Tuesday, 3 March 2009

More bad news

As if we didn't have enough to depress us, we now learn that the helicopter carrying Minister for Fun Martin Cullen had to make an emergency landing in Killarney after its door fell off in mid flight. (The chopper, sans door, is seen below). Today's Independent tells us that "several onlookers reported that the minister appeared quite shaken when he disembarked. "

Now, just to be clear, when I refer to the depressing news I mean that Cullen survived, and didn't fall out at 500 feet and land on his thick head. In a government of totally useless wasters he stands out for his monumental incompetence. The worst of the worst, as I made very clear when I interviewed him (read the interview here) some time back.

Seems like one thing after another these days.


Anonymous said...

Cullen is so useless its almost comical. But the joke is on us in the end.

Anonymous said...

i watched him in the dail yesterday ! his shit was still crossways !

little cunt !!!