Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Portland: The Stepford city

On the face of it, Portland has everything. As Steve Sailer says, it’s America’s most European of cities (well, maybe Steve, for the moment anyway). He means this as a compliment, in that it’s got loads of pedestrian areas, trams, bike lanes, cobbled streets, is environmentally friendly, has lots of clean high-tech enterprises, and among the lowest crime rates in the country. “Literate and small-scale urban, there’s a pleasant surprise around every corner!." It’s also very wealthy and even has a gay mayor.

It seems to be a liberal progressive tolerant society, a major success, and a great place to live. But appearances are deceptive. Portland has a dark and terrible secret. Like in Stepford, of Wives fame, the structure of society is fundamentally flawed.

In what way? Well, I have to be careful how I say this. Is anyone watching, listening? Are the Thought Police on the line, ears twitching, waiting to pounce on an offensive word? I’ll tell you anyway. Are you ready for this? Well, it seems that Portland’s population is, er, almost totally white! There’s no ‘diversity’!

This shocking revelation appeared in The Oregonian under the byline of one Betsy Hammond. She adduces as proof the picture above, and breathlessly informs us that “the Portland metro area is startlingly white viewed against the national landscape -- even whiter than Salt Lake City”.
Consider that statement for a moment. It’s ‘startling’ that an American metro area is largely white. Listen: Everything that America has become and achieved is because of its white people. It is, or was, synonymous with being white. But no more. And Europe is headed the same way.

But I digress.

Betsy then articulates the full scope of the horror: “In today's America, people of color [don't ya love that expression?] make up more than 40 percent of a typical metro area's population. But in metro Portland there are just four Latino city councilors, one African-born council member and a lone African American state senator.”
And then the clincher: “Portland's lack of diversity means it is less cosmopolitan, less dynamic and at risk of being less competitive than other metro areas”. Less dynamic and competitive because of a lack of blacks and Latinos??? Stop laughing at the back please!
She quotes ‘Angel’, a ‘person of colour’ who “calls Portland "the friendliest place I have ever lived." But she chafes at often being the only black face in the room”.
Leave aside that she’s complaining even though “it’s the friendliest place I have ever lived.” Can you just imagine if a whitey went to Detroit or Washington DC and professed himself chafing at being the only white face in the room? All the PC alarms would go off, the Thought Police would swing into action, and poor whitely would metaphorically swing from the nearest lamp post before you could say two-faced hypocritical bastards. But then, only whites can be racist.

I keep forgetting that.

Betsy compares Portland unfavourably to Salt Lake City. “Salt Lake, which was as white as Portland in 2000, drew 53,000 additional Latino residents and 11,000 more Asians. Key to the growth was outreach by the county mayor, who made diversity a top goal and regularly attends minority cultural events, says Rebecca Sanchez, the county's Diversity Affairs Coordinator."[Diversity Affairs Coordinator!!]

By contrast, in that same period, metro Portland added more white people than all minorities combined.” Shocking.

However, help is at hand!

The Mayor, paused briefly while administering fellatio to a young male companion to reassure Betsy that “white leaders must make sure they respond to challenges faced by people of color”. And these efforts are bearing fruit already!

"In most of the metro area the leading edge of diversity is most visible. Latinos, the fastest-growing group, now represent nearly one of every five Oregon students. Metrowide, white students have fallen to two-thirds of the enrollment. Among 10 year-olds born in Oregon, one in seven had parents of different races or one parent who was Latino and one who was not.”

Well isn't that just great? Soon Portland will progress to being like, er, let me see. What cities in America are most diverse? Well, in fact the article helpfully provides a chart which shows exactly that. Check it out and you’ll see that among the most diverse urban areas are in Detroit, Ft. Lauderdale, DC and Chicago.

Now what the article doesn’t identify, purely for reasons of space, I speculate, are those tables (readily available on the Web) which rank cities on the basis of crime, poverty and welfare dependency. Surprise!! These all have a very high correlation with those of diversity. So the more diverse, the more crime, poverty and welfare dependency. Big surprise.

So, given the demographic trends in the city, it’s looking good for Portland. Within a generation it should be lovely and diverse.

