Friday, 19 November 2010

Beck and Soros: What's going on?

My attitude to Glen Beck is one of deep distrust. Not sure whether he's a charlatan or a nutcase. Or a bit of both. But his ongoing attacks on George Soros have me puzzled. Now Beck is a consistent supporter of Israel, and by extension, one would imagine, things Jewish. But his attacks on Soros consistently emphasise the latter's Jewishness. Beck's main message seems to be that Soros is trying to foment revolution in the US, and probably by extension to the rest of the West, by speculating against the dollar and generally undermining it. As well as his well-documented undermining of traditional family and religious values

Beck believes, or claims to believe, and has been stressing this for some time, that a kind of economic Armageddon is on the way. Precipitated by a collapse of the dollar. And he blames Soros and his cohorts for this. Always emphasising his Jewishness, as I've said.

What's going on here? At this point I might introduce a thought that has been very much on my mind of late: The similarity of the US today to the Weimar Republic in the early thirties. In early Weimar you had 'decadence', a collapsing currency, contempt for society - with Jewish intellectuals and bankers to the forefront of everything.

With Jewish intellectuals and bankers to the forefront - and brown-shirts limbering up in the background!

Now there's a whole load of pieces to fall into place before there can be a recurrence of a similar situation. Still, it's not as far-fetched as it might seem. I've warned about this in earlier posts, viz. that Jews could transform from being the movers and shakers today to being the scapegoats for everything that's gone wrong. Assuming everything does go wrong.

But back to my original question: What's going on with this Beck/Soros thing?


FishEagle said...

Pamela Geller, Andrew Breitbart and David Horowitz have been having a go at George Soros and Media Matters for quite a while. They are Jews. It's not just Glenn Beck that is making the point that George Soros is an evil bastard that is bad news for Western Culture.

Anonymous said...

The following partial transcript from an interview on 60 Minutes in 1998, with Steve Kroft, should tell you all you need to know about Ol` George.

George Soros has repeatedly referred to 1944 as "the best year of his life"

Keep in mind, 70% of Mr. Soros's fellow Jews in Hungary , nearly a half-million human beings, were annihilated in that year, yet he gives no sign that this put any damper on his elation, either at the time or indeed in retrospect

During the interview, Steve Kroft asked Soros about his "best year":

KROFT: My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were his adopted godson. SOROS: Yes. Yes. KROFT: Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from your fellow Jews, friends and neighbors. SOROS: Yes. That’s right. Yes. KROFT: I mean, that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many years. Was it difficult? SOROS: Not, not at all. Not at all, I rather enjoyed it. KROFT: No feeling of guilt? SOROS: No, only feelings of absolute power.

What a guy!

beppo said...

check outalso Gerald Celente and his white shoe boys, neo-cons etc.

Anonymous said...

From Kevin MvDonald "A recent article summarizing ideas from Dying of Money: Lessons of the Great German and American Inflations notes that “a conspiracy theory took root that the inflation was a Jewish plot to ruin Germany. The currency became known as ‘Judefetzen’ (Jew-confetti), hinting at the chain of events that would lead to Kristallnacht a decade later.” Beck is doing nothing to lessen the perception that Jews are responsible for the current and looming financial meltdown and, to be sure, there is no shortage of Jewish names involved in the current crisis.

Hence the anxiety in high places."

notpleased said...

Soros is a common enough type in America, and yet one that i can't quite figure. He comes to this country and gets filthy rich (something our free enterprise system makes possible) and then he spends his money and time railing against the country and the system that made him.

You can do that here...which i suppose is one of the things that makes America a great country.

kulak said...

If you're not a racist you're anti-white.

That's all I need to know about Beck.

Forget about him.

blue boy said...

Forget about him??? Love him or hate him - he does have influence,

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"George Soros has repeatedly referred to 1944 as "the best year of his life""

There is something weird about George Soros.

Alright, we all know that, but what I really mean is that something about him simply does not ring true.

Because he is a supposedly larger-than-life character, he appears in countless soundbites and interviews and in every one, he appears (to me) to be parroting a script like a hammy, inept actor and his so-called life story reads like something dreamed up by a committee.

Rather like the story of Eli Wiesel.

I'm sure that Soros is nothing more than a distraction. A construct.

My impression, anyway.


Uncle Nasty

kulak said...

Yes, forget about him. He's an effect not a cause. As the audience moves, he'll move.

