Saturday, 9 May 2015

The people have spoken. The bastards

So we now know the complete outcome of the British General Election which has given Cameron's Tories an absolute majority in Parliament, contrary to all expectations and poll predictions. The one bit of good news is the annihilation of Ed Millipede's Labour Party. Where will they find another Jew to replace him?  Much gloating in the MSM about the poor performance of Ukip and the fact that Leader Nigel Farage failed to get elected to Parliament where Ukip have but a single seat.

No question that the performance was a disappointment but it was nowhere as bad as the Parliamentary arithmetic suggests. Britain's first-past-the-post system provides a huge advantage to regional parties and the larger ones generally. To get a sense of this realise that Ukip got more votes than the Scottish National Party (SNP) yet got but a single member elected to Parliament whereas the SNP got no fewer than 56.  Grossly unfair...but the British were offered the alternative system in a referendum a few years back and rejected it.  So it's not all bad for Ukip given that in five years the party has gone from 3% to nearly 12% of the Parliamentary vote, from less  than a million votes to 3 million and - tellingly - second place in no fewer than 118 constituencies.

Many nationalists are now wondering whether Cameron ('there is no contradiction between being a proud Jew, a committed Zionist and a loyal British citizen') will honour his pledge to have an In/Out referendum on EU membership.  Personally I think he'll hold one as even as slimy a hypocrite as he wouldn't have the brass neck to renege on all his public promises.  But be assured that Britain will not be leaving the EU. Either the referendum options will be vague and non-binding and/or a No vote will be followed -  as we've seen in several other countries - by repeated referendums until the right answer is given.

One interesting result was that of George Galloway, head of the Respect Party, losing his seat  to Labour's Naz Shah (daughter of a murderess) in heavily Muslim West Bradford. In case you're wondering, the 'respect' that George's party has in mind is for the Religion Of Peace and its violent inbred adherents, and for the millions of African welfare parasites that plague the country. In the light of this you'd have expected George to romp home, given the demographic profile of his constituency.  Especially given that Labour were decimated in the rest of the country. But no. Defeated by an embarrassingly wide margin.

George is said to be devastated and humiliated and unable to understand why the Pakis and Bangladeshis rejected him, given all he's done for them. But I can explain.  You see George, in the multicultural society that you espouse, people come to vote for their own ethnic interests. This has been well established over many years. And no matter what you've done you're still a White kuffar. So they'll reject you and vote for their own. An expensive and devastating lesson.  Let us hope you, and any other would-be useful idiots, learn from it.


Rob said...

Cameron is one of the founding signatories of Unite Against Fascism, which includes such friends of Britain as Ken Livingstone and Doreen Lawrence.

Rob said...

Savant:You see George, in the multicultural society that you espouse, people come to vote for their own ethnic interests.

Never! I bet this woman will be thinking only of what's best for her white neighbours.

Anonymous said...

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that ukip pose as big a threat to labour in northern towns as tbe tories in the south.

Dave+33 said...

I do not think that people realised how exactly the voting worked untill now. People can now see how unfair it is thanks to Ukip compared to the SNP.The system causes problems in society when people are told that their vote counts.... when for millions it does NOT.

Anonymous said...

Poor old George. He was used by the ethnics until such time they were strong enough in numbers to be able to select one of their own.
A useful idiot.
In a similar way, the indigenous population have been used as vote-fodder to select governments whose ultimate aim is to destroy them. Maybe this is Darwin at work.


Anonymous said...

Savant you summed Galloway's demise deliciously.

He is one piece of white excrement who deservedly received a pasting from a kike and now the pakis. Scum of the earth and this cunt is WHITE !!!

SAVANT said...

Rob. Have included that image in the blogpost!

Nero said...

Well the UKIP seat count was disappointing however there are several up notes...
With the Jews losing several seats.

The Liberal Democrats.
Lynne Featherstone out.
Julian Huppert out.
The Liberals now have no Jewish MPs at all.

The Conservative Party.
Brooks Newmark stepped down (anti-Putin).
Malcolm Rifkind stepped down (cousin of Leon Brittan/pro-EU immigration).
Lee Scott out (active pro-Israeli).
This still leaves...
Michael Fabricant (gay/pro-minorities).
John Djanogly.
Michael Ellis.
Robert Halfon (pro-Israel/Quilliam foundation/hates UKIP).
Richard Harrington.
Oliver Letwin.
Grant Shapps (Bnai brith youth leader).
Dominic Raab (half Yiddish).
Ed Vaisey (quarter Yiddish).
Bob Blackman newly elected (claims Jewish ancestry).

The Labour Party.
Still there...
Ed Milliband (ex-leader).
Luciana Berger (Friends of Israel)
Louise Ellman (Friends if Israel).
Ivan Lewis (Friends of Israel).
Fabian Hamilton.
Margaret Hodge (as in the Oppenheimer Oligarchs/tax havens etc.)
Gerald Kaufmann (anti-Israel).
David Winnick.
Ruth Smeeth newly elected (Jewish ancestry/BICOM/Hope not Hate).

All in all, not bad figures...from 23 to 19. 15 left plus 4 part jews...(what harm can they do?!)....moving in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting observations on the election at the Occidental Observer

Uncle Nasty said...

Another group of people who should start speaking ...

Pathological altruism on steroids in Sweden

Kevin MacDonald on April 29, 2015 — 93 Comments

We have been discussing pathological altruism among Whites quite a bit lately on TOO. So I thought we had pretty much covered that insanity. But this film by Red Ice Radio shows we have barely scratched the surface. In my previous article I noted that there was already a huge housing crisis that severely impacted ordinary Swedes. Now we learn that no sacrifice by the Swedes is too much. A new Stockholm will have to be built within 11 years. Everything that can be turned into housing for immigrants should be, including churches (while mosques are being built). The government buys virtually any standing structure to be turned into immigrant housing, and there are proposals to confiscate vacation homes “for the greater good.” Meanwhile, Swedes have a lower priority for housing than immigrants, and thousands can’t find an apartment.

Leading politicians say Sweden is not for the Swedes, that Swedes and Swedish culture are boring, that Sweden should be a “humanitarian superpower.” Swedes and their culture — people who have dominated their land for thousands of years — are to be sacrificed on the altar of moral idealism (although their elites studiously avoid actually living among the immigrants), and at the same time Swedes are terrified to violate the moral consensus for fear of ostracism and loss of job. No price for one’s own people is too high to achieve moral perfection

Ah, Carl Gustav ... where are you now that you are really needed? I have always felt that there is nothing wrong with Swedish politicians that a little execution wouldn't fix.

Truly, H.G. Wells must have modeled the Eloi on these people.


Chicago Polack said...


Please allow me to share your glee. If even such as me are aware of Galloway and his history, Thanks to the brief mentions here saying what a great, noble liberal (in the USA sense) he is, I know he is a willing Judas.

Rob, that is one of the best photos ever! and makes me wonder: Did they even have wheels in the sandy land of Catboxistan that she came from, much less baby carriages?

Sorry, Anonymous, from my following of Galloway, he was the seller, not the buyer of his multiculti philosophy; a clever calculation on his part, at least until the objects of his feigned or unfeigned care decided they liked the new seller. I bet he converts to Islam; fortunately, the brownies will find him untrustworthy, and he'll he to beg for a job in the political science department an American university. Sorry, George, but you had best hurry-- there are only so many of those jobs, you know our colleges are beginning to go broke and disappear, and such posts as remain are held for Lesbians, 3rd Worlders, etc. etc. you know, your type.

Dr. Wassel said...

My oh my....seems to have been a massive culling of the Hebes. But do not for one instant think that their power has waned. They'll cling to Cameron like shit to a blanket in every form possible, financiers, 'advisors', backroom tring-pullers, chairmen of committees etc.

Still, good to see some of those oily fuckers get the boot.

Uncle Nasty said...

Cast your learning net wide. You never know what might come in useful ... one day.


Dan said...

England Independence Party?

Dan said...

SNP at least for now Labour Party North.

Iron Felix said...

As gloomy as things certainly appear in our political landscape, I will say at least our representatives in government are still White. We have not yet entered a period in time where niggers rule over us as is the case in the Unites States. Yes, we don't have yard apes in power currently. Although the day may arrive when a nigger will be elected into office. And, unfortunately we will endure what our American cousins are: riots and nigger violence on a consistent level only rivaled by South Africa, another place on earth where nigger roam and run free leaving destruction in their wake. Yes friends, the nigger is a savage beast. A true weapon of mass destruction foisted upon us by the hofjuden to ruin our nation and our women simultaneously. The likes of the nigger is unparalleled in history, God help us.

yup said...

The media have built up the UKIP 'bubble' ahead of Cameron's much vaunted 'in-out' referendum on Europe and to such an extent that all potential nationalist alternatives have been rendered impotent, and now just prior to that referendum and when there is insufficient time for a credible nationalist alternative to come to the fore, the UKIP 'bubble' has been burst and the party thrown into disarray following Farage's resignation.Cameron can now look forward to a referendum campaign in which he can recommend remaining in the EU with no effective opposition on the right.

