Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The War On Boys. And its implications.

If the White male embodies The Enemy, destroy him before he reaches maturity. That seems to be part of The Program and it's going swimmingly. In every White nation schools have been turned into feminised hiveminded ghettos, strangled by rules geared, not towards learning or developing life skills but towards eliminating any form of conflict or offence. Hell on earth for boys, who are being transformed - reengineered - into little women. Should they rebel the full vindictive weight of latter-day Nurse Ratchetts will descend on them. If humiliating punishments, expulsions and sensitivity training boot-camps don't work then they get reclassified under one of the multiple 'conditions'  fabricated to diagnose and treat...........well, boys being boys. Little Johnny getting bored with his flower arranging class? He must have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. So tranquilise him with Ritalin.

Being a boy has become a condition to be cured.

Across the country, schools are policing and punishing the distinctive, assertive sociability of boys. Many popular games have vanished from school playgrounds. At some schools, tug of war has been replaced with a "tug of peace" (I'm serious!!) while others are being phased out, being deemed too damaging to self-esteem and/or too violent. Young boys, with few exceptions, love action narratives. These usually involve heroes, bad guys, rescues and shoot-ups. As boys’ play proceeds, plots become more elaborate and the boys more engaged. This is how they learn and develop manly life skills. But action narratives have been replaced by stories of how Bill became a girl and is much happier now.

This war on boys has unsurprisingly had an impact on their academic performance which is deteriorating in relation to their female counterparts and even in absolute terms. Boys are increasingly disengaging from the school environment.  All of which seems certain to make a feminazi's moustache quiver with schadenfreude. But be careful what you wish for. Because the demise of the male will take with it  the comfortable lives of the drones who currently - unknowimgly - live off his creations. Every industrial and technological advance, almost without exception, has been the creation of the White male. (Jews have been accorded honorary White status for the purpose of this exercise).  The real breakthroughs have derived from those of stratospherically high intelligence (IQ in excess of  say 160), a cohort largely the preserve of the White male.

You see, whereas girls/women may on average score about the same as boys/men, the latter dominate among the highly intelligence, and the more intelligent you get the higher the proportion of males. This is particularly true when it comes to subjects like maths, computing and science. The corollary of course is that males have a proportionally higher ratio of retards than do women, who are clustered around the centre of the IQ histogram.

Now consider how women and vibrants of various hues enjoy and benefit from using the modern conveniences produced by advanced technologies. They drive their automatic cars and call their friends on the oh-so-simple iPhones. While not having a clue about what goes on under the hood. I have a simple technology rule of thumb: The easier it is to use the more complex the work done under the hood. And this explains the colossal dropout rate for women and vibrants from Computer Science courses everywhere. They think that computers are simple and they'd like to be 'techies' (like this shrike). But on taking up the course they find to their horror that they require deep analytical skills, strong maths, that there's only one right answer.....no  touchy-feely democratic consensus stuff here. And such draconian requirements blow them away.

Look at things this way. White males have created everything that differentiates us from a Third World standard of living. Or from that of the First World a century ago. Try some 'reverse forecasting' here for illustrative purposes. Several studies have shown patents awarded to male scientists to be at least twice the number awarded to females. Using that crude 2:1 ratio we can infer that the Industrial Revolution would have occurred about a century later than it actually did. And given that most inventions are founded on earlier inventions and research we can reasonably infer that we'd only be in the early stages of the IR had we been relying solely on female scientists and inventors.

So the modern feminazi waging war on our boys would be doing so without the benefit of telephone, cars, vacuum cleaners, air travel, let alone their treasured vibrators and dildos. And while the grrrls like Carly Fiorina and Tina Brown are busy in the boardrooms running their companies into the ground their manboobed husbands will be at home, furiously masturbating to internet porn. Under such a dispensation the world as we know it will come, if not crashing, at least spiralling down to a level we now can hardly imagine. Just like the brown America of 2050.  When such comes to pass the world created by the innovative genius, competitive spirit and inquisitive mind of the White male will have become merely a fading memory.

Be careful what you wish for.


James said...

Irrational fear of Homosexuals.


Anonymous said...

I doubt most women care.

In 2050 there will be plenty of big black cocks to keep them happy and no racists to shame them.

More on this phenomenon at www.heretical.com!

great white said...

We are treated like defective girls. Everything I've learned about in high school English for the past 3 years is feminist bullshit. I'm so fucking tired of reading "Jane Eyre", "The Yellow Wallpaper", "The Story of an Hour", "A Rose For Emily", etc. fucking etc., the list could go on for days. We are constantly force-fed stories of a past society that are no longer relevant. But the one time we learn about war stories like "The Things They Carried" by my male English teacher, the girls complained about it to the school board for it to be removed, and it was, because girls always get their fucking way and I'm so tired of it.

Glen C. said...

Girls tend to do better at sitting quietly, following instructions, and connecting things. Boys tend to do better at more project-based, kinestetic activities (I do not mean ALL boys or ALL girls; this is a massive generalization). Our school systems are set up for the girls to be the successful students and the boys to be put on ADD medication, because they are "hyper". THEY ARE JUST ACTING LIKE BOYS ACT!