It's possible to read Beck as crypto pro-white. That's an entertaining parlor game to pass the time I guess, but it's an effect of his audience being implicitly white.

I think KMac's wrong about why the foreskinners are nervous though. Maybe they're nervous but a lot of THEM don't even know why. Remembering the Reich is worrying about the LAST blow-up, and doesn't quite fit.

Look, it's not like Jews betraying Jews is a new thing.

Talking about it in prime time is though.

They'd rather whitey not talk about it at all.

And why is that?

Because whitey is moral.

And he might generalize.

And if he does, that puts Jews in the U.S. in a lose-lose position, seeing as how they've voted against white interests about 70% of time, for decade after decade.

If they're not white, they're competitors, and their influence is reduced.

If they ARE white, well then they're fucking TRAITORS.

Anonymous said...

It's a con job.

Beck and Soros are enjoying the publicity.

Soros could stop Beck in an instant, so, figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Im an American born man of German decent.
I have little time for Glen Beck. I view his show now and then, I also listen to his show in five minutes spurts. Thats about all I can take of his ramblings.
However, him pointing the finger at the jew is a big deal here in the states. The majority of the people here are "losing their asses" in a big way.
And it is because of the jew which controlls our filthy media, corrupt banking system(the FED), has our government in a headlock for the sole benefit of Israeli intrests and runs ALL the pressure groups that flood us with immigrants that hate us.
So a paralell to the Weimar period in Germany is dead on Sir!
I would recomend some reading on the history of the perils the Germans went through under the same conditions. The loss of your nation to jews. The jews whom flood society with subversion and filth.
America is ground zero. The jews have ruined this once great nation.
Many Europeans have not seen the rapid decline we see here in the states.
ADOLPH HITLER was right!!
And I, as an American would welcome a nationalst, racially aware leader to arise here.
In fact, without one, we are done.

Anonymous said...

Take a few minutes and watch what this.
This jewish "problem" has always been a problem.

Also watch part two and three..

Anonymous said...

Great video here.

Reclaim your White roots.
Heil Hilter, a MAN amongst MEN.

Robert said...
The man behind blue eyes

Nemesis said...

savant - are you turning into a new-Nazi site? If people post here admiring Mr. H and saying he was right,,,,, well, draw the appropriate conclusions.

Anonymous said...

How much did the Nazis hate the Jews? There were many mischlings (Germans of part Jewish descent) in the government of the Third Reich and the Wehrmacht. The Jewish banker Max Warburg was a member of the board of the Reichsbank from 1933 to 1938. And there was a Transfer Agreement between the Germans and Zionists to resettle Jews in Palestine. Had Germany won the Second World War would Hitler have been hailed as the great saviour of Jewish people from Slavic anti-semites, instrumental in the establishment of the state of Israel. The Jews are survivors.

Anonymous said...

I dont think your sight is turning neo nazi.
I think its begining to solve the real problem.
Its common sence wo is behind this. I dont need to write an essay as the colored people can not do so.
The jew can though.
Who is behind this??
The illiterate or the literate?
Wake up guys!!
Then darkies are not running the show

Anonymous said...

If your not pointing out the jew, you are the same as Beck!!

SAVANT said...

"If your not pointing out the jew, you are the same as Beck!!"

What's this supposed to mean?

joelgp said...

Beck LIES about Soros' books, his words, his followers to show the background of Soros...

Anonymous said...


Could equally apply to George Washington & co.


Anonymous said...

Beck is a Mormon and thus cannot be trusted. They have too much covert power in the USA already. The Mormons are FAR scarier to my mind than any other self-interested group in America.


pdf1 said...

Don't forget that Soros gace Media Matters $million to go after Fox News. This could be their way of fighting back.

pdf1 said...

Beck also said Soros “sucks the blood from people".

Now exactly to what possible stereotype could he have been referring to here?

Anonymous said...

@pdf1, just because Soros opposes the bad guys such as Murdoch and the Neo-Cons doesn't mean he's a good guy. He might even be worse. He supports open borders, anti-racism, lgbt rights and abortion. Soros is as anti-white as Susan "whites are a cancer" Sontag. Of course its just a coincidence that Sontag and Soros are both Jewish and changed their names.

Artur said...

I know what you guys are saying about the Jews, but no Jew has ever broken my nose, help me up at gunpoint, made me want to puke because they smelled so bad as I stood behind them in line at Starbucks, or affected my hearing because the music coming out of their car stereo was so loud it could be heard from eight blocks away.

