Sunday, 18 October 2015

European Vacations 2050


a swedish friend of this blog said...

Well here we have one little bit of good news. A high profile open borders activist was nearly killed in Dresden. He was attack by six or more Arabs and stabbed in the back outside a Pizzeria. LoL!!!

Denise said...

Germans are JUST beginning to fight back. The police are too overwhelmed by the Rape-ugees to keep up.

Andreas said...

I highly doubt this will continue for even 5 more years, let alone all the way to 2050. Eastern Europe is leaving the E.U. sooner rather than later. The Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, and all the rest will not accept racial, cultural, and ethnic genocide. They will all be leaving the E.U. within 5 years.

Germans will NEVER rise up and do anything because they are too psychologically crippled by life times of propaganda and brainwashing. But others may choose to save themselves and, by extension, Germany. France should be under the "far right" party's rule here shortly. The U.K. will be leaving the E.U. within 2 years. It's all coming down.

And as for the people? There are ways to deal with excess numbers of people in your nation. 15,000,000 Germans were expeled from their ancestral lands after WW2. It is a simple matter to round up all of these Africans and put them on boats back to Africa.

Vercingetorix said...

What is left unsaid by everyone - there will be lots of land in the ME suddenly devoid of people, just ripe for occupation by a certain well-known set of crooks, thieves and generally murderous scamsters.

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Andreas I hope to jayzuz you are right with your forecast.

Anonymous said...

New KFC in Islamsterdam:

Anonymous said...

Last paragraph is particularly interesting.

FOD said...

Jews responsible for all of it.

Time for some over lovin'.

Iron Felix said...

Re Andreas' comment above; yes some 15,000,000 German civilians were driven into exile from lands they had occupied for centuries. The incentives to move included fire, mass rape, mass slaughter, terror and torture without limit, by a Red Army explicitly instructed that the civilian population was theirs to do with as they pleased, a Red Army composed mostly of oriental savages, moreover. Some 2,500,000 Germans died in those few months and today nobody knows or cares. But it was highly effective---and repeatable if need be.

Gem Junior said...

Swedish friend of this blog,
I know what you're talking about because I read it yesterday, LOL'd my head off. And he's also a Rainbow Flag carrier too, or maybe I am reading into that part, because I understood the male-modeling thing is rife with homosexuals. At least I believe it is right here in the USA.

I hope this all turns out ok and that in 10 years we will all say how crazy we were to even worry about it, of course Europe would not accept invasion by savages and conversion to their savage religion - once they saw the clientele the deportations began and now today Europe is all white, thriving, and the third world is still there. We can give what aid we can if we want but under no circumstances are they allowed to come here and perpetuate rapes and terrorist acts on the citizens. And buildings.

Anyone get a load of the African who got caught raping a girl in China? Well, it made my day. It's on LiveLeak and on SBPDL. Sweet justice. Lots of comments from people in Sweden saying that it would never happen in Sweden, they would ask him if he wanted any more girls, which was pretty funny. Really made my day.

Gem Junior said...

Actually it is on the blog not SBPDL. Oops.

Denise said...

Germans are burning down the refugee centers, and German politicians were just stabbed by a German

Sion said...

When people travel to other countries such as mexcrements going to the US they trash national parks and the greens have no problem with their lack of respect for nature.

Watermelons loves blacks just as much as blacks love watermelons?

Shaunantijihad said...

I hope Andreas is right on this one. If he is, we may yet see the absurd situation of Britain and France having to invade Germany in order to save the Germans from imported genocide!

Anonymous said...

People in Dublin city centre are being moved out of their homes because they are substandard yet DLCC can go out of their way to provide temporary accommodation to those people who had their mobile homes burn down. The Irish Toimes village idiot calls nimbyism the national sport of SoDuCo. They never mention that every single traveller house that has been subjected to arson has been burned by other travellers in feuds because that is part of their culture.

Anonymous said...

Campaign created by Pavee Point

To: An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny T.D.

