Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Stand up and fight

"Let me tell you the trouble with girls.  Three things happen when they're in the lab. You fall in love with them, the fall in love with you, and when you criticise them they cry'. As  offensive remarks go this must represent one of the most inoffensive imaginable.  Especially when the offender is a Nobel Prize-winning scientist who himself is married to a (female - we have to clarify gender these days) scientist.

But it was enough to get him forced out of his job at University College London.

And you see that's the whole point. Because the Thought Police Commissars want to make us fearful of speaking our minds and  the more truthful and harmless the offence the more effective the ensuing punishment. Here's an explanation from Theodore Dalrymple (a truly good Jew).

"In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is...in some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to."

And therein lies my disappointment with Prof. Hunt's reaction. Boilerplate grovelling retractions and apologies all round.  When will they learn?  Such grovelling serves merely to whet the appetites of the shrieking careerist dykes and their snivelling manboobed enablers. Like throwing a stuck pig into shark-infested waters. Fight back! Don't concede the moral high ground. Force them to justify their absurd positions.  Escalate. Sue them for the distress that you have suffered.  The only apology should be 'I apologise for not offending you more than I did'. See how the bastards react. They're totally unprepared for fight-back of any kind.

Remember that after the Crucifixion came the Resurrection.

And on that note I'll leave you with a few inspiring thoughts from some inspiring people.

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds'
- Samuel Adams

'The truth is like a lion. Set it free.  It will defend itself'
- St. Augustine

And the most important: 'If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my children may live in peace'.
- Tom Paine


Flanders said...

It really doesn’t matter what people say, think or do in this war against all White people living anywhere. They are being forcibly consigned or conscripted into the Southern army by the media and it's jew controllers. It just doesn't matter that the White people do not live or have ever been near the South (or even in the US). The militant jewish offensive will also be conducted against the stupidly “apologetic” whites, those lower-case whites (wso’s) who have become (white [in their] skin only), and who have abandoned being real Whites. The only temporary exemptions from the active militancy is to be for those Marxist-schooled “whites” who will actively assist the wso-jews their with promotion of propaganda, along with the celebrity political figurehead chorus' of jewish sycophancy.

The jew’s intent is to run the modern day Scalawags, Carpetbaggers and assortments of jew-stirred militant negro (and other, immigrant) discontents against all White peoples, while the jews fan the flames and continue to rake in money from continually abused, assualted, dislocated, overtaxed and harassed Whites. For now it is not a Civil War, it is simply Southern reconstruction being extended into a war against all White peoples in the world, with all bounty going to the jews. To all those White people everywhere, I say - Welcome to Dixie - the Confederacy welcomes you!

The South Will rise again!

Cassius said...

Flanders all of what you say is true. But remember the fall of Communism. They had the same degree of control at all levels of society. Yet the whole rotten edifice collapsed within a couple of years.

Not saying it's going to be easy but let us all do our own little bit and release the Lion Of Truth!

James said...

A very good read.


James said...

But it was enough to get him forced out of his job at University College London.

I'm not sure there was much force applied. They axed him to go and then he went. Simple. Clean. Tidy. Liberals like a tidy world.

The force available to the liberal witch-finders is proportional to the non-PC gaff emitted by the perpetrator - equal to the sin multiplied by the appropriate conversion factor. (Multiplied by 169 for homophobia, 321 for Islamaphobia, 666 for patriarchal abuse as in this case, times 888 in the case of racism, and times 1488 in the case of anti-Semitism) In this instance the gaff was negligible so the force available was negligible; but as Savant said it was enough.

Anonymous said...

That Thomas Paine quote sent shivers up my spine.

Anonymous said...

The Sam Adams quote is misattributed. Adams didn't say that.

Anonymous said...

Suppose a female scientist and Nobel Prize winner said:

"Let me tell you the trouble with men. Three things happen when they're in the lab. You fall in love with them, the fall in love with you, and when you criticise them they cry".

Would this lead to her sacking?

English Tony from NYC said...

On a not unrelated matter:

It is no surprise that liberals have responded to the Charleston massacre with more calls for gun control. This is not going to do them much good. There are no practical mechanisms (we’d all like to see them if there were) for getting guns out of the hands of the criminal and the deranged. Democratic and Republican voters alike are very leery of attempts to regulate their firearms ownership and politicians are well aware of this. Meaningful increased gun control is therefore a political non-starter in the U.S., at least at the present time.

Because of this, a softer target is now being aimed at: the Confederate flag. The Stars and Bars is a powerful and emotional symbol, not just for the working-class Americans of Southern heritage who fly it most, but for white people everywhere. This is because it is the strongest visual representation of one of those historic times when the Anglo-Saxon and Celtic warrior demonstrated to the world his bravery, fortitude, and strength.
Symbols are important as they crystallize and depict shared cultural understandings and beliefs. Our enemies know that if a powerful symbol is demonized and tainted, so are the values and cultures it represents undermined and scorned.

Attempts to transform display of this flag into deviant (i.e., racist) behavior are well under way. Walmart has just agreed not to sell any merchandise bearing a Confederate image. Politicians all over the U.S. are scrambling over one another in their calls for the removal of this flag from public buildings and the erasure of monuments and other evidence of the South’s Confederate past. The lead editorial in today’s New York Times is entitled: “Take Down the Confederate Flag: Symbol of Hatred” and is as nasty as the title suggests. Like newspapers in general, the NYT equates white heritage with hatred. God knows what schools are saying about it to their pupils. (Actually, I think we do know).

Will our enemies extend this hatred of what they consider alien flags to others? Will they denounce the Mexican flags that are routinely displayed at demonstrations in the U.S. by illegal aliens (you know, those people who live “in the shadows”)? The rainbow flag used by gays to vaunt their sexual choices? Do we even need to ask the question? Anything that demonstrates that there is a strong, traditional culture in the West that has not been subjugated by our enemies is an anathema to them.

No sane person can condone the actions of the barmy, drug-addled Dylann Roof who senselessly murdered gentle black people who welcomed him into their midst. However, his manifesto is (mostly) well thought-out, informative, and not badly-written, in spite of what the press says. It’s interesting that Roof’s epiphany came when he realized the extent of the lies about matters racial told by the mass media. Read it, if you can still find it online. (Try lastrhodesian.com. Click on “Text”).

English Tony from NYC

Cassius said...

"Adams didn't say that."


Well who said it then?

Braveheart said...

English Tony from NYC. The classic Hegelian Dialectic: Problem - Reaction - Solution.

In short TPTB are using this event - whether they engineered it through drugs is moot - to further the war on white culture and white men in particular.

Dan said...

Whatever else Dylann is he's certainly triggered a media endgame.

Did he anticipate the cargo cult would transfer and project everything that they have onto a St Andrew's cross with Star arrays?

Working class whites in the south will never forgive the GOP for folding in 24 hours.

