Monday, 28 September 2009

Sweden: The madness goes on

I see Sweden is about to take in another large contingent of Somalis, the worst possible refugees. Hundreds of them, from camps in Kenya. "It feels good that Sweden can take part in such as large humanitarian operation," Dan Eliasson, the director-general of the Swedish Migration Board.

Ah yes…. ‘it feels good’. But for whom does it feel good, Dan? I presume not for the hundreds of girls who will in due course be raped by these cultural enrichers, nor for the firemen who will nightly have to risk their safety to quench fires started by these malcontents, nor for the increasingly beleaguered Swedish taxpayers who have to pick up the multi-billion Euro tag for the required welfare (almost all will become, and remain, dependent on the state).

No, of course not. It 'feels good' for you Dan, and all the other posturing, self-aggrandising paragons of virtue who won't have to live with the direct consequences of their actions. And therein lies in my view the explanation for the whole thing. ‘It feels good’ for certain people.

That’s why the madness goes on.

Note: Please check the comments from zngr to this post. They give you practical examples of the madness I refer to.


Anonymous said...

The best way to end this is a new "Scramble For Africa" a "re-imperialization" where European powers impose martial law and order on the worst parts of the Dark Continent...and in return reaping well-merited access to rich deposits of gold and diamonds!
Instead of coming to white lands to be unemployed leeches, these strapping dark folk can work in the new mines & make a decent living.


Anonymous said...

Idiots. Myopic idiots. How can short-term altruistic "feel-good humanitarian" possibly compensate for the long-term detriment such a policy will inflict? I can't for the life of me figure out why intelligent people would allow this to happen.

Anonymous said...

It's not surprising these N.G.O. do-gooders seem to get some type of "rush", especially when somebody else is picking up the tab while they practise their competitive altruism.

Dan and Mary from Canada must belong to the same brainwashed fraternity that produces these airheads bent on helping foreign strangers unlike themselves halfway across the world, and yet probably wouldn't offer a dollar or euro to a street beggar of their own nationality, unless a receipt was demanded so they could claim the expense.

W Baker said...


Apropos your findings in Sweden, here what happened when they landed over here. A horde of them settled in the Atlanta, Georgia, USA area more than a decade ago. Pretty soon they figured out that the local black population wasn't going to put up with their shit. Imagine that! Well, en masse, they, the Somalis, picked up and moved to Maine.

Here's a quote, "Maine is crazy cold," says Abdullahi Abdullahi [so inbred and poor he can't even spring for a different Christian and surname], president of the new Somali Community Development Organization in Clarkston. But, he says, "the welfare system is much better."

Here's the link.

Tell the Swedes that they're fuc***!

Robert said...

A Tale of Two Societies

Anonymous said...

anon 22.26. I think Savant's point is that these people are not driven by altruistic motives, rather by the rush "moral superiority" gives them.

hector said...

teacher-paris: this is not a valid link.

Zngr said...

Sweden is a nice place these days. Certainly far "richer" and "vibrant" than the Sweden I remember from the 90s or 80s, when I often vacationed in it's various beautiful resorts or could enjoy the atmosphere of old Stockholm. Let's take a quick review of recent news and events in this successful social democratic heaven of a welfare state. I warn you: the titles get a little... absurd as we progress on, but I assure you, I am not making this up and will provide links for your pleasure/horror.

SPATE OF UNREST AND ARSON HITS SWEDISH CITIES, Uppsala, Gothenburg, Falkenberg and Södertalje under attack. For example in Gothenburg the saldo of a single day was one school, one railway car and 85 cars. Left-wing activist blame neo-nazis for burning the cars to collect insurance by fraud. Sociologist suspect untypically warm weather. Uppsala policeman Christer Nordström complains that citizens are upset because of the events (how should they feel, happy?) and fears the burning and riots might provoke racism. I am very sorry for Mr. Nordström, as I fear he might be unduly anxious and need drama therapy or something, and hope his fears are unwarranted. It would be beyond pale for people to object at vandalism and arson in their living areas. Fortunately, in Södertörn police think it's just your regular Friday every Friday. Thank heavens, irregularities would not be tolerated in Sweden.

FOUR WEEKS OF RIOTING AND BURNING IN UPPSALA. Police finally make arrests: Police accused of racism and "provocation" (in Sweden, arresting someone for 30 days of rioting is provocation, not justice, and will provoke more riotous unrest, so I understand the predicament).

WHILE RINKEBY IS IN FLAMES, "youths" in nearby Husby start burning down the town too, not to be one-upped I imagine.

WOMAN OF 28 THROWN OFF A BALCONY in Malmö. Police suspect honor killing. Husband released immediately. Neighbor Moustafa Ali thinks suggestion of crime creepy. HOWEVER in much more important news: a policeman reportedly shows the "finger" to an immigrant. Balcony "accident" not taken seriously, but alleged police sign language investigated as racist hate crime.

CURFEW CALLED! Last May, the situation in Herrgården (Rosengård) became "untenable" and both the police and firemen gave up on the area. Youth gangs had taken the suburb over. The youth won the round. Sorry guys. The area is now Kabul Sweden. Firemen quit in disgust after warned of molotov attacks.

PROJECT: RECLAIM ROSENGÅRD!! In answer, police established heavy presence in the area. Alas, left antifascist thugs oppose such fascist police oppression (after all, if "youths" want to burn the town up, it is only their right to do so as a response to the oppression of police who attempt to prevent them from burning up the area - wait, are we going in circles here) and in July invaded Herrgården to "reclaim" the area. Unfortunately, the immigrant gangs did not respect radical antifascist any more than they respect police or firemen, and proceeded to beat them up. Eventually, the police had to save the left-wing "activists" (as MSM calls them), who took shelter in, prepare to laugh, a local McDonalds restaurant. Much fun was had by all (except for the antifascist moron scum who probably can't figure out what happened) Video of immigrants beating up left-wing shitheads:

FINNISH CREW ENRICHED: A Finnish crew from YLE travels to Gothenburg to film a story about exciting riots and enrichment but unfortunately a cultural enricher immediately enriches the team and makes off with their camera at knife point, which thwarts their reporting efforts.