That being said, I would say that by 8th grade, the gender issue becomes less of an issue. Boys really calm down (credit those hormones for making everyone shameful, regardless of gender), and the playing field evens out.

00:39 said...

One of your bet yet, Savant.

Here's a little anecdote from third level education in today's Ireland. A friend, a mature student, was sitting in the front row for a Sociology lecture, given by a female lecturer. Midway through the lecture she leans towards him and imparts to his ear a venomous , "I hate fucking men." No witnesses, no chance to complain or report here. Then again, what would be the point of reporting here, she would probably be commended or promoted.

The rot is deeply set.

Anonymous said...

'We' don't wish for the spiralling donw to the level of the browns, but somebody is engineering this. Indeed, it's the only 'engineering' that jews ever do.


AnalogMan said...

I have a grandson who is on medication for ADD. Without it, he can't function. With it, he excels in maths and physics. And if it's intended to make him compliant, it isn't working; he's always getting into trouble for arguing with his teachers when they try to feed him that PC BS.

His mother, my daughter, while in no way butch, is not like other women. We joke that she has Male Brain Syndrome.

Stereotypes are often valid, but not 100% so.

Dame Edith said...

"In 2050 there will be plenty of big black cocks to keep them happy and no racists to shame them."

Oh how little you understand females!

Sure, they like to ride the black snake. But only when all they other material needs are met.If a choice of one or the other material needs triumph every time.

Anonymous said...

"I hate fucking men."

Then stop fucking men

would have made a great reply.

Iron Felix said...

It is all very simple; in society, in life, in Law, a man's place is ever the same. His place is in the wrong. No matter what he says or does or not say or do,it will be instantly pathologised. I know of only one cure for all this; let us just say that there is nothing like the noise of a round being chambered to put manners on some people.

Anonymous said...

Despite being something of a leftie this bloke nails it


Roehm said...

Feminism is a 100% jewish concoction to break up Christian families and make them easy meat. I will state again that had I existed in a wilder time in medieval Europe, when Aryan men could act accordingly, I would have made my living by destroying Jewish shops and ghettos, looting their goods and money, and piling them up like cord wood, to be sent sky high as smoke.

Iron Felix said...

Some fellow, Rousseau perhaps, Voltaire maybe, anyway one of the boys said "Civilisation is carried on the backs of a handful of desperate men" or words to that effect. The whole world and all it's blessings are the work of men, and then only of a handful of them. It is this handful which is the cutting edge of all evolution and development. Just destroy this, and one has destroyed all. Destroy the adult white male in his best incarnations and one has destroyed all the world.

Anonymous said...

Today is the annniversary of Martin Looter King Junior taking time off from his intergender interracial boxing matches to arrange OKCupid's threat of a boycott of Firefox if they did not get rid of a CEO who was unacceptable to them.

That is why April 1 deservedly is his day.

Anonymous said...

Here's a very brave man an implacable opponent of the stinking pinko left


Anonymous said...

#BeatsbyDreidl is part jew Trevor Noah's take on the people making billions from c-rap music.

Will he be an adeqaute replacement for full time jew John Stewart at whatever show he has not being able to do because libtard pet became president?

Anonymous said...

Stephen Spielberg's Lies - The last Days of the Big Hoax


This movie is good. Very good. It exposes Jewish emotional engineering and atrocity propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Sure, they like to ride the black snake. But only when all they other material needs are met. If a choice of one or the other material needs triumph every time.

My point was that if the White man disappears and all the material stuff is gone, then the BBCs will keep them happy enough. Your response is just going around in a circle and saying what I said.

I understand women. They are almost exactly the same as Jews. Sure there are many good examples of each but the bad ones are bad beyond measure and both groups conspire devilishly. The great female conspiracy is real and it is destroying the white race.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous said...
Despite being something of a leftie this bloke nails it


1 April 2015 at 11:34

I actually haven't watched Pat Condell for a few years because of his lefty posturing around the real truth. But I did view your link & it seems his views may have changed as he continually despises & attacks the more liberal progressive whom Condell scathingly calls the 'multiculti middle-class anti-White progressives' for their cowardly stance over Islam & their other outright hypocrisies, in the link below (Pat Condell Attacks the Lefty middle-class pr--ks' of the BBC & The Guardian).

Condell's 6-minute videos by bandi bandi are well worth a viewing with lots of info. These videos exposing just how the Lib/Lab/Con political Establishment in the UK works & are great for newcomers I would think.



Anonymous said...

Enough with the big black cock stuff. What you see is what you get and that's about it. They don't grow so much as you, well maybe not you, do.

Black women in not so much agreement about this as you and loudmouth insecure black guys are.

If there's a problem, it's because of inhibition. White men are the global standard for size and strength.

So give it a rest and if you really concerned, get yourself a black girlfriend for feedback. And if you're really insecure, get yourself a chink, preferably Korean. Size is not a problem for the white man.

