Sunday, 16 August 2015

Those oh-so-brilliant Indians

The appointment of  Sundar Pichai as CEO of Google has given rise to another resounding rendition of the there-are-sooooo-many-brilliant-Indians chorus. Well, of course there are. A lot more brilliant Indians than there are brilliant Finns for example. But that's because there are a lot more Indians. 1.3 billion of them in fact, with the vast majority of them distinctly unbrilliant.  Average Indian IQ levels are way below those of Finland but were there even twenty times more Finnish geniuses per capita than Indians there would be more than ten times of the latter in absolute terms. So no mystery here.

Of course cooing about brilliant brown men is just a variation on the Muslims-invented-everything meme. Another way to denigrate White males. And denigrating White males in turn is part of the master project to destroy the White race and its civilisation through mass Third World immigration and the ensuing miscegenation.

The other side of the coin is interesting as well. We know from an abundance of peer-reviewed research that IQ is one of the biggest determinants of life outcomes....if not the biggest. Which goes some way towards explaining the abundant Jewish presence at the upper levels of, well, just about everything, especially finance, media and academia. As with Indians the nub of the issue lies with proportionality, but this time from the opposite perspective. Assume truly superior IQ levels (e.g. 150+) of Ashkenazi Jews to be twice those of Whites. (The figure is nowhere near as high, but bear with me). So taking the USA as an example would mean there are about 120,000 Jews in this category, i.e. 2% of their population. But the number of White Americans of equal IQ would be nearly two million, i.e. 1% of the White population.

In other words nearly twenty times as many Whites as Jews in the super-genius category.

I now invite you to reflect on the actual dispersion of the two ethnicities at the levers of wealth, influence and power in Western societies.


Matrix-buster said...

I for one welcome our new overlords.....

Iron Felix said...

Yes, it is interesting how statistics can be massaged. Case in point; for every black woman gang-raped by a pack of feral whites in the USA, it seems that some 130 white women will be gang-raped by a pack of feral blacks. We seem to forget that this latter level of crime emanates from a population group only one eighth the size of the overall population. Adjust accordingly and the gang-rape statistic reads Blacks 1040, Whites 1. That might gives us all to think.

Anonymous said...

Jewish overrepresentation at Harvard:

heuristic said...

I have seen it all with my own eyes. So-called Indian “Engineers” frequently know squat / zilch (even those who claim ownership of “Masters Degrees”) but they solve that problem by networking together using a combination of: Internet Searches; stupid Goyim (usually American) who supply detailed answers, no questions asked; and e-mail messaging.

So, when an Indian “engineer” gets stuck — he is likely already subscribed to the informal network — he simply sends a ‘broadcast’ e-mail to perhaps 5 or so Indian addressees, then sits back to await the arrival, in his inbox, of the step-by-step solution.

Contrast this to my past experiences of seeing most of my fellow ethno-Europeans refuse point-blank to offer me any technical assistance; even when I was new to a job position and in need of local information.

CanSpeccy said...

Group solidarity. That's why people create secret societies, Skull and Bones, etc. so dumb blokes like Dubya can get ahead of their peers and betters.

For the Jews that comes naturally since it's required of them by their religion. The Christian religion, on the other hand, preaches loving one's enemies (rivals and exploiters) and doing good to them, etc. Who's gonna come out on top. LOL.

That's why the multicultural policy of the European states amounts to an official policy of self-genocide.

unroyal Canadian said...

The tribes I.Q.---"the abundant Jewish presence at the upper levels of, well, just about everything, especially finance, media and academia"---baloney--- Once the tribe gets in charge they hire their own no matter how superior the goy candidate is.
Look at any old major magazine from years ago before the tribe took control and you will find brilliance, now they are just stupid. Look at how low academia's standards have sunk, also movies, newspapers, banks, everything is just getting crappier and crappier.
Everything they touch turns into garbage sooner or later.
They are destroying the greatest civilization ever because they are so wrapped up in hate and self-pity, that ungrateful behavior is not a sign of intelligence.

Iron Felix said...

Heuristic, yeeessss! I have wondered about that myself. I have often asked one of these all-wise Indians a question, usually in their own field, and got very questionable answers. Long ago and green in judgement I came across the address of a yoga teacher, found he lived a short stroll away,(I might mention that this was in Hampstead---in retrospect I should have known better) and determined to initiate enquiries about thus wondrous thing, this yoga. Peevish and somewhat arrogant of demeanour he nonetheless received me, so I explained that I knew nothing of Yoga, did not want to be misinformed by going to ask the wrong person, and vouchsafed that I had every confidence in him. His idea of dealing with this was to turn scornfully towards me and state that it was --I quote--"Absurd to ask about Yoga, if you know nothing about it"! Niaeve geek that I was at the time, I accepted this from the "Master"; today an answer like that would see me kick the fucker down his own stairs.

00:39 said...

I've worked with Indians and have mixed feelings about them. They are warm people when you view them through kindly Westerner goggles, but they are very, very pushy and will stick together like glue. They're no brighter than whites and tend to be lazy and indolent. The ones I knew were over here studying, so they must have been upper class/caste. All in all they were ok, good at making curries and had an inordinate interest in the game of cricket. They had good English, so it was easy to talk to them and culturally they were oddly similar enough with similar humour. Then again maybe they were just being nice. Most of them admitted India was a dysfunfctional place and they would rather stay in the West.

Whites overestimate others though, that's the point. They overestimate others while denigrating themselves which is sad really, when you think of it.

Peters said...

There is a very high likelihood that Sundar Puchai is jewish.

Peters said...

@Iron Felix
I believe your numbers are incorrest. The FBI supplied data showed roughly 30,000 white women raped by blacks (per year), and 0 black women raped by whites. The "0" in this analysis meant that the number was less than 5. Could have been 4, could have been 0.

Anonymous said...

I had a Indian friend who bragged about not attending 5 years of medical school in the USA instead attending 2 years in India then he just came to the USA, took the exam and got his medical license. People see so many Indian doctors & think Indians are so smart when in reality they take the short cut. For this reason I never go to an Indian doctor. The medical schools in those 3rd world countries have very low standards.
The same fraud goes on in the IT sector where I work. Every single Indian I ever worked got their CS degree from India, rarely do I meet one who graduated in the US. These fuckers are taking our jobs and using fraud to do it. They come in droves on work Visas and end up staying for good.

Frank Galton said...

Daily Telegraph, 16 August 2015

[Jewish peer] Lord Mandelson tried to persuade the three mainstream Labour leadership candidates to quit en masse to stop leftwinger Jeremy Corbyn and force the party to suspend the election.

Lord Mandelson, one of the ARCHITECTS of “new” Labour, privately appealed last week to the Kendall, Cooper and Burnham camps to quit the contest before ballot papers were sent out, according to sources.

Daily Mail, 25 October 2009

Andrew Neather, who worked for [Jewish] Home Secretary [Jack Straw], and as a speech writer for Mr Blair, claimed a secret Government report in 2000 called for mass immigration to change Britain's cultural make-up forever.

