Friday, 16 May 2008

Manchester police dogs relax

After a gruelling night combatting Rangers terrorists, Manchester's police canine unit takes a well-earned rest.


Rhein said...

Lol, the one with the yellow shirt cracks me up everytime i look at it.

Anonymous said...

The white fellow is the funniest to me.

Anonymous said...

"As far as El Hadji is concerned what happens on the pitch stays on the pitch ... "

Not quite admitting that it did not happen whereas when a certain captain of one of the teams really did call Victor Ikepa a "f**g n**r" it did not happen despite being picked up by affects microphones but then it did happen but "Idsa allrighta hesa Nigeriana amici"

SAVANT said...

anon 6.02. I dont know the full story here. Have you any further details?

Anonymous said...

In December 1999, Amoruso issued a public apology after directing racist comments at Borussia Dortmund's Nigerian striker Victor Ikpeba.[5] Earlier that day Amoruso's denied the allegations and threatened legal action[6] in an interview to Corriere dello Sport (an Italian daily sports paper),[7][8] The denials were described as "vehement" by the Daily Mail.[6] He was later forced into a change of position, described as embarrassing by the Daily Mail and The Times,[7][9] when TV footage contradicted his story. Subsequently the BBC featured reports that Rangers supporters' racism had increased, in support of Amoruso.

SAVANT said...

"Rangers supporters' racism had increased"

Is that possible? (LoL)

SAVANT said...

PS - any idea of the sweet nothings that Ally and Neil shared?

Anonymous said...

Poor Coisty was the innocent party as he had a problem with something that had happened at half time two games previously.

Anonymous said...

If one were to write the black man has no place in football people would wet their knickers but when Neil Lennon is said to look like a terrorist ...(silence look a tumbleweed tumbles by)

Anonymous said...

Busquets in line for Man United

I guess Jose was right after all about these and Uefa.

Why don't this surprise me. Awful decision. Any other team and he would have been banned.

Two posts from the sun's site.

I do not recall any British team being banned for such behaviour do you?

Anonymous said...

If you follow follow page 459 on Sky Sports their comments page you will have come across a writer saying it was all Manchester Police's fault that a few people caused trouble.

Re Brian Twadell (10/6). As a police officer in Greater Manchester I can assure you it was not "a few drunken idiots". Thousands of Rangers hooligans ran amok all day at 'that'final and trashed our city, with one of my colleagues almost killed. We won't sweep it under the carpet even if you choose to.
Craig, Manchester

Brian Waffle thousands of people ran amok in widescale public disorder, resulting in mindless and indiscriminate vandalism, looting, thefts, and not to mention 40 police assaulted.
David, Thurso.

If any Rangers fans have being insulted by being called Huns in the past may I, on behalf of normal society, apologise and say that we will do the utmost to recognize you as the Vandals that you are.

J Bull said...

Well said. The Huns give animals a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Someone else mentioned it was the big tv screen going off at 7:oopm fault.
2:00PM monkey kind was doing what monkey kind does best.

Anonymous said...

For 30 years it has been used to test the fitness of officers who police riots and other outbreaks of serious public disorder.

The so-called 'shield run' involves officers covering a distance of 500 metres in less than two minutes, 45 seconds while wearing full riot gear and carrying a shield.

But when Inspector Diane Bamber, 51, failed to meet the time limit, she claimed she had been left humiliated.

She brought a sex and age discrimination case against her force, Greater Manchester Police, and now stands to win up to £30,000 after an employment tribunal ruled in her favour.

So next time the Huns go to Manchester they can come up against an unprepared police force?

One woman sued the Metropolitan police because she was asked to demonstrate that she could lift up a motor bike which all poilce motor bike riders have to do. She failed and she sued on the basis that none of the men were asked to display that they could do something that they could naturally do. She would be very useful when called upon to do her job.

A firefighter sued Sussex fire brigade for sex discrimination because at 5' 1' she was too short to reach the equipment. Won £30 000. She would be very useful when called upon to do her job.

Larson said...

yeah, and I suppose that bastard Hugh Dallas would see if he wasn't able to game the system to the Hun's advantage.

Anonymous said...

Went looking for the blog where a "neutral" Partick Thistle supporter was giving out about the press using a photograph of someone who had done time in jail for manslaughter being photographed with his leg in the jaws of a police dog pointing out that he was not trouble making because he was on the ground in a defensive position.

I think people naturally adopt defensive positions when they have a leg held by a police dog don't you?

Not that I have had a leg ever held so but then again I do not go around attacking police officers.

Anonymous said...

Every single ridiculous mistake that you can think of taking place in the Chapions' League was made by this guy who presided over the SFA having only 6 of 31 Grade 'A" officials pass a written exam and who goes on BBC Scotland and calls an assistant referee a liar.

I cannot think why Brother Hugh was sacked. Can you?