Dear Taoiseach,

We are writing to you In the light of the recent tragic events at a Traveller halting site in Carrickmines, Dublin to express our solidarity with the bereaved families and the wider Traveller community.

It is our fear that similar tragedies will occur again unless preventative steps are taken now.

Therefore we urge you to

Establish a Traveller Agency to drive urgent improvements in Traveller accommodation and implement existing policy in Traveller health, education and employment.

Yours faithfully,
Why is this important?

Given the current substandard living conditions of many Traveller families, similar tragedies will occur again unless preventative steps are taken now.
Category: Racial Justice

Shlomo S. 2 days ago
Ireland has not yet learned how to be multicultural. Ireland is not going to be the monolithic society that it once was in the last century. We vibrant multi-cultural rainbow warriors are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Ireland to make. We are now going into a multicultural mode, and us social justice warriors will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Ireland will not survive.

I think Shlomo A. is Lerner-Spectre agent.

James Bond will deal with them!

Anonymous said...

Birmingham school is enriched Head teacher does not like "kuffars"!

Common Purpose / Marxist proves we need the introduction of the Burka now!

Batmanrobbinghelidjoth proves we need sharia law to cut off the hands of thieves. And that nice mister Yentob would think twice before sticking his enormous nose into the BBC's business by sitting in on a BBC interview to ensure that his thieving pal got a soft interview. Halal Snackbar!

Anonymous said...

Heard an interview with Paul Theroux the travel writer on government radio. He says that over the last couple years and for the first time in his experience, most people in the world now want to move, and think they can move, to the US. The interviewer didn't follow up on this (probably hoping to get some insight instead on the dreadful Third World music now being pushed into civilized countries) but the point seemed to hold for all western countries as why hang out in Zimbabwe when you can be subsidized in Dublin, that much closer to your goal of living in LA. I've seen this in earlier generations with South American women moving here because the opportunity was broadly offered. Why not "see the world," dump your alcoholic abusive husband and date a white man. (this actually worked out pretty for us guys, not so much for the women with foreign men)

The thing is that this is an issue of overpopulation that isn't being addressed by the greenies who counter-intuitively want to dump the Third World on us. US population at this rate should double from 1970 (200 million) to 400 million by 2025 (now at 325 million).

Anonymous said...

They forgot a chicken coop to put little boys in for sex - a la the recent story about US army personnel who were forbidden from helping boys that were used for this known purpose in Afghanistan.

An Fomoire said...

Good ol' Zyklon Ben. Amazing that the yids still haven't shut him down.

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Batmanrobbinghelidjoth proves we need sharia law to cut off the hands of thieves. And that nice mister Yentob would think twice before sticking his enormous nose into the BBC's business by sitting in on a BBC interview to ensure that his thieving pal got a soft interview. Halal Snackbar!

Went to the above site and had my ghast totally flabbered ... once again. It would appear that this creature, although:-

She was born two and a half months premature and is severely dyslexic.[2]

In 1974 her family emigrated to the United Kingdom, and she attended Sherborne Girls, an independent school in Dorset.[3] She attended the University of Warwick to study Theatre and the Dramatic Arts. She has been a psychotherapist for more than twenty years although she has no formal medical or professional qualifications.[4][5]

Yet somehow, this amazing creature ...

In 1996, after leaving the Place2Be, Batmanghelidjh founded Kids Company, a charity that provided care to children whose lives had been disrupted by poverty, abuse and trauma. Originally a single drop-in centre in Camberwell, Kids Company's services allegedly reached some 36,000 children, young people and families. However, this is now disputed to have been only 1600 children.