It's the end of the 2016 election methinks.

Uncle Nasty said...

I recommend this site:-


An excerpt from the comments:-

The Great Mesopotamian War

It's lasted twenty-four years; arguably an entire century.

For the fifth time in my adult life, the US will engage in combat operations in the Middle East. We are doing this because the corrupt meatballs who rule the Arabian peninsula are terrified, and because the jihadists will be coming home, this time with live-fire experience. As the lonely voices of Pat Buchanan and Steve Sailer have pointed out for two decades, we invite the world, so we must invade the world. ISIS is not actually a threat to the US per se. It is a threat to the US government's open borders policy, because a few instances of jihadists setting off IED's in shopping malls and the US Congress, under threat of complete electoral eviction, will be adopting the immigration policy of Israel. Therefore, ISIS must be destroyed.

I also suspect this is actually a pretext to bomb Damascus and its resident Assad family into the dirt, as long desired by the Saud and Thani clans.

Also in play are the semi-conscious motivations of President Peace Prize, who I think would love nothing more than to honor the memory of his father as an openly devout Sunni Muslim.

Not many people make the Saudi/Jew/Marxist/US connection. It was pointed out several times that the one arabic state that not continually attacked and vilified by the yids and their US govt lapdogs, is Saudi Arabia.

Could it be because the country is owned and run by crypto-jews?






Uncle Nasty said...

Hopefully the start of a real trend ... though I ha'e me doobts.


It appears that those rabid extreme right wing racisss bassards won 21% of the Danish vote.
What is the Danish for Quelle surprise!!

Scandinavian right wing politics winning more and more votes

19/06 15:00 CET

Another strong showing by the right in northern Europe: the Danish People’s Party is celebrating its victorious result in legislative elections, with 21% of the votes.

This makes the anti-immigration People’s Party (DPP) Denmark’s second-largest political party, and the leading partner in the right wing bloc — dislodging the left from government.

Described by detractors as populist or even far right, the DPP confirms an anti-immigration trend in the Nordic countries.
Over the last year and a half the right in Denmark, Sweden and Finland have all enjoyed growing strength.
In Swedish elections last September, the right wing Sweden Democrats became the third-largest party.

The nationalist-oriented Finns Party in April emerged from elections as Finland’s second largest party.
Norway’s Progress Party, which some political scientists say verges on the extreme right, teamed up with the Conservatives to win the 2013 election and enter government for the first time.

As a top energy exporter, non-EU Norway is in enviable economic condition compared to most of Europe, but has nevertheless felt reverberations from the global financial crisis, the euro crisis and migration.
Along with their reputation for prosperity, the Nordic countries have among the world’s most welcoming immigration policies. So, of course they are desirable destinations. Their crime rates are the lowest in Europe, yet parties with broad popular appeal attribute crime to them.

Interviewed while walking around in central Oslo, Norway’s Progress Party member Sigurd Fredeng said: “Normally, there are a lot of people selling drugs here. Maybe because it’s very cold today, that’s why there aren’t so many people, but many people sit here — Romanian people.”

The Scandinavian countries’ buoyant economies require them to import labour, yet at the same time, the right wing parties are keen to cut down on granting asylum and to reduce benefits for immigrants.

So, they wish to "cut down on granting asylum and to reduce benefits for immigrants." eh?

I'll believe it when they take a chainsaw to "asylum" and "benefits for immigrants" ... and then start taking that very chainsaw to the immigrants themselves.

Nothing says "Fuck off back to your third-world shit-hole of a country" like a zinc tub full of disconnected body parts.

It would certainly work for me.


CS said...

As James pointed out on an earlier thread, Tim Hunt committed professional suicide by apologizing. To apologize when falsely accused by the PC establishment is, as RamZ Paul remarked, "like throwing blood to a shark."

But why did he apologize? Most probably because he is, like his accusers, a feminist, which means he accepts that whatever offends the most uppity woman is by definition offensive.

Which raises the further question, why would someone of apparent intelligence adopt such a foolish view, to which I think the answer is that this is simply the academic majority view, acquired by Tim Hunt probably in the 70's and never since given any serious thought, first because the man has a mostly single-track mind, and second because when 85-90% of your academic colleagues, including the administrative bureaucracy, are liberal leftie feminists, being a liberal-leftie feminist is the most comfortable position to take by someone in a university setting.

Why most academics are liberal-leftie, feminist advocates of diversity, etc., etc., is not entirely clear to me, although it is obviously compatible with the the libertinism of many academics with nubile feminist grad students, such as, for example, Mary Collins, Hunt's second wife.

Flanders said...

Lest anyone think that Americans are not compassionate, usually they are, but no one gets money from the government (local or federal) for family members killed in any types of accidents or crimes - except for certain favored ones. That includes people who allegedly are killed in "favored crimes", which often have the appearance of being faked and are presented through the media for their value - in order to promote to the public - agendas favorable to gun control. You get the drift.

"On the late afternoon of Friday June 19 the Obama Justice Department led by new Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced it will “fast track” $29 million to victim families of the June 17 shooting at the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston South Carolina, Reuters reports. The exorbitant payout amounts to over $3.2 million per family."


Flanders said...

"The alleged Manifesto of Dylann Roof, the alleged shooter in the alleged massacre of Church Negroes, in Charleston, SC, was obtained by some-one calling her/itself “Emma Quangel”, purporting to be an Arab woman from Jordan. Here is a link to it’s Twitter feed:


Read through is while you can. This creature is a self-proclaimed Communist, and “Communist” = “Jew”. The Twitter account does not come across as the “voice” of an Arab woman. And when I scanned down the Tweets, I found this:"


Veritas said...

Another terrific piece Savant. I will try to memorize those quotes as they are quite powerful.

In a post on another thread I asked how do we capture the hearts and minds of the brainwashed sheeple? Also would it be possible to succesfully run a candidate with our beliefs?

How do we combat the brainwashing from the media, academia as well as government?

Sickening that the taxi drivers in Ireland, especially the large cities such as Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick are increasingly Nigerian. When one of the older drivers retires the Niggerians pounce and take over the job. The governments all over the west are criminals.

Jeremy said...

Steve Sailer's 'invade the world, invite the world' is a brilliant observation but he presents it as something crazy and inexplicable But it is not. It makes perfect sense for globalists and NWO types if one thinks about it.

Heraclitus said...

Veritas you are correct about Nigerians increasingly taking over the taxi business. And bringing Nigerian standards to it. My wife and I accordingly will not choose one of them, selecting a white driver instead - assuming there IS one. Now I see there are moves afoot to eliminate customer choice in this area as in so many others. This latest wheeze from the Labour Party will force customers to take the first taxi in the rank. Are there any limits to our Controllers' lust for power?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Sav ...You are up there with GBS/Orwell/and my mind gone blank!

Veritas said...

