Thursday, 7 August 2008

A scandalous story

This post from Declan Lynch in reponse to my post 'Nigerians love Ireland - and why not?'

Over to you Declan:

My parents were both born and got married in Ireland. I was born in Ireland and have an Irish passport. I lived Canada for 5 years as a result of my dads job and came back to Ireland about 1.5 years ago. I applied to several universities in Ireland and got accepted.Now to pay EU fees you have to meet three requirements.

Basically they are:1. Irish/EU Citizen OR REFUGEE STATUS2. Lived in Ireland 3 out of last 5 years.Unfortunately I fail the 3 out of 5 year residence rule. So instead of €4000pa I have to pay €20 000 (UPFRONT!!!)pa. I can see the logic behind it - my parents weren't paying tax over to the Irish government so I shouldn't have a subsidized education. What makes me mad is that half [Half??? 2% more likley]these refugees don't pay tax and infact have a negative effect on the country's income because they collect welfare.

Plenty of them have lived in Ireland for the last 3 years but my residence in Ireland before that time is way more extensive. I don't believe the ones that work pay that much tax over anyway. However, they can gladly take a place at the university and pay EU rates. I'm not going to university this year.

Well done Mrs President they wouldn't have half these opportunities in their country of origin but you seem intend on handing over the whole of Ireland on a plate to make their lives comfortable!I'm a great student and would contribute to Ireland's economy probably on a much larger scale than they would. Where are the priorities with government expenditure?

Why do the Irish pay tax yet a large number of resources go to non-Irish? Who gave government consent to be so generous to other nationalities with Irish tax payers' money?Thats why Nigerians love Ireland so much, they get given everything their country couldn't give them BUT in the process some of the resources are taken away from people who have more of a claim to it.I'm not going to wait the three year rule out. Unfortunately, I didn't consider this problem and didn't apply to any non-Irish universities.

I will apply to start at a uni in Canada next year."

Truly scandalous. A few comments: He's dead right when he asks 'who gave the Government permission to squander our resources on non-Irish? Exactly. It happens because a self-appointed cabal of peecee thought police have rendered a whole range of topics as outside the bounds of discussion. Even a politician/party brave enough to raise it would be destroyed, not least by being denied the oxygen of publicity.

Net effect here, Ireland's loss is Canada's gain. Future generations will scratch their heads in wonder at how we made this happen.


Rhein said...

But Declan is an indigenous Irish is he not? Ireland is his homeland, it's completely senseless to treat him like an immigrant. Even if he left for 10 years he should not have been treated like a second class citizen upon his return.

Anonymous said...

What changes should be made?
Proposal: all Irish citizens (whether they've lived here or not) should be funded equally through University.
We want out able people to return. Don't we?

Thank you Declan and Savant for bringing this shambles up to view.

Anonymous said...

Yes Rhein, that is the case. An Irishman like Declan gets refused, while some so-called refugee (who must have come here via some third country) can sit back and get it all for free!

Anonymous said...

Declan should write to the Minister of Education and ask for discretionary powers to be used to waive the international fee in this case. (Embarrass them!.)
His TD (or the TD of his relatives) should ask in the Dail: How many Irish citizens have been deterred by being charged the international rate? ( Which is supposed to be a charge on foreign Governments, not Irish citizens.)

SAVANT said...

True - and a supplementary: How many 'refugees' have received free education?

Declan Lynch said...

"But Declan is an indigenous Irish is he not?"
Yes! I can show them not only my birth certificate, but my parents, their parents and I even have some of my great grand parents birth certificates - all Irish.

The time spent in Canada was as a result of my dads job. It was never my family's intention to stay in Canada permanently. We still have our home, furniture, cars here and come back HOME regularly. I wanted to start up here - not in a foreign country. It was (before this happened) my intention to permanently live in Ireland from now on.

I tried to find a way around it. I applied to Dept of Social Affairs for habitual residence status. They denied me based on a strict interpretation of legislation but when I appealed the commissioner was allowed to use his discretion to grant me habitual residency - which he did. So I thought I had overcome the 3/5 year rule. I phoned the Dept of Education to check and they told me it does not apply to that rule. I phoned the universities and not one of them knew of any way around it.

Whats worse is I received all the acceptance letters and tuition fees in August. How could I ever find €20 000 to be paid upfront before the start in September?

It's also insulting when all my communication, applications etc. with the universities has to go through their "International Office" while refugees and other EU member students will deal with the regular local office. It's a country that forgets its citizens after as little as three years!

Anonymous said...

Declan should get a lawyer (we are all going to have to do a lot more of this) and start an action against the Dept of Education, before term begins.(That will focus minds).
Art 41.3 of the Charter of Fundamental rights (of EU) will do;'every person has the right to have the Community [sic] make good any damage caused by it's institutions or by it's accordance with the general principles common to the laws of the Member States'.
Your home and property is still here! You've spent money on our public services and utilities; you've brought into the economy Canadian foreign exchange!
You're going to get the sympathy of the Courts!
Please don't let them away with this. Let's have the Irish Citizen respected in this Irish state.