Sunday, 21 October 2018

What gives with the Khashoggi case?

What do you believe is going on with the Khashoggi case? I'm not questioning that he was killed by the Saudis or even why they did it. I'm curious as to why the Saudis' former friends in Western circles of power have suddenly turned on them. All the bad guys so to speak. Merkel, May, the Ziocons, American Congresscritters from both parties, the EU.... Let's get one thing out of the way immediately. Those people don't give a flying fuck about a foreign journalist getting offed in some backward country. They have no hesitation in slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in places like Iraq and Syria. Journalists are killed all of the time and after a few perfunctory squawks are quickly forgotten. So let us scratch morality as a motive.

So what else can it be?

US foreign policy is for all practical purposes run by the Israelis yet they and the Saudis have been best friends for quite some time. And Israel's (and therefore our) Great Satan is Iran (you know, the country that five years ago was, according to Netenyahu, within weeks of launching a nuclear attack), the bitter enemies of the Saudis. There's Saudi purchasing power, strong enough to bring most Western countries to heel and Jared Kushner is best buddies with new Saudi strongman MbS.

It could be that the West will not follow through with any meaningful sanctions. But already they've virtually killed the forthcoming 'Davos In The Desert' investment conference on which MbS had staked so much. I watch with interest and hope that the combatants eventually destroy one another.


English Tom said...


Absolutely correct that morality is not the reason. I watched a YouTube vid recently which claimed Kushner was keeping an eye on all those billions earmarked for the CEOM future city project. Wether this money has gone missing and Saudi are asking questions about it.

It could also be a strategic trap set by big oil. If Iran and Saudi go to war the oil price rockets and Russian and US oil will be the only game in town.

Check out the map by Ralph Peters, the map of blood, which shows the reorganised borders of the middle East. Saudi loses territory.

Things are getting tasty everywhere.

James said...

Blacks get off lightly.

James said...

Pre-emptive attack on racist.

He called them "foreigners". said...

What all you need to know about Saudis, they are JEW JEWS JEWS and they have been. All the Suni moslem swines are ruled by JEWS JEWS JEWS !! All the islamic invaders to Europe are SUNI moslem swines. Now you got the pic why saudis so call royal shitheads are so special !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Smells like a free-for-all cash grab to me.

Saudi “Royalty” is thin cover for criminal thugs. Few are fooled.
Saudi “wealth” has been USD engineered and is still rather dependent upon the good graces of its regional protector.
Saudi-claimed oil reserves are fantasy = Desperate grab of Yemen reserves.
Increasingly like the U.S., Saudis have few no real friends. They have to buy them.
Making them easy targets.

I could go on, but the point is there is little honor among thieves.
The smell of blood brings out the knives.

Lemmyhead said...

The only thing I can guarantee is that it will be for (((their))) benefit.

SAVANT said...

The only thing I can guarantee is that it will be for (((their))) benefit.

Exactly. But right now I'm finding it hard to see how they will.

Stewie said...

We are in this position because in Britain France in the 1920s 30s the working class allowed themselves to be used by communist agitators to start the beginning of the dismantling of empires (by using homegrown problems for cover.. the working class went along with it). Oil that was discovered by Europeans and also found a use for it are now beholden by Arabs and the Middlemen. Europe needs to wean it self off oil.
Got any ideas?

white rose said...

That story James cited made my blood boil. Not alone the thug's behaviour but the brain-dead White victim who virtually ensured he gets off. He has his whole life in front of him? Yeah, a lifetime of crime and jail.

Too Many Koons said...

There is no proof this guy is dead. It is easy to film someone entering an embassy - but then say he never left. This “dead” man may have left in disguise, or a back entrance or car with dark windows, and may be in hiding and be part of a conspiracy to discredit Saudi Arabia. The idea of his cut up body being transported in diplomatic bags to Saudi Arabia does seem a trifle ludicrous on the 911 scale of nonsense – it would mean too many people in on the plot. Why not incinerate his body instead, crush the teeth and bones and dump the ashes at sea? Most embassies have such incinerators to quickly destroy documents, maybe even more so after US Embassy debacles in Vietnam and Iran (both in the 1970s) where many documents were not destroyed before leaving in a big hurry.

This embassy murder evidence seems much less convincing than when the Dubai folks filmed two dozen Israeli agents following a Hamas leader. The film included two of them entering his locked room while he was sleeping – obviously without his invitation. They smothered him with a pillow, though that was not on film of course. As usual, the Jews got away with their murder in a foreign country but got some very bad publicity worldwide. The (((agents))) were using fake passports forged from real passports voluntarily lent by visiting traitor Jews from Australia, Canada and such Jew controlled places. None of these Jews were ever punished for their part in the murder, nor was their citizenship cancelled in the Western nation, as it should have been for being murder accomplices and traitors to the passport issuing nation. So where was the USA outrage about morals when this Hamas leader was killed inside an Arabic nation; he was a much more important man than a mere journalist.

Why no USA outrage at Israel about the hundred plus Palestinians shot dead this year by Israeli snipers while peacefully demonstrating in front of the world media cameras? Most (((media))) saw nothing, like Sgt Shultz!

Why no USA outrage at the 13 Saudi nationals of 17 hijackers in total, on board airplanes during the 911 conspiracy/mass murder/insurance scam – which killed almost 3,000 US citizens? “Let us attack Iraq in reprisal - that makes sense”. Might GW Bush be a tranny or a woman?

George said...

What all you need to know about Saudis, they are JEW JEWS JEWS ........ I honestly don't think they are... More like business Big Business is in play. The west needs oil, lots of it, to keep the system going. One month without it and the west goes POP.

Now you got the pic why saudis so call royal shitheads are so special !!!!!!!!
...... Noooo, its because they have oil... LOTS OF IT.
Russia have loads or is that GAS.

I say turn Scotland into a Nuclear Power station
Problem solved ///////// sarcasm.
Europe NEEDS to go to war with America with Russia on board (it's dooable). The world will become a lot more sane after we win... It will be called the 48 hour war to future historians. Within one hundred years Europeans will be living on another planet far far away.

Anonymous said...