Veritas: Heraclitus have you ever used the Hailo app? It is a taxi findining app and you have no choice of driver so invariably some Mohemedian Niggerian shows up as your driver. It's a sad state of affairs but a very good app otherwise.

I do not like giving them any money either. It is despicable.

awakened said...

Not only shun them, but refuse to apologize, back down, or recant your hatethoughts. The correct responses to a whining leftist are "I don't care," "Not my problem," "You are a crybaby," "Go bully someone else, you simpering pansy," "Look at this grown man crying over someone else's opinions," etc.

Laugh at them, emasculate them, mock them, refuse to take them seriously, and no matter what, never apologize. They're so used to people cowering from their smears that they have no defense against people who refuse to be cowed. Don't waste time or effort arguing with someone who is arguing in bad faith. Just laugh at them and push them aside.

Anonymous said...

If the fuckers make a wave ride it!
Whenever they are stoking something up ,refer to it in your in your postings/piss take... anything will do.
As a thought "Who the fuck will be prepared to go to war for cunts such as they"?

Seneca said...

UN. THe main thing in my opinion about the rise of the Far Right (LOL!!!) parties in northern Europe is that it brings their views increasingly closer to the 'respectable' mainstream. This is vital because non-PC thought will of necessity have to get more of an airing which in turn reinforces the mainstream acceptability criterion. All going well - and we should not underestimate our enemy - libtards will have to explain and justify themselves in a way they have never had to do before.

john7 said...

Amen Mr Savant.

Raider Fan said...

Dear Sir. This is very good advice and each man can have an effect on his family and friends by simply naming men, ideology, and sins by their traditional names.

Do not back down, ever.

Gays? No, sodomites.

And when the bastids demand you change your heritage Take down the Stars and Bars tell them to go piss up a flag pole and take down their American Fag which flew over legal slavery much longer than did the Stars and Bars.

PC is just the communism of the Frankfurt School distilled to its totalitarian mundanity.

It only wins if you surrender.

Fuck 'em

Raider Fan said...

we have to clarify gender these days

Sex, not gender. Man has sex, language has gender.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Maybe he wimped out or maybe he left while the getting was good. Anybody with an I.Q. above room temperature can see this system is about to collapse. Getting away from the storm is smart if you're old and can't skin a coon with a bowie knife.
They've already played their last race card. Banning the Confederate Flag is going to put the stars and bars on every teenagers wall for years. Why don't they ban Christianity too, then maybe they'll start reading the Bible and learn what kind of stupid fuckers they need to kill.
I Love it when the enemy gets desperate, because I know they're about to run away. They are losing badly now. This whole Civil Rights Hoax has brought their entire scam down around their heads. These stupid retards couldn't find a worse and less believable victim if they tried. If you can find a black past the age of conception that's innocent you must be Sherlock Holmes!
They keep trying to blame Whites for everything now. Its like monkeys flinging poo now isn't it? they're just throwing everything and hoping something will stick and stop their slide.

Bahar Mustapha said...

You got that wrong. Tim Hunt is a well respected Nobel Laureate whereas as transracial dudette who posted to the #killallwhitemen
called someone white trash on the official Goldsmith’s Student Union account; actively oppressed the voices of disabled students;
made a cross section of students feel intimidated, unsupported, and unrepresented; and lead an occupation of the students union in a protest which may or may not have caused £30,000 worth of damage
is more worthy of firing. And if it wasn't then the world has gone completely mad.

Anonymous said...

@Flander 7:22

An Obama voter you say? It is the badge which has been badly Photoshopped to be replaced by a Rhodesian flag.

Veritas said...

Everyone should read this blog and I hope Savant starts a forum someday as well.

Any ideas on how to better promote this blog? I was speaking to a likeminded man the other day and he had never heard of the Savant sadly. We all need to leaflet and place stickers of this blog's URL all over the place. Graffiti of the URL should be splashed on walls and pub bathroom doors and urinals. The site needs to be promoted everywhere.

We must wake everyone up and do it quickly!

Anonymous said...

This sh1t is just getting way out of hand.


Frank Galton said...

English Tony from NYC said: “The lead editorial in today’s New York Times is entitled: “Take Down the Confederate Flag: Symbol of Hatred” and is as nasty as the title suggests.”

Russia Today, 24 June 2015

The fun they had: New York Times staff mimicked mass killings in leaked photos

Two leaked photographs show top New York Times staff in poses making fun of mass killings shortly after they happened.

One photo shows the longtime NYT opinion page editor Andrew Rosenthal wielding a fake M16 rifle and a bottle of wine over staffers stained with fake blood, recreating the June 2001 Nepalese royal massacre.

Read more:

Frank Galton

James said...

UN, I searched for reviews of that book Erectus Walks Amongst Us that you recommended and some PC liberal said it was the worst book they ever read, and they threw it away after a few chapters because it was RACIST. That's all the endorsement I needed so I found a copy and started a journey of discovery.

It is a gold mine of hate! A feast for the mind! What a great and mighty tome. I can't stop.

Thanks for the tip, I've read half the book already and learned so much about human evolution, DNA, epigenetics, simian shelves, brow ridges, nose spikes, ancient human fossils in Russia (wow I thought they all came from Kenya, like everyone else who reads Richard Leakey books and think they know something), eye colour and intelligence, brain sizes, skull shapes, cheek bones, leg bones, eye sockets, hip shape, blood types, negroes, bantus, eskimos, Han Chinese, Arab slavery practices, cannibalism, the fact that humans retain most baby features unlike other primates, brain cortical folding patterns, cranial capacity vs. brain size, and the list could go on and on.

Everybody should read this book right now!

Savant should do an article on it.


James said...

CS said...

As James pointed out on an earlier thread, Tim Hunt committed professional suicide by apologizing. To apologize when falsely accused by the PC establishment is, as RamZ Paul remarked, "like throwing blood to a shark."

But why did he apologize? Most probably because he is, like his accusers, a feminist, which means he accepts that whatever offends the most uppity woman is by definition offensive.

A quite interesting theory on why the White race is often so pathetic is to be found here. It makes for interesting reading:


Anonymous said...

You got that wrong. Tim Hunt is a well respected Nobel Laureate whereas as transracial dudette who posted to the #killallwhitemen
called someone white trash on the official Goldsmith’s Student Union account; actively oppressed the voices of disabled students;

Is there a story on this?

Shaunantijihad said...

And we are that tireless minority who will prevail. The only msm site I am not banned from is the Express, but I find any link to http://www.ae911truth.org/ gets immediately blocked.

Israel and treasonous Jews perpetrated 911 with knowledge from friends around the world, including the BBC news team.

Gary Paul said...

Here's what happens to a white girl with a baby who wanders into a troop of chimps. Watch the guy in blue. All he's short of is throwing poo. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b3c_1435119168

AnalogMan said...

Raider Fan said...

