Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A case of rats and sinking ships?

Hark!  What's that squeaking and splashing I hear in the background? Can it be the sound of rats deserting sinking ships?


I ask because Trevor Phillips, one of the most astute and perceptive rats on board seems to be restless. For those of you who haven't heard of Trevor, well he is - or was - Britain's "Equality Czar". (And look, I'm not referring to the Trevor Phillips in Grand Theft Auto, FFS!). Arriving in Britain as a penniless teenager from the jungle swamps of Guyana it took him no time at all to identify the endless stream of White Man's goodies available to any black brandishing a Race Card. After getting the British taxpayer to fund his education he went from one lucrative public "service" sinecure to the next.  Never did a productive day's work in his life but in due course was appointed Chairman of the super-quango the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Here he (cough) 'earned' £130,000 per annum for three days a week 'service' and exercised control over a £70 million taxpayer funded budget.

Given his tribal origins this was like letting a fox into the hen house and Trev didn't take long to introduce Guyana-style governance to the Commission (whose staff is 70% minority - so much for equality) which became mired in corruption from the outset. A notable example was his awarding a contract to his buddy Samir for the sum of £300,000. This raised eyebrows. Unsurprisingly, as the estimated cost was £30,000 while the lowest bid was £12,000! But Trev brazened it out. Didn't bat an eyelid.  And then he came up with a really cracking wheeze. He directed the EHRC to harry and persecute any organisation deemed to be insensitive or insufficiently diligent when it came to equality. Especially racial equality.

But although persecuting them he also offered them a solution to their problem, a la Rev'unds Jesse and Al. He formed a private company (the Equate Organisation) that would - for a generous fee - provide equality and sensitivity training for the offenders. So as head of the publicly-funded EHRC he issued proceeding against an organisation. Then after a quick visit to the cloakroom he was back, this time wearing his Equate Organisation cap to make an offer they couldn't refuse. The conflict of interest was so blatant that even the pusillanimous Board of Directors rebelled and mass resignations followed. Despite this and the ensuing public furore he was nonetheless reappointed by that wicked witch Harriet Harman. (His initial success also enabled him to acquire a light-skinned Indian wife. But following his rise to the dizzy heights of the EHRC - and the plunder that came with it - he was able to trade her  in for an upmarket fully White one. The de rigueur status symbol for ambitious blacks.)

But this is just background and you can read in detail about his colourful commercial exploits here. And his explanation for the tsunami of corruption?  "I may have been 'naive'." Now there's one thing Phillips is not and that is naive.  In fact he's an unscrupulous conniving opportunist ready to leap onto whatever successful bandwagon emerges on the scene. And hence my earlier reference to rats and sinking ships . Because this guy has come out in the most trenchant way against multiculturalism and mass immigration.  Really gone in heavy on it. So I ask, does he sense an impending epochal shift? As he sniffs the social and political winds do his delicate quivering nostrils sense a dangerous restlessness growing among the natives? And is he positioning himself as the noble selfless black immigrant whose integrity forced him to ask the Questions-That-Cannot-Be-Asked?

Now admittedly he has raised similar views in the past....but still.

Watch this space.


Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for AA, public sector sinecures, leftist funded harrassmebt of employers etc, nogs just couldn't function in any job in our society. I have worked with many and they just have to be protected by competent people at all times. Pakis are just as bad but different - mostly corruption, nepotism and a low level hostility to their better races.

Keiser said...

Hello Savant and All,

Sorry for a protracted absence. It was somewhat rude of me. David Asplund mentioned people were wondering if I disappeared. No, still here, living it up in destitute Ireland :-(

I was on a vision quest and receiving wisdom high up on a mountain.

Well actually truth is I was doing a Master's Degree, finishing this year thankfully.

I have also been reading and researching to make myself a better, more effective and well rounded racist and I feel I have succeeded!

Spent some time studying the ways/tactics of BUGS, White Rabbit and the wonderful propaganda of Daily Stormer.

I just by chance met with Lemmyhead on Daily Stormer. I was planning on touching base soon here but now is as good a time as any. Hope there is still a place at the table for me Savant.

The intelligentsia and competent academic discussion is required to compliment White Rabbit practical politics techniques and Daily Stormer Activism especially for the people who are further down the jew aware path.

Well I absolutely recommend

I have a few articles to catch up with. Incidentally I just saw the second last article. I'm glad Mr Shatter is still staying true to his biological urges to destroy host societies.

Your incurable xenophobe,

Nero said...

Maybe he worked out that de-colonisation can work both ways.

Why, just the thought of going back to the jungle swamps and living off coconuts...would sober any man.

Oh. And he is an elitist leveller - just like Blair.

SAVANT said...

Keiser...welcome back buddy! We were all concerned about you. Thought you'd been eaten by a cultural enricher or something!

white_rose said...

Great to see you back Keiser.

Looking forward to your amusing and insightful comments ongoing.

Anonymous said...

