Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Religion of Peace makes the news

Thanks to JD for this image from the Irish Independent. Spot any pattern in the highlighted World News items?


Anonymous said...

eh, they're all evidence of the global phenomenon of Islamophobia ?


Anonymous said...

Now we have a nigerian terrorist threat in Ireland.
Every time one gets on a plane now we have to worry if any nigerian scum are on board carrying explosives purchased from social welfare money scammed by these illegal immigrant terrorists.

Anonymous said...

in general the leftists embrace muslims and curse christians, go figure

@ annon jan 7 11:45:

bad enough they're nigerian not alone muslim terrorists on foreign soil

Anonymous said...


hector said...

One of the great mysteries of life why the left/liberals embrace muslims. They are the polar opposite of one another, and Muslims have shown time and again what they do with left/liberals once they get power.

It's just the 'anything but white westerners syndrome' again.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Liberals and there attitudes to foreigners, i.e(Their perversion of choice - Black men, followed by our Islamic friends)

is thus...

1. They are wealthy wine/cognac swilling pseudo-Marxists, hell bent on appearing trendy to their peers, even to the cost of turning their country into a cess-pit.
Hell, they have the resources to leave when the shit flies! So what the fuck do they care about 'whitey' in a sink estate, with ever increasing crime and race tension.

2. Semi-retarded drama students who score their dope from the local 'friendly' ethnic drug dealer, who will smile at anyone making him rich.

3. The professional cock-sucker, aka the mainstream politician, who in his ultimate wisdom, has decided his subsidised, lavish lifestyle is much too comfortable to risk doing something silly, like maybe, showing some political conviction.

It seems to me these trends are of a more pernicious nature within the English speaking world. These nations seem to be well weened on a heavily controlled media. Which is generally under the control of another breed of rats. Though we wont go there at this particular time.

Westerners have to start asking themselves some very serious questions. Are they willing to carry on thinking things will sort themselves out. Dream on!

To all the 'your'e a Nazi' sheeple types. You WILL come to a point one day (maybe not too far in the future) where you will have to trade off your personal safety against your lifestyle. This lifestyle for which, you happily kept kneeling before the high altar of 'equality'. Which unfortunately, is anything but what it's title suggests.

Happy new year!

Anonymous said...


Yeah, the joos have made up all these stories and had them planted in the papers to scare us.

Zngr said...

Examples of middle class, liberal leftist double-think:

Anti-abortionists stalk doctors and clinics in USA, manage to blow a bomb and kill about 10 persons over a decade = Comparable to Islamic terrorism, which accounts for tens of thousands of dead, if not hundreds of thousands in what is currently daily attacks against other religious or ethnic groups - but not only in Muslims countries but now in USA and Europe as well.

Both are dangerous "religious" extremist groups! However only the other one is Western, and while mostly limited to US states, only they are present as "evil". Muslims are not even human to the left-wing intellectuals, they are merely robots who respond to a kill-switch button (like the Danish Cartoons -button, pushed by Danish Imams) and can only riot and destroy to handle whatever issues they have.

(If that's not racism, though more a prejudice since Muslims are not a "race", claiming Muslims are robots who cannot "help" but to destroy, burn and riot on response to cartoons or movies like "Fitna", then I don't know what is.)

Swedish Democrat party (or BNP) =
Dangerous "far-right" movement and embryos of future Nazis and Hitler's which should be killed or at least banned legally. Hell, 3% of the Swedish voters voted from SD so they must be put down like rabid dogs.

Islamists = out of the 1.3+ to 1.5 billion of Muslims "only" 7% (but 13% in UK) accept hard line radical views including killing civilians and bombing public transportation (according to Gallup polling agency, in over 30k+ interviews, 7% of Muslims worldwide support political radical Islamism).

That's more than two times the amount of Swedes who support SD in a comparative population, but somehow SD is an extremely dangerous "right-wing group" that should be snuffed outright, while radical Islamists are just a "response" to evil Western imperialism caused by you, me, Bush, Savant and USA or otherwise a mostly harmless and acceptable portion of global Muslim culture.

