Sunday, 13 December 2015

Unnerving report from the Washington Post

Just read this report from the Washington Post on global warning. It's bad.  Seems the polar ice caps are shrinking and will be gone within a decade, as will polar bears, and.......actually, just read this summary for yourself.:

"The Arctic Ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consulate, at Bergen , Norway.  Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard-of temperatures in the Arctic zone.  Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met as far north as 81 degrees 29 minutes.   
Soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters showed the gulf stream still very warm.   Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, while at many points well known glaciers have entirely disappeared. Very few seals and no white fish are found in the eastern Arctic, while vast shoals of herring and smelts which have never before ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal fishing grounds."

Er, did I mention that the report dates from November 2, 1922?

Yes, nearly 100 years ago they were making the very same apocalypse-around-the-corner predictions that they're peddling today. The Climate Change Project is a scam from start to finish. Great money stands to be made by corporations in on the racket, universities and think-tanks churning out bogus research, and by an army of crooks in the Third World.

But there are darker (!) forces driving this agenda, which is a classical representation of the Hegelian Dialectic. Problem: We're all doomed! (thanks Al). Reaction: Please Government, UN - anyone - help us to avoid this fate. Solution: Well good news people. We have all ready to go a series of measures that will eliminate the risk. But, em, this will require a vast transfer of funds from White wage slaves to the Third World and the trans-national bodies engaged in the project. And more important it requires many significant powers to be devolved from nation states to these same trans-national institutions.


Doesn't everything click into place once you've taken the red pill?


Shaunantijihad said...

2.6 million years ago evil White men appeared in the dream of an Australopithecine which caused poor mother Earth to have a violent fit of fever which brought on the current interglacial period (the Holocene) in the current Ice Ace (the Pleistocene) which caused the Ice sheets to roll back from Europe and North America as the racist White men who almost existed would one day invent engines and cow farts so that is why we must have your money and breed more Negroes to invade your countries because 2.6 million years ago 6 million Jews were not yet existing because racist Whites had not even believed in it yet because they are so racist and will always be and killed and killed and killed and probably ate all the righteous Australopithecines who were just turning their lives around and becoming brain surgeons.

So pay up.

Oy vey!

Searcher said...

From Piers Corbyn's website:

Climate predictions since 1970s

P Corbyn's website:

I file climate preductions under an overall BUPO category. This includes but is not limited to the following predictions:

- Personalised robots to make the bed, hoover the carpets and make a cuppa tea
- Red-heads going extinct
- Peak oil
- End Times

Andromeda said...

Climate change, No climate change, Either Way, "To be successful, we would need to abandon our current political and economic organizational structures, national governments and ‘up’, which select for the sociopaths that gather behind their heavy security details to decide on your future while gloating with glee in their power positions."

Amen, Amen. I, for one, agree. But HOW the hell do we go about doing this?

tex said...

Watch this short but shocking video about the situation in German hospitals which have been swamped by violent and demanding Africans. Could this be the future for all in the civilised west?......

Anonymous said...

I don't understand climate change denial. It's one part of alt-right thinking that makes no sense to me. People, THE US DEPT OF DEFENSE accepts the reality of climate change and is actively planning for the resulting conflicts, some of which are brewing now!

And why do you think Israel is walling itself off? They know that populations will move en masse - hell that's already begun - and they want a defensive perimeter around their water and food.

I grant that the anthropogenic contribution might be significant, or insignificant. It might be sunspots. But the climate IS CHANGING. And once the brown people run out of water, they will be coming north.

Anonymous said...

You never mentioned the Eskimos you racist

Anonymous said...

Is it climate change or global warming, up until a few years ago it was global warming, now that it was discovered it was all BS, the buzz word global warming changed to climate change.

The world gets cooler and warmer, deal with it, if planet earth recovered from the killer asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs, I'm sure it will recover from cow flatulence, and 100 years of fossil fuel burning.

The reason we against climate change is because it's a tool to control humanity to achieve nefarious ends.

Anonymous said...

John Prescott tells us that the science regarding man-made global warming is "settled". That's good enough for me.

As a kid growing up in the 1950's I well remember that bad weather was always put down to the testing of "them H-bombs".


Anonymous said...

"You never mentioned the Eskimos you racist"

You have just committed a micro aggression. The term Eskimo is a relic of the white racist colonial past.
The term we prefer today is "Inuit" or "Alaska Natives". Thank you.


Glen C said...

The whole issue of man-caused "global warming" is total BULLSHIT and is nothing more than a last gasp money grab by the power elite in the world. When a body like the IPCC does a study on "global warming" and decides in ADVANCE to exclude any causes of climate change OTHER THAN those related to man-kind's activities you should know right off the bat that something really stinks with the "science" going on.

The other give away to the whole thing being a scam is the efforts some governments are making to shut up those scientists that are voicing opposing views to the "settled science" of man-caused global warming, including proposals to arrest and imprison those called "climate change deniers".

Anonymous said...

"I don't understand climate change denial."

The global warming scam is like an upside down pyramid. 1% of the total pyramid is the tiny data collection part at the bottom and the other 99% of the pyramid is built on top of that data but the data collection is rigged.

A lot of the people engaged in aspects of global warming are involved because they believe the data is true.

Only some of them know it's not true and are simply scamming.


"And why do you think Israel is walling itself off? ... And once the brown people run out of water, they will be coming north."

Yes but that's population growth not global warming.

Anonymous said...

and there was me thinking the near-extinct polar bears of the north represented one thing, while the vast shoals of migrating herrings represented another...

CanSpeccy said...

Climate Science RIP

Climate changes: always has, always will.

And human activity affects the climate.