Muslim rape, torture, and abuse of white girls in London is on a scale that dwarfs anything revealed so far in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford, Halifax, etc

Danczuk, (Rochdale MP) whose constituency of Rochdale has been hit hard by revelations that Asian gangs groomed young girls for sex for decades whilst the authorities turned a blind eye, admits that no one should be “under any illusion that these terrible crimes belong to a bygone age.” But he warns that what is yet to be uncovered in London may be of a greater magnitude still.

“It suits us fine that the focus is on provincial places like Rochdale and Rotherham,” a serving Met officer told Danczuk. “What’s going on there doesn’t even begin to tell the story in London. It’s a lot worse here because there’s big money involved. The Met has ignored organised child abuse for years.”

Anonymous said...

KEISER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We've missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now don't ever, ever do that again. (slaps Keisers legs). Savant and I were really worried.
We have missed your perspicacity.


Anonymous said...

It's in their genes.

AnalogMan said...

Outrageously off topic... Some have asked about the significance of my handle. It comes from a dystopian SF novel by Damon Knight called The Analog Men. It describes a society in which people are controlled by implanting an Analog, which is a psychological device that conjures up the image of a feared authority figure every time they consider doing something prohibited.

To simplify, the concept is beautifully illustrated in this cartoon dated 17/18 March 2015.

Keiser, glad to see you back. I saw your tracks over at Daily Stormer, and wondered if we had offended you. Good luck with your studies.

As for Phillips, I'd like to believe that, from his privileged viewpoint, he sees the tide turning and just wants to get out ahead of it. Probably, though, he just sees a half of the spectrum that he hasn't scammed yet, and doesn't want to let it go to waste.

eah said...

His motives could be more or less ethnocentric. Because in any diverse population Blacks will always be the losers -- they have the lowest average IQ, and are least likely to have the character traits that have been shown to be either helpful or essential in achievement of all kinds. So then it becomes more obvious that something else besides discrimination by Whites against non-Whites is the reason Blacks don't cut it.

Read something absolutely shocking recently: of the nine general studies University of California campuses (ie excluding UCSF, which is a graduate, professional school), UCSB has the 'whitest' student population, but only 36% of the students are white, which is barely 1/3. The rapidity of the transformation has been mind-boggling. It it just crazy beyond belief and comprehension how the jewel of US states -- California -- has been basically turned over to waves of foreigners.

This is from the linked article:

The shift at UC Santa Barbara resulted from changing demographics statewide as well as efforts to recruit and enroll more students who are low-income and the first in their families to attend college, without violating the state ban on ethnic affirmative action in college admissions, according to Gutierrez-Jones.

Yeah, sure.

Iron Felix said...

The nigger is our menace. Unfortunately they are here to stay due to our own collective cowardice and lack of fortitude. I don't give a whit for those responsible for the implementation of such bizarrely insane policies that flood our nations with niggers. It is the nigger they like because the nigger is destruction in the essence, he is death and destruction on two legs. Glad to see Kaiser back.

heuristic said...

Analog....I thought it was because you worked on analog computers.

Sorry about that mate!

Anonymous said...

Most of the Met are Paki raghead AA hires.

Anonymous said...

Back to normal Keiser I followed your advice and joined white rabbit.

As I scrolled down into other products that I might be interested in I found Pocari Sweat. I sh*t you not. WTF is a Pocari? Why does it sweat so much? Why would I want to drink it?

Seems pretty expensive at £1.20 for 245ml. Pocari sweat is probaly better for you than Coke or Pepsi though.

So you're now a well rounded racist?Funny how that word 'racist' is starting to lose credence. More people seem to be wearing the label 'racist' with pride and not dishonour. Slowly, slowly, catchee monk.... better not complete that someone may be offended.
I've been reading the replies to articles in the MSM of late. It's a sh*t job but somebody has to do it. It was not so long ago (a year?) that we were saying that comments that normally were
censored are now getting through. Now it's gone to the other extreme. 90% seem to be anti-multicultural and/or anti immigration and/or pro-white rights. Many who post use the term Cultural Marxism.
I post on mainstream sites under other non de plumes and only having about 50% blocked now. A year ago it was 99.9%. Perhaps it's the MSM trying to win back their readership. After all is said and done by towing the line it has cost them money. Even for them it's the bottom line that counts.
Another reason may be this, shall we call it 'Trevor Phillips Syndrome'? Are they perhaps walking by lampposts and wondering what they would look like swinging from it?


I don't suppose many of you listened to my last Slayer link. Thrash Metal not your thing. Here's the original Punk version by the Minor Threat.

Here's the lyrics for those with excellent hearing.

I'm sorry
For something I didn't do
Lynched somebody
But I didn't know who

You blame me
For slavery
A hundred years before I was born

Guilty of being white [4x]

[repeat intro]

Guilty of being white [4x]

I'm convicted
Of a racist crime
I've only served
19 years of my life

[repeat intro]

Guilty of being white [3x]
Guilty of being right

Senator as in Clinton contains the same letters as Treason said...

Wayne Odesnik ranked #267 in the World (and therefore would not need chemical assistance to beat the #1 woman player) has got a lifetime ban for using chemical assistants to help him beat male players making him unnaturally athletic.

