they will simply go somewhere else, a bit like musical chairs.

Franz said...

@ Anon 20:41

"Trading is a zero-sum game.

It can look like it isn't when there's inflation."

I concurr 100%.

When the central banks are stoking inflation, almost everybody is a NOMINAL WINNER. Those that enthuse about the 3% gain in the nominal value of their 401K fail to realize that they are loosers in terms of REAL purchasing power.

The game the financial overlords are playing now is very much a stealth rip-off in which the victims are being shafted without noticing it. (Although DSK's chambermaid did) This is the gameplan the bankstas break out when their intended shaftees remember the last plunge overly vividly and the usual pump-'n-dump scheme works no more.

Terrorists like Goldman-Sachs are able to outrun the effects of inflation by making nominal gain of 50% plus. In real terms this still amounts to 25% gains in real terms.

Imagine "work" at Goldman like this: On the left side of your desk is your regular terminal for initiating trades. On the right, you have various screens which skype you real time inside info from the treasury, Fed, IMF etc. If the man in the sky terminal tells you: "we print", you buy. If he does not say anything, you sell.

Check out how the important policy decisions and data points of the last two years have been regularly frontrun. Like every single issue of the payroll stats, for example. Then you will have confirmation that there is indeed a clique of insiders who are regularly provided with insider info well before the "official" anouncements.

Indeed, the methods of the banking behemoths are not so different from, say, fixers of horse races or crooked boxing promoters.

Just mentioning it makes me realize that Don King should expand into central banking. With all his "valuable experience" he'd probably put the Hebrews out of business in no time.

Indeed the only difference between the likes of Don King and DSK is the language. When Don King rapes a woman he calls it "sticking it to da bitch". If DSK does it, he claims to be merely "working the underlying asset".

Anonymous said...

Regarding the DSK scandal, I smell a big, fat, fucking rat here.

This whole thing is playing out as some sort of theatre.



These guys are all socialists playing to the gallery on how condemnatory they are of this appalling act ... this heinous act ... this ... this ...

I could go on, but something makes me smell fish and rat.

We're being set up for something here, or distracted from something. I can feel it in my water. And I do not feel it's my usual paranoia.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

UN - you could be right. Remember Sarkosy's last opponent had a scandal erupt amazingly just as the election was comingt up. resulting in him dropping out.

Anonymous said...

The beginning of the end ...

The US federal govt. is stealing money from -- get this -- federal govt. pensions. You really can't make this shit up.
Savant once posted the most wonderful graphic of a snake consuming iself.
Well, here it is.

A quote:-

The Obama administration will begin to tap federal retiree programs to help fund operations after the government lost its ability Monday to borrow more money from the public, adding urgency to efforts in Washington to fashion a compromise over the debt.

May 13 (Bloomberg) -- Lee Sachs, chief executive officer for AlliancePartners and former assistant U.S. Treasury secretary, says the debt ceiling can’t be tied to deficit talks.

Treasury to tap pensions to fund government

Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner has warned for months that the government would soon hit the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling — a legal limit on how much it can borrow. With that limit reached Monday, Geithner is undertaking special measures in an effort to postpone the day when he will no longer have enough funds to pay all of the government’s bills.

Let me be rude and shout:- THIS IS FROM THE WASHINGTON POST!!!

As my sainted old white-haired granny used to say:

Just imagine all those Treasury and Secret Service cops, FBI agents, CIA, BATF, district attorneys, Judges -- queueing at the Salvation Army soup kitchen ... with the rest of us.

Looks like Armageddon approaches with alarming speed.
Well, armageddon out of here.

Uncle Nasty

PS ... Don't you just love the enchanting use of the word "tap" instead of the more accurate "plunder"?


Anonymous said...

Getting back to the incarcerated hebrew ...

It appears that bail has been refused because the US fears that (like Polanski) the shitweasel may simply not come back for trial.

Or like this guy:-

For that matter, they could also point to the case of Ira Einhorn, who lived openly in France for years despite his conviction for murder in Pennsylvania. Only after prosecutors agreed to a new trial (Einhorn had been convicted in absentia after jumping bail) and to abandon the death penalty did France finally extradite Einhorn. And he was a US citizen without any other passport, unlike Polanski and Strauss-Kahn.

(And also, if I might interject, another RSP)

If France honored normal extradition protocols, Strauss-Kahn would probably be out on bail today. He can thank Polanski and the French government for keeping him in his cell.

Ira Einhorn, for those who love cosmic irony, claimed to have organised the first Earth Day.

I still feel, however, that this whole "Oh, how could he ...?" condemnatory hand-wringing thing from the left -- the LEFT!!! -- stinks of street theatre.

They never do this in real life. What are these bastards up to?

The Leopard does not change his socks.**

Uncle Nasty

** Thank you, Nanny Ogg.

Topper said...

Franz and UN: There are indeed strange things going down. Something's up, that's for sure. But then there's an article in the Huffington Post along the lines of 'today we breached the debt limit - and nothing happened'.

It's happening all right. How it plays out is anyone's guess.

Anonymous said...

nemesis said...

Uncle Nasty - don't see the conection between the Jewish dating agency and the Swedish lady?


Go here:-

Click on the video:- "Norwegian MP on Multiculturalism."

Watch the birdfaced shitweasel jewess literally telling everyone how it's going to be ... like it or not.

Watch the Norwegian MP deliver his speech. (Norwegian with subs)

Read the quote at the end of the video:-

Keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed. Not deconstucted, but destroyed.

Noel Ignatiev, jewish MassArt professor and editor of Race Traitor Magazine.

(Washington Times September 4th 2002)

If my inference is still unclear, then I cannot help you.


Anonymous said...

Another fascinating little fact.

Everyone is told that a petrol/ethanol blend is better, cheaper and more sustainable than straight, stinky old petrol, right?


Scarooood again.


euroserf said...

On the buttoon UN. THis ethanol thing is yet another racket riding on the back of global warming.

Anonymous said...

23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”

26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

Luckily forus the Communist Manifesto is rejected for the junk it is, right?

Anonymous said...

anon 14.31. This decadent art is quintessential cultural marxism. Break down society.