Sunday, 13 March 2016

Overplaying his hand? Probably not.

Arranging a political meeting with the President of the United States, even if he is a just a Kenyan-born ex-community organiser, must be extraordinarily difficult. Details on date, duration, objectives and outcomes must be negotiated months in advance by specialised teams. If you're lucky enough to get offered a slot you jump at the opportunity. And you never cancel, especially at short notice. And, if perchance circumstances demand that you must, you arrange an agreed statement through formal diplomatic channels. What you do not do, under any circumstances, is make the announcement to your own media before you've worked through the formal Presidential channels.

Unless you're Bibi Netenyahu. Bibi is special. Although leader of just a small country in the Eastern  Med which has a parasitical relationship with America, indeed which depends on America for its continued survival, he has no need to worry about openly insulting America's First Citizen. Because he's not really dealing with him but with those who control him and control the Congresscritters holding the purse strings.  I'm talking about ZOG.  And when ZOG has your back you don't need to worry.

Just look at this obscenity if you don't believe me.

And why did Bibi give Barry the finger, humiliating not just him but indirectly the whole American people? Well he's known to be pissed off that the goyim didn't go to war for him against Iran like they did in Iraq, Libya and Syria. And rubbing salt in the wounds by actually signing agreement with Iran. That's the Iran that's been weeks away from making a nuclear bomb for the last five years. According to Beni.

Undeterred by his country's humiliation VP Joe Biden nonetheless headed off to Tel Aviv, checkbook in hand, to present Bibi with an increased aid package for the next ten years.

Strange old world we live in.....


Flanders said...

I think that a lot of this is part of a show and psychological terrorism against the American people. The contempt is quite clear enough, but they want the people to feel that there is nothing that the American people can do about it, so they may as well resign themselves and give up. All the asses in Washington are controlled, including house-nigger Barry, and we all know that by now. The American money is given to Bibi and a portion of it is returned to their chosen candidates in the US by the jew lobbies in America, who are themselves a part of the game. At least Bibi isn't threatening to sic Samson onto us.

Bibi is just biding his time until he can.

"By threatening to nuke a European city or maybe actually detonating a dirty bomb in Paris or Stockholm, Israel and her terrorist minions are reminding the world not to fuck around with the Jews only state of 'Stolenland,' since they have savagely attacked Western entities before and have no shame about attacking again, as long as the Jews control the MSM, the biggest majority of their GOYIM cattle will 'Moo' appreciatively to their Yid masters and keep on chewing their cud, while the Yid butcher slyly approaches them with a razor-sharp knife."

Flanders said...

Or, Americans may one day become Palestinian - In the deranged eyes of Israeli jewry.

"American Tax Dollars at Work, Helping Israel Commit Genocide of the Native Palestinians"

"Israel Murders Children While Their Rabbis Encourage the IDF to Rape Little Girls".

Rob said...

Jump, America!
How high?

Bend over!
How far?

Spread those buttcheeks!
How wide?

john7 said...

Well, husssein obongo is NOT americas first hes not a citizen at all! but I know what you meant.
Anyway...just more proof who actually runs the occupied territory of the USSSA...

James said...

Kasich would be an anti-white genocidal maniac as president

He says America is a "melting pot" and gets very angry talking to a pro-white activist.

White genocide is so fashionable.

David said...

@ Flanders 20:55 that does not look real at all, the policeman behind the girl fired probably blanks, but the shots sound false and sound like they are added in production later, the girl falls with no blood or visible wounds, or final death noises, the crowd stand around watching and don't react, in Israel the threat of a suicide bomber would of have the effect of making them scatter rather watch a play.

l'Oreal said...

$16 000 000 a day in aid because they are worth it. /sarc off

Anonymous said...

"a small country in the Eastern Med which has a parasitical relationship with America, indeed which depends on America for its continued survival..."

Well, not just America, but Bibi and Israel could not survive just with US support but they are just as dependent on the Germans for both money and armament. Not only that, but a very large contingent of "survivors of the HolyCau$t" receive monthly checks from the German government. Incredible when one thinks about it, but 71 years after the end of WW2, there still seems to be no end to to those "survivors".
As to Obongo, the only good thing one can say about him is that he did not jump at the chance to bomb Iran (hey, maybe he isn't so stupid after all, since the US would not fair too well in a campaign against the Iranians!). And since that makes Bibi unhappy, it is at least one very small compensation for having that Kenyan chimp for a president.

Searcher said...

Israeli media ... hmmm

Someone at MRev posted a screenshot of Bataclan news headline from the Times Of Israel:

First version - 14 November 2015

Amended version - 18 November 2015

Some anti-semites appear to pop up in the comments section of the first article:
Keith Ballard
If the Jewish community exclusively was tipped off about these attacks, as this article suggests, then it would appear that the tip-off came from a source who wished to protect them, and also had prior knowledge. That would seem to suggest that a group such as Mossad may have been involved in the attacks somehow. Very interesting theory, I hope you find out more facts to explore this possibility.
Like · Reply · 16 · Nov 16, 2015 12:46pm

Genghis Cohen · Alma-Ata, Almaty, Kazakhstan
The paranoid parrotings of the brainwashed. Psychiatrically vaguely interesting, but otherwise a sheer waste of pixels.
Like · Reply · Nov 18, 2015 2:57am

Keith Ballard
Genghis Cohen I'm sure the Times of israel isn't repeating paranoid parrotings. I would expect they have a pretty reasonable source for this information if they're publishing it. I'm trying to think of other possible sources for the tip-off apart from Mossad who would have wanted to protect Jews in Paris, but I can't really think of any.
Like · Reply · 2 · Nov 18, 2015 5:46am

Marcus Dunn · Vian High School
Prior knowledge.... Again.
Like · Reply · 11 · Nov 16, 2015 10:01am

Glen C said...

Flanders, this has become my view as well. And not just Israel but the whole Anti-White Establishment. They just want to rub our faces in the dirt because they think that we are beaten.

Maybe they are right.

Searcher said...

Magic - the art of deception

Magicians need an audience. Otherwise their work is a waste of time. They create nothing. Their only power is to deceive. A magician's power of his audience is unstable. He requires razor-sharp knowledge of the audience's perspective. He might practice card tricks in the mirror to hone this appreciation of the audience's perspective. He might practice his deceptions in front of friends and family. The magician's power is founded on the audience's perspective remaining innocent. Watching detailed explanations of how a trick is done, ruins the "magic".

Swindling - the art of deception

Swindlers need an audience. Otherwise their work is a waste of time. They create nothing. Their only power is to deceive. A swindler's power of his audience is unstable. He requires razor-sharp knowledge of the audience's perspective. He might practice his acting skills in the mirror to hone this appreciation of the audience's perspective. He might practice his deceptions in front of friends and family. The swindler's power is founded on the audience's perspective remaining innocent. Appreciating how a emotional manipulation is done, ruins the spell. Forewarned is forearmed so a swindler must always have a supply of innocent "marks" to prey upon. He might need to change his name and travel to find these innocents. He will never prosper in a tightly nit, gossipy, "high context"/homogenous societies as he will be "outed" fairly lively and people will refuse to deal with him. Diversity is essential for the swindler and is his strength.

Always remember and never forget: the parasite needs the host. Not the other way around.

Searcher said...

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize" - Mel Gibstein

Searcher said...

For all the old and young fogeys who are not completely au-fait with identity terminology, this should help you out:

Flanders said...

Those jews are not right, Glen C., that some of our people are beaten. They are conmen who have worked a successful con - to this point. Their victims internalize the con as being somehow their fault, when the only fault is that of the cons. People will awaken when the time is right for them to awaken - and long-suffering victims finally awoken - will cause Hell to be paid!

"Nathan Milikowsky Netanyahu was born to Zvi in Krevo ( Vilna area)
in 1875. a descendant of the Gaon from Vilna. He studied at the
Volozhin Yeshiva for 8 years and then became an orator preaching about
Zionism. He migrated (with his children who were born in Warsaw) to
Palestine in 1920 and served as headmaster of various Hebrew high
schools in several towns before settling in Jerusalem as an official
of the World Zionist Organization. On his arrival in Palestine,
Milikovsky changed the family name to Netanyahu ("Lord has given"). He
was from the beginning a supporter of right-wing views in the Zionist
movement, a tendency which deepened in the next generations of his
closely knit family. He passed away in 1935.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister of Israel. Born 1949 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Grandson of
Nathan MILEIKOWSKY/ Milikowsky from Krevo, who changed his name to
Netanyahu when he arrived in Tel Aviv in 1930".

Searcher said...

Dismantle the illusions - Words as weapons

Flanders said...

SCROLL DOWN AT THE PAGE FOR - Origin Of Some Jewish Last Names:
When Jews in the Austro-Hungarian Empire were required to assume last names, some chose the nicest ones they could think of and may have been charged a registration fee by the authorities. According to the YIVO Encyclopedia, "The resulting names often are associated with nature and beauty. It is very plausible that the choices were influenced by the general romantic tendencies of German culture at that time." These names include: Applebaum — apple tree; Birnbaum — pear tree; Buchsbaum — box tree; Kestenbaum — chestnut tree; Kirshenbaum — cherry tree; Mandelbaum — almond tree; Nussbaum — nut tree; Tannenbaum — fir tree; Teitelbaum — palm tree.
Other names, chosen or purchased, were combinations with these roots:Blumen (flower), Fein (fine), Gold, Green, Lowen (lion), Rosen (rose), Schoen/Schein (pretty) — combined with berg (hill or mountain), thal (valley), bloom (flower), zweig (wreath), blatt (leaf), vald or wald (woods), feld (field).
Miscellaneous other names included Diamond; Glick/Gluck — luck; Hoffman — hopeful; Fried/Friedman — happiness; Lieber/Lieberman — lover.
Jewish family names from non-Jewish languages included: Sender/Saunders — from Alexander; Kagan — descended from the Khazars, a Turkic-speaking people from Central Asia; Kelman/Kalman — from the Greek name Kalonymous, the Greek translation of the Hebrew shem tov (good name), popular among Jews in medieval France and Italy; Marcus/Marx — from Latin, referring to the pagan god Mars.
Finally, there were Jewish names changed or shortened by immigration inspectors or by immigrants themselves (or their descendants) to sound more American, which is why "Sean Ferguson" was a Jew.
Let us close with a ditty:
And this is good old Boston;
The home of the bean and the cod.
Where the Lowells speak only to the Cabots;
And the Cabots speak Yiddish, by God!".