Zngr said...

BLACK COBRAS TAKING CONTROL! Aftonbladet publishes a sweet story, reminding the general public the criminal Cobra gangbangers didn't appear out of thin air: Swedish society is, we are to suppose I presume, must be at fault. Unfortunately they forget to mention the gang founders were Palestinian criminals (who were given asylum lest they be mistreated by evil Israel) and mostly recruit Turkish and Arab immigrants. In a sense Aftonbladet is right, they did not drop from the moon: they dropped from Palestine, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.

ARMED GANG ATTACKS MALMÖ NIGHTCLUB after denied entry. A group of 10 to 15 individuals armed with sticks and rocks attacked Slagthuset nightclub in central Malmö on Friday night. The entryway was damaged, but none of the security guards were "seriously injured". No arrests were made. In Finland, may I remind you, the group of 10 to 15 would have been dragged off to a cell right away. I guess in Sweden, it is important not to hurt the feelings of armed gangs that attack nightclubs.

PRISON FOR 40 YEAR OLD HEAD OF TEENAGE SEX GANG RAPE RING a Stockholm-area businessman has been charged for using the internet to pimp Swedish school girls for violent group sex. 4 years of prison (of which he will probably sit for 2) for aggravated pimping of children including a 14 year old, and violent gangbang rape in which the "businessman" participated. Raping kids is sure fun (and profitable) in Sweden. Women's rights and shit, guys.

SWEDISH GIRLS SUFFER WIDESPREAD HARASSMENT: report. 6% of girls raped. Liberals claim rapes imaginary, accuse warm weather and youth alcohol consumption.

SERIAL RAPIST SENTENCED TO PRISON for 2 years, 9 months. Huh? I suggest group drama therapy. This culturally rich asylum seeker is an international fugitive and an extradition request has been filed by authorities in Belgium, where he is suspected of raping at least five women. To the Swedish officials, this was a trivial matter, and they were only too happy to release him into the public where he managed to violently rape three more women (needless to say, in immigrant heavy suburbs) before being imprisoned. He will probably serve half the sentence and then be released back into the public with orders to leave the country (which he has no reason to do, after all, where he comes from, Somalia, he might be killed and shot for indiscriminate rape: it is better to serial rape in EU soil. Yes, he is not identified as a Somali but word gets around).

TEENAGE GIRLS ARRESTED FOR PIMPING TEENAGE GIRL in brutal manner. "STRIP NOW OR DIE!" In Malmö... What's wrong with Ulrika and Erika and Swedish kids? I mean, it's not normal behaviour for Nordic teenagers to forcefully pimp each other and subject each other to brutal forced sex? Or so I thought? Might this be simply what follows from a lack of equality and a patriarchal culture of oppression? I call for more social studies, more feminism and more IMMIGRATION! IT HAS WORKED QUITE WELL THIS FAR BUT NOT WELL ENOUGH YET IT SEEMS!

SCHOOLDAY FUN RAPE TIME IN HAMMARKULLEN: a girl was dragged to an empty room in the middle of a class and promptly raped during your regular school day. The rapist received 6 months in a juvenile center and the accomplice 30 hours of community service. That will teach them! Despite the victim repeatedly cried for help, nobody gave a shit. The school principal says they have a nice atmosphere and nice students. I have my doubts but what do I know. Hammarkullsskolan is mostly immigrant.

Zngr said...

FIVE MEN GANGRAPE 14 YEAR OLD IN HELSINBORG, RELEASED IMMEDIATELY into the general public to the great comfort of said public. I repeat, they were caught, but immediately released. Is the Swedish state waging war against it's populace? You know, in West-Africa, sexual warfare (gangrape of opposing tribals) is a common occurance. As cultural relativists, we must conclude the practice is in no way better nor worse than anything we or the Swedes can come up with, and completely in accordance to acceptable behaviour. So then, it is similarly acceptable in Sweden. Go, Sweden, go.

PROSECUTOR ABANDONS TEEN SUICIDE DRUG RAPE CASE: The prosecutor in a high-profile rape case in Jönköping where a 15-year-old victim (VERY CONVENIENTLY I MIGHT ADD) committed suicide hours before the trial, has withdrawn from the case. The 42 year old man had introduced the girl to hard drugs, then demanded sex in exchange for continued dosage and also indulged in raping the girl violently. As a country famous for it's high standard of human-rights, as the victim is now dead there is no case and the drug dealer rapist pedophile was released into the public. The man, however, was later sentenced to 3 years (I assume 1.5 years or so) for other drug related offenses. And justice for all!

MALMÖ RAPE TAXIS SPREAD DISCOMFORTABLE FEELING: in a short spate, at least 8 women have been raped by taxi drivers in Malmö, a successful multicultural city where all races and ethnic groups are welcome and famous for it's egalitarian customs and laws, for example the fact women do not have to wear a bra in public sauna or beach. Because both men and women have breasts, why should women have to hide them? Next time I'm there, I'll run around with my dick hanging loose and explain women have a clitoris, then go serial rape children and get 30 hours of community service. Goddamn Swedes are worthless pieces of shit. In fact, I'm getting more and more infuriated as I write on.