But climate scientists, their political backers and hangers on have so crassly turned the issue of anthropogenic climate warming/change/cooling/whatever into an instrument of self-advancement or political control that it is impossible now to discuss the subject publicly without becoming the target for vicious insults from proponents of one or other extremist view.

Under those circumstances, obviously, no scientist other than a charlatan or a dimwit would enter the field today. This is unfortunate, because changing the chemical composition of the atmosphere should be a matter of concern and careful study by competent people.

Doubling atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration may not have much effect on the weather, but studies from top labs indicate that it has an extraordinarily severe negative impact on human cognitive capacity. When Trump says, "we are led by very stupid people" the reason may not be so hard to find.

What is just about as scary is that raising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration boosts global primary production, particularly in dry zones. Thus today the Australian outback is greening up, as is the African Sahel and the Argentinian pampas. Soon we may see expansion of Saharan oases and a renewed colonization of that vast area.

It is estimated that global primary production has been boosted by ten billion tons a year, and CO2 is up only 40% so far. Double the pre-industrial concentration and the population carrying capacity of Africa and many other parts of the world could double, which should really exacerbate the European immigration crisis.

Anonymous said...

"The world gets cooler and warmer, deal with it, if planet earth recovered from the killer asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs, I'm sure it will recover from cow flatulence, and 100 years of fossil fuel burning."

The point is not whether "the planet earth" recovers, the point is whether WE recover, especially we Westerners. The dinosaurs got killed off, did you read what you wrote? The point is that we might be killed off.

"Deal with it" - you mean stop sticking our heads in the sand about it? I agree. We need plans. The climate is changing and conflict is coming.

Just to give you one example, China will take Siberia within a century.

Flanders said...

It may be warmer than usual where I am, but I think that kids a few years or a few hundred years from now are going to be asking, and not necessarily about weather, THIS major question:

Why didn't you stop those lying asses when YOU had the chance to do so!

My way to lead into an off-topic comment:

Regarding Syria and the proposed jew wars against it:

“Our boys” will not be fighting ISIS, whatever the media may tell you. ISIS is on "our" side. ISIS is NATO. “Our boys” will be fighting alongside ISIS and a ragtag of mercenaries and lunatics and sociopathic mass murderers…”.

An additional posting to remind you about the circumstances surrounding #2:

heuristic said...

Canspecy. I think you have it exactly right. And yes the results are unpredictable as per your references to Australia and the Sahara etc. Which to mind mind underlines the political agenda behind the frenzy.

Anonymous said...

Why why why .is it so hat Pakistanis here will vote for him
He is cutting back services here that grand mufti Cameron I hate him
Eff the villa they are going down and so is england by the looks of things
The twat even says they will waste some of the aid

Anonymous said...

It's all a scam, take the red pill and open your eyes take the blue pill and be deceived.

Frank Galton said...


Anonymous said: “Is it climate change or global warming, up until a few years ago it was global warming, now that it was discovered it was all BS, the buzz word GLOBAL WARMING changed to CLIMATE CHANGE.”

The Guardian, 04 March 2003

The US Republican party is changing tactics on the environment, avoiding "frightening" phrases such as global warming, after a confidential party memo warned that it is the domestic issue on which George Bush is most vulnerable.

The memo, by the leading Republican [Jewish] consultant FRANK LUNTZ, concedes the party has "lost the environmental communications battle" and urges its politicians to encourage the public in the view that there is no scientific consensus on the dangers of greenhouse gases.

"The scientific debate is closing [against us] but not yet closed. There is still a window of opportunity to challenge the science," Mr Luntz writes in the memo, obtained by the Environmental Working Group, a Washington-based campaigning organisation.

The phrase "GLOBAL WARMING" should be abandoned in favour of "CLIMATE CHANGE", Mr Luntz says, and the party should describe its policies as "conservationist" instead of "environmentalist", because "most people" think environmentalists are "extremists" who indulge in "some pretty bizarre behaviour... that turns off many voters".

The Atlantic, 06 January 2014

In the '90s, [FRANK LUNTZ] became known as the MAN WHO COULD SELL ANY POLITICAL MESSAGE by picking the right words. "Estate tax" sounds worthy and the right thing for a democracy to do, but "death tax" sounds distasteful and unfair. "Global warming" sounds scary, but "climate change" sounds natural or even benign.

Luntz is famous not just on television—he has talking-head contracts with both [Jewish-controlled] CBS and [Zionist-controlled] Fox News, a rare arrangement—but among the political and business elite. When he walks into the Capitol Hill Club, he is beset by REPUBLICAN MEMBERS OF CONGRESS * wanting to talk to him and soak up his aura of celebrity. He boasts that he speaks to at least one Fortune 500 CEO every day.

He periodically comes under attack from the right for not toeing the Republican line, and has been critical of the party's right wing. "It seems like the Democrats are going so far overboard, and the Republicans are going nowhere," he tells me. "So I'm mad at both of them." Increasingly, he says, he seeks to maintain relationships with members of BOTH PARTIES.

His closest friendship in politics today, he says, is with a DEMOCRAT, [Jewish] Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado (disclosure: Bennet is the brother of Atlantic editor in chief James Bennet).

"I am nothing if not HUMAN [read: JEWISH]," ** he says, breaking into a grin. "I'm SUPER-HUMAN [“I’m SUPER-JEW”]**. I'm a HUMAN-AND-ONE-FIFTH” [“I’m a JEW-AND-ONE-FIFTH”].**

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...


* Golem. In early golem tales the golem was usually a perfect servant, his only fault being a too literal or mechanical fulfillment of his master’s orders. In the 16th century the golem acquired the character of PROTECTOR OF THE JEWS...

