Friday, 31 July 2015

The exploding Cuckservative meme

Well that certainly landed like a hand-grenade. I'm talking about the Cuckservative meme of which you are by now surely aware. A fusion of 'cuckold' and 'conservative' the neologism refers to ostensibly conservative politicians and commentators who claim to support traditional values and other conservative objectives  but retreat and surrender to 'liberals' on every issue of substance. All for fear of being branded 'racist', 'homophobic', 'Islamophobic' etc. The meme has hit these bastards in the solar plexus like a piledriver and is being deployed to great effect by the Trump Bandwagon among others. It's a great meme to get it out there folks. Hurl the insult at every backslider you encounter. 
For guidance here are some of the commonest things Cuckservatives say (hat tip to Chateau Heartiste). 

Unions [and/or Democrats] destroyed Detroit”
“I’m all for legal immigration, just not illegal immigration”
“America is safe and free thanks to our troops.”
“America is a nation of immigrants.”
“I’m not a racist but…”
“I don’t care if you’re black, white, green, or purple, but…”
“I stand with Israel”
“Family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande”
“Putin is the new Hitler”
“There is no room for hate and bigotry in the Republican party”
“We must court the Latino vote to stay relevant”
“I would be proud to have a (half) black grandkid”
“Nuclear talks with Iran is like marching Israel to the ovens.”
“I think it’s great the Arizona Cardinals hired the first female NFL coach”
“We all bleed red!”
"The Ted Kennedy Immigration Act”
“America is a nation of immigrants.”
“They said the same thing about the Irish and Italians back in the day!”
“Without immigrants, we couldn’t have housemaids, landscapers, or ethnic food!”
"I believe in a colorblind society.”
“Some of my best friends are…”
“Our Judeo-Christian heritage…”
“As the proud father of a transexual/bi/gay/lesbian child…”
“It’s about culture, not race.”
“Hindus make great neighbors”

And finally, The Battle Cry Of  The Cuckservative
My father’s grave, my daughter’s womb
Please take them both, and seal my tomb.


Rob said...

I think this is the ultimate cuckpic.

Some cuckspeak I posted on Heartiste's blog:

"Most gay marriages are more faithful than Bill and Hillary Clinton's."

"My wife and I don't judge our daughter's killer by the colour of his skin."

Dan said...

Sisspublicans. They are all Adelson's Leather Slaves.

But Cuckservative smacks em with sexual degredation with a nice Fuck-like sound.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about hindus as great next door neighbours but Sikhs have been okay
F..k the rest
I am having dreams of roaming the fields of Kent and stringing up economic Muslim migrants from hop poles
But I suppose I will be seen as reactionary by the left wing press
Who can't see a invading army on our borders who will rape their daughters

Anonymous said...

In Ireland we have our Cuckta Dáiles they represent many shades of political opinion but they are all cuckin against the local white population ALL the time. Cuck Fein the worst of all.

FOD said...

"but Sikhs have been okay"

Whoops, seem we have a Cuck in our midst!

questioning said...

Sikhs and hindus are annoying, like orientals. I don't want them around buuuuuutt.....they don't fuck over the natives like the $aturdays do.

Skinner said...

Hindus and Dindo's. Neither have a place in white countries.

Anonymous said...

Idiot female reporter on BBC News was bringing up the issue of some of the ape infiltrators in Calais coming from "former British colonies".

WTF has that got to do with the price of fish?

Those Africans voted to leave British rule unanimously, so I think "former" is the crucial word.

The bitch's name is Laura Williamson if you want to send hate mail.

direita said...

In an ideal world non-Whites would of course be in their homelands, not Europe.However as long as they are there, I am glad that they are Muslim. From a genetic preservation standpoint (which is the primary reason I am against non-White immigration) anything to increase polarization, separation, and otherness is a good thing. Assimilation always leads to miscegenation.

Ulick McGee said...

Cuck Fein - excellent.

The cuckservative meme works because cuckservatives are naturally susceptible to social shaming. They don't want to appear racist, anti-homosexual, anti the poor nor anti anything else. They are good people, you see, no matter how many of our daughters are raped by immivaders with multiple rape convictions. Good people simply don't deport illegal infiltrators for any reason and any politician who suggests such a thing is going to destroy the right, even though a majority of voters wholeheartedly agree with this policy. It's a paradox! To understand it, you just need to be a good person.