Flanders said...

A Jewish Ideas Daily production, but some of it's points might be worth reviewing - "Israeli or U.S. Action Against Iran: Who Will Do It If It Must Be Done?".

I would think - Israel - alone. I would suggest that Netanyahu is simply playing his part in an overall pre-determined plan, arranged with Obama and "the US", to do so.

American domestic resistance will wither with the public's attention being given to
the new "jew President" of the "US", whatever her name may be.

"The U.S. military's superior capabilities -- including B-2 stealth bombers, air refueling craft, advanced drones, and 30,000-pound massive ordnance penetrators -- are more likely to severely damage Iranian targets. Yet the United States has no operational experience in strikes against such facilities, unlike Israel, which successfully conducted similar operations against the Osiraq nuclear reactor near Baghdad in 1981 and, according to foreign press, against a Syrian reactor in 2007."

Flanders said...

"Early in the 19th centuryJewish Zionists Karl Marx and Moses Hess developed a formula for white man’s demise. An alien ideology first articulated by Karl Marx in 1848 in the Communist Manifesto and expanded in 1867 in Das Kapital Communism (Marxism) synonymous with Bolshevism was designed to destroy the aryan or ethnic European (white) race." [More]

"Political Correctness or Cultural Marxism is communism (Marxism) for a modern generation. While it retains its fundamental core to attack the culture and heritage of the white race, it has enveloped itself in a form of rampant ‘relativism’ that appears to favour those of colour. The ‘anti-Racist’ formula is simply a technique to disarm white man canceling out intelligent debate. Political correctness is also advocated and maintained by the ballot box therefore Europe is subject to a one party Marxist state curbing free speech thus providing Europeans no platform or recourse."

Flanders said...

"Bolshevism, synonymous with Communism, is the premeditated principle used to ethnically cleanse the European from his ancestral land. Post 1917 Lenin used the seizure of Russia as a dry run for this genocidal model. Bolshevism purposely imposes heavy taxation and grain seizure to starvation level to instigate native resistance providing a ‘plausible excuse’ for the Bolshevik authorities to use force against the population (beatings, torture, rape). Further resistance instigated stiffer penalties. Lenin’s Bolshevism is responsible for the mass murders of at least 16.5 million ethnic Europeans in the genocides known as Holodomor. The apparent ‘collapse’ of communism in the late 1980’s saw a corresponding rise in ‘political correctness’ in Western Europe. Known as ‘cultural Marxism’ in the 1960 political correctness is merely Communism re-packaged for a new generation. The technique is the same the occupying authorities apply disagreeable conditions (immigration enforced mixing) expecting the indigenous white population to revolt so that the authorities can respond with criminalising the natives (racism). Equally ever stiffer penalties are dealt to those white men who dare to stand in defence of their race. Meanwhile, the enemy are achieving their goal of ethnically cleansing the European race."

"The Jewish terrorist, an alien parasite, for decades subverted Aryan land from within. It attacks with intent to size control and does at the first opportunity. Under the cover of war the Jewish faction captures Russia. Under normal circumstances ANY retaliation against the Jew is acceptable because they are the obvious enemy. However, Ukraine It’s a Jewish game. Didn’t you know?the psychology that the international Jew employs fools the European mass into believing that the host is attacked by an external enemy of equal strength. Jewish propaganda sites 3 unique parties the host, his enemy and the poor Jew trapped in the middle. In reality there are only 2 factions for the host nation is under continuous attack from the Jew within. Finally the Jew within seizes the host nation and the threat to their power is the indigenous inhabitants."

Heraclitus said...

The most likely explanation for the bizarre white worship of thugs like Mandela and other blacks is that they have simply been brainwashed all their lives to 'think' like this. There have been multiple and inescapable sources of this brainwashing, most obviously 'education' and the media.

Flanders said...

"American ‘Kingmaker’ AIPAC has invited all presidential candidates to address its annual conference on US-Israel relationship on March 20-22. All of these Israel-Firsters attended the conference in 2008.

Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton was the first one to accept the invitation followed by GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. Bernie Sander has not announced...".
"On February 12, 2016, Israel’s top English daily Ha’aretz said that among Israel-minded Jewish voters Sanders would get the J-Street vote. Hillary Clinton would garner AIPAC, and Trump would scrounge the leftovers."

Nicolas von Hoogstraten said...

You can take the african out of Africa but you cannot take the Africa out of the african.

Started building when Mrs Thatch was the PM and went through Major, Blair, Brown and still being built as Cameron is PM.

Anonymous said...

"White genocide is so fashionable."

Alas, too true!

Anti-Whites have had complete control of virtually every information outlet for many years. The anti-White propaganda, featuring White self hatred and White guilt, goes on 24/7. We've been deliberately programmed to welcome our forced extinction.

Thank God for the internet! Anti-Whites no longer have complete control. We have a fighting chance against them, as improbable as that may sound to many.

Anonymous said...

Why not bow down to these people , their schemes and shenanigans enrich our lives beyond measure , I shall make thee a light unto the nations !

Searcher said...

Heraclitus said...
The most likely explanation for the bizarre white worship of thugs like Mandela and other blacks is that they have simply been brainwashed all their lives to 'think' like this. There have been multiple and inescapable sources of this brainwashing, most obviously 'education' and the media.


How do we know of Nelson Mandela otherwise? Nelson Mandela was presented to us as a good guy. The man leading the native people against the oppressor. Jailed for his political activism. Telegenic, calm and seemingly good natured. White South Africans were racist and kept the native people down. You can imagine that in Ireland his "story" resonated particularly strongly with Irish people.

He was also released fairly soon after the Guildford Four and fairly soon after the Berlin Wall collapsed. These were feel good, prison release stories (East Germany having been a prison state). Riding the wave of freedom. For any Gen Xer - Amnesty International/Rainbow Warriors/Vegetarians/Anti-Fur peeps were the moralizers du jour.

I remember watching Nelson Mandela being released. It was a massive media moment that was uplifting to see. Why? Because we were told he was the good guy. Actually, more importantly, we were told he was the VICTIM. The VICTM was finally being released; he seemed pretty decent and ready to forgive. Fantastic :-0

Berlin Wall - I feel old now watching this!

Nelson Mandela - speech after being released

Hazel Ang2 years ago
I remember seeing this being broadcasted in Canada. I was 17. I remember how I couldn't stop the tears of joy from flooding my face when he says "I hope you will disperse with discipline. And not a single one of you should do anything which will make other people to say that we can't control our own people." and then the whole nation breaks out in harmonious song. 

"Lion in a Cage" song by Dolores Keane. This was pretty popular in Ireland:

The Veld is burning in the African sun
Black blood flows from the white man’s gun
Locked in a jail for twenty five years
Held like a lion in a cage of tears
Mandella will be free
Mandella will be free, mandella Nelson Mandella

People in Sharpville and Soweto born
Mandella will be free
Living with the lash of the white man’s scorn
Mandella will be free
Sweating in the dungeon of the diamond mine
Mandella will be free
Blood was shed on the picket line
Mandella will be free.

The lion is ready for victory
Mandella will be free
To lead the people to their destiny
Mandella will be free
No prison bars in Pretoria
Mandella will be free
Can hold back the storm in Africa
Mandella will be free.

The time of truth is in his eyes
Mandella will be free
His words tear down the veil of lies
Mandella will be free
The world hears the beat of the talking drum
Mandella will be free
The time for Africa has come
Mandella will be free.

Anonymous said...

And today's cu,t of the day is big mouth tony blair

Searcher said...

O/T Cultural appropriation

Orhtodox Celts - Star of the County Down

Red Army Choir - Long Way to Tipperary

Jason Brown - Riverdance

You be wrong fo' dat. Dat be offensive beeyotches :-)

Anonymous said...

Big brother to spy on soccer forums. Again

Anonymous said...

Look at these cunts in East London .. who let them in ?

James said...


Thanks mate but we already knew that.

Henry Makow's article is here.

Of interest is the Glass Ceiling in action:

Greene and his father were imprisoned without bail at Rikers Island. Greene eventually was sentenced to seven years.

Gliedman's penalty is mild. The couple are heroin addicts. Gliedman must attend 30 days of inpatient treatment and will continue outpatient rehab. Once she is released from rehab, her ankle bracelet will allow her to travel throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.

How about the Jew caught by the FBI running ISIS in Australia and the US? What's the bet he's still rotting in prison?

Since Jan 9, there has been media blackout on this case. Before that, the media never used the J-word, and the police deliberately downplayed the significance of this arrest.

So who runs the police? Is that why they have 6-pointed stars as badges?

"New York City police have decided that a couple arrested for possession of weapons and explosives don't appear to be terrorists, just privileged kids with drug habits," said one report. "

Try getting away with THAT you goy schmucks!

Apparently he was a NAZI too, and still got away with it.

Anonymous said...

Look at these cunts in East London .. who let them in ?

Anti-whites let them in maybe.

Anonymous said...

Game of Throne is cucked.

Its gone all anti-white. If you thought that dragon bitch opening the gates to let in her hordes of smelly mongrels was bad enough, now they want to do it in real life.

Soon nothing on TV will even be worth downloading just to delete.

rick ronsavelle said...

. . .a supply of innocent "marks" to prey upon. . .

Are they practicing Marxism, or Marksism?