On 5 August 2015, Kids Company closed its operations[14] less than a week after receiving a government grant of £3,000,000. The charity was given the money against the advice of officials, who had raised concerns about value for money and how it would be spent.[15] The charity had announced that it was closing down because "it is unable to pay its debts as they fall due”.[16][9]

but still:

Awards and honours[edit]

In 2009 Batmanghelidjh was named Businesswoman of the Year by the Dods and Scottish Widows Women in Public Life Awards.[19] She has also received Ernst and Young's Social Entrepreneur of the Year award (2006),[citation needed] Third Sector magazine's Most Admired Chief Executive (2007)[citation needed] and the Centre for Social Justice's lifetime achievement award in 2009.[citation needed] Batmanghelidjh has been awarded honorary degrees and doctorates by several universities including York St John University,[20] the Open University,[21] Brunel University,[22] London South Bank University[23] and Nottingham Trent University.[24]

In February 2013, she was named one of the 100 most powerful women in the United Kingdom by Woman's Hour on BBC Radio 4.[25] In the same month, she was appointed an honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for services to children and young people.[26] In September 2014 she became an Honorary Fellow of UCL.[27]

God, it must be wonderful to live in a totally reality-free environment, where actions have no consequences whatsoever and the real world never even peeks through the curtains.

I hvve to assume that the disconnect from reality is so complete that somewhere, there is a serious liberal-driven effort (sorry, initiative) that is genuinely convinced that they can save the world, by, (a) Trapping the Unicorns, and (b) collecting their farts to power us into an endless pollution-free paradise of Peace 'n Lurve.

Somewhere ...


All the quotes above, by the way are from Wikipedia who take themselves very, very seriously, so it's not a piss take.

Anonymous said...

Saw a news report from Enda Kenny's hometown and saw an exotic creature that did not belong in Ireland walking across the street Cuculiade Africanus Rapeusape but later featured a bird with a glorious ass who clearly did.

Uncle Nasty said...

Further to my previous on Batmam'nrobbin, note the Ethno-bongo outfit a la a sort of bleached-out, generic Winnie Mandela mishmash ...,_April_2008(1).jpg

I have often thought about this. Examine the image. Seriously.

The creature above is a carefully planned construct and exemplifies the Liberal image of what to expect in a nigger -- or what they are taught to see in a nigger.

The look seems to be a sort of Early Warning System that kicks in ... preparing the viewer for what is to come next -- and especially preventing lefties from any aberrant thought that might be construed as Racisssssssssssssssssss ...

Check these out:-

It prepares the liberal for what is to come, and triggers the famous Cognitive Dissonance condition. They may look like apes, smell like an open pit latrine in a Burmese brothel and behave like retarded, psychopathic impulse-driven goblins ... but Just look at that sweet little brown face in that sweet little oh-so-ethnic outfit.

Don't you just want to take it home?

I have no proof for it, but I'll put my willie on a block that the "look" was commissioned and designed by a jewess, a fag -- or all three. To humanise the inhuman.

Any comments?


Anonymous said...

Shlomo Ben Zyklon shoots an Eritrean mistaken for a terrorist!

The silence is as deafening as when Kahane and the others call for the destruction of white people. It is as if there is one law for the hose nosed and their pets and another for real people.

LVG said...

UN, it's images like these that lead a former Swedish PM to eulogise the colour and brightness of African "culture", using it to demonstrate the inferiority of Sweden's.

SAVANT said...

Anon 20.24. You can make sense of your dilemma if you see it in terms of the globalist/NWO Agenda. Which is to break down - especially for White countries - borders, national pride, ethnic cohesion etc. Vast numbers of backward incompatible Third Worlders flooding in here represents the ideal mechanism. Hence over-population in those regions will not only be unaddressed but anyone pointing it out is denigrated as a racist.

Anonymous said...

Re the SA Pistorious +++slaughter.
It is a shame the BBC and the rest of the media could not bring upon themselves to mention the slaughter of lonely white folk !(many hundreds to date)
This blanket overdone coverage and strobing of a single murder ..In my opinion..
Will have the effect of: Pavlov dogging young and easily influenced minds:
This type of coverage is Big Brother at his most effective and dangerous .

Anonymous said...