The ironic thing is that the meme only works because cucks IRL are almost exclusively white. It's o.k. to humiliate white men with a slur used for white men who enjoy being humiliated by women and black men. Bug catcher wouldn't take off because that is, gasp, homophobic.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What are the cucksters (rhymes with hucksters) doing about the "Camp of the Saints" situation at the chunnel?

Also one of the best posts ever by Jared Taylor:

Flanders said...

Savant, This is an article you may want to review, or hold to post. Your choice, of course. I am not up to speed on these money shenanigans of the International Union of Usurious jews, but it seems that they intend to load China with SDR's (benefits accruing to jews of the world, of course, and to their glorious leaders, the combined dynasties of the Rothsanaconda's) and to again scam the world financial markets. They seem to already have a Chinese traitor in their employ (with the BIS), or maybe he was born as a tribal member.

"Zhou Xiaochuan:

A Globalist by any objective metric, Xiachuan is the head honcho at the People’s Bank of China, effectively the Janet Yellen of Eastasia. Readers, look into the eyes of this man. If anyone were to lead the world’s return to “sound money,” a BRICS without usury, and a gold-backed Yuan utopia of gold-plated puppies and kittens, by necessity, it would have to be China’s most powerful Central Banker.

Think he can pull it off?"

Chicago Polack said...

Please allow me to comment early, 10% of the comments listed were dubious. After all, it appears Jefferson had some "African" genes whatever the hell that means, and they'll never tell you. Everything doesn't work according to formula, too many variables.

But most does! And your final comment nails it. Right now a minor American monument to my father and his military mates sits in a midsized American city being swarmed by drug-addled Negroes, in other words, nearly abandoned. (I'll update you in another month, please do not bother to bate breath.) Who let the Negros in? And who is encouraging my daughter to consort with Negroes? And telling my sons they have to look the other way? Sister Cuckservative, I do better standing alone. For now. Like will find like.

BTW, for anyone who loves his ancestors, his progeny, and the Anglo-American Latitudinarian Christian country he was born into, is grateful to God for Roman Catholicism by the grace of God, and the Irish American in-laws who can golf, I do not feel the need, however created, for Cook County to build housing projects, especially, Irish* cuck political hacks, on its golf courses, or in my neighborhood.

*Some of these Irishmen for some reason are named Lipinski, or Gutierrez, (need I name more), or are coloured, like Davis.

Anonymous said...

I speak as I find. I lived next to a Sikh for years and the whole family were okay
Maybe the granddad was a complete hater of everything Islamic. And he had photos of the queen in his car
Maybe that was nostalgia from his time serving in the British army ww2
not like you lot

Dan said...

Who is the King Cuck?

Is it Cameron? Or Bush? Or Clinton?

kill switch said...

Who is the King Cuck? So many in play for that coveted title. At the moment Jeb Bush seems way out in front.

Dan said...

JEB Bush is King Cuck so far.

Anonymous said...

"The bitch's name is Laura Williamson if you want to send hate mail."

Far better to just not give them money.

Anonymous said...

Hindus like this arrogant cock like trophy white bitches too - mar this one can keep this ugly thing

Anonymous said...

The Last Leg C4. Got to have the biggest Whiye cuck c***** around. Widdecombe esp. Hands just laughs like an imbecile at everything. Ad Hills goes on about apes killex by cops. Let's bombard the cuck with a list of naes of all the Ape-on-Wjite urders every time that effete convict zioshill suxks kosher sausage,

Anonymous said...

I too speak as I find. I had a friend who was Sikh. Really nice guy. We would play poker together and split any prize money when we won. The Sikhs are the only ones I have any sympathy for. They were very badly treated by the British when India was partitioned. They too should have had a Sikh homeland, the Punjab. As is usual with us Brits those that show loyalty and fight for us are badly treated. When the politicians spout on about the brown faces that have fought for us you can be pretty sure that 90% are Sikh.

red pill said...

Every successful darkie wants a white wife. Proves what they really believe, no matter what they say.

Anonymous said...

You do realise how the BBC is funded? #ZioTax

SAVANT said...

If I may enter the fray on the Sikh issue. Yes, Ive found them to be fine and they were indeed treated badly by the British. They also hate the Muzzies so that's another plus. But still, they ARE different and we have enough of different people in our countries by now.

Read this.

Enderby said...

Savant, I'm one of your biggest fans, but...

"The Ted Kennedy Immigration Act"?