Anonymous said...…

Death of Europe by migration not a shot fired

James said...

Here's another good source of hate.

As an example, the hard to find book "The Manipulated Man" by Esther Vilar is on this page.

BTW, here's a good book.

Rabinical literature: or, The traditions of the Jews, contained in their Talmud and other mystical writings. Likewise the opinions of that people concerning Messiah, and the time and manner of his appearing; with an appendix comprizing Buxtorf's account of the religious customs and ceremonies of that nation; also, A preliminary enquiry into the origin, progress, authority, and usefulness of these traditions; wherein the sense of the strange allegories in the Talmud and Jewish authors is explained
by Eisenmenger, Johann Andreas, 1654-1704; Stehelin, John Peter; Buxtorf, Johann, 1564-1629

James said...

Wikipedia, a criminal internet-based promoter of White Genocide viciously libels Michael Hoffman.

Michael Anthony Hoffman II (born 1957)[1] is an American Holocaust denier[2][3] and conspiracy theorist.

Putting double quotation marks around something is Wikipedia's way of marking something as not to be believed by the Goyim.

For example:

Hoffman was said to have deduced that "[n]othing is as it seems to be," which in turn led to a "life long vocation, researching the subterranean workings of the occult cryptocracy's orchestration of American history".

The take-away from this is that everything is as it seems, the average person is an expert on everything, and that nobody ever gets away with conspiracy.

Unfortunately, Wikipedia has taken over the Internet and usually manages to plant their links at the top of all search results. They crank out the lies like nobody else.

Anonymous said...

Michael Collins Piper

And Ye Shall Know the Truth

James Lord said...

Word has it that orders came from on high for Game Of Thrones to become more politically correct. No prizes for guessing the identity of the 'on highs'.

Same thing happened with Coronation Street as revealed by one of their writers. They were instructed to introduce more 'diversity' and minorities were to be shown 'in positions of authority' and 'not in a negative light'.

Anonymous said...

Look at the headline on this stinking kike news rag

Flanders said...

This video below doesn't name the jews who are behind it, but it is a good one showing how the jewsmedia hypocricy is leveled against Trump in order to absolve their nigger mobs matter crowd during their Chicago riots. It also shows how the jewsmedia uses repetition to spread their lies, and utilizes traitor public officialdom to make those lies seem to be more prevalent and impressive. It's about 4 minutes long. Thanks to my old friend, T-Bone, for the link, The Truth About the Anti-Trump Chicago Riot.

Earl of Cambridge said...

30 years ago 4 scientists saved New York

In the original Ghostbusters Morgan Freeman was not a scientist.

Uncle Nasty said...

James said:


Thanks mate but we already knew that.

Talk about a jaw dropping moment at around 00:02:05 ... The ex MOSSAD shitweasel (Juval Aviv) really blew himself out of the water this time. He can thank God he's in Jewtopia, and not 1966 USSR. He'd have gotten friction burns from being air-dropped into Siberia

"... and It's easy to put a truck bomb, as we did -- as it happened in London."

Yup ... he actually SAID it. I downloaded the clip into a video editor and scrubbed it backwards and forwards at various slower and slower speeds.
This one's a keeper.

Got a mobile phone? .... use this:

For those with a PC ...

For those poor suckers who fell for Job's bullshit:

I should point out that the free versions are more than adequate for the job. Spread it around, folks ... spread it around.

By being incapable of keeping their big fat yaps closed shall ye know them.


Flanders said...

Researchers among us may be interested in the HISTORY OF AMERICAN ALIYAH. As you read through at the link, note the matter of fact tone of this jew writer as he recounts some of the long history of jews in America, while recounting the jews' activities for aliyah to Palestine, now falsely named as being Israel.

In my opinion, the biggest change regarding America in relation to jews being "good Americans" (to some extent at least), came during the era of incoming jews from Germany which he talks about here, "...thousands of Jews had immigrated to the US from German-speaking countries. Many were adventurous, being among the pioneers into the American west. The majority were reform and progressive in outlook, and had no tolerance for the orthodox way of life, the belief in the Messianic Redemption – and certainly not Halukkah which they viewed as nothing more than charity and beggary. Orthodoxy, however, was still a substantial part of this immigrant population.".
"The Kabbalah Centre, established in Jerusalem, in 1922 and then in Los Angeles under Phillip Berg in 1969, recently began to look into buying property in the town of Rosh Pina near the Kabbalah capital of Safed. Through the dissemination of its teachings by such celebrities as Roseanne Barr and especially Madonna (both of whom also looked into buying property in Israel), Kabbalah achieved great popularity in Hollywood and Hollywood Kabbalists have maintained close spiritual, if not physical ties, to Israel.

Other present or former high-profile devotees include: David and Victoria Beckham (LA residents as of this writing), Sandra Bernhard, Naomi Campbell, Laura Dern, Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York (US resident), David Geffen, Jeff Goldblum, Linda Gray, Jerry Hall, Goldie Hawn, Paris Hilton, Diane Keaton, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Love, Alanis Morissette, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Ritchie, Winona Ryder, Britney Spears, Barbra Streisand, Elizabeth Taylor."

Flanders said...

Anon 22:35: "Look at the headline on this stinking kike news rag"

With bunches of these networking jews, working internationally, jewry gang up on any patriotic person who points out even the slightest of the jew's evils, and the jews use their jews media to pound them into dust. Labor has more than it's share of those jews.

"Hashomer Hatzair: ***
"Thus the Miliband’s have dragged themselves up from such humble beginnings the grandchildren of wealthy Jewish industrialists. That the maternal grandfather was interned during WWII can only mean political subversion that threatened German state security. Meanwhile, the paternal grandfather joins the Bolshevik red army to help consolidated the seizure of the European land that played host to him. Similarly long lost relative Sofia Miliband became a code breaker for the Bolsheviks during WWII the outcome of which would strengthen the Jewish Marxist hold on Europe. With this heritage it is inevitable that the father Ralph should join a Marxist-Zionist movement like Hashomer Hatzair that contained active terrorist youth leaders like Abba Kovner that aspired to murder millions of ethnic Europeans and that he himself would emerge as a Marxist academic subverting the political landscape of 10 KOSHER STREET Britain. It is the spawn of this line born to hate Europe and the European that is posed against current Jewish Prime Minister David Cameron. Also the ‘poor’ child of a wealthy Jewish family this time financiers the false Conservative Cameron’s policy is political correctness (cultural Marxism)."

We in the US also have plenty of that same bastardized breed, the jews - Who attack any person who poses the slightest danger of exposing that organized mob of jews' or their many and various networks.

Bernie Sanders’ SHARE THE WEALTH - Hatzair
In 1953, just weeks after the notorious “Doctor’s Plot” that rounded up Jews on fabricated charges, and with thousands of Jews freezing in Siberian prison camps, Stalin died. Yossi Klein Halevi, in his book “Like Dreamers,” writes how Kibbutz Ein Shemer, affiliated with Hashomer Hatzair, “went into mourning.” The Purim play was cancelled. The Hashomer Hatzair newspaper, whose logo read, “For Zionism – For Socialism,” had “a heroic image of Stalin” on the front page, with the headline, “The Progressive World Mourns.”

And so “socialism” still rankles many Jews, though too many of the economic problems that motivated the socialists remain. Says Lebowitz, “Pete Hamill used to say, don’t call it socialism, call it stickball.” Lebowitz added, “social justice” is really the same thing. There are now 47 organizations from every denomination, and from no denominations at all, in the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable, “pursuing social justice from a Jewish perspective,” says Lebowitz, “using Jewish vocabulary, Jewish texts, Jewish history, Jewish resonance.*

And now one of their own is running for president."

Flanders said...

What is the logo of the SNP?

"Both Scottish and Irish Nationals are led by the ancient notion that the English hold them back or tie them down to the position of 2nd tier in White society. Logically most Scots and Irish don`t believe this, they go along with it because it is genetically mapped in their minds to do so. It is this that has allowed the wolf/Marxist in sheep’s/Nationalists clothing to creep in and open their borders to coloured immigrants. It is a tactic that those of Jewish heritage are particularly skilled at-finding a wound between brothers and making sure it stays raw."

Flanders said...

There is a real and recognizable problem with jews who hold political power in our White countries.

It is not that the (non-White) jews who hold political power in our White countries are jews, and are "white" only in their skin colors, the jew problem goes deeper than that. The jews have jewish strategies which the jews follow in all of our White countries, and that strategy is Bolshevist and it is directed expressly against White people. It is a deadly problem. That has been the historical case, too, and can be seen by their previous actions.

"(9) John Pollock says in his The Bolshevik Adventure (Constable, 1919), p. 27: “The Bolsheviks are for the most part not Russians at all, but Jews who had suffered persecution at the hands of the Russian Government.”

p. 104: “By such means (Bolshevism), the Russian nation has been reduced to a condition of complete subservience to the rule of a com­paratively small number of men of almost exclusively Jewish extraction; aliens, that is, in blood, in education, in ideals, and supported by alien force. The extent to which this is generally recognised is shown by the common gibe in Petrograd: ‘Are you a Commissar, or do you belong to the orthodox religion?’”

(10) “No less than 82 per cent. of the Bolshevik Commissars were known to be Jews.” (Daily Express correspondent, J. E. Hodgson, in With Denikin's Armies, p. 55.)

In the German Marxist Revolutions of 1918, the Jews were the directors and strategists;

the Soviet Republic of Munich was led by the Jews Liebknecht, Luxembourg and Eisner; the German Cabinet was dominated by the Jews Haase and Landsberg, assisted by the Jews Kautski, Alzech, Kohn and Hertzfeld, with the Jews Schiffer and Bernstein in charge of Finance, and the Jews Preuss and Freund occupying the Secretariat of the Interior.
In Prussia, the Ministry of Justice was all Jewish, headed by Rosenfeld; the Interior and Finance Ministries were held respectively by the Jews Hirsch and Simm. In Saxony, the leading lights of the Government were the Jews Lipinski and Schwartz; in Wurttemberg, the Jews Talheimer and Heimann; in Hesse, the Jew Fulda. The Jew Kurt Eisner boasted that he and ten other Jews had made the revolution; Lowenberg, Rosenfeld, Wollheim, Rothschild, Arnold, Kranold, Rosenhek, Birenbaum, Reis and Kaiser. The chiefs of Police of Berlin, Frankfort, Munich and Essen, and the heads of most of the Soldiers' and Workmen's Councils were Jews.