** According to Samuel Katz, who was brought up as a Satmar but later became secular, [Jewish] boys in the community are taught that non-Jews AREN’T QUITE HUMAN.

The highly revered Rabbi MENACHEM MANDEL SCHNEERSON, who headed the Chabad movement and wielded great influence in Israel as well as in the U.S., explained that, "The difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish person stems from the common expression: `Let us differentiate.' Thus, we do not have a case of profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level. Rather we have a case of `let us differentiate" between totally DIFFERENT SPECIES. This is what needs to be said about the body: the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of (members) of all nations of the world [the goyim]...”

“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel.” – Rabbi OVADIA YOSEF, former Chief Rabbi of Israel


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

I always watch nature programmes like country file .but if Ellie Harrison the blond bombshell is removed because she is white and pretty I won't watch again.
Probably go back to watching soft

Anonymous said...

Searcher said...

I think I'll change my mind on climate change. When these two funnymen think it's true, it prompts a rethink/doublethink:

Tampon avatar Prince Charles has asked the UN people to agree on a "Magna Carta for the Earth".

Virus avatar Prince Philip, like his son, is concerned about the world being overpopulated by humans. See here, Prince Philip shows his gentle side:

Frank Galton said...

New York Times, 09 December 2015

Diversity Makes You Brighter

By Sheen S. LEVINE and David STARK

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Climate Change, aka Global Warming, is a hoax. It was revealed 6 years ago that "climate scientists" fudge the data to make it come out the way the Al Gore's of the world want it to come out. Needless to say this information has been conveniently flushed down the Memory Hole and will never be brought up again by MSM or cucksevatives.

BTW, has a new petition going to stop bullying "climate scientists", LOL. Like the people pushing Climate Change aren't some of the biggest bullies in the world.

Searcher said...

Frank Galton

That article is interesting from the NY Times.

Their big experiment to show cleverness/intelligence/brightness is a trading experiment. A trading experiment that does not measure creative output/manufacturing/artistic feats/engineering but measures instead how to best manipulate/exploit a "mark" to be unkind, a counterparty to be neutral.

Of course, exposure to multiple cultures would develop skill in trading. However, since when is trading seen as the pinnacle of human intelligence? 2 Jewish professors specializing in academic areas that are not very highly rated intellectually - sociology and business studies (on the back of BLM and SJW events that make a mockery of the diversity boon) pen an article for the Jewish owned New York Times to celebrate diversity. Yet all they manage to show is that diversity benefits people who specialize in trading/selling i.e. merchants.

It reaffirms what we already know - traders benefit disproportionally from globalisation/diversity/multiculturalism.

If any of you have ever seen "The Incredibles" (animated film), you might remember when the dad battles with the learning robot. Every action taken by the dad is processed by the robot. The robot changes tactics accordingly. The longer the fight, the more the odds move in favor of the robot. The robot is learning all the time through exposure on how to defend against the dad. It is defensive learning, not creative learning.

PS I saw some Hasbara comments a few weeks ago along the lines of: "we invented this that and the other, so shuddupya face". One of the inventions was the TV remote control. I would actually believe that one. Similar to the "clapper" in Ben Stiller's "Midnight at the Museum" (clap your hands to turn the lights on/off), the TV remote could also be used to help the orthodox Jews on the Sabbath keep their "no work" rule. "Oops did I just happen to sit on that remote control? Would you look at the that, the TV has fired up! Nice."

Anonymous said...

The last lines ("Within a few years it is predicted that due to the ice melt the sea will rise and make most coastal cities uninhabitable.") are added and not in the original item.

It hurts our cause to fuck with stories by trying to 'make them better' by adding lines because the opposition will seize on that alone.

SAVANT said...

@18.04. Good spot. I had assumed that the last bit was on a different page or something. Post amended but the gist of the report remains intact IMO.

Frank Galton said...


Daily Mail, 18 July 2007

ECO-WARRIOR Al Gore serves up ENDANGERED FISH at daughter's party

Only a week after Live Earth, ECO-WARRIOR Al Gore didn't do much for his green credentials when he shocked fellow environmentalists by serving up an ENDANGERED FISH at his daughter's wedding rehearsal dinner.

The former US vice president provided 75 guests with Chilean sea bass - one of the world's most threatened fish species.

Gore, 59, who created the climate change documentary An Inconvenient Truth [produced by Jewish film producers Lawrence Bender and Scott Z. Burns; directed by Jewish film and television director Davis Guggenheim], sampled a sixcourse tasting menu at Beverly Hills' Crustacean restaurant which included the sea bass - also known as Patagonian toothfish.

Daily Telegraph, 11 October 2007

Al Gore's 'nine Inconvenient Untruths'

Al Gore's environmental documentary An Inconvenient Truth contains nine key scientific errors, a High Court judge ruled yesterday.

The judge declined to ban the Academy Award-winning film from British schools, but ruled that it can only be shown with guidance notes to prevent POLITICAL INDOCTRINATION.

In the documentary, directed by [Jewish director] Davis Guggenheim, the former US vice president and environmental activist calls on people to fight global warming because "humanity is sitting on a ticking time bomb".

But Judge Michael Burton ruled yesterday that errors had arisen "in the context of alarmism and exaggeration" in order to support Mr Gore's thesis on global warming.

The film's [Jewish-controlled] distributor, Paramount, warns in its synopsis of the film: "If the vast majority of the world's scientists are right, we have just ten years to avert a major catastrophe that could send our entire planet into a tail-spin of epic destruction involving extreme weather, floods, droughts, epidemics and killer heat waves beyond anything we have ever experienced."