The report, entitled Research, Development And Statistics Occasional Paper No67 - Migration: An Economic And Social Analysis, was published in January 2001 by the Home Office, then run by [Jewish Home Secretary] Mr Straw.

[Jewish] Home Office Minister Barbara Roche...PIONEERED THE OPEN-DOOR POLICY...

Frank Galton

kill switch said...

CanSpeccy. "Who's gonna come out on top?" Right. But how then did the Christian white race dominate the globe for half a millennium?

eleos said...

In Western countries employers tend not to demand physical evidence of qualifications. If you say you have for example a Mech. Eng. Masters they more or less accept that you do. Indians find this naivety absolutely incredible and many play on this, simply saying they have the Master's or whatever and hoping to bluff through like Jay Vera says, using their own network of allies.

Whites are such mugs.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great if whites lived with whites
Blacks with blacks
And browns with browns
And race mixers choose a side and never bring their halve caste kids to the white side. Which they always do

Anonymous said...

About 30% of American billionaires are jewish. Pure 'cohencidence'?

SAVANT said...

@unroyal Canadian. I think you're missing the point of my post (2nd part). I'm acknowledging that Ashkenazi Jews have higher intelligence but my point is that even if true (the higher intelligence) it goes nowhere near explaining the proportion of them in those top positions.

CanSpeccy said...

@kill switch said ...

But how then did the Christian white race dominate the globe for half a millennium?

Big question that! But one thing's for sure, until the latter part of the 20th century the Europeans were, in general, highly intolerant of multiculturalism and regarded Jews as, at best, a necessary evil, i.e., as a source of loaned capital, and always a danger: hence the multiple expulsions.

In other words, the Christian ethic works well, very well in fact, in a Christian society, but it puts its adherents at a hopeless disadvantage in the face of competition from those committed to the advancement of an alien racial, cultural or religious group.

Frank Galton said...

Daily Express, 16 July 2015

Prince Philip gaffes: The Duke of Edinburgh's best jokes and witticisms over the years

2002: While touring a factory near Edinburgh he said a fuse box was so crude it "looked as though it had been put in by an Indian".

1967: When asked if he would like to visit the Soviet Union, he said: "I would like to go to Russia very much, although the [Jewish] b******s murdered half my family."

The Moscow Times, 15 June 2010 remains true that Leon Trotsky, Yakov Sverdlov, Grigory Zinoviev, Lev Kamenev and so many early Bolsheviks who helped Lenin take power in 1917 and ran his repressive regime were Jewish. And so were some of the bloodiest figures in the political police, such as Yakov Yurovsky, who carried out the execution of Tsar Nicholas II and his family...

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

This, oddly enough, is on topic ... though it may not seem so at first.

The only way out of our problem is economic. Having or earning sufficient loot to pay the rent, the power, the phones and the grocery bill, while we make other plans. However ...

As Welsh actor John Rhys-Davies (Gimli the Dwarf in Lord of the Rings) once said:

"If you can't see, you can't fight. If you can't stand, you can't fight. If you can't breathe, you can't fight."

The jew-run MSM ensures your blindness. The jew-run economy ensures that you cannot even get to your knees. Jew-run immigration ensures that you cannot breathe ...

Knock away the props of any one of those restrictions, and recovery begins.

I watched a bootleg copy of the Mission Impossible franchise, and, as is my wont, found myself rooting once again for the villains. I should imagine I shall do it again when i download the latest James Bond pile of action-filled ordure

Anyway, a quote from the article:-

What we’re seeing here, I think, is Asian deflation leaking onto the highly unstable rods powering the US economy. After too much of that for too long, the assumptions of safety are blown away, and one is faced with the prospect of an econo-fiscal Chernobyl.

A global slump involving unstable dictatorships all over the place is bad enough. But it’s the second cock in the pit that will add an exponential dimension to the slump, turning it into a financial collapse of almost unimaginable proportions.

To explain why, I need to stick for a while with my avian analogy. Time was – not that long ago – when cock entrepreneur went to mother hen bank for a loan to help expand the business. Thus, although personal banking was a form of usury that involved the staff always saying “No”, the bank laid so many golden eggs by taking personal salaries and then charging us for the privilege that, outside of the inevitable boom-bust credit squeezes, there was money available to help leverage small to medium sized businesses. The better the business did, the better the bank did, and so cock and mother hen were on the same side. Even more important, the two were dependent on each other.

But then a number of things happened in very short order. In 1970 came the credit card, removing forever the stigma of old style ‘hire purchase’ loans. Soon afterwards the retail banks began to close local branches and centralise decisions. This cut staff costs and also the very high risks involved in moving large sums of cash around. The first electronic cash machines appeared not long afterwards, and EFTPOS (electronic funds transfer at the point of sale) within a decade after that. The Conservative government of 1979 soon began to introduce sweeping personal tax cuts, and the consequent surpluses in current accounts increased pressure on the retail banks to offer free charges plus interest on non-business deposits.

Read on for an interesting short economical history of the last thirty years.


Uncle Nasty said...

kill switch said...

CanSpeccy. "Who's gonna come out on top?" Right. But how then did the Christian white race dominate the globe for half a millennium?
17 August 2015 at 00:31

Quite simple. Read almost any publication from 1920 backwards -- before the Tribe took over the wholesale dissemination of (mis)information.

They knew the jew ... and his capabilities. And they fought him, tooth and nail.

As for "White guilt"? Hah.

When those guys counted heads, they did it properly.


CanSpeccy said...


" I'm acknowledging that Ashkenazi Jews have higher intelligence..."

A fact that Kevin MacDonald attributes in large part, if not in whole, to Jewish behavior that amounts to a eugenic program. For example, in the US, members of many synagogues must make substantial financial contributions, which means that poor Jews, i.e., mostly those of lower IQ, will tend to fall away.

The same sort of selection probably occurs among a number of groups. For example, according to Ron Unz, American Episcopalians have IQ's comparable to or higher than those of Jews. Belonging to the Anglican or Episcopalian church may not necessitate high annual fees, but if you don't maintain a middle to upper-middle class standard of living you may not feel too comfy among the Bushes, the Goldwaters, the McCains, etc., so you may just go off and join the Clintons over at the Southern Baptist church.

If this interpretation is correct, America's high IQ Jews are in fact an upper layer of a somewhat larger population of the same racial extraction. However, I agree, this does not goes too far in accounting for the extraordinary representation of Jews among America's Ivy league professoriat, the legal and other professions, and the billionaire class, which seems explicable only in terms of group solidarity, racial preference, etc.

nemesis said...

CanSpeccy. which seems explicable only in terms of group solidarity, racial preference, etc.

That my friend is masterly understatement. What they do is nothing short of ethnic warfare.

Uncle Nasty said...

I drove taxi in NZ (for a while). Hey, it's not much, but a good cabbie can always get work here.