Jews are smart, I believe in meritocracy, it is true that they are fucking up the world by encouraging marxism and all, but if there was one minority group in the planet who should be given a pass for their excesses, it is the Jewskies.

Anonymous said...

Potgieter said:

"Beck is a Mormon and thus cannot be trusted. They have too much covert power in the USA already. The Mormons are FAR scarier to my mind than any other self-interested group in America."

I have often heard stories about the undue influence of Mormons in the U.S. and know absolutely nothing about it.

Any recommended and trustworthy links?


Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

SAVANT said...
"If your not pointing out the jew, you are the same as Beck!!"

What's this supposed to mean?

20 November 2010 18:17

All due respect, what I said is what I said.
Is everyone asleep?
I love your blog and comment here regularly, but your beating around the bush aggrevates me Savant.

The Germans didnt wake up one morning and decide to expell the jews. It happened over the course of time. It happened because they accepted the fact that their nation was no theirs anylonger.
Its the jew jack!!
Yes the ignorance of the mongrels is shocking, but why are they in your nation ,Sir.
What is the master plan?
Is this all coincidence?
Who is steering the boat?
Its mind numbing to accept the facts.

Anonymous said...

Add on

Who is paying for all of this?

Who runs the money?

Your Govt. is but a borrower from those who lend. A borrower is a slave to his debt.
And must work tirelesly to repay a debt immposible to repay!!

Dig deep Savant.

Want answers, follow the money trail.

He who has the gold, makes the rules.

The golden rule.

Anonymous said...

Artur - you echo my sentiments exactly. You say exactly what I think. In many ways they've indirectly caused these problems but as an etnic group they don't cause me any problems at all.

Louis IX said...

"The Germans didnt wake up one morning and decide to expell the jews. It happened over the course of time. It happened because they accepted the fact that their nation was no theirs anylonger."

Yes, it happened in France in 1789, "We the People" revolted against the oppressing french nobility (or perceived as such). It happened actually a couple of years before in America, "We the People" was this timne against the British oppressor, who was interestingly supported by jewish, i.e., Rothschild, money. Many times People in different countries have fought against their Oppressors. It's called a Revolution. Always it is bloody and always the oppressing power has several layers, but the People only fight the first layer.
In germany, the jewish core layer of the Oppression became so strong and the german old outer layers became so roted that the core could not hide anymore and german directly revolted against it.
Were they wrong to revolt against their oppressor just because the oppressor was jewish? no more than revolutionary french or americans.
Was this german revolution more bloodthirsty than the french or american revolution ? not until the war.
And the best of all: the soviet revolution, during the initial purges massively orchestrated by jews against russian civilians, is glorified by western media, but devilished later when the russian 'revolutionars' started to challenge the West.
But all this is old and we can't change it. The question is, what happened to the jewish lobby? There is no jewish lobby anymore in America. This lobby is now called the "US" Government and this is the american white founder who is now in the position to lobby its government by commenting on blogs or things like that.

Anonymous said...

@Potgieter and Uncle Nasty, aren't the Mormons one of the whitest religions in the US? They're mainly of Anglo-Saxon and Northern European stock. Blacks were banned from the Mormon priesthood until recently because of the Curse of Ham and Mark of Cain. Mainstream Catholic and Protestant clergy on the other hand are usually ultra-left on racial issues.

jocomo said...

jews at one stage accounted for about 90% of the top party officials in soviet russia. yet they were ousted and decimated by stalin. my point: if they're so cohesive and pulling the strings, how could they lose such an unnassailable position?

too many commentators in this and other blogs seem to think there's one 'jewish master plot'. i should know, i am one!

Anonymous said...

jocomo said...

"jews at one stage accounted for about 90% of the top party officials in soviet russia. yet they were ousted and decimated by stalin. my point: if they're so cohesive and pulling the strings, how could they lose such an unnassailable position?

too many commentators in this and other blogs seem to think there's one 'jewish master plot'. i should know, i am one!"

Jocomo makes an excellent point here.

Baldly stated he says: "I am a jew, but I am not a villain."

I accept this totally as I feel that I am not a jew ... and I am not a villain. Well, I don't think so, anyway. Others may disagree.

I happily accept the fact that a huge amount of political villains are not jews either ... this does not mean that I absolve them from their criminality -- or sympathise with them ... just because I am not a jew.