Re the Paddy flight fight:
In my opinion one should tread care full on tis one.
They are too meager to find a test case (to enforce their big brother Soviet hate crime terror laws).
The Afro who was a witness ...Looked the spit of one of those fellows floating around... West London roman candle... the next morning!
Mayornot has given all the suspected illegals at or anything to do with that burning inferno.Automatic amnesty.
To put things into focus: I am in my 80s.and have a list of ailments ...............But I can assure you........ I am fully capable of deceit and lies.

Gerhard van der Walt said...

Maybe Jordan should start worrying.

Frank Galton said...

Evening Standard, 19 October 2018

Who was Jamal Khashoggi? The Saudi journalist 'tortured and murdered' inside his own country's consulate in Istanbul

He was the nephew of arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, who became known for his role in the Iran-Contra scandal of 1985-1987.

New York Magazine, 18 December 1989

The Elusive Adnan Khashoggi

Page 44

Khashoggi declared his love for New York and his love for Jewish food and even trotted out the startling fact that he has a Jewish grandfather.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Khashoggi was not a reformist liberal but a spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood. The indignation of certain "western" leaders like May and Merkel merely reflects the pull of the MB and political Islam.

Unfortunately Trump is missing his moment and just when he could get a meaningful consensus behind punishing the Saudis he is pandering to them. Either because he likes the money, or worse because he's just too thick.

NWO Chaos said...

The sudden appearance of moral probity among Western leaders should see them showing some concern for the nearly daily killing of some very courageous journalists in Mexico who seek to expose the horrifying crimes of the drug cartel there. And what about the secret drug sales by our own CIA as reported on VT? When will drugs be legalized and regulated like alcohol? This is a disgusting world wide racket causing much more human suffering and misery than Khashoggi ever did. That our own government could be involved in the drug sales racket is even worse.

great white said...

Very true Chaos. I mean only ONE man got whacked . . . and it’s 24/7 news.
Meanwhile, back in reality there is a Committee to Protect Journalists.
Because more than ONE man gets whacked. According to CPJ the YTD is 44. Fourty-Four made dead journalists, and not one mention on MSM. Yeah, the blonde who slept with Roger Ailes to get to the tippity top is a “journalist”

Irene said...

Lets not forget they spend a lot of cash in the west they also have bought many properties.

Frank Galton said...

Savant said: "Let's get one thing out of the way immediately. Those people [Merkel, May, the Ziocons, American Congresscritters from both parties, the EU] don't give a flying fuck about a foreign journalist getting offed in some backward country. They have no hesitation in slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in places like Iraq and Syria. Journalists are killed all of the time and after a few perfunctory squawks are quickly forgotten. So let us scratch morality as a motive.

"So what else can it be?"

Washington Post, 12 October 2018

Jamal Khashoggi, a prolific writer and commentator, was working quietly with intellectuals, reformists and Islamists to launch a group called DEMOCRACY FOR THE ARAB WORLD NOW.

Democracy Now, 17 October 2018

Response to Khashoggi’s Death Will Determine Future of Saudi Arabia & Middle East


Ezra Pound (30 October 1885 – 1 November 1972)

He [Ezra Pound] wrote in The Japan Times that "Democracy is now currently defined in Europe as a 'country run by Jews,'"

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

just a thought,read where the Irish Govt, was putting the ""emigrants"" in a former hotel down in Ballahadreen and the locals were up in arms,,wondering how that worked out.

Lemmyhead said...

I, too don't know Sav but it's always the case.
I thought, at one time, that allowing duel passport holders to take positions of power was the 'It's better to have them inside the tent pissing out'. The way it's worked out is they're inside the tent pissing in.

Gerry said...

Rumours are the clintons have done worse
No media clamour there

Barney said...

Hemp. Non-polluting. Fuels. Lubricants. Fibre. Plastics. Renewable annually. Grows well in Britain, or it did until "big oil" realised it threatened their power and banned it as a "dangerous drug".

Gerry said...

This sort of thing enrages me
I suspect it’s white left wing college students
But I could be wrong
But whoever they are I suspect they are to young these 3 young males
To realise the feelings they have evoked by this

Egghead said...

Well, wag that dog: Trump basically threatened to take the USA into nuclear war after North Korea tortured and (all but) murdered ‘Methodist tourist’ and intrepid student spy (((Otto Warmbier))) who had just so happened to have made a birthright trip to Israel and then enjoyed a very vibrant Jewish student life at UVA.

Funny that a college student was named ‘Oh to warm beer’....

Funny that a college student detained by North Korea was named ‘Oh to war’....

Funny that a college student (all but) murdered by North Korea was named ‘Oh to warm bier’....

Pom Z said...

Main stream Media freak-show over this and now seeking blood (It's all over sky, BBC, ITN)

But absolutely NOTHING about this

Typical eh?
Tomorrow's another day

Flanders said...

"Grateful Hondurans Paint Swastika on US Flag Then Torch It in Support of Illegal Immigrant Caravans"

"Two Honduran protesters painted a swastika on the US flag and then torched it in support of the illegal immigrant caravans marching to the US border. The protest was at the US Embassy in Honduras in support of the illegal alien caravans.

After years and years of globalist and Democrat policies our immigration system and borders are a complete joke."
"ARMY INVASION: Honduran Caravan Includes Military-Aged Male Migrants From Bangladesh, Haiti and Congo"

"The migrant caravan from Honduras has been infiltrated by people from Bangladesh, Haiti, Congo and Sri Lanka, according to embedded reporters.

According to a Univision correspondent, Bangladeshis joined the migrant caravan before it crossed from Guatemala into Mexico.

Also, according to Judicial Watch, who has a reporter embedded in Guatemala, migrants from Haiti, Congo, Sri Lanka, Angola, Cameroon, and Bangladesh latched onto the caravan."
“NATIONAL EMERGENCY” President Trump Announces He Will Begin Cutting Off Central American Aid as Migrant Caravan Marches to U.S."

"As previously reported, the illegal migrant caravan was marching through Chiapas in southern Mexico on Sunday, their numbers ballooned to over 7,000 overnight from just a few thousand as it became apparent the caravan would not be stopped by Mexico.