Sex, not gender.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Erectus Walks Amongst Us is maybe the most interesting book I ever read.

Some excerpts:

A fetus has some specializations for survival as a baby, e.g., short limbs, subcutaneous fat, epicanthic folds, and round heads, which are lost in Caucasian and African babies when they become adults, but are not lost in East Asians. Thus, neoteny can generalize an adult if the adult remains at a stage after fetal specializations have been lost, but prior to a stage where later specializations were acquired.

“[Chimpanzees] are extraordinarily variable in skin color, running from a grayish pink that is almost white to black, with several yellowish shades between. Their color range is essentially the same as in the races of man …” (Coon, 1962, p. 145)

Flesh-colored skin may also be neotenic in humans. Newborns of dark-skinned parents are lighter-skinned (Abner, 1998), then their skin darkens as they grow older. 7 It is interesting to note that young chimpanzees have flesh-colored skin which becomes blackish or black between ages 10 and 12 (Baker, 1974, p. 112); that suggests that our last common ancestor (LCA) with chimpanzees may also have had light skin when young. 8 There is some genetic evidence that “the common ancestors of all humans on earth had white skin under dark hair – similar to the skin and hair color pattern of today’s [young] chimpanzees.”

Blood types overlap quite a bit between the races, though most of the world is Rh positive while about half of Europe is Rh negative. (Sykes, 2001, p. 41). The races differ significantly in the percentage of their populations that fall into the different categories of the various systems for classifying blood. (Baker, 1974, pp. 185-187). Some blacks have rare blood types found only in blacks and, to avoid incompatibility, they may be advised to receive blood transfusions from blacks having the same type. Treating a person of one race as though he were a member of a different race can lead to serious medical problems or even death. “The number of red corpuscles and the amount of haemoglobin in the blood [Nicklas, 1987], the pulse-rate, the vital capacity [lung capacity], the muscular strength, the amount of urea in the urine, are different in different races.”

29. Blue eyes are associated with strategic thinking and achievement, which would be more selected for in men. (“Blue-eyed people better off, say scientists,” News.com.au, Aug. 20, 2007; Clerkin, B., “Why blue-eyed boys (and girls) are so brilliant,” London Daily Mail, Aug. 20,2007). Also see (Worthy, M. "Eye Color, Sex, and Race, 1974). Since light pigmentation is neotenic and blue eyes are less pigmented, neoteny may also play a role: “Most [human] babies have blue eyes but they usually darken as the pigment melanin builds up in the iris.” (Id). “Negro infants at birth and for a short time afterwards have not infrequently a dark, grayish-blue iris." (Johnston, 1910). Puma kittens have blue eyes, which later become brown. (MSN Encarta Encyclopedia). Blue eyes, blond hair, and light skin are produced by the HERC2 gene (p. 102); all three traits are associated with youth, which suggests that the neoteny that occurred in the Caucasian lineage was not the same as the neoteny that occurred in the Asian lineage. Blue eyes can transmit up to 100 times as much light as dark eyes. (Mogk, 2003). While this may lead to macular degeneration, the additional light may have stimulated the pineal gland, giving blue-eyed people a fertility advantage. Back

Blacks have better hearing than other races.

Anonymous said...

Sickening that the taxi drivers in Ireland, especially the large cities such as Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick are increasingly Nigerian. When one of the older drivers retires the Niggerians pounce and take over the job. The governments all over the west are criminals.

Immigrants are brought in to drive taxis.

Taxis are required because of excessive drunk driving laws.

My theory is that the drunk driving hysteria gripping the west is a plot to drive immigration, along with 24/7 opening hours, Sunday shopping etc. More cheap labour needed. All the whites want to run businesses and get rich and they hire immigrants.

Studies have shown that sober women actually cause more accidents than drunk men when adjusted to a per mile driven basis.

Ban women from the roads then, not booze.

Frank Galton said...


Frank Galton

rambaloosa said...

Please send that link from Frank Galton to everyone you know. Let them know what the apes are doing to us.

AnalogMan said...

Several references to the "Stars and Bars" here. In fact, that is not the flag at the centre of the latest kerfuffle over Dixie. The S&B was the first national flag of the Confederacy.

The flag at the Confederate Memorial on the State House grounds in South Carolina is similar to, but not identical with, the Battle flag of the Confederacy. That flag was square. The rectangular version popular today is actually the Confederate Naval ensign.

Frank Galton said...

Anonymous said: “...drunk driving...24/7 opening hours, Sunday shopping etc...”

Sunday Trading Act 1994

In 1993, the [Jewish] Home Secretary Michael Howard (now Lord Howard of Lympne) introduced a new Bill:

“There is no doubt that REFORM IS NEEDED. Changes in retailing and leisure activities have put pressure on the Shops Act regime. As a result, the Sunday trading provisions of the 1950 Act are well past their sell-by date.”

House of Commons debate, 08 July 1993

Sunday Trading

[Jewish Member of Parliament for Burton] Sir Ivan Lawrence: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department when he will publish HIS PLANS to reform SUNDAY TRADING law in England and Wales.

[Jewish Home Secretary] Mr. Howard: We intend to lay before Parliament next week and publish on 13 July a draft Sunday trading Bill together with a covering text describing the options for reform.

The Tablet (the international Catholic news weekly), 04 December 1993

Church Leaders Oppose Sunday Trading

House of Commons debate, 15 February 1995

Licensing (Sunday Hours) Bill

“Landlords will be able to welcome families with children into their bars early in the New Year, [Jewish] Home Secretary Michael Howard announced today...”

Clause 1 will enable small shops and off-licences to sell alcohol from 10 in the morning until 10.30 at night. This will bring the law governing Sunday off-licence hours into line with the SUNDAY TRADING ACT 1994.

The Independent, 07 August 1995

Pubs and off-licences had their first all-day SUNDAY opening yesterday, following the introduction of NEW LICENSING LAWS.

Now, said the [Jewish] Home Secretary, Michael Howard, the traditional lunchtime drink should be a much more enjoyable activity.

The Church of England said it was concerned at the effect it would have on families trying to enjoy a peaceful day together...

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Young Korean woman slashed in machete attack yesterday. Serves her right for vacationing in fun city. Perp would make a good taxi diver in west of Ireland as he was homeless. You guys over there should really be more cooperative. Why take Nigerians when you can rehabilitate our chimps. And ours aren't as pure black as the African ones. Maybe a little crazier. And maybe not.

Anonymous said...

I was chatting with a black woman this afternoon who was on a par with Alex Jones. Just making very small talk in front of library when she allowed that Obama was obviously a communist and the whole country is being run by communists. Angry on an old white guy kind of level about the economy and how the corporations were sucking the wealth out of the country. Concerned that the government is going to take over with Jay Helm and put us all in camps. Thinks the government is promoting a race war "because there's something not on the level with the Charleston thing." Obama is just a CEO taking orders from who knows who. Probably including the British queen as "she's the one who really owns everything."

