Monday, 24 March 2008

Untreatable TB arrives in UK from Somalia

The Telegraph tells us that doctors have diagnosed what is believed to be the first ever case in Britain of a virtually untreatable strain of tuberculosis.

A man, believed to be a Somali (aren’t the Somalis wonderful?) in his 30s, is in isolation at a hospital in Scotland and being treated with a range of antibiotics to control the disease. But he has been diagnosed with the XDR-TB strain, which kills half of those infected and is extremely resistant to drugs used to fight more common forms of the infection.

It is understood the patient, thought to be an asylum seeker, was screened for infectious diseases on his arrival into Britain last year. He was admitted to Gartnavel General Hospital in Glasgow with the disease in January and tests have now revealed he is suffering from the XDR-TB strain.

(Note: The Immigration Industry is very much against such screening. It’s ‘humiliating’ or something like that. Much better to leave disease carriers in unexamined, to share their germs with the locals in a dignified way. And don’t forget that, as an earlier report in Ireland intriguingly put it, “more than half of HIV-positive patients are Irish”. Don’t you just love that? Seems like locals are the real offenders.)

Health officials are now trying to contact his close friends and family to prevent any further outbreaks.

Don't tell me that they’re in the UK as well?


Anonymous said...

we have a massive problem with XDR in SA.
A bunch of patients escaped from a special hospital and it took the authorities a lenghty period to locate most of them.
To hear these guys are now in your neck of the woods is frightening. Remember TB is spread very easily and XDR means that practically no drugs exist to treat the diease - akin to AIDS. You get it, you will probably die.
But, then again, EU governments will insist on letting these people through...sooner or later they will learn - when the sheeple wake up.

rob said...

According to the latest figures I read, only 40 per cent of AIDS patients in Ireland are Irish. Forty-two per cent of them are from Sub-Saharan Africa.

SAVANT said...

Thats true Rob, and is nothing short of a scandal. I was emphasising how the MSM completely reversed the presentation to focus on the locals. And as your figures indicate, probably a lot of said 'locals' are 'New Irish' Africans

kerdasi amaq said...

Do they count Africans with Freestate passports as Irish?