That is why Hitler cleanses Germany of Jews; but you cannot learn that from our Jew-controlled Press." [Excerpt, and similar examples from other countries, are from about half-way at this link below].

nilus said...

hi flanders hi t-bone hello all : GTRman /nilus /tonyhayers says hello and be sure to visit Morgoths Review.

lest we forget

Absolute K-Fest as usual on UK Prolefeed TellytubbyVision. Monday Evening

Connect 4skin: JEW after JEW after JEW :

ITV2 6pm Judge Grindr
JEW FAGGOT Robert Rinder

Channel 4 6pm The Simpsteins

Sky 1 7pm The Simpsteins x 2

BBC1 7pm The One Show
JEW Heston Blumenthal guests.
JEW Lucy Seigel reports.

BBC2 7.30pm Boris: The London Years
JEW Jo Coburn presents

BBC2 8.30pm Only Connect
JEW Victoria Coren presents

Channel 4 7pm News
JEW Cathy Newman
JEW Simon Israel

E4 7.30 The Big News Theory x 3

Channel 4 8pm Dispatches
JEW (?) Anthony Barnett presents

Channel 5 9pm The X Files starring
JEW David Duchovny

BBC2 10pm QI
QUEER JEW Stephen Fry

BBC2 10.30pm 'Jewsnight' , editor /boss:
JEW Ian Katz
JEW Emily Maitliss presents, and interviews
(Senior editor, The Atlantic) and
JEW Joe Klein (Political Columnist, Time Magazine) about Trump.
JEW David Grossman interviews
JEW Lord/Sir/Baron Daniel Finkelstein ,(Editor of The Times) and
JEW Lord /Sir/Baron Micheal Howard (Former Leader of Conservative Party) about
George Osborne.

BBC1 10.45 Cuckoo starring
JEW Andy Samberg

followed by Live at the Apollo
JEW Simon Brodkin aka Lee Nelson

ITV 11.25 The Jonathan Ross Show
JEW David Baddiel guests, theme music by
JEW Mark Ronson

Channel 4 11.50 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown
JEW Claudia Winkleman stands in for
JEW Rachel Riley , with
FAGGOT Tom Allen , produced by
JEW Richard Cohen

Channel 5 10pm Gotham created by
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QUEER JEW Andy Cohen

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lifetime 7pm
JEW Judge Judy X 4

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JEW FEST with guest JEW Sean Penn

ITV2 8pm Two and a half men x 2
JEW FEST followed by

Family K-ke

History Channel 8.30 Pawn Stars
JEW Les Gold etc

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MTV1 10pm Catfish the TV Show

Yesterday 11pm Blackadder starring
QUEER JEW Stephen Fry, written by
JEW Ben Elton
JEW Richard Curtis

Comedy Central 11.30pm Inside Amy Schumer

CBS drama 12.00
JEW Jerry Springer


nilus said...

Drama 12.00 Birds Of A Feather starring
JEW Lesley Joseph, written by
JEW Maurice Gran and
JEW Laurence Marks

BBC1 Dominic Sandbrook: Let Us Entertain You , celebrating
JEW Chris Blackwell , who sold reggae to Jamaicans in UK. Celebrating
JEW shyster Charles Saatchi, and his promotion of piss and shit and cocks and tampons and dead animals as art.

BBC4 1.30 am The Fight For Saturday Night , presented by
JEW Lord / Sir / Baron Micheal Grade (Winogradsky) (Former boss of BBC, ITV, Channel 4, etc etc) with
JEW Claudia Rosenkrantz (Former ITV Controller)*
JEW Simon Cowell also lauded.

Dave 9.20 Mock The Week
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Russia Today 3am
JEW Larry King Now

* JEW Claudia Rosencrantz is an (((English journalist))), and former Controller of Entertainment for ITV, a post she held for over ten years. She was also Director of Television for Virgin Media for five years.
In December 2005, ITV's Director of Television JEW Simon Shaps testified to Rosencrantz's influence in saying that she "has been responsible for some of the biggest entertainment hits in ITV's history. It's no exaggeration to say that the (((US networks))) have watched and waited to see what Claudia has commissioned".

Flanders said...


Anonymous said...

"...the President of the United States, even if he is a just a Kenyan-born ex-community organiser..."

Come now, Sav!

Is that any way to talk about George W. Bush's Fourth and Fifth terms?

Sure, he coulda gotten a better ventriloquist's dummy. But George was one himself.


Uncle Nasty said...

James Lord said...

Word has it that orders came from on high for Game Of Thrones to become more politically correct. No prizes for guessing the identity of the 'on highs'.


Sheldon Adelson, with his teeny-tiny little hands as a hero? Woody Allan as a mighty warrior? George Soros as a benevolent, just and fair, all-knowing, Ned Stark-type nobleman?

Or are we looking at Bette Midler performing unnatural acts on a trans-gendered Barbra Streisand?

Or do I have the wrong end of the stick here? We talking about more niggers?

... speaking of Bette Midler -- Heeb poster girl and Great White Hope(?) -- of the eighties, looks like the spin (and the pain) never ends. Have you seen her daughter?

Hey ... they even manage to pimp Goldie Hawn ...

One of the most famous pairs is of course Kate Hudson and mom Goldie Hawn. At 69 years old, Hawn isn't letting being a grandma to Kate's two kids age her. In 2011, she told reporters that her grandkids call her Glam-Ma -- and the term is now pretty commonly used.

Glam-Ma? Seriously?

Have you seen Goldie Hawn, lately? She has not aged well.

... and Huffington Post likes jews. That's just cruel.


**Better make that JewN, I guess.

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Soon nothing on TV will even be worth downloading just to delete.
14 March 2016 at 20:18

Got that right.

In a triumph of hope over experience, I downloaded episode one of a new Pommie series called The Aliens

Ta, da, da, DAAAAAH ...

Low budget? How about a politically correct, poverty row knockoff of Blade Runner with a Ghanaian female lead(?) who is so deep-fried-arsehole ugly* that the urge is overwhelming to reach into the screen, tear off her face, and beat her to death with her own lips.

It attempts the Film Noir** style, but is unfortunately not quite noir enough ... you can still see what's happening.
I weep for the photons that gave their all, so that this POS could be brought to fruition.

Once again -- setting us up for a dystopian future.


* And possessed of the infuriating, in-the-bone smugness that only a talentless, self-deceiving but endlessly promoted negroid can have. Idris Elba stumbles to mind ... or the Williams sisters.

** French for "we can't afford lighting." True, actually. Read the history of Film Noir

Beebee Nethan-Bing said...

He is makin a list
He is checkin it twice
He is tryin to find out
Who will best fall on their knees and monicalewinsky his rabbii mutilated ... .
AIPAC is comin to town

Hillary aims to outjew Saunders what will The Donald do?

Anonymous said...

Look at this shit in Australia

The villas down and out now

katana said...


An Interview with Hitler’s Barber — August Woolenhaupt

In this relaxed non-hostile interview, conducted in 1948 by Judge Michael Musmanno, August Wollenhaupt describes his pleasant experience as Hitler’s barber from 1932 to March 1945.

An Interview with Hitler’s Barber — August Woolenhaupt


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Look at these cunts in East London .. who let them in ?

Anti-whites let them in maybe.

14 March 2016 at 20:13

Indeed this is the shit (pink hair) that encourages them to come in .. and UKIP isn't innocent btw This other hideous piece of Jewish shit that shares the same French name is in the establishment and wholly responsible for the mass of Muslim shit flooding this country since 1997.

Anonymous said...

Oh vey! Oh vey! Oh vey!
If Will Smith did not boycott good films perhaps he would get more Oscar nominations?
Or is it Eddie Murphy I am thinking of?
All those schwarzes look the same to me!

Schlomo Schlomostein

Searcher said...


Racist YouTube comment:

First they deported the muslims. And I did not speak out. Because I was happy.
Then they deported the Mexicans. And I did not speak out. Because I was glad.
Then they deported the blacks. And I did not speak out. Because I was relieved.
Then they deported the jews. And I did not speak out. Because I was fucking ecstatic.
Then - I lived happily ever after.

Searcher said...


I saw some poster on MRev yesterday. His Handle is "Larry Silverstein". Currently at: The Dermatologist. He makes the odd comment like "Pull it" and other funny wit. He recently made his Disqus Profile private but you can catch some of his comments on a Daily Telegpraph article he linked to on MRev.

I was just thinking about parody.

Any parody of Trump - like Winter Trumping or the Hitler comparison backfire. Trump is already setting out his stall very clearly. There is not much to expose. He is anti-globalization. He is pro-America. He is anti one-world government. He is pro maintaining the country's borders. He is pro police and pro the army. He is anti-thuggery. He is anti-common core. He is pro decentralized education. He is anti-race riots. He is pro the rule of law and probably one of the best people to actually navigate diversity.

However, parody works a treat on the people the media give a soft run... Hilary, Bernie Sanders and Cruz. I was thinking last night, why does someone not set up a Twitter account with a code name for each of them and tweet regularly during the election process. Funny stuff - like the "Larry Silverstein" poster. The Larry Silverstein comments had me in stitches - only set up recently but hilarious.

Searcher said...


Idris Elba baffles me.

