Monday, 7 January 2008

Is this a racist hate site?

In weaker moments I sometimes check what the blogosphere is saying about your Savant. One thing that comes up again and again (and also in post comments) is the claim that this is a ‘ racist hate site’. I note that this wisdom comes mainly from student bloggers. They take a quick look, then fold their semen-stained hands and move on. End of story, all further discussion is foreclosed. Debate the issues? Are you mad?

The more industrious ones will cite my views that large numbers of blacks are bad for this country, that they have lower IQs, and that Africa itself is swamp of corruption and incompetence. Guilty as charged your honour. But does that mean I hate blacks?

Well, taking on this ‘logic’, I also acknowledge that as an ethnic group Jews have on average higher IQ levels than other whites, and that large numbers of Jewish immigrants would be very good for the country. Does that make this a ‘love’ site? What nonsense.

Unlike almost all of these pubescents, I have a lot of direct experience of Africa. And interestingly enough, I have found that many intelligent blacks are often quite open to debating the issue. Again, in my dealings with blacks, here or abroad, I'm exactly the same as I would be with any other group.

Finally, given that I operate under a pseudonym (for very obvious reasons), if I did hate these people there’s no penalty for my admitting it. But I DO NOT HATE THEM. I just think – make that know – that having large numbers of them coming in here is bad for the country. Very bad.


Anonymous said...

It's the only 'argument' these people have. Hence no arguemnt or discussion

michigander said...

Admitting large numbers of unskilled people of a radically different culture than your own is an obvious mistake. When many of them belong to a culture (Islam) that specifically calls for world domination, it's a disaster. It's sad that people who have the courage to describe what is happening right in front of their faces are labeled "racists."

Fun fact: while the United States as whole is not taking in that many Muslim immigrants, my home state (Michigan) is inexplicably absorbing a large chunk of them. This is so even though we have the highest unemployment rate in the country, which is causing many Michiganders to move elsewhere in the country, and few people from other states to move in. (The gigantic Mexican immigrant wave is almost completely bypassing us.) But Middle Easterners (both Christian and Muslim, to be fair) keep moving to the Detroit area. Dearborn, just outside the city, is 40% Muslim now. Ain't that sweet!

SAVANT said...

It amazes me that Michigan attracts so many Islamic immigrants, given as you say, the unemployemnet rate. (Maybe you got good welfare - thats one reason they go to northern Europe?).

I flew over Detroit recently, 1st time in about 20 years and couldnt believe the deterioration - huge areas of it seem abandoned. About 30 years ago Dearborn, especially Grosse Point, was probably the leading cty in the US. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

It is a racist hate site - thats what a like about it!!!

SAVANT said...

For fuck sake!

Anonymous said...

u r just saying what is too un PC for us to say....a lot of irish have bought the immigration is great ... lets welcome the new irish bs..... we know how its f&&cked up britain...the english are fleeing their own country in droves because of mass immigration....this is one of the few places where the negative affects are being debated.....keep up the good work!!!

SAVANT said...

Thank you - that is my motivation and I intend to continue - unless the Thought Police get to me!

Attilathehun said...

So- My understanding is that you are a proponent of free speech. You dont "hate" anyone, but believe that "multiculturalism" is a bad thing (for your country), especially when the immigrants are low iq non whites, who do not integrate.

I happen to agree with you, but why am I an anti-semitic Nazi when I say the same thing about Jews? Does the purported higher IQ they have, absolve them from morality and excuse greed and venality (Is a sneaky scaly amoral lawyer/accountant more acceptable than a stupid murdering rapist). Oh - I know that's a generalization, as the Bell curve applies in all things.

By the way- I dont "hate" Jews - but I do find many of them obnoxious, crass and exceedingly boorish, "gay's" give me the creeps as well. I am afraid to confront these "feelings" lest I discover myself to be a homophobic, anti-semitic Nazi egomaniac with delusions of adequacy. Should I find a therapist oh beatific enlightened one?.

SAVANT said...
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SAVANT said...

Thanks for the frank comments Attilla. Re: jews, I wonder how much experience you have had of them? Frankly, I dont recognise the qualities you attribute to them.

The only negatives I have otwards Jews would be definitly grasping and want to squeeze the last cent out of every deal. But then again, once they've done that, they (the same person, I mean) can be extremely generous.

My main point is that Jews make a massive contribution to society. Blacks do the opposite.

I wouldnt recommned a therapist - would probably be Jewish!

Rhein said...

Nowadays Truth=Racist/Hater/Liar, etc...

Don't worry about what those leftists say and don't let them bring you down with their "PC" bull****.

Happy Irish said...

I am daily staggered with what I read in the British press. Now their leading "churchman" is making headlines re. the acceptance of Sharia law. If its not the remnants of their dwindling church its the PC police, open borders, crime-ridden towns & cities, lawless youth and welfare dependant subculture. Unfortunately, Ireland tends to follow suit. It's scary what you write about France, Holland and particularly Sweden. These PC idiots disregard all the evidence of the dismantling of their cultures in pursuit of their theoretical, multicultural and totally impossible nirvana. Since when does the discussion of racial and cultural differences make you a racist? There will be a right-wing backlash but it may come too late. The Muslim wave will wash us back to their 7th century hell holes.