But the judge ruled that the "apocalyptic vision" presented in the film was POLITICALLY PARTISAN and thus not an impartial scientific analysis of climate change.

It is, he ruled, a "POLITICAL FILM".

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...



An Inconvenient Truth

A documentary on Al Gore's campaign to make the issue of global warming a recognized problem worldwide.

Producer: Lawrence Bender
Producer: Scott Z. Burns
Director: Davis Guggenheim

LA Confidential, 01 October 2009

Lawrence Bender Loves Israel

Going to Israel causes me to reflect on why I feel so connected to that country. There’s the Jewish thing, of course. But it’s more than ethnic solidarity., 07 February 2013

[Scott Z. Burns'] association with the quintessential Minnesota moviemakers, the Coens, goes back all the way to summer camp -- or it could have. He was at a Jewish camp in Aitkin...

JewishNews, 07 December 2015

A British documentary on Amy Winehouse is in with a shot of winning an Oscar.

‘Amy,’ by Jewish American filmmakers Davis Guggenheim...

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures is a subsidiary of Viacom.

The President and CEO of Viacom Inc is Jew Philippe Dauman. Dauman is a longtime associate of the company's chairman, Jew Sumner Redstone.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

51 different people with the words Mohamed in their name in court on Friday
Maybe with that amount of people they could sentence them to clean up after the floods and help out whites
Sorry whites with no young daughters

Anonymous said...

Searcher said...

Climate change religion: carbon credits=indulgences; heresy=denial

Skip to 1.40 for Nasal Whiner, B Gates and his reptilian schtick

Uncle Nasty said...

From Frank and other contributors over the months and years ...

Lawrence Bender Loves Israel

Going to Israel causes me to reflect on why I feel so connected to that country. There’s the Jewish thing, of course. But it’s more than ethnic solidarity.

Reading this latest series of posts, the penny finally dropped for me.

We read all the time of the outpourings of the yids and camp followers who keep going on and on and on about their abiding love, loyalty and downright lust for israel, israelis, jewish culture(?!) and all that horse exhaust.

These people are driven by terror. No difference between them and the North Koreans who purportedly outdo one another in their outpourings of grief at the funeral of Dear Leader.**

An extreme example of this was when Benjie Netanyahu addressed Congress earlier on this year:-

Over one quarter of Netanyahu’s speech to Congress consisted of applause and standing ovations

US congresspeople got quite the workout on the morning of March 3, 2015. ‘Twas on this fateful day that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the right-wing Likud party, addressed US Congress, in what one might refer to as an historic occasion—the lector himself saw no problem in proclaiming it to be. Such an occasion did not occur without much hullaballoo in the US press, primarily because the foreign head of state was invited directly by Capitol Hill. The White House was not consulted.

If there is one word to describe Congress’ response to the affair, it would be “ecstatic.” In the drug-addled sense. A bit too ecstatic — verging on the delirious. Maniacal, almost. To say it was just well received would be to commit the callous crime of understatement.

In Netanyahu’s pep rally, rather speech before the US legislative branch, Congress interrupted to applaud 39 times. 23 of these were standing ovations. 10:55 of the 40:30 of Netanyahu’s exhortation consisted of applause.

In other words, 27% was Congress applauding and doing standing ovations. I repeat: Over one-fourth of Netanyahu’s speech consisted of Congress applauding and doing standing ovations. Our representatives doubtless did not have to worry about going to the gym this lazy Monday morning; they worked up enough of a sweat standing up and sitting back down every minute or so in the legislative equivalent of calisthenics. - See more at:

How embarrassing. The so-called leaders of the Western world kneeling before this jumped-up little schmuck, mouths open ... all awaiting their turn for a suck.

Read the comments ... they're a scream


**No, I am not referring to Helen Clark.

Searcher said...

OT but too funny:

Trump as president

Anonymous said...

More dangerous is the chem trail terraforming going on to industrially deflect sunlight by spraying aluminum and who knows what else into the atmosphere. It's the right wing corporate scam to fix the problem as the Paris Accords are the left wing corporate scam. We're slated to get both with who knows what unintended results, except that we will be impoverished and poisoned.

Anonymous said...

The only solution is the punishment of the elites.

Anonymous said...

472 black bears killed in New Jersey this week but the state says that's not enough and is extending the hunt through Saturday. The bears are coming down from New York but they don"t seem to be a problem there. Population is a lot more sparse once you get out of NYC. I guess.

Anonymous said...

Woman raped in low england has sunk

Searcher said...

Another funny Trump, couldn't resist. This guy is a genius at editing:

Flanders said...

Australians have a funny way of speaking to the politically correct -
It happens to be the correct way!

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Woman raped in low england has sunk

14 December 2015 at 23:22

Well, yes and no ...

Went to the article and read:-

The woman, in her 50s, approached three youths in Edgware Road, Westminster at around 6am to ask for help getting home as she returned from a night out.

Well, the feminists are going to poo in their collective lingerie, but I feel that a few questions need to be asked.

Firstly what is a woman alone, doing on the streets at 6:00AM?
Secondly, What is a fifty-year-old woman alone, doing on the streets at 6:00AM?
Thirdly, What is a fifty-year-old woman doing on the streets at 6:00AM, after what is euphemistically called a "night out"?
Fourthly, we have a woman who does not have the common sense that God gave a cricket -- wandering around in a part of town that she ...

A: Does not know well enough to find her way home ...
B: Is too drunk? Stoned? Broke? To order one of those things that London is famous for? A Taxi?
C: Is too drunk? Stoned or (even worse) politically correct to acknowledge -- or even consider -- the hazards of approaching a gaggle of third-world scum at six o'clock in the fucking morning???.

