Friday, 15 February 2019

I can still be horrified

I thought I'd become inured to being horrified. After all I'd seen terrifying close-up images of Diane Abbot, and what's been seen cannot be unseen. But I was indeed shaken by this lecture from Rabbi David Bar-Hayim. Even though it's long and repetitive it's worth listening to in full to understand the stunning level of malevolence, amorality, unscrupulousness, cruelty and paranoia that imbues everything he says. In case you're not up to it I'll give you a small sample of his teachings - which he delivered to a large and appreciative audience.

Gentiles are almost certain to have contravened at least one of the Noahide Laws. The punishment for this is death. Ergo most Gentiles should be killed, unless somehow acquitted by a rabbinical court. He explains and justifies the exhortation to 'kill the best of the Gentiles' in that this is best for the Jews. Where have we heard that before? If a pious Jew sees a Gentile drowning he should not rescue him, rather consult his Rabbi first. In other words let him drown. He likens a Gentile to a snake. When a snake comes to you you do not consult a zoology book to determine if it's dangerous. You smash its head and, maybe as an afterthought, see if it/he was in fact dangerous.

You must understand that this guy is not some mad-eyed manic street preacher type. He's articulate, cool and smiles a lot. His wiki says he's an “Israeli Orthodox rabbi who heads the Shilo Institute (Machon Shilo), a Jerusalem-based rabbinical court and institute of Jewish education dedicated to the Torah of Israel”. His rulings and positions are greatly respected. His rapt audience certainly thought so.

His psychopathic hate and contempt for us Gentiles infuses everything he says. He sees Jews as having no moral obligations to us at all, we're there to be robbed, exploited and, where possible, physically destroyed. Which is just as well that he or his ilk don't have their finger on the nuclear button. But they have the next best thing. For President Trump's closest adviser and son-in-law is from the same Jewish Orthodox School as Bar-Hayim. 

Isn't that reassuring?

Thursday, 14 February 2019



Sunday, 10 February 2019

Feelz always beat tough love

There's nothing easier than exposing libtard hypocrisies and contradictions. None more so than with global warming. Sorry, climate change. It's Virtue Signal Central. How they flaunt their sacrifices. 'Did you know that I wash my clothes in cold water and hang them out to dry?' All to a chorus of oohs and aahs from the luvvies. How warm and comforting it must be on the High Moral Ground. Can you imagine the explosion of outrage were you to point out that making Third World food aid contingent on mandatory sterilisation would dwarf their own feeble efforts? I'm prepared to bet that some of the really virtuous  would succumb to an attack of the vapours and literally swoon right at your feet.

But that's the way it is. Look at this chart. Print a bit small but in essence the small circles represent typical 'green' measures (going car-free, green energy, plant-based diet etc.) all of which fade into insignificance compared to having one child fewer. 

Now you might argue that libtards themselves have few children. And that would be correct. In fact advanced countries generally are failing to even maintain their existence population levels. Same can't be said for the Third World, and especially Africa, as the second chart underlines. Their population growth renders all the efforts of Western countries futile.
Now let me be clear that most of those supporting green initiatives in the West are sincere in their efforts. I'm a careful recycler myself. But the acid test is whether they'd bite the bullet and admit that African population control is the only environmental game in town. How many would? And how many would concede the logical conclusion, that feeding starving Africans actually makes the problem worse rather than better? For sure those making a fortune from alternative energy, the Al Gores of this world, would freak out at the very thought. Their business model would disappear at a stroke.

And here's another thought for the libtards who want almost unfettered Third World immigration to White lands. The carbon footprint of an African is but a tiny fraction of someone in an advanced country. What happens when, if the libtards have their way, tens if not hundreds of millions from the Third World become high-carbon footprint residents of Europe and the United States?  Yes, carbon emissions go through the roof.

But our current reigning orthodoxies demand that we be oblivious to the obvious. Liberalism today is a community of faith, hermetically sealed from knowledge that might wake it from its dream. Someone once said "When you lie to other people, it can work. When you lie to yourself, you pay." 

We're going to be paying a long, long time.

Post script: The (impossible to read) graph below exemplifies the lies and evasions we've come to expect from the GW racket. It shows anti-GW measures in ascending order of significance. Except one. You guessed it. The most important one, omitted entirely.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Britain's in safe hands

David Lammy, MP, could justifiably claim the title of Britain's Stupidest Person. His performance on BBC's Mastermind quiz, where on even his 'specialised
subject' (Bob Marley) other contestants answered more than he did, had viewers splitting their side with mirth. Recognising his humiliating performance the moderator took the unprecedented step of prompting an answer. In this case to the question of the first female Nobel Prize winner for physics.  'Marie.....' the host ventured, to which Lammy brightly responded 'Antionette'. Clever boy Dave. Exceeded only by a later reply in which he told the audience that Henry VIII was succeeded, somehow, by Henry VII. He's on record as complaining bitterly at the racism of Papal Elections in which black smoke is seen as bad, having never heard of the ancient electoral process. (I'm serious). If he has a rival for the coveted post of  Britain's Stupidest Person it must surely be Diane Abbot, MP, (the Hackney Hippo) who'd be out of her depth in a puddle and whose interviews have become the stuff of legend.