One of the requirements of New Zealand Transport Agency (formerly NZ Land Transport) for one to become a cabbie, is a police clearance certificate from one's country of origin -- presumably to ensure that the potential cab driver is not of a criminal bent -- Safety of the passengers and all that crap.

To get a certificate from the Good Ol' Rainbow nation requires fingerprinting by the New Zealand police; your prints (Signed and certified by the said Bluecoats) sent in a sealed envelope to the South African police, who, six to eight weeks later, send another sealed envelope, addressed to the relevant NZ authorities containing your police record (or lack of) which -- still sealed -- must be forwarded to NZTA. Breaking the seals nullifies the whole process ... and lands you in deep poo-poo

Indian cabbies simply go to the Indian Embassy, where three days later they pick up the required clearance and Bob's your uncle.

Pretty efficient, that. Three days to give you a clean slate -- out of over ONE BILLION citizens.

When I mentioned this to the local fuzz -- with the comment that India must either have the fastest fingerprint recognition software on the planet or -- more likely -- a bored clerk with a rubber stamp, the weary cop behind the counter shook his head and said: "It's called ticking boxes, Mate. As long as NZTA don't get sued for negligence, they're fine with it."

Yup. They're fine, and above all, they can't be seen as racissss ...


CanSpeccy said...

nemesis said:

That my friend is masterly understatement.


I guess most of us are well conditioned to say nothing that could be deemed anti-Semitic, a hate crime in most Western jurisdictions.

It seems, though, that either the Chosen and their craven goy agents, the Clintons, the Bushes, the Blairs, the Harpers, the Cameroons etc., will win absolute control and complete the genocide of the European people, or anti-Semitism in Europe is gonna be back big-time, and nobody's gonna be saying nuthin against it no how.

Meantime, the US media will be in overdrive condemning Trump's hateful speech, as Hillary called it, about immigrants (he just announced he would as President send home all the illegals so the volume will be turned way up in the days to come), i.e., everybody hate Trump — hate speech being the essence of the Liberal vocabulary and the chief liberal motivating force.

But right now there's scope for the media to make a buck exposing the globalist plan for the destruction of the nation states, beginning with Europe and the US of A. And fortunately Poop Murdoch and the Gurudian Trust don't control all of the British press.

The Daily Mail is making hay with the pedophile scandal, which has exposed not only all three major political parties but some of the big Jews too. An interesting development. Makes you wonder, who's behind the exposé and what does it signify. Even the Queen seems under threat with the revelation of her "they must have greased the brakes" crack about Diana and Dodi.

Flanders said...

IQ is a standardized measurement, and that it shares with multiple choice tests. Earlier learned White populations were sufficiently intelligent to be independent and proficient in their chosen life's work. Those Whites did so as individuals in a world of magnificent group racial and civil cohesion. Standardization is much like statistics. It removes an essential race consciousness from White people, which makes their common intelligence of no avail. Too many "whites" have become Model T's on a production line, while the jews and other coloreds, usually inferiors in intelligence and in other ways, cannibalize them for their parts.
"So where did standardized testing come from anyway? That’s not just a rhetorical question. There is a “father” of the multiple-choice test, someone who actually sat down and wrote the first one. His name was Frederick J. Kelly, and he devised it in 1914. It’s pretty shocking that if someone gave it to you today, the first multiple-choice test would seem quite familiar, at least in form. It has changed so little in the last eight or nine decades that you might not even notice the test was an antique until you realized that, in content, it addressed virtually nothing about the world since the invention of the radio."
"While essay tests focused on relationships, connections, structures, organization, and logic, multiple- choice exams rewarded memorization rather than logic, facts without context, and details disconnected from analysis. While essays allowed for creativity, rhe- torical flourishes, and other examples of individual style, the Silent Reading Test insisted on timed uniformity, giving the most correct answers within a specific time. While essays stressed coherent thinking, the Silent Reading Test demanded right answers and divided knowledge into discrete bits of information. While essays prized individuality and even idiosyncrasy, the bywords of the Silent Reading exam were uniformity and impersonality.
What the multiple-choice test did avoid, though, was judgment. It was called objective, not because it was an accurate measure of what a child knew but because there was no subjective element in the grading. There was a grade key that told each teacher what was right and what was wrong. The teacher or teacher’s aide merely recorded the scores. Her judgment was no longer a factor in determining how much a child did or did not know."

Anonymous said...

Joesph Gobbles old Adolphs propaganda of truth minister had a IQ of 160 and also i believe 3 docterates,but i degrees at this point this wkend Morgan Freemans niece was stabbed to death in a Voodo ritual some where in the south we hear,no doctorate for you ms , pickinniny,John old rtf chicago copper,,,,

Anonymous said...

Indians are all named Patel and are the cheapest most selfish pricks i have ever met,

Flanders said...

"Every person has an obligation to ensure the welfare of his country, which, by the way, is not its government, which is often his country’s greatest enemy. He has a legitimate interest and right to protect his country from those within and without who would destroy his country. Whatever a person might do to endanger the welfare of his country is the concern of everyone of that country. Therefore, endangerment of a country is not a personal matter.
So it is with the races, or more correctly species, of humans. Every person has an obligation to ensure the welfare of his race. Thus, he has a legitimate interest and right to protect his race from those who would destroy his race. Whatever a person might do to endanger the welfare of his race is the concern of everybody of that race as a whole. Therefore, endangerment of a race is not a personal matter."
"Equal rights only exist where all have an equal legitimate interest. No person has equal rights in a house owned entirely by another. A person of one country does not have equal rights with the people of another country. He cannot vote, hold elective office, etc. Likewise, people of one race do not have equal rights with people of another race because each race has its own unique racial characteristics. They have no legitimate interest in any race other than their own. To claim that people of one race have a right to mix and mingle with another race is tantamount to giving people the right to enter and use the house of another without the owner’s permission.
The sum of racial traits of a race belongs to that race and to no other race. They are the property of that race by birth and of that race only."

Miscegenation Is Not a Personal Matter

Iron Felix said...

Peters dear chap, corrected I am happy to stand; the figures I quoted exist but I cannot readily recall their provenance. Either way, however, there seems to be a demonstrable imbalance, upon which our eyes might be kept.
There is another aspect to this, noticeable among American women, and that is their implacable hostility to and hatred of their own men. Your female typically will screamingly reject any criticism whatsoever of Black people, however well founded it may be; in the American female "mind" and increasingly here in Yurp non-whites in general and Blacks in particular have an unconditional and comprehensively exculpating free pass at all times and everywhere regardless of circumstances. (Try to imagine the uproar ensuing were this attitude reversed). As far back as Vietnam this female attitude was developing; it was commonplace at that time that when some young guy was drafted he would commonly be told by his ladylove--the light of his life dontcha know--that she would fuck with everyone who would have her until he deserted. Later, the outfall of the mass slaughter of the Twin Towers saw a wave of conversions to Islam among American women. And today, in this context of gang-rape by Blacks, we are edified to see women stepping into the spotlight to announce that should they be gang raped they will make no complaint, they will accept this as a justified result of the legacy of slavery, quite unmoved by the fact that no one living in America today has ever either been a slave or a slave-owner.
Of all the foes in this world facing the decent White male, possibly the worst, most toxic and destructive of them all is the one in the other room, on the phone to her friends, slandering and undermining him and everything he represents. Truly, we are sleeping with the enemy. I feel that there is much truth in the old adage---giving women all these privileges---votes, education, emancipation, "equality"---is to give dynamite to monkeys.

