Thursday, 15 May 2008

Can dhimmi Britain go any lower?

A story from Burnley in Lancashire, another of those towns with a large ‘Asian’ (PC-speak for Muslim) minority, shows how far the UK is down the path of dhimmitude. Check out the (in)action of the police to the attacks on the local Brits with their reaction when the Brits retaliated. If you follow the link you'll notice how the Asian defendant is referred to a 'Mr.' while the Brit is denied such an adornment.

We learn that a serving soldier from Brierfield who used a pool cue in a revenge attack has been fined £1,500 by Pennine magistrates. Alan David White, for it was he, admitted assaulting Ayaz Abdullah causing him actual bodily harm. You’ll say well done, Alan when you read on. He was also ordered to pay costs and compensation totalling £225 and a victim support payment of £15

Miss Julie Reddish (prosecuting) said Mr Abdullah had been with a group of friends in Brierfield when a car drove towards them, White got out and hit him over the head with a pool cue. The pair had been involved in a row 20 minutes previously in which White had been assaulted by Abdullah.

Mr Mark Irlam (defending) said White had been subject to a number of attacks which police had not taken action on. On this occasion, he had been returning home from a shop when he was approached by a group of Asian males and hit in the eye by Mr Abdullah. He suffered a black eye, was taken home by his father, the police were contacted and Mr White was told there was nothing that could be done unless they had the assailant's name and address!!!!!!!

White and his father went out to see if they could track down the men and came across them in Chapel Street. They again contacted the police but again got no action. Their car was then surrounded by the group. White's father was hit, White got a pool cue from the glove compartment (either a huge glove compartnment, or a very small cue), got out of the car and hit Abdullah to force him away from the car.

"It was clearly excessive. Had he punched him, he would have pleaded not gulity and said he was acting in self-defence. Because of the use of a weapon, he has entered a guilty plea. His father was nearly unconscious and sufferd a fractured jaw and broken nose," said Mr Irlam.

With a defense council like that, why have a prosecutor? "It was sheer frustration at the total lack of action in previous incidents. He offers his apologies to the court, the police and his victim for his actions." In a hearing last month, Abdullah admitted assault by beating and was ordered to attend an attendance centre for 24 hours.

Can you fucking believe all of this? Silly me, of course you can.


Rhein said...

Whites are going to start retaliating more and more, so the bloody leftists better start getting used to it.

And i would say that a punch hits harder than a pool cue, even if you get hit on the head. I'd rather be struck on the head with a cue than being on the receiving end of a clean punch to the face.

Anonymous said...

The British have finally grown a set of nads by forming the BNP. Maybe too little, too late. Will the Irish ever burgeon a pair?

For some time, Ol' Ireland is trying 'er best to out-do the Brits with squeezing anybody and everybody in besides the Irish diaspora.

Are the rulers afraid of being called racist or just typically genocidal sell-outs? Both?

Time is running out!

Skot German said...

Maybe Miss Julie Reddish can't get enough brownish phallus.