Tuesday, 15 July 2008

West's death-watch

Observing the West slowly strangling itself with insane human rights legislation (and the army of high-priced lawyers that parasite off it) is like watching someone go slowly mad, or a form of death watch.

Take the way the UK courts have treated Abu Qatada, reputed to be Osama bin Laden’s ‘man in England’ and the writer of a recent book which recommends, inter alia, that Muslims have a duty to ‘terrorise non-believers’. No surprise then that he’s wanted for terrorism in his home country of Jordan.

What's he doing in the UK then? The answer is, very nicely, more of which in a minute.. This twenty-stone monster arrived in Britain 14 years ago on a forged passport, and was granted asylum the following year by immigration officials. Good work lads, well done.

The Brits finally got around to trying to deport him back to Jordan, but the courts intervened because he ‘might’ face torture there. To me that’d be an added bonus to the deportation, but not to the mad judges. They decide that a country with which the UK has full diplomatic relations is unsafe for terrorists and hate-mongers.

So this valuable immigrant will tarry a while. It’ll be expensive for the British taxpayers, whom he’s so anxious to ‘terrorise’.

Here’s a costing from the Daily Mail: which shows that since Qatada claimed asylum in 1993, he and his family have already cost the taxpayer well over £1million and the bill will now rise dramatically.

- Legal aid for his initial battle to remain came to about £20,000.

- Between 1993 and 2002, he and his expanding family are said to have received £1,000 a month in state handouts. Total £108,000.

- Since he was locked up six years ago, his wife and five children have continued to receive an estimated £800 a month. Total £60,000.

- The cost of keeping him behind bars for the last six years is estimated at £300,000, while his marathon legal quest to avoid extradition to Jordan is thought to have cost another £500,000 since

- Out of prison, he will have to observe a 22-hour curfew, wear a tag, and live in a MI5 safe house. At great expense to the taxpayer, he will also be under round-the-clock surveillance by police and the security services. Total cost of all this is estimated at between £300,000 and £500,000 per year.

Despite his bad back, the lower photo shows him lugging a load of taxpayer-funded shopping without and sign of duress.

I wonder, if we still have a Western Civilisation in a hindered years, will they look back in total bafflement at we’re now doing to ourselves?

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FredBarbarossa said...

Will this madness ever end... Read this.

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