I mean I have never found Black men attractive in that way, but I can see when some are objectively good looking. Idris Elba - patchy skin tone (even skin tone is one of the chief attractive features of a Black man), bulbous nose and mid face sag - I know it sounds pernickety but I don't really care what people look like IRL (eyes above all else). However,when someone is promoted as a sex symbol type, I think they are fair game for critique. Within his group (of Black men) he is no way near the top imho.

Anyhow, check out Jelly Jonathan Ross: exploiting what Flanders referred to earlier.
I have noticed before he seems to have an instinctive allergy to Irish people. (Probably attuned to seeing through his BS). See at 4.40. Green eyed monster - it's pretty cringey.
Check out the comments.

More allergic reactions:
Jonathan Ross - Dylan Moran

For the lulz. Memory lane - Dylan - 1997:
"I'm... a man.. and everything" LOL

Anonymous said...

Talmudic racial supremacist chabad hailed Justice Scalia as the goy they could rely on.

As tweeted by Henry Makow.

Scalia sucked.

Anonymous said...

Look at this shit in Australia

The villas down and out now

The media won't call either side racist will it?

Unless one side is white.

Media sucks.

Media is anti-white.

Media promotes white genocide.

Media people should be in prison for the crime of promoting white genocide.

Anonymous said...

Nilus, has anyone told you that you examine too much TV?

James said...

I mean I have never found Black men attractive in that way, but I can see when some are objectively good looking

What about that sweaty hairless wookie on the new star wars?

He had the pilt down yo bitch.

James said...

Vicious rabid anti-semites resist peaceful Jewish takeover of their neighborhood.

Vicious racist anti-Martian Henry Magoy tweeted this.

Did I say they were vicious.

Anonymous said...

Anti-Trump lying media bitch caught out!

Download and save.

"Touched and violated". Really?


Media sucks totally.

Anonymous said...

The attack on Trump was probably an asassination attempt

And I would like to point out - look at the guy they arrested. That guy is an operative, no ifs or buts. Notice the blood on the secret service agent's hand. No explanation for that blood is given, yet it had to come from somewhere and it was not anyone's nose or mouth. Most likely that agent got stabbed or cut in that hand. And the guy who did this is already out of jail. How could that ever happen?

Additionally, this man showed up in ISIS videos as an ISIS supporter, but as soon as that was pointed out, the videos were expunged. Obviously then, Trump's opponents, who own Youtube, run ISIS and do not want correlations being drawn with other criminal activities and / or psy ops.

Image of the perp:

Matt Damon! said...

Matt Damon!

Jamie Weinstein's hoaxer girlfriend

Jamie Weinstein's hot hoaxer girlfriend

?Jamie Weinstein's hot hoaxer girlfriend who did not want to be part of the story

Jamie Weinstein's hot hoaxer girlfriend who did not want to be part of the story so wrote about it to try to get a better job by writing about her role in a media hoax

Part Honduran chica with distracting tatas and a nose that leads to questions has hoaxed the media 4 times yet remains a media darling.

Did I mention that she is Jamie Weinstein's hot part Honduran redheaded chica girlfriend?

Her lying about her "assault" by Trump's campaign manager leads me to wonder does she know Jamie Weinstein's hot part Honduran redheaded chica girlfriend and is not like that broadcasting heavyweight Megyn Kelly blond?

Matt Damon!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. Brit Transport Police release a feminist propaganda vid about groping.

Guess who plays the attacker?
A White Man!
Guess who plays the victim?
A black woman!

Have the pigs never looked at interracial rape stats??? IME sheboons would feckin PAY to be groped by an Aryan!

You won't be surpised to hear I saw the vid on BBC's mousey, hatchet-faced, feminist witch Victoria Derbyshire!!!

Uncle Nasty said...

Earl of Cambridge said...

30 years ago 4 scientists saved New York
In the original Ghostbusters Morgan Freeman was not a scientist.

14 March 2016 at 23:39

He ain't one now either.

Seriously, what was he? A janitor ... or president of the US, perhaps? Or had that life-imitates-art shit not yet started?


Searcher said...


Don't stop examining TV. And don't mind that earlier comment.

I don't watch TV anymore but it is good to know what's going on. You haven't posted here on a while. Flanders and UN got singled out recently by some troll. Same old BS - attack anything that is good and enlightening. FWIW I spotted media agendas ages ago - Friends/SATC/Emmerdale/Eastenders. I remember Miriam O'Callaghan spoke about being on the BBC (something about her not looking like the back of a bus). The narcissist in her could not recognize that BBC diversity policy probably had a lot to do with her hiring - which they admitted to years ago on some documentary (that they deliberately hired non-English to make people more accepting of a multicultural Britain). How do LGBT/multi-kulti hires not realize that their presence in front of the camera it is not down to their innate talent - Dale Winton/Trevor McDonald/Krishna Guru-Murty??! But it is not enough for me or anyone else here to just turn off, it is important also to contradict these agendas by pointing them out.

Continue your work - you are the only person I know of who systematically exposes TV shows (I couldn't do it - I would get too angry). TV is influential whether or not they influence you or me or other commentators here is largely irrelevant - they influence the majority of people who don't have a Nilus beside them to point out the agendas being pushed. I remember some dozey young woman going on to me about how Katie Price was just great. SMH.

The exposure on ad's on MRev is very important. They have a very underhand influence that is all the more powerful because it is sly. Anytime I mention these kinds of things to people IRL they almost sigh in relief - that it's not just them (a lot of people notice this privately but need someone like you to point it out in your own inimitable style!)

BTW I would start using codewords if I were you. Check out for a heads-up. Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Look at these cunts in East London .. who let them in ?

Isn't this the other one ?

Searcher said...

Re good looks - I don't think someone is ugly just because I don't like them. I can see when a child is objectively good-looking. I can see harmony in Justin Bieber's features and good skin etc but I don't find him attractive. Maybe men see this as the ultimate compliment to a person to say that they are handsome/beautiful but a lot of women don't. You're good looking - so what? Brody Jenner - stunner (but dopey/needy/messed up family) - looks only count for so much. Good looking Blacks/Arabs/Asians - they exist. So what?

My point is that Idris Elba is imho not a great looking Black man. Above average but not head-turningly handsome. This is why I think it is bizarre how he is consistently promoted as the next James Bond. This is what baffles me. That Star Wars guy is clearly not good looking, but he now has celebrity cachet (and he is proud of being a "chocolate man") ROFL. Nyom nyom - he'd eat himself!

It is this self-deceiving part in UNs comment that I picked up on. They are not even in the leagues of the best looking Black men, let alone up there with best looking White men - so it baffles me how they can be so oblivious to the realities of the mirror.

Searcher said...

Idris again.. just wondering was I writing him off too quick.

James Bond material right there - whining that journalists don't call him sexy as he swivels with legs wide open/baseball cap and feels himself - 10 year old style. He evens says AKSED, oh dear.. you'd kinda feel your IQ drop watching this kinda SHEEIT!

Anonymous said...

That Indian woman from the BBC could have #playedthevictim as she has much experience in that area.

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Nilus, has anyone told you that you examine too much TV?
15 March 2016 at 19:21

A dark and lonely job ... but someone has to do it.**

Seriously though, I find Nilus's lists invaluable. I am currently working on educating three Kiwis out of their smug little torpor and into the reality of what awaits them down Immigration Alley.

One has been converted completely, but I think his mother was frightened by a Maori (perhaps a yid) in the first place. The other two are taking some convincing, or did, until one of them saw the so-called immmigrants diversifying and enriching (tearing the arse out of) somewhere in Europe on TV.

His condemnations of me are not quite as ... strident as they were. I'm getting a lot less of the "But ... you're a South African. You would say that." and a little more of the "What the fuck's the matter with these people?"

Third one -- a female, of course -- could go either way, but even that's not a total loss. Far far less of the blind acceptance of everything -- and anything -- said or published by some so-called schleb opinion maker.


** Rather like oral sex, as one of my more disgusting girlfriends once pointed out ... and with that, I shall shut up.

Douglas Gageby said...

The hastags, the tweeting, the self referencing, the pettiness, the pointlessness.

This piece is better suited to an obscure blog rather than a prime op-ed position in the Newspaper of Record.

It's a waste of electrons never mind ink and paper.

Give up your column in favour of a hard working, talented young writer. This is bottom of the barrel rubbish.

where she is compared to Adrian Mole!

Someone understands Una Mullally!

Searcher said...

Catnip for the 14 88ers (proving my point - Trump cannot be parodied successfully):

Trump is no Hitler. Entertaining vid all the same. Lots of people will no doubt be making the connection between contemporary USA and Weimar Republic Germany - shitty media/degeneracy promoted and normalized/massive numbers unemployed/massive debt - big time carpet baggers buying up American resources. They will wonder... why? How did this happen????

Uncle Nasty said...

Further to my last, I guess I forgot the point of my post. I find Nilus's comprehensive and, I might add, highly entertaining lists a very valuable weapon.

Especially -- and this is a very big ESPECIALLY -- for those half educated (half-sighted?) folk who actually detect an overwhelming presence of nose in all the US media ... but console themselves by saying: "Well, yes. There are admittedly, a lot of jewish people* in American media ... but that's America."

Nilus's lists (suitably sanitised of any ah, questionable** overtones) prove that that's pretty much the rest of the world as well. In particular, that bastion of Britishness, the BBfuckingC

Get over the hurdle of jews not having any influence ... and watch the wheels begin to turn. Slowly at first, with many creaks, rattles and groans; dust sifting down from the rafters ... but turn they do.


* Notice how so many cannot bring themselves to utter the word "jew" ... but try and soften the imagined blow, somehow, by calling them "jewish people".
Very popular expression in "The Big Nose Theory" and always uttered by the resident bum buccaneer -- Sheldon -- who has this odd reputation for self-centred "insensitivity" ...

In certain directions, yes.

How mant times have you heard: "Blackish people"? Whitish people? Chinesish people? Whereas the resident nose (Wolowitz) will happily say "jews"

**Roy Batty: I have done ... questionable things.
Blade Runner (1982)


Uncle Nasty said...