Alex Rantwell said...

A bit of a hollow victory, once the Tory crowing dies down. They increased their share of the vote just 0.8% - even less than Labour's 1.5%. They were the beneficiaries of the collapse of Labour in Scotland and the Lib Dems nationally combined with the peculiar arithmetic of FPTP.

Despite the conspicuous lack of seats UKIP pulled off an amazing result despite a very hostile media and a concerted effort by the main parties to discredit them. The tide is turning.

Cameron, thinking and hoping he would never get an outright majority has now committed to a referendum and repealing the Human Rights Act, and also has to now deal with the mess he created doubling the national debt with his so called austerity, as well as the Scottish nationalism he whipped up in order to hurt Labour.

There's also now the prospect of a bit of a tiff between the Tories and the inherently left wing BBC (Huw Edwards looked like he was sniffing a turd once the results started rolling in). This could change things as the BBC have a massive influence on political discourse in the UK.

UKIP did well nationally but it was too much of a Farage show and that showed in the fact that they didn't win seats because they didn't have enough candidates who connected with voters locally in their target constituencies. People have claimed UKIP have reached their high watermark since they first returned 3 MEPs in 1999 but the cat is out of the bag now and it's becoming a more mature political organisation which will work to address this.

It could be an interesting 5 years and a very interesting 2020 general election.

Celtic Morning said...

Surely on of the best moments of election night came when the muslim loving homosexual serial liar Simon Hughes lost his seat. At last, after thirty years of lying and swindling, the traitor was kicked out. Sad reflection on British people that it took thirty years to get rid of the slimy creature. Such reptiles should never be allowed to crawl from under their stones.After his diatribe to the muslims on how badly we NEED them, he will now find out how much THEY need HIM. Under sharia law he would either be hung from a crane or thrown from a cliff. Now there's an idea!

Rogue said...

I recall back in '92 when John Major was surprisingly re-elected, the BBC, Channel 4 and various Guardianista types warbled away incessantly about how unfair the FPTP system was, and how Britain should embrace PR.

They even interviewed politicians from elsewhere in Europe, who could lecture the British on their unfair voting system.

The reason? Well, it's because the
Lib Dem's only had about 20 or so MP's, as opposed to the 60-odd they would have had under PR.

Now that a "right-wing" party has lost out - and way worse so - due to the FPTP voting system, will these same bastions of democracy repeat their calls for PR so effusively?

Hmmm ... call me cynical, but I suspect not.

Anonymous said...

Grant Shapps bank brith?
Typical schmooze - exposed for his dodgy business enterprises and not declaring them. STILL THERE ?!? Slime even laid a bet that the Tories would win outright. Chutzpah amounts for that no doubt.

Then there's the vile Soubry woman the whore of Tory feminism

Anonymous said...

I posted a comment a'while back
regarding Farages harassment!
(claw hammers /box cutters not used).
I going to check as far as I can to see if any of the usual faces... are in the mob, in this mornings shindig outside number10.

Rogue said...

Whilst I was disappointed with Farage not getting elected (don't count chickens before they hatch, Nige), the media are lying by saying that UKIP did poorly. From a parliamentary point of view, yes, but most certainly not from a count of the popular votes. To the best of my knowledge, UKIP were only realistically looking at winning 3 seats, anyway.

But 12.5% of the popular vote sure ain't bad.

It was nevertheless great comedy to see the Lib Dems get smashed at the polls (Nick Clegg: "the Lib Dems will be the surprise package at these elections." Ha, ha, yes, but not in the way you figured!).

Also Labour going down in flames in Scotland was a great hoot. As to the hassles this will cause the UK by the socialist, pro-EU SNP almost sweeping the board in Scotland, well, we'll see.

Re: the EU referendum. If there is one, the vote will be to stay in the EU. How do I know this?

First of all, there are already a large number of EU supporters in the UK. The idea that all of England is Euro-skeptic is exaggerated.

Secondly, come the build-up to the referendum, all mainstream parties (basically all of Westminster) will be shouting: STAY IN!

Thirdly, all the broadcast media (the most powerful medium of all) will be shouting: STAY IN!

Fourthly, the print media will follow party political lines for the most part, so be they to left or right they will be shouting: STAY IN!

Fifthly, most of big business, whose primary concerns are cheap labour, and whose lives are unimpacted by mass immigration and crap EU rules, will be shouting: you pleb bastards had betta STAY IN, if you know what's good for you!

Sixthly, the EU itself will wade in on the act, by turns cajoling, threatening, promising, bullshitting - but the message will be clear: STAY - IN!!

And so, because, wherever you go in the World, people are sheeple, the result is foreordained.

In addition, we'll no doubt hear that a vote to leave the EU will result in the break-up of the UK, as the Scots aren't as Euro-skeptic as the rest of the country.

The last point might or might not be true. Dunno.

Anonymous said...


The SNP won 56 seats, from a possible 59, and not the 59 you've quoted.


UBN said...

'whereas the SNP got no fewer than 59'

They won 56 seats from a possible 59.

'but the British were offered the alternative PR system in a referendum a few years back and rejected it.'

That wasn't PR we were offered, it was simply the alternative vote system. Though it would have probably benefited UKIP.

Henry IX said...

Great to see that slimeball Simon Hughes get the boot. What took so long?

Anna Soubry..isn't she the one who called for the reintroduction of slavery many years ago?

Enderby said...

There were some silver linings though, Savant:

1. It was nice to see the loathsome Nick Clegg and the LibDems get trashed. In the debates he arrogantly referred to UKIP voters as "swivel-eyed loons". Good riddance to that scumbag. UKIP surpassed the LibDem vote and came in 3rd.

2. Milliband actually had to admit that concerns about mass immigration were not racist - however, he refused to set a target for lower immigration, claiming he did not want to overpromise like Cameron did 5 years ago. As a result, he got clobbered.

3. Even though the JewPravdaMedia will work overtime to keep pushing mass immigration and a relentless anti-white agenda, the political class can see the writing on the wall - the people are pissed and their anger will only get worse. Given a choice, mass immigration is a vote loser.

4. In 1983, Liberals came within 700,000 votes of Labour, but they won only 23 seats to Labour's 209. First past the post wildly distorts voter intentions - but maybe not forever.
The SNP finally made an impressive breakthrough within the current system because over the long haul their message of nationalism is basically tribal and connects to the voters' sense of identity. UKIP is more like the SNP than like the LibDems, who have no rationale for continuing and are hopefully on the way out. UKIP have an intrinsic appeal and have the potential to be England's 3rd (or 2nd or 1st!) party.

AB_SP said...

Rogue. I thin you are correct about the EU referendum result. People will mutter and complain but like in Scotland will be frightened into remaining in.

Anyway I think what annoys people most is the European Court of Human Rights, not so much the EU itself.

About UKIP's 11% not being too bad. Well maybe. But don't forget that compared to other right wing parties in Europe such as Swedish Democrats and Jobbik UKIP are very tame indeed.

SAVANT said...

Thanks for the corrections. Duly noted and implemented.

Anonymous said...

While fully understanding what a sleazeball Cameroon is and what little fundamental differences there are between the Tories and Labour, my favourite moment came very early on election night.

The faces on the BBC pundits when the exit poll was released will forever remain a fond memory for me. I stayed with the BBC coverage simply to revel in their misery.


Anonymous said...

violent inbred adherents?

Is that the catholic IRA?

Anonymous said...

Much is being said about the unfairness of the system. Nobody has quoted the figures. For those who don't live in the British Isles here they are.
SNP. 56 Seats. 1,454,436 votes.
UKIP. 1 Seat. 3,881,129 votes.

Even if you look at Scotlands voting in isolation it's still unfair. The SNP get 100% of the seats for Scotland but recieved exactly 50% of the Scottish vote.


SAVANT said...

Enderby. Definitely not all bad. If we accept that Ukip got a lot lower than we'd have hoped then almost everything else is positive. Because Labour and Lib/Dems are even worse than the Tories and both got decimated. Plus many of the additional nice things that you and others have brought up on this thread.

J Bull said...

Cameron also said “It is mainstream Britain that needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life and not the other way round”

Anonymous said...

The SNP are not nationalists, the frumpy bulldyke has a Paki as her deputy FFS. The Scots are simply a race of bigoted, sectarian layabouts who will vote for the most pro-welfare party. That's why the dyke kept whining about austerity. They'll vote for whatever party that gives them enough of England's taxes to feed their, heroin and chips habit, with hopefully enough leftover for a bottle of irn bru a day and a boat trip on the 14th July. This used to Labour, now it's the SNP.

Anonymous said...

"The likes of the nigger is unparalleled in history"

Not if people with a backbone are in charge. They were more or less forced to leave Eoropeans alone in SA, pre 94.

Anonymous said...