Thousands of military-aged, virile male Hondurans breached the Guatemala border gate over the weekend and stormed the Mexican border bridge; Mexican authorities ultimately let the caravan through.

A second caravan of 2,000 migrants formed on Sunday and started marching to Guatemala with a plan to reach the U.S. as their final destination.

Both caravans are expected to grow in size as new migrants latch on with hopes to reach the U.S. border so they can leech off the U.S. welfare system."
The jew banks, jew financial networks and credit agencies respond to the planned invaders. - "FICO Plans Big Shift in Credit-Score Calculations, Potentially Boosting Millions of Borrowers"

"Consumers with a low FICO could get a higher UltraFICO, a new score that factors in bank-account activity as well as loan payments".

Luke2236 said...

My guess is that the whole brouhaha is because [[[they]]] lost spy.
Otherwise, its just smoke to deflect our attention from whats really going on...

Flanders said...

"Meet The 600 Million Man UN Invasion Force"

"In the critical video below, Alex Jones breaks down how UN uses giant 3rd world populations as weaponized invasion forces to destroy national sovereignty and establish World Government"

[Flanders]: This is the caravan is the ONE THING that all Americans should be focused on RIGHT NOW. I really suspect that the "mystery" behind this Khashoggi matter is merely a planned diversion of the public's attention from the invasion of our borders which is underway.

Flanders said...

A negroid mistook a jew "journalist and EMT" in NJ for being a White man, and he's now died after having been in a coma from the attack. Glorified sob stories ensue, most of them leaving the one [jew] part out. This report from jewed Fox "News", for example.

"Hubbard "explained that he chose him because he was a white man," Assistant Monmouth County Prosecutor Keri-Leigh Schaefer said in a September court hearing. Although Hubbard had never met Wolkowitz, he wanted to kill him because of his race, she said." [More - mentions the jew part]

Poes and Latte said...

Look at this dog - offspring of terrorist kikes who were exiled from white South Africa
Why doesn't it go back there now ffs?

Flanders said...

"FBI Arrests Florida High School Teacher (((Jordan Schemmel))) for Child Porn Distribution", including videos of his own sick deeds

"The criminal complaint against Schemmel says that he used the screen name “JS” and the username “Profsunrise15” to respond to the FBI agent.

In those conversations, Schemmel sent the FBI agent footage of himself conducting the sexual assault of a prepubescent child.

In other messages, he sent video and images of similar crimes to children occurring at the hands of others.

The FBI immediately zoned-in on Schemmel’s IP address and tracked him down to his home in Jacksonville.
Many religious scholars say that the Talmud is the highest authority for modern Talmudic Judaism. In the Talmud, you can find controversial endorsements for pedophilia.

It calls it "Halachah" or “Jewish law, for those unfamiliar with the term." [More discussion in the article on that subject].

Flanders said...

"Jewish? Here’s how to pay ZERO tax for 10 years"

An article which has information which is probably already well-known about among the dual-schemers and traitors, but it may tell us more about the scheme which was formerly only known about by those jews.

I suspect that this "Sovereign Man" is actually a dual-"citizen" Jew Man himself, who as he floats unrealistic dreams for the riches which await those dumbasses who are "adventurous in spirit", as these types of sites try to imply to the readers as being, but who are most often victims who are shorter on brains than "spirit". They find that the only riches are in the jew's clickbait networks and schemes, placed and worked together along with other members of that same tribe.

Flanders said...

Vicious Jewish Vandals Repeatedly Desecrate Christian Cemetery in Israel

"The damage was discovered by the monks, who visit the graveyard every few days. They believed that the incident was not a mere act of vandalism. "They wanted to smash, to pull down, a symbol of the Christians, the cross,” Father Antonio Scodo, responsible for the upkeep of the Saint Stephen's Church graveyard, told AFP, calling the incident an act of “desecration.”

The Italian embassy in Israel said it was “shocked and saddened” by the incident and called for mutual respect between religions in the Holy Land. The Polish embassy denounced it as “an unimaginable act of anti-christian vandalism,” adding that its consul in Tel Aviv “has already intervened.”

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem, Wadie Abunassar, doubted whether the investigation into this case would be successful. The Israeli security services “failed to bring anybody to justice” following earlier cases of vandalism against the monastery, he said. [Good article on this subject - and longer].

Flanders said...

"Israeli Jews Fear DNA Testing for Jewishness & Citizenship Could Lead to Genocide"

Flanders said...

"Jewish Teen Given $36K to Combat Nazism in Her Albany New York High School"

"Michaela Weinstein couldn’t believe what she was seeing in her own high school: students giving each other Nazi salutes and scrawling swastikas in books and on the walls."

Flanders said...

"Christian Artifact Found in Early Roman Settlement in “Pre-Christian” England"

"During their excavation of a Roman settlement called “Pompeii of the North,” which dates from around 200 AD, archeologists in County Durham, England, unearthed a remarkable early Christian artifact — a ring with an engraved Cross: [More than that too].
Historians of Roman England emphasize its pagan character and never discuss its early Christian influences. It makes one wonder how many other early Christian artifacts have been overlooked by archeologists simply because they are taught that Christianity arrived in England only after the fall of Roman empire, and the disappearance of the Roman troops from English soil. We know there were early Christians in Rome prior to the formation of the Catholic Church, so why is it such a stretch that some of those early Christians would have made their way to Britain? Apparently, it isn’t such a stretch after all."

Flanders said...

"Middle Class Destroyed: 50 Percent Of All American Workers Make Less Than $30,533 A Year" - And, no one will ever tell you on the jewsreports that the jews want ever more illegals in order to depress your incomes even further.
The jews do have plans to keep you "happy" in the meantime - And, it's all done by "your choice".

Flanders said...

Moving on from the fake Jew Pew Polls.

"Texas Border Patrol begs for help, besieged by ‘migrant caravan’ advance mob. Troops deployed at border?"

