Friday, 23 November 2007

African immigrants and AIDS

There has been a sharp increase in the incidence of AIDS in the UK in recent years. The London Times did a report on this some time ago, showing that this was overwhelmingly down to AIDS-infected African immigrants obeying the biblical injunction to go forth and multiply in the new Promised Land. All the PC alarms went off together, and the journalist, Anthony Brown (!) was assailed on all sides for his ‘racism’.

Not all sides however. One Government medical advisor gave the journalist an off-the-record briefing to say that the figures were true but ‘Ministers won't listen because they think it’s racist.’

Gotta keep the people in the dark.

Now sit back, have a cup of coffee, and savor this analysis and recommendation from an AIDS task-force.

“As a migrant group, Africans make up a small proportion of the total UK population (0.4% in 1991) but constitute the second single group most affected by HIV in the UK after gay men. Africans are found in only a handful of major cities in the UK, with almost 80% of them living in Greater London. Most of the specialist and other centres of medical excellence, as well as culturally appropriate social care and support services for Africans, are concentrated in London. The `dispersal scheme' under the new Immigration and Asylum Act, however, ensures that large numbers of asylum seekers with HIV, most of them African, will be forced away from London to where appropriate treatment, care and support services do not exist.

The paper will aim at the abandonment of dispersal areas in search of appropriate care and support services and the negative impact this inevitably has on asylum applications. For those asylum seekers with HIV who remain in dispersal areas, the impact of the legislation includes isolation, poor access to quality care and support, and the likelihood of local crises resulting from social, financial and physical vulnerability.”

Now take this from the New Scientist, referring to proposed ‘secret’ testing of potential ‘AIDS immigrants’

'I am deeply suspicious that this is actually going to encourage refusal of admission for people who would otherwise qualify for free treatment.' Implicit in this instruction is the need for the port doctor to perform an HIV test on the passenger, even though there is no legal right to refuse entry on the basis of HIV infection. 'It seems as if we are getting a secret system of HIV testing.'

Think about it. The immigration industry and the PC fever swamp is outraged that the UK (and by extension Ireland) might restrict entry to Africans affected by a frightful contagious disease, and for whose treatment the taxpayer must pick up the tab. And for those who do get in, the authorities must reverse their dispersal plans as this would lead to “isolation, poor access to quality care and support”.

You couldn’t make it up.


Anonymous said...

are you suggesting they stop every African immigrant and give them a test?

Anonymous said...

I'm a nurse in Dublin and we're all terrified when we have to treat African men due to AIDS/HIV

Anonymous said...

Unbelieveable! They say that Africans make up a tiny % of the population but a hugh % of AIDS carriers. Instead of saying get them to hell out of here and let no more in, the whole approach is 'we must look after them better'

Followig these peoples logic we'd let in every HIV positive African in the world.

What a collection of tossers.

Anonymous said...

Yes we should test every African immigrant. If that happens to be a violation of their human rights then tough!!