THREE GANGRAPERS GIVEN A... SCOLDING: Two, one who is an asylum seeker from Norway but rejected there, have to leave the country for a few years (but there is no way of telling if they will, after all, they might choose not to), while one is permitted to stay because he has formed local family ties. I assume the victim thanks the Swedish state for it's leniency, understanding, and humane forms of punishment.

SEVEN YEARS FOR 16 HOUR CAR-RIDE SERIAL RAPE OF SWEDISH TEENS! Welcome to absurdistan: A 30-year-old man who repeatedly raped two 17-year-old girls during a frightful 16-hour car ride through southern Sweden (where else!) was sentenced to seven years in prison. This all happened while the girlfriend of the man was tied in the car. IIRC, the man occasionally raped here as well as well as threatened to kill her. The man had previously been convicted for aggravated rape and sexually abusing a child, but was released from prison in January 2008 after serving four and a half years of a seven year sentence. Obviously, he was REFORMED! In the early 1990s, the man had also been sentenced to court ordered psychiatric care for assault. Apparently the court later decided he was in no need of psychiatric care after all, and committed his crimes under full understanding, and hence was set free. I sometimes find the Swedish interpretation of "justice" rather difficult to comprehend. But then again, who am I to judge. I'm a "racist" who wishes to see criminals locked up, after all, and who could expect me to perform complicated feats of mental agility such as understanding the Swedish justice system.

Zngr said...

WEBCAM PEDOPHOLE RAPIST SENTENCED TO EIGHT YEARS! A 33-year-old man has been sentenced to eight years (isn't that a little much? I'm sure with good behaviour and an appeal, he'll be out in four or less) in prison for raping a teenager and engaging in a series of webcam-related sex crimes involving 60 girls. The man is from Uppsala, threatened to kill victim (no, he was not born in Uppsala, I assure you).

THREE-YEAR-OLD GIRL RAPED Sandviken. Sandviken is also the town where someone poured cyanide into the water supply and has been on the news for lethal knife attacks and such. Nothing to see here, disperse, disperse.

HIGH COURT RULES VICTIM TESTIMONY NOT ENOUGH FOR RAPE CONVICTION (what, do they request four male witnesses as in Iran or what's up?)

SWEDISH RAPIST ENJOY IMPUNITY! RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE... RAPE! Amnesty International. Well I never... If estimates are correct, then it indicates that as few as 5-10 percent of all rapes are reported (which would add up to 30k+ rapes a year) to the police. Equally disturbing is the statistic from BRÅ stating that in 2007, less than 13 percent of the 3,535 rape crimes reported resulted in a decision to start legal proceedings. Amnesty slams the Swedish judicial system and the prevalence of attrition within it, concluding that, "in practice, many perpetrators enjoy impunity." Hmmmm, aren't they being a little harsh. I've heard people are given community service, after all, if they repeatedly rape someone.

SWEDEN TOPS EUROPEAN RAPE LEAGUE: Sweden has the highest incidence of reported rapes in Europe - twice as many as "runner up" the UK, a new study shows. WOW! SWEDEN IS BEST AT SOMETHING - THEY WIN PRESTIGIOUS RAPE LEAGUE!!! The high figures in Sweden can not it seems be explained purely by an increased tendency to report rapes and other more minor sexual offences. Rape simply appears to be a more common occurrence in Sweden than in the other EU countries studied, the researchers argue (read that again, researches do not believe in the normal liberal sociologist shit that citizens have merely started reporting tens of thousands of rapes because they are bored or something(. Then again the Swedish leaders of thought and policy... Well, they argue rapes are just reported more often or do not happen. From the news I've reported above, we can easily deduct rapes CERTAINLY do not happen. Wait, no...

STD's CONSIDERED COOL: Sexually transmitted diseases are considered "manly" by young men of "Swedish" origin. The more diseases you have, the cooler you are. Conclusion: "Swedes" are also incredibly stupid, not just criminal, violent and very equal.

YOUTUBE-TV: New Norwegian TV-programme: how firemen cope, survive hostile and violent Muslim immigrants.

AWESOME HELICOPTER HEIST: A team of professional criminals empty Stockholm area of cash in daring helicopter heist. Everyone but for the MSM suspect the "Jugomafia" (former hardcore criminals and mercenaries, that is, refugees to Sweden).

DOG STABBED: Man attacks from the bushes, knives "dirty" dog, walked by it's owner. I don't know if I should laugh or cry?

SWEDES ARE VERY BROAD MINDED: Migration Board: Hamas a liberation movement.

SWEDES ALSO RECOGNIZE REAL CRIME WHEN THEY SEE IT: Migration board employee with impeccable career demoted/fired over writing "pro-Israel" views on blog. THOUGHT CRIME DETECTED!

Zngr said...

IMMIGRATION MIGHT HAVE SLIGHT HICKUPS: Swedish integration policies 'a failure' concludes politician. Sweden's Minister for Integration, Nyamko Sabuni, however, refused to see the increased concentration of immigrants in city districts as an indication of the success or failure of Sweden's integration politics. Instead she thinks the opposite. While Sabuni often speaks sense, this is not one of those times.

So, boys and girls. Looking to move to Sweden any time soon? What's worse, it took me about 20 minutes to find the above pieces, collected during the past six months or so, and another to write this post down. AND IT'S NOT EVEN THE BEGINNING OF IT. The archives of urban and civil unrest to drug related criminal rape of teenagers and children to gang rape to criminal incompetence to massive egotism to complete disregard to law and order from both the citizenry and the political leadership to astounding bank heists to street violence of all types is so long I could compile TEN of these posts - merely from events that have taken place after the spring of 2009... This in a country of 9 million, which was very recently mostly famous for it's peaceful atmosphere, clean nature and equality.




kulak said...

it feels good

The technical term is 'altruistic incontinence'.