She didn't seem after the Jews so much but I applauded her condemnation of the British queen.

Anonymous said...

You are correct, Savant, in saying that we might be seeing the end of PC. That would be good news except that we're entering a new stage in the cultural revolution. Instead of kissing the ass of every pathetic group in the world, and expecting the rest of us to join in, the left is now going all out to confront and isolate us. Which is what the controversy over the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia is all about. Problem for them is that the slanders are so ridiculous that even they don't believe them. And the favored groups most of all don't believe it and are becoming uneasy about the whole business. They all came here for a bourgeois lifestyle. Not to become cannon fodder in a bloody revolution.

Anonymous said...

Frank, it's amazing how you find the dues behind everything.

In their cases, it is usually as suspected, so discovered.

Anonymous said...

But you made one mistake.

"Church Leaders Oppose Sunday Trading"

should be

"[Anti-Semitic] Church Leaders Oppose Sunday Trading"

Anonymous said...

The governments all over the west are criminals.

...guilty of enacting the Kalergi plan for white genocide.

Frank Galton said...

"The Pachys are out of containment!"

Jurassic World's unintentionally very racist line is stunning audiences

Among the smorgasbord of dinosaurs that feature in this summer's biggest blockbuster, Jurassic World, is the little-known Pachycephalosaurus.

It is pronounced (pak-ee-sef-a-low-sor -us), and the lizard-like creature has a habit of escaping its enclosure.

Now, this is a fast-paced action film so there is no time for such lengthy paleontological words, leading a character to at one point abbreviate and shout: "The Pachys are out of containment!"

Phonetically this sounds like a wildly racist slur, and it has left some viewers squirming uncomfortably in their seats...

Most can't believe that the line actually made it into the final script, though this can probably be explained by the fact that the slur has a history of only really being used in the UK, and Jurassic World's screenplay was penned entirely by Americans.


Frank Galton

Sverige said...


What is wrong with these Swedish chicks? She thinks bedding this thing is normal? The newspaper reports it as normal too. The caption should be, "Wealthy chink in love triangle with talking ape and mentally deranged Swede" or something along those lines.

All very normal. She was taught that we are all one since she was a kid and this is a product of this. I would not be surprised if her own father did not applaud her decision to sleep with the coon. Sweden has been completely taken over by our overlords.

Flanders said...

MUST READ information for people who are conscious and aware about Rita Katz, a probable Mossad habara operative, who operates a po-dunk type of site, called SITE, which is often cited by Major media, MSM, and which "credits" them with major news and video releases. There are indications of her direct involvement with the Charleston matters.


"The ‘Arrest’ of Dylann Storm Roof: A Hoax that Keeps On Giving"

Michael Hunt said...

A leaked European Commission report revealed a different account of the Nobel Prize-winning scientist's speech and appeared to suggest he was joking when he said men and women should 'work in separate labs' because women in labs 'fall in love with you' and 'cry' when criticised.

Read more: Sir Tim Hunt's comments taken out of context

Funny how it is only now that people realise it was said as a joke.

City University Native Taswomanian has called upon The Royal Society to elect a female president becaushe she spent time at the BBC as a trainee

The other sheource of the story is Deborah Bloom who won a Pulitizer Prize in 1992 which was x years after the fake story and y years before the other fake story won.

Wsilver asks

Who broke the story? Why wasn't their claims checked?

The answer to this is

Twana Btawley
Rachel Dolezal
Chrystal Mangum
Hillary Clinton
Elizabeth Warren
Rodney King
Martin Brown
Trayvon Martin
Emma Slutowitz
etc. etc..

Flanders said...

Part 1 of 2:

How many words does it take for people to listen, and to learn?

Two times with similar messages.

If we wish to be free— if we
mean to preserve inviolate those in-
estimable privlages for which we have
been so long contending-- if we mean
not basely to abandon the noble strug-
gle in which we have been so long en-
gaged, and which we have pledged our-
selves never to abandon until the glor-
ious object of our contest shall be
obtained, we must fight! I repeat it,
sir, we must fight! An appeal to arms
and to the Lord of Hosts is all that
is left us!

They tell us, sir, that we are
weak; unable to cope with so for-
midable an adversary. But when shall
we be stronger? Will it be the next
week, or the next year? Will it be
when we are totally disarmed...?"

"Gentlemen may cry peace, peace—
but there is no peace. The war is ac-
tually begun!... Our brethren are al-
ready in the field! Why stand we here
idle? What is it that gentlemen wish?
What would they have? Is life so dear
or peace so sweet, as to be purchased
at the price of chains and slavery?
Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not
what course' others may take; but as
for me, give' me liberty or give me

Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775

And, the above placed into the words of the everyday modern man, from another site.

Flanders said...

Part 2 of 2:

Of course they’ll try to take it away! They will take away that flag and every other aspect of your culture and civilisation until there is nothing left but a rootless mass of white slaves crawling before their demonic masters and swarms of sub-human killers. They will never stop until the white race is totally crushed. It’s a war to the death and the kike and its minions are winning on every front, and have been since their greatest victory in 1945. Although it’s hard to believe, the US is now one of the most repressive countries in the so-called civilised world and this is always inevitable when the jew gains the level of control it has there.

Certainly, a growing number of whites are waking up to what is being done to them, but they are so slow and reluctant in coming around to realising that an actual genocidal war is being waged against them that it is now too late to recover much of what has been lost. It is only those guns rusting in closets across the country that has prevented the kike from declaring a North American Socialist Republic ruled by the descendants of the Bolsheviks who murdered scores of millions of our white cousins in Europe and Russia. They are, of course, preparing to deal with that problem and are indeed prepared to pry those guns from your cold, dead hands once they are confident that conditions are right to do so. The Russians can be forgiven for going along with the Bolshevik demand to totally disarm. They could not have foreseen what Lenin and his kike monsters had in store.

White people have a hard time wrapping their minds around the fact that there are creatures out there who hate them simply because they are white and are eager and determined to destroy them and all they value. It is a war to the death and unless we come to that realisation and decide to resist we will lose everything. The Asiatics are waiting in the wings to fill the vacuum left when all our lands finally collapse in mud filled chaos. The time for democratic solutions has long passed. The total corruption of our political and economic systems by the kike make any peaceful efforts futile. Our racial enemies only understand and respect violence alone. The choice has become stark, either become slaves of these merciless vermin or fight. Every year that passes the demographics become less favourable as we become fewer and more aged. Eventually we will simply be miscegenated out of existence. Young white men have enthusiastically slaughtered other whites at the behest of the kike for centuries. Unless they come to the realisation of who their real enemies are and take appropriate action we will not survive. Any rational observer who studies this site and all the others like it cannot fail to come to the same conclusion.