"The organizations providing financial and logistics support for the invaders are funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, including:

◾Pueblo Sin Fronteras
◾CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project — a coalition that includes Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLIN), the American Immigration Council (AIC), the Refugee and Immigration Center for Education and Legal Services (RICELS), and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

We are also not told that as the 10,000-strong army of invaders make their way to the Mexican-U.S. border, an advance troop of thousands are already swarming the Texas border, leading Texas Border Patrol to send out a desperate plea for help.
Overwhelmed, CBP Chief Patrol Agent Manuel Padilla, Jr., begged for help:

◾Earlier in the week, Padilla posted a plea for immigration reform, calling the border “out of control”. He reported #BorderPatrol a 300% increase in Family Units entering the country illegally compared to October of 2017. Over 5,400 Family Units were detained in just the past two weeks.

◾This past weekend, Padilla sent out several desperate tweets": [link]

Daniel Tiger said...

America would have to be attacked with nukes, it is to large to land troops and march inland. Germany is smaller than the state of Montana, which only has a population of around 1.5million, supply chains would have to cross thousands of miles of both the Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico to support invading troops, and there are almost 1 billion privately owned guns in the US, along with trillions of rounds of ammo. California aside, try landing troops in the states that border the oceans, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virgina. All states full of rednecks armed to the teeth who probably jack off to scenarios like this playing out.

Egghead said...

With obvious parallels to Khashoggi (cash hog I):

Well, wag that dog: Trump basically threatened to take the USA into nuclear war after North Korea tortured and (all but) murdered ‘Methodist tourist’ and intrepid student spy (((Otto Warmbier))) who had just so happened to have made a birthright trip to Israel and then enjoyed a very vibrant Jewish student life at UVA.

Funny that a college student was named ‘Oh to warm beer’....

Funny that a college student detained by North Korea was named ‘Oh to war’....

Funny that a college student (all but) murdered by North Korea was named ‘Oh to warm bier’....

Flanders said...

Below is a VERY IMPORTANT link to know about and use, and to spread the information around to our people.

This is a very extensive listing of jews who network within many different types of groups to inspire them to jewish SJW types of different activism. At the end of the page you'll find out the specific organizations, and an idea about the scope and range of subjects covered.

Some of these jews may also be of the non-white-skinned variety, and may be pretending to be a part of the racial or national-type sub-groups which they inhabit, while they are actually working for the jews, and they also probably don’t identify as jews to the general public while they are doing their networked subversions.
The primary listings show at the very bottom part of the page.

Many “Jew Advocates” – Bend The Arc


SAVANT said...

A lot of comments getting shoahed into spam, Egghead and Flanders in particular. You guys must be doing something right.

TTM said...

Here's a theory why they are staging the Khashoggi supposed murder (from

'..what we are observing in the ongoing Khashoggi saga is a stage play being put on for the public. The purpose of the play is to convince people that Saudi Arabia’s coming move away from the US and towards the BRICS is happening as a result of the drama. In reality, though, the drama is meant to obfuscate the true reason for Saudi Arabia switching its allegiance: the globalists are deliberately removing the petroleum pillar from under the US dollar so it will fall and the IMF’s SDR / “phoenix” currency can take its place as the world’s primary reserve currency. And if they can use the drama to facilitate Trump’s scripted fall from power too, that’s just icing on the cake. He’s in on the plan, along with Erdogan, MBS, Kushner, Khashoggi and the rest.'

Flanders said...

"Head of German Jewish community revealed to be non-Jewish" - He pulled it off by being crooked like a jew.

"The 71-year-old chairman of the small Jewish community in the city of Pinneberg in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein faces an accusation from the magazine Der Spiegel that he is not Jewish, deceiving Jewish members since 2003.

Spiegel reported in this week’s issue that Wolfgang Seibert fabricated his Jewish origin and is a Protestant whose family members fought for Nazi Germany in World War II against the allied powers.

Seibert said he will consult with his attorney before issuing a public comment, adding that the contention that he plans to resign is false.
Seibert claims that his grandmother, Anna Katharina Schmidt, whose birth last name was Marx, survived Auschwitz. The magazine wrote Seibert’s claim about his grandmother cannot be true because her grandfather was Protestant.

Jewish ancestors are not likely, added Spiegel, because Seibert’s grandfather on his father’s side was an officer in World War II and his father was an infantryman for Hitler’s army. Seibert was previously convicted a number of times for fraud and embezzlement."

Flanders said...

Egghead, This blog article at The Brody Jewish Center, Hillel at the University of Virginia, once carried Otto Warmbier's name as the author. His name seems to have been removed since.

Too Many Koons said...

Daniel Tiger is a troll (Jeff maybe).....
"All states full of rednecks armed to the teeth who probably jack off to scenarios like this playing out."

Daniel Tiger does not notice the invasion is unarmed. US "rednecks" sadly do not have the right to shoot up these migrant caravans.

They do vote in all weathers though, unlike couch potato niggers. Nixon got elected in a landslide in 1968 due to Democrat violence and mayhem throughout many USA cities. This may have been the intention of the Jews at the time, for whatever reason. (((Kissinger))) became the unelected USA President under Nixon.

The real Soros (Jew) objective must be a Republican landslide, maybe to give President (((Kushner))) more power. Almost all working Americans do not want the nonstop invasion of shitskin welfare bludgers - including most non-white Democrat voters. Why would an income tax paying Mexican American want dark skinned bums from hellhole Honduras lowering his wage and increasing his taxes? Surely non-whites are not all as dumb as niggers? Even 6% of blacks voted for Trump. Why would Coons want Honduran bums getting their public housing and Gibsmedat? Democrat policy is to turn the USA into another Zimbabwe basket case.

It is silly to think that just because people are not white that they love other non-white groups, tribes and races. They hate them more than whites do! Mexican Americans hate Nigras and drive them out of their districts using violence, as one example. The media does not see this blatant racism, nor does Daniel Tiger.

Jed Clampett and his redneck family were the only honest and decent people living in all of Beverly Hills. They could all shoot a dime at 100 yards including Granny. The USA does have a redneck problem – there are not enough of them - but there are Too Many Koons. "Trillions" of rounds of ammo owned by rednecks? I hope so.

Flanders said...