SAVANT said...

Thanks zngr. Compelling if gruesome reading. I've made a strong amendment to the post recommending your input.

Anonymous said...

Check this out:

Robert said...

A tale of two societies.

eh said...

Sweden is doomed, I think that's pretty clear.

They seem to have some of, if not the, stupidest and most virulently misguided politicians in Europe. For example, I see that curfews are often proposed to deal with problem "youth", but the idea is nearly as often rejected because it might be seen as "racist".


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the immigrant gangs did not respect radical antifascist any more than they respect police or firemen, and proceeded to beat them up.

At last some good news. SWEET

Anonymous said...


A few years back I took the short ferry from Denmark to Helsingborg. Noticed the difference. Some local enrichers leering at two pretty young Swedish girls

Anonymous said...

Savant,after reading ZNGR I hope you make it out of New Somalia alive. You gonna vote yes or no on Lisbon?

Rohan Swee said...

Potgieter: The best way to end this is a new "Scramble For Africa" a "re-imperialization" where European powers impose martial law and order on the worst parts of the Dark Continent...and in return reaping well-merited access to rich deposits of gold and diamonds!

Yellow is the New White in Africa these days, Potgieter. The Chinese have been taking on The Eurasian Man's Burden for a while now, wise ants piling up the commodities while the Western grasshoppers frolicked. Heh, maybe they'll do a better job of it. Though I'm sure they'll run into their own Mistuh Kurtz moments.

Lars said...

There's a 'Swede' been convicted in Florida for raping an under-age girl. I'd bet my bottom dollar that this 'Swede' is in fact a cultural enricher, on a vacation paid for by his welfare checks.

Zngr said...

A comment here, while many of us believe that most of these rapes, pimping and exploitation of barely teenage girls (girls who doubtlessly perceive themselves to be more or less adults, and I might imagine flaunt and strut their bodies, a terrible shame on our Western culture) are committed by persons of immigrant origin (in Finland, foreigners and immigrants already commit up to half to 70% of sexual assaults in areas where they make 7% to 10% of the population) but the attackers are by no means all muslims or Africans, even though many are, according to criminal statistics, also our eastern neighbours, while drunk, have some differing opinions regarding the right of women to say no... And of course rest of the rapes, or even most in most parts of Finland, are commmitted by Finns.

I'm starting to have a sinking feeling there is something terribly wrong about sexual relations in Sweden in general. Is it the elimination of sex roles? Do women somehow behave in a manner that utterly dehumanizes them as women, for the men to rape? Because I'm convinced in some of the cases I posted, native Swedish men MUST be involved. If in a culture of a country rape, forced sexual activity and exploitation, especially of young women or teens comes to be seen as just "something pretty common" and if there are little (to none) legal consequences, as my post reveals, might "it's just a bit of rape..." become mainstream culture - among more of the population than Africans and Muslims (who, culturally, view rape completely differently from Western secular individualists, another thing multiculturalists without fail deny, in fact, if you point out that in sub-saharan Africa the first sexual encounter for 30% of more of women, often little girls, is rape or gang-rape, you are simply called a racist, the fact that rape is so common bizarrely being meaningless - now, people from a culture where rape is not even known as rape, why do multiculturalists suppose they behave differently, in, say Belguim? Or Sweden? Especially if they are not punished?)

A final problem that to some "masks" the issue or make irrelevant comments Savant or I or you might make, is that the non-judgmental, tolerant, pro-immigration clique always shout that MOST RAPISTS ARE STILL FINNS or SWEDES or BRITS as that in itself refutes something. Let us examine this claim.

In a society where 95% to 80% of the population are Finns or Swedes, it would be pretty incredible if most rapists were NOT "natives". For example the "final refutation" to Finnish liberals is that Finnish men make most of the rapes in ABSOLUTE numbers, and they also commit a lot sexual violence that is never reported to the police (for some reason, they fail to see that immigrants can as well commit such acts that are never reported, for example in forced marriages the women are raped daily, sometimes several times during a day).

Zngr said...

Of course the problem is this: if in a city like Helsinki a 10% population of immigrants commits 50% of rape THEY ARE RELATIVELY MASSIVELY OVER REPRESENTED. They should commit 10% of sexual assaults if "they don't rape any more than Finns". But the number is 50%. And because 5%+ of the immigrants are culturally close to Finns, we must assume that 5% or less of the population is somehow behind 50% of sexual crime. This should be a problem dealt with swiftly, as by simply dealing with a small part of the population somehow, we could eliminate up 50% of crime of the worst sort, crime that leaves families torn and victims permanently tormented and scarred.

Deportations of caught individuals, long sentences and enforcement of local cultural mores would probably deter many rapists: you would certainly end up having to deport or lock up only a minority of rape-inclined persons if they knew they will face very harsh repercussions lest they indulge in a little rape. But it almost feels like preventing rape, in the EU of human-rights, has become a human-rights infringement. Do any of you find this even remotely reasonable?

Yet, I have not met a single left-wing enthusiast who can wrap his brains around this fact. Only absolute numbers matter to them, because it supports their twisted world view. If 1% of the population, all from some Crapistan, performed 49% of all random street rapes, it would not matter to them: after all, Finns, 99% of the population, would still commit most, that is 51% of rape so THERE IS NO ISSUE. I sometimes wonder if they've gone through basic math in ground school

Piet said...

zngr makes a number of good points here. First that the 'equalizing' of the sexes makes rape less abhorrent.

Second, that 'liberal' secularists see the freedom to rape as almost a human right

Third, the ratios thing. This insanity goes on everywhere. The reverse is in SA where we have the canard that 'blacks are still the biggest victims of violent crime'.