Yet SD has some tens of thousands of voters, radical Islam has over 100 million supporters globally.

We can from recent events easily correlate Islamists operate from Denmark (where a Somali jihadist invaded the home of one of the Motoon cartoonists with an axe) to Sweden (where further threats were called to other cartoonists) to London and Madrid, or Canada where Muslim radicals plotted to behead the Prime Minster, to Finland which supports with welfare benefits radical clerics, to USA where a the recent shooter employed by the military turned his personal issues to radical Islam and responded by a mass-killing and on.

Yet again, SD is Western and "white", hence evil, but the 100+ million radical Muslims, a greater percentage of them living in the West than in Muslim countries, are just a "minor social problem" we must tolerate and wholly comparable to IRA or Anti-Abortionists and that would simply disappear if "we" whites would stop our "cultural imperialism".

Damn, now that I think of it, I could probably make a few dozen more of examples like these.

Finnish men murder their wives on occasion before committing suicide, which means Finland is a country deeply hateful of women. Finns are evil.

In Dubai, women have no rights at all comparatively (recently a British ex-Muslim woman was thrown into jail - for being raped), but they're just Arabs so that's ok.

Western men with personal issues are known to punch and hurt their spouses, like Western women are, which irrefutably proves they are evil.

In more than a dozen Muslim countries women are not even given the choice of who to marry, and those who are unhappy with their selected husband are by our definition raped every time the husband has sex with them. But that's ok, they are just Muslims and brown - that's what they do right?

And on, and on, and on.

Californian said...

"To all the 'your'e a Nazi' sheeple types. You WILL come to a point one day (maybe not too far in the future) where you will have to trade off your personal safety against your lifestyle. This lifestyle for which, you happily kept kneeling before the high altar of 'equality'. Which unfortunately, is anything but what it's title suggests."

I have wondered about this. What do the PC-multicultists plan to do when there is nowhere else to which they can run? What will happen when the Muslims or whatever third world tribes come to dominate their once glittering cities? Are the PC-multicultists that deluded by ideology that they think they can use these tribes as muscle against the "White male power structure" and still control them? One is reminded of those Roman elites who, in the century following the Battle of Adrianople, thought they could use the Goths, Vandals, and other tribes who had penetrated the Empire's frontiers as muscle against their domestic rivals. We all know how that ended up.

But it gets back to the real problem. It's not simply the third world invasion of the West. It's the internal treason of the PC-multicultists. Really, it is absurd to send expeditionary forces marching into Afghanistan when the real treason is back on the home front in the form of PC media, universities and bureaucracies.

One thing we might consider is why there has been no effective counterattack against the PC-multicultists from mainstream conservatives. Compare this with how (at least in the USA) during the Cold War conservatives were leading the charge against Communism. Yet these days, conservatives seem to have made their peace with the cultural Marxists.

What is happening is that the defense of the West is being pushed into the hands of groups which are extremist, such as the BNP and the American race realists. Of course, the irony is, what these groups are promoting are ideas which once were mainstream.

It just shows you how far the West has gone.

C said...

"Examples of middle class, liberal leftist double-think:"

One answer is that liberal leftists do not believe in what they claim to believe. They only use these issues as ideological fronts against the dreaded "White male power structure." This is done by inciting to revolution those groups which appear to be on the "outs"--thus back in the 19th century the left promoted Workers' Revolution. But then when the workers turned conservative, the left started agitating among minorities and disgruntled women (feminists). And now they take the formula to the masses of third world immigrants crossing the frontiers and settling in the heartlands.

Liberal precepts about equality, tolerance, and so forth are merely slogans to be used to agitate among the masses. The slogans and the masses are discarded the moment they do not have any utility. In this, liberals are akin to Machiavelli's "foxes," political types who gain and hold power by manipulating ideas as opposed to the "lions," the types who use force.

What will happen when the third world immigrants turn on the liberals. The liberals, no doubt, will try to find some new group to manipulate. By that time it may, perhaps, be too late.

"And on, and on, and on."