Saturday, 21 February 2009

Judge talks tough, but....

Legal circles were in shock last week as a judge failed to be intimidated by threats of racism. Hearing an appeal from cultural enricher Miriam Adesosu on the severity of a three month prison sentence handed down by a lower court (appeals paid for by the Irish taxpayer, needless to say) Judge Raymond Groarke said he wasn't going to be 'intimidated ' by claims of racism and the fact that the criminal had two children.

Only two? What does she think the Irish welfare services are for?

This wonderful lady was caught stealing a €500 dress from a shop in Galway. When confronted she gave up meekly like all black criminals 'screamed ' at the police woman 'you're only doing this because I'm black'.

(Well done Miriam, you're learning. The Victim Industry is clearly doing its job with you.)

She then knocked the police woman to the ground, but her escape was foiled when an off-duty cop happened by and restrained her. Meanwhile her companion ran off with the dress, which was never recovered.

According to the prosecutor, she had evaded the charge for almost four years by constantly moving address. We can take it that the various addresses were provided for her courtesy of the taxpayer, as described in this post.

However, despite the judge's tough words I'm not convinced. He gave the woman three weeks to arrange care for her children and then 'she could bring a bag with her' when she comes up for sentencing. I'm not convinced. With Irish judges, sentence severity has an inverse correlation with tough words. I'd say she'll be given a warning and let loose to continue her exploits.

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Zngr said...

Hey Savant, did they really try to sell you people every and all types of immigration with that "cultural enrichment" bs?

I mean, really? I thought it was mostly us, but then again, they must have copied it from someplace...

You possibly know the method, first "humanitarian" immigrants and refugees who never receive asylum, often because there is no particular need since asylum seekers who reach EU soil are usually very wealthy in their countries and there might or might not be a war, are given some sort of permits that allow them to stay without real refugee status. They also move into the circle of social welfare benefits of some sort and will cash in their benefits basically forever from that point on, end of story. No work, no taxes, just a money sink. Because it is...


Sound familiar?

SAVANT said...

No zngr, it's well and truly embedded here as well. Just hope that the coming economic catastrophe about to hit us will make the sheeple rise up against all this shite

kerdasi amaq said...

The biggest problem for the people of the West, is that they keep electing 'oikophobes' into office.

Prime Irish example: Conor Lenihan.

Anonymous said...

You have to reverse terminology these days in order to find out the truth, e.g.

"Diversity is our strength!" (Diversity is our weakness, and continues to weaken us.)

"Developing nations' cultures are enriching!"(Third worlders are impoverishing us: there's a reason why Africa is such a Jim Henson production.)

Johan Potgieter