Anonymous said...

This networking .. is at wok quite way down the the job skill level.
I had a little trick to filter out some, by having a an impossible logic circuit as part of the test!
The correct answer accepted by the test .... was false!
So it worked quite well to filter out those with so called “qualifications".
The test in fact was one the military used to sort out those short on education and use of English ...but not intelligence and or aptitude.

Corkonian said...

I could see where UN's story about the taxi clearance was going. Saying to myself that the clearance would be accomplished through the simple expedient of ticking the box. Same applies in almost all non-white nations I imagine.

Vanguard said...

CanSpeccy, I too have noticed the paedophile exposure campaign, mainly on the DM. I note that the jewish dimension has not been edited out. Surprising. Are the media growing a pair or is there some kind of project underway? Or is it guilt for turning away from the scandal for decades?

Frank Galton said...

Anonymous said: “About 30% of American billionaires are jewish. Pure 'cohencidence'?”

Of the seven oligarchs who CONTROLLED 50% of RUSSIA'S ECONOMY during the 1990s, six were JEWISH.

The Guardian, 02 July 2007

Today [Jewish oligarch] Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Putin's most implacable enemy, goes on trial in Russia for corruption, accused of stealing millions of dollars from Russia's state airline, Aeroflot. If convicted, the former mathematics professor faces 10 years in jail. But he won't be in court to face his accusers, or to hear the verdict weeks from now. Berezovsky has dismissed the case as a Kremlin show trial and has said he won't turn up.

The charges against Berezovsky have their origins in the 90s, when a SMALL, WELL-CONNECTED GROUP [you-know-who] of entrepreneurs made a killing from the privatisation of Russia's state assets. But what happened to the rest of them? A survey of the oligarchs, as they have become known, reveals an intriguing picture. Most of the first wave are now in prison or in exile...

...nationalist rabble-rousers have made much of the fact that of the seven oligarchs who CONTROLLED 50% of RUSSIA'S ECONOMY during the 1990s, six were JEWISH: Berezovsky, Vladimir Guzinsky, Alexander Smolensky, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Mikhail Friedman and Valery Malkin. That fact is incontestable...

Evening Standard, 27 July 2011

The [Jewish] 'gangster', a billionaire friend of [Jewish peer] Mandelson and a £2.3bn row

A [Jewish] man accused of being one of Russia's biggest gangsters is preparing to give evidence in a £2.3?billion High Court battle against a billionaire friend of [Jewish peer] Peter Mandelson.

Michael Cherney [a former partner of Jewish oligarchs Roman Abramovich and Boris Berezovsky] is using the English courts to sue oligarch Oleg Deripaska, claiming he did not pay him after agreeing to buy out his "alleged" share in Russian Aluminium.

Cherney is wanted in Spain on charges of organised crime and money laundering and there is an outstanding Interpol arrest warrant against him.

He will be allowed to give evidence from his home in ISRAEL after Mr Justice Flaux consented to the request and set a trial for next April.

Deripaska, 43, famously hosted a gathering on his yacht of [Jewish financier] Nathaniel Rothschild, [useful idiot] George Osborne, then shadow chancellor, and the then European Commission trade commissioner [Jewish peer] Peter Mandelson in Corfu in the summer of 2008.

It caused a political uproar about alleged clashes of interests and business influence.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

The Daily Stormer is down again...

Dan said...

Or plane loads of Ak47s to monkeys. Which is literally what Leonid Minin did. Look him up. Zhid bastard.

Anonymous said...

When he was challenged .
He claimed he was a kitchen foil supplier..... To defuse criticism of the company he was keeping.
Noo Labor should bear this in mind .... Lord Meddlesome is sticking his snout into their Leadership pow wow!

Frank Galton said...

Dan said: “Look him [Leonid Minin] up.”

The Guardian, 09 July 2001

[Leonid Minin] is one of a new breed of east European racketeers, some of whom are well-connected KGB veterans, who thrive on KEEPING AFRICANS KILLING ONE ANOTHER.

See, not all Jews are bad. It’s the 99.99% that give the 00.01% a bad name.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Just anecdotal. In my job as a plumber I meet people from all sorts of people. One customer worked for Pfizer a very fastidious and precise gent. He told me that the drugs were being sent to India to be manufactured and coming back completely wrong .ie. Should be a fine white powder you get lumpy yellow powder. I told this story to another customer who used to work at the same place. They replied" that's nothing we used to get roped in to sieve out deliveries and there we used to find flip flops , pieces of rope and all sorts. These people were not bitter or hard done by. But more bemused and gobsmacked.

eah said...


Apparently in the UK it's not OK anymore to call someone a "foreigner":

BBC -- St Johnstone: Brad McKay charged over 'foreigner' remark

St Johnstone defender Brad McKay has been charged with making an "offensive comment" about Hearts striker Juanma. The 22-year-old was widely quoted describing the Spaniard as "a typical foreigner" who "gets touched and goes down"...

Now re the topic:

I work in high-tech, and deal daily with Indians -- our primary mobile communications technology supplier has seemingly outsourced nearly all SW support and development to Indians in India and/or Indians and Asians (eg Chinese) employed in the US (our people who visit this company's headquarters in the US confirm that white faces are few and far between). And I can tell you that the standard Indian engineer is one stupid man or woman, as the case may be. In fact, all of the communication between our engineers and theirs (ie re support) must now be approved on our side before being sent to them -- because too many times in the past our people were not polite to the time-wasting idiots on the other end.

Dan said...

However he did help to generate refugees.

Anonymous said...

Worked with many Indians. They tend to have weak personalities. But at least they're not dangerous.

Regular Jews, of which I think there are many more around here, have been betrayed by their elites and establishment institutions in the same way the rest of us have.

"I'm not a Jew but I play one on TV."

Anonymous said...

H1-B visas are really bad as they bring foreign workers here at low wages in sweatshop office conditions. A lot of these go to Indian contractor companies who bring them over cheap and then work them twelve hours a day. Their residence here is tied to their employment at that particular company.

Anonymous said...

he´s at it again , at a Christian site of pilgrimage no less.

direita said...

The Census in the US is a total scam, which is why I don’t have faith that the white american populace is 63 percent, the numbers are below 20% in my opinion, they constantly mingle Mongrels with the Real western White american population.

EH said...

The best numbers I have found (American National Opinion Research Center (NORC) vocabulary test,early-mid '90s, well randomized) say white average IQ = 103 s.d. 15, American Jewish IQ 110.5 s.d. 16, but the Jewish sample was only 150 while the non-Hispanic White gentile sample was 5300. The s.d figures may be inaccurate either way. The sample sizes also imply that the commonly cited 2% Jewish figure may be inaccurate (2.8% of the white sample, 2.4% of the total sample and/or the sample may be less random than claimed.