I personally wouldn't use that phrase, but it isn't entirely wrong. Teddy and his brothers were traitors surrounded by Jews. JFK, RFK, and Ted were all heavily involved with the 1965 immigration bill that destroyed the former USA and continues to bring in millions of 3rd world strangers to overpopulate the ruins.

And the myth that JFK was an American patriot who was killed by the bankers because he wasn't on board with their agenda is a sick fairy tale.

Check out this Vdare link revealing that JFK was the original bastard behind the bill.

Also, at the link here the ADL proudly crows that they got JFK to write A Nation of Immigrants to "highlight the contribution of immigrants at a time when the country was locked in a debate about the direction its policy should take".

The Kennedy boys were scum but have always been lauded as heroes. The entire family were treasonous power hungry perverts on the payroll of the Jews. I recently picked up a remaindered biography of daddy Joe Kennedy called The Patriarch to see why he was always smeared as an never made sense to me that he was supposed to be an isolationist Jew hater when his sons were such shabbos goy cucksuckers.

The thing is, old Joe was always a good friend to the Jews and shared their resentment of the Anglo establishment. He even tried to single handedly come up with a plan to save Germany's Jews before WWII started and get them safely resettled with their fortunes intact. Unfortunately for Joe, he couldn't find any country willing to take the rat brained parasites and he found his career derailed as a result.

He learned his lesson well and taught his sons that the path to power was to be second to none when it comes to serving the Jewish agenda. If you do what Big Jew tells you to do, you can get away with murder and still get great press.

Anonymous said...

BBC dykes up to their usual propaganda thanks to licence fee. Showing the far ugly lesbians who aren't even 10% as good as men cup final. Funny how all the commercial channels don't bother with shoddy shite with frumpy hags in hefty mannish kit.

katana said...


Over at AGE OF TREASON this post/podcast and comments may be of interest: Calling Out the Cuckery

Armor 31 JULY 2015 AT 11:22 PM

"John: “These people are all bright people, most with advanced degrees. They’re not stupid, they’re all traitors.”

"I think people can be smart and stupid at the same time.
What are their motivations for betraying their own race? Money or ideology?
Once they are in the White House, why would they keep obeying the Jews?"


Lots of good points to comment on, Armor.

Traitors are usually motivated by a lust for power in its various forms, although in a few cases it can be from genuine beliefs. I don't think there is any sense of betraying their own race in their calculations. As Jared Taylor tells us about the jews, "They look White to me."

They keep obeying the jews because if they don't, they will be destroyed.

"Flanders: “There is no good guy when it comes to the present political lineup.”

"That doesn’t mean they are all the same.
Trump would be better than Graham or Hillary."


Superficially Trump may be "better" in terms of soundbites, but they are all serving the same jew master. I think Trump is a total jew suck-up. Choose your flavor.

"Most candidates in presidential elections have been vetted and filtered by the Jews. But even so, we don’t know what they really think. How many of them really think: I’m going to work with the Jews, I will help them destroy the White race, and they will help me get in the White House? Probably none of them."

They are power hungry individuals who have psychopathic inclinations and therefore do not concern themselves with the damage they do in serving the jewish system. Then there would be the rationalizations they would make justifying their self centered behavior. They are surrounded by the jew media and sycophants telling them that what they are doing is fantastic work for the good of the world and Israel.

As you say, virtually none would be consciously saying they are out to destroy the White race. Except for the real psychopaths. Anyone doing bad things always has an excuse for their bad behavior.

"Low level politicians are less anti-White than the top politicians. I think they are conformists, more than traitors. But under ZOG, there is no clear border between conformism and treachery. I think most local politicians lack the self-confidence and mind clarity to resist the anti-White system. And there is no role model for the would-be pro-White politician! The hardest part is to launch a pro-White political party and to start the ball rolling."

I don't think almost any White politicians are deliberately anti-White for its own sake, but rather, are driven by a lust for power and a don't give a shit for the consequences to his people. The jew "system" filters out all genuinely decent people so that only the scum is left to do their bidding. The higher up the political system the more concentrated the scum, by "jewsign".

The way out of this unfolding disaster is the hard slog of telling people the truth of the situation we find ourselves in. We are the proverbial frogs in near boiling water being slowly but surely cooked alive by jew psychopaths intent on world tyranny.

As the temperature rises more and more, Whites will become receptive to being told the ugly and unwanted truth of jewish domination over our society and their psychopathic intent.


