Sunday, 27 July 2008

Single motherhood as a lifestyle choice

The good old days in Ireland were sheer hell for any unfortunate woman who had a child outside wedlock. Catholic clergy took time off from buggering choir boys to ensure that she was pilloried, and driven abroad or into slave labour (cf. the Magdalen Laundries). If she did have the child here it was taken from her and sold into adoption – Catholic of course. Many women literally lost their minds with the resultant grief.

That such a nightmare world is well gone should be a consolation to all civilized people.

But….. as with so much else that started as a good idea, the remedy to this problem has careered off onto the other extreme. There is an abundance of empirical evidence, and we know this instinctively anyway, that children do best in the context of the conventional family. A single parent, in general, does not, indeed cannot, do as good a job as a father and mother. (And here I do not refer to two gays!).

Now the situation in Ireland, and much of the West, is such that a high proportion of girls, especially those from lower socio-economic background, make a career choice to have a child or children while remaining single. The attractions are significant, not least that you are guaranteed accommodation and a reasonably comfortable income without ever working until the 'child' is 22. This reality is openly acknowledged by numerous single mothers.

The results of course are disastrous for society at large. Out of control, fatherless children now represent a significant and growing ratio of the youth population. The situation is similar to the black populations in, for example, Britain and the US, where 60% single parenthood has contributed to the virtual breakdown of normal society, with associated orders of magnitude increases in crime, welfare dependency, school failure, drug addiction etc.

According to today’s Sindo, Mother Mary Hanafin is planning to ‘do something about it’. But what? For once I must profess I don't have an answer. If you make it harder on the girls, will they still do it and life just becomes more difficult and miserable for them and their childen? I don't know. What I do know, if you’ll pardon the pun, is that we’ve thrown out the baby with the bathwater, and landed society with a serious problem as a result.


rob said...

If Hanafin "does something about it", you can be sure someone will take her to the European Court for violation of human rights and force her to reverse the decision.

SAVANT said...

THis is so true Rob. In my view the ECHR is the peecee trojan horse thats been slipped in while we were all asleep. No matter how much something isopposed by the population at large, their views can always be overridden by this body. Everyone is powerless before it.