This gives about 8x as many Jews per capita over 150, and 4.5 times as many gentile whites as Jews above 150 in the whole population. Jewish performance on non-verbal tests tends to not be quite so high.

Uncle Nasty said...

Not really on topic but interesting nonetheless ...

Sweden discovers that reality can be such a heartless bitch. However, I think that the yids and their fellow travellers have decided to see what happens when their subversive policies are pushed to the absolute extreme.

And what better country to try it in, than one that once had the whitest of White populations?

Tell me when you last read about any of this in the one-size-fits-all rainbow fantasy reportage(?) in your local bird cage liner.

Warring Migrant Tribes, Grenade Attacks, Authorities That Don’t Give a Damn ... What Is Going On In Sweden?

Sweden can be proud today to have shed its long standing reputation as ‘the most boring country in the world’. The Nordic state finds itself in the grip of a terrifying crime wave instead, which even ‘new Swedes’ describe as like “being back in Syria”.

Grenade attacks in multicultural paradise Malmö are now so commonplace the English-speaking media has all but stopped bothering to report them. Compounding the apparent disinterest in the descent of beautiful, historic Malmö into a third-world ghetto where native Swedes are very nearly in the minority, is a striking dearth of facts about what is actually going on there.

(Image) Malmö police station and court after a bomb attack in December

We know the grenade attacks are a regular occurrence – there have been four this past week and at least ten since April. They come in addition to the regular shootings, stabbings, and arson attacks that are apparently so commonplace they don’t make the English papers at all.

A recent assessment by Malmö police into the effectiveness of their own violence-reduction programme was that it had no effect, and that “the number of shootings and bombings in Malmö have not declined despite the measures”.

The force today admitted it is severely under-staffed and unable to cope with the volume of investigations under-way. One third of all officers on the local force are now ‘on leave’, and no doubt the strain of the job in ‘Sweden’s Chicago’ is playing a part in that.

But there are scant few assessments by the Malmö police over who is deliberately targeting government buildings with hand grenades smuggled from the Balkans. The Swedish press reports no arrests. The closest to publicly expressed logic for the attacks is the suggestion that friends of three young men who set off a series of bombs in the city on Christmas Eve are now expressing their displeasure at the justice system, as all three were later jailed.

Benefiting from their youth – one was just 15 at the time of his arrest – the bombers have not been named, denying the public another crucial piece of the puzzle. Yet speculating that Malmö’s new-found crime problem may have anything to do with the sudden rush of immigration is verboten.

Let's se that again ... Grenade attacks in multicultural paradise Malmö are now so commonplace the English-speaking media has all but stopped bothering to report them.

This is Sweden? For sure, the country is an experiment.


Uncle Nasty said...

Regarding Frank's posts on the so-called "Russian Mafia", I have to smile at the jew's propensity for re-packaging (as it were) jew criminals as Whites.

Take some time out and watch Nicholas Cage's Lord of War in which Cage plays a White Russian arms dealer whose family pretends to be jews in Little Odessa ... you know -- the way that whites are always doing, just to get ahead.

Just to fit in ...

It's actually not too bad a movie. My favourite scene is Jared Leto as the drug-raddled little brother who plays the Liberal Conscience, finally getting whacked. Irritating, whiney little fuck.
My problem with these movies ... I always cheer in the wrong places.


I have a particular fondness for this movie, partly because like so many, it was partially shot in South Africa ... Cape Town. I recognized the suburb, even, but forget the name.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Stormer is back in the game with probable safeguards in place, as there's now a 2-3 second delay while the site passes through an apparent filter.

Anonymous said...

you can bet the USA will get better with Jew boy Bernie and his traveling Socialist born again salvation show,

Kea said...

The Jews may be smart, but look at the harm they have done to their host societies, compared with Indians.

America is locked in endless wars to please the zionist lobby. The "war on terror" is really just a bunch of goy being tricked into killing people zionist Jews dislike.

Kea said...

"About 30% of American billionaires are jewish. Pure 'cohencidence'?"

Or pure theft ?

grim reaper said...

Frank G. you refer to 6 of the 7 Russian oligarchs being Jewish. Here's another tribesman,this time from Moldova, who has just scarpered with $1 billion from that desperately poor country.

SAVANT said...

That bastard Sutherland simply turns my stomach. Sold his soul to the Goldman Sachs devil many years ago. But one part of what he said makes interesting reading, reflecting a trend noticeable lately. “the desperate plight of many economic migrants escaping from dire poverty should drive us to seek to open up new avenues for legal migration”.

You see the angle? Now economicfactors are being openly touted as a justification. Another wedge in. Watch this baby grow until we reach the stage whereby 'trying to improve their lives' becomes a perfect justification in itself.

heuristic said...

eah, I work in high tech as well and can confirm everything you say. The software they produce is shite and they never do regression testing. For non-software people this simply means that they will program the required s/w change and test it within itself, send the code back and claim it works. (Usually it does not, but anyway). The real problem is that they never check the impact of the changes they made on the rest of the system. Often with catastrophic results. Indian s/w developers deservedly have a bad name.

great white said...

Daily Stormer back up again. This time with a 'check your browser before continuing' warning.

Frank Galton said...

Re Flanders’ link (previous thread): “As of Thursday morning [13 August 2015], over 46,000 Britons had signed a petition calling on their government to arrest Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for war crimes when he arrives in the U.K. next month.”


18 August 2015

69,124 signatures

Government responds to all petitions that get more than 10,000 signatures

Waiting for 9 days for a government response

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

The Guardian, 23 October 2008

Universities are DUMBING DOWN, say lecturers

Survey finds plagiarism rife and staff UNDER PRESSURE to give HIGH MARKS

Earlier this year Sir Peter Williams, the head of the university watchdog the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), said the degree classification system was no longer FIT FOR PURPOSE.

Writing in the THE [Times Higher Education magazine], Williams said: "Standards will inevitably change over time, reflecting developments in the world at large.

"Whether they are the same as 10, 20, 30 years ago is irrelevant. What is important is that they should be right for today and meet the DIVERSE NEEDS of society as they are now."

The Guardian, 12 November 2014

Research published this week says London schools have achieved better GCSE results than the rest of England because they have a higher proportion of ETHNIC MINORITY PUPILS.

“It comes down to the parents’ influence. Students who’ve arrived as migrants recently are generally coming from a place [Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, DR Congo, Liberia] where education is valued for education’s sake.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the MSM didn't cover this. I think something is happening to get such a large counter-demonstration for a very small turn out of National Action. I like the guy with the Irish flag. Is this ironic, an Irish flag protesting about Nazis in England where flags are saying 'No such things as nations'. I think the N.A. team have sussed this lot anyway. They infiltrate the Antifa crowd and take photos of those who oppose them. They will later trace these people through social media to visit them and discuss there opposition personally.
How much more deluded can these Antifa people become? Everything that is happening around them contradicts what they say. They wave flags of the USSR. Do they know the history of that failed state?