... and (fifthly) is the last person on the planet to not be in possession of one of those miracles of modern technology ... a cell phone?

Sorry folks. For all the faux outrage, I see nothing more than Darwinism at work.


Flanders said...

Regarding Frank Galton's links about Al Gore. Gore's father, also a US Senator from Tennessee, was the one who got Al his plush positioning into politics. Gore, Sr. did that, in part, by protecting an old communist from prosecution and becoming essentially Armand Hammers lap dog, helping him in all ways he was called upon. Gore, Jr. followed suit, insuring that Hammer stayed happy and meeting top-level communists who helped him along the way.

"Mr. Armand Hammer, a rich American communist, cultivated close relationships with many politicians, but he was closest to Former Vice President Al Gore's father, a US senator from 1953 until 1971. When Gore Sr. was first elected to Congress in 1938, he was a poor schoolteacher.

But by the time he was elected to the Senate in 1952, he had become rich enough to live in a plush hotel on Washington's embassy row and send Al Jr. to the expensive St. Albans School in Washington. Armand Hammer had helped make Al Gore Sr. a wealthy man.

Several new books, including a new book entitled "The Buying of the President 2000," by Charles Lewis explains how Armand Hammer bought the services of Al Gore, Sr. and helped Al Jr. launch his political career." [More is in the 5 page PDF below which has more details].

Flanders said...

Here is one more dealing mainly with the death of the dead Gore, rather than the live Bore, by someone who KNOWS what traitors the Gore's are. This is not a PDF.

"The Hoffman Wire - Senator Al "Whore" Sr. - May He Rot in Hell"

"The eulogies, encomiums and laurel wreaths have all been bestowed upon the carcass of one of America's most despicable turncoats, the late Al Gore Sr, father of the Vice-President, R.I.H (Rot in Hell).

The American media, true to form, suppressed the veritable Niagara of documentation on former Sen. Gore Sr.'s Communist service, corruption and the fact that since the 1950s he had been bought and paid for by the son of the founder of the Communist Party USA, Jewish financier Armand Hammer.

All of that was air-brushed out of the insipid greeting card obituaries for Gore which were issued by our "tough, investigative" and may I add, pro-Communist news media."

Anonymous said...

Poor kid having a thug black for parent.

FOD said...

"I really love going to Israel. There’s the Jewish thing, of course. But it’s more than ethnic solidarity.

No, that's ALL it is. Why don't you fuck off there so if you like it so much, you fucking parasite cnut.

Anonymous said...

Uncl nasty o430.
My main point about the woman raped in Westminster

She was raped at 6 am which was probably daylight by 3 Arabs who were walking about Westminster at 6 am looking for opportunity
Secondly I don't think you get out much because this sort of thing with all night bars and dance halls happens a lot
Some people don't leave their homes to go out until midnight At the earlyiest

But still it's 6 am whatever her age she would of being a lot safer if the area was all white.we have been so enriched by immigration

Searcher said...

It's the SUN stupid... Skip to 2.12

Searcher said...

George Carlin:

Anonymous said...

'Armand Hammer' I think you may have this wrong. Isn't it something to do with dental care?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

From the same statistics. ALL TIME APPEARANCES BY SURNAMES. Top ten.
1. Smith
2. Jones
3. Williams
6. Brown
7. ALI
8. Taylor
10. Davies

john7 said...

As the Bible says - and its talking about US - ' My people parish due to a lack of knowledge'...

kulak said...

Regarding the 7 year old fed to a pig:

Property owner Jennifer Hoevers, who rented the home to Michael and Heather, said she was shocked and disgusted when she went inside the property for the first time since they’d been jailed.

Lady, you rented to a nigger and a mudshark and took the section 8 money. Hope you learned your lesson.

kulak said...

Secondly I don't think you get out much because this sort of thing with all night bars and dance halls happens a lot
Some people don't leave their homes to go out until midnight At the earlyiest

She's probably childless and how old? Waste of space, shed no tears.

Searcher said...

OT but of interest to those into the SJW phenomena. Especially the made up "hate crimes" that some SJWs engage in for attention. Here's another one (refugee SJW):

Anonymous said...

kulak, I fully agree. If she married this sub-species she's only getting what she deserved. Something seriously wrong with a white woman who does that. No loss to the gene pool. Any sprogs she has will be black so don't matter.

kulak said...

I save my righteous anger for the likes of Logan Tipton, R.I.P.

Anonymous said...

Kulak said

She's probably childless and how old? Waste of space, shed no tears.

Totally disagree. All women should be safe to walk the streets. And if a society can't accomplish that then that society is no good
A relative of mine.recently went back into the workplace after 25 years of bringing up kids and nursing her husband whilst he died from cancer
She went for a week end in London with her new firm team bonding and left a casino on her own at 6 am leaving the others to look for a taxi
After firstly walking over just to look at the Thames.
And yep she was accosted London our capital city by non Europeans before a bus driver stopped and let her on

Anonymous said...

O/T Check out the video in this link. My question is "who in hell gave this stupid FOREIGN nigger permission to speak?"

Searcher said...

Word up - if you are tall and white you are an alien:

Admit it lads. White people are not human. White people come from another planet.

Anonymous said...

They're shortly about to talk about why white males are the most derided in today's western society

red pill said...

The Russians really do NOT do Political Correctness. From the Observer:

Last week’s disgustingly racist scandal finally broke the patience of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, which had been silent despite all of the vulgar anti-Obama assaults in Russia. The high-end Bakhetle supermarket chain displayed cutting boards styled as the 2016 calendar that, according to Chinese horoscopes, will be “the year of monkey.”

“The product features a family of monkeys,” AFP reported, “with an image of Obama’s face superimposed onto that of the smallest primate.”

