Friday, 15 January 2010

Who's to bless, who's to blame?

Just a quick word on the Haiti earthquake. I've been taking a keen interest in how the MSM covers it. Every single one has had the same interpretation. This one from the Irish Times is a fine example:

"It's people have found themselves at a precarious confluence of destructive forces - poverty, environmental degradation, corruption, violence and political instability."

Now do you see any pattern here? In case not, let me spell it out - every single 'destructive force' is directly attributable to the people themselves. Isn't that so? But we can't blame them of course, because they're not white.

My own view is that Haiti is likely to revert to nature in due course, something like Lord Of The Flies, unless much maligned whitey can keep the peace - while he's also, virtually alone in the world, shipping in all the aid.

And finally, don't you just love the phrase 'they found themselves', which magically sweeps under the carpet any skulduggery that the victim classes might have been up to. Check out my post 'and he found himself in Ireland' here.


Anonymous said...

One reason given for their poverty - the reparations they had to pay the French.

Er......206 years ago!!

Anonymous said...

On the one hand they're equal, on the other hand their country is the biggest hellhole in the Americas but because they're equal it must be all whitey's fault somehow- pc gospel.

Anonymous said...

Is there no aid coming from the Oreintals and Arabs. Shouldn't they be called racists if they don't cough up.

tesla said...

I am really fed up with Haiti and its constant need. No matter how much money we give them they will waste all of it and we will be told that we're failing them. I will not donate a nickel to that hell-hole (though my president has no problem giving Haitians lots of my money).

Anonymous said...

I was watching the news today showing the Haiti Airport with all the rescue workers arriving (99.9% White).

Lo and behold, all the Haitians, big, healthy, content looking Haitians, in groups, strolling around the runway near the planes like they where in Disney Land.

Check it out, the whole world watched them. Oh, maybe the Libs will figure that out and reprimand the producers. TNB

Wear yourself out people. Makes you feel good doesn't it".

Anonymous said...

there's a reason why the USA ships haitians back instead of cubans

Anonymous said...

Savant, as a retired chicago cop i have seen it all.they can not discuss they have to lash out and hit. I love the libs at the University of Chicago campus. all out for the poor people but they have installed what we call scream boxes on each corner so when Willie comes up to them with a weapon or his dong hanging out they can push the button on the box to request help. totally useless people.

Anonymous said...

I think it'll be more Mad Max than Lord of the flies. Mad Max - the witchdoctor's voodoo cut.


didi said...

The Japanese are contributing alright, but nada from the wealthy Arabs. Why would they give money to kuffirs?

Anonymous said... Savant, I take it this means you will not be phoning in your donation to Bono's Hope for Haiti dialathon..

Anonymous said...

like lord of the flies??? they'll be eating one another soon!

openyoureyes said...

These people are so pathetic, they will not even bury their dead. They loot at the first sign of disarray and the MSM make excuses for this absolutely horrid behavior. I am appalled to see people casually walking by stacks of rotting corpses as if on a Sunday jaunt.

And the disfunction is not limited to Haiti. Look wherever blacks are a majority and you see the same cycle. If not for the generosity of the west these nations would not even exist. They would be anarchistic, decentralized nomads living on whatever grew wild and slaughtering each other wholesale.

I second the motion, not to donate a plug nickel to a people who are so demonstrably weak tempered and ill equipped to return any thing of substance back to the corpus of humanity. They are SUPPOSED to be feral not organized like civilized societies. When they are organized as such, they create the most monstrous conditions seen by civilized man.

Anonymous said...

All this got me to thinking,Savant,is there any nation on this earth,that is politically and economically stable, that is governed by a black majority??

SAVANT said...

anon 7.39 - no, I don't know of a single black-run country that isn't an unmitigated disaster. I think openyour eyes says it all.

And no, DR, I will NOT be contributing that that little bollocks' latest publicity stunt.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese should have still been branded racists for not allowing large numbers of Africans and South Asians come to live in their country. But somehow they never were. Funny that.

RegThe Hedge said...