I've been hearing for years that "size matters" from the various media harridans and perverts. And true to the extent that it helps to maintain a proper male dominance of the situation but the obvious is never mentioned for women, that size matters in reverse. It should be tight and trim and not some big, old sloppy thing.

It's really a symptom of the debasement of culture that men's genitals (but not women's do you notice) have become so objectified that you get this kind of cock talk along with your morning news shows and everywhere else.

This phenomenon might be one you can blame on the Jews. First noticed it in "Blazing Saddles."

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

My point was that if the White man disappears and all the material stuff is gone, then the BBCs will keep them happy enough. Your response is just going around in a circle and saying what I said.

I understand women. They are almost exactly the same as Jews.

Jews, in fact, are the most feminine, feminised race on the planet. Like spoiled and spiteful women, they get their way by subterfuge, innuendo and outright lies. Oh, and by getting those in their thrall to fight their battles for them.

After all the motto of almost every special forces fighting unit is something masculine and downright macho. Who dares, wins. and all that.
Here is a pretty comprehensive list.


While only the fucking noses could dream one up declaring "Victory through Deception".

Says it all, really.

While I am quite aware that jews are asiatics -- and not semites, I, on the other hand, have to wonder at the semitic penchant displayed by arabs and, particularly muslims for extreme male behaviour -- what they regard as appropriate behaviour towards women. As well as their touchiness regarding their masculinity. Something odd going on there as well.


Anonymous said...

Michael Brown wannabe becomes a Michael Brown

15 year old denied a heart transplant for being a thug and wanting to be a useless member of society receives heart and dies fleeing from the popo after a car jacking.

I presume videogames will get blamed if this story makes the media?

Anonymous said...

Jews in the news...

Black hat Orthodox Jews attacked in Brooklyn with paintball drive-by shootings in three incidents over last two days. One old victim said: "we're scared. We don't have weapons. We don't fight back." Which is probably why they are targeted on the street. If you go after the old white guy, he might turn out to be Patrick Cherry, the angry detective who went after the Uber driver.

Our Senator Menendez indicted for doing favors for Dr. Salomon Melgren, who might be Jewish.

Mulatto Trevor Noah to replace John Stewart but is in trouble already for anti-Semitic and fat chick jokes.

Anonymous said...

White boys will learn to keep their mouths shut.

This stuff is actually falling harder on black boys, the so-called "school to prison pipeline."

Anonymous said...

‘You will say that the Jew is everywhere numerically feeble. When I read in the Encyclopedia Britannica that the Jewish population of the U.S. was 250,000, I wrote to the editor and explained to him that I was personally acquainted with more Jews than that, and that his figures were without a doubt a misprint for 25 million.’

Mark Twain, Harpers Monthly Magazine, September 1899

Anonymous said...

Savant writes "You see, whereas girls/women may on average score slightly higher than boys/men".

Actually, the reverse is true, overall, men tend to score slightly higher than women - but the point about fewer women outliers is correct.

While on the subject of IQ - have you ever wondered why the smartest of the Europeans - Germans ~ 107 are not used to compare with the smartest Asians (Koreans, Japanese, Han Chinese) 105? IQ but only the "White" average of 100.

The IQ test does represent IMO a reasonable assessment of cognitive ability on an individual level but be extremely cautious about published data of populations - actually, be extremely cautious about any published data about anything.


Anonymous said...

your right as always Savant,we have turned our young male kids into a race of left wing liberal pussies,but it really is our fault in some ways for not speaking out on the matter when it started,,,,

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonny of 1 April 2015 at 23:36 sez:-

It's really a symptom of the debasement of culture that men's genitals (but not women's do you notice) have become so objectified that you get this kind of cock talk along with your morning news shows and everywhere else.

This phenomenon might be one you can blame on the Jews. First noticed it in "Blazing Saddles."

It was (the debasement, that is) taken to an extreme in the series "Deadwood" of a few years back. I watched this soulless abortion with ever-growing disbelief, wondering just where it was going ... until the advent of the yid carpetbagger as good jew ... innocent jew. Hero jew.

Then the agenda was clear. The destruction (and, not to put too fine a point on it -- the besmirchment) of yet another American icon ... the Western movie.

I suppose it is timely for me to mention the history behind that other, oh, so American film ... Easter Parade.


Irving Berlin, having written all the schmaltzy sludge that passed for music in that atrocity, was said to have told some other heeb "Well, we've done it ... taken their holiest feast and turned it into a fashion show."


Top o' the Morning said...

On women and computers: if anyone hasn't seen it, the language C+= may be interesting:

C+= (pronounced either C-plus-Equality, or See Equality) is a feminist programming language, created to smash the toxic Patriarchy that is inherent in and that permeates all current computer programming languages.

The language is to be strictly interpreted using feminist theory. Compilation privileges a single processor architecture over all others, which is deeply problematic. We cannot FORCE a cpu to conform to any architecture but rather let it self-identify. [...] No class hierarchy or other stigmata of OOP (objectification-oriented programming). In fact, as an intersectional acknowledgement of Class Struggle our language will have no classes at all.
On the off chance that objects do mysteriously manifest (thanks, Patriarchy!), there should be no object inheritance, as inheritance is a tool of the Patriarchy. Instead, there will be object reparations.

