Sunday, 30 December 2018


Anonymous said...

Sav ………………..Happy New Year……………………………My head is spinning allready.
Glad I watched and listened to a good music not some virtue signalling… for a very average afro group!
I note the wealthiest band/group in the UK? Did a nasty litlle skit on POTUS And his wife.
I will say this …………… my mind …she has yet to fornicate with sausage and mash…………on tv!

Dirty said...

Globalisation Porn
Bunker fuel is a type of liquid fuel which is fractionally distilled from crude oil. Also known as fuel oil, this material can be broken down into different categories based on its chemical composition, intended purpose, and boiling temperature. In comparison with other petroleum products, bunker fuel is extremely crude and highly polluting.

Rosemary said...

Keith is a sick bastard
Hes been spouting his "we could" and "Its possible" but "We havent" meanwhile exactly what he wants is and has been floating over and then down all over and into us.

Keith said...

Leave it out Rosemary I only offered to buy you a drink then perhaps have a nightcap back at yours.
Your sister didn't mind.

A soma a day keeps reality at bay said...

((John))* was a scientist he was hooked on l.s.d Interested in mind control and how the monkey held the key
And all of his experiments are what he’s planning for the air
It’s for the unsuspecting citizens who hallucinate in fear
To the back bone A solar system These clever convicts
In union station with a package in his hand
Tied to the suspect he chancing where he stand
I don’t think you realise he’s coming for your neck And the sound is breaking all around he’s keeping lives in check
To the back bone A solar system These clever convicts
Making his getaway through a punched up mirror He'll blend into the crowd hear the system scream And all those spies and strikes you hear are clinging to their guns
And if you smell those almonds man I think you betta run
Check out
To the back bone A solar system These clever convicts

* John is a name used for the Feds in Leicester
Watch the vid to see what I mean