This whole UK General Election has been a total fraud & charade from start to finish. I believe the Lib/Lab/Con one-party-with-three-names ruling cabal & their controlled opposition - the SNP, fake maverick MP George Galloway, etc. & others - have presided over a stitch-up of monumental proportions. How can the fake pro-EU nationalists of the SNP go from receiving only 45% of the 'Yes' vote in last year's independence referendum to now win almost every single Scottish seat (56 out of 59) in Thursday's UK General Election. This scam defies all logical explanation & I have absolutely no doubt that the one-party-with-three-names has gladly sacrificed the useless Marxist Jew, Ed Miliband (Lab), his tribesman Nick Clegg (Lib Dems)- but most baffling of all, the SNP - down & out after their defeat in the Independence Referendum, now totally dominates politics in Scotland.

But even worse were the antics on behalf of the Lib/Lab/Con political Establishment by the Talmudic Jew-controlled BBC White-haters who decided to hold a week-long series of BBC programmes including an outdoor commemoration concert of the 70th anniversary of the WW II Victory in Europe celebrations. Yes, the required atmosphere of jingoism was created & the BBC kikes didn't miss a trick as these very same people who have been busy trying to destroy the UK had the temerity to invite every single BBC celeb it seems, who has ever pinched a teenage lass's rear-end was there. If they had been honest – some hopes – they would have called this 'The Cockney's Last Fling'. There was even a token Black or two – but not too many as this pretense of Britishness in a sea of Union flags had to be kept up – with a celebrity Black even doing a 'Knees up Mother Brown' as he danced & sang along in a Cockanese/Cockney accent. It was absolutely vomit-inducing & that's putting it mildly. I kept looking at the ground to see if this fake Black Cockney was dancing on some poor White man's grave which would have been particularly apt. But the camera then panned-in to show close-ups of the audience, older couples dancing & singing 'We'll Meet Again' – only problem was that none of these people who most likely had free tickets were the proper age for WW II era couples. Then the carrot-headed bastard Chris Evans read out a personal telegram from forces sweetheart Vera Lynn, even reminding the soon-to-be-extinct White sheeple that she even had VE in her name.

Never mind, come Monday the feral Blacks who have taken over London will be pleased that they can return to normal behaviour & start robbing blind dumb Ol Whitey again. Perhaps this whole fecking Talmudic Jew/Cultural Marxist charade will have faded somewhat from my memory. It'll need to - for there's still plenty of work to be done.

salvage same

Anonymous said...

More fodder for the grist:

Rob said...

Interesting interview here with the candidate ditched by UKIP for "anti-Semitism". His insider knowledge of the UKIP leadership isn't very reassuring.

zog said...

I agree that an EU referendum result will probably mean staying in the EU after relentless and ubiquitous scaremongering by all the major parties. However, the effects of that result on the Anti-EU voters will be to drive them to vote for UKIP. Now, I think the referendum will be something like 55% for to 45% against. But 45% of the electorate potentially driven to UKIP? And in 2020 UKIP could campaign on a strategy of leaving the EU if they win a majority and further distinguish themselves from the major parties. There is no requirement to have a referendum to leave the EU if a political party campaigns on leaving the EU in a general election and the electorate vote for it. You can see what happens with first past the post. Large minorities can end up majorities in Parliament.

I suspect Farage will take a break until 2018 then return a year before the European elections, and then on to the 2020 election, with a lot of pissed off Anti-EU voters looking to destroy the major parties for their betrayal.

Anonymous said...

Currently reading an early copy of the epic novel "Camp of the Saints" by Jean Raspail

I cannot put it down. Sheer prophesy when you look at the migrant situation on the Mediterranean coast lines from Greece to Italy to France to Dover.

A must read and to think this was written over 40 years ago !

red pill said...

Rob, it was ever thus. Ukip will be like every other party that achieves electoral success. At first it will be vilified by the hebes but the more successful it becomes the more they get to insinuate themselves into it, eventually taking control from behind the curtain. Or in the case of Millipede from in front of the curtain.

Tony in VA said...

katana. I notice that you have discontinued the practice of listing the number of comments by commentator by month.

I realize that this must be time-consuming but I, and many other readers I know, found it very informative.

Anonymous said...

A recently published book 'Advocating for England' by Martin Ashcroft touches on topics of interest to readers of this esteemed blog.

glengarry said...


I understand that blogs hosted by Wordpress automatically block mention of the Frankfurt School. Seems incredible but of so the bastards are getting worried.

I don't even know what such blogs look like so would love confirmation from any techie out there.

Anonymous said...

The most openly Europhile party was destroyed.

The Scottish referendum result shows that losing a referendum isn't the end. It's all about momentum.

Uncle Nasty said...

Something for free. Top argument material -- for those who would still bother to argue.

Jared Taylor's White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century



Anonymous said...

Also with PR the liberals wouldn't have been destroyed.

So swings and roundabouts innit.

Anonymous said...

Daily Mirror, 25 January 2015

The leader of the UK Independence Party told Andrew Marr that only British citizens should be allowed to vote in the EU referendum.

"I want a guarantee that in this referendum the only people that can vote are British citizens.

"Because at the moment there are four million or so EU citizens living in Britain, who I do not think should be allowed to vote in that referendum."

Migration Watch

Latest Immigration Statistics - Released December 2014

Net Migration to the UK in the year ending September 2014 was 298,000.

Daily Telegraph, 25 August 2011

SEVEN MILLION foreigners living in Britain as immigration rises by a fifth

Daily Mail, 28 August 2013

One million Commonwealth migrants can VOTE in the UK despite not having British citizenship

New arrivals from Commonwealth countries - including Australia, BANGLADESH, INDIA, PAKISTAN and NIGERIA - AUTOMATICALLY ACQUIRE VOTING RIGHTS on arrival in the UK even if they are only staying for a short time.

Even a student on a six month visa has exactly the same voting rights as long-term residents, as long as they have an address, the research shows.

The Guardian, 11 March 2014

Over the past few months, a concerted campaign has sprung up attempting to engage, register and bring out to VOTE as many as possible of the 600,000-plus Poles thought to be living in the UK.

All EU citizens have the right to vote in local and European elections in the UK...

The Guardian, 29 January 2015

A record number of people who were BORN OUTSIDE the UK will be able to VOTE in this year’s general election and are likely to hold the balance of power in several key constituencies, according to the first comprehensive analysis of the migrant vote.

Almost 4 million voters – about one in 10 of the entire electorate in England and Wales - are predicted to have been BORN OVERSEAS come May...

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Daily Telegraph, 26 June 2013

‘Mr and Mrs MEP’ – the EU assembly's new [propaganda] book for small children

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...


Re Jonathan Djanogly MP


Jewish Member of Parliament Jonathan Djanogly served as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Minister for the Courts and LEGAL AID. He is the Conservative MP for Huntingdon.

LEGAL AID provides funding for legal assistance to those who cannot afford to pay a lawyer to give them legal advice or represent them in court.

The Guardian, 20 September 2011

[Jewish Member of Parliament Jonathan] Djanogly is pushing a bill through parliament that will attempt to slash the LEGAL AID budget by £350m...

The Guardian, 09 September 2014

In April 2013, the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO) came into force.

Whole categories of law have been taken out of scope for legal aid. The categories now out of scope include:

• Immigration cases that do NOT INVOLVE ASYLUM OR DETENTION
• Employment cases that do NOT INVOLVE HUMAN TRAFFICKING or a contravention of the Equality Act 2010

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Iron Felix said: “As gloomy as things certainly appear in our political landscape, I will say at least our representatives in government are still White. We have not yet entered a period in time where niggers rule over us as is the case in the Unites States...Although the day may arrive when a nigger will be elected into office...A true weapon of mass destruction foisted upon us by the hofjuden to ruin our nation and our women simultaneously.”

Daily Telegraph, 10 May 2015

Chuka Umunna appears in public with girlfriend as he sets out stall for leadership

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

The Guardian, 10 May 2015

Chuka Umunna is ordained by [mischling Jew] Peter Mandelson as his next Labour leader

[Jewish] Prince of Darkness picks over the Labour corpse and finds the cause of death to be the fact that people didn’t realise he was right all along

Frank Galton

Rob said...

Glengarry: I understand that blogs hosted by Wordpress automatically block mention of the Frankfurt School. Seems incredible but of so the bastards are getting worried.

No, I think what happened is that the guy who writes the Chateau Heartiste blog (on Wordpress), asked commenters not to keep using the term "Frankfurt School", so they came up with euphemisms like "Evil Psychiatry", etc.

Anonymous said...

Currently watching Sky news. Featured on there is that hideously ugly Liz Kershaw who along with its brother is an MSM left wing reporter. Man this creature is the ultimate form of Labourite white shite - a jumped up fucking pikey with a Lancastrian accent as is her alcoholic brother labeled Andy

Anonymous said...

These are the cunts

Anonymous said...

Migration Watch

In 2013 over half a million migrants arrived in Britain, more than the total population of Bradford. In the same year 314,000 migrants left so net migration was 212,000.

We must build a new home every seven minutes for new migrants for the next 20 years or so.

Migration is therefore expected to add about 200,000 to the UK’s population each year or a city the size of BIRMINGHAM every 5 years.