C+=: A Feminist Programming Language

fair-minded-racist said...

UN, good point about the debasement of the western/cowboy movie. Noticed this....in fact it's very obvious. And no surprise. Such movies embodied all that the kikes hate about us. Tough, straight talking hard-working men, with women, where they are in evidence at all, in their designated role as housewives or demure maidens.

Fuck the bastards. I used to love westerns.

SAVANT said...

@Anon...good point about German and East Asian IQ levels. Never looked at it that way. But I will in future!

Anonymous said...

Switzerland & Sweden 101
Germany & Austria & Netherlands & Italy 102

Unfortunately Richard Lynn is an academic if you know what I mean say no more Susan Mckay is your auntie nudge nudge wink wink.

Sponge Cake said...

ATLANTA (AP) — A group of former Atlanta educators convicted in a test cheating scandal were locked up in Fulton County jails Thursday as they await sentences that could send them to prison for years.

In one of the nation's largest cheating scandals of its kind, the 11 defendants were convicted Wednesday of racketeering for their roles in a scheme to inflate students' scores on standardized exams.

They include teachers, a principal and other administrators, who were accused of falsifying test results to collect bonuses or keep their jobs in the 50,000-student Atlanta public school system. A 12th defendant, a teacher, was acquitted of all charges by the jury.

The racketeering charges carry up to 20 years in prison. Most of the defendants will be sentenced April 8.

"This is a huge story and absolutely the biggest development in American education law since forever," University of Georgia law professor Ron Carlson said. "It has to send a message to educators here and broadly across the nation. Playing with student test scores is very, very dangerous business."

A state investigation found that as far back as 2005, educators fed answers to students or erased and changed answers on tests after they were turned in. Evidence of cheating was found in 44 schools with nearly 180 educators involved, and teachers who tried to report it were threatened with retaliation.

Similar cheating scandals have erupted in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Nevada and other public school systems around the country in recent years, as officials link scores to school funding and staff bonuses and vow to close schools that perform poorly.

Thirty-five Atlanta educators in all were indicted in 2013 on charges including racketeering, making false statements and theft. Many pleaded guilty, and some testified at the trial.

Former Atlanta School Superintendent Beverly Hall was among those charged but never went to trial, saying she was too sick. She died a month ago of breast cancer.

Hall insisted she was innocent. But educators said she was among higher-ups pressuring them to inflate students' scores to show gains in achievement and meet federal benchmarks that would unlock extra funding.


Glen C. said...

Sponge.....that Atlanta school scandal was known for years. Everyone associated with education here knew that something serious was amiss. But all looked the other way because of the 'racist' fear.

Just possibly this development will put another nail in that particular coffin.

Rob said...

In thwarting the development of the most creative part of humanity, they're killing the goose (or, in the case of those stay-at-home manboobs, choking the chicken) that laid the Golden Egg.

Anonymous said...

Ruby Tandoh who won The Great British Bakeoff and turned that into a newspaper column is a lesbian

She even survived scandalous rumors that she was linked with judge Paul Hollywood.

Cough cough ;) ;)

Oi fink she shud b de nex Top Gear presentah.

AnalogMan said...

Top o' the Morning said...

On women and computers: if anyone hasn't seen it, the language C+= may be interesting:

Love it. Thanks.

Sponge Cake said...

A group of former Atlanta educators convicted in a test cheating scandal were locked up in Fulton County jails Thursday as they await sentences that could send them to prison for years.

"Nearly"" 180 involved (that we know about).
35 indicted.
11 convicted.
How many will actually do time?

This was inevitable from the start. When you tell people their salary is contingent on making the little niggers equal to people, you don't leave them any viable options.

Progressives say a lot of crazy, incoherent things, but I had to agree with their assessment of George W Bush's intelligence. That's one dim bulb. No Child Left Behind, indeed.

Anonymous said...

"The corollary of course is that males have a proportionally higher ratio of retards..."

"Retards"? Savant, consider yourself duly chastised for having the temerity to disregard the SPLC mandated egalitarian social convention of referring to these unfortunates as "retards" rather than the preferred "mentally challenged", or "cognitively impaired" or even "special needs citizenry".

Anonymous said...

Don't believe what you're hearing about Indiana. Nice country people but sophisticated too. Of course, filled with queers like everywhere else now. In a way, globalism is liberating people to be the obnoxious shits they are.

The patriarchy did keep women down. Now they are free to be the way they really always were: 25% ridiculous whores and another 25% conniving ridiculous whores. Same with guys. It's always seemed that 50% of them are looking to take it in the ass.

As for blacks, we see the same liberation: 50% violent criminals.

Really, maybe it's better to have this all out in the open. Like Mexicans: 50% incestuous child molesters.

Notice and think about it, it really does come down to a 50% rule in any sort of shit behavior. And perhaps there's a solution in that.

Notice Moses coming down from the mountain adhered to the 50% rule.

Okay, he's a Jew...the first real Jew in fact...but still...