Completely off topic, but fascinating ...

World's blackest material is now world's blackest "spray paint"

Ben Coxworth | March 14, 2016

It may look like a circle superimposed on the photo, but this is actually a round object coated in Vantablack S-VIS (Credit: Surrey NanoSystems). View gallery (2 images)

Sometimes, regular black just isn't good enough. If you're building an ultra-sensitive space telescope, for instance, you want to minimize reflections within that device as much as humanly possible. That's why Surrey NanoSystems released its Vantablack coating two years ago. Now, in order to expand its possible applications, the material is available in a convenient spray-on form.

The conventional form of Vantablack is made up of a forest of light-absorbing carbon nanotubes, and is applied to surfaces via a chemical vapour deposition process. Once in place, it traps 99.965 percent of incoming light – that's enough to make three-dimensional objects which are coated in it appear as two-dimensional voids, across a wide range of viewing angles.

The new version, known as Vantablack S-VIS, is almost as good – it traps 99.8 percent of ultraviolet, visible and infrared light. According to Surrey Nanosystems, that's 17 times less reflective than the super-black paint used in the Hubble telescope.

I guess the Black Inventors and Innovators Guild (BIIG) must be chewing marbles** that they didn't come up with it first ... but they will.

They will. In a century or six ... or next Black History Mumf.

Check out the images ... they're quite bizarre


** A favourite expression of my late mother's.

Uncle Nasty said...

Stock up while you can, Lads. Best value-for-money life insurance you'll ever get.


Anonymous said...

What an AMAZING coincidence!

Just one of those things.

Anonymous said...

Don't stop examining TV. And don't mind that earlier comment.

That wasn't an attack it was meant to be a joke.

Rock on Nilus. Most people just sit and watch TV, but you take it to the next level.

Anonymous said...

He evens says AKSED

500 years that was how it was said.

English may have changed, but our jungle scholars stick to the old ways.

Anonymous said...

Idris Elba stumbles to mind

That man was chosen to play Heimdall "The Whitest of the Gods", in Thor.

Unacceptable (and unforgivable) cultural misappropriation.

Flanders said...

We're glad to see you back with your more than classic wit, Nilus. Keep up your great work. You have a knack for pointing out the pervasiveness of those ugly runts who stand around on top of boxes in order to look "good" for TV in order to dupe our people. People need to be shaken from viewing those critters as being "somewhat like us". That is why the jews choose the WORST examples from the non-jews to contrast them as being not so superior against low-grade jewry's "best" (which "best"-jews in many instances the jew producers actually try to pass off as being White), while implying that everyone else in society is somehow just as deranged as both those groups - and that those non-jew viewers are suffering psychologically, and behind times if they are not just as evilly demented.

I recognize very few actors names, either in the UK or US, or anywhere, at least to identify them with their 2 dimensional double-faces, but I think this is the nigger everyone seems to be referring to - and is being "promoted" here by a jewess, who is severely uglier than he is. He does seem to have some redemption by his manners - which seems even more striking when contrasted with the grossly crass jewess, so that can often change people's perceptions - and properly so perhaps - but not to the point of choosing to be around either of those crinkle-heads - the nigger or especially the throw-up ugly and disgusting jewess.

Eight Crazy Dates - Episode 4 - "Idris Elba?" (Hanukkah)

"Follow Sydney as she goes on eight different dates, using eight different dating apps, one on each night of Hanukkah, in an effort to impress her traditional Jewish family."

Flanders said...

I think that my links failed to transfer.

Eight Crazy Dates - Episode 4 - "Idris Elba?" (Hanukkah)

"Follow Sydney as she goes on eight different dates, using eight different dating apps, one on each night of Hanukkah, in an effort to impress her traditional Jewish family."

Flanders said...

The jews at Forward don't seem to like the Super-jews of this Chrixxxtain-Zionist movement, at least one off-beat version of them. [I don't either, or any of the above].

"Of course, by now, we’re used to seeing Christian Zionists flying Israeli flags — and Christians now outpace Jews in their funding of AIPAC and other right-wing Israel organizations when these organizations are taken all together. But while the Assembly of Yahweh is not unique, it does seem particularly… well, weird. This isn’t just Jewish window-dressing; it’s a full-on hybrid of Judaism and Christianity that is powering Cruz’s campaign for president.

First, Farris Wilks denies the mainstream Christian understanding of the divinity of Jesus. Not surprisingly, given Wilks’s connection to Cruz, his sermons have all been removed from the Assembly of Yahweh website and YouTube channel. But in a sermon given at a different church, the Mount Zion Church of God, he cites numerous passages from the New Testament showing, in his view, that the son of God and God/Yahweh are two distinct personages, that Jesus is a mediator between people and God, and that Jesus is God’s “right-hand man” but distinct from God Himself.

Second, members of the Assembly of Yahweh “keep the Sabbath, the Passover and other festivals of Lev. 23, [and] choose to eat clean foods,” avoiding pork and shellfish. (A bit like Karaites, they only maintain the biblical law, and thus do not prohibit the mixture of milk and meat or require kosher slaughter.) They sleep in tents on Sukkot, but reject Christmas and Halloween.
And then there are the trappings of Jewish observance." [More worth seeing that it too difficult to transpose into an excerpt is at the link].

Flanders said...

A jewess fem who equates grossness with being "fem" [Most jews do - It's just a "normal" jew thing] apparently wants the blood to run during Trump's campaign. I won't offend myself or the other men here by posting her examples, and while I don't pretend to know a woman's mind I do know that normal people, and that includes ALL the White women whom I personally know, would find her examples gross, past public decency and offensive. I'm sure that most [probably all] of those examples were of the "works" of jews.

Flanders said...

I have not discovered EndZog's source for his posting, but this is an absolute essential posting for ALL White people to review from End Zog. "Britain To Phase Out ‘Whiteness’ By 2030 Says Home Secretary Theresa May, ~Apologises To Jews".

"British’ Home Secretary Theresa May rushed to apologise to the Jewish community for any misconstrued inference in her remarks at her annual dinner speech to the LGBT FOR OUR FUTURE conference in Neasden, London last night that might have offended Jews.

Ms May in her closing words to the LGBT conference also said that the government along with other changes to further equality for all regardless of colour or sexual preference were committed to end the outmoded prejudice of paedophobia.
"“As long as whiteness exists other races will always be placed in a position of inferiority to them. This can only be solved by ending whiteness altogether...".

While I did not find EndZog's source for his article, there is this separate but somewhat related video of that creep May below.

Please note that it is my suspicions, but not yet confirmed, that the Hatzair groups of jews which I have been talking about are some of the main jews who are responsible for the networking which is spreading these types of "organizations", both domestically and around the world, and are indoctrinating groups of children, schools and others. I have other indications which point to that, and along a much broader area than this relatively small issue on queerdom. This is an area that does not jump out in your face, to provide obvious answers as to it's complete scope, which is extreme and pervasive, but there is a subversive coordinated effort at installing jew communism under the guise "social justice" types of jew-pushed issues. If I'm right, those subversive groups of internationally operating jews of the Hashomer Hatzair are involved in damned near every organization of the "social justice" genre, and entrenched in government and other areas, too, and their activities are not confined to the SJ areas, but it is just too much for me to dig out and document alone. I think we may be surprised at just how much these groups have networked and infected the daily lives of everyone on this planet for so long - without it having become obvious that they are even there. I compare it to the media, because that is a part of it, too, and their influence extends I would think to those stupid "public service" announcements and into actual programming and the social aspects of everyday commercials as well.

The only thing that Creep Mays says that is correct, is that JEWS DAMNED SURE ARE NOT WHITE! None of them.

I think Stonewall is the biggest controller of the queer indoctrination movements, but I suspect there are those many other jews whom I spoke about above who are providing their impetus and direction, as well as extensive "professional" networking to spread their filthy messages and influence, and that of each and every other jew evil - All of it directed against the White people in ALL our countries.

Uncle Nasty said...

As a matter of interest, I have just read that Trump lost the state of Ohio ... but took both Illinois and North Carolina.

Apparently he walked all over the opposition by securing a huge victory in Florida to knock out Senator Marco Rubio while losing Ohio to Governor John Kasich.

To be blunt, I don't really know how the US electoral system works, but I imagine -- if he is not a false flag operation -- that the Heebs will not be happy; considering the gallons of vitriol that they and their bum-buddies have spewed** in Trump's direction.

Which is fine by me.

What confuses me a bit, though, is that Florida -- as far as I know, is where all the New York oven dodgers go to retire.
Strange, that.


** Always wanted to use that word in a lefty-liberal context. They seem to think it's fine -- if they do it.

Oh ... and bite me, Sarah Silverman. Looks like your Hitler schtick may have backfired. What a delicious thought.

Flanders said...

James sets forth the figures for KIA - In The USA.

"What do you make of this small but powerful set of stats on members of law enforcement agencies killed in action?
"In the 1970s, Negroes probably did most of the killing of LEOs — incited by jews, of course. Meanwhile, some Whites were defending themselves, their families, and their property against the jew-serving government, which resulted in some KIAs. The jews, of course, had created the hippie and counterculture (counter White culture) shit of the 1960s and the backlash of the ’70s.

If anybody has some knowledge or wisdom to add to, or to correct, my offerings, please submit comments or emails."

Flanders said...

Does anyone have any contact or information about the possible effectiveness and legitimacy for this site as for White interests? The site itself seems to be dormant on it's postings for at least a short time.

The Metal Rat said...

It seems that Barack Obama deliberately caused problems in the Middle East, so that "Migrants" could be forced into Europe, Germany and Britain in particular. I do not think he really much likes White people!

Flanders said...

A jew judge, Merrick Garland, could be Obama's pick for the Supreme Court.

"President Barack Obama is likely to announce either Judge Sri Srinivasan or Judge Merrick Garland as his pick for U.S. Supreme Court nominee and the announcement could come as early as Wednesday, a source familiar with the selection process said.