"Gender Dynamics in Weimerica"

"In the modern world it’s easy to want to blame the opposite sex for our problems. If you’re an isolated White man with no romantic prospects and nothing but a string of failures in terms of dating, then it’s appealing to blame women. If you’re a young White woman whose only suitors are a mixture of nonwhites, porn addicts, and degenerates, it’s also easy to grow bitter towards, and resentful of, men. There’s no shortage of subcultures available to the loveless Whites of America. For men you have Red Pillers, Hookup Artists, Sex Tourism Gurus, MGTOWs, and Incel forums to browse and pick from. For women you have Feminism, Lesbianism, Misandry, and Race Mixing to take part in. But where are the good options?

That multitude of bad paths to choose from, and lack of apparent good paths to choose from, is by design. The ideal society for our enemies is a society in which healthy relationships between White men and White women are a minority. It will never be possible for them to entirely stop White men and women from being attracted to each other and having children, but what they can do is target the weakest members of our race.
To gain back these lost members of our race, and pair them with their opposite gender counter parts, we’re going to have to understand who they are and why they turned out the way they did in the first place. As National Socialists we know that both men and women have value, and that both men and women are equally important when it comes to building a nation. If you lose the men, you will lose the women, and if you lose the women, you will lose the men." [Good article continues]

Flanders said...

"White Americans Least Likely to Race Mix" - Jew Pew, again, so don't trust the higher amount they do give. [citing newobserver]

"The Pew Center report, titled “Intermarriage in the U.S. 50 Years After Loving v. Virginia,” said that one-in-six newlyweds are married to someone of a different race or ethnicity in America today.
About 11 percent of white American newlyweds are married to someone of another race, according to the study, compared to 18 percent of black Americans, 27 percent of Hispanic Americans and 29 percent of Asian Americans.
The most dramatic increases in intermarriage have occurred among black newlyweds. Since 1980, the share who married someone of a different race or ethnicity has more than tripled from 5% to 18%. White newlyweds, too, have experienced a rapid increase in intermarriage, with rates rising from 4% to 11%. However, despite this increase, they remain the least likely of all major racial or ethnic groups to marry someone of a different race or ethnicity.

Asian and Hispanic newlyweds are by far the most likely to intermarry in the U.S. About three-in-ten Asian newlyweds (29%) did so in 2015, and the share was 27% among recently married Hispanics. For these groups, intermarriage is even more prevalent among the U.S. born: 39% of U.S.-born Hispanic newlyweds and almost half (46%) of U.S.-born Asian newlyweds have a spouse of a different race or ethnicity."

Flanders said...

Zero Hedge tries to paint it as a loss to Bayer over the Monsanto judgment, but it it? The original verdict was for $289 million. The new ruling is "chimp" change, and probably lower than Bayer had originally planned for, and the ruling is likely to make law firms on new cases a little more hesitant.

"San Francisco superior court judge Suzanne Bolanos had suggested in an initial written ruling this month that she was considering granting a new trial, but her final ruling today largely sided with Dewayne “Lee” Johnson, denying Monsanto's request to overturn the verdict.

As Bloomberg reports, a California state judge rejected Bayer’s arguments that the jury didn’t have any basis to conclude that the herbicide caused an ex-school groundskeeper’s cancer.

However, she has ruled to reduce punitive damages from $250m to $39m, noting in her ruling Monday that if Johnson did not accept the lower punitive damages, she would order a new trial for Monsanto.

"The punitive damages award must be constitutionally reduced to the maximum allowed by due process in this case -- $39,253,209.35 -- equal to the amount of compensatory damages awarded by the jury based on its findings of harm to the plaintiff."

Let's hope that this part of what they say turns out to be worse than Monsanto via Bayer ever expected.

"This ruling opens Bayer to considerably higher damages as thousands of plaintiffs across the country have made similar legal claims, alleging that glyphosate exposure caused their cancer or resulted in the deaths of their loved ones."

Setanta said...

You must be very close to the sources of power TTM to know all that.

Gelu Valah said...

c'mon mates, this reeks of staged play; i mean dismemberment? it is obviously meant to look barbaric, but we all know that powerfull governments have powerfull secret services capable directly or indirectly (hiring disposable competent assassins) of eliminating "cleanly" the "undesirables" - like "fatal accidents" or plain disappearance.
as TTM and Too Many Koons have already underlined - there is here more that meets the eye, and maybe, as Frank Herbert wrote in Dune, this piece is a "plan within plans".

Gelu Valah said...

*more than meets the eye
goddamn Android keyboard crap, i am not illiterate.

Too Many Koons said...

The Clampetts at the shooting range before PC, made in 1962. Jed shoots skeet using a rifle. Granny and Jethro also never miss.
Jed "This is a lot easier than shooting flies".
Search for "Jed Becomes a Banker' on Youtube and watch the whole episode. Sadly very few people do.

I admit this show is not a documentary but it is more truthful than CNBC, FOX or MSN. About 4 minutes.

Anonymous said...

the Gurteen commando units flying to states to assist the Honduran caravan to make entry into US according to those in the Irish consolate in Arizona,acordind to a official who wished to be nameless he stated earlier today"" the Gurteen lads will be on the scene offering assistance and military knowledge to the poor outcasts that the present Nazi govt of the US so willingly has closed its doors to"" he further went on to say that""the Irish govt will supply one way tickets to Ireland to all who wish to settle in Ireland along with housing, clothing, and food""

James said...

To my right sat Carol Swain, the African-American Vanderbilt University political science professor who blamed a "devil's brew" of identity politics and multiculturalism for...

So far, so good... it continues...

... the mainstreaming of white nationalism.

Oh dear.

Wondering if I was the only wandering Jew in this evangelical house, I flipped through the CNP membership directory and found Joel Chernoff, leader of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America. Messianic Jews are not actual Jews however: they worship Jesus while dressed in traditional Jewish garb, blowing shofars and singing their messiah's praises in Hebrew. Hoping to deepen evangelical support for Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government has partnered with Chernoff and his allies in the Alliance for Israel Advocacy to lobby on Capitol Hill against all obstacles to Israel's annexation of the occupied Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Devoted Christians. No ulterior motive at all. Funny.