Frank Galton said...

The Guardian, 13 July 2010

Ethnic minorities to make up 20% of UK population by 2051

Projection of British population over 40 years shows sharp growth in ethnic groups outside of white British majority

The figures, which show Britain's total population growing to 77.7 million, also indicate that the UK will become far less segregated as ethnic groups DISPERSE THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY *.

* The Guardian, 27 October 2010

[Part-Jew] David Cameron today dismissed speculation that the government would climb down over its CAP on HOUSING BENEFIT, despite claims that the policy could drive 200,000 poorer people OUT OF MAJOR CITIES.

The Guardian, 24 July 2015

The [housing] benefit cap risks turning half of England into a ghetto

DELIBERATELY ENGINEERING a situation where the poor [immigrants] are forced to leave their homes and travel hundreds of miles will lead to the ghettoisation of half the country...

Evening Standard, 03 September 2014

As many as 800,000 immigrants have been granted British citizenship since [part-Jew David Cameron] came to power, new figures reveal.

Frank Galton

Dan said...

Very interesting exchange on Infowars between Duke and Jones.

Jones tries to contradict Duke's assertion that Jews use the anchorman and politician as a puppet by...inviting Jones's producer Jacobson to cross examine Duke instead of the floundering Jones.

It's literally the most Shabbos Goy thing I've ever ever seen.

Dan said...

Birmingham or Manchester ought to be transformed into mega high rise cities tout suite.

Anonymous said...

@ Jay Vera --

I've heard plenty of "anecdotal verification" of Indian credential fraud over the last couple years.

The Indian medical doctors almost never matriculate in a first world university, and many very likely aren't even as qualified as American or European-trained nurses.

The wife had a minor but persisting condition, forcing us to go the rounds to lots of medicos for awhile. A Chinese specialist, who fled Mao as a child and was trained very well indeed at U of Chicago Med, spilled the beans about India's "doctors".

In one Indian state there's a sort of "boot camp" set up where Physicians going overseas are drilled by people who've stolen board exams, local occupation certification test answers, the whole shot. Think of Francis Bacon's industrial spies on a medical basis. These people are NOT qualified to do much more than take your temperature and blood pressure (either of which you can do yourself) and write scripts (which you cannot do yourself and where the money is).

But these immigrant "doctors" make such good spies for the drug cops!

Just another scam.


Anonymous said...


the IKEA "stabbings" were actually beheadings:

AnalogMan said...

Watch this baby grow until we reach the stage whereby 'trying to improve their lives' becomes a perfect justification in itself.

No, no, Savant. That's not how you say it. It's "looking for a better life". You have to get the slogans right.

Repeat after me, now:

"...our broken immigration system"
"living in the shadows"
"comprehensive immigration reform".

Incidentally, "looking for a better life" is already, these many years past, a perfect justification in itself. At least, in America.

Uncle Nasty said...

Frank Galton quoted:

Earlier this year Sir Peter Williams, the head of the university watchdog the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), said the degree classification system was no longer FIT FOR PURPOSE.

Writing in the THE [Times Higher Education magazine], Williams said: "Standards will inevitably change over time, reflecting developments in the world at large.

"Whether they are the same as 10, 20, 30 years ago is irrelevant. What is important is that they should be right for today and meet the DIVERSE NEEDS of society as they are now."

This is the weasel phrasing we see so often ... the mantra thoughtlessly repeated ad nauseum by the average libtard who has the critical faculties of a canary. I have now reached the point where almost everything I see, read or hear. delivered to me uncritically, I ask myself ... Why?

We have to move with the times ... why?
Diversity is a good thing ... why?
We need immigrants ... why?

I am now trying this on people that I meet ... and I meet a lot of people these days.

If they make a dumb mantra statement like any of the PC ones above, I find a wonderful strategy is simply to say (in the politest possible fashion, of course) "Really? ... Why do you say that?"

The stunned look on the face of at least eight out of ten of them is most rewarding -- while you use that time to marshal your facts for the forthcoming verbal fray.

IF ANY!! I say that because more than half of them have no comeback. The mere fact that anyone should request or demand a clarification, or better, a definition of what they have just said. derails them completely.

Try it. I have ... and it works.


Uncle Nasty said...

Frank Galtons post of 18 August 2015 at 18:37, makes a few very interesting points. In particular, these two:-

[Part-Jew] David Cameron today dismissed speculation that the government would climb down over its CAP on HOUSING BENEFIT, despite claims that the policy could drive 200,000 poorer people OUT OF MAJOR CITIES.

The Guardian, 24 July 2015

The [housing] benefit cap risks turning half of England into a ghetto

DELIBERATELY ENGINEERING a situation where the poor [immigrants] are forced to leave their homes and travel hundreds of miles will lead to the ghettoisation of half the country...

Evening Standard, 03 September 2014

So the cap on housing disadvantages immigrants ... but no mention of the tens of thousands of OAP's of original Brit origin who cannot afford to heat their council houses in cold weather and subsequently drop like like fies every severe winter.

Regarding the second statement, little is said of the hundreds of low-paid indigenous workers who have to rise when the sparrows fart and travel many costly kilometres ... simply to get to work and repeat the performance to get back home, usually in the dark.

Brilliant in its simplicity. Make life so arduous for the elderly and those at the bottom of the pole, that there is no time to "Go down to the pub and plot a little treason" as the old Irish expression goes.

Someone once asked if this was not the real reason that that mainstay of the Brit citizen -- the local Pub -- was destroyed. To prevent people "plotting a little treason." perhaps?


Frank Galton said...

Alex Jones Show: David Duke Debate

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Alex Jones explains who really owns Hollywood...the Arabs!

Alex Jones - Chinese Control Hollywood And The Media

Study Claims Hollywood is Run by Whites!

As this picture shows – Hollywood is run by Arabs and Nazis. Alex Jones has the documents proving it.


Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Does it sound outrageous to say that the entire world will be ruled by a court based in Jerusalem which the United Nations will have to build to honor all the Jewish prophets?

Does that sound like a massive delusion of grandeur?

Would you think someone who said such a thing would be fully of sound mind?

Would you possibly think that someone who said such a thing might just be suffering from schizophrenic paranoia, and who thought they had been ordained by God himself to rule over all other nations on earth?

The reader might be interested to learn that this was precisely what David Ben Gurion, the first prime minister of Israel, widely regarded as the founding father of that state, said, in writing, in Look Magazine of January 1962.

... the sheer scale of his delusional thinking—that Israel is the center of the world and that all the nations of the earth will pay homage to her—reflects a widely-held perception among Jewish Supremacists.