Personally, I believe that Covington’s plan for resistance to be focused in one region has the most promise but that remains to be seen. What has to happen is that resistance begin somewhere and then spread. The Europeans, Canadians and Australians have been disarmed and the South Africans are doomed, so, the Americans still have the best potential for success and the kikes surely know that. It’s a pity that Dylan Roof decided to take out a church full of niggers. He would have been far more effective if he had gone to the CFR, the Federal Reserve or Goldman Sachs instead. JB Campbell’s militia idea needs to start up again and this time must ignore any attempts by the government to distract and frighten like they did with the Oklahoma false flag outrage. Does anyone really believe at this stage that the situation will not continue to deteriorate if whites continue to hide from the truth?

Uncle Nasty said...


This numbnut heeb by the name of Dan Friedman (what else?) exemplifies the jewish propensity to break the law. Unfortunately for him, the law he's breaking is Godwin's Law.

BHO Creating Nazi Germany With A-Bombs...................from Dan Friedman

“You Were Given The Choice Between War And Dishonor. You Chose Dishonor And You Will Have War.”

-- Winston Churchill

[We are on the verge of one of history’s costliest mistakes. A blunder that will make the aftermath of Munich seem like a scraped knee after a trip on the sidewalk. Tragically, the horrible consequences will affect us for generations, compounded by the fact we let this happen in broad daylight right under our noses. In spite of the many warnings, we’ve allowed Obama to risk the destruction of everything civilization has built over the centuries - all in exchange for a few years of “quiet.” What makes this a great sin is that Heaven knows full well Obama did this with little or no resistance from we the people who could have stopped it. Be patient. We will not be disappointed - all Hell will break loose in due course. df]


Few people break that one and get away with it ...


potgieter said...

You can tell how good Erectus Walks Amongst Us is by the level of vitriol it has attracted and from whom.

Mrs. Heraclitus said...

Sverige. Great alternative headline!

But dear me, how could a good-looking White girl debase herself with a creature like that? He looks Somali to me, so she will be lucky if she emerges alive from this incident.

Frank Galton said...

Anonymous said: “The governments all over the west are criminals....guilty of enacting the Kalergi plan for white genocide.”

Praktischer Idealismus (1925) by R. N. Coudenhove Kalergi **

Page 22

Der Mensch der fernen Zukunft wird Mischling sein. Die heutigen Rassen und Kasten werden der zunehmen-den Überwindung von Raum, Zeit und Vorurteil zum Opfer fallen. Die eurasisch-negroide Zukunftsrasse, äußerlich der altägyptischen ähnlich, wird die Vielfalt der Völker durch eine Vielfalt der Persönlichkeiten ersetzen.

Rough translation:

The man of the distant future will be hybrid... The Eurasian-Negroid future race, outwardly similar to the ancient Egyptian, will replace the diversity of peoples...

Business Mir, April 2008

As early as 1924 he [Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi] spoke of the need to introduce a single European currency and to create a European bank; he was the first to propose a European flag, European anthem, and European passport, and to evoke the ideas of a single European political party, European armed forces, and a European constitution.

President Van Rompuy is awarded European Prize Coudenhove-Kalergi 2012

The President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy was awarded the European Prize COUDENHOVE-KALERGI 2012 on 16 November 2012 at a special congress in Vienna to celebrate 90 years of the Pan-Europa movement. The prize is awarded biennially to leading personalities for their extraordinary commitment in the European unification process.

** Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 29 August 1931

JEWISH families Claim Legacy of Millions Said to Have Been Left by Marrano Banker

...the claimants include several famous people, notably COUNT COUDENHOVE-KALERGI, the founder and head of the Pan-European movement, and Baron Groedel, Count Couden-Hove’s mother and Baron Groedel’s grandmother...

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 05 October 1926

Jews Participate in Pan-europe Congress Sessions in Vienna

Several Jewish European leaders took a prominent part in the first Pan-European Congress which opened here Sunday, when the movement to establish a United States of Europe, modelled after the United States of America, took definite shape.

...Count Coudenhove Kalergi, who is married to Ida Roland, a Jewess, when interviewed by the representative of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency here expressed his opinion that the Pan-European movement ought to find particular support on the part of the Jews...”

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 05 August 1940

Baron Eugene de ROTHSCHILD [Austrian branch of the Rothschild family], former Viennese banker, arrived here today aboard the Yankee Clipper from Lisbon to rejoin his wife, the former Kitty Wolff of Philadelphia, who sailed from the Portuguese port a month ago. COUNT RICHARD COUDENHOVE-KALERGI, founder and president of the Pan European Union, and his wife also arrived on the Clipper. The Count hinted at hopes of creating a democratic Europe out of the ruins that will remain after the peace is signed.

“I am here to study the federal government of the United states and the Pan-American Union, with the idea of applying it to Europe after the peace is made,” he said. The count first came to America in 1925 as a lecturer for the Foreign Policy Association of New York.

Frank Galton

Croesus said...

Of course Tim Hunt was not being serious. It was a tongue in cheek whimsical remark. But ok to acknowledge that now given that he's been ousted and a persecuted minority representative probably elected in his place.

Anonymous said...

Here in USA, using the Roof shootings as an excuse, the entire anti-White Establishment is out to extirpate every last vestige of White Southern culture and history.

It is my fervent hope that these anti- White, pro White Genocide cultists have finally bitten off more than they can chew.

Anonymous said...

Great read on Charleston and impossible not to get you thinking:


iron felix said...

In Sparta men and women were of equal standing, unlike Athens where women were "oppressed". We have inherited from Sparta the following; a) a damned good yarn of derring-do, b)the template for a footrace, c) an intriguing take on the matter of paediatrics, and d) a couple of adjectives. From Athens.........?

Flanders said...

It should be beginning to become clear to even the most dunce of white (lower case) people, that ALL White people are the targets. You don't get an exemption for not having a concern for other white people. You don't get exempted because you are apathetic. When the dust is settled, it is YOUR life, and that of all of your extended family - or theirs.

Laying back while they continue blasting your race is a slow and mentally exhausting way to die - and when you die your ancestors and other Whites will spit on you in Hell.

awakened said...

Flanders 20.16. I agree. I agree. But trying to wake people up is such bloody hard work. Most do not want to know or look off into the distance. Still, we must continue.

awakened said...

"They will never stop until the white race is totally crushed. "

Flanders it took me many, many years to realise this. But realise it I do now and am devoting my life to spreading the message before it really is too late.

Cassius said...

Jared Taylor at Amren was interviewed on AJ in a very hostile manner. Put in a comment on Amren which pointed out the interviewer's ethnicity - without mentioning the 'J' word - and suggested that Mr. Taylor's efforts to woo this ethnic group were never likely to pay off. Comment was deleted by the mods within minutes. Huge number of other comments were deleted as well. So much for the commitment to free speech.


James said...

President Van Rompuy is awarded European Prize Coudenhove-Kalergi 2012

This one fact needs exposure.