Garland, who has earned praise from lawmakers of both parties, is the chief judge of the Washington appeals court, where he has served since being appointed by Democratic President Bill Clinton in 1997, winning confirmation in a 76-23 vote. Prior to that, he served in the Justice Department under Clinton.

Garland was under consideration in 2009 for Obama’s first appointment but the new administration chose Sonia Sotomayor, attracted to her rise from a Bronx housing project to the elite corridors of Yale and the federal judiciary

Both Srinivasan, who would be the first Hindu on the high court, and Garland, who is Jewish, are seen as having unique attributes that could weigh heavily in Obama’s decision.

Srinivasan, 49, and Garland, 63, serve together on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. That appeals court has served as a springboard to the Supreme Court for several justices including Scalia in recent decades.

Srinivasan, who was born in India and grew up in Kansas, would be the first Asian-American and first Hindu on the high court. Obama appointed him to the appeals court in 2013. The Senate confirmed him in a 97-0 vote."

Michelle Fields awesome boobs! said...

I do not think he really much likes White people!

The guy who sided with a thug "If I had a son" who attacked a neighborhood watchman, Michael Brown* who attacked a white police officer and "Skip" "I forgot my keys so I will go in through the window Oh noes why iz white police officers arresting an AA Harvard professor who iz onlyz trying to get into his house by a back window" Gates.

*This guys cousin fled from police officers and pulled a gun on them after crashing. I will put the link here.Wait! It does not exist because it does not fit the narrative.

Searcher said...


That site is connected with Jack Sen. Someone made a comment elsewhere that European Knights advocate citizen nationalism?

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Flanders refers to a site called Endzog. I have had a look at this, and find there is, or seems to be, a lot of interference with it. In particular there is a piece about Adolf which seems to get cut off anytime I try to look at it. Is there something going on here, does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

I've noticed a big drop in numbers over the last month or so. We've gone from 200,000 - 500,000 views of our posts each week on this page to 49000 which is quite strange.
I've seen lots of pages posting about how facebook are hiding posts from anti Islamisation pages so I've done a few experiments today.
3 of my friends shared one of this pages posts earlier yet the stats say no one has shared it........... Also using my personal account the posts that they shared did not appear on the newsfeed of my personal account despite being connected to them and regularly commenting on their posts. Also looking through their newsfeeds NONE of our posts from today appeared on their newsfeeds. They had to actually go on to our page to see our posts.
Also using a new phone I created a new facebook account and searched English Defence League. Only 11 pages appeared in the search results despite the fact we have over a hundred pages and divisions from various towns all over the country. I also searched for lesser known counter Jihad pages. They didn't even appear in the search results unless I used the correct capital letter at the start of the name and got every single letter exactly as it is on their page..................................
it's bad enough that the police completely surround us at demos and don't allow the public through their barriers to hear our speeches. It's bad enough that the police harass us at every turn but now it seems they want to silence us online as well. Aint democracy grand!
These latest developments give me grave concern for our countries future. Whenever the powers that be deny the people a voice in how their own lives are run it always turns to violence. The people will always fight back. We will have to change our tactics and become more active on a weekly basis in our own towns rather than a polite peaceful demo every few months. If they think they can silence us they are in for a big surprise.

From bournemouth edl page

Douglas Gageby said...

Pretty vacant blond wrote the following in the Telegraph.

Elsewhere in Cambridge, I can reveal that the Junior Common Room of Christ’s College is seriously considering “non binary” loos where people are not “categorized” sexually. The idea of some poor female student going for a wee on a Saturday night and ending up at a urinal next to a rugby player discharging six pints of ale is deeply disturbing, but you will have to excuse me. I am old enough to still “identify as female”.

Won't get a job in THESHITERIMES with thta attitude missy.

Anonymous said...

This is our country get out . Muslims scream at whites in London

Disappointed Filmgoer said...

Sarah Silverman, Roseanna Barr, Ruby Wax, Whoopie Goldberg.
If you are going to Ramake Ghostbusters at least hire comedienneic actoresses who have native talent. Barbra Streisand can sing the theme song and make a cameo.
Still I suppose I can look forward to them in the Brokeback Mountain remake.

Searcher said...

This article has also been linked to on MRev. It is a good exposé on the Blair years of mass immigration.

I remember well my English friends were ecstatic at Blair's win. There was massive hope at the time - Brit Pop was huge and I think Oasis even supported Labour (just checked -they did). He was young, energetic and "Education, education, education" were his 3 top priorities. Any Americans should beware - is Bernie Saunders on a similar schtick about education being a priority?

In other news, this is another blog I found recently. Well written and detailed articles (not many though).

Anonymous said...

Racist cat ...

nilus said...

Andrew Anglin recently was a guest on "Fash the Nation " which is one of "The Right Stuff (dot biz) regular audios, podcasts (if you dont listen to The Daily Shoah every Tusday you should : it is the home of the always excellent "The Merchant Minute ")

and Anglin mentioned "Morgoth's Review" as one of his favourite sites (he often posts Morgoth's pieces )

Well iwas just listening to another great interview with the brilliant Simon Sheppard (Heretical) and he obviously is a reader of The Irish Savant as he mentions (and attempts to answer a recent question posed by Savant : " Why now? Why are they ramping up the gimmivasion NOW ? "

@ 63 mins:
Aryan Insights: Simon Sheppard – Female Strategies at the Racial Level
March 15, 2016 5 Replies

Radio Aryan | Simon Sheppard Explains the psychology behind the behaviour of
Blacks, Jews and women.

you're welcome.
GTRman /nilus /tony hayers.

PS thanks for the feedback: its a dirty job but someone's got to do it, even after all these years it still triggers me and so on I go.

Did any of you see "Tony Hayer's Festive TV Guide" ? at Morgoths?
It's a bunch of spoof TV listings /songs etc and was posted on Christmas Day, and I think it contains a good few chuckles :


4.30 "Nazi Hitler And The Hitler Nazis:Six Million Reasons To Hate Them Forever"
Simon Sebag-Montefiore and Simon Schama tell us the ((truth)) we need to hear.

5pm "Nigella's Law Son"
Josh Widdicombe plays a jewish cop whose mum sells cook-books while he
books white crooks and cucks for black bucks

5.30 "Citizen Cohen"
New shitcom about a Rabbi
who ,when he's not cutting childrens dicks, is sucking them.
Fun for all the family,starring Matt Lucas and Tom Rosenthal
Directed by David Schneider

6 pm "Judge Grindr presents Mr and Mr"
A special festive celebrity version of the queer-dating show, with
Stephen Fry, Simon Amstell, Matt Lucas, and their partners

7pm "The Rabbi Of Dibley"
starring Rebecca Front and Tracey Anne Oberman

7.25pm "Hitler: He Really Was Horrible, Wasnt He?"

7.30pm "Heads Or Tails?"
Victoria Coren and Claudia Winkleman present the popular "Noahide Laws"-based quiz show

8pm "The Six-Million-Man Dollar"
Norman Finklestein presents a light-hearted festive celebration of Shoah Business

8.30pm "The Rise Of Evil: Hitler And The Nazis"

9pm "The Nation's Favourite Nazi Beatles Song"
"Let It Zyklon B"
"Hate Juden"
"All My Oven"
"All You Need Is Lufftwaffe"
"The Thule On The Hill"
"And I Love Fuhrer"
"Human Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kike"
"I Saw Hitler Standing There"
Which one will be Chosen by the People? YOU Deicide!!

10pm "Rabbi Got News For You?"
Jo Brand hosts the ever-so-edgy and relevant political satire show

Searcher said...


Diversity includes wheelchair users btw. Who knew? But more importantly, diversity means diversity of thought. Deep.

Idris Elba knows all about it. He also knows about the glass ceiling. Why do these kinds of speeches always give me an impression of: "whinge whine, no-one wants me, moany moan". Have to laugh how he cites Denzel Washington before Robert De Niro. Wonder why? Oh he's transparent alright, under his glass ceiling. Picky I know, but he has a bit of a lisp and doesn't seem to enunciate very well in general. Is the voice not an important tool in the actor's toolbox? What's his obsession about his supposedly twinkly eyes? Does it hurt that no-one raves about his eyes? Poor thing - wishes he was a blue-eyed devil, albino chimp, cave dweller p'raps.

Casting directors etc are named in his big speech. These are the people who had "magination to look for diversity 'n' raw talen':

But who invited Idris Elba to speak to the MPs?

nilus said...


"Homes Under Mohammed"
Property show. Is YOUR landlord a PAKI?

"Flog Her"
And cut off her clit while you're at it.

"Escape To Our Country"
The English Channel is no deterrent !!
Presented by Mohammed Abdullah

"Dont Smell The Bride"
Seriously, don't.

"When Hairy Met Smelly"
Pakistani dating show presented by
Abdullah Mohammed

"Allah Allah"
Laugh your head off with Mo and the gang
plucky Islamic insurgents in the Parisian cafe scene.
Starring Mohammed Abdullah

"Ready, Beheady, Cut"
Presented Abdullah Mohammed

"Are You Being Severed?"

Some Muzzies Do 'Ave Em (Clitorises)
with Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed

"Last Of The Ummah Swine"
Abdul Mohammed stars

South Asia's premier pop-group Addis Abbaba showcase all their hits including:

Dansak Queen
The Winner Takka Dahl
Chicken Tikka
Does Your Mullah Know
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Iman After Midnight)
Urdu, Urdu, Urdu, Urdu,Urdu
Thankyou For The Modak
Mumbai, Mumbai, Mumbai
Nose Ring, Nose Ring
Take A Chance On Meat
Knowing Methi. Knowing Undhiyu
The Day Before You Camel
Prefer Nandos

Christmas Movies include:

Return Of The Jihadi
The Empire Smells Black
The Phantom Nebbish
Attack Of The Cohens
The Foreskin Awakens
The Wizard Of Poz

Samuel N-Word Jackson's Guide To The New James Bond:

"The Spook Who Raped Me"
"Never Say Nigger Again"
"Trayvon Her Majesties Secret Service"
"Kwanza Of Solstice"
"Dr Bonobo"
"Welfare Is Not Enough"
"Live And Let Muh Dik

(with thanks yo spongecake /robin steptoe for some suggestions)

James said...