Hector said...

Are there such people as Partick Thistle supporters? Never heard of 'em. Where could I see one?

Anonymous said...

Though he somehow forgot to be annoyed when a Partick Thistle player was sent off for receiving a second yellow card when they were unaware that he even had received a first!

Big scandal at the time and he missed it. Lucky there is a lack of standards in Scottish football reporting!

I guess he had another "theme" on his mind.

Anonymous said...

What's Linlithgo got to do with this thread?

Anonymous said...

Someone asked about an example of a Partick Thistle supporter and one was given.
And he is a sports reporter!
And he forgot to mention that his team were treated shoddily by a referee!
And I do not recall his comments on the 2008 UEFA. Why?
Your search - "manchester riots"+robert philip - did not return any documents.

Now why would a neutral Partick Thistle supporter with a newspaper column not write on Rangers supporters causing trouble when it was plain to see by everyone.

Neutral Lesbian White Man hater Selena Roberts wrote about the LAX rape case when they was no evidence of such an event occuring so you would think that a competent neutral Partick Thistle sports columnist would mention the shame that a set of fans brought to his city.

(Or else come out with the crap that it was people from Sighthill, Edinburgh and West Ham fans wearing Rangers colours. And Millwall fans. And Chelsea fans. Which there was no evidence of. Selena Roberts would have done so and she went on to better things than being a NYT communist!)

celtic-abu said...

Amazing. The only Thistle supporter is a sports reporter?

Anonymous said...

Amazing. The only Thistle supporter is a sports reporter who does not know anything about the club?

Fixed that for you!

Anonymous said...

Lothian and Borders as well as the Strathclyde polis suck.
Walter Smith never criticises referees and in the first incident it is up to the referee to get rid of the grey haired interloper who was shouting and wagging his fingers at the officials.

Scotland's shame.

larsson said...

This is a great link, but no surprise at all. You can see it all through the season, every season. Rangers get enough benefit of the 'honest mistakes' to be worth at least six points per season. Usually enough to see Celtic off. And Hugh Dallas presiding over it all.

Anonymous said...

@ Larsson

Play that again. At the very end Dallas calls Steve Creaney a liar, and this guy wass the (j)ehad of referees, and he himself says that Steve Creaney was the subject of death threats which the media ran with.

No such threats were made!

Cannot think why such a thing was done.

Anonymous said...

Originally Posted by excelt
Irish people are not prepared to work in the catering sector or do menial jobs.Employers,for the large part,in the catering sector prefer freign nationals.They possess attributes which are uncommon in the typical Irish worker:-
5/Work ethic.

These are just a few of the things that we need to try and incorporate into our workforce.

excelt is a former Celtic fan who was never at one of the games ever because he did not know where the ground was or know the names of anyone who played for the team.

On the Internet nobody might not know that you are a dog but they sure know that this intellectual does not have a waggy tail and not because it was docked.

Anonymous said...

You're no right to call Sone Aluko a diver. That is Kyle Lafferty you are thinkin gof!

Kyle Lafferty is a winker?

U Boat Lafferty

See they do not look alike at all.

Silly SFA.

Anonymous said...

Former rangers player not suspected of anything in Manchester.

SAVANT said...

Good. McGeogh will be ok after a period of decomtamination!

Anonymous said...

Bet he wasn't wearing a blueshirt when filming!

Anonymous said...

My Paul is not a communist. He may be a liar, a pig, an idiot, a communist, but he is not a competent tax advisor.

SAVANT said...

Well, at least Paul was able to score. Not like the current strike force.

Anonymous said...

asgardsbounty 0 likes

When he bought his singaporean team in 2008, Mr Ng told the press that he wasn't a football man and that he didn't understand the offside rule.

Not easy to square that statement with his declared allegiance to rangers since 1972.

Read more:

Maybe follow follows them because he is just interested in the troublemaking?

SAVANT said...

It's hard to see what his interest is, really. Without Champoions League they're going to make no money, and to get to that standard will require massive investment. Doesn't make sense to me......

Anonymous said...

THE Blue Knights last night launched a dramatic eleventh-hour bid to save Rangers from liquidation.

BILL NG aimed a bitter parting shot at the Ibrox administrators as he pulled out of the race

Crunch talks between former director Paul Murray and administrators Duff and Phelps will continue today amid fears that’s the doomsday scenario if US tycoon Bill Miller is given preferred bidder status on Monday.

Bill Ng and his Singapore-based consortium are now out of the running.

Read more: Bill Ng pulls out

Goto youtube for an expaliantion of liquidation with the rangers fan saying We are the people every so often as to why the team that lost £30 000 000 three years in a row cannot go bust.

Anonymous said...

Q Why did rangers fans attack a Burger King?

A They thought it was Macdonalds.

Q Why did rangers fans attack Boots?

A Because they are dumb as Obama idiots.