Daily Mail, 11 May 2015

Farmer turns down £275MILLION to sell his land for housing

• Robert Worsley, 48, has been offered the cash for his farm in West Sussex
• He was approached about the sale by agents for housebuilder Mayfield
• But he has rejected the offer, which is 100 TIMES the farm's current value

He said: 'We are a rural community who don’t want this development, who don’t want to see Sussex ruined.

Lee Newlyn, a director at Mayfield Market Towns, said: ‘There is a huge shortage of housing in this region and we believe that delivering these new homes in the form of a NEW TOWN, with all the proper infrastructure and facilities in place...’

The proposed development – ‘Mayfields’ – would comprise up to 10,000 new homes and would provide a full range of community facilities, such as primary schools, a new Academy and shops.

Frank Galton

Heraclitus said...

@Frank Galton. Have you noticed the frequency with which 'they' refer to 'net migration'? This is a sly and cunning way of obfuscating the population replacement taking place. Because an extremely high proportion of the emigrants are native British (have you noticed the new classification 'White British' which implies that being such is just one of many?) fleeing the dystopia caused by uncontrolled immigration.

Dr. Destructo said...

So a jew annoints a spear-Chukka as Labour's next leader. Wow, that seems like a winning strategy.

Jeremy said...

Off topic, but was over at the Guardian and left a few comments on the latest whine by Michael Obama on his/her sufferings under white rule. Nothing remotely 'offensive' just pointed out that becoming wife of the President and spending millions on multiple holidays during the year didn't seem like suffering for most people.

Comments deleted and banned from commenting again.

And that outlet proclaims itself the bastion of liberty and free speech.

Uncle Nasty said...

Went to the Umunna link (it's a slow day)

When Mr Umunna was previously asked about his girlfriend, he said: “I just switch off. I’m not bad at that. It’s very hard not to remain wired, but one of the things is having two phones.

“And just having one which is family, girlfriend, friends. If I’m on holiday I will just switch off the other phone, that’s quite important.”

Asked if he had plans for marriage, he replied: "I think she deserves to know first.”

Like Miss Sullivan, Mr Umunna was an employment law solicitor before he entered politics. He worked for the City law firm Herbert Smith, and was elected as Labour MP for Streatham in 2010.

His mother Patricia was a lawyer and his grandfather Sir Helenus Milmo QC was a High Court judge who was one of the prosecutors at the Nuremberg Trials of Nazis after the Second World War.

The girlfriend's parents must be so proud ... and whattaya know? They manage to squeeze in a "Nazi" reference.

The whole article is like watching retarded children playing in a sandpit. You simply cannot relate to what they see as reality.


Uncle Nasty said...

Went to Annonnymouses link

Anonymous said...

These are the cunts
11 May 2015 at 09:40

In the words of the great Chinese philosopher:

Ho Lee Fuk

"RT @refugeecouncil: 'Why is Britain forcing bisexual asylum seekers to choose between humiliation and death?'"

"RT @EPETITPAS: Article on #asylum #FGM 4 @FMReview w/ great pieces from @coe @refugee_gender @AsylumAid @aditusNGO @@SOS_Europe"

"People fleeing dangerous oppressive regimes like Eritrea, Somalia and South Sudan unable to reach sanctuary @AsylumAid tells @SkyNews"

"Tune in to watch us on @SkyNews this morning at 9.30 to discuss latest plans to manage numbers of people seeking safety in the the EU & UK"

"RT @MSF_Sea: At just 2.5 years old, this tiny traveler from Eritrea has seen far too much in her short life © @IkramNGadi #MSFSea http://t…"

"RT @refugeecouncil: #Election day! We hope the new Govt ensures Britain is a welcoming place of safety for refugees #ProudToProtect http://…"

"RT @Paul_Dillane: I love Voting Day! Many refugee clients have never had a vote or one that counted in their countries. Reject apathy, make…"

Living proof that you cannot reason with some people. The only hope for the planet is 115 grains administered to the base of the occiput.

That'll larn 'em.


Anonymous said...

This is the most accurate analysis anyone has offered on this thread.

The SNP finally made an impressive breakthrough within the current system because over the long haul their message of nationalism is basically tribal and connects to the voters' sense of identity. UKIP is more like the SNP than like the LibDems, who have no tribal base and are on the way out. UKIP have an intrinsic tribal appeal and have the potential to be England's 2nd or 1st party.

Anonymous said...

Apparently George Galloway is taking legal action to have the election result in his constituency overturned, on the grounds that it was rigged.


Anonymous said...

< i > So a jew annoints a spear-Chukka as Labour's next leader. Wow, that seems like a winning strategy.

11 May 2015 at 12:13 < /i >

As does the white trash of the MSM
Ugly pikey dog-woman Liz Kershaw of The Mirror who looks worse than white trash "white Dee" of Turner street says he's "easy on the eye"

Anonymous said...

LEGAL AID provides funding for legal assistance to those who cannot afford to pay a lawyer to give them legal advice or represent them in court.

Such as Gary Glitter who still earns massive royalties on his muzak.

Andy Kershaw FOBB* bought a load of world music stuff for Lenworth George Henry when it became fashionable because oor Lennny did not want to be seen unfashionable in appreciating african music which became the fashionable thing. Everyone who was anyone loved the stuff.

*Friend of Billy Bragg like Russell Bragg a West Ham supporter. Bragg lives in a 100% white town and campaigns for more ethnics in Barking to darken the place up. No wonder Millwall fans hate them!

Liz Kershaw, Russell Brandname buy his bookiewookie to destroy capitalism, Jo Wiley, Tony Blackburn and Dermot O'Leary all had BBC staff phone their shows pretending to be real callers.

Ah Jaysus for fucks sake muthafucka that is terrible so it is.
Awful pure awful
Sorry about the language Joe.
Dammit Joe Duffy missed his cue. If he had not he would be on more than €8 000 (50 license fees) a week.

Rob said...

Speaking of Umunna, his newly-materialised "girlfriend" looks distinctly uncomfortable. That coupling has beard written all over it.

Andreas said...

Regarding that comment from Uncle Nasty about RT. I have said it before and say it again now. RT, and ALL of the supposed alternative TV news channels hew to the PC/multikult/ mass immigration agenda. Different slants maybe on the main news items but when it comes to The Agenda they are fully on board.

11 May 2015 at 17:12 Delete

Anonymous said...

New York Times mentioned Rotherdam last week in house social conservative Ross Douthat's column. Point he was making is that PC does not recognize reality and that "oppressed groups" can viciously oppress other vulnerable groups.

In reference to the abolition of slavery, that happened in the British empire in 1833 and is hardly relevant to the American situation. I had a friend who was a raving anglophile Episcopal priest (goes with the territory) who would go on and on about how the British abolished slavery more than a generation before the US and that it was never allowed in Britain. My answer, of course, was that it had become irrelevant to the mercantile interests in the colonial empire. Also, British imperialists were able to use abolition as a pretext for intervention. And as far as slavery in Britain was concerned: why import niggers into England when the country was full of white niggers?

Abolition in the United States was the creature of New England protestants. Not Jews. They were barely off the boat.

Also, I wonder, are there really only 300,000 Jews in Britain and 20,000 in Ireland? Over here, it's 6.5 million and a bunch of them are working class. Nilius has sensitized me to look more closely at certain aspects of the media and I see that government public radio must be hitting 80%. But they're a lot less trouble than feral blacks running wild in the streets.

Anonymous said...

UKIP has rejected Nigel Farage's resignation. He's continuing as party leader.


Anonymous said...

IT is my opinion Camoron is motivated by faith not reason!
He often gives the game away whenever Iserael gets a mention.
One would think that with all the problems created by their breading habits it would be time to call a halt to the swamping of Europe with any more refugees .One would think that the problems they are having in Mizerable with their street cleaners and bin emptier’s .... would give cause for concern.
I suspect that the deep down reason is ....the Coudenhove-Kalergi diktat is well implanted .
All possible means of obfuscation and lies will be used to keep the replacements coming.
In WW2 they (the elites and Jews)obtained empty premises all over Wales and Scotland (those who could not make to America and Canada) , to dump their spawning for the duration .
Do the Elites and their acolytes have islands of safety to run too?

white_rose said...

Flicking thru the Movie channel on Sky this evening (I know, I know) and was so struck by the number of WW 2 movies on. All about EEEEEVIL NAZIS.

Ok you ask, what else could I expect.

Mrs. Heraclitus said...

Anon 17.35. Not a Brit but I think you are very cynical regarding British motives for abolishing slavery. Yes, the reasons you refer to might have been there is no doubt whatsoever that the prohibition arose from a prolonged and widespread campaign within Britain.

Jews are as different from blacks as you can get and you certainly won't find them raping and pillaging on the streets. I have no doubt most Jews are fine but their overall ethnic impact on White Christian society has been catastrophic and in a more profound way than blacks or Muslims ever could.

Anonymous said...

white_rose said ... "Flicking thru the Movie channel on Sky this evening (I know, I know) and was so struck by the number of WW 2 movies on. All about EEEEEVIL NAZIS."

As they say, let's add a little truth to advertising:

great white said...

I have tried to post links to this site (and others) on various MSM outlets but almost all reject them. The fact that theyvlink to a site alerts the Thought POlice who then reject the comment.