Britain is such a post war godforsaken country ALLOWING shit like this (I don't care how fucking wealthy the scum are - scum is scum) to flourish, in terms of allowing them to buy up food chains, supplies and businesses. These people continue supplying the population under English labels with thier tainted shit. He's expanded into Ireland and supplies them too. Thousands of employees no doubt. I wonder how many of them are indigenous Brits ? I know now what I will personally avoid.

Anonymous said...

Embracing COMMUNISM with Royalty

How the UK has fallen without even a shot beng fired

Seneca said...

How the UK has fallen without even a shot being fired.

Interesting that comment in the chinese context. Because Sun Tzu understood that the best way to win was to get the enemy to beat himself while thinking he was winning.

Anonymous said...


What about the new Star Wars movie, with DeLuke Moonwalker in the lead role?



Uncle Nasty said...

Went to the link about Schlomo ben Zyklon (above) in which a sand nigger (one of the blacker ones) got popped by the noses.

Mr Al-Okbian's mother is originally from Gaza and moved to the Negev after she married an Israeli man.

The attack was one of the boldest yet in a month-long wave of violence, which has seen eight Israelis and at least 35 Palestinians killed.

The mistaken killing of the Eritrean, recalls a similar event last week when an Israeli Jew stabbed another Israeli Jew near Haifa, after mistaking him for an Arab.

The victim in that case, Uri Rezken suffered moderate wounds and is recovering in hospital.

(© Daily Telegraph London)

A nose ... mistaking another nose for a sand nigger? A perfectly natural mistake, I guess.

Seriously, though ... one has to wonder just what it's really like, living in israel. The place seems to be full of fucking loonies. Wall to wall local jews with thousands more of cranky, creaky American hosenoses retiring there every year.

In my misspent youth, I attended no less than three upper-class jewish weddings, and, looking back, they were pretty bizarre ... all of them. The behavior of more than a few of the participants could only be described as utterly weird.

One thing I noticed was the piling up -- and I mean piling up -- of food on a single plate. Main course ... pudding ... whatever. It didn't matter what it was, some of the people would heap food up (pretty much two helpings of everything on the table) before navigating this huge wobbling stack of food back to their table ... only to take a few bites -- and no more. At the end of the event, the cleaners would be shovelling mounds of food into big bags -- to be dumped.

The wastage was phenomenal.

One of my enduring memories at two of these events, was the outlandish behavior of some of the old women, who, at a certain point near the very end of the proceedings, would abandon their tables and start grabbing cakes, puddings, trifles -- anything sweet -- and loading them into their cars. Back seat ... boot ... anywhere. Then coming back for more.

It could only be described as a sort of feeding frenzy as much of the food was crushed and spoiled beneath even more food, ultimately reduced to a sort of amorphous sugary, creamy mush.

Most of the desserts involved huge amounts of genuine fresh dairy cream ... which means that they would have been rancid (or well on the way) by nightfall -- and, therefore, inedible anyway.


Anonymous said...

Ever notice that a lot of Sun Tzu wisdom is obvious "If the water bearers drink first, you will know that the army is thirsty."

Anonymous said...

Actually maybe it's the Third World that's getting the bad deal. Push comes to shove I know the US expects everything.

Uncle Nasty said...

Watched the trailer for the new Star Wars©®™℗₤€₭ thing.

My predictions?

On the bad side, it will:-

(A): take the current Hollyweird formula of spinning a barren concept and hackneyed, cliché-riddled storyline(?) out to as much as one hundred and eighty minutes -- and give it further spurious validity.

(B): it will submerge (even further) the notion that "A good tale, well told." has any value in today's glitz and flash presentations masquerading as cinema.

(C): Should a genuine societal crisis occur over the Christmas season, it will be trotted out, dusted off and paraded as a panacea -- or at best, a distraction ... "How would Luke Skywalker handle the Immigrant problem?"