Of course they fucking are if they make up nearly 90% of the population.

You do not have to have a Phd in statistics to work this out, but we hear it all the time.

kerdasi amaq said...

"Yet, I have not met a single left-wing enthusiast who can wrap his brains around this fact"

They're left-wingers; the party does their thinking for them.

kulak said...

First that the 'equalizing' of the sexes makes rape less abhorrent.

Worse, it makes the idea of children abhorrent.

Anonymous said...

yes kulak, that too. children are at best a fashion accessory. so sad

Israelieejit said...

God, it is so S I C K. These enrichers are raping the teenage girls as well as the country itself - and the Loony Left are still defending them. Where WILL it all end?

SAVANT said...

Hard to say where it will all end Isrealieedjit. Probably won't end at all in that Sweden and some others will become like Lebanon, whites retreating to their relatively wealthy enclaves and letting the invaders have the streets.

In some countries they won't put up with it (e.g. former Yugoslavian) and they'll kick the shit out of the invaders. Who will then sally off to friendlier climes.

Anonymous said...

Sweden is a classical, and I mean classical, case of an advanced civilization going into terminal decline. All the signs are there.

Anonymous said...

Ah,Savant-how apropos your comments and others are on Somalis for me today-at work today after correcting a temporary employee I was subjected to a yelling tirade and shaking fist
and comments that were rather unintelligible-or maybe he was Ethiopian-either way a cultural enricher who accused me of judging him because of his skin color-well if the shoe fits....was anything done-alas no-this is San Francisco where "diversity" is valued first and foremost-

Anonymous said...

@5.33. Yes, they've learned to play the game. I pity you if you're in SF.

Zngr said...

They've learned to play the game everywhere.


Somalia is the most fucking racist country on earth. Nowhere on earth are minorities treated with such hatred and oppression than in Somalia. Yet where ever the Somali go, when ever anything goes against their whims, they will explode into a tirade of accusations of racism.

For example one day we witnessed, at the most enriched mall in Helsinki, a youth of culturally rich Somali origins on a shopping spree which involved him going from shop to shop and stuffing his huge pants full of produce of his liking.

When the guards finally piled up on him the last thing heard were the cries of "RACISM! RACIST!"

Also I know a bouncer who has been into the court at least a dozen times for "racism" (such a "crime" does not exist, in judicial terms but discrimination does) after he has been forced to remove someone of immigrant origin because of something the immigrant has done, i.e. attack a customer, steal shit, break stuff, knife someone, you name it. He told that many immigrant then lecture him about colonialism (of which Finland played no part) as a justification of whatever they have in mind to do. Their insolence knows no bounds. All the cases have been more or less laughed out of the court but the annoying thing is they are taken so seriously at first they all go to court at first - at the tax payers expense.

I recently talked with a woman who plies her trade in a uniform, by checking the tickets in the various vehicles of the Helsinki public transportation services. In defeated tones (after showing my ticket and commenting a bunch of Arabs who fled the vehicle) she explained it is impossible to even check the ticket of anyone who has a brown or dark skin - they accuse her of racism every single time. She said her job has become very unpleasant during the past few years because of this. It does not matter she checks the tickets of all those aboard, the minority ombudsman and her cronies have taught their new subjects well. The enricher fully understands what is happening and knows he is not subjected to any form of discrimination, yet they have no qualms about accusing the natives of such every chance they get.

And we are supposed to be tolerant of this exactly why?

Laughing sadly, she explained that because of cultural differences, when culturally rich passengers refuse to display their ticket they will also refuse to show their identification (say, a passport) to her on the grounds that most of them come from a culture in which a woman may have no authority over a man. Simulating what happens next, she showed by gesture how they would attempt to punch or stab her in revenge of her audacity of asking a ticket. Yet, no newspaper or media carry a single story or piece about what is going on. Regular city workers are subjected to violence by foreigners for performing completely normal tasks.

Good they wear a heavy vest and every team of of ticket cops also includes a few men. And physically, most of the women are of fearsome size and capable of functioning as well.

It is difficult to have any kind of contact with humanitarian or social immigrants without racism coming up even though it clearly does not play into the events most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Reading zngr's comments I just feel like crawling into a cave and pulling across the rock.

Anonymous said...

What worries me is the AIDS that is being spread!! Let me tell you anything with dark skin from Africa has HIV/AIDS.
I hope these young girls are being tested and treated.
South Africa.

Kilbarry1 said...

Following one of Zngr's links further I also found the following

"Thousands of young Swedes sell sex: study Published: 14 Sep 09

Around 20,000 young Swedes have sold sex, primarily over the internet, a new study shows.

The report by the Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs (Ungdomsstyrelsen) also finds that more boys than girls have been paid for having sex with others, results which echo a similar study carried out in 2004.

According to the study, 43 percent of young people between the ages of 16- and 25-years-old believe that getting paid for sex is acceptable, as long as the parties involved are in agreement, Sveriges Radio (SR) reports."

The problem is not just immigrants AND a stupid and dishonest attitude towards immigration by the authorities. As Zngr also points out there is something very wrong with Swedish women (and men's) attitude to sexual relationships. That's a problem that won't go away even if every African immigrant is expelled from the country.

Zngr said...

@ Kilbarry1

"there is something very wrong with Swedish women (and men's) attitude to sexual relationships. That's a problem that won't go away even if every African immigrant is expelled from the country."

Right. Either the country is becoming more degenerate or then that AND something else. I believe a combination of circumstance contributes to this mysterious social development.

