Saturday, 5 June 2010

Another Achievement Gap to bridge

It seems we have to address another racial Achievement Gap, this time, surprisingly on the physical side. It appears, if we’re to believe MSNBC (and we do believe all they say, don't we?) that blacks are drowning at a three time the rates of whites.

“Nearly 60 percent of African-American children cannot swim, almost twice the figure for white children, according to a first-of-its-kind survey which USA Swimming hopes will strengthen its efforts to lower minority drowning rates and draw more blacks into the sport. Stark statistics underlie the initiative by the national governing body for swimming. Black children drown at a rate almost three times the overall rate.”

It seems this is the corollary of ‘white men can't jump’. But why? Some scientific types put it down to lower lung spirometry (whatever that is) and denser bone mass. But some less orthodox answers have also been adduced. One shocking example comes from Wiki answers, of all places. This suggests that “Black people can't swim because they are closely related to monkeys and monkeys can't swim either.”

Dreadful! Where are the Google thought police when you need them?

My own idea, for what it’s worth, is that, in almost every other instance where blacks are in extremis (floods, poverty, earthquakes, famine) they can rely on whitey to rescue them. But drowning doesn’t lend itself to this. It happens just too fast. (Or not fast enough, if you’ve got an evil mindset).

But the main issue is this: how do we bridge this particular Achievement Gap? Again, I've allocated an immense proportion of my valuable time in contemplation, and the only solution I can come up with is to drown the required number of whites on a suitable ceremonial occasion once a year. MLK Day sounds just right.

How do we select the white victims? Well, it seems obvious that they should be paid up members of the Victim Industry. I'm sure they’d see it as a privilege (tee hee - another instance of white privilege). Wouldn’t it be lovely to see 10% of the $PLC go under the waves annually?


Anonymous said...

I've lived among blacks my entire life so I think my following viewpoint is quite valid:
Just as reading is learned in a mother's lap, so is swimming learned at the behest of the parent. Swimming is something that is taught to young children, either directly from the parent, or through paid swimming lessons. Generally speaking, parent-on-child reading tutelage & swimming instruction simply doesn't occur in black single-parent "families." Result: lliterate drowning blacks.

Anonymous said...

"Result: lliterate drowning blacks."

You got a problem with lliterate drowning blacks? (LoL)

Rob said...

Water, like fire, disease, predators, etc., doesn't have an Affirmative Action plan. Only humans are stupid enough for that - oh, make that white humans.

Anonymous said...

I feel that as the world slowly slides into the abyss ... economically, societally and in just about every other way, the third-worlders who are currently regarded as politically correct pets and must-have ornaments by the affluent, but hard-of-thinking classes (witness Sandra Bullock and her little PC monkey) will be discarded.

Pretty much the same way that spoiled, selfish children abandon their pets whenever something more interesting comes along.

George Soros, in engineering Obama's election, may have made one of the greatest errors the Left could have made. He put an ignorant, stupid, aggressive and -- above all -- arrogant jungle bunny right in the pocket -- and in the face -- of everyone in the US.

They are learning that, while one may bill and coo and admire the beautiful markings on a rattlesnake -- from a distance, it's a different thing when the serpent is wrapped around your leg.

Imagine the chaos when brown becomes the new black (Hah!) as it seems to be doing thoughout America, and the unearned privileges of the negroid are now withdrawn to be re-distributed to the mamacitas, papacitas and babycitas flooding in from the south.

Imagine the bloodshed when whites wake up and the words "Racist!" "Nazi!" or "White Supremacist!" become just that.


Cheers to all,

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

there still is a great white hope.Although I do like the monkey explanation.

Barack Mugabe said...

And the rebellion against reality continues. By denying the natural order of things, Whites in the west are just tempting mother nature to punish them with an enormous backlash.
I think Uncle Nasty has it right. Over 6 decades of crying wolf about imaginary Nazis is likely to eventually produce real ones. The future ain't gonna be pretty.

Anonymous said...

If blacks are so good at football how come an all black team has never won the World Cup?

Remember Yugoslavia 9 Zaire 0 in 1974. The best players of that World Cup Cruyff and Beckenbaur were white and in the two all white teams in the final.

Zidane is a pure white Berber. Brazil have always needed white as well as black players. The white Scouser of Irish stock Wayne Rooney is best player in the half-black England team.

Even with the World Cup in South Africa an all black team still won't win it. And all the managers of the black African teams are white! That tells you something.

Clearly all black soccer teams are not world-beaters and should be confused with the New Zealand rugby team.

A Ferguson said...

anon 18.08: The argument against this is that there are not that many blacks compared to whites and that blacks came late to the game. Maybe some truth in that.

However, they'll never be able to manage their own (or any) teams. Even the one who tried in the Premiership (Paul Ince) was a disaster.

Anonymous said...

It is because Negro humans have thicker bone at the front of the skull, making it more difficult to keep their mouth above the water line.

Look it up.

Harvey said...

I'd have thought the opposite - that their heads were so empty that it'd keep them afloat! LoL!

Anonymous said...

Ince might make it as a manger when he is more experienced.