This is indeed how they see the world and all its peoples—as servants of Israel and Jewish Supremacism.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 04 January 1962

NEW YORK (Jan. 3)

“Western and Eastern Europe will become a federation of autonomous states having a Socialist and democratic regime...ALL OTHER CONTINENTS will become united in a WORLD ALLIANCE, at whose disposal will be an international police force...In JERUSALEM, the United Nations (a TRULY UNITED NATIONS) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of ALL CONTINENTS; this will be the seat of the SUPREME COURT OF MANKIND, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah.” – David Ben-Gurion, first Prime Minister of Israel

Frank Galton

InTexas said...

Uncle Nasty,

Let me recast your comment, to wit: "Malmo is turning into Sarajevo".

Uncle Nasty said...

A day or two back, by the way was, the hundredth anniversary of that extremely rare event -- a jew receiving long delayed, richly deserved and almost denied, justice.

Oh, happy day.

For August 17 1915 was when the citizens of Atlanta, Georgia, sprung the yid child molester and convicted murderer Leo Frank, from the hoosegow after he had had his justly bestowed death sentence commuted to life imprisonment, dragged him to the woods outside Marietta and demonstrated the latest 1915 fashion in rural haberdashery.

Now that's a suspended sentence I can really get behind ...

So ... in a unusual spirit of even-handedness and fair play I give you several yiddish explanations (and, of course exonerations) of what went down ...

From the usual suspects: ... and pretty much anything from Hollywood

Balanced by what is probably far, far closer to the truth:



Anonymous said...

UN Said :-
We have to move with the times ... why? Don't be stupid Uncle. Everything old is bad. White people raped the world and now must pay for their ancestors greed. Whites must be removed as all they cause is misery. They haven't done anything worthwhile.

Diversity is a good thing ... why? Oh my God Uncle. You're so old fashioned. Have you not seen all the 'diverse' restaurants you now have to choose from? You can eat a different meal from a different cuisine every day of the year. Walk around any city and you can hear hundreds of different languages. Isn't it wonderful?

We need immigrants ... why? Lazy whites don't want to work so immigrants do those jobs. Not only will they work at those jobs but they will do it cheaper so we all benefit. Remember our forefathers fighting wars and suffering to get us all a working wage? Well you have to move with the times old man. To prove how great immigrants are I cite the latest figures. E.U. immigrant workers in the U.K. two million. U.K. unemployment figure? Two million. So that shows that two million EU workers are doing the jobs that two million Brits wouldn't do.
So Uncle, there you have it. Immigration is good. Moving with the times is good. Get on board you old fart.

Lemmyhead (The new enlightened SJW Lemmyhead).

Anonymous said...

Further to UNs post.
I'm not an economist so if anyone knows about these things perhaps they could tell me where I'm going wrong.
I think we all agree that our currencies are fiat currencies. These currencies are a giant pyramid scheme. White births have been in decline post-war. So, fewer whites means fewer houses. Fewer houses means fewer mortgages. Excess of housing means cheaper houses. Cheaper houses means lower mortgages. I would imagine that mortgages make up a vast amount of creating fiat money. So, immigration solves a few problems for the ruling classes. It creates a demand for housing. It brings in low cost labour. (There is no such thing as a job a white won't do only a job a white can't afford to do). It destroys white identity. Win, Win, Win for some. Lose, Lose, Lose for the indigenous peoples.
Everything our forefathers had fought for to improve things for future generations thrown away in fifty years.
But the white man has always had it good. Whites have never been slaves. Well first they were feudal surfs. Move on to Victorian times and the Industrial Revolution. Men and women working every day till they were ready to drop. Children working in factories and mines. Women working down mines. You only have to read the works of Dickens and look at the engravings of Gustave Dore to see how miserable life was for our ancestors. Slavery had ended but I guess that many would have been glad to have the life of slaves.
It wasn't called slavery but was slavery under another name. A new wild and harsh country had been discovered and it would need taming. This would be expensive so needed cheap labour. A man steals a loaf of bread so transport him to a penal colony in Australia for ten years. I could go on about how whites have suffered. And don't get me started on white slavery!
Oh yes it does seem that whites have had a good old time of it compared to other races. The only difference is, we fought for our rights and didn't depend on others to do it for us. The SJWs that would destroy what is ours are traitors. Traitors of the highest degree and should be treated as such.


Corkonian said...

I use the same technique, UN. And it's all the more effective for being asked in a friendly way. 'But why is diversity good? Maybe I'm missing something but how does have more Nigerians and Pakistanis make the place better?'.

One word of advice. Have your follow on responses prepared. A range of them. All in the same vein.


katana said...


Paul Weston: How to destroy a Country


In this good 20 min video (with the provisos given) Paul Weston describes what organized jewry has done to destroy Britain. Yet he doesn’t name the jew, the real cause, only content to name jewish proxies that carry out the destruction. Eventually he will have to confront and tell the truth of jewish power and their central role in causing all the symptoms he describes.

The solution to the problems that Weston describes is very plain. He needs to name the cause, the root cause behind our on-going racial and social destruction: organized jewry.

If he truly has the best interest of White people at heart, he like all such people need to stand up and name the JEW — KATANA

SAVANT said...

Katana. The issue of'naming the Jew' is a vital one but does not lend itself to a simplistic answer.I've addressed the issue on the link below but suffice to say if Paul weston had come straight out and NTJ he's have disappeared from the airwaves so to speak. My motivation is driven not by trying to be nice or win Jews around, rather by purely strategic considerations.

Dan said...

The last 10 minutes are especially instructive.

To prove just how much power Jews don't have in the media, Alex Jones handed over his Mic to his Jewish Producer Jacobson, to attack Duke.

Are these toolbags that unaware of what that looks like?

red pill said...

Dan. Fair enough. But still AJ gave David a phenomenal amount of uninterrupted time to make his case. Whatever he may be or whatever drives him AJ is certainly lifting the lid on a lot of forbidden topics.

Flanders said...

All during the "Cold War" people avoided naming the jew. The enemy was called "communism", a generic identity for those who lead that movement - the jews. For several years on the internet most people avoided calling the enemy "jew", using euphemisms, and all that did was redirect people to false symbols which were individual parts of the real problem - the jew. The Pope doesn't control the media. The "elites" are not elite, except in their own screwy minds. Zionists are who knows what?, except to serve as a front for one group of jews to point out another group of jews as the ones who are really the problem, but they all relate to jewry, and jews should be named. It's damned near all of them. I don't think that is the issue in the situation below, but the jew is.

"The person who stated you were involved in hate crimes is Amanda Hohmann” emailed Joanne David, the Edmonton event organizer, to Anthony Hall. Amanda Hohmann is the Coordinator of the B’nai Brith Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents."
"The officers were investigating We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11, which has apparently elicited complaints from B’nai Brith Canada.".
"In today’s Orwellian world, it seems that critical inquiry is being redefined as hate speech, radicalization, or even terrorism.

The B’nai Brith Canada website states: “In the future, the League will explore further use of legal means to halt or disrupt the operations of known terrorist organizations with representatives in Canada. The B’nai Brith legal department will play a key role in this effort.”

Are scholarly books now considered a form of terrorism?