For my latest blog post, Henry Ford — Part 5: The Secret of Manufacturing and Serving click here >>> KATANA


Anonymous said...

@ Enderby

Thanks for the info on the Kennedys, especially JFK and old Joe. I've typed my head off for years trying to expose this fake patriotic image so many have of them.

Rogue said...

I noticed on SKY "news" the other day some crap about Cameron referring to the so-called migrants crossing the Med as "swarming" across - and how this is demeaning as it refers to people as insects.

Now Cameron is a tit for all kinds of reasons, but not for saying that migrants are swarming across the Med or trying to get into Britain. It's an ordinary use of simile or metaphor which everybody uses in normal everyday speech.

No, this is the Left trying to curtail any speech or debate on the matter, as is their normal wont.

SKY is as lefty as the BBC, but also a whole lot crappier.

Dan said...

TN Coates excerpts really do show how homicidal and deluded the Black Dream really is.

It's beyond mere gibs, like a Chimpanzee might want a banana or a piece of cake.

Coates shows a true unalloyed hate for the white man. He hates in particular white boys. Which makes me wonder if he's a molester.

I look at blacks with a sense of pity at times but mostly contempt tinged with a rational thought that they are dangerous to be in contact with.

Coates proves that sentiment correct.

Anonymous said...

Asylum seeker

Anonymous said...

Jews just keep making the money ...
What's the secret ?

Anonymous said...

As I said the Sikhs I have met were okay. So we're the ex gurkhas I have met. All brown. I even ignored the ex Gurkha who came into my shop on purpose because I thought he was a Muslim
But when I found out he was a ex Gurkha of 20 years we had a chat and a cup of tea

Flanders said...

My friend from another site, The Elder of Zyklon-B, posted this about Trump.

"Solid reasons why Trump is Jewry’s latest chump in the presidential farce.

By Brother Nathanael

1. Trump has numerous Jewish connections in Manhattan. You don’t become a New York real estate mogul without them. He’s not about to buck the Jew system that got him where he is today.

2. Trump’s CFO is Allen Weisselberg and his legal counsel is Michael Cohen. These two Jews keep Trump VERY well connected to Jew high-rollers. Cohen is entrenched within Jew NY society.

3. Trump is an “American Exceptionalist.” He will not suffer any country, including Russia, to have its interests served in any part of the world.

4. Trump’s a “uni-polar” man. Cooperation between nations is not in his deck of cards.

5. Trump is a militarist. As strong and powerful and all-pervasive the Pentagon already is, Trump wants to intensify.

6. Trump considers Edward Snowden, (who we here at Real Jew News consider a patriot), a “traitor.”

7. Trump won’t blame Jew Wall Street and its sycophant corporations for offshoring our jobs. Instead he blames Mexico and China.

8. Trump believes in legal immigration. He says it’s a “wonderful” thing. Rather than try to stop the flow from Third World countries, Trump welcomes it. Those who tout Trump as a “white nationalist” are dreaming.

9. Trump is an Israel-lover. Trump loves Bibzy. Trump will NOT stop the Jew power in this country. He’s too beholden to Jew power owing to his Manhattan “deals” and the dynastic Jew Kushner family of New Jersey his daughter Ivanka married into.

10. Stay tuned for my NEXT Video on Trump.

Let’s not forget that Donald Chump, acting on his kosher handlers’ orders attacked Pat Buchanan time after time for being an anti-Semite.

Would he have has his on “reality” TV show if he was not in bed and compliant with die Juden?".
[Flanders below:

I have never seen it as being a remote possibility that Trump would win, since I’m convinced that “Mishpuka Hillary” is the hand-picked Queen for the jewish communists, and she has been ever since she grudgingly stepped out of the way for the jew’s Uncle Obama to do his social miracles against America and American White people.]

My opinion about Trump has changed little from an earlier comment I had made. "Trump is there to take the heat off of Hillary [Maybe off of Bush, too], and to advance the false narrative that elections are serious matters. Total Bunk.

Misleading voters, giving jew media some entertaining seed materials to use against us, the REAL Americans, and falsely providing hope for all of us who are true Americans (who are naturally conservative) is, I’m afraid, Trump’s assignment. He is also intended to be splitting some of the Mexicans who are inherently supportive of White conservatism’s position in America, away from providing support for that base. He’s a rich showman in the land of the jews, doing what he is scripted to do. I would love to be wrong."

Anonymous said...