Well we might laugh at these imbeciles. But ultimately the laugh is on us, or more specifically the White people of Britain. Because Lammy and Abbot have been showered with opportunities unimaginable to the ordinary Brit. Lammy was given entry to Harvard Law School, Abbot to Cambridge. Despite their boundless ignorance and stupidity both have been shoehorned into position of immense importance to Britain. Lammy was, unbelievably, Minister for Higher Education at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. Even more unbelievably Abbot is likely to become Home Secretary, the second or third most important position in Government, were Labour to win the next General Election.

Britain's future is bright.

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Molech is pleased

Despite their Buddhist traditions the Chinese are a brutal and merciless race. Their spergish ant-like hive mind seems to lack a fundamental element of basic humanity. Take the case of the two-year-old girl who was run over by two vehicles in 2011 in Guangdong. As she lay bleeding on the road for more than seven minutes, at least 18 passers-by skirted around her body, ignoring her. She later died. Or an incident in Hangzhou when a Chinese woman attempted suicide by drowning herself in a lake. The locals settled down to watch the entertainment. After noticing that no one was attempting to rescue the woman, a Uruguayan visitor to China swam into the water and saved her. These incidents were not unrepresentative in that multiple 'ordinary' citizens stood by as horror unfolded. Then consider the way they treat animals, beating dogs before eating them on the understanding that a terrified creature secretes chemicals that make it taste better when cooked.

There's a Chinese proverb about a son taking his invalid father in a wheelbarrow to throw him over a cliff. 'Don't let the barrow fall over son as your own son will need it for you one day'. Little wonder then that infanticide has always been rampant there. And is up to this day. And little wonder that a Chinese sperg named Cathy Tran is now pushing for it in America.  Her bill would allow women to abort a fully formed, viable and healthy infant for any reason virtually up to the point of birth. Further, she can have her infant, who can survive outside the womb and must be delivered anyway, murdered by lethal injection to the skull if her 'health' (which in practice means anything) could be adversely affected.

The West is following the historical path of so many degenerate empires (Incas, Aztecs, Phoenicians) who sacrificed their children to Molech, 'the abomination of the children of Ammon', as their demise loomed on the horizon. Even I'm amazed at the speed of our decline.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Learn to code, hags.

Occasionally an event occurs which fills me with warm contentment, inducing me to tip my hat at a jaunty angle and walk with a spring in my step. Such has been my reaction to the loss of over 1000 "journalist" jobs at Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. Reading some of their post-firing tweets revealed them to be so detached from reality and so devoid of self-reflection as to suggest an actual mental illness. Psychosis. 

Remember these are the ones who have spent their days concocting malicious 'news', seeking to get anyone they disagreed with fired and/or prosecuted. Yet in unison they wail at the unfairness of it all and reacted indignantly to those of us who celebrated their demise. "One thousand journalists lost their jobs last week. Ordinary people with rent to pay, families to support, student loan bills coming due. They are workers like any other who do not deserve this cruelty" HuffPost Editor-in-Chief Lydia Polgreen tweeted.

Oh ma achin' sides!

Here's one such reaction from firee (((Chloe Angyl))), the one who, laughing in the face of Heritage America, wrote 'Goy, Bye' when Steve Bannon was fired. Any comment is superfluous once you read what this self-described 'talented and lovely' freak has to say.
I echo this commentator on Chateau Heartiste. 'There is not enough misfortune that could befall lying, malevolent media propagandists which would satisfy my bloodlust. I truly wish misfortune on these ghastly creatures.' #MeToo as it were. I look forward to seeing them begging on the streets, holding signs saying 'WILL WRITE LIES FOR FOOD'. 

The Huffpo Editorial Board: Diversity On Display

The title of this post relates to the sneering advice given by such people to steel workers and coal miners who lost their jobs due to globalisation. Snickering, they asked 'can blue-collar White workers write code?'  Well now they're about to find out how far a 'degree' in Lesbian Dance Theory will get them on the open jobs market. I'd advise them to take their own advice and learn to code except that their pitiful academic qualifications and work experience confined to fabricating lies equips them poorly for real work like coding.

Learn to make sandwiches bitches and hope some man takes pity on you.