SAVANT said...

Yes, I had originally written 'outliers' but deliberately used 'retards' instead to poke the Thought Police in the eye.

Remember the whole basis for PC is that controlling the language gives you control of the argument.

heuristic said...

Top of the morning. That is a fucking brilliant link to the Feminist C++. Pity that no feminists are capable of understanding it.

Noted for further dissemination. Will be an Object Class in its own right.

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

I remember one time in Dublin there was this outcry that there should be a curfew on all men. They should be off the street by 7pm or whatever it was. All men were rapists you see and the only way the streets could be made safe for the little ladies would be if all men were curfewed. I was in favour of this; I said so to a handful of feminazi's too. I said I would be very happy to stay at home and wash my hair and the girlies could have the streets and the psychos all to themselves. Did not go down as well as I had hoped, that. Tell us, don't these imbeciles EVER think things out?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see http://newsfromatlantis.blogspot.ca is back on line. Rufus makes no mention of the Blogspot notice of "no longer in service", so he may have been temporarily blocked here in Canada.

Uncle Nasty said...

Roehm said...

Feminism is a 100% jewish concoction to break up Christian families and make them easy meat. I will state again that had I existed in a wilder time in medieval Europe, when Aryan men could act accordingly, I would have made my living by destroying Jewish shops and ghettos, looting their goods and money, and piling them up like cord wood, to be sent sky high as smoke.

1 April 2015 at 13:12

Faggotry falls into the same category, Roehm. Also a yid concoction. Not the poofery itself, I might add, but the jew riddled promotion thereof.

Go to the following link and discover what it is really like to grow up in a bacon, lettuce, garlic and tomato family ...


... and you will find an uncontrollable urge to throw faggots on the fire as well.**
I regard nothing worse than a group -- or a race, if you will -- that will blight children by the thousand (or tens of thousands) to further an agenda.

We really have to stop being delicate about this ... we simply must destroy them -- before they destroy us.


** ... and no, I did not write this with solely that pun in mind.

Molly White said...


Look for the jpgs of GetObjectFromString

I would link to some bimbo having a problem with C+= but I forgot where to look for it. She takes it seriously. (Molly White C her blog!)

Tell us, don't these imbeciles EVER think things out?

I think that would be a no Eamon.

A resounding no.

Antone else see the programme on Strangeways?

In the lead up to the riot female warders were introduced because this was modern.

The prisoners viewed the modernization as being complete waste of prison warders uniforms.

C+= know your meme

When Larry Wall came up with a new language he came up with a new language with Blackjack! And Hookers! he did not go writing a post on the interwebz talking about doing stuff.

When Brendan Eich wanted a lightweight interpreted language he made one. And then got shafted by intoleranting morons when they set about destroying his company.

heuristic said...

@Molly White. Totally unfucking believable. This twat takes the language seriously.

And Brendan Eich? Got destroyed just as you will in Silicon Valley of you decline to give your jew VC the share in your company they deem that they're entitled to. You know, leaks in the jewish tech media....unconfirmed reports say that product X has security/performance/compatibility issues. You name it.

Anonymous said...






Ireland you've not been overlooked

Put that across to that pompous liberal TWAT James O'Brien who broadcasts in a Southern English accent from LBC and now ITV and OH SO proud of his Irish roots ?!?

Anonymous said...

Nigel "we've got to put our own people first"

That sounds sensible

t'Fish women "When someone is diagnosed with a dreadful illness my instinct is to view them as a human being not consider what country they come from"

That sounds expensive ... given that they cost £25 000 a year and what with transgenders going back to their original non-gender that they weren't but were money cannot be found for UK taxpayers to be treated.

SNP are traitors to every part of the UK.

The polls are so different you would think that only incompetent pollsters were being used.

Anonymous said...

Australia demonstrates


Anonymous said...

So all you people who called the UK leader of the Greens a vegetable will have to withdraw your remarks because she pointed out that her native Australia would not allow you into her country if you had AIDS just like the enlightened democracies of Cuba and Saudi Arabia.
That is why London has overtaken a different European city as the TB capital of the west and Havana has not.
Won't somebody think of the children?

Anonymous said...

20stone 5' 2" Dawn French is an inspirational heroine 6' 5"Stephen Fry 18 stone is heroic whereas Jeremy Clarkson 6' 5" 18 stone is a fat bastard.

I think our media is great and fit for purpose.

Anonymous said...

Sav I found the follow up street harassment video of Shoshonah Roberts dragging her butt around Paris

Paris, France?

Uncle Nasty said...

Savant. On your previous thread there was a throwaway comment from john dicarlo

john dicarlo said...

Hey Savant and company, did you see this?

31 March 2015 at 15:24

-- which, I feel, has far, far too much value to allow it to slip into the limbo of Old Defunct Threads.

Dead Before Their Time.

So, with all due respect, I request that you review it, follow a few of the links ... and discover -- and expose and comment upon -- what could be one of the most mind-blowing possibilities of recent times.

The nullification of the US-israeli Axis of Evil.