However, if the attitude that rape is simply sex that happens when all parties involved are not really into it, but otherwise not much of an issue, sexual predators who do not even understand nor care for the the concept of "egalitarianism" will have a field day. Hence, one can make the realistic assumption, that persons inclined to such actions would seek for themselves an area of operation where they can indulge in their preferred mode of sexual conduct as they know they will not face any serious repercussions, if any at all.

Years ago, I heard tales of Italian men (and Swedish immigrants) participating in "sex-cruises" in the tax-free cruisers that travel between Helsinki, Tallinn and Stockholm to have promiscuous sex with Scandic women, or more often mere girls, who are indoctrinated to the thought open and random sexual liaison with whomever is just fine after you grow your first pubic hair and become drunk.

To my revulsion I repeatedly have encountered this phenomenon. The activity on the ferries often remind me of stories of degraded Roman orgies of drunkenness, random sex and all too often violence, as frail egos flare and young men come to blows over trivial disagreements.

Not surprisingly a new social phenomenon has come about: the rape ferries. There has been an explosion of reported rape in these cruisers. Why, we must ask, has this come about?

The leftist intellectuals and sociological "experts", again, point their fingers at either movements of solar bodies, false report, warm weather or liberal consumption of alcohol by youth (but the liberals themselves advocate such behaviour as setting any limits to youth supposedly retards their self-esteem?!) while any person with common sense can observe consumption of alcohol during the ferry rides has not increased an iota: youths and adults alike have drunk oceans of booze since times immemorial during these short "vacations".

So something else is afoot.

But it is unwise to contemplate who or where most of the rapists originate from, lest you wish to be called a racist and a nationalist fascist monster. Hence the police, in Stockholm particularly, explain they are unable to find any logical reason or possible pattern for these incidents (while they must know they are not being truthful), and the MSM has mostly stopped writing about this horrid development.

(Fascist and racist labels that, fortunately, more and more people appear to simply laugh off as left-wing liberal reactionary accusations and hold in contempt or ignore - however we need millions and millions of more people who PUBLICLY refuse to succumb to silence in face of the words "PREJUDICE!" or "RACISM!" - something I do in my daily affairs though not always on the web... at least not yet.)

S_Rexed said...

Yes zngr. As a Swede I'm fully aware of what you say based on easily verifiable evidence. Equally true, nothing - nothing - appears here about it on the MSM.

Digging our own graves.

Robert said...

Disgusting but not new. A Swedish girl had sex with her Swedish boyfriend on the hood of a car while a crowd of students watched in Gamla Stan, Stockholm, in 1966.

There was a time of heroes from Sweden and Finland, that time is past.
Finnish volunteers
Saga - "Krigarens själ" (The Warrior's Soul)

Californian said...

It's only fitting. Sweden, after all, actively supported the ANC against White ruled South Africa. Now the Swedes are gaining all the benefits of Africa.

Anonymous said...

Being Swedish, I must unfortunately agree on what has been discussed here. I have tried to describe the current, very serious, situation in Sweden on my English blog:

As regards the lack of (sexual) moral among young people, this is a result of the long-term dismantling of the Swedish school, where the standards always are adapted to the underachievers. There isn't sufficient money to keep the level of attainment. In Malmö, for ex, the teachers have now demanded police or watchman guard in order to dare to teach. Now, Malmö is not representative of all Sweden, but anyway. Malmö is by the way the most "Arabized" city in all Europe. The immigrant youths run amok there.

As regards Swedish girls loose-living sexual morals, this has been claimed to be their "right" by the dominating leftists. No discussion about the number of 30 000 abortions. No discussion about the mental health. No discussions about resposibility.

SAVANT said...

Good for you Cavatus - keep up the good fight!

Zngr said...

Cavatus - nice blog. Thanks. Finns, many of whom do not read Swedish very fluently, are desperate to find Swedish blogs and alternative news sources about the goings on of our neighbouring brother country.

Not least because your humanitarian immigrants are leaking here over the border, but also so as to point out what immigration has brought about only scant kilometers away from us.

Presenting people news from Sweden is generally an eye-opener though they first can't believe, then recoil in disgust. It also crushes the vapid assumption that "it's all far, far away and nothing like that could ever happen in Finland" when you can show it's happening a few hour bus or ferry ride away.

Alas, as we know the Swedish MSM keeps a lid on most of the horror and the Finnish MSM is almost as silent, probably in an attempt to prove that there's really nothing noteworthy going on at all and that Sweden is proof that multiculturalism is enriching, vibrant, profitable and works...

New news, no information, no problem!

Keep up the fight, we're right behind you.

Anonymous said...

Just back from Helsinki after interval of about 4 years. Amazed at the growth in the number of 'cultural enrichers'. Can't you guys see what's going on next door?

I forgot, you can't.

Zngr said...

Sure we can. Well, some people can.

We're currently in the midst of the "anti-racist week" here in Finland and every media outlet is serial-publishing, like from a machine gun, editorials centered around the following things:

#1 A week ago 60% of Finns answered "no" to immigration to Finland in a gallup conducted by the main voice carrier of multiculturalism and relativism, HS. Of course the question was positioned in a limited manner, instead of asking WHAT KIND OF IMMIGRANTS Finns want it simply asked a) do you want any b) do you not want any. 60% answered "no", but of course they just answered "no" to humanitarian immigrants, muslims and somalis, you know what I mean. Anyway the papers are in an uproar and now relentlessly insult their readers as racist and use every possible turn of words to humiliate and denigrate native Finns. Good tactics, guys. That'll change how people think...

