Sunday, 18 October 2009

In fairness to Islamic terrorists

Now I've often been accused of being unfair to murderous Islamic terrorists, and I suppose that's largely true. So after examining my conscience I have decided to make the initial award of The Savant Prize for Public Service to, well, that's a bit of a problem because I don't know his name.

But credit where credit is due, I say.

Here's the story from Iraq according to the International Herald Tribune:

"A man stood up during Friday prayers and began loudly arguing with the preacher"

Mark one for the recipient.

"He raised an assault rifle and shot the imam first before spraying those kneeling around him"

You got to admit that he has, well had, a keen sense of priorities

And then, the piece de resistence, when he thoughtfully rounded off the whole touching episode

"when the ammo was finished he blew himself up"

Ah yes. Where would we be without the Religion of Peace, hey?

In the same edition I see that the US is allowing an extra 30,000 Iraqis immigrate. Just what you need over there now I'd say.


Defcon1 said...

My name is Defcon and I was a FF supporter.

As a reformed FF supporter I don't see FF supporters as evil or wrong , I see them as victims.
It's a shame as when I was a part of the party I really liked it.The craic was great and I really believed in everything that was said.

I'm in a better place now though and I can see the damage the FF party was doing.Thankfully I've been on the wagon now for over a year and the likes of the JOD and NAMA affair have kept me on it.

Would I ever go back to them? I hope not.I can't see myself ever being put in that scenario, but thankful I now how enough friends to support me if I ever consider falling off and they'll put me on the straight and narrow.

To my former fellow FF supporters , the road to recovery starts with a single step.

My name is Defcon1 , and I was a FF supporter.

Anonymous said...

A moving story defcon, but also an inspiring one. Your journey cannot have been easy