There is a lot of looting and there are violent gangs roaming. When they see foreigners (read whites) they can be very agressive as they can't understand why help didn't arrive sooner.

Help arrive sooner? There is an expectation there. Where does this come from? I mean who owes them?

Also, looting? I don't recall hearing about looting in the Tsunami hit areas.

So we have agressive demands, stealing and violence in Haiti. A similar story in the Earthquake in California. Elsewhere in the world when disaster strikes people nurse their wounds and plead for aid (not demand it).

It is hard not to point out the difference between sub saharian africans and the rest of the world.

There can be only two explanations.
1) The media highlight the attributes which they percieve certain groups have.
2) Sub Saharian Africans are predominentially agressive and animalistic.

I honestly don't know which it is. I can certainly believe the media would portray Sub Saharans in this manner. The media are controlled by too small a number of individuals, they have too much power and they are abusing their power wholescale. The media with their agendas have long ago become the enemy of the ordinary man.
On the other hand any country Sub Saharans dominate is a violent basket case. It also needs to be pointed out that the behaviour of Sub Saharans in white lands further strengthens the second point.

I suppose with the massive immigration into white lands from these violent basket case countries we will be finding out first hand. Something to look forward to eh?

Anonymous said...

Haiti in the 18th century was called the jewel of the Carribean, then, after a couple of centuries of Black maladministration, it is no longer able to sustain a human population. Bloody whites!!!

Rohan Swee said...

There's a silver lining here amid the horrific destruction - for the survivors, that is. The open borders lunatics in the U.S. (and Canada, for that matter) are already setting the wheels in motion for mass population transfer. ('Cause remember, family values don't stop at the Straits of Florida! Haiti's tragedy will become America's good fortune!)

W Baker said...

You'll always hear about these events reported in the passive voice. These 'noble savages' float through life where everything happens to them.

But when you think about it, that's the nature of Western peek-a-boo media reporting. A shit hole like Haiti is ignored for years - usually since the last crisis - and then all of a sudden reporters drop into ground zero to describe the 'heart wrenching', 'fragile' situation. Yesterday on NPR (our state radio broadcaster) I listened to five or so minutes of an American negress reporter describe just how jolly and self-sufficient this one camp of Haitians were. They were fetching their own water from a ditch, digging out their own 'loved ones', and surviving off of fruit and a bit of flour. They had managed to avoid being raided by the many, marauding gangs and had maintained a joie de vivre, the reporter assured, despite the fact that the white man (UN, US, etc.) hadn't even shown up to rescue this deserving group of happy indigents.

What the reporter either didn't know or didn't mention was that present conditions in Haiti are not significantly different than life before the earthquake.

kulak said...

And finally, don't you just love the phrase..

It makes for hilarious entertainment though. By unparsing and editing this AFP report, for example:

Violence, looting hampering rescue efforts in Haiti

Beatriz Lecumberri, Agence France-Presse
Published: Friday, January 15, 2010

PORT-AU-PRINCE -- Rescue teams racing against the clock in Haiti's ruined capital have found already nightmare conditions compounded by widespread [TNB] that forces them to stop work at nightfall.

Looting, threats of violence and reports of gunfire in Port-au-Prince have rattled rescuers, most of whom operate without weapons or armed guards.

"Our biggest problem is [TNB]. Yesterday they tried to hijack some of our trucks. Today we were barely able to work in some places because of that," said Delfin Antonio Rodriguez, Civil Defense chief and rescue commander for the Dominican Republic.

"There's looting and people with guns out there, because this country is [a TNC.]"

The World Food Programme said Friday its warehouses in Port-au-Prince had been looted and that it would have to restock in order to feed survivors.

Deepening the volatility in the city, Haiti's main prison was partly destroyed, allowing thousands of prisoners to escape.

Lieutenant General PK Keen, who heads the U.S. relief operation in Haiti, on Friday said he was "cognizant of the increasing concerns about [TNB]."

"Up to this point, we have not seen a great deal of [TNB], but clearly that is a concern, and we will work with the government and the national police to deal with it as best we can," Gen. Keen told CNN from the Port-au-Prince airport.