However I have seen many links published and read somewhere that there's a trick that kind of hides the fact that you are posting a link.

Anybody know anything about this?

Uncle Nasty said...

Andreas, I think there may be some confusion, here.
Regarding RT, if you refer to my post of ...

11 May 2015 at 13:54

All the RT's seem to link to Twitter accounts, and, to my knowledge, anyway, have no connection to the news agency.

If these are what you are referring to, I recommend popping along and reading some of the links.

The bad news is that there are a lot of utterly unthinking (or, more to the point, groupthinking) crazies, out there -- far more than we imagine.

The good news however, is that I have met quite a few, and they are as insubstantial as fog -- all insult and petty spite ... but only when they are with friends.

Not a testicle among them. They are fog.


Anonymous said...

"My answer, of course, was that it had become irrelevant to the mercantile interests in the colonial empire."

Disagree completely. Abolitionism was the first dawning of the universalist mentality which has its good points but which is causing us so many problems today - or is being manipulated to cause us harm today depending on your point of view.

Or both, of course.

Anonymous said...

Jewish Council for Racial Equality [UK]

The leading Jewish voice on Race and Asylum

JCORE builds relationships with other ethnic minority and faith communities.!vstc4=page-6/vstc0=dialogue

JCORE Patrons

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, Sir Geoffrey Bindman, Lord Justice Woolf, Lord [GREVILLE] JANNER of Braunstone!vstc4=page-3/vstc0=team

Jewish Journal, 12 May 2014

Lloyd’s Banking Group (whose former chairman was Sir Maurice Victor Bank [Victor Blank], who is vice president of the JEWISH LEADERSHIP COUNCIL)...

Not only does Lloyds help struggling SMEs, they also fund organisations such as the JEWISH COUNCIL FOR RACIAL EQUALITY or JCORE for short. This organisation is vital in supporting Jewish immigrants in the UK... Although, on the one hand Lloyds have provided vital funding to JCORE, with the other hand they took away funding for the British charity Interpal which is dedicated to helping Palestinians in need of support be it financial or other.


Jewish Memories of Mandela is a unique publication which chronicles the story of Nelson Mandela and the anti-apartheid struggle through the lives and recollections of Jewish South Africans who were a part of it. The book also records the REMARKABLE EXTENT to which Jewish South Africans participated in the anti-apartheid struggle...

While the Jews constituted a small minority of the population, they were GREATLY INVOLVED with Mandela’s struggles and the broader struggle for democracy in South Africa. The Jewish community and communal leaders, including the South African Jewish Board of Deputies and the Chief Rabbi went about leading the Jewish community in being an ACTIVE PART in the process of transformation into a MULTICULTURAL DEMOCRACY.

The Jewish Leadership Council is an umbrella organisation and is the British equivalent of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

Note: The Jewish Council for Racial Equality (JCORE) “BUILDS RELATIONSHIPS with other ETHNIC MINORITY and faith communities.”

Center For Immigration Studies, October 2001

The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography

“It is simply astounding to contemplate the recent historical rise in Mexican immigration. In 1970, there were fewer than 800,000 Mexican immigrants; 30 years later the number is approaching 9 million, a 10-fold increase in one generation....

The Jewish community is thus in a position where it will be able to DIVIDE AND CONQUER and enter into SELECTIVE COALITIONS that support OUR AGENDAS.” – Dr. Stephen Steinlight, Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies and former National Affairs Director at the American Jewish Committee (AJC)

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

Totally off topic, but interesting, nonetheless:

A friend of mine -- more economically literate than I, I am afraid, once gave me the figures that were the tipping point for an economy that could support a certain percentage of drones ... that is to say that (at a guess) 75% of the economically active -- and tax-paying -- citizens could support 25% of the non-productive before the country took a nose dive into the abyss.

According to my friend, when a country reached the point where half the productive members were flogging themselves to death, their taxes supporting the drones**, that would be the tipping point where the aforementioned country would be in the poo-poo.

Deep, deep, deep in the poo-poo.

Please see the attached graphic ... and weep for America.

I welcome comments from the NG.


**PS ... I am sure that you all realise that I use the term "drones" in its original entomological sense ... not the big boy's toys of the US military.

Try doing a google search for "drones", however, and one gets an entirely different picture.

Dan said...

The abolition of slavery by the British is a bright spot.

A mixture of moral and technological innovations and a dash of cynical manipulation.

Slavery was smuggling blacks to the new world. Not a good.

Uncle Nasty said...

Stumbled onto an article this morning about Lucky Larry Silverstein ...

Remember Lucky Larry? The owner of the Twin Towers that were so fortuitously knocked down by a gaggle of ragheads with box cutters?

I say "fortuitously" because, prior to 9/11, Larry had found himself stuck with an asbestos cleanup bill, that would have bankrupted him, if the aforementioned sand niggers had not so obligingly knocked the buildings down for him ... thereby allowing him to claim insurance and also, equally fortuitously, force the New York municipality and New York State to foot the cleanup bill.

Larry nearly came unglued when -- in a moment of unbridled yid avarice (and a complete absence of common sense) -- he actually attempted to double his insurance payout by claiming that the so-called interval between building strikes was long enough to declare the whole schemozzle as two separate, terrorist incidents rather than just one ... but the yid judge who ordered the payout, surprisingly thought that this just might be gilding the Lily a bit ...

Larry, also cohencidentally, was the owner of WTC 7, which, despite not being hit by anything at all, still collapsed into its own footprint ... one imagines in a moment of architectural solidarity and sympathy with its sister buildings across the way. Who says there isn't a God?

Lucky Larry got paid out for that as well.

Enough to build this:

With a symbolic height of 1776 feet (nearly a third of a mile -- 1776 -- Geddit? Geddit?) the structure is called -- wait for it -- the One World Trade Centre

One World, eh? These jewfux are really taking the piss, now.


Anonymous said...


I think some of my comments are being identified spam and are being sent to your blog’s Spam Inbox (been posting comments re the Jewish Council for Racial Equality, Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Center For Immigration Studies, Jewish Leadership Council etc over the past week or so).

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said @ "But they're a lot less trouble than feral blacks running wild in the streets".

11 May 2015 at 17:34

You are well & truly misinformed. If it wasn't for Talmud-inspired Organized Jewry relentlessly promoting mass immigration - finally having the Immigration Act passed in 1965 by their stooge Teddy Kennedy - then there wouldn't be millions of feral Blacks(& Muslims) 'running wild in the streets' in the first place.

And Organized Jewry has been active in the US since its inception. The slave auctions were closed on the Jewish Sabbath such was the power of the Jew ship-owners in the slave trade. Never heard of the 'carpetbaggers'? They infested the South during the War Between the States and laws had to be passed against them from impoverishing the defeated Southerners by buying up the land & the food supply. These Jews, working for the Banking interests, even caused the War of 1812, attempting to take the US back under the control of the Rothschild International Bankers in England.

These are only a few of the many depredations caused by these nice quiet Jews. All this info & much more is easily available on the Internet. Talmudic Jews are 'quiet' all right - because they've got plenty of dumbed-down poor White stooges to do their dirty work & fighting for them. Traitors like Blair, Cameron, Miliband, Clegg & their US equivalents see to that.


SAVANT said...

Frank G. Could quite easily have happened unfortunately. One good way to avoid this is to sign in under your own name rather than as anonymous and your signanture at the end. I check the commentators on the spam listings and have salvaged a few others that way.

Anonymous said...

UN, I've posted on Lucky Larry Silverstein here.

What a guy!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: “[Jews in Britain, Ireland, USA are] a lot less trouble than feral blacks running wild in the streets.”

Feral Jews running wild in Israel:

The Independent, 29 January 1996

Thousands of angry Jews fought their way through police lines and besieged the Prime Minister's office in Jerusalem yesterday, during a protest sparked off by the revelation that the Israeli national blood bank routinely destroyed blood donated by Jews, on the grounds that they might have Aids.

CBS News, 03 May 2015

Rally of Israel's Jews turns violent again

It was the second such protest in several days and supporters say the demonstrations will continue. The first rally last week in Jerusalem turned violent.

Israel's Jewish community was shaken last week when footage emerged of a Jew in an army uniform being beaten by police.

THE TIMES OF ISRAEL, 06 February 2014

Thousands of ultra-Orthodox riot after draft arrest

Frank Galton

Julian said...

savage sam, Frank Galton and others. The point being made by the other commentators that Jews in the West do not behave like blacks, mugging, raping, welfare-dependent undertow.

The correctness of this assertion is beyond dispute.

katana said...


Over at Age of Treason.

Tanstafl wrote:

The tragedy then was in the animus and violence White Americans, Britons and Russians, minds full of jewish poison, could be incited to direct against their racial cousins, the Germans, exactly because their leaders had properly identified the poison’s jewish source. The tragedy now is that so few Whites see it this way.

The more one studies that era and the rise of National Socialism the more astounding it appears. The clearness of vision and clarity of thought and speech the National Socialist's had about the jewish threat to humanity is breathtaking.