Anonymous said...

Un-fucking believable! Then again, its all too believable as we gladly take on our dhimmi status

Anonymous said...

"I'm not racist...but" I'll be frank, truth and honorable, everything that the Left (that the merchant Jewish french provacetuers invented) is not. Its a spirit and a mentality that is seen and felt fully on a sublte plane. Yes they are greedy, beady and miser like and hateful creatures-- in fact they are exactly the same breed as the Roma gypsies except their desert "race" has always craved power over the Goyim (the Talmud of course has thought them over the centuries to have an inbuilt hatred of gentiles-just read it). We are not the Jew and Jew is not us although we have shown utmost respect it has destroyed Europe.

The Jews-where do we start?- are the absolute symbol of the counter-tradition that accounts for sexual grit, 60's movements, and all federalist post-ww2 propaganda and communism. Skarozy is one of em (the neo-con federalist NWO type). Sure the "Holocaust" (funny how the Christian holocuast of 20 million under Stalin/communism is never raised) is total nonsense--do the research, but hey it serves to weaken the moral of the Germans and whitey people and boost the income of the average Israeli murderer. Israel - their despotic genocidal invention and undeserving plot.

The Rothschilds main banking family of Europe, defeators of Napoleon, owners of the City of London etc Whom are the main propagators of a one world government and current 3rd world immigration levels to Europe. Hell China is their model state.

If you think think getting physco babble lectured to you from a fruedian perspective will help you win kudos from the chosen (or lord forbid set your head straight), then do it and be a reformed Goy.

Oh fuck it, go ahead then try and lick arse to the Jew and win their favor , you'll be sorrily disapointed however, my friend.

Anonymous said...

If there's one thing this site seems to hate, it's logic.

Anonymous said...

Attila and Anon 06:35 go to show Savant , no matter what u say to try to convince yourself otherwise, that this is a hate site...
I honestly have no clue how you get away with some of the inane and frankly, offensive at times, nonensence that is on here. Am sure you're not running through an Irish ISP but if you are then you def. should be closed down.

You say...
"And interestingly enough, I have found that many intelligent blacks are often quite open to debating the issue."..

what a load of hogwash...I have been to Africa many times and have not, and will never, meet anybody there who would debate race, IQ, immigration or hate-mongering on your mad terms...You're like the head lunatic in an don't realise that you're all mad as hatters and believe your own madness to be the most normal thing possible....even insightful!! lol

(your Kenyan friend)

Derek said...

Just a quick note to say I am a student and an avid reader of this blog and SA sucks.Yep your right about the average student but give em a few years and see their attitude change.That's all and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

SAVANT, you are right. I like blacks on an individual basis, but their society - anywhere - is a f*ck-up of the first water. And legions of whining, middle-class, ivory-tower lefties make it even worse - teaching them about "racism", "rights" and "reparations".

Yes, I am racist. So what? Show me the man who isn't! Better to be racist and safe, than politically correct and dead.

Johan Potgieter

Viking said...

you make a good point, Johan. A Saffer?
Many of my SA friends hold the same view, they would rather be cautious when they see a black (or coloured) man walking down their street because he may well be up to something. he may not - but in modern SA it could be the difference between life and death.
Would you have sex with an African? would one of the PC brigade?? Nobody plays russian roulette with aids - when it comes down to survival issues, we will look at the statistics then all right

Pseudothyrum said...

"large numbers of Jewish immigrants would be very good for the country."

Don't be dumb and silly.

Large numbers of Jews would be very good for Ireland if you want your economic/financial system completely controlled, dominated, and corrupted by them - with a tiny plutocratic Jewish elite hoarding all the cash they can get their hands on and leaving the indigenous population near destitute (see modern America as an example)....not to mention your mass media taken over by them and turned very biased and corrupted and transformed in to a sewer of shameless advertising, your national government infiltrated by these Jewish ethnic aliens and sullied by the wars and international unrest they provoke, your overall culture and traditional religious institutions mocked endlessly, your colleges and universities taken over by radical leftist Jews, etc etc.

In other words, yes let a lot of Jewish immigrants settle in Ireland if you want to destroy Ireland via the dispossession of the indigenous Irish.

Ireland couldn't hold that many Jews anyhow before you native Irish would be all up in arms about their presence...the population there is not large enough to hold very many Jews - every nation has a 'Jewish carrying-capacity' and given Ireland's very small population no more than 500,000 Jews could settle there (if even that many) before you native Irish citizens would be calling for their mass expulsion or rising in armed rebellion against them because of how badly they came in and dominated, subverted, and ultimately ruined your country by turning you indigenous Irish in to mere serfs in your own land.

Pseudothyrum said...