Anonymous said...

OFF TOPIC this coming year am thinking of taking a trip to Derby England to see friends.have never been to this area and wonder if folks in UK could give me advice on what to see and places and areas to avoid.much thanks in advance JOHN OLD RTD CHICAGO COPPER,

Flanders said...

QUOTE: Anonymous at 14:05 said...

'Armand Hammer' I think you may have this wrong. Isn't it something to do with dental care?" END QUOTE

Anon, You are probably talking about the baking soda cartons which still carry that communists name.

Armand Hammer was given his name to honor communism. The tract below explains some of the nexus between communism and Freemasonary. Armand Hammer is a "glowing red" example.

"English Freemasonry (the United Lodge of Britain) substitutes a human arm wielding a hammer in place of the "G." This arm and hammer represents the Mason as the Builder, as "man at work" creating the heavens and the earth. Thus, man becomes God. The arm and hammer is of socialist/communist origins. The same symbol is found on a bestselling brand of baking soda. Noted communist financier and oil corporation CEO Armand Hammer was given his name in honor of the communist movement. Note, too, that the arm and hammer symbol inside the square and compass is configured as a "G."

Frank Galton said...

Searcher said: “It's the SUN stupid...”

The SUN, 17 August 2015

The man Rainer calls grandfather [Rudolf Hoess] is also known as “HISTORY’S GREATEST MASS MURDERER”.


Do You Recognize this Man?

Not one person out of a thousand knows his name. It is [Jewish director of the NKVD] GENRIKH YAGODA, and historians agree that this Soviet communist secret police boss was one of the GREATEST GENOCIDAL MASS MURDERERS OF ALL TIME. We hear nothing about him in the globalist media.

A major Israeli publication, Ynet News, disclosed the historical truth about Yagoda saying, “WE MUSTN’T FORGET THAT SOME OF THE GREATEST MASS MURDERERS OF ALL TIME WERE JEWISH.” It goes on: “Genrikh Yagoda was the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century…responsible for the deaths of at least 10 MILLION PEOPLE.”

So Yagoda, who ironically sported a mustache identical to Hitler’s — killed twice the number alleged against Hitler.

Ynet News goes on to matter-of-factly state: “His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system.”

Yet, we hear almost nothing in the news and the HOLLYWOOD AND ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA ** about Yagoda and the legion of murderers who killed five times more people than the alleged numbers of Jewish Holocaust.

Why is there so little media about this? Why no Blockbuster films about the crimes of Yagoda and others?

The group that dominates Hollywood and the media at large, hides the facts about the leading Jewish role in communism and its crimes.

YNET News, 21 December 2006

We mustn't forget that some of the greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish,7340,L-3342999,00.html

** “You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They Hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse…It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time.

The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the GLOBAL MEDIA IS IN THE HANDS OF ITS PERPETRATORS.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

90% Nonwhite Violent Crime Rate: FBI

"Nonwhites commit at least 90 percent of all violent crimes in America, and the least white cities are the most dangerous, an analysis of the latest Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) crime statistics has revealed."

"Although the FBI and the US Census Bureau does its best to deliberately hide the nonwhite crime plague—by ascribing all Hispanic crime to whites...., even this devious tactic cannot hide the full extent of black and Hispanic crime in America."


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

It was me who asked about Armand Hammer/Dental.
It was meant as a joke. Sorry. I didn't think it was very funny but posted anyway. I must start growing up.

(With no intention of acting his age)

Flanders said...

One more for Mr Gore's sponsor:

His first entry upon the world stage that he was, in his own mind, to dominate for seventy years came when his father went to jail. Dr. Julius Hammer had been a mainstay of the Socialist Labor Party, the fiery radical Marxist-De Leonist organization then still headed by its founder and Chief Ideologue, Daniel De Leon. (Another member of this organization was Mack Reynolds, and he would derive most of the eccentric political and economic theories expressed in his fiction from SLP theories.) Julius Hammer met Vladimir I. Ulyanov (Lenin) as he was then at The Seventh Congress of the Second International in 1907, and became his man, helping split the SLP in 1919 to form the Communist Labor Party, which became part of the CPUSA.

Armand grew up wanting to follow in his father's footsteps, both in career and in politics. For a fanatic revolutionary, Dr. Julius lived remarkably well, with servants, resort vacations, and two sons in college. His medical business, Allied Drug and Chemical, was kept from bankruptcy only by financial legedermain, its proceeds being diverted to Julius Hammer's personal life and political activities.

Then in 1920 Julius Hammer went to jail. Pro-choice activists will be gratified to learn that it was not for having performed an abortion, but for having performed an abortion where the mother also died, that Dr. Julius Hammer was given 3½ to 12 years at Sing Sing, for manslaughter. Moreover, it seems that Armand had actually performed the abortion. This left the Hammer enterprises in something of a quandary. Fortunately, there was something that could be done."

Anonymous said...

John my dear friend. Below is a video of Britain First in Derby.

The county of Derbyshire has many lovely place to visit.
I would say that Eyam is worth a visit. Eyam is the plague village. Far better than it sounds. Whites sacrifice to save other whites.
The Derbyshire Dales are beautiful for taking a walk.
Bakewell should be visited just to try the original Bakewell pudding. It wasn't a tart and is nothing like the Bakewell Tart. Matlock, Buxton, Heights of Abraham are a few more that come to mind.
Derby is best avoided as much as possible.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Searcher said...
Word up - if you are tall and white you are an alien:

Savant,UN,John,Eff the Villa et al.
We have been discovered. Meet up at the craft tonight at 8.00 p.m.
We must return to our planet and re-think our plans.


Frank Galton said...


