Thursday, 6 March 2008

Sweden, Denmark, the colour of crime

In an earlier post I asked why Denmark has responded so much more effectively than Sweden to unsuitable immigration. A commentator suggested that the media in Sweden just don't report such things. Again, I asked why.

There is now another comment to this post (presumably from Sweden) who offers the following explanation:

"Discussed earlier by a Swede over on council of ex-muslims website - apparently a conference was called by some Minister in Sweden with the various media outlets there c.20 years ago that for 5 years no-one would report "a black guy robbed/murdered etc." - in order to avoid the indigenous population "resenting" the newcomers and to "help" the newcomers to settle in.

After the 5 years were up, the journalists simply kept to the these rules."

Every crime victim there should sue that Minister personally.

And talking about black crime, I see the delectable Pierre Willaims has been found guilty of bludgeoning his girl-friend and her children to death in Manchester. Add on a 'perverse sexual assault' as well. The brutality was such that seasoned detectives retched at the sight.

This charmer (parents immigrated from the West Indies) has a history of sexual violence, his trial heard. Prosecutors added the sexual assault was similar to the acts he committed against a former girlfriend. Williams's ex told how on one occasion, he strangled her until she passed out before tying her up and raping her.

Which leads one to ask, what the hell was he doing walking the streets then? And watching it on the news brought to mind Steve Sailer’s axiom, ‘the only place you see blacks in the news is on the crime page’.
Remember, in the UK, a black is 110 times, that’s one hundred and ten times, more likely to kill a white as a white is to kill a black. And we still have thousands of them flooding into our country every year.


Anonymous said...

Here's the post:

For many years Scandinavians have wondered what kept the Swedish press from reporting the Muslim atrocities that take place every day and that threaten to tear the country apart.

Now the truth is out: The conspiracy that hid the effects of multi culture from public view: The "Lilla Saltsjöbadavtalet" 1985 as reported by SwedenWatch

On march 21'st 1987 a remarkable conference was held at the Saltsjöbaden (the salt water spa) resort near Stockholm. A set of rules were adopted by the Swedish Journalists Club at their meeting there, rules applies to all journalists working for Swedish media. These rules are commonly referred to as the "Lilla Saltsjöbadavtalet" (The little salt sea spa agreement).

The agreement was supposed to be kept a secret, but as has happened with most of the state manipulated reporting on the multi cultural project, the truth has come out.

The agreed rules were as follows:

As an independent journalist, you must observe the following recommendations:

Report positively, if necessary rename, fellow Swedes of foreign origin. In particular, this must be observed when reporting on activities related to youth, sports and art.
When reporting from events involving different cultures, interview and put visual focus on people of foreign descent.
For a period of five years, you must systematically and consistently refrain from reporting on negative aspects like crime that can identify any religious or racial affiliation of the involved or can have a negative effect upon a population as a whole. (The language is really as clumsy as that)

The five year period has been extended several times and the agreement, with cosmetic and linguistics refinements are in effect up to this day.

When asked, the journalists admit that the meeting took place, but they are reluctant to discuss what were actually said during the conference.

SAVANT said...

Thanks you, my friend. I am now making a separate posti on this.

Anonymous said...

Did you see also that when sentence was pronounced he 'behaved like a wild animal'. SO what's new?

Anonymous said...

Look at you...What a bag of scum !

SAVANT said...

Fuck you too. arsehole.

Rhein said...

The BNP website had a few posts about this today.

So denouncing crimes make you a scum now???

Oh right i forgot, the victim was White and the perpetrator wasn't so that means hush-hush...

Anonymous said...

Hey Savant - you racist, you!!! Hehehehe!!! LOL!