"I also acknowledge that as an ethnic group Jews have on average higher IQ levels than other whites"

Jews are not "White" as you and many others mistakenly define them; they are a Semitic group of Near Eastern nomads who are not at all native to the continent of White Europe - as such they are entirely incompatible with indigenous White Europeans in a cultural, social, economic, and political sense.

Also, science has proven that they are not genetically White either, as they cluster very differently from indigenous European Whites in a genetic sense; see:

Do not be deceived by mere appearances: just because some Ashkenazi Jews are not swarthy and have White skin like your typical Anglo-Saxon or Celt does not mean that they are White - look at the vast differences in culture, and most importantly examine the GENETIC SCIENCE as referenced in the above webpage.

Also, many physical features of even very 'White looking' Jews will often give them away as Jewish even if their skin is very White: Arabesque features, bushy eyebrows, thick lips, fuzzy/wooly hair, MUCH more hairy than most Whites [like Southern Italians or Greeks], shorter height than average, strange walk, offputting accent and very fast talking, strange glare in their eyes, and OF COURSE the tell-tale hooked Jewish nose...not to mention other physiological features and Jewish mannerisms which are NEVER fully eliminated from a Jewish person however 'White' and assimilated they claim to be.

SAVANT said...

Whew,Pseudothyrum!! Boy, I can see you dont like our Jewish brethren!

I'm sure we'll get some responses to this!

Anonymous said...

That you can dedicate so much of your time to this mindless mess suggests that you are a very sad individual.
To think that you can essentialise a whole continent, saying things like 'the blacks have a lower IQ' etc. is just ridiculous and brings your own IQ into question.
I am interested to know if you consider yourself (stereo)typically Irish, or do your prejudiced and half-baked ideas extend only to other nations/people (that, apparently, you know very little about.)
You also mentioned that 'they' come here for our benefits,- are there not overwhelming numbers of home-grown whiteys queuing up for the dole. Or perhaps you should walk around North Dublin sometime, because certainly, of all my experiences there, there has been no-one more intimidating than our own beloved Irish brethren.
And before you attempt to dismiss what I've written here as the mere ramblings of a student, - I'm pretty sure my hands are semen-free!
(-What are the chances of this actually appearing on your page!)

SAVANT said...

anon 2.37. You may not have semen on your hands but you slip into the same mistake as our youung friends. By this I mean you avoid any factual contamination and just recycle urban legends.

A 'mindless mess'? If only it were so. Please check out the various posts that give SPECIFIC RESEARCH-BASED EVEIDENCE which shows that races do indeed differe - on aggregate - in terms of IQ and other issues, and that this has massive social ramifications.

Dont know where you live, but when you eventually see close to you the massive problems that a black population brings to EVERY western nation, you'll change your mind.

problem is, it'll be too late by then. Maybe it's too late already.

IsraeliEejit said...

"Also, many physical features of even very 'White looking' Jews will often give them away as Jewish even if their skin is very White: Arabesque features, bushy eyebrows, thick lips, fuzzy/wooly hair, MUCH more hairy than most Whites [like Southern Italians or Greeks], shorter height than average, strange walk, offputting accent and very fast talking, strange glare in their eyes, and OF COURSE the tell-tale hooked Jewish nose..."

LOLLLLLLLL - just read this and it earned a big guffaw!
Savant I wish I could upload some photos of Jews and ask this idiot to "Spot the Jews."

Josh said...

"To think that you can essentialise a whole continent, saying things like 'the blacks have a lower IQ' etc. is just ridiculous and brings your own IQ into question."

Why? It is one of the most well documented findings in social sciences.

Rushton, J. P., & Jensen, A. R. (2005). Thirty years of research on race differences in cognitive ability. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 11, 235-294.

Quent said...

This is the thing that amazes me. Ireland is a small country with a small, but native population.

Why can't this small country preserve and maintain its ethnicity? Where is the sin in this? It is only European countries and people that aren't allowed to do this, I notice.

The only answer to this way of thinking is to become a foam-at-the-mouth racist. After all, 'racism' is a word invented by a jew to control the behavior of white people, so why are we terrified of it?

Anonymous said...

I have somehow never been able to make the distinction between "hate" and "indifference" to these sorts of screamers.

Somehow, if you do not actively support their ethnic self-interest to the detriment of your own, you "hate" or "are intolerant".

Anonymous said...

No. This is NOT a racist site. The world is being baraged by too much political correctness. It is used in the US and probably the world to squash free speech. It is working. Political Correctness is BS. People have lost their jobs, because of this. The smallest ifraction, such as saying black or negro instead of african american has gotten people in trouble. no pc and I don't mean personal computers.

Anonymous said...

I was lead to this site by a youtube user posting ridiculously racist comments on a youtube video. If you can't find anyone to debate you maybe you aren't looking hard enough, or maybe they are put off by your condescending tone.

Anonymous said...

No. I see no calls that the Texas cheerleader in the rape incident was asking for it nor for the Duke University Lacrosse team to be prosecuted because even if they did not commit a crime they were the wrong type of minority sport.