I am slowly leaning in the direction that we are in the control of a cabal; Freemasons, Illuminati, Bilderbergers, whatever who either control -- or are controlled by -- Zionists. Or maybe it's a straight partnership .... whatever.

The only common factor is a psychopathic lust for power and domination.

Don't fret about the money. Money is a by-product of power. Money just comes.

"my point: if they're so cohesive and pulling the strings, how could they lose such an unnassailable position?"

Read Paul Johnson's "Modern Times" in which he details with frightening clarity the endless paranoia that gripped the ruling Soviets during the twenties and thirties under Lenin, and later, Stalin.

When you have reached a position of power in a regime that was created out of lies, assassination, denunciation and mass murder, the path you travel is narrow and slippery in the extreme.

One tiny nudge and you'll grab at the sleeves of those next to you, who, in turn will grab and so on. dragging everyone into the abyss.

Let it be soon.


Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Louis IX said:

"Many times People in different countries have fought against their Oppressors. It's called a Revolution. Always it is bloody and always the oppressing power has several layers, but the People only fight the first layer."

A very interesting point here and one that should be underlined and printed in letters of flame.

"... but the People only fight the first layer."

Mainly because of the layering or stratification of society and the lack of information available to the revolutionaries at that time.
The serfs.

Someone once said all politics is local.

But times have changed. Thanks to blogs and the internet we now *know* about the Bilderbergers, the Soroses and the Warburgs.

And where they live. And where they meet ... and where they have lunch.

Pretty much the same way, the peasants knew about Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette -- and the Ceau┼čescu's.

Food for thought.


Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

jocomo said...

"my point: if they're so cohesive and pulling the strings, how could they lose such an unnassailable position?"

Lenin, himself, once explained that "the scientific concept of dictatorship means nothing else but this: power without limit. resting directly upon force, restrained by no laws, absolutely unrestricted by rules."

Now ... imagine living -- and ruling -- with that credo. Philosophy?

You are left with a tiny cage full of psychopathic rats ... and lab experiments have shown us all what happens when rats are confined in a cage.

Never forget ... these are what we have to deal with.


Uncle Nasty

surfer said...

You paint a dim picture, Uncle Nasty.

Anonymous said...

@Jocomo, Stalin's henchman was the Jewish Lazar Kaganovich. He may have decimated the Jews but he didn't annihilate them. Mysteriously just two months after the supposed Jewish Doctor's Plot was made public he died. Why is communism and extreme left wing politics romanticized by the mainstream media yet far right politics is always demonized despite the fact communism is responsible for even more deaths than fascism? The Bolsheviks were the first government to decriminalize abortion and homosexuality. Is any wonder that the architects of western suicide admire them.

Anonymous said...

surfer said...

You paint a dim picture, Uncle Nasty.

Dim, yes. Unrealistic? Mmmmm ...
don't think so.

Actually I am a sort of bloody-minded optimist. I hope for the best while preparing for the worst. Kind of: "Praise the lord and pass the ammunition."

Works for me, anyway. :o)


Uncle Nasty

Robert said...

Amerikwa the gutless:
The Market Ticker ® Commentary on The Capital Markets Posted 2010-11-21 22:52
by Karl Denninger
in Liberty TSA Steals **A Child**

No, I'm not kidding.

My worst nightmare took place yesterday. Worse than events that have taken place and that I have survived in my short 28 years of living. Worse than my wildest of dreams could conjure.

My son was taken from me.


My son was taken from me by the TSA agents at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport yesterday.

He was taken away from me and OUT OF MY SIGHT because his pacifier clip went off when I carried him through the metal detector.

According to the Transportation Security Administration website, “We will not ask you to do anything that will separate you from your child or children.”

Bull**** TSA.

You took my son. MY SON.

Go ahead folks.

Read the whole thing.

Defend that.

Find a way to defend the separation of a child young enough that he still has a binky from his mother and the non-answers and obfuscation of the TSA.

Go ahead and try.

Still want to fly eh?

Still gonna "submit"?

Still ok with the claim that "you give up some of your rights when you buy an airline ticket"?

Does that include having your children taken from you because their binky set off a metal detector?

You like being sheep? Government property? Your own children no longer have a right to be with you because some TSA goon wants to get cute and play God?

Let's make it more simple: How is what is described here not either False Imprisonment or Kidnapping under Georgia Law?

Now here's the kicker. Look at the date on the original story.

It's more than a year old.