Kalergi said the White race needs to go.

The president of the EU accepts an award in his name.

Conclusion: The EU is evil and its president wants White Genocide!

James said...

Great read on Charleston and impossible not to get you thinking:


Thanks Anonymous, but its better if you provide a link that lasts.

All Makow's articles have a permanent link at the bottom so here it is.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I believe that Covington’s plan for resistance to be focused in one region has the most promise but that remains to be seen.

Good analysis Flanders, but concentration like that is deadly.

They would just nuke us and be done with it.

Which raises the question - why don't they let us do it?

The answer is that they are worried about us creating more than one stronghold over the world. Things are going nicely for them.

Anonymous said...

Anti-Whites keep Kalergi very close to the vest and for good reason. He is the great grandfather of White Genocide. Unless I'm mistaken he wasn't a Jew but half White, half Japanese.

Uncle Nasty said...

Every now and then, I pop in to read the Slog. I find his financial commentary invaluable, even though his steadfast ignoring of the hosenosed elephant in the room is a little disconcerting.

Every now and then, however, one of his commenters will say the unsayable, proving that said commenter sometimes thinks the unthinkable.


a few interesting comments:-

June 25, 2015 at 5:22 pm Reply

To put Greece into context, since 9/11/2001, Afghanistan has been bombed, invaded,subject to a 14 year occupation, become the world’s largest supplier of heroin poppy because chief negotiator Kharzai couldn’t beat the Taliban down enough on an oil pipeline.
Iraq has been bombed, invaded & split into 3 warring factions, Sunni, Shia & Kurd because Saddam Hussein was selling his oil in Euros.
Libya has been bombed, invaded & split into warring factions because Gahddafi(sp) wanted to sell his oil in gold Dinar.
Syria has been bombed, invaded & attacked by US proxy armies, Al-Qaeda & ISIS in all their alphabet soup aliases.
Saudi has been slung against Yemen for deposing their Washington puppet head of state.
The EU has been slung against Russia via sanctions, which hurt the EU populace, but not their puppet political muppets.
Ukraine has had a $5 billion coup installing a Neo-Nazi Washington puppet, intent on the genocide of the Russian speaking SE & Crimea. Poroshenko has been told casualties do not matter because life is cheap.

I won’t mention the 1953 coup in Iran, or the 1973 coup in Chile, also on 9/11, oops I did so.
UN Agenda 21 rolls on: destroy nations & populations & drag us forward to a jolly feudal future.

Greece is being destroyed financially, by the banksters & hedge funds: financial warfare.
There’s more than one way of skinning that Globalist cat.

John Doran.
June 25, 2015 at 5:59 pm Reply

Too true, especially 1953, and the fact wikileaks mentioned the fact that Saudi wanted the US to nuke Iran. Then we say “we don’t understand why Iran wants a nuke?”
Plus we no longer teach modern history to youngsters, why not? It might make them wake up and think?

June 25, 2015 at 7:10 pm Reply

Of course they are taught modern history – it is structured in two compulsory streams, ‘Holocaust Bad’ and ‘EU Wonderful’, repeated frequently throughout their time in school.
What more do the malleable little darlings (soon to be voters) need to know?

I love blogs ... Everyone gets a crack at the narrative.


Flanders said...

Awakened 20;16, I agree but we must continue. Often, just small seeds will grow into Oaks. We just need faster growing shrubbery, at this time, so give them plenty of time-released fertilize.

Anon 22:34 - That Covington remark was in a quote from someone else. I don't agree with NW and had just remarked on a video of Covington's which someone posted at another site.

[Flanders speaking]: That Covington video was good on the point of courage, Kris, though that is about the only thing I agreed with. All of America is our country. As for now, large groups of people cannot live securely for long in wilderness conditions, and it’s a waste to pretend that they can. American Whites must adapt and use their nearby everyday surroundings, whether working as lone operatives or as a part of groups. I’m not trying to dissuade anyone from NW, if that is where they think they can achieve most, but I think many followers have romantic notions of using the NW idea for an unbothered escape. The bigger challenge is in identifying, coordinating and forming, with like-minded people, clans, units or militias which can be efficient in achieving certain strategic goals worth, and necessary for achieving, while remaining secure and unidentifiable.

In caae you are interested, I have more on the subject, though not about Covington, in several comments, at or near:

Anonymous said...

"French" Justice minister - look at it ! http://rt.com/news/269839-france-asylum-assange-snowden/

Seneca said...

"I love blogs ... Everyone gets a crack at the narrative"

Up to a point UN, up to a point. I have tried to comment realistically on Amren about the Tribe, always in restrained language, main message being that Jared Taylor's attempts to propitiate said tribe are doomed to endless reject. And endless rejection is the fate of my comments.

katana said...

Seneca said... 26 June 2015 at 07:56

"I love blogs ... Everyone gets a crack at the narrative"

Up to a point UN, up to a point. I have tried to comment realistically on Amren about the Tribe, always in restrained language, main message being that Jared Taylor's attempts to propitiate said tribe are doomed to endless reject. And endless rejection is the fate of my comments.

Seneca, for an example of Amren's "protective" stance concerning more than mild criticism of the Tribe please see this blog post:

Gaza Everywhere — Amren Deleted Comments


The moderator sometimes marks "undesirable" non-spam comments as spam so that they don't even show up as, "This comment was deleted." It's as if they never existed. I don't know how prevalent it is generally, but it certainly happened a lot with that Gaza post.

Amren's pro-nose policy needs to be explained. Any thoughts, anyone?


For my latest blog post, Adolf Hitler — A Short Sketch of His Life: Part 2, click here >>> KATANA


red pill said...

Nothing seems to get through to Jared Taylor regarding the Tribe. I think he is terrified of being branded an anti-semite. Problem is he gets that branding anyway, certainly that of racist.

Sponge Cake said...

Unexpected turbulence at Dublin Airport: seven passengers on inaugural flight from Ethiopia claim asylum.

A Garda spokeswoman this morning confirmed that it was five adults and two children that claimed asylum.
“We are working with Ethiopian Airlines to ensure proper processes are in place for people coming into the country,” she said.
The new service from Addis Ababa stops in Dublin en route to Los Angeles and the maiden flight took place on Saturday.
It is understood that the passengers disembarked and made their way to Dublin Airport’s immigration gates where they claimed asylum.
They reportedly arrived at the desk without ID or travel documentation.
A spokeswoman for Ethiopian Airlines this morning insisted that all passengers on the flight had full legal documents when they boarded in Addis Ababa but said that the airline does not comment on individual cases.
“Ethiopian Airlines has been operating for over 40 years in Europe and Dublin is its 11th City.
“We only carry passengers with full legal documents and appropriate visas. We also carry out extra checks when in doubt and take guidance from appropriate immigration teams of the destination country we operate to, if needed,” she said.


glengarry said...

