Friday, 3 April 2009

On psychosis

Conor Lenihan, Minister For Pretending There’s No Immigration Problem yesterday launched a report (Minorities, Crime, and Justice) from one of the myriad of Immigration Industry quangos.

The report shows that 29% of those currently in custody are non-Irish (needless to say, it's our fault - but you know that). Conor doesn’t mention this statistic, but does go briefly, if inadvertently, off message when he quotes a range of other statistics which include the fact that 12% of the population is non-Irish, as are 20% of the unemployed.

So if you put it all together, non-Irish are twice as likely to be unemployed and three times as likely to be locked up. Remarkably, Lenihen then deduces that ‘immigration can be a great source of societal stability, strength and benefit, not a source of instability’.

This spectacular deduction brings me to psychosis, the subject of this post. Encarta’s definition is “a psychiatric disorder…. that is marked by delusions, hallucinations, incoherence, and distorted perceptions of reality”.

Maybe I’m being unfair to Conor and all the other multi-culti psychotics. But it seems a good match, doesn’t it?


Anonymous said...

A whole new meaning to the term 'more Irish than the Irish themselves'

Anonymous said...

Check this out, Savant:

Hussein the Grinning Slave-Boy bows to the King.

SAVANT said...

Sad to see. That Saudi king is the scum of the earth

kerdasi amaq said...

ha ha, you spotted Conor Lenihan's April Fools Day joke, though in the typical gormless Fianna Fail style, it was delivered one day late.

The People of this country had better hope it was a joke, or they don't have a future on what was once their island!

Anonymous said...

Is this any suprise from Shabbos goy Lehinan when he gets his first hand information from his appointee qango Ronit Lentin(an Israeli citizen -- yes kike).