Big anti-immigration deal, but no mention of GENOCIDE at all.

James said...

Blogger The Metal Rat said...
It seems that Barack Obama deliberately caused problems in the Middle East, so that "Migrants" could be forced into Europe, Germany and Britain in particular. I do not think he really much likes White people!

It's called the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.

Merkel won a Coudenhove-Kalergi award for advancing the EU white genocide plot.

In 1925 Kalergi (the father of the European Union) said "We intend to make Europe into a mixed race."

Now they are doing it. Obama and Hillary Clinton provide the material.

Uncle Nasty said...

The Metal Rat said...

It seems that Barack Obama deliberately caused problems in the Middle East, so that "Migrants" could be forced into Europe, Germany and Britain in particular. I do not think he really much likes White people!

16 March 2016 at 08:14

Obama? Hatching that little scheme on his own? The author of all our ills?

Dream on, sport. The little wamnabe Oreo, if you put him and a thousand other niggers with a thousand computers and his uglyasfuk wookiee wife(?) into a room with a Kalergi blueprint and the Library of Congress, could not come up with anything like that.

He is -- not to put too fine a point on it -- a house nigger, and American jewry owns the house.

So, regardless of his rolling, orotund voice -- and unusual negroid capacity for reading a teleprompter, if brains were dynamite, he would not have quite enough to blow his widescreen nose.

Besides, it has been going on since before the French Revolution and Hollywood notwithstanding, we do not have time travel, yet.


Clogheen said...

Just look at these typically representative "Irishmen". Self-parody.

kulak said...

TOO reports Jews at Breitbart got their undies in a knot over Trump and have jumped ship.

Good on Breitbart!

LVG said...

Jews at Breitbart?? I thought that was a requirement for working there. Breitbart himself was one.

Uncle Nasty said...

Speaking of big-mouthed big noses, it appears that the so-called judge jewdy has had the whistle blown on her ... working for the good of the community, of course.

Amazing just how profitable that so-called community work can be ...

Judge Judy's astonishing annual salary of $US47 million revealed in lawsuit

Judge Judy's producers claim she was being paid US$47million at the height of her show.

Judge Judy Sheindlin is on some serious coin.

The reality TV judge, best known for laying down the law in our loungerooms for the past two decades, has had her staggering salary revealed in a new lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit filed against network CBS this week, the 73-year-old Brooklyn-born judge banks a whopping US$47 million (NZ$71m) every year.

This is almost double the salary of the world's highest paid TV actor, Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons, who made US$29m in the last financial year.

Whattaya know? Jews even trump faggots.


Uncle Nasty said...

Re The Nilus/Spongecake post of 16 March 2016 at 18:26

Another good keyboard shot to hell. Thanks for that


Anonymous said...

First Dead Pool. Now this.

It's getting bad.

Anonymous said...

Obama? Hatching that little scheme on his own? The author of all our ills?

He never got the idea on his lonesome, but he is doing it.

Anonymous said...

Can't stump the Trump - Volume XXI

Searcher said...

Importance of converting SJW types. The apostate can be the strongest critic/opponent. A lot of SJW types are drawn to the ideology out of idealism. Idealists are dangerous in the sense that there are no limits to an idealist.

As the ex-KGB man says, they will be dispensed with once society is unstable and they have served their purpose. It has also been described as the left eating itself.

Crisis - sleepers - Messiah - well worth a watch:

ThunderAppeal6 years ago
I say this to anyone who will listen. My family fled the communists in the soviet union in the '70s. My family fought the nazis during WW2. This man is to be listened to and everything he says should be taken as dogma. Yuri speaks with first hand knowledge and is the utmost authority. Everything he says is still legitimate.

Flanders said...

A somewhat sensible naturalization program which, as White people are now discovering, didn't go quite far enough.

Whether a naturalization is to be considered undesirable shall be adjudicated in accordance with racial-national [voelkisch-national] principles. In the foreground are the racial, civic and cultural viewpoints regarding an increase of the German population compatible with the interests of Reich and folk by naturali-
nation. Not only are facts preceding the date of naturalization to be taken into consideration, but especially also circumstances appearing subsequent to the date of naturalization.

Accordingly the repeal of naturalization is especially to be contemplated in the case of :
(a) Eastern Jews, unless they have fought on the German side at the front in the World War, or have rendered extremely meritorious services to the German interests:
(b) Persons who are guilty of a grave offense or a crime, or otherwise have acted in a way detrimental to the welfare of the state and the people."

James said...

Masons have been fiddling with the bible for their own purposes.

1582: Esdras Apocalypse included in the 1st Edition Douai-Rheims in English. The English D-R Bible is banned from England. Anyone caught owning or distributing is tried for treason by the Masonic English Government.

The "Book of Revelations" is not the real ending of the bible. They removed 4 books which describe the New World Order planned for after the apocalypse (the revealing).

They might be worth reading if you want to know your spot in the pyramid.

Flanders said...

This gives a good overall rundown of how the "NWO" works it's evil. It fails to mention the jews, but everyone should know that the jews are the instigators on every one of these "NWO" organizations. Those are only the beginning, although a big one, of the overall jewish treacheries committed against White people and White nations.

"Every American citizen, no matter where you live, MUST buy your
county's Plat Book. Plat Books are maps that identify the owners of
each and every parcel of land in your counties. You cannot know what
is going on behind the scenes unless you buy your county Plat Book.
Begin there."

"Once you buy your county Plat Books, you will clearly see that there
is next to no property left to buy in the United States. It has
already been purchased by state and federal government, land
development companies, large corporations, land trusts like The Nature
Conservancy, and land fund organizations - all of which
are "partnered" together in the greatest land and natural resource
confiscation scheme in the history of the world.

In a nutshell, we are witnessing bureaucratic nation conquering.
Rather than using warfare to collect new countries and landmasses, the
partnership bureaucracy is collecting world territory via land
grabbing initiatives under the direction of the United Nations and its
global partners."

Flanders said...

This information is important and needs attention. The jews will forever control our American food supplies if this Monsanto bill is enacted. Remember the Holodomor!

“A piece of legislation that would prohibit states from enacting GMO-labeling laws, as well as make it difficult for companies wishing to voluntarily label GMOs, is expected to hit the Senate floor for a vote today. The Senate vote has been dreaded by the Right to Know movement ever since it passed the House of Representatives 275–150 in mid-July.

Authored by Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS), the bill has been labeled the “Deny Americans the Right to Know (DARK) Act” by healthy food advocates because it eliminates a person’s right to know exactly what is in their food.

The newly “introduced legislation [is] intended to preempt state GMO labeling laws – and it’s expected to come to a floor vote TOMORROW,” said the Environmental Working Group in an action alert email sent on March 15, 2015.

The clock is ticking

“This is our LAST CHANCE to stand up for GMO labeling and keep Big Food and Monsanto’s allies in Congress from robbing us of our right to know,” warned EWG in the email. “Americans should have the same right as citizens of 64 other countries to know whether or not their food contains genetically engineered ingredients.”

You can take action now by sending a message to the Senate and voicing your support for GMO-labeling here. [At the link].

Flanders said...

The following information from a North Carolina PDF provides info about the plat recordings that is probably obtainable in all counties for most of the states in the US.

(b) Plats to Be Reproducible. – Each plat presented for recording shall be a reproducible plat, either original ink on polyester film (mylar), or a reproduced drawing, transparent and archival (as defined by the American National Standards Institute), and submitted in this form. The recorded plat must be such that the public may obtain legible copies. A direct or photographic copy of each recorded plat shall be placed in the plat book or plat file maintained for that purpose and properly indexed for use. In those counties in which the register has made a security copy of the plat from which legible copies can be made, the original may be returned to the person indicated on the plat.

(c) Information Contained in Title of Plat. – The title of each plat shall contain the following information: property designation, name of owner (the name of owner shall be shown for indexing purposes only and is not to be construed as title certification), location to include township, county and state, the date or dates the survey was made; scale or scale ratio in words or figures and bar graph; name and address of surveyor or firm preparing the plat.
[A 5 page PDF from NC]:

Flanders said...

[55 page PDF]

Jewish authors say that the cradle of the Caucasic Hebrews was
in Aturpokaton, called Soviet Azerbaidjan today. They hove spread
into Georgia — Stalin's homeland — Turkey and especially in the
Caucasus. Many of them ore Moslem in public '^nd Jews in secret,
in Turkey.

Anonymous said...

How Long before Arabs rule London

Anonymous said...

Germany cracks down on the right

The comments start blaming jews

Rosa Marx said...

Gerry Adams compares himself to the parksist who refused to give up her seat to a disabled war veteran.

A Travon was shot some place but as Obama is not seeking election it is ignored.

A Trevon was shot some place but as Obama is not seeking election it is ignored.

Anonymous said...

This is fucking hilarious ..

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

How Long before Arabs rule London
17 March 2016 at 11:13

Once again, the wrong question ... and the complete missing of the point, perhaps intentionally?
The Arabs in Europe, the US and pommieland are not rulers ... they are weapons.

The jews rule, have ruled and will rule,
... until they swing.

As the Cossacks knew full well, a swing with the flat of the blade really motivated them, but the only way to a permanent solution is to use the edge.

Only when we learn that again, will the healing of the world really begin.


Awed Bawl said...

Awed Bawl said...

Catholic Bible modified to favor jew interests?

Sounds like the Scofield Bible- modified to shine a nice halo on kikery. Thanks to whore Cyrus Scofield and his mentor samuel untermyer. [jews are already overcapitalized]