I do NOT fucking believe it! Have been watching the coverage of the latest Islamic outrages on all the main "news" channels today. And what do I get? Little or nothing about the victims. No. All about fucking Islamophobia and the impact on the 99% of 'innocent' Muslims.

Give me a fucking break!

AnalogMan said...

[Flanders speaking]: That Covington video was good on the point of courage, Kris, though that is about the only thing I agreed with. All of America is our country.

No, it's not. Once upon a time, but not any more.

We must face facts. These are facts:

America is not White any more, it's "diverse", and Whites are not in control.

Diverse countries eventually break up. See: Yugoslavia. This may take some time.

When countries break up, there is a general scramble for territory. Groups that stand aloof will wind up with no territory. Nobody gets it all.

If White people are to get anything from the breakup of America, they must choose and hold a defensible territory. A beachhead, perhaps, from which to expand. Biting off more than we can chew results in having nothing.

What you are suggesting is basically to live as jews in others' territory. We're not very good at that.

Flanders said...

A commenter at Occidental Observer had this to say.

"For the love of God, can we stop caring what mainstream historians have to say about political violence? Leftists committed the vast majority of terrorism in the 20th Century and mainstream historians have nothing to say about that. Nelson Mandela was a terrorist whose MK thugs killed civilians yet he’s portrayed as a saint by mainstream historians.

Their condemnations of violence are dishonest. They only condemn rightist (or White) violence because they want the right to be submissive and feminine, and the leftists to be dominant and masculine. It’s similar to how the mainstream media viciously attacks Christian bakeries for not wanting to serve homosexuals but will defend Muslims who commit mass murders. All political power is backed by the threat of force. Rightists need to understand this.

If the right wants to start winning, it needs to understand that unless there are consequence for attacking us, we will continue to be oppressed and defeated."

Anonymous said...

Can we make a deal to take all the Syrian refugees into the US and you take all the African ones into Europe? The Syrians look fairly white to me and ballpark civilized. Lucky for us that Muslims have no chance of reaching critical population mass here because of their late start in the immigration lottery.

The news that minority babies now outnumber white babies in the US that is being gleefully reported is incorrect because it clearly states that the outnumbered babies are "non-Hispanic whites." There are close to 50 million fast-breeding Hispanic whites. And white is white. So things are never as bad as the Bolsheviks would like you to think.

R.I.P. Mario Biaggi. The congressman gave great support to Irish-Americans during the struggle in Northern Ireland. Of course, issues such as a united Ireland are sort of moot now if you're being overrun by niggers. Still, although the Irish here were really able to offer only minor support to the cause and were isolated by your current enemies, the globalist establishment, the Brits were sort of trapped by their own vitriol. It was always a hard sell here. And now Sinn Fein wants to

Patrick Spillane Esq. said...

The American-Canadian ware family came here out stayed their visa and are being let stay rather than being repatriated because of a sob story. Those gobdaws in Green and Goldtipperary will be the ruination of us all.

Clogheen said...

I would definitely take the Syrians before the blacks. While the former might be Muslims at least they are kind of white,reasonably intelligent and if they become too pushy can always be slapped down. Blacks OTOH are hopeless, genetically unimprovable.

Uncle Nasty said...

I stand by my statement that the only way to even begin is by taking the MSM out of the equation ... by any means possible.

Firstly, regarding the nigger church supposedly the site of the supposed massacre. It may be worthy of note that at pretty much the same time, a few demented yids (but I repeat myself) torched one of the most ancient Christian churches in the middle east ... the "Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish" in Galilee on Thursday.


Strangely enough, there is little manufactured media outrage ... proving Samuel Clemen's statement that the is no "public Opinion" -- only published opinion.

As far as all the supposed's are concerned, it turns out that the nigger church was not a church any more. It was for want of a better term, decommissioned and not in use.

Another false flag? I had the link, but it got lost in surfing from site to site, as these things do. I will post as soon as ...

By any means possible. If it involves defenestration, so much the better.


Uncle Nasty said...

This is what I like to see.

UBER, by the way is an American app that allows anyone (licensed or not) to be a part time taxi driver. Needless to say, most unlicensed taxi drivers in France -- and all over the world in fact -- are shitskinned greaseballs. Nigerians or, as in New Zealand, stinking Ethiopians.


I am sure you saw this in your local paper this morning. Yeah, right.

I love the smell of burning darkies in the morning.
Just like pork.


Kevin Rafferty said...

The taxi business will be the Great Awakener. Here in Ireland anyway. They say that by now every Irish taxi driver is a racist.

carlos broch said...

Communism is not over, Jews still chew Russia!


Anonymous said...

The majority of "White" americans have weird facial features as flat head, short and wide skull, wide and flat noses, small eyes ,thick lips ( Look in the negroid lips of the police darren wilson ) , Negroid or Mongoloid dental arcade...

Davey said...

Migrant throws rock at lorry driver:


AnalogMan said...

Anon 10:46

Who wrote that comment for you? Ask him to write you a fresh one, that one's getting stale.

Anonymous said...

@19:56 "America is not White any more, it's "diverse", and Whites are not in control.""

True! Black president, black attorney-general, black surgeon-general (Savant has a way-back post on her), black mayors, black police chiefs, etc. etc. In the latter category, check out the Dallas, TX police chief and note how he makes a spectacle of himself with those erudite-looking spectacles while trying to appear intelligent and "articulate" in this news conference.


Now, you may ask "how in hell did this guy become Police Chief?" other than the in-like-flint affirmative-action route. That is because hiring intelligent police recruits who score too high in IQ tests is verboten.


Anonymous said...

"I do NOT fucking believe it! Have been watching the coverage of the latest Islamic outrages on all the main "news" channels today. And what do I get? Little or nothing about the victims. No. All about fucking Islamophobia and the impact on the 99% of 'innocent' Muslims."

Use it.

Compare the reporting with how they report things like the church shooting.

ken said...

She is mixed , not white1

direita said...

the Towers were NOT collapsing under free fall. The heat produced by the impact and fire sucked the oxygen and created a vacuum underneath and since there was a system of underground tunnels linking the towers, this depression basically sucked the weakened structures from below.
There is therefore no need for explosives to explain the collapse.
It is a serious possibility that the enemy wants you and other dissidents to engage into such dubious theory to castigate ‘Conspiracists’ and conveniently discredit ALL their other claims in front of the public opinion.

The real issues related to 9-11 are:
How much Intelligence did foreign Secret Services knew, that they did not transmit to the US, on purpose, because they knew that an attack on us soil would be beneficial for their agenda, even if later they were a bit surprised, but pleased, by the amplitude and devastation of this attack.
How much the US services knew that was ignored or dismissed by US higher officials on the same ground.
Who forged and is behind the yellow cake documents that GW Bush used in his address to the nation to justify the war in Iraq.