(D): It will further entrench the notion of a magic negroid or inexperienced young woman having (or being) the solution to all our ills. "All they need is a chance to prove themselves!!"

I must say, I am rather surprised that the agenda has not spun up to the point where the new protagonist is an ancient Jamaican quadriplegic lesbian ... but I live in hope.

Moving on. I assume that this ... thing will make obscene amounts of money for its jewish masters. The cotton mills of central China must be running red hot right now, vomiting forth Star Wars©®™℗₤€₭ product in the form of pillowslips, duvet covers, pyjamas and luridly-printed (and probably mis-spelled) school back-packs ... while the factories that churn out cheap Chinese plastic tat will be churning out (yup) ... cheap Chinese plastic tat.

All this will be driven (and financed) by fad-crazy, disconnected and dispossessed twelve-year-old boys trapped in the bodies of forty-year-old men ... worshipping nothing else other than the new CGI laden Hollyweird extravaganza -- and their iPhones.

A real life? Who needs it?


Uncle Nasty said...

Someone said that all one needs is for a determined ten percent to trigger a sea change in popular perceptions ... swimming against the tide of conformity.

Ten percent here ... ten percent there. One never knows what, say, 29.4 percent may achieve.

Anti-immigration SVP wins Swiss election in big swing to right

19 October 2015
From the section

The right-wing, anti-immigration Swiss People's Party (SVP) has won Switzerland's parliamentary election with a record 29.4% of the vote.

Its victory translates into 11 extra seats, giving it 65 out of the total 200 in the lower house.

Europe's migrant crisis boosted support for the SVP, commentators say - though Switzerland is taking in far fewer migrants than Germany.

The right-wing liberal FDP also got an electoral boost, coming third.

Swiss media are speaking of a "Rechtsrutsch" - a "slide to the right" - because the SVP, FDP and some small right-wing parties can now command a majority in the National Council (lower house).Advertisement

No such slide has occurred yet in the 46-seat upper house (Council of States), as a second round of voting is required in many cantons.

The SVP won the 2011 vote with 26.6%, becoming the largest party, but now it has made further gains.

The SVP is sceptical about Switzerland's many bilateral agreements with the EU, telling voters that the country is better off remaining outside the 28-nation bloc.

In Sunday's election the leftist Social Democratic Party (SP) came second, winning 44 seats - two fewer than last time.

"The vote was clear. The people are worried about mass migration to Europe," said SVP leader Toni Brunner.

The SVP spearheaded the Swiss drive to impose immigration quotas, which got the green light in a February 2014 referendum. But it contradicts the EU's freedom of movement principle, which Switzerland had earlier agreed to respect.

The EU has until January 2017 to resolve the dispute with Switzerland - after that the Swiss government must make the quotas law.

Switzerland has pledged to participate in the EU's controversial scheme to relocate 120,000 refugees from Italy and Greece, but it is not yet clear how many the Swiss will accept.

The SVP is pushing for the three biggest parties to get two seats each in the seven-member government. Its composition will be decided by parliament in December. Currently the SVP has one seat in the governing council.

Oddly enough, the BBC refrains from referring to the party as the right-wing, Neo-Nazi, anti-immigration, extreme-right, fascist, racist, far-right, whip-wielding, White-Debbil, Waffen-SS, Plantation-Owning, Slave-Massas.

Such restraint.


SAVANT said...

@23.52...agree with you about SunTzu. Always seems to state the blindingly obvious without ever giving practical measures. I mean we all know that it's great if you get the enemy to defeat himself. But at that point we kinda run out of ideas and ST isn't much help then.

Anonymous said...

"It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy."

Nineteen Eighty-Four, chapter 1

The future Emma Watson wants

It is not often that you get one woman to laugh at a rape joke so here goes. Barbara Spectre, Annette Kahane, Lena Dunham, Lena Dunham's really really ugly sista, etc have nothing to fear from muslim rapists as they all are really really ugly. Rape apes having no standards are a different matter.

Frank Galton said...