Haley avoided mentioning her special relationship with Saudi Arabia at the CNP, focusing instead on her relentless one-woman campaign to protect another Middle Eastern country from scrutiny for its serial human rights abuses. The state of Israel had been condemned in scores of UN resolutions over the years, she complained, while Iran had been reprimanded just nine times. Withdrawing from the Human Rights Council was the least America could do to uphold its duty to protect Israel, she said, inspiring gales of applause from the crowd. She earned more roars of approval when she touted the Trump Administration's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a move that drove a nail into the coffin of the US-led process to establish a Palestinian state. The applause reached its peak when Haley boasted of the pivotal role she played in cutting off American aid to millions of destitute Palestinian refugees through the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). I looked over at Gaffney, the veteran anti-Islam activist, and saw an ecstatic grin cross his face as Haley described the cuts.

Does this guy really care about Palestinians or does he just love proving how useful these idiots are? It must be hilarious to watch it all, knowing what's going on.

James wrote this said...

@23 October 2018 at 15:01

You're thinking of European ways of doing things.
I reckon Mr Khashoggi got a bit too mouthy and one of the Saudis lost it with him by strangling him whilst saying will you stop fucking criticising the Saudi Kingdom you fucking swine. Something like that any way, I bet im not far off the mark. It happens quite a lot especially with people with a temperament problem, you only have to disagree on one vital issue and they're at your throat or they're coming at you with an axe.
I can only imagine what the high ranking elites are saying in the west plus lots of shaking of heads.
The best lawyers in the west are putting their heads together right now to help the Saudis out with an explanation (or dinners out in town are a no no for quite sometime with the west elites) they have come up with (this is fucking incredible) they have come up with that he slipped on his own spilt tea and banged his head on a table edge. The people involved panicked and buried him down in the basement, its really got nothing to do with the princes, so dinner is still on wedsDnite and a bit of business will be done.

James said...

Perkins explained to me that the meeting was forbidden to members of the media, and especially to me. He had apparently not forgotten the article I published in 2005 that reported his signing of a check for $82,500 to David Duke--former Ku Klux Klan leader and failed Republican gubernatorial candidate--to purchase Duke's mailing list on behalf of another GOP campaign.


James said...

Anonymous Flanders said...
"Gender Dynamics in Weimerica"

Even these writers fall into the trap of using the word "gender" when they mean "sex".

That is communist language.

James said...

Anonymous Gelu Valah said...
c'mon mates, this reeks of staged play; i mean dismemberment?

I think it could be real, but like all propaganda it is carefully selected. I'm sure the CIA tortures people all the time but the media is very selective about that they want the NPCs to get angry about.

James said...

That our own government could be involved in the drug sales racket is even worse.

McDonald's is also rumored to be involved in the burger industry.

James said...

Anonymous white rose said...
That story James cited made my blood boil. Not alone the thug's behaviour but the brain-dead White victim who virtually ensured he gets off. He has his whole life in front of him? Yeah, a lifetime of crime and jail.

To be fair I think he was only trying to throw her in the pool as a prank, the "body slam" was an accident. But if the races were reversed that kid would have been destroyed. They made a big show of it to prove to the world that blacks are punished for their crimes just like everyone else (even though they on average get off far more lightly than whites).

I agree though it was a disgusting display from that woman.

James said...

The real reason for the Kashoggi thing?

This was a message to the world by the Zionists that 'with our support and coverage we allowed saudis to kill millions without a dent to their image but if you dare cross us we can bring you down for the (hoax) death of a nobody'

Please ignore the anti white sentiment in the house wife's comment. Brown people confuse us with you know who. It's not their fault.

Gelu Valah said...

@ James at 23 October 2018 at 19:56
“I'm sure the CIA tortures people all the time but the media is very selective about that they want the NPCs to get angry about.”
oh, yeah, you can bet on it and win every time.
it took maybe 7-8 years to expose CIA “safe houses” used especially for torture, in my country (Guantanamo was already “media” compromised); the spooks here, “the blue eye boys” they are called, had no qualm whatsoever, because they are brothers with NSA and CIA, brothers in the “North Atlantic Treaty Organization”, and do trust me, they a very capable and competent, but they are fucking filthy mercenaries, not serving a bit the fatherland.

Flanders said...

Whether I'm right about them or not, I'll be interested in seeing the response that these Right of the Right (((TEAM))) have to my comment below:

[Flanders - in moderation]:

RTR (((TEAM))),

Only a jew, or a TEAM of jews, would say this about that story that you run:

"Only Nazis would make up these rules demanding that Jews prove they are Jews if they are going to claim to be practicing Jews."

You jews want to tell everyone else, including the White and Christian people who are the only real and true Americans, how they should run their schools, religions and lives, but you want no restrictions at all placed, whether reasonable or not, on your dingbat clan of global subversives. Reasonable social requirements work for normal people within society, too, and not merely for the National Socialists at whom you jews love to throw the term "Nazi's", as if it is a deadly curse in order to demonize someone. Our people are swiftly learning about your favorite jew tricks - including one of your jew's favorites, the running of diversionary "controlled opposition" websites.

Flanders said...

A double win in Utah.

A nigger kills his Mudshark and then himself.

"SALT LAKE CITY-- A female University of Utah student was shot and killed on campus Monday evening, and the suspected gunman was later found dead inside a Salt Lake City church with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
McCluskey's family issued a statement Tuesday, saying Rowland had lied to their daughter about his name, his age and his criminal history during the month they dated. They stated she ended the relationship earlier this month after finding out the truth."

Flanders said...


It's already pre-arranged by those on the jew side. While Trump makes an "impassioned" pretense of trying, an excuse will be made for him to not be successful. The jews are using what is supposed to be our legal system's checks and balances system against us.

Writing stealth legislation on the legislative front in anticipation of planned events, while making pretenses for inaction by the executive arm of government. Covering all of it from behind the scenes with their handpicked for life jewdiciary.

"Congress has appropriated tens of millions of dollars in American aid for each of those countries, and in draft spending bills has even raised the amount for 2019, compared to what Mr. Trump had requested."

Flanders said...

Negroids run Typical!

"In 2017 Albany, NY (a 52 percent white city), Every Homicide Involved a Non-White Suspect and Victim"

Flanders said...

