Monday, 26 November 2007

Happy little learners

The Washington Post goes all gooey and mushy over our (almost) all black primary school in Balbriggan.

BALBRIGGAN, Ireland -- Happy little learners filed out of school at midday, smiling in their furry jackets and clutching a parent's hand. It could have been anywhere in Ireland, except that almost every child had immigrant parents -- the vast majority of them black -- from places as distant as Angola, Congo and Nigeria.

Speaking as they do about 20 different languages, being of lower IQ, their little uniforms will need to be supplemented by matching stab-proof vests within a few years, before they graduate into being full-time criminals, as these other happy learners have done recently (see here and here).


Anonymous said...

of course you are right, Jack the Ripper, Hitler, Dr Harold Shipman, the Yorkshire Ripper and a host of others were of course blacks.

Anonymous said...

anyone can oick out unrepresentative examples, but gfact is, blacks are 7 times more likley to commit violent crime than are whites.

Anonymous said...

You are making up this one now. I thought it was 3 times more likely. Anyway, which country stats are using?. The US, UK, Ireland, Germany?

SAVANT said...

Take your pick. It's seven times higher in the US - get the Dept. of Justice website. Also on this blog, see