Congratulations America - it took being grabbed in the nuts to get you ****ed - some "faceless" woman having her baby stolen wasn't enough.

Lime Lite said...

@Savant - I happened to watch all three Beck episodes where he discusses Soros so maybe you should try watching before writing that Beck is attacking Jews. He isn't - Soros has rejected his Jewish roots (like his mother and father did) and now attacks anything pro-Israel. Please get your facts correct. Beck may get a bit annoying at times but he never says something without sound bites or research to back it up. Soros is known to have collapsed the UK pound by speculation as well as a few other countries - fact. He has been to the White House to visit Obama 3 times - fact. He is pulling Obama's strings and all of the progressive communist organisations in America link back to Soros. I love it when you have commentators here saying that they only listen to little bits of Beck and then make up their mind. I thought conservatives were supposed to be smarter.

Anonymous said...

@Robert: That's a horrific story. Revolution is in the air!

nemesis said...

@UN - this doesn't explain jocomo's point. If a cohesive jewish cabal were in fact conytolling the Bolsheviks, how did Stalin split them up so easily?

Explanation staring you in the face is that jews were overwhelmingly represented in the CC but were not particularly united in their jewishness. Which has major implications for what's going on in the west right now.

SAVANT said...

Lime Lite - I accept what you're saying. However, Beck repeatedly referred to Soros' jewishness, while vilifying him. That in itself is a major departure in my book.

kulak said...


"If your not pointing out the jew, you are the same as Beck!!"

What's this supposed to mean?

I don't know either, but it's funny.


The average mental age of a liberal is about 6. The average mental age of a conservative is about 10.

Can you guess the typical mental age of an Occidental?

Well they talk about Jews like a bunch of boys who just discovered pussy!

But you get over that. Pussy eventually becomes just a matter-of-fact, normal part of life.

(Unless you're a nigger.)

kulak said...

The Mormons are FAR scarier to my mind than any other self-interested group in America.

Nothing is scarier than whites with babies. MULTIPLE babies.

kulak said...


I know what you guys are saying about the Jews, but no Jew has ever...

Gene Simmons can't fix his car engine either.

That's what the goyim are for!

Mowing lawns and shooting whitey.

Sometimes though, leaving it to goyishe kop just won't do. Sometimes there's nothing for it but to get your hands dirty and join the NKVD.

Jews are smart, I believe in meritocracy

It's good you understand you exist to serve Jews.

kulak said...


too many commentators in this and other blogs seem to think there's one 'jewish master plot'.

The plan can be found in every hotel room in America.

Anonymous said...

I seem to start so many posts with the words:- "This may seem off-topic ... "

Savant, if you feel that I am guilty of hijacking the threads, please say so, and I will desist.

Till then,however, I recommend this post:-

It's basically for all those who get their modern history from the MSM, Hollywood and Steven Spielberg in particular.

Be sure to prepare yourself a ten-gallon urn of coffee before you click on the associated links. It's an interesting ride.


Uncle Nasty.

Also, while I think of it, no-one has posted links to why I should fear the Mormons.

You got 'em? Post 'em. Please.


Anonymous said...

If you have not read Benjamin Freedman's 1961 speech, maybe you should. Consider that this speech was given when Kennedy was president and the Vietnam war was still three years away.

The speech was given before an audience in 1961 at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C., on behalf of Conde McGinley's patriotic newspaper of that time, Common Sense.

It's not a long read and it's in the plainest of plain english.

Benjamin Freedman Speaks:
A Jewish Defector Warns America.

Cat ... meet pigeons.


Uncle Nasty.

PS. Please, someone, tell me how to use HTML tags.

Lime Lite said...

@Savant - no he didn't. Beck showed an excerpt from Soros' book where he rejects his jewish roots. Beck even said that the left media will now say he is anti-Zionist and turn around what he said. He didn't say anything negative about Jews on any of his programs about Soros (actually, he's been to Israel a few times and supports the state 100%) - Beck only pointed out that Soros does not identify anymore with the Jewish religion. I watched it - I'm sure it's more that you did. It was Soros' father's dream that everyone should live under communism and he's just realising the dream for him.

ecci non-lover said...

hmm, Beck probably has to create the impression that he's anti-semitic and Soros is a safe target to point Beck at.

His reputation has been called into question.

Another possibility is that the Tribe is displeased with Soros and setting Beck on him, like an attack dog, is a way of making this displeasure known.

ecci non-lover said...

jocomo said...