Some TNB is at times has more slightly non-typical aspects:

"Florida Man Accused of Chopping Off Rival’s Penis Held on $1M Bond"

Negroid beating negroid to death with a tire iron, now that part is everyday old news, but throwing the other nigger's genitals over the fence - not so much.

Flanders said...

Is there entertainment "value" in TNB? Not really. But, what is merely typical behavior among the general black population has certain aspects where negroid stupidity is amply demonstrated and those at times almost seem comical to real people.

Pine Bluff, Arkansas - "Cow Suit-Wearing Negress Shoplifter Offers to Let Cop Suck Udder to Avoid Arrest"

Flanders said...

"Ding, Dong – The Godfather Of Global Warming Is Dead!"

"Paris, COP21 Climate Summit – One of the most dangerous men of the Twentieth Century has just died: and the weird thing is, hardly anyone noticed."

Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Rahm Emanuel and all of the ultra-leftists of the jew crowd networks lost their pal, the old UN jockey who led the criminal syndicates pushing for carbon trading schemes and the global warming fraud on the international levels. They set out to push global warming as an international taxation scheme. The jew globalist corporations would buy "carbon credits" [nothing], and then pass the costs on to the various taxpayers everywhere - financing their own pollution practices.

If you ever wondered where they ever got such an idea, or thought they would ever be able to push it over onto the people of the world [without reprecussions], then maybe you haven't heard at all about the Kosher Food Tax.

“The Kosher Food Tax”

Flanders had recently had a series of comments with Cartier at this link about this operation, and only one of them is below. The others are at Cartier's link at Hidden in Plain Site which also talk about Al Gore's old mentor the communist jew, Armand Hammer.:

"Here is an article and it has more links to help you identify the jews in this Globo Warming scam, Cartier. The jews that the article talks about here came after the ones I had in mind, but it’s all the same jew-directed continuing operation to make fortunes out of nothing, while imposing an international scheme of taxation onto all people. That was the original concept anyway. If I run across more, I’ll let you know. Scroll down here to the section:

”Who is Behind the Climate Change and Carbon Trading Scams?"

Flanders said...

"New York Times erases 52 million white people from existence"

"Liberals [Yes, we know (((who "liberals" are))), but you need to say it when it is jews] want you to think that white people are disappearing rapidly, and they are hastening the process by undercounting them every way they can. It's their way of empowering their favorite victim identity groups, and it's just another example of their hatred of white people. When they have to resort to lying about verifiable, statistical facts to buttress their race-baiting arguments, it's seems like their racial hatred has become nearly pathological."

Flanders said...

Adelson and Bloomberg:

Flanders said...

"BREAKING! Twitter Locks LifeSite News for Reporting on Rising STDs Among Homosexuals"

"I went from being a mom who didn’t care if her children were gay or straight, to a mom who didn’t want my child to be plagued with STDs and have a lifespan significantly shorter than his hetero peers.

LifeSite red pilled me.

I went on to red pill thousands of others with my social media and my website.

This is what Twitter is trying to squash. Who would promote homosexuality if they knew and REALLY understood the facts?

No one.

But homosexuality is second only to feminism in the ranking of “best tools to break apart a civilization.” The Left doesn’t want to make America, or the West, great again. To them it was never great. They want to dismantle it -take it apart, bit by bit and rebuild a whole new creation."

Flanders said...

“Today, the Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) – the voice for Jewish Democrats and progressive, pro-Israel values – announced its fifth round of endorsements in the 2018 midterm elections. This brings JDCA’s total number of Senate and House endorsements to 31 in an election cycle where the Jewish vote will be critical in helping Democrats retake the House of Representatives and possibly the U.S. Senate. JDCA plans to announce additional endorsements prior to the election in November, and is mobilizing a Get Out the Jewish Vote (GOTJV) mobilization plan, including a Jewish election volunteer operation.

In this most recent round, JDCA is endorsing Sen. Joe Donnelly (IN) and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (CA) for re-election, Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) for election to the U.S. Senate, and House candidates Harley Rouda (CA-48), Kim Schrier (WA-8), and Jeff Van Drew (NJ-2).

“JDCA stands with candidates who align with the Jewish community on a range of domestic and foreign policy issues. JDCA also seeks to endorse candidates running in states and districts where the Jewish vote could be pivotal in turning the seat blue,” said Halie Soifer, JDCA Executive Director. “The margin of victory in any of these races will be razor thin, and the Jewish vote could serve as the decisive factor in the outcome of the race. We are intentionally targeting those communities, and are building incredible momentum as we head into the November elections. We expect to see not only a blue wave in November, but also a Jewish blue wave, and JDCA will no doubt serve a critical role in helping Democrats win.”

These six endorsements come on the heels of JDCA’s fourth round of endorsements, which included Senate candidates Sens. Bob Casey (PA) and Tina Smith (MN), and Rep. Beto O’Rourke (TX) as well as House candidates Rep. Matt Cartwright (PA-17), Andy Kim (NJ-3), Colin Allred (TX-32), Katie Hill (CA-25), David Trone (MD-6), and Jennifer Wexton (VA-10).”

Too Many Koons said...

From Zerohedge "According to an October 15 Pew Research poll, 75% of Republican voters consider illegal immigration a "very big" problem, while only 19% of Democrats consider it a top concern."

Only 75% of Republicants? How could only 19% of DemoRat voters think that Illegal Invaders are not a "very nig problem"? Have the 81% no eyes or ears? Do not almost all of them see these Coons, Spics, Incas, Aztecs and shitskins noisily prancing, eeking, ooking, ghetto blasting, elbowing and sometimes rampaging in their own suburbs and towns? Does TV watching somehow override what people see, hear and smell in their own streets and shops and public transport with their own eyes?
If private cars were banned, a lot of USA voters would wake up to the race disaster which is the current USA. A car is a cocoon to avoid reality. USA folks love living in these cocoons, and pretend Coons are not everywhere.

For me, I feel sick every time a see a black man in the street or on public transport - which I use. How could I vote Democrap (if I lived in the USA), knowing that the Democarts want to fill the USA with more invading nigger welfare bums?