Alleged 'asylum seekers' in the UK enter Paradise:

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Alleged 'asylum seekers' in the UK enter Paradise:
1 August 2015 at 23:36

Went to the above site ... My God.

First impression; the PTB in Pommieland have reached the point where, they are either taking the piss -- or actually trying their best to force a violent confrontation.

I think it's the former. They are literally drunk with power and feel that they can do anything, anytime, to anyone with no consequences whatsoever. Shielded by the monolith of the establishment.

They do not possess the tiniest amount of empathy for those who have to accept and actually live with this sort of thing and are simply incapable of conceiving the notion that anyone -- of any importance, by their standards -- could possibly object.

By that token, anyone who actually objects to this sort of thing, is not worthy of being called human ... and can be dismissed as easily as a heartless vivisectionist can ignore the induced suffering of lab animals.

I understand that the definition of a psychopath (reduced to terms that I can understand, anyway) is its incapacity to recognise other people as human and its total indifference to any suffering or anguish that it does not feel on a personal level.

Couple this with the seeming complete lack of imagination and we have a recipe for disaster. When the pressure cooker blows, it's going to be with a very big bang.

Second thoughts; upon looking at this pair of creatures in semi-human guise, sitting at that oh-so-English tea table complete with cloth serviettes, silver pots and fine china reminds me of nothing more that a large runny dog turd deposited into a Ming vase.

Someone will pay for this.


Anonymous said...

"What's the secret ?"

They cheat.

"Solid reasons why Trump is Jewry’s latest chump in the presidential farce."


Step 1) Get a tipping point percentage of white people to realise they are the targets of a stealth genocide.

Step 2) There is no step 2.

We're not going to win at electoral politics or anything else unless we achieve step 1 so it doesn't matter what Trump is or isn't. Use his candidacy as a tool to achieve step 1.

Anonymous said...

Trump cares about America 1st,plus he is a business man something we haven't had in the WH in years also a billionaire many times over and most of all a true WASP on his dads side,i went over to the republicans yrs ago along with a lot of others on the job when the demo went to the complete socialist left.John old rtf chicago copper...

white_rose said...

"Step 1) Get a tipping point percentage of white people to realise they are the targets of a stealth genocide."


Once that happens the rest will follow organically.

Anonymous said...

I would say that John McCain is the king of cucks. He has lived his entire life as a cuck.

Dan said...

Filmed in Mozambique I beleive.

Actual Poachers at work. Not Dentists.

Anonymous said...

Growing like topsy, cuck is.

But does it have legs?

"The Bell Curve" was the hula-hoop of the 90s because it also grabbed a lot of air time and ended up just annoying people. "Political Correctness" was hijacked almost from the start.

I wish no cynicism. But "cuckservative" has the feel of a hot summer prank. Somebody at the zoo threw a firecracker in the monkey-cage. Jump monkeys jump?


Sentient said...

MISTER, you may well be right. But we have little in our armory. Let us use whatever we have for as long as we have it.

Anonymous said...

who else speaks for white Americans at this time,,,,,??????

Anonymous said...

@ Sentient --

Amen to that.

I used it once today already and got a grin, maybe...


Anonymous said...

These floods and swarms of non white vermin are good news!!

Make sure they end up in the back yards of the lib/lab/con elite in Westminster, Cobham, Altringham, Knightsbridge, Bath et al and let them live cheek by jowl next to the stinking treacherous scum of the 'establishment' who hate the indigenous people of Britain. Let their stinking wealth be tainted by the hordes and swarms of vermin who want to suck.

FLOOD the entire country - it was fucked years ago - bring 'em in... ALL of 'em LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Jeb Bush looks like a pedophile with that little midget he married.

James said...

targets of a stealth genocide means of weaponized sympathy.

Anonymous said...

Not one of you have ever left your keyboards . And actually went on a demonstration
In support of a cause you might support
Some of you might of gone to a demo And watched from afar
Commentating to yourselves about the small numbers involved whilst standing next to a person who feels the same as you but as the same as you hasn't got the ballls
Fucking wankers the lot of you

Myself. Have been to 20 edl demoes also al quids anti demoes in london
And the American embassy 9/ 11 10 year memorial where Muslims were able to chant all the way through the 2 minutes silence

Up the fucking villa

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Not one of you have ever left your keyboards . And actually went on a demonstration

That is both grammatically and factually incorrect. Why are you looking for a fight with people who support your ostensible cause?

Anonymous said...

You, sir, are a fucking idiot