Rescue crews from Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, France, United States and Venezuela were among the first to arrive to try and rescue countless thousands buried in the rubble from Tuesday's cataclysmic 7.0 earthquake.

Mr. Rodriguez said another major obstacle in assisting victims was the lack of functioning hospitals, almost all of which were destroyed or abandoned.

He said a large field hospital was needed to attend the countless injured, but that in the present circumstances it was impossible to build one.

"We can put it together at nightfall, and by morning it would be gone," he added.

"The other big problem is the lack of coordination with local [HNIC]," said Colonel Jose Cavallo, Mr. Rodriguez's deputy Civil Defense chief.

Haiti has no army, and its police force has largely disappeared after the quake, leaving security operations largely to UN peacekeepers. Many ministries and offices have been destroyed and government officials killed, leaving huge gaps in administration.

The global community has responded quickly to the disaster, with 30 countries currently on the ground and 18 search and rescue teams up and running, according to the US State Department.

But with the window of opportunity to save lives shrinking with each passing minute, international assistance is being stymied, rescuers said.

"It's coming in, but its not going out, probably because of [TNB]. We're taking risks over here because we're neighbors," one of the Dominicans said. Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the island of Hispaniola.

W Baker said...

One thing to keep in mind to Rohan Swee's informative post is the stratification of the immigrant society in south Florida.

Here's the social ladder in descending order as I've seen it there: northern emigrants (Jews, WASP's), the very few, old families - generally of Spanish (European) descent - Cubans, upwardly mobile, Mexicans, Columbians, central Americans, then the less ambitious from those South Americans groups, then the domesticated blacks, then the animals and every other living creature, then the Haitians.

There's a reason that the very last vestiges of immigration control in this country apply to Haitians. They generally are the scum of the earth.

I'm not trying to be cruel, ignore human suffering, or take advantage of a terrible situation to make a point. These are simply the facts.

Anonymous said...

kulak - what's the TNB acronym?

NR said...

The reason Haiti is the way it is is because it is populated by Haitians.

Enough is enough. Forget Lord of the Flies. The place is going to resemble The Road before long.

Anonymous said...

Before any one starts the estimable "What the fuck have the Haitians ever done...?" shtick, they introduced AIDS into the USA. (if you ignore the inevitable peecee prevarications)

Rohypnol Nights

henry XII said...

I've read now that 'youths' are piling up bodies on the road and then looting the stopped convoys.

Why are we looking after these parasites?

kulak said...

anon@20:20 --

Typical Negro Behavior

...or something even less PC.

Anonymous said...

..all of which begs the question: Are Africans and African descendants capable of creating, sustaining, and running a successful society? Answer: A resounding "No."

How about with massive injections of capital and aid from the developed world?
Again: a resounding "No."

Anonymous said...

...and for the warm fuzzies, the West continues to prop up 3rd World societies that would otherwise self-destruct. Where the e'ffing hell is the African support for this Haitian shithole? Tiny Israel has contributed more to Haitain aid than the whole of Africa. Go figure. But on second thought, who's really surprised?

fidelma3 said...

A serious question here, not a sarcastic one: What should we do about the likes of Haiti? Just ignore them and let them die like flies? I totally agree that they're to blame for theirown problems and that aid is like pouring it down the drain, but still............

Anonymous said...

Graham Greene's novel, 'The Comedians' is set in Haiti and it is, in my opinion, his best.It is set in the 50s and presents a good picture of the country at that time which seems OK when compared to the last 25 years. Idealistic yanks get a terrible kicking.

Re sub-Saharan success stories: Mozambique and Ghana are half decent countries.

BTW' I saw a crime documentary about Miami's little Haiti. It was fucking frightening. the local murder rate was horrific.

I live in the East-End where we have had two murders by enrichers in the last week.

All the Haitians had black American accents and looked like American blacks.

In the midst of this chaos there was a pub run by a geezer from London.


Big Bill said...

They did not pay reparations to the French. they paid reparations to the colonials who they killed and whose land they took.

