Monday, 23 June 2008

Islam flexes its muscles in 'Europe's Capital'

Brigitte Grouwels, is a local politician in Brussels. These are some extracts from an interview she gave on Dutch TV.

"In a number of neighborhoods in Brussels there are fewer and fewer women on the street. Muslim girls are troubled if they don't wear a headscarf. Ethnic Belgian women are jeered at and called whores if they dare show a piece of naked belly. "An atmosphere of intolerance prevails. Ethnic Belgian women tell me that they wear a scarf because then they aren't bothered any more."

Q: Have you yourself been troubled?

A: Yes, and my daughter repeatedly, just as her friends. Those are young women dressed according to fashion, with small blouses and even a bit of naked belly. Immigrant girls are accosted if they don't wear a headscarf, but also simply because they walk in the street, or if they dare laugh with each other.

Take the Zuidlaan across from the South Station. In the past it was a completely mixed neighborhood, where many Belgians had a store. Now it's a neighborhood where immigrant shops dominate, which are controlled by a specific type of men. They look from the cafes at everybody who passes by and intimidate women. An atmosphere of intolerance prevails. Women can't dress like they would want. Well, we are fed up of being called a whore on the street and jeered at because we are not dressed according to the notions of certain men.

Q: Who do those men say?

A: Remarks like you don't belong here [note: these are Moroccans and Turks saying this to native Belgians], how do you walk dressed, you're a whore. It is a form of verbal abuse that is very disturbing. There are women who tell me if we put a cloth on our head, we're not accosted any more. Well, that is a step too far.

Q: So it's the Belgians who must adapt to the immigrants?

A: So it is yes. Women must be able to walk about safely night and day. We haven't fought 50 years for our liberation in order to be set back in time now. We don't want that in any neighborhood in Brussels.

Q: Who are those men?
A: It's particularly Moroccan youth, who think they have a right to impose their standards on girls. It also happen by the Turks, particularly in their community, but it's just as unacceptable. They must also have the right to decide how they want to dress. If we want to show our naked bellies, those men have nothing to do with it.

Well, I've got news for you Brigitte. These men have a lot to do with it and, as their numbers grow, their influence will grow correspondingly. The only solution is to confront them at every turn. Make them realise that we simply won't tolerate their intolerance. But I forgot - that'd be Islamaphobia, wouldn't it?


skot german said...

Women will tolerate whatever the majority of men decide to impose on them. Modern feminism was only able to flourish in the West because it has been aided and abetted by Western men. If fact, Western men seem particular pliant in yielding to feminist "outrage".

Middle Eastern men don't seem so pliant. It is probably because they are closer genetically to gorillas, who have harems. Increasing percentages of Middle Eastern men does not bode well for women's rights.

Anonymous said...

I realise that it is wrong to say so, but really and truly, I just love seeing reverse racism against native (white) Europeans in their own countries.
They believed it was the right thing to support the terrorist movements in Southern Africa. Now they have a wee inkling of how we in SA live after 1994.
And it is only going to get worse as the Europeans allow more and more of these people in.
Wish I had a crystal ball to see what Europe will look like in two generations' time.

Spider said...

Make them realise that we simply won't tolerate their intolerance. But I forgot - that'd be Islamaphobia, wouldn't it?

No it wouldn't be islamaphobia, it would be standing up for your rights, and if women don't do it, and report every single utterance of abuse then it will go on. They need to make waves, call the cops until they ;are over run with complaints, maybe then they'll do something about it. Report it to your MP/member of the Dail, make them listen.

Otherwise evil flourishes while good 'men' do nothing.

Stand up to and report and stop such abuse.

Anonymous said...

Skotgerman = a prick. middle east men close to gorrillas. I'm Syrian and I can tell you we had a civilization when you guys were living in caves.

SAVANT said...

Doodler, I dont think you'd like that crystal ball, unless you're a complete sadist!

Spider has it dead right. We got to do like he says. Keep the pressure up on police, politicians etc. until WE become a bigger nuisance than the Islamists.

Rhein said...

Given that most women endorse and defend multiculturalism and mass immigration as if their very lives depends on it, i say tough luck.

You reap what you sow. And if they think it's bad now, they haven't seen nothing yet. It's going to get much worst as the years go by. Imagine in 10 years...

You wanted them ladies, you got them. Enjoy. ^^

skot german said...


Why yes, I am a prick.

Now about you; are you living in Syria, enjoying your "civilization", or in the West, enjoying ours???

SAVANT said...

Great answer scotgerman. you can be 100% that our Syrian friend wont engage in a dialogue. I've seen that time and again on this and other blogs. I suppose if you were trying to defend their position you wouldnt be too keen on a dialogue either!