And it was because of this understanding the German people had of jewish tyranny that Germany had to be destroyed before such knowledge in action spread around the world. So the duped masses of Whites throughout the world were tricked by world jewry to destroy the nation that had woken up and was throwing off the jewish money power chains.

Videos like Hellstorm, produced on a shoe string budget, BTW, are all part of the project to awaken the world to the diabolical aliens, the jewish psychopaths that created what's shown in the documentary. Their crimes continue right up to today with 9/11, the Middle East wars and of course their longterm main project, the racial destruction of Whites through mass third world immigration.

Yet their plans all hinge on secrecy, on remaining in the shadows while they poison the wells, the minds of Whites, through their usual methods.

That's why we always come back to the necessity of naming the jew, as that, like daylight to a vampire, destroys our destroyers. That's the reason why jews have created all the laws banning "hate [truth] speech".

If we shrink from that task we only enable the conditions that lead to what is described in Hellstorm.


For my latest blog post, The World Conquerors — Part 9: Revenge is Ours, click here >>> KATANA

Anonymous said...

"Julian said...
savage sam, Frank Galton and others. The point being made by the other commentators that Jews in the West do not behave like blacks, mugging, raping, welfare-dependent undertow.

The correctness of this assertion is beyond dispute".

12 May 2015 at 15:28

What others, you fraud? You are a Jew bullshitter who is always attempting to defend the indefensible - the Jew's promotion of nation-wrecking mass immigration into Western nations. Just replace the word 'Jews' in the West with any of the many groups worldwide who are not also harming Whites in the manner you state. That is also beyond dispute - but as every patriot knows, it is also meaningless. Talmud-inspired Jews are the genocidal racists who promote this White genocide.

Organized Jewry has destroyed the West through Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism using mass immigration as a destructive tool. And all your Talmudic BS won't alter the fact that Organized Jewry have been in the forefront for the entire 20th century of promoting mass immigration, diversity & the destruction of White nations which has enabled blacks (& others) to behave as this 'mugging, raping, welfare-dependent undertow'. Now you are desperately trying to claim that Jews have no part in this genocide of Whites. There is a Mountain of Evidence available on the Internet to prove this obvious fact of Jewish guilt & no amount of Talmudic Jew BS is gonna put this particular genie back in the bottle. Talmud-inspired Jews - guilty of the destruction of our Western nations as charged. There can be no appeal for these genocidal Talmud-inspired satanic Jew maniacs.


Olda said...

Savagesam. I think you miss Julian's point which is that jews do not behave like negroe's. And I agree with him on this.

I also agree with you that the damage done by jews is much deeper and more damaging to us.

Dave+33 said...

Tennis from Rome was on TV when I came in. Black guy v white guy. Crowd cheering black guy.

I despair.

SAVANT said...

Katana...there's a long way to go. Met a couple of German vu=isitors to my town this morning and had a coffee with them. Got to talking about the War etc.

Blew my mind what they did NOT know. All the myriad of inconsistencies surrounding the Holocau$st, the fact that no extermination plan existed...I could go onand on. Mind-blowing the extent to which they've been indoctrinated and kept in the dark. significan

Anonymous said...

had a coffee with them

Some official council, either city* or county. there is flying the LBGTIACDEFHJKLMNOPQRSUVWXYZ flag because it is the week to promote LBGTIACDEFHJKLMNOPQRSUVWXYZ matters whereas this time last year the flag only represented LBGTI and the year before LGBT so are the 1% getting more tolerant?


City hall.

But onto more important matters. Dempsey a Labradoodle assistance dog is missing around the Commons Road area. Any help in locating him is welcome.

Anonymous said...

Miss Bendall, who was born a man but now identifies as a woman, was shopping in Primark on April 30 when she took two items of clothing to the female changing room 'like any other woman would'.

Read more: Womyn born womyn can ban womyn born men from cultural events but shops cannot?
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Michigan's womyn music festival cancelled

Ooops!that was transphobic of me as transwomen and genderqueers are excluded. Won't somebody think of Michael Robertson and her exclusion?

James said...

We have MMP (Mixed Member Proportional representation) in New Zealand.

It does give the smaller parties a fair go, but it also almost absolutely prevents a white party taking over the country.

Maybe that's what it is really for. Be careful what you wish for.

MMP was copied from the German system. In Germany its purpose is to prevent the Germans running their own lives.

I am suspicious of MMP because the politicians wanted it so much and the propaganda was all for it.

James said...

Fidel Castra - Proud Jew?

Castro Is a Self-Admitted Jew... "Fidel Castro confided in Ricardo Wolf, a Jewish industrialist who financed Castro's usurpation of the Batista government, that he was of Marrano Jewish ancestry. In a 1997 article about Madeleine Albright published in the New York Times, there is mention of Fidel Castro also having a "Jewish background".] Indeed, the de Castro's were a powerful Sephardi family, some of whom claimed to "convert" to Christianity. Trading with the Enemy, a book by American author Tom Miller confirms the story and claims "Fidel Castro thinks he's Jewish". In an interview with fellow Marxist, Frei Betto, Castro is quoted as claiming of his childhood; "I remained unbaptized and I remember that people called me a Jew. They used to say, "he's a Jew". I was four or five and was already being criticized, for people saying I was a Jew".

You can see it in his face too if you look. He looks like a cross between Bruce Springsteen and Henry Kissinger in this photo.

He made the Cuban people suffer - he was their owner. Was part of his motivation revenge for being called a Jew in his childhood?

Anonymous said...

Katana...there's a long way to go. Met a couple of German vu=isitors to my town this morning and had a coffee with them. Got to talking about the War etc.

Funny. They always say "Don't mention the war", but whenever I meet Germans I end up talking about nothing else.

They are a race suffering severe PTSD. Many of them know a lot about what's being done, but they have to trust you before they open up and complain about it. A lot of Brits give them shit so they are very careful.

Anonymous said...

In a similar way, the indigenous population have been used as vote-fodder to select governments whose ultimate aim is to destroy them. Maybe this is Darwin at work.

Darwin was a Jew?

James said...

Uncle Nasty said...
Another group of people who should start speaking ...

Pathological altruism on steroids in Sweden

Kevin MacDonald on April 29, 2015 — 93 Comments

That's a good reminder UN. Everyone should watch the video from red ice radio.

Also, everyone should read the book "The New Totalitarians" written by Roland Huntford in 1972.

In the book he describes how Sweden is a "horrifying" exact replica of Huxley's Brave New World, the first and only of its kind in the world.

That was 45 years ago so the place must REALLY SUCK now, but of course the way it works is that the Swedes will love the place and extol its manifold virtues until it sounds like heaven instead.

Perhaps the book, written by an Englishman, is exaggerated.

Not all Swedes think Sweden is wonderful though. A Swede said in 2015:

Allow me to suggest — on the occasion of 2015 standing on the threshold — that you write a small back story to Roland Huntford (born 1927) and his book “The New Totalitarians” with its absolutely true description of the Swedes and their rulers 45 years ago. The book is unchanged in its relevance today — although the Swedish reality is sevenfold worse.

Read about the general cluster fuck that is Sweden here:

The only crime in Utopia is to want to leave.

Dan said...

I got into it with a German artist. Storch or something. She was exhibiting a video about a Nazi racist attacking a Turk on a train.

I mentioned something about Belsen and she said that the Brits were at fault for over feeding the inmates. She was a canny little Nazi strumpet. A very clever detection of Holocaust denial-non-denial. Very very good in bed after too.

Uncle Nasty said...

This the Headline that originally accompanied the article ...

Why Is an Israeli-American Billionaire Pouring Millions into the Clinton Foundation?

I took the liberty of fixing it.

Why Is an Israeli Parasite residing in America Pouring Millions into Hillary Clinton's Legal Tax Dodge?

Weeks after Hillary Clinton became secretary of state, the State Department objected to a proposed consultancy arrangement offered to Bill Clinton by media mogul Haim Saban, citing concerns about conflict of interest. Nevertheless, public records show that Saban’s nonprofit gave millions to the Clinton Foundation throughout Hillary Clinton’s tenure.

Saban, a billionaire best known for creating Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, has dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship and has spent heavily to support Israel. “His greatest concern, he says, is to protect Israel, by strengthening the United States-Israel relationship,” The New Yorker noted in a 2010 profile of Saban.
At a conference in Israel, the article said, Saban had outlined three methods for influencing American politics: “make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and control media outlets.”

RELATED: The Dirty Business of the Billary Machine,

Again Saban’s foreign-policy activism did not escape the attention of the State Department. The agency’s designated ethics adviser, James H. Thessin, wrote in a memo that his objection to the proposed consultancy was “based on the fact that Haim Saban, a founder of this entity, is actively involved in foreign affairs issues, particularly with regards to the Middle East, which is a priority area for the Secretary.”

Thessin’s memo, one of 1,017 pages of records obtained by Judicial Watch, was the only instance in which the Department of State objected to one of Bill Clinton’s proposed speaking engagements or consultancy agreements.