2# THE DISCOURSE ABOUT IMMIGRATION HAS BEEN WRESTED FROM THE HANDS OF THE MULTICULTURALISTS TO THOSE WHO ARE CRITICAL OF THE CURRENT IMMIGRATION POLICIES. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE. Yes, the anti-multiculti groups in Finland are now so numerous some medias claim they "dominate" the public discussion and various researchers, journalists and politicians demand that they be answered in kind, proven wrong and told to shut up. Unfortunately this is difficult, as you simply cannot "speak away" the problems of 21st century mass immigration (unless you control all news and lie incessantly) and the multiculturalists are at loss at what to do. Insulting Finns has worked in the past, but I have a feeling it'll just backfire.

#3 THE INTERNET. Yes, the problem with controlling information flows and public opinions takes us to the internet. When all the major media outlets and politicians have muttered about enrichment and how we need immigrants for one reason or other, hordes of bloggers and politically active citizens have taken the fight to the one media outlet govt. subsidies or socialist publishers can't control: the internet. Because most of those who are surprised about this event are ignorant of the workings of IT there is an undercurrent in the anti-racism week -campaign that more or less demands that "internet be shut down". Some idiots have started racist hategroups on facebook and other social networking sites, even sent THREATENING EMAILS (at least according to rumour...) to various politicians and "specialists" on the side of the multicultural, population replacement industry. This is now used as an excuse for censoring the INTERNET lest people read actual news about actual real events and thereby end up voting "wrong" i.e. voting immigration critical canditates and groups. A workgroup report ordered by the ministry of justice recently suggested that merely LINKING to a site that contains "racist" material (what is "racist" being wholly depended on what the public prosecutor thinks suits him any given day) should be punished with up to four (4) years in prison. Of course those are just suggestions and would create a shitstorm if steps were taken to implement such mind-control legislature but you never know what they might try next.

I tell you, all in all times are certainly interesting.

Piet said...

zngr - I'm getting mixed signals. Are you saying that ordinary Finns are starting to see the light and make themselves heard, or is it that the MSM and asylum industry are just saying it?

I agree that the international - it's not just Finalnd - attempts to sanction use of the Internet is a grave worry.

Zngr said...

Now the most politically active internet forum in Finland is Homma-forum which spins mostly around immigration issues in Finland and other countries. In a relentless information campaign the immigration critics have tried to diligently research all the matters pertaining to late 20st and early 21st century immigration in EU and constantly push new statistics, costs and news everywhere they can. What the MSM refused to do, citizen journalists and amateur researchers are now doing for them - and sometimes the MSM is forced to follow their example to avoid losing face or looking incompetent. Thanks to this regular people with an internet connection are now only a click away from reading about the real problems we're facing. I was one of the persons advocating a forum like that and would not have believed, upon asked to join as one of the first moderators and members, that it would in less than 1.5 years get a strong brand, recognition in MSM and among politicians and become a featured item in the news and public political discussions!

Something like this was exactly what the socialists, cultural relativist and the MSM outlets living out of their subsidies didn't want, but at least in Finland the smearing campaigns have after initial success somewhat faltered. The extreme right-wing label, often used wrongly and the relentless smearing and hate is also why in Sweden is where it is and this far completely shutting down critics or parties like SD has succeeded (although the silence is breaking even there). But in Finland traditional parties now allow "immigration critical" thinking. The only direction of action that might still be effective is drafting and implementing new "hate" laws which would make talking about immigration altogether a crime and/or closing down the internet. But ordinary Finns have a better grasp of IT than our politicians, public officials and the media - if they can't really effectively sensor the internet in China you can bet they can't pull it off here either.

Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done and miles to go.

Zngr said...

Piet - I'm saying ordinary Finns are starting to see the light and make themselves heard. Not least because the past five years or so a growing number of regular people have spent so much time speaking out where they can, internet forums, blogs, to their friends and relatives, battering their head against the MSM.

To the utter horror of the population replacement establishment we've had "one cause" canditates running for office in the 2007 parliamentary elections (mostly Dr. Jussi Halla-aho back then), the municipal elections of 2008 (several) and the Euro parliament elections of 2009 were a major win for the only party with national overtones and to vote against the new, open immigration law implemented by minister Astrid Thors, the True Finns. Last I heard their support was hovering at 15% and was growing.

Dr. Halla-aho, the best and most profilic writer on the theme, was first ignored, then vilified on a shit flinging campaign which attempted to portray him as a gun toting, homosexual shooting, rape list drafting maniac who was called a "problematic race doctor" in public news to parallel him with Mengele (he wasn't anyone of that of course but I'm not making this up! All of which earned him the lovable nicknames like "the Master", "the Great Weasel", and "Doctor Hate" from his often amused readers - names, which of course, the humourless MSM in tradition of all tyrannies failed to observe as humour and portrayd as being used in all seriousness), then finally after two police investigations prosecuted and convicted for blasphemy (for writing that if Islam condones Mo's sexual liaison with a 9 year old, in modern terms that would make anyone emulating Mo a paedophile) but he didn't go away and is now running for office in the 2011 elections while already serving in the Helsinki city council.

What we are attempting in Finland is to speak so much, so openly and so honestly about immigration, both the good and the bad, that it becomes an accepted field of politics like any other, that can be discussed without the extra emotional baggage it carries among the socialists and the left, that is, like any other field of politics. We know that commonly immigration has been discussed with only one voice: that it is enriching, vibrant, necessary, inevitable and wonderful. And anyone who said otherwise was a racist or a nazi. This is why many large parties that are less left-leaning have simply ignored the issue, because the stigma of opposing ANY kind of immigration in ANY manner has been so heavy to carry.

Thanks to brave and at first very lonely people putting themselves on the line of fire, immigration politics have recently become much more mainstream because individuals like Halla-aho, philosopher Jukka Hankamäki and Dr. Vihavainen have taken the hits necessary to let other people bring up these issues without the fear of being singled out as public enemy number one.