"my point: if they're so cohesive and pulling the strings, how could they lose such an unnassailable position?"

Have you heard the saying: "A Jew's greatest enemy is another Jew"?

SAVANT said...

Uncle - your contributions, and links, are always welcome. And if slightly off topic occasionally, they're still always worth a look!

SAVANT said...

Lime-lite, fair enough, unlike you i did not watch the specific Beck programme so it's a fair cop. However, in that case it's been scandalously misreported in the MSM. Surely that's not possible? LoL.

Maybe ecci-non-lovers explanation is the correct one?

Lime Lite said...

@Savant - No!You don't say! The MSM misrepresenting what Beck said?? Couldn't possibly be!

They misrepresent everything he says - that's why I watch his show so that I see it first hand. I don't watch him all the time as he can get annoying, but I did watch the Soros shows as I've had my eye on him for a while now and as Beck rightly says, he's a Spooky Dude!

kulak said...

Jews are smart, I believe in meritocracy

O.K. Now this shit has to stop, and I can't leave it at one comment.

What would everybody say about a black who said that about whites?

Such a black would obviously -- OBVIOUSLY -- either be sucking up or SICK in the head.

In the first case, I know I won't trust him, because he won't come out and say what he wants and what he'll give in return.

In the second, he's a fucking danger to everybody.

Jews are like women, and like with women groveling will inspire three possible reactions.

1) Gloating satisfaction. These are the psychos -- a whole lot of Jews fall into this class. Just look at Seinfeld. A show with a certain sensibility, but DEVOID of human sentiment. Every main character is a Jewish American psychopath. This is how they see themselves, and they're proud of it.

They don't need your fucking blessing anyway, and you'll get nothing in return, except maybe to be killed last.

2) Contempt. Women know better than men do that they don't deserve to be put on a fucking pedestal.

3) Fear. If they like you despite your sucking up, then they'll be afraid you'll find out they don't deserve it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My favourite George Lincoln Rockwell quote:

" ... A conservative wants to save his money. A National Socialist wants to save his race.

"George Who?" Many people might say ...

George Lincoln Rockwell -- a potted wikipedia history:-

Now I must point out this is wikipedia, here. But read Rockwell's history (even with wikipedia's lefty slant) and tell me that there is no echo to today's events. Especially in America.

And a link to Rockwell's beautifully written little ditty:-
"The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens."


Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

@Uncle Nasty

Another notable talk by Benjamin Freedman occurred in 1974 when giving an address to some U.S. Marine Cadets. Read Here.

Myron Fagan (another good Jew who died in 1972) has also revealed some invaluable historical knowledge related to the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of the Illuminati and company.

For your short HTML lesson, go HERE.

Scroll down to HTML Link Syntax and follow the directions.

Krokodil said...

Kulak - you refer to evidence of the "Jewish master plot" to be found in "any hotel room in America".

Were you refering to the Gideons bibles? If so, please explain.

If not so, please explain.

Many thanx.

Anonymous said...

G R Rockwell - a true American here, now much reviled, sadly.

Anonymous said...

reckon kulaks talking about the old testament.

Anonymous said...

ELN said...

"@Uncle Nasty ..."

Thank you ELN, for the links. More strings for the bow.

People may wonder why I post links to quotes and essays of fifty or a hundred or more years ago. It's mainly to reassure - and warn - myself that the problems have existed for decades and centuries.

And yet they exist still.

My only consolation is that we may be able to get some small payback under the fog and chaos of the coming battle.

BTW I am doing some research on the Warsaw Uprising. Can any reader point me in the direction of some VALID history, rather than the wishful thinking that we have been subjected to, so far?


Uncle Nasty

kulak said...


American hotel room, so yes, I'm not talking about bidets.

Juxtapose Gideon with the TV and you get modern art.

Anonymous said...

Here's a little something for the Irish -- and all of us. By God it's wonderful to see a politician who shoots his mouth off so eloquently.

Scroll to "Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Nigel Farage"

Ten more people like this, and the lefties would not have a chance in Hell.

England would still shine like a beacon -- as it did a century ago, and the right people would be clamouring to be associated with it.

Even more interesting -- in the video -- are the oxygen thieves to sit numbly wishing for Farage to stop.


Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

When you have arrogant Jews like this, do you need any help with generating ill will?

bringbeer said...

This Bear Sterns guy's arrogance is unbelievable?? He bankrupts the company and yet says he wouldn't have done any different. What a DICK!