BBC, 12 December 2012

Census 2011: Leicester 'most ethnically diverse' in region

Leicester is one of the most diverse cities in the UK and the largest in the East Midlands, the latest census shows.

DERBY has the lowest number of ethnic minorities, with 80% of its 248,752 residents describing themselves as white.

In Nottingham about 38,000 people born outside the UK moved to the city, while in Derby, the number grew by 17,849.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned a new Star Wars film was being released. I still can't find any information about it. I would have thought that somewhere in the MSM it would be mentioned. Perhaps it's just me.


Uncle Nasty said...

I recommend TOO ...

If just for this, which agrees with my personal sentiment that they are not as smart as they think they are ...

Orson Mobley
October 20, 2015 - 11:21 am | Permalink

Thank you Art.

I have to agree with the others who have stated that the fighting over religion is out of hand and I sometimes wonder if agent provocateurs are at work. We are in a serious battle, leave the religious questions as something to be sorted out after whites have regained control of their countries.

Bob is correct when he states that the claims of Jews having an average IQ that is a full standard deviation above whites is nonsense. If anyone bothers to actually read Dr. Richard Lynn’s work he states that it is hard to pin down the average IQ of Jews, and you can tell that has been by design. He states their average score on the verbal portion of IQ tests is just under 108, not the 110, 113, or 117 the Jews themselves have promoted. But Jews are below the “white” average in visuospatial skills. North East Asians have the highest visuospatial scores on average, but are generally mediocre when it comes to verbal reasoning.

Hopefully no one is surprised by this latest story of a Jew stating their superiority. That mindset is innate amongst these hypocritically racist monsters.

It's nice to know that you are not the only voice in the Wilderness ...


Dave33 said...

John. One good thing you can expect in Derby, given your age, is that Derby is the Deaf Capital of the world! Sign languages everywhere etc.


Anonymous said...


Visit to Derby - Lemmyhead has mentioned the northern part of Derbyshire, known as the Peak District, which is a popular tourist area. Close to Bakewell is Chatsworth House, home of a real Duke and Duchess.

It depends what you are interested in really. Derby is quite centrally located so a 1-2 hour drive or train ride would get you to quite a lot of places in the middle part of England.

Anonymous said...

DAVE 33,thanks,you have been reading my mail,just last week was to Veterans administration and received two new top of the line hearing aids gratis from Uncle Sam also the doctor who gave them to me was a navy doc who knew and served with my old outfit the Seabees,also bloggers thanks for info on Derby,if i go will try to survive,and a great Xmas to all my friends out there,John old rtf Chicago copper......

Uncle Nasty said...

The characters who promote Global Wa-- Sorry!! Climate Change®© make a basic error. For a whopping lie to be swallowed, it must be greased with large dollops of truth.

Pretty much floating in truth .. and that is where the current crop of deceivers fall down. They would do well to follow the historical lead of their masters.

Similar to the old definition of statistics compared to a bikini ... What they reveal is important. What they conceal is vital.

An example:-

Or original article:

Look Who's Buying American Democracy (VIDEO)

Posted: 12/07/2015 8:08 pm EST Updated: 12/07/2015 10:59 pm EST

According to an investigation by the New York Times, half of all the money contributed so far to Democratic and Republican presidential candidates -- $176 million -- has come from just 158 families, along with the companies they own or control.

Who are these people? They're almost entirely white, rich, older and male -- even though America is becoming increasingly black and brown, young, female, and with declining household incomes.

According to the report, most of these big contributors live in exclusive neighborhoods where they have private security guards instead of public police officers, private health facilities rather than public parks and pools.

Most send their kids and grand kids to elite private schools rather than public schools. They fly in private jets and get driven in private limousines rather than rely on public transportation.

They don't have to worry about whether Social Security or Medicare will be there for them in their retirement because they've put away huge fortunes. They don't have to worry about climate change because they don't live in flimsy homes that might collapse in a hurricane, or where water is scarce, or food supplies endangered.

It's doubtful that most of these 158 are contributing to these campaigns out of the goodness of their hearts or a sense of public responsibility. They're largely making investments, just the way they make other investments.

"white, rich, older and male" I never knew Sheldon Adelson was White.

Wasn't there an acronym that the heebs adopted? WINO for White In Name Only? How about White When Necessary ... WWN?

Ah, I know ... WWDAFTT.

White When Deflecting Attention From The Tribe.


Anonymous said...

Ps eff the huffington post. Full off Muslim loving journalists. I nearly got arrested for trying to strangle one of their photographers at a edl demo in Bristol

Anyway look at the above story.we have deranged people walking our streets and who knows when it might manifelst itself into a incident

Eff the villa

Uncle Nasty said...

A friend of mine the other day, told me that I must have been a raging hippie back in the sixties. After a few days of quite hard thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that I wasn't, really.

All right, I wore my hair pretty long, but what the hell ... everyone did. Besides, in those days I had enough to get away with it.

All right, I hated the idea of shirt and tie, which was probably the main attraction of getting into advertising after a stint at Art College, and, let's be frank, I had an anti-authoritarian streak in me a mile wide, which I must have been born with, 'cause I till have it.

I guess the final argument against me being a flower child was that I was quite happy to watch and whistle while the very worst of us went to their richly deserved reward -- usually on a scaffold.

I still feel that the world could be a vastly improved place if the scaffold was brought back (it will be ... it will be) and repopulated with the likes of F.W de Klerk, Pik Botha, Johnathan Pollard, Sheldon Adelson, George Soros, and of course, Hillary Clinton.

Ah, Hillary ... living proof that there is such a thing as an Antichrist.