And when immigration politics and issues become mainstream, and enough people publicly talk about it, they all can't be written away as marginal extremists or ignorant racists. And ever so slowly the fear of racism and "extreme right-wing" labels lose their power.

Zngr said...

Take heart, friends. I'm hoping to show you ordinary taxpayers can take on the challenge, have an effect and do something meaningful even in the face of the tyranny of political correctness. Truth will, at some point, always prevail. It's up to the ordinary EU-citizens to stand up for themselves, not with extremism but with honesty and without fear of politically correct stigma. If a police state where we lose our right to think is the only way to stop us then so be it - we'll see how far the political leadership is willing to go. Because we won't shut up or go away.

And finally, I'm convinced far more political leaders than we are aware of actually do not, in their hearts, love or believe in multiculturalism or mass immigration. They are careerists, and often have felt speaking out would spell an inglorious end to their term and political future. But when you shake off the stigma and political correctness starts losing it's power...

After all, in Finland, no matter what the left wingers say, it's not about race, or isolating and building a wall around our country, or hurting people. Ordinary, common citizens are simply afraid and this time for a good reason because we have already SEEN from other countries what is in store on that path. Afraid of the intolerance, lawlesness and conflict that spreads from Islamic countries, afraid of increasing racism, of losing our right to free speech and critical thinking to appease multiculturalism, and staggered by the cost mass immigration from developing countries would impose on us, knowing that you could move endless millions of people to live here on the taxpayers expense and still make absolutely no difference globally.

SAVANT said...

Thanks zngr. That's a great update - and a reassuring one, I must say. As they say, watch this space!

C++ said...

Some very good info here zngr. I'm beiginning to feel a bit more hopeful. Just hope it's not too late. Probably is for Sweden tho'

Anonymous said...

Relax. Unlike the US and Canada, Sweden has an embryonic nazi party and a small cultural nationalist party (heavily infiltrated by jews though). The people in the latter will eventually be radicalized and join the former. The counterrecoil is slowly gaining force. You guys have nothing because you have no national and racial identity. You are irish-german-welsh-dutch, your ancestors werent here yesterday and you will be gone tomorrow. Swedish people are swedish-swedish-swedish-swedish. In euro nations people tend to have ancestry that goes back a millenia, back until there are no records. They will not move over easily because they are bonded to the land.

Anonymous said...

Who do you mean by 'you guys'? Americans?

Anonymous said...

There is something very very wrong with white people psychologically, and I don't think it can all be blamed on Jews or immigrants.

Zngr said...

What happens in Sweden when a 23 year old man named Ahmad beats up a 71 year old man in a parking lot without provocation, and then hits the 78 year old wife of the victim in the head so hard that she DIES?

Why, Ahmad's family prays in the Mosque, and the harsh Swedish justices system makes an example of Ahmad that will not be soon forgotten:

22 months in jail (of which he will sit less than a year) and fines totaling a little over 6000€.

Life is cheap in Sweden. The "funny" thing is that the elderly pair are exactly of the generation that built Sweden into a welfare state and have made it possible for hundreds of thousands of immigrants from poorer, less developed countries to move there, and have probably believed in social democracy and immigration.

This is how they receive their thanks.

Cry for Sweden.

Zngr said...

Hey guys! A Sweden update for your viewing pleasure/displeasure. The type of crazy posted earlier in this blog entry has been going on unabated, but it's actually getting worse and even MORE insane.

What happens when an Iranian man gains asylum in Sweden due to being a homosexual, that is according to himself - a persecuted minority in Iran?

He proceeds to furiously rape a 14 year old Swedish GIRL. For some reason the Swedish justice system operated in an ALMOST rational manner, sentencing the man to nearly four years in prison after which he would promptly be flown back to Iran to pursue his chosen career path of sexual predator back home.

As his deportation day closes in enter RFSL, the Swedish rainbow organization for sexual minorities (The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights to be exact) who flex their not inconsiderable political muscle in favour of NOT DEPORTING the man on the basis his life would be threatened in Iran.

Why? Well because he told he is gay to gain asylum. And we all know asylum seekers cannot lie, it would be completely outlandish to claim a man from Iran merely claims to be homosexual because he - well, wants to live in Sweden and gain all the benefits that entails for the rest of his life.

So despite the man is a convicted rapist if female children the RFSL is convinced he is, in fact, a homosexual. That RFSL is not in slight worried about the fact this "homosexual" promptly raped a girl and so now furiously defend his rights to remain in Sweden to further molest Swedish women.

There are so many things WRONG about this I just... I... It's...


Zngr said...

In fact the previous story reminds me of an Egyptian man who gained asylum in Norway in the same basis - being a homosexual who might suffer some sort of discomfort or persecution in Egypt.

After gaining asylum he moved in with a 17 year old girl and made her pregnant. After that he took a job as a taxi driver, and as apparently Egyptian homosexuals tend to do, impregnated two more women outside of the relationship (one has to wonder what kind of women really have sex with these guys, if he got two pregnant - who knows how many other casual relationships he might've had).

On the side of his job as a taxi driver, he serial raped eight (8) women, one of who was traumatized to such extent she committed suicide after the brutal rape.

The Egyptian man was awarded citizenship after the Norwegian immigration officials in their wisdom decided deportation was out of the question because the man was, after all, a homosexual.

The state tried to revoke his citizenship but the process failed as according to his lawyer "there was no sufficient justification" so any deportation attempts in the future will be now be eternally impossible.

The man still lives happily in Norway and will continue to do so - to the immense suffering of how many other Norwegian women we cannot guess.

Well, maybe this homosexual who must be protected and treasures by the Norwegian state is a at least a stand up father for his three Norwegian-Egyptian kids.

I mean who are we to judge?

Anonymous said...

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