Just like Detroit.
Betsy should love that.
If she manages to stay alive.


Tasha said...

really - well I am going right now to photo graph ms-13 graffiti ,

you should read my blog. every day I post stories about crime that the oregonian wont print

Openyoureyes&getwise said...

What is it with these cretinous Liberals. What's up is down, what's in is out, what's normal is abnormal! I think there's some disorder that afflicts them, that has yet to be clinically proven. Are they possibly the same sort of people who used to cry 'Witch' or 'Heretic' in centuries past? Do they share DNA with sheep?

Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

It looks like that Betsy Hammond is a real charmer.


Anonymous said...

maybe the new great depression will force ordinary people to address this scandal.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope the bitch gets mugged by the 1st diversity resident she meets!

SAVANT said...

Thanks to Mild Colonial Boy for this link.

What a bitch that Hammond is, and is the polar opposite of the liberal and tolerant she'd claim to be.

If you dont access this link, basically she tried to get a guy who commented on her article FIRED by writing to his employer.

What a nasty piece of work.

Anonymous said...

Read the link. Love where he says why dont you move to Atlanta were you'll find all the diversity you crave for. And get mugged, like me.

Viking said...

I actually had to stop reading this halfway and rest my brain, which backflipped with confusion. This is not liberalism of any kind - it is social engineering on a level Stalin would be proud of!
Oregon?? that's as far from Mexico as you can get!
great article, thanks

Viking said...

Oh, on a slightly different note, I've just read the links here and am reminded of an incident that took place in Utah (I think), maybe last year, where two white born-again Christians were murdered for two dollars by two black men, who travelled some distance to commit the robbery. When asked why, one answered, "cos that's where the white people live". I just want to ask any US readers if this story got much press and if it was considered a 'hate crime' ?

Anonymous said...

I feel so helpless about all of this stuff. Our worlds are being destroyed in front of our eyes and there's nothing we can do.


SAVANT said...

Thanks for that comment of Stalinism Viking. I've made this point frequently. These people are not liberals (liberals dont try to get you fired for having a contrary opinion) they're, as you say, Stalinist social engineers.

Rohan Swee said...

Viking: Oregon?? that's as far from Mexico as you can get!

Alas, yes. Portland proper is as described (too expensive to be "vibrant"), but towns in the greater Portland area, and in Oregon and Washington State, are occupied territory. I can't remember it verbatim, but a Mexican immigrant in Hanson's Mexifornia is quoted as joking (hahaha) (paraphrase), "When we've ruined California, we'll move on to Oregon, and when we finish trashing Oregon, we'll move on to Washington. When we've trashed Washington, then we'll head to Canada."

Right on schedule, I think.

Ben said...

See this nasty anti-white person tried to get someone fired for emailing her about her disgracefully onesided article.


Email her and her editors to complain about this breach of journalistic ethics.


Fred A. Stickel, Publisher (503.221.8140)
Sandy Rowe, Editor srowe@news.oregonian.com
Peter Bhatia, Executive Editor pbhatia@news.oregonian.com
Therese Bottomly, Managing Editor theresebottomly@news.oregonian.com
Bob Caldwell, Editorial Page Editor bobcaldwell@news.oregonian.comhttp://biz.oregonian.com/newsRoster/

Giuseppe Verdi said...

Although in some ways I'm appalled by things like this, I can't help but feel a bit of glee at the idea that these people might get a bit of their own back. Portland is chock full of white radical leftist multiculturalists who seem to always choose to live among other white radical leftist multiculturalists. It's about time they get to experience what they have been foisting on others for decades now. I hope Betsy gets her heart's desire. Portland *deserves* to take in these people far more than most places in the US. Anyway, direct contact with reality is usually the only way to wake a leftist out of his/her naive utopian daydreams.

"These people are not liberals (liberals don't try to get you fired for having a contrary opinion) they're, as you say, Stalinist social engineers."

Isn't that the truth! That's one of the reasons I usually like to use the term "leftist" rather than "liberal" if I think of it. These people are usually the direct opposite of actually being liberal.

SAVANT said...

Yes G Verdi - I use any othyer word but liberal. It's totally and utterly contrary what a true liberal is.