I am surprised -- and a little disheartened -- that no one leapt with both feet onto the possibilities of a dystopian future unravelling before us, not least of which, the threat of the yid superbomb simply vanishing -- as well as the role of international bully ... as played by the US gummint for the last six or seven decades.

I think it's worthy of a thread of its own. What do you say?


Oh, and Happy Easter for those what celebrates it.

eleos said...

Un & Jon DiCarlo.

It is fascinating. I have followed the links but it all is really pretty vague. And was there not something like this with a Chinese sub quite a few years ago?

Also how specifically does it sunder the US-Israel "alliance"?

EH said...

You understated your case on male / female IQ differences. Paul Coojimans, founder of several ultra-high IQ societies says "Eysenck suggests 4 I.Q. points as a conservative estimate of the difference (favouring males). Lynn, on his home page, simple states in adults the difference is about 5 points. ... I.Q. tests like Stanford-Binet and WAIS have traditionally been constructed to show no sex difference in total score, by leaving out or counterbalancing items that show sex differences. ... The male variance in I.Q. is greater than that for females; Jensen says this difference is greatest in math and spatial ability. In math the male variance is 1.1 to 1.3 times greater. ... The distribution of female scores on high-range tests looks roughly similar to that of males, shifted downward by almost ten I.Q. points. " .

I recently came across a chart showing intelligence vs. age with separate plots for each standard deviation (W-J test, on an absolute (Rasch) rather than IQ scale). Those three standard deviations above the mean (top 1 in ~750) developed faster than the less intelligent from age 2.5 to 5, then had their development stopped cold from age 4.5 to 8.5 while every other group continued to improve. It looks like it costs the equivalent of over two extra standard deviations for the top group (assuming they only advanced as much as the average students.) That is about the difference between 1 in 750 and 1 in 5,000,000 intelligence in today's population, a horrific waste of talent. That's the only effective way to reduce the "achievement gap", though -- hold the top students down.

Iron Felix said...

A reference was made to Nurse Ratchett. I would counsel all to peruse and reflect upon a book called "One flew over the cuckoo's nest" by a chap called Ken Kesey. Much hunch here is that over time this work will overarch all it's contemporaries and be seen for what it is, the defining literary work of the twentieth century, on a par with classics such as Don Quixote. What the reader should come at is this; the protagonist, McMurphy, is destroyed by the System for a single reason. It is not because he represents the
socialist ideal versus capitalism, a view that has often been touted. In the torture chamber atmosphere of a society excruciatingly aligned to
feminist norms and desiderata---absolute control, absolute conformity and security, absolute extirpation of every trace of life force, creativity
where stabilised insanity or if you will, comprehensively beaten apathy is the leitmotif. McMurphy must be destroyed. It is not because he is unmanageable, disruptive, lippy. It is this; he is a Nietzschean figure, he is Healthy, and by his very presence he has a tonic effect upon all the other inmates. One senses it throughout the book, the gradual regaining of the lost vestiges of their manhood, their little-by-little
tiny shy yet eager steps back along the trail to health and self-respect and manliness. It is these---health, sanity, happiness---which must be crushed on behalf of the medicated beehive towards which the feminist movement is dragging our entire
society. Read; reflect, and look around you.

Anonymous said...

'Officers fired over hate speech'.

Check that and the associate picture:

Of course they don't mention on which media the officers made their 'hate speech' (tweeter, facebook, other?) nor do they mention explicitly the said 'speech'. We have to trust the journalists that it is hate speech. The picture is enough to explain anyways.

Anyways, to make a long story short:
Internet will fall.
'They' don't have a choice if they want to keep power.

You may think that 'private' search engines or totally anonymous internet browsers such as TOR are a solution, but look at the admins and people in charge of TOR and you will quickly understand that it could be just a fish net designed to catch the smartest fish, while tweeter and others are for the biggest fish.

The solution: redraw from Internet other than for mundane purpose. Restrain from commenting and delete old comments. I know it is hard since the msm present the news precisely to bait and get the fish in their net, but here it is.


Anonymous said...

It has been suggested that the number of health tourists had been overestimated. Of the 48 000 some 12 000 were foreigners entitled to be in the UK so only 36 000 were availing of the £20k to £25k AIDS drugs.

I do hope you will be able to inform your readers of this fact.

eleos said...

Calculus, the internet will be the next Great Battleground. You are correct, if 'they' do not control it they will lose. Already many measures are being put into place or being considered like OBama's new Bill.

We can be sure that the measures will be totally Orwellian, classed as something like 'Net Freedom' or 'Net Neutrality'.

Oh wait!

My own belief is that cost and performace will be the main weapons. If blogs like this one can be marginalized by search engines and have their performance reduced by excessive costs then the internet as we know it and as 'they' fear will be no more.

Anonymous said...

Australia; be careful what you wish for ... lol

"White" or those forms of pale skinned non white trash are at the root of the malaise of our white European (and settled) nations


Austaralian leftists were amongst the treacherous bullying scum that are RESPONSIBLE for the demise and state that South Africa and the former Rhodesia are in today.