Not mentioning the Jews when talking about the planned destruction of the USA is like not mentioning the iceberg when talking about the sinking of the Titanic.
The USA is the single hulled Titanic. Jews and Democart voter allies are building icebergs (Demographic Change) – while naive Repubican voters are working hard stoking the boilers and paying the taxes to support the iceberg builders.

All whites (100%) should vote only for anti-immigration parties. Then give preferences to Republiturds, Conservatives or whatever, if your voting system allows it.

Boomer said...

Have you all noticed that since the end of WW2 (the so-called war to end all wars) there have been countless smaller more wars on the planet ever since, the longest being the 'cold war'? Anyone potentially strong enough to interfere in this global process is 'eliminated' or neutralised.

In the now multiracial European cesspits which once had flourishing colonial empires, - and in particular Britain, France, Holland and Belgium, contemporary university students are viscerally brainwashed by Marxist plants deeply ingrained in the unions, as to how 'evil' and racist their white, essentially male forebears were, on a level concomitant with antisemitism and holocaustianity! CONSTANTLY agitating. It goes without saying that students in Germany and the rest of Europe are also undergoing this process as everyone knows.

So Why then, since these evil white colonial European empires were dismantled during the '50's/'60's (and especially the British) are these former colonisers toadying up with ((Corporate USA)) under the "special relationship"(ha!), to police the rest of the fucking world bar Israel?

WTF are these former colonial masters doing in the Middle east, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Korea, Sudan - everywhere?

Have you also noticed the ((UN)) will not use China, India with much larger armies, or fucking niggers from Africa to fight and ((re-colonise)) these 'renegade' countries they're after? Remember these shitskins are our 'equals'.. hee hee..

It's obvious isn't it? The Rothschild owned formerly British Empire with Dutch, French, Belgian and German affiliates has morphed into the global UN (((NWO)) EMPIRE, HQ'd in the USA and WE Europeans are currently undergoing 'arrested development' under the Kalergi plan. We are its slaves, mindlessly destroying ourselves, whilst simultaneously fighting ((their)) wars as they watch and monitor from the snakes head in a nuclear galvanised, COLONISED Palestine known as Zionist Israel.

James said...

Anonymous Flanders said...
A double win in Utah.

A nigger kills his Mudshark and then himself.

NPCs will only see male on female violence here, and then move on to the next outrage once it comes out of the TV. Thinking time will be carefully controlled to prevent accidental formation of unacceptable conclusions.

Red Mist said...

I wonder if the VICTIM(s) are white?

AnalogMan said...

Red Mist said...

I wonder if the VICTIM(s) are white?

Once again...

If you post a link, please give some kind of a clue what it's about; if it's a video, how long it is. Else, a short quote from the article. A hyperlink is not really designed for reading by humans. As best as I can decipher it, that's a story about a baby kicking a woman out of its pram (what was she doing in there?), and her reacting by threatening to stab the baby. Almost unusual enough to tempt me to read it, but... naah. Probably not.

TTM said...

2 Setanta @23 October 2018 at 11:30

No I'm not close to the sources of power unfortunately, just quoting from someone, a very good site that I highly recommend:

Red Mist said...

AnalogMan said...
Red Mist said...

I wonder if the VICTIM(s) are white?

Once again...

If you post a link, please give some kind of a clue what it's about; if it's a video, how long it is. Else, a short quote from the article. A hyperlink is not really designed for reading by humans. As best as I can decipher it, that's a story about a baby kicking a woman out of its pram (what was she doing in there?), and her reacting by threatening to stab the baby. Almost unusual enough to tempt me to read it, but... naah. Probably not.

Errr... the 'hyper' link when opened reveals an article about a sheboon threatening to stab a baby. If you care to read it or else get someone else to read it for you, you may notice that there is no photo or mention of the race of the baby or "its" mother? That's the gist of the post if you get the drift.

You appear to have demonstrated you have the attention span of a gnat as either you cannot open the link or don't know how? Maybe this explanation will give you a clue. In any case don't bother ((ANaL))

Jen said...

"In a crowded, cheap, booze-fuelled flight operated by an Irish budget airline a man in his seventies insults a black woman." Sounds like the beginning of a joke, but who in their right mind would fly with an ultra-shit airline like Ryanair in the first place.

This what blacks South Africans will revert to sooner rather than later. They're happy right now because sanitary towels are to be VAT exempted.

Jen said...

Red Mist said...
I wonder if the VICTIM(s) are white?

24 October 2018 at 11:33

Further proof that black people cannot live alongside white people - or black people either. Black violence in South Africa.

Jen said...

White people can be crazy too. Just the other day I was advising the once-a-week garden help to allow the abelia hedge to grow only to the top of the boundary fence facing away from the neighbours to prevent it becoming a maintenance nuisance on the other side. So the neighbour's wife loses it and starts screaming at the top of her lungs from her own front garden how she is so sick of my hatred of her, all seven and a half years of it. Cannot stand being ignored. Ugly as sin with a very, very bad haircut. What is it about loony women that they cut their fringes so funny? All short and crooked like a five year old.

Unfortunately I haven't videotaped her (yet) but here is what she sounded like - she went on for a lot longer, stronger lung capacity in relation to her size than a two year old. Imagine having someone like that sitting near you in an aeroplane.

I would put in another high wall there to blot her out completely but that's expensive, new boundaries and all, and it's not as if her stupid dog turd of a husband can ever put his hand in his pocket other than to wank. Mr and Mrs Blot on the Landscape.

AnalogMan said...

Red Mist:

Sorry, it was presumptuous of me to assume you might understand what I wrote. FYI, a "hyperlink" is that thing you copied and pasted in lieu of an actual comment. It's part of a thing called "HTML", or HyperText Markup Language. Actual web programmers use it to create the World Wide Web. You see that "http" at the start? That stands for "Hyper Text Transfer Protocol". It's a hyperlink. Its purpose is to reference uniquely another resource on the web. It is not required to make any sense at all, and frequently doesn't. Do you feel silly now?

Your rather incoherent description doesn't tell me much more than that, and certainly doesn't interest me enough to click the link, so, thanks anyway, I'll pass.

There's no need to get snippy. All you have done is demonstrate that you are not only ignorant, but also too stupid to know that you're ignorant.