And then the Haitians invaded Santo Domingo, took THEIR land and used it to pay back the French colonials.

The Haitians, by the way, invaded Santo Domingo the very day the Santo Domingans declared their independence.

The Haitians also deprived the Santo Domingans of the vote, gave them a curfew, stomped on their culture and language, expelled their priests and stole all the land from white Santo Domingans, among other oppressions.

Not exactly the warm-n-fuzzy freedom loving slaves the Haitians present themselves as.

After 22 years of military occupation by the Haitians and every effort made to crush their culture, their language and their identity, the Santo Domingans finally expelled the Haitians in 1844.

Anonymous said...

fidelma3 19:57. Yes, I suppose it's cold as ice, but if a person or a people can't help themselves at any point, and don't ever contribute a goddamned thing to society, then why should they be kept alive by others? This is nothing more than a stark interpretation of Darwin's "Survival of the Fittest," no?
Which begs the question....if I was a victim of an act of God, would I deserve helping aid? Well, given the fact that I've been productive my entire life, having paid shitloads of taxes and given money to various charities, I think the answer is that perhaps I would deserve help.

Anonymous said...

When will sanity return?

When the very last black chokes to death while gnawing on the thighbone of the very last liberal ...

Somehow, I don't think I'll be around to see it ... but the thought does keep me warm at night.

Cheers to all.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Fidelma - I know, I ask myself the same kind of question. All I know is that I personally would not give one cent to them.

kulak said...

Fidelma asks: Just ignore them and let them die like flies?

I've long lost sympathy for the adults among them. The kids still get to me, and I don't think I'd want to change that about myself.

HOWEVER, my rational side understands that no, I probably shouldn't lift one finger or give one red cent.

On the one hand, it's one less cent for my kids and posterity. On the other, while it may relieve acute suffering, it only helps perpetuate the conditions that make suffering on such a scale possible, again and again, over the longer term.

The best perspective I think is like that of a conservationist: A deer hunted by a wolf pack might appreciate it if you kill the wolves immediately on its trail. But if you kill enough wolves, the population of deer will explode, and they will starve.

rosebud said...

I'm with kulak on this one, and his analogy to the wolves is very apposite.

Fidelma, Savant has already given a fairly good explanation also on this post

Anonymous said...


Kudos to you and your blog for bringing together a collection of similar-minded, thinking people. Through such a vehicle as your blog I am reassured that there are others out here who think as I do. Thanks.

openyoureyes said...

Encouraging bad behavior is all that we do for blacks.

We try to make them live OUR WAY, which is so against their natures that these huge tragedies happen when any little turbulence hits their societies.

Its like a "fly by wire" plane that is designed to be unstable except for the modulating computer that keeps it from spinning out of control.

Blacks are unstable, held together by support from westerners who assume they have similar biological motivations to themselves. The result is catastrophe for blacks. If people really cared about blacks they wouldn't give them anything but knowledge and if they failed to use that, then it would be on their own heads. Nature would eventually either extinguish the whole race or more likely, the best and brightest would "get it" and start acting more "white".

The notion that we should help people who not only wont help you, but wont even help themselves is a moral abomination. Self interest dictates that if fellow member of your tribe falls on hard times, it makes sense to help that person. If a person is not of your "tribe" then what possible good can come of that helpful act?

Evolution instilled in us a desire to help one another, but that is just so that YOUR kind propagates. Don't make the mistake of channeling that impulse into helping people who really are a different type from you. If you think they wouldn't extinguish you and your kind off the face of the planet if they had half the chance, then you're seriously mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Fidelma, the land has a finite carrying capacity for any group of people given their abilities. With blacks it is very low as seen in Africa before white technology came to them.

It is better to leave them completely alone and allow the land to dictate what it will support rather than continually having white countries prop their populations up and get stuck with the overflow.

Anonymous said...

OK, but what do you actually DO? Do you just leave them starve? They can't manage it on their own.

kulak said...


"Michael, I did nothing. I did absolutely nothing, and it was everything I thought it could be." -- Peter Gibbons