What you are until now, those 2 countries were too. What those countries are now so will YOU be ... unless you something about it.

Better get cracking! The kikes in Oz have been reinforced with tens of thousands of South African reared very wealthy kikes as many of you will be very aware

They intend to "change the country" and colonise it for Israhell's purposes using what ever means necessary.

New Zealand, Canada you're in there too

DON'T let them!

Anonymous said...

"Cuckoo's Nest" is a great novel and good movie. Really only major work of last 60 years to put down authoritarian women and angry blacks.

The pivotal character is the Chief. Ironically, McMurphy IS crazy. One reason the book is so good.

Read Tom Wolfe on Kesey's private life. "Electric Cool Aid Acid Test."

Anonymous said...

Check out the cool chimp-out at the new Queens casino. A far cry from the Sand's casino in Las Vegas in the sixties. Where's Frank and the rat pack when you need them?

So, you're throwing your money away and want a bit of luxury but you have to get in line with hundreds of niggers to get a drink.

AnalogMan said...

eleos said...

Un & Jon DiCarlo.

It is fascinating. I have followed the links but it all is really pretty vague.

My impression, too. Sounds like the latest incarnation of the perpetual motion machine / car that runs on water / cold fusion. From my reading, it seems this technology will both supply unlimited free energy and stop electrons dead in a circuit. I await further details.

David said...

Watch the Immigration Control Platform gave a presentation to the Oireachtas opposing an amnesty that is being touted: Labour Senator Ann Ferris compares the statements of ICP with what happened at Auschwitz!!

Full presentation here..very good, they answered the questions calmly and correctly refusing to be bullied by the emotive pigeon holing tactics beloved of our Alinskyite leaders


Anonymous said...

sav: re the possible downing of the internet!
It may be that the answer is in the hands of folk now.
Blue Tooth .... Is in most phones and pads.
I did a little test in the local supermarket to see how many potential contacts it detected . 4 folk had left blue tooth switched on.Imagine groups of folk with a agreed contact method.
How on earth can they shut down this type of person to person contact.The anonymity at a football match would be fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: “Despite being something of a leftie this bloke [Pat Condell] nails it.”

“Jews don’t do quite so much COMPLAINING AND PRIVILEGE-SEEKING as the other two dogmas [Christianity and Islam].” – Pat Condell


“CHRISTIANS are IN CHARGE OF AMERICA, and America controls Israel.” – Pat Condell


“The president of Iran, Mr Ahmadinejad, appears to have committed himself, not to a mental hospital as you might expect, but to developing nuclear weapons. He claims his nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes; he doesn’t say whether this includes WIPING ISRAEL OFF THE MAP, a desire he’s expressed forcefully in the past...” – Pat Condell


Pat Condell – What about the Jews?

The Guardian, 14 June 2006

Lost in translation

Experts confirm that Iran's president did NOT call for Israel to be 'wiped off the map'

MEMRI [Middle East Media Research Institute] is headed by a former ISRAELI MILITARY INTELLIGENCE OFFICER and has sometimes been attacked for allege DISTORTION OF FARSI AND ARABIC QUOTATIONS for the benefit of ISRAELI FOREIGN POLICY.

The Guardian, 23 April 2009

Giving background to this week's controversy over remarks by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, a story mentioned his previous call for Israel to be "wiped off the pages of history" (Britain walks out of conference as Ahmadinejad calls Israel 'racist', 20 April, guardian.co.uk). The translation of the statement he made in 2005, at The World without Zionism conference in Tehran, has been the subject of dispute. A more literal translation is: "the regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time", and this is the translation we should have used (as noted in Corrections and clarifications, 28 July 2007).

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: “Australia demonstrates http://rt.com/news/246437-reclaim-australia-rally-controversy/ ”

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 13 February 2008

Jews have been at the forefront of pushing for civil rights in Australia.

In addition to their activism on Aboriginal issues, Jews were INSTRUMENTAL IN LEADING THE CRUSADE against the WHITE AUSTRALIA POLICY, a series of laws from 1901 to 1973 that restricted non-white immigration to Australia.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Savant said: “@Anon...good point about German and East Asian IQ levels. Never looked at it that way. But I will in future!”

Daily Mail, 26 March 2006

He [Professor Richard Lynn, University of Ulster] concludes that in Europe, adults in GERMANY and the NETHERLANDS have the HIGHEST AVERAGE IQ at 107, compared with 100 across Britain. The UK is also beaten by Poland (106), Sweden (104), Italy (102), Austria (101) and Switzerland (101).

But Britons are brighter than people in Belgium (99), Spain (98), Hungary (98), Russia (96), Greece (95), France (94), Romania (94), Turkey (90) and Serbia, which finishes bottom with 89.
Adults in England and Wales have an IQ of 100.5, ahead of Ireland and Scotland, both with 97.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Daily Mail, 08 May 2010

Sorry, men ARE more brainy than women


It is my contention - based on a lifetime of academic research - that there is an explanation and I advance it all too aware of the howls of feminist outrage I am about to unleash.