Anthony Hall adds: “I find it very troubling that there is this notion of ‘radicalization,’ that everyone just nods their heads assuming it means something. Are universities being defined as agents of radicalization, and professors considered their representatives?”
"They call themselves the B’nai Brith Audit of Anti-Semitism. Auditing! We live in an era of auditing fraud. The banksters are experts in disguising what’s going on through creative bookkeeping. It’s interesting that the concept of audit is now being applied to policing people’s ideas."

So who was responsible for sending the Hate Police to our book talk? Anthony Hall was unable to get a straight answer:

“I called the B’nai Brith office but wasn’t able to speak to Amanda Hohmann. I asked to speak with CEO Michael Mofton and Senior Legal Counsel David Matas. I indicated it is a serious matter and that I have never been associated with a hate speech crime. So I want to know who complained, what is the nature of the complaint, is there a text involved? It seems that someone said that our speaking was going to somehow be a violation of some hate speech principles. I wanted to know what the rules are, if there are any rules. Are people just free to snitch anonymously? Can people turn in their partner because they’re mad at him or her? It gets to the whole essence of the Global War on Terror, that people are subject to these repressions. They don’t know what they’re accused of, who is doing the accusing. There’s no due process. It’s an authoritarian police state atmosphere, an East German Stasi type of worldview. And this is creating maximum dissension, distrust and suspicion of one another. And this seems to be the agenda of neocon tyranny. Here we are right in the midst of an election. These issues are front center. Bill C-51, now the Anti-Terrorism Act 2015, is like the Canadian Patriot Act. (Bill C-51 was passed in the wake of Canada’s 9/11, the Ottawa shooting of 10/22/2014.)". [More and better details at the link].

Flanders said...

Red pill @ 1643: "AJ is certainly lifting the lid on a lot of forbidden topics."

AJ is spitting in the stew, and too many people don't know it. Disinfo is disinfo.

"A jewish site tells us that 59 more single “dual citizens” arrived from the US to join IDF along with another 850 who are already in Israel. No report is made on any married jews who may be already there. If anyone complained to B'nai B'rith, I'm not aware about it.

Israel – “On Tuesday, over 200 new immigrants from North America touched down at Ben Gurion Airport aboard a Nefesh B’Nefesh charter flight, including 59 young men and women who will enlist in the IDF as ‘lone soldiers’ under the Garin Tzabar program.

The arrival of the group, which included 29 families and 86 single men and women, was made possible through efforts by Nefesh B’Nefesh, the Immigration Absorption Ministry, the Jewish Agency, and the Jewish National Fund.

59 of the young adults are slated to join the already 850 ‘lone soldiers” (soldiers without families in Israel) currently serving from the U.S., among them 22 year-old New Yorker Aron Wander who said it has been his dream since the age of 11 to join the naval commando unit Shayetet 13.”
Also, “Portugal – Routine Excavation Of Prison Garbage Dump Unearths Skeletal Remains Of 12 Jewish Victims Of Inquisition”

Anonymous said...

Because the French are going to build a bigger camp in Calais.surely it would be better if the British government opened a office in Calais interviewed photographed and DNA tested everybody. Listened to their lies and then told them they would not be allowed into Britain and if found would go straight to prison for one year and then deported
Surely that would be better than letting them get here and be given leave to stay and then they hunt down a fat ugly girl to impregnate a d claim for a family so they can't be removed

Up the villa

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Radio 3Fourteen: Dr. David Duke – A New Paradigm For True Human Diversity and Freedom

karl said...

More about genocidal, white-hating Jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre, and the destruction of white Sweden:

Anonymous said...

Watch Donald Trump as he singlehandedly shreds PC here in the US. Saying things most are afraid even to think. Trashing Mexicans, POWs, nursing women and again and again the Mexicans. Now wants to round up and deport all the illegals. We were told that was off the table thirty years ago. Just when all the victims and "social justice warriors" were getting ready to physically go after anyone who didn't agree with them, he's pushing the goalposts way, way back in the other direction.

Part of the residual Brooklyn WASP population, which you run into once in awhile but usually as an emigre to some other place. Think the Cary Grant neighborhood in "Arsenic and Old Lace." German ethnics were a major part of New York Culture in the nineteenth century but faded after the General Slocum ferry disaster.

Never really liked him much before as I thought him a braggart but now understand it's all part of the show. And as I grow older, I understand the importance of self-confidence. If you communicate self-doubt and fail, you really fail twice.

If his campaign stopped today, it would all be worth it because of the body blow he's given to PC. And ironically, some his biggest defenders are minorities, including Hispanics.

Anonymous said...

Now Trump after birth-right citizenship and anchor babies which turns out to have all been a mis-reading if the 14th amendment and associated law. They can get out along with their wetback parents.

Did Ireland ever get rid of the birthright citizenship thing? Canada did, I understand.

Kevin Rafferty said...

Ireland did get rid of birth right citizenship. By an overwhelming majority. The only time we ever got to vote on an immigration issue.

Dan said...

It was comedy gold.

katana said...

SAVANT said... 19 August 2015 at 14:42
Katana. The issue of 'naming the Jew' is a vital one but does not lend itself to a simplistic answer. I've addressed the issue on the link below but suffice to say if Paul weston had come straight out and NTJ he's have disappeared from the airwaves so to speak. My motivation is driven not by trying to be nice or win Jews around, rather by purely strategic considerations.


I do get all that Savant, yet the fact remains that if people did name the jew whenever possible and sensible, given their circumstances, we would be much more advanced towards overthrowing these psychopaths and their White traitor hirelings.

Weston, for reasons best known to himself has chosen not to name the jew. I'm not criticizing him for that directly, just stating the fact that he would be far more effective if he were to do so.

And the same goes for people like Jared Taylor, Alex Jones and a whole host of other people who connect certain dots but stop very short of naming the jew for good or very bad reasons.

Organized jewry has been in a multi-generational undeclared covert war against White societies and part of their war tactics is to make sure the jew is never, ever named, as remaining in the shadows is most critically important.

In any war you obviously must know who the enemy is and that is why jews punish those who name them, as their best defense is to remain hidden and unnamed. That is their gigantic weakness.

As has been said before by long term observers on the JQ (Jewish Question), there is absolutely no way out except through the jews, meaning, we must expose and then destroy jewish power, otherwise it will continue to destroy us into oblivion.


Paul Weston: How to Destroy a Country — TRANSCRIPT


AnalogMan said...

katana said

Weston, for reasons best known to himself has chosen not to name the jew.

I saw a video of an interview, which I can't find right now; Paul Weston and possibly Guessed Worker of Majority Rights, or another of our prominent bloggers. Anyway, he said some good stuff, but when challenged on the JQ, he said basically that he's not convinced, but is open to debate, and, if convinced, would certainly speak out about it.

Take that as you will.

Anonymous said...

What really counts in terms of life prospects is the above average JQ. Impossible to penetrate the schmoscreen without it. Those with an average or below average JQ get handed their doofus script and wind up serving the schmoscreen in terms of their economic activities.