Yet between 2009 and 2013, as Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state, the Saban Family Foundation paid the Clinton Foundation more than $7 million, and listed $30.5 million in “grants and contributions approved for future payment,” according to nonprofit records filed with the Internal Revenue Service.

It’s unclear whether there was any overlap between the $7 million paid and $30.5 million committed to the Clinton Foundation in those years.

... and yet, none of them have been indicted -- for anything.

It is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it... anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.
Douglas Adams


Anonymous said...

A guy in south Jersey picked up on a warrant. Not sure of his race. First name DaQuan. Anyway, when they searched him it turned out he had an illegal, fully loaded 25 caliber handgun hidden...wait for it...up his asshole.

Uncle Nasty said...

Julian said...

savage sam, Frank Galton and others. The point being made by the other commentators that Jews in the West do not behave like blacks, mugging, raping, welfare-dependent undertow.

The correctness of this assertion is beyond dispute.
12 May 2015 at 15:28

Correct ... as far as it goes. And by that token, supports the old notion that even a stopped clock is correct twice a day.

Jews do not need to be welfare dependent, as the Hoffjuden have already purloined all the loose wealth -- distributing it as they see fit. As for the mugging and murdering, they have imported -- or unleashed -- the whole of the third world to do it for them ... pretty much the same way that they persuade the US military to pick jewry's fights and fight jewry's battles.

Your wilful obtuseness will avail you nothing here. We have seen too much of it. Nice try, though.

The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.

Anatole France, The Red Lily, 1894, chapter 7. French novelist (1844 - 1924)


Anonymous said...

James, Ugly though he may be, Bruce Springsteen is no Jew. His name is Dutch. Garden variety white background, and Catholic, I think. Dutch settled New Jersey plus Germans all over the place. Redcoats and Hessians had a skirmish with patriot militia near here in 1777, six dead. Or maybe none. Historians not sure. For sure, though, Brits and Hessians hit a patriot defense line five miles west of here and killed dozens.

Uncle Nasty said...

The end game playing out?

Greece's 'war cabinet' prepares to battle EU creditors as anger mounts

The country's radical-Left leaders have concluded that there is little to be gained from any further concessions to EMU creditors

Greece's "war cabinet" has resolved to defy the European creditor powers after a nine-hour meeting on Sunday, ensuring a crescendo of brinkmanship as the increasingly bitter fight comes to a head this month.

Premier Alexis Tsipras and the leading figures of his Syriza movement agreed to defend their "red lines" on pensions and collective bargaining and prepare for battle whatever the consequences, deeming the olive-branch policy of recent weeks to have reached a dead end.

"We have agreed on a tougher strategy to stop making compromises. We were unified and we have a spring our step once again," said one participant.

The Syriza government knows that this an extremely high-risk strategy. The Greek treasury is already empty and emergency funds seized from local authorities and state entities will soon run out.

Greece's mayors warned over the weekend that they would not release any more funds to the central government. The Greek finance ministry must pay the International Monetary Fund €750m (£544m) on Tuesday, the first of an escalating set of deadlines running into August.

Could this be the crunch? Don't forget, as Covington says: Wars may be started by politicians and generals ... but they are finished by accountants.


Anonymous said...

Your race problems are exacerbated by the fact that you're on an island.

I was in New York state last week, only about 50 miles northwest of NYC and it's remarkable how rural and unpopulated it is. Farmland, forest and little mountains. Tiny Vermont type villages and..wait for minorities at all. Even the convenience stores were run by old white guys.

And everything is cheaper there. Apartments renting for under a $1000. Any Europeans would of course be very welcome there.

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Went back to TOO (The Occidental Observer) and found this

Scroll down to the post by someone who calls herself (Himself?) Rose Madder.

Rose Madder
May 6, 2015 - 9:51 pm | Permalink

Do we put too much emphasis on mental explanations for white behaviour?

There is much discussion of mental attitudes, religious beliefs and other mental phenomenon for Swedish and northern European behaviours and attitudes. In the past I fell into this way of thinking, until, I was exposed to the physiology of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and how greatly it varies between individuals (metabolic diversity). The following summary is of course very simplified.

There is a fair amount of tantalizing information about the intersection of the ANS, environment, diet and behaviour. Much of this information was collected and analyzed by the mid twentieth century but then dropped as far as I can tell. I’m going to summarize what I have understood so far about this research and how it applies to the Swedish situation. My background is Norwegian and German, so I have first hand experience being northern European stock and observing my relatives. I also grew up with a father who has 12 years post secondary in sciences and I grew up on the nature / nurture debate. But, I have no formal post secondary education in physiology or science. I would love to see others look into my citations and see if this material can contribute to white survival.

Most people have heard of the ANS, but may be less familiar with its two branches, sympathetic and parasympathetic. Many will have also heard of “fight and flight” (sympathetic branch) and “rest and digest” (parasympathetic branch). Each of these branches regulates the hormones that create aggression vs surrender. When an animal is attacked, theres is a huge rush of adrenaline for the fight and flight, however when the fight and flight is exhausted there is a final stage of surrender and die. That final stage is the parasympathetic response. I believe the parasympathetic response may be what causes the near death experience. It relieves the suffering of a doomed animal at death.

Absolutely riveting. A logical chemical explanation for what is happening to us? Our ridiculous and completely illogical Flying-In-The-Face-of-Nature surrender?

Any comments?


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Anonymous said...

A guy in south Jersey picked up on a warrant. Not sure of his race. First name DaQuan. Anyway, when they searched him it turned out he had an illegal, fully loaded 25 caliber handgun hidden...wait for it...up his asshole.
12 May 2015 at 23:55

Sorry to trump your story, but, as they say in poker: I'll see your .25 auto and raise you a .38 Special Smith and Wesson.

A Military and Police model, no less.

I have fired an old S&W M&P* ... and it's a BIG GUN.** Makes one wonder just what this nigger did for recreation on Saturday nights.


*Happily, not this exact one.

**Maybe not as big as the BFG 9000, but still ...

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Of course, there were Jews in America before the nineteenth century. One was Robert Morris of Philadelphia who had the not so successful idea of using nails as currency to finance the revolution. He was able to help John Barry (Irish) organize the first American naval squadrons, however.

I do have to come back to the idea that the British ruling class (Judaized or not) was the greatest agent of global murder and oppression in the last several hundred years and that a lot of posters here scapegoat the Jews because they cannot come to terms with the fact that said ruling class turned on its native population. Now, even when the natives are backed into the wall with a kind of cannibal apocalypse, you are still in a frenzy of denial. Evidence of this in current postings about the good intentions of the British abolition movement. I mean, unless you're Willy Wilberforce the Eighth, what the fuck do you care?

The Yankee abolitionists of New England were incredibly bloodthirsty, fanatical and Protestant. They did to white people in the Civil War what your ruling class did to you in WWI. The white population in the US never really recovered from that bloodbath.

As for myself, while I acknowledge the unwholesome machinations of liberal Jews, I see the entire thrust of government as being my enemy.

Uncle Nasty said...

If I may misquote Star Wars®©: "... The cognitive dissonance is strong in these ones"

If a left leaning organ (and I use the term advisedly, here) like Breitbart can flay the Clintons with such gay abandon, what are the chances of Billary ringing the gong in 2016?

Strangely enough, rather high.

It appears that, against all reason and logic, although 42% of Democrats polled say that Billary is a liar who cannot be trusted, 65% of them will vote for her anyway.

5 ‘Clinton Cash’ Revelations That Have Leftists Steaming

The Associated Press

by Ben Shapiro
11 May 2015

Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash has the Hillary Clinton campaign so riled up that they have now posted an entire webpage attempting to debunk claims in the book via obfuscation and misdirection.

Thus far, the so-called Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has apparently hijacked The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other leftist outlets, all of whom are tracking the claims Schweizer makes. But it’s not just the nouveau VRWC concerned about corruption in the Clinton camp. The entire left should be furious with the Clintons – not merely over their corruption, which the left routinely excuses, but over their capitulation to some of the worst human rights abusers and environmental exploiters on the planet. Here are the top five new Clinton Cash revelations that should spark ire between Hillary Clinton and her leftist base:

Mowing Down Rainforests. According to Clinton Cash, just after Hillary and Bill Clinton spent an evening with the president of Colombia, the government of Colombia promptly granted exclusive approval to Prima Colombia Properties. That company was owned by longtime Clinton Foundation donor Frank Giustra, As Schweizer writes:

Days after Hillary left Bogotá, Prima Colombia Properties, which Frank Giustra has ownership interest in through a shell company called Flagship Industries, announced that it had acquired the right to cut timber in a biologically diverse forest on the pristine Colombian shoreline.

Read on.

And on, and on and on.


Anonymous said...

UN, Comments?

Yes, I think there is a much simpler explanation - a combination of overwhelming media propaganda and a diet (and environment) that is high in oestrogen mimicking compounds. DYOR on the water supply, plastics in food packaging and growth hormones in factory farmed animals. Add obesity into the mix and you have a sorry looking (and thinking) example of the average European man compared with fifty years ago.

Anon. Sch.

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All elections are rigged all over the world.

