Thursday, 14 February 2008

Turkey: The mask slips

We’re constantly told, the Turks, even the current Islamic government, are ‘moderate’ Muslims. We’re told by our masters that if we don’t let them join the EU they’ll – wait for it – turn elsewhere! They won't accept our billions in aid or won't send their emigrants to join us.

What a terrible thought. After all, what could be better than 70 million poverty-stricken Muslims flooding across the Continent? Or money that we could have wasted on our own schools being more usefully deployed building madrassas in Turkey?

The Turkish government has played a blinder so far in pulling the wool over our eyes. Until now. They let the mask slip in Germany this week. In classical taqiyya style, Prime Minister Erdogan provided smooth integrationist blather to his kuffir hosts, but a very different message to the country’s 2 million Turkish community.

The message – don’t assimilate. “Assimilation is a crime against humanity” no less, was his message. In this of course he’s being 100% consistent with the plan to Islamicise Europe (this is not paranoia, check this).

Have the kuffirs gotten the message? Well, Green Party MP Memet Kilic (obviously Turkish) warned that Erdogan’s slogans were ‘a wake-up call’. Well done, Memet!

But no – by this he didn’t mean negotiations should be broken off with Turkey and Turks in Germany forced back to the kind of Islamic paradise they’re obviously looking for.

No, apparently ‘when you ostracise migrants you leave them no choice but to identify with another state’.

Exactly what the PM suggested they do.

Fine. Identify with it and then bugger off back to it, I say.

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