Monday, 20 October 2008

No sex please - we're British

The more perceptive readers of this blog will have spotted that I'm not exactly a fan of the Religion Of Peace. Nor have I any particular objection to al fresco sex. Which is just as well, given that no nocturnal stroll in Ireland would be complete without hearing rustling in the undergrowth and accompanying squeals of delight.

None of this means I have the slightest sympathy for those egregious fools, Michelle Palmer (from Rutland – is that Freudian, or what?) and Vince (“Vince Charming”) Acors, caught having sex on the beach in Dubai some months ago. Foreigners residents in the West should adhere to our norms, and Westerners in foreign countries should adhere to their norms.

Trouble is, of course, too many foreigners in the West want, and are encouraged by us fools, to retain their quaint ‘cultural’ practices. You know, things like honour killings and genital mutilation.

No such soft-cockery in the Middle East.

This brings me to the interesting cultural situation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These places give pause for thought as to how Islam and ‘The West’ could co-exist. There you can see burka-clad females (presumably they are females) rubbing shoulders, literally, with scantily clad European women in the street. And, unlike in the West, these women are in almost zero danger of getting raped by Muslim gangs.

Why? Well, the main factor is that immediate and terrible punishment awaits any such offender. At a minimum a lengthy jail term followed by immediate repatriation, flogging or even capital punishment for extremely serious offences. (And for the very worst offences of all, victims are subjected to Mariah Carey caterwauling non-stop for days on end).

The rulers of these emirates have made a Faustian Pact. With unlimited money and a tiny local population, the need foreigners to do the essential work. Technology and professional skills from the West, prostitutes from Russia, admin and clerical from India, and slave labourers from Pakistan and Bangladesh.

But the system works, in so far as it goes. People of all creeds, colours, ethnicity all peaceably mingle and interact. (Mind you, it’s noticeable that outside of the immediate work context, they all revert to their own at the first opportunity). Again, crime is very rare. You’re not going to be mugged or burgled.

Does this mean multiculturalism can work after all?

Well, yes, up to a point. It can work where there are:

* Ferocious penalties for transgressions

* No social welfare – work or starve, or get sent back to Pakistan.

* Minimal legal recourse for non-natives, especially the poorer ones

* Little or no democracy or democratic accountability - where natives are in the minority

* Heavy censorship and media control.

* No pesky human rights legislation

Not a runner for the West, that's for sure. But pause for thought nonetheless. I've never been of the hang-and-flog ‘em persuasion, but it certainly seems that the thought of punishment that is almost certain, and definitely severe, seems to be highly persuasive.


Anonymous said...

@savant - check this out - - you feature, hehehe!! You have been declared a member of the WPN - the P translates into C..!! And he whinges about rants, too!!

SAVANT said...

It's a flattering photo doodler, I think I look well.

Interesting site - who's the 'mastermind'?

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Not for publication
No idea...

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt attach too much significance to this. They still feel the same way about us. They just couldnt build the country without us, and if they tried to do it under a Saudi style system very few would come. Doesnt change my mind about Islam in the west.


SAVANT said...

doodler - is it run by whites saffers?

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Interesting post that.