Vote all you want, I count them! Or, something like that. - Josef Stalin

They'll never take away your right to vote, they'll just give you the people you choose from.

yup said...

So what is the Jewish attitude towards UKIP? Distinctly hostile is the answer. A Jewish Chronicle survey said that only 2 per cent planned to vote for them and this article inHaaretz seems to confirm why.There was a UKIP Friends of Israel and even baffling Jewish candidates like Jack Shamash who seems to have spent most of his life in Israel, and is frank that it is Islam that is his pre-occupation. In the MEP elections in February, there was even an orthodox Jewish UKIP candidate in Manchester who refused to shake hands with women!  Far more importantly there was also a donation of £1 million from Richard Desmond, the publisher of the Daily Express. This may be the reason why the contours of free speech are just as sharply defined with UKIP as with every other party.This was discovered by another UKIP candidate Jack Sen the hard way. He  gave an uncompromising interview in which he revealed his own feelings about international financial power.It was all coded but no matter. No sooner had his words been published than young Jack found himself unceremoniously sacked as an official UKIP candidate to his utter bewilderment. (He still stood and got more than 6000 votes in West Lancashire, matching UKIP’s average vote nationally.)Reading his interview, it is clear that if he had known the meaning of “controlled opposition” then he would have known exactly how far he can go.

Anonymous said...

Olda said: “I think you miss Julian's point which is that jews do not behave like negroe's. And I agree with him on this.”

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

James, Ugly though he may be, Bruce Springsteen is no Jew.

You may be right.

Is he Dutch or is he from Holland or the Netherlands...

Celtic Rebel says there are so many names for the place because back in the day so many Jews came from there that they started using different place names to avoid suspicion in the colonies. Maybe he's right?

They change their names a lot. Pure Dutch are blonde. Very blonde.

Anonymous said...

Of course, there were Jews in America before the nineteenth century. One was Robert Morris of Philadelphia who had the not so successful idea of using nails as currency to finance the revolution. He was able to help John Barry (Irish) organize the first American naval squadrons, however.

There were lots.

Spain sent them there 500 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Oxford United football ground

Once owned by filthy kike Czech parasite called Hoch aka Robert Maxwell and by equally odious coolie parasite hatched in Tanzania Firoz

Selling England by the pound - Kassam stadium (sic)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (behind the curtain) said: “I see the entire thrust of government as being my enemy.”

BusinessWeek, 25 November 1998


How did they do it? That's the recurring question in Niall Ferguson's formidable The House of Rothschild, a history of the legendary European-Jewish banking family. ''There is but one power in Europe and that is Rothschild,'' said a French journalist in 1841, giving voice to the popular suspicion that the dynasty and its money held sway over the affairs of nations. In this first of a two-volume study (the second is due out next year), Ferguson confirms that often, the Rothschilds were BEHIND THE SCENES, influencing policy across Europe in their own interest.

Huffington Post, 09 July 2013

“When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Frank Galton

treason season said...

Rothschilds influencing behind the scenes? Hard to imagine.

J Bull said...

So Oxford United's stadium is now the Kassem Stadium. Another fucking sacrilege. I remember when they were Headington and playing in the Manor Ground. Another little piece of England gone.

katana said...

SAVANT said... 12 May 2015 at 18:04
Katana...there's a long way to go. Met a couple of German visitors to my town this morning and had a coffee with them. Got to talking about the War etc.
As one does.

I hope at least you put some pride in them for those generations that fought against the people of the nose. And a bit of goose in their step for good measure!

Blew my mind what they did NOT know. All the myriad of inconsistencies surrounding the Holocau$t, the fact that no extermination plan existed ... I could go on and on. Mind-blowing the extent to which they've been indoctrinated and kept in the dark.

Yes, I can imagine. It's funny how the deeper you delve into all the things that we do delve into, and the more that such revisionist knowledge becomes second nature, the greater the "common sense" gulf between oneself and the highly "educated" or highly "uneducated" rube becomes.

We virtually all, I'd say, started off brainwashed. Yet, some of are in various stages of escaping those tar pits of lies.

The holohoax is a real case in point. Unless you have lost relatives in the camps, perhaps from falling out of guard towers, or misreading the instructions on the correct handling of Zyklon B, or wearing a German uniform when American troops arrived for the handover, etc., you would be a sucker for the 24/7/365/70 year jewish propaganda blitzkrieg telling us how the jews were mightily offended by being slighted by the evil Nazis by being asked to leave Germany.

Sufficiently slighted to put into overdrive their long thought out plans to smash the Germans and Europeans to pieces in a second war and then slo-mo genocide the lot us in the "peace" through their continuing multi-pronged attack on all aspects of White societies.

Did your German tourists get that?


For my latest blog post, The World Conquerors — Part 10: New Purim and Nuremberg, click here >>> KATANA

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Best seller in France 2013

Anonymous said...

The EU refferendum in 2017 is not worth the paper its printed on, The Lisbon treaty QMV is in full play, so lets say the British vote to get out, A two year notce must be offered to the EU for negotiations and then it goes to a vote in the EU council, The uk loses its voting rights on offering this notice and I am sure I know how such a vote if we even got here would go.
Britains soverenty is lost to the EU globalists and thats it 100%
Heads we lose Tails we lose, Toss accordingly.

Anonymous said...

KentOnline, 13 May 2015

Kent Police investigate allegations of election fraud after Ukip leader Nigel Farage's general election defeat in South Thanet

Party activists claimed the length of time it took to declare the results was proof of suspicious behaviour.

Ukip’s victory in the local council election was further proof, they said, that the party had so much local support that Farage should have won in Thursday’s vote.

Frank Galton

Jeremy said...

Good to know that Jean Raspail is still active and his new book selling well. His prognostications in Camp Of The Saints proved to be stunningly accurate. But a prophet crying in the wilderness.

Anonymous said...

The "pathological altruism" link below bears repeating. This suicidal phenomena among Western nations just boggles the mind when one surmises how the reverse flow of Swedish migrants, for example, to "their" countries would pan out. Sensible leaders would either kill the Swedes or immediately expel the invading foreigners without hesitation. Not so in Sweden!

Anonymous said...

The Jewish Beatle

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said "As for myself, while I acknowledge the unwholesome machinations of liberal Jews, I see the entire thrust of government as being my enemy".

13 May 2015 at 01:17

Liberal Jews? What have rest of them been doing? Baking bagels? I'm not English & I also don't have any trouble with my conscience. You claim to see the whole thrust, but these Talmud-inspired Jews have been doing the same in country after country for centuries. Follow the Jew money through the centuries & like the Jew it moves from nation to nation.

But the facts are that in all controlled media websites & most of the others people are forced to talk in code such as TWMNBN & sometimes even that's not acceptable. That's why this criminal gang is still at large after centuries. And they also flood patriot websites with trolls of the 1 million+ strong Israeli Internet Defence Force (IIDF).

People should be exposing these vampires not trying to win them a get-out-of-jail-free-card.


AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

James, Ugly though he may be, Bruce Springsteen is no Jew. His name is Dutch. Garden variety white background, and Catholic, I think. Dutch settled New Jersey plus Germans all over the place.

So, if he'd been one of the Germans instead, his name would have been Springstein? Are there no jews in Holland?

Doesn't signify, either way.

Not that James ever said Springsteen was a jew. If Castro looked like a cross between Grace Kelly and Henry Kissinger, he'd still look like a jew.

Anonymous said...

The point was whether Fidel Castro was a Jew, not Bruce Springsteen.

(Although BS is starting to look like Bob Dylan as he ages.)

I wouldn't say he's particularly ugly, to be fair.

Anonymous said...

"Of course, there were Jews in America before the nineteenth century."

Of course - Jews ran the Atlantic slave trade.


"Evidence of this in current postings about the good intentions of the British abolition movement. I mean, unless you're Willy Wilberforce the Eighth, what the fuck do you care?"

You wouldn't understand.

Anonymous said...

"Absolutely riveting. A logical chemical explanation for what is happening to us? Our ridiculous and completely illogical Flying-In-The-Face-of-Nature surrender?

Any comments?"

I think it's highly likely we're being poisoned physically as well as culturally.

Anonymous said...

"I think it's highly likely we're being poisoned physically as well as culturally."

To add to that - it doesn't even need to be deliberate.

People have a traditional diet that is good for them. It is good for them by definition because those of their ancestors who thrived best on that diet are the ones who had the most surviving kids.

YKW have a culture that says everyone is out to kill them which they brain wash their kids with. This kind of brain washing will inevitably lead a percentage of those kids to grow up very hostile to the culture they live among. That hostility will come out as hostility to whatever aspect of the host culture a particular individual is interested in. It doesn't have to be politics it could be art, music, fashion, education or diet.

So more or less by definition a percentage of YKW involved in nutrition and diet will be hostile to the host population's traditional diet and will push something different. That different thing might be randomly good or it might be randomly poison.

The same applies to music, art etc. A percentage of YKW involved in each of those fields will push against the traditional culture and create something different: might be good, might be poison.

The better the original culture was the less likely the alternative will be better and the more likely it will be poison.