Friday, 29 February 2008

Living under apartheid (2)

Very interesting comment from Hal on my previous post. He quotesw the following from my post:

"Perhaps you’d look for alternatives, some way of humanizing the system. But basically you’d look away. You’d hold your nose and pray that the system holds up, and that you can continue to lead your privileged life."

He goes on: "I disagree. I think the most effective method would be to teach them race guilt. Have special remembrance days for black on white slaughter. Create TV documentaries that describe the many times the Africans killed whites. Teach their babies before they are old enough to resist. Show mini-series on TV that dramatise the suffering of whites at the hands of blacks.

Build museums in your national capital that memorialize white slaughter at the hands of black even if all that slaughter happened in a different county. Make sure several units of race guilt for white slaughter is added to all the school curricula for all minority schools. Remember, it is race guilt you are trying to create, and therefore any black slaughter anywhere in the world can be used to intimidate your blacks. They must be taught that they suffer from some strange disease that compels them out of the blue to attack and kill whites for no good reason.

Give it a special name: call it antiwhiteism. Blame your own blacks out loud for not defending white people when they were slaughtered by blacks on the other side of the world. Blame blacks for not taking in white refugees from those countries.And don't forget your own people. Build black on white racial slaughter into the very liturgy of your church: have a Massacre Day every year in which you make special prayers for the whites slaughtered by blacks and preach "Never Again!" to your children. And don't forget black-on-white slaughters that are hundreds of years old, either.

All of them can be remembered in a religious litany that will guarantee the solidarity of white people.Hell, these techniques have worked extremely effectively for some folks. They have worked so well that most European countries and the USA are so guilt-ridden they let immigrants pour in unchecked. Rather than complain about these tactics, a minoritized white people should recognise their incredible psychological power and use them on the evil majority.

As the Overseas Chinese, the African Lebanese, African Hindus and Jews know, you cannot "just look away" when you are a market dominant minority.You have to manage the majority and create in them a powerful sense of eternal majority guilt and a deep conviction that they and their children are all slaughtering psychopaths under the skin."

Sure is interesting, isn't it? And there may be a lot of insight there. Can't say that it's textbook race relations, but maybe we do need something like this. Sure as hell, it's gone totally the other way now.


Anonymous said...

Very, very clever...Imagine the howls of outrage.
And yet in SA we have the Black Lawyers Association, the Black Management Forum, the Black Editors Forum, etc; where whites are specifically excluded from. Zuma addressed a number of only Black journos recently from which Whites were barred. A lot of hot air, but did this make the BBC or CNN, unlike the four students who pretended to piss in stew? Or the old lady in her late seventies who had her fingers cut off one by one with pruning shears and her old husband later dying to his injuries? Nope. Well why not? Because the perps were black, silly, and black on white violence is acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Hal! Where do we sign up?

Skot German said...

"Rather than complain about these tactics, a minoritized white people should recognize their incredible psychological power and use them on the evil majority."

I assume a non-white majority is meant here.

What makes anyone think that all races are alike in their susceptibility to guilt? What works on whites may not and probably will not work on Middle Easterners, Orientals and Blacks.

However, I believe the approach has merit as a way to convince a White majority that they need to stay a White majority. The hard part is getting the powers that be signed up.

Anonymous said...

I can't see it ever happening. There are no outlets for this kind of thnking. PC/dhimmi rules the waves and by the time any meaningful response is taken it'll be too late.

e.g. I think its too late for south Africa now.