So, here goes: one of the main reasons why there are not more female science professors or chief executives or Cabinet ministers is that, on average, men are more intelligent than women.

Nor do the shocks to the noisy advocates of equal opportunities stop there, I'm afraid.

For not only is the average man more intelligent than the average woman but also a clear and rather startling imbalance emerges between the sexes at the high levels of intelligence that the most demanding jobs require.

For instance, at the near-genius level (an IQ of 145), brilliant men outnumber brilliant women by 8 to one. That's statistics, not sexism.

It also goes some way to explaining why, in almost 110 years of Nobel Prize history, only two women have ever won the Prize for physics, only four have won the Prize for chemistry and why no women at all have ever won the coveted Fields Medal for mathematics in eight decades of trying.

In recent years, the forces of political correctness have made the reporting of this sort of statistic virtually impossible.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Daily Mail, 15 October 2009

Channel 4 to screen controversial documentary that asks whether IQ is linked to race

British-born J Philippe Rushton, a psychology professor at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, is also interviewed.

Professor Rushton claims the differences between black and white and East Asian brains is due to general intelligence.

He says BLACK PEOPLE have SMALLER-SIZED BRAINS than white people and are not as intelligent as white people.

Oona King [BLACK JEW], Channel 4's head of diversity, said the programme will show conclusively 'that you cannot link race to IQ'.

Frank Galton

Henry IX said...

Excellent news that the MAilOnline is publishing this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Henry IX said: “Excellent news that the MAilOnline is publishing this stuff.”

Daily Mail journalists Jennifer Newton and Jay Akbar say that a 19th century Russian woman known as apewoman was, according to DNA tests, “100 PER CENT AFRICAN”, “NOT HUMAN”.


Daily Mail, 04 April 2015

Was 19th Century apewoman a yeti? 6ft 6in Russian serf who could outrun a horse was 'NOT HUMAN', according to DNA tests

By Jennifer Newton and Jay Akbar

A genetics professor [Professor Bryan Sykes, Oxford University] has analysed DNA of six of her living descendants.

The DNA analysis revealed that they all contained the right amount of AFRICAN DNA for Zana the ape woman to be '100 PER CENT AFRICAN' ...


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

I put my occupation on Facebook as 'Chief Diversocrat at Hackney Council', an obvious p-take. But w/o my permission someone at Facebook changed it to: 'Hackney Council (Diversity Consultant'. There is no satirical bite to my mockery of the ziomarxist scum when expressed like that.

Nero said...

You may think that 'private' search engines or totally anonymous internet browsers such as TOR are a solution, but look at the admins and people in charge of TOR and you will quickly understand that it could be just a fish net designed to catch the smartest fish, while tweeter and others are for the biggest fish.


...or use some else's computer.

AnalogMan said...

Calculus said

'Officers fired over hate speech'.

Check that and the associate picture:
... The picture is enough to explain anyways.

I had no idea what to expect when I clicked the link, but that picture really does tell a thousand words. The scary thing is that just a few years ago it would have meant nothing to me, and would still mean nothing to most people today.

It reminds me of a TV series back in the 1980s, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. In one episode, an invading force of alien lizards fools everyone into seeing them as human. Only our hero can see them as they are, because, being from 500 years in the past, his biochemistry is slightly different and he's immune to their hypnotic gas. That's the way I feel.

Matrix-buster said...

If the world had been left to women and blackie we would all be living in caves and sucking up insects through straws. Look around. Virtually everything built, invented, theorized, and accomplished came from white males. 99.8% of all patents are held by white males. The giants of Math, chemistry and physics were almost universally white males.

So being angry about white males is absurd when you can text at 90MPH how much you hate whitey. Because in reality, everything you do from driving your car, to sitting in Air Conditioning, to yapping on your cell phone was brought to you by Whitey. Affirmative Action and Nepotism, are nothing more than tow ropes that drag losers along that will never accomplish anything of value in a feeble attempt to punish Whitey for his massive accomplishments. You should be in awe not envious.

Keiser said...

"that there's only one right answer"

My background is in science. I love mathematics and the application of logic for its objectivity and independence of results but I have come to the conclusion that there is a racial element to science and innovation.

It is essentially an extension of our racial consciousness. I firmly believe that a complete unified field theory will only come from a White mind and mostly likely a male one as that is what we seem designed to do.

As an aside I had to laugh at the most recent fast and furious movie in the cinemas at the moment. Great action but they cast a British mulatto female as a "hacker" who created the ultimate surveillance application/device. A device so exceptional that makes the N.S.A. redundant. Yeah LoL.

This is to cater for those social justice warriors with "techie" aspirations. A generation of consumers whose narcissistic fantasies allow them to live in a dream world, a world where if you want to be an engineer or computer programmer you can easily be one because "there is an app for that" TM, of course.

Anonymous said...

If they've renamed Tug of War, I wonder what new names they have for other games we played when I was a kid: Tag the Fag, and Smear the Queer. The latter was a kind of dogpile game, not a social-networking, internet-bullying thing. The former was neither related to Twitter. I think you threw a ball at someone to "tag" them.