Anonymous said (previous thread): “Name me a Muslim country where all the inhabitants are happy and would stay even if they were offered free passage to the west”

The Guardian, 12 July 2007

Iran's Jews reject cash offer to move to Israel

• Expats offer families £30,000 to emigrate
• Our identity is not for sale, say community leaders

Iran's Jews have given the country a loyalty pledge in the face of cash offers aimed at encouraging them to move to Israel, the arch-enemy of its Islamic rulers.

The incentives — ranging from £5,000 a person to £30,000 for families — were offered from a special fund established by wealthy expatriate Jews in an effort to prompt a mass migration to Israel from among Iran's 25,000-strong Jewish community. The offers were made with ISRAEL'S OFFICIAL BLESSING and were additional to the usual state packages it provides to Jews emigrating from the diaspora.

Iran's sole Jewish MP, Morris Motamed, said the offers were insulting and put the country's Jews under pressure to prove their loyalty.

Jews are free to practise their religion and have their own schools, although they are forced to open on Saturdays, the Jewish sabbath.

Despite the absence of diplomatic ties with Israel, Iranian Jews frequently go there to visit relatives.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Iron Felix said: “The incentives to move included fire, mass rape, mass slaughter, terror and torture without limit, by a Red Army explicitly instructed that the civilian population was theirs to do with as they pleased...”

The Guardian, 01 May 2002

'They raped every German female from eight to 80'

Antony Beevor, author of the acclaimed new book about the fall of Berlin, on a massive war crime committed by the victorious Red Army.

Life After Death: Approaches to a Cultural and Social History of Europe During the 1940s and 1950s, by Richard Bessel, Professor of Twentieth Century History, University of York, and Professor Dirk Schumann, Chair of Modern and Contemporary History, University of Göttingen

There could have been very few doubts about the behaviour of the Red Army during occupation for those who had read [Jewish propagandist] Ilja Ehrenburg’s 1942 manifesto: “Kill! Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil. USE FORCE AND BREAK THE RACIAL PRIDE OF THESE GERMANIC WOMEN. TAKE THEM AS YOUR LAWFUL gallant soldiers of the Red Army!”

Werwolf!: The History of the National Socialist Guerrilla Movement, 1944-1946, by Alexander Perry Biddiscombe, Professor of History at the University of Victoria

Soviet incitements also assumed a distinct misogynistic character, as suggested by [Jewish propagandist] Ehrenburg’s cry for Russian troops to ‘BREAK THE RACIAL PRIDE OF GERMAN WOMEN’.

Russia Today

[Jewish propagandist] Ilya Ehrenburg was a prolific Russian writer and journalist.

Ilya Ehrenburg was born in Kiev, Ukraine, into a middle-class Jewish family.

During the war, he wrote over two thousand articles, mainly for the paper Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star).

In one of his most famous articles he wrote: “Now we understand the Germans are not human. Now the word “German” has become the most terrible curse. Let us not speak. Let us not be indignant. Let us kill.”

HAARETZ, 31 August 2014

In his 1942 poem “Kill,” [Jewish propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg] wrote, “Do not count the days; do not count miles. Count only the number of Germans you have killed.”

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

The "kill Germans" strategy was the bankrupt strategy that developed in WWI when the allies were locked into a no-win war of attrition. It was the best they could come up with. A creature of the Colonel Blimp British high command, not the Jews.

Interesting how quickly Truman dumped Henry Morgenthau before the Pottsdam conference when he realized that Morgenthau was second in line of presidential secession (after Jimmy Byrnes). Morgenthau plan was a non-starter for US high command who considered it counterproductive to defeating Germany although feeble attempts to implement were carried out by Eisenhower. As the cold war started to solidify, it all went out the window.

Uncle Nasty said...