Diana Johnstone Dissects Hillary, Queen of Chaos
by John V. Walsh, December 08, 2015

Were Diana Johnstone, author of Queen of Chaos, to bump into Samantha Power in a dark alley, both would be instantly annihilated in a blaze of energy. For Johnstone, is the anti-Samantha Power, best known for her book, Fools’ Crusade: Yugoslavia, NATO and Western Illusions, where she meticulously uncovers the truth about the war on Serbia, thereby dismantling the fairy tale constructed by Power to justify the NATO assault on the Balkans. That fairy tale has been a model for similar sagas rolled out to whiten the sepulchers of the many “humanitarian” wars since, every one of which bears some of Hillary’s fingerprints.

Daughter of Empire in Its Heyday.

Johnstone’s new book, Queen of Chaos: The Misadventures of Hillary Clinton, is a must read, but it must be read carefully. It is a must read because it is a capsule history of the US Empire’s depredations over the past 25 years since the end of the Cold War when the Clintons came upon the national scene. Given the ever sharper confrontation which our elite is engineering with Russia and China, one that could well lead to nuclear war, this is a history we all need to review and understand correctly. Our very survival may well depend on it. And the book must be read carefully because, being both slim and comprehensive, it is packed tightly with information and pointed political insight. Such an eloquent and compact chronicle is of enormous usefulness right now.

Whenever I hear of Hillary, I think of the old T.S. Eliot ditty

Macavity, Macavity, there's no one like Macavity,
For he's a fiend in feline shape, a monster of depravity.


kurtz said...

effthevilla. The more of these incidents like the one in Italy the better.And the faster they happen the better. Otherwise we fall into boiling the frog syndrome. Bring it to a head. And soon.

Anonymous said...

Kurtz I agree except for the swede brains who if they don't overthrow their political elites this shit will hapen and they don't deserve a pace at the table

Eff the villa

Normalcy Bias said...

UN, you do know that Samanth Power is married to Cass Sunstein, one of the worst ZioCons around?

Anonymous said...

Every fight I've seen in the movies in the last twenty years has featured a head butt.

I was taught that in every physical activity that the head is to be protected first and foremost.

Is it complete Hollywood bullshit? Would it ever really work in a fight? Have any of you guys used it? Did it work?

Anonymous said...

Some one mentioned that it was suspicious that Spielberg was brought in to finish Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut." I watched it the other night and, although the finished movie makes no coherent sense, it does seem as though Kubrick was trying to make some point about secret societies. And Jewish ones at that. I mean, nothing says Jew like Sydney Pollack.

SAVANT said...

The head butt? May I offer my opinion based on a wayward youth? The top of the forehead where it merges into the top of the head (how unmedical can you get?) is actually one of the hardest parts of the body. A 'good' head butt uses this area and can be devastating. However it's all too easy to get it wrong (forehead or top of head) in which case the butter comes off worse.

I trust that this is helpful.

Anonymous said...

A head butt to the nose is devastating *if* you get it exactly right and the other person doesn't move.

tsnamm said...

1st trial for Baltimore PD officer in Freddy Gray case ends in hung jury... mistrial declared...

Flanders said...

Anon 00:07, Eyes Wide Shut was filmed at one of the Rothschild's estates mansions (I don't remember which or how much of it), and is said to have the voice of one of the Rothschilds in the movie, along with very mild Masonic-Satanist themes. I saw a long thread on that at some site a few years ago. It may have been at a site called Vigilent Citizen. Maybe a search would reveal it. The article focused on a community near that mansion, though I cannot now remember the reason why, but it connected with Anton Levy. Here is another link which explores some avenues in Kubric's works.

Anonymous said...

I've used it a 100 times.especially when I was younger 15 years til 45 years
The red mist comes down and I would charge across the dance floor especially if some twat was making a pass at my girl and he knew it was my girl
Grow up on a council estate and you head butt every time
Eff the villa
Also 2 tough lads had a fight outside school and they both had hold of each other head butting like billy goats

Searcher said...

Louis Theroux vs the Boer

I always liked Louis, now I think he is Pajama Boy. Nooo. Spending too much time here has changed my perspective.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I usually klop the "hardest part of the head" with a steering lock or something if some cock has a go at attacking me which invariably happens in traffic. Done it twice and no further action was necessary or taken :)

Anonymous said...


kulak said...

White When Necessary

On the big screen UN, it's WWN, white when naughty.

AnalogMan said...

Searcher said...

Louis Theroux vs the Boer

Interesting. Somehow I thought he was older.

I watched through the next video, then it loaded this one:

The World's Strictest Parents - Johannesburg, South Africa

Two bratty kids get shipped to Jo'burg to live with a Mormon family for a taste of discipline. I haven't watched it yet, maybe later, but here on Auckland's North Shore, apparently what they call "Saffer parents" are well known for strictness, and, coincidentally, well-behaved kids. Spanking is illegal here, but I think there must be a lot of criminality. My daughter used to show her kids news reports of children abused by foster parents, and tell them, "Go ahead, call the police, and I hope you'll enjoy your new family".

Spanking. What the world needs.

Potgieter said...

Paul Theroux had a major transformation arising from his last journey through Africa. In Last Train To Zona Verde he reveals an Africa that those of us on this blog would well understand. In fact he found it so bad that he packed the journey in half way through Angola. Too bloody late though.

Anonymous said...

Resurrecting an old news stories about polar ice melting proves exactly what?

We now have satellite imagery, meteorological stations all over the globe and computer simulations good enough to predict the weather ten days in advance.

I will acknowledge that climate change is being politicized for the benefit of some. I am also confident that the state of the art in climate science is good enough to determine if the polar ice is retreating or not.

Anonymous said...

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