Looks like the new Star Wars POS* is running into some flak

'Star Wars' boycott hashtag calls film 'anti-white'

Hoai-Tran Bui, USATODAY
12:16 p.m. EDT October 20, 2015

There has been an awakening of "racist" outcry, as the third and final trailer of Star Wars: The Force Awakens sparked a movement to boycott the J.J. Abrams-helmed film.

A social media movement using the hashtag #BoycottStarWarsVII, is accusing the film of pushing a multicultural agenda and engaging in "white genocide," according to one of the tweets using the hashtag.

End Cultural Marxism

#BoycottStarWarsVII because it is anti-white propaganda promoting #whitegenocide.
12:35 AM - 20 Oct 2015

77 favorites

Much as I applaud the sentiment, I feel, sadly, that one has too much inertia to plow through. Thousands of caponised **white males(?) polishing up their $49.95 HASBRO light sabres muttering "Vzummm ... vzummm ..." to themselves as they stand on their overstuffed couches in their mother's basements.



** Please note the lower case "w" ... What I call WICO's -- White In Colour Only

* and, by the way, when I say POS, I refer to William Goldman's Adventure in the Screen Trade. Goldman ... one of the chosen of course, who helpfully pointed out that producers, directors and all the big deals in Hollywood casually refer to the "product", as it's called -- their own as well as other's -- as a "so-and-so piece of shit"

"What you working on?"
"Some western piece of shit. You?"
"Some science fiction piece of shit ..."


katana said...


The full transcript of Kai Murros' well received rousing speech at the London Forum is available here as a blog posting and also as a PDF download:

Kai Murros ‘National Revolution in England’ — TRANSCRIPT

Here's the closing statement:

"In the final analysis, sex crazed Pakistani males are only the dumb, brutal and willing tools in the hands of the radical Left in a sickening campaign to exterminate the English people. The radical Left uses fancy words and high flying theories and preaches lofty ideals. But do not let the humanistic platitudes fool you. The Left is primarily motivated by an atavistic and primitive hate for the English people.

The Leftists get an intense perverted thrill in seeing English girls as sex slaves of alien thugs. Seeing fear and desperation in the eyes of the English people sends extreme shivers of pleasure through Leftists’ spines. Seeing English people beaten and robbed and fleeing an alien mob is the absolute climax of satisfaction for the Leftist intellectuals. When these modern Bolsheviks say, “Workers unite!” what they really mean is, “Death to the English!”

After the long years of liberal corruption, after the seemingly endless decades of leftist decadence, after of lifetime of catastrophic human flight, you must recreate England. You must rebuild this island fortress, you must reestablish the seat of the English race, lay the foundations deeper and stronger than ever.

England for the English people where Englishness itself is the highest virtue and the most respected quality. England where solidarity, respect and kindness reign supreme. England where the English people can always, always feel safe and proud. England where English people work side by side for the common good. England that will stand the test of time. England the beacon of hope for here and for Western Civilization — that England is worth fighting for!"


Anonymous said...

Poor little jihadi wannabee was in a quandary on whether to join Isis and leave his wife with the 6 kids and a mortgage

But then he said he was confident the uk government would pay his bils whilst away so he wouldn't be charged with abandonment

A.B. Prosper said...

The passive dying Germans have already burned many refugee centers. And the passive Austrians who just sold out of shotguns in Austria. The Swedes have been burning and one Swedish fellow stabbed several non Swedes to death with a sword. Plenty more going on that no one tells you about since the press is covering it up , . Pretty much every country in Europe has done more than the US has about being invaded.

For all the keyboard commandos out there wondering why its not more violent sane people avoid civil war and genocide. The Europeans being sane are doing just that, so are we Americans. Plus hey, its winter. Let nature do some of the work for you.

And no gun control won't help the elite stay in power, the people can get guns and the various militaries over there are not going to be able to stop it if they even feel like trying. People will give it a couple of more elections and if the Euro govs don't get it in order, the people will go to guns and hey will take care of the problem locally.

Its already starting and while its not a fiat accompli , I'd put my money on Europe even Germany any time

Anonymous said...

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