Danczuk's missus has made allegations of sexual abuse in the past.

We will see where this takes us.

Anonymous said...

RE. Anon 20.17.
I watched the Midlands news earlier. 50 kids in Birmingham victims in last six months. The whole item lasted about 15 secs. It was said so matter of fact and quickly.
We are now in a position where police forces (are they still called a force? Perhaps they are called the nice little elf helpers now. Something just as meaningless anyway)will be doing nothing but investigating sex offenders. I can only imagine what depravity the Met are covering up.
'I love the smell of cultural enrichment in the morning'.

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

You know what, I think there are two Iron Felixes (Felices) in play here...

Anonymous said...

This kaffir has always been feted by Yids in the Runnymede Trust. He's their lackey - uses a common kike name "Philips" to boot.

That disgusting silver back using the English label or 'slave name' "Dianne Abbot" was trained up by that faggy looking kike historian with German or yiddish surname Simon Schama at Cambridge

NO surprises about this cunt and the others like it in the least

Jews and kaffirs are hands in gloves.

Goldberg Mandela + Winnie lol
Hoogstraten Mugabe + how many black whores ?
De Niro and how many black whores ?

Filth man ALL of 'em

Dave+33 said...

Well it is interesting to read that "perverse and unintended consequences of our drive to instil respect for diversity is that our political and media classes have become terrified of discussing racial or religious differences" because back in the 1970's Alf Garnett tried to do just that. Now we can't even watch him on the 'pc'BBC for that very reason.

The British public that have reluctantly accepted every wave of immigrants from the Caribbean, though the Kenyan Asians to the recent EEC visitors suddenly got persecuted with the 'Un-British' tag because a few of our 'guests' were particularly obnoxious.

....And then the worm turned and the rest is history,

Anonymous said...

Sinking rats and casing ships- a romance

64 year old disabled stunner falls for Algerian toyboy but when she gets him back to the UK he disappears. Possibly kidnapped by space aliens what also fancied his toyboyness just like first world lady did.

Anonymous said...

Us has 32 black murderers with white victims in January.
Eric Obama's Holder has not noticed these hate crimes.

Corkonian said...

Hope the Masters degree went well Keiser. Now if only you were black you could brandish the Race Card and the world's your oyster.

Anonymous said...

Sickening. Truly nauseating. I thought this kind of Negro entitlement and subsequent Negro cronyism happened only here in the States.

America's Negro problem was long in the making, stretching way back to when we imported our first Negro slaves. But I can't understand for the LIFE of me why Britain has intentionally pursued a policy of importing the Third World into its ISLAND nation.

Anonymous said...

Keiser... I checked out per your suggestion. EXCELLENT. Will pass it on.

Keiser said...

Thank you friends, Savant, white_rose, Lemmyhead, AnalogMan, Iron Felix, Corkonian and all, for the warm welcome.

I must contact some others I know in the race realist circle just to let them know I haven't ran afoul of an enricher :-)

"Keiser, glad to see you back. I saw your tracks over at Daily Stormer, and wondered if we had offended you. Good luck with your studies."

Not at all AnalogMan.

I think that an important part of the ongoing reaction to the issues is to reach out and interact/grow.

We as a group are too nebulous and discrete. I think that forming linked communities united by common purpose is the next step.

Regardless of personal politics we all share a common goal. Asserting our ethnic interests. This should happen more and more as people become more aware and educated.

As Lemmyhead noted "More people seem to be wearing the label 'racist' with pride and not dishonour."

This is the goal.

SO where is that most cantankerous of cynics?... yes UN that is! :-)

Keiser said...

@Anonymous 19 March 2015 at 00:02

Please do. The first 12 or so episodes form the core. Brilliant stuff although he does ad-lib a lot and can go off on a tangent (i.e. the oven cleaner bit, just fast forward)
There is some real genius in his stuff. Very practical. It is all a part of Whitaker's "BUGS" but White Rabbit has put it in to practice in an accessible way. If you have seen this (you likely have) it is from the same people

Anti-Racist Hitler

Anonymous said...

Regular Jews (very loud on call-in radio) regard Obama administration as anti-Semitic. They believe Obama is in league with the Muslim Brotherhood. Establishment leftists and academics are very pro-Palestinian to the point of tolerating rabid anti-Semitism in the universities.

sssState Department went nuts when Egyptians threw out the Brotherhood. Republican war-monger John McCain went over there and threatened them. The Obama administration heavy hand behind the scenes in "Arab Spring." Apparently gun-running from Libya to Syria. War-monger John McCain embracing proto ISIS against Assad.
Administration trying for deal with Iran but attacking puppet Syria and backer Russia (war-monger John McCain ignited the Ukrainian street revolt). Administration loathe to attack ISIS too strongly, quiet on Christian genocide.

So, what does all this add up to?


Jews are on all sides of this. Even your Alan Shitter has a good word for the Brotherhood. At least for their operative. I really don't see a scenario where the Jews stand to gain from all this. We all stand to lose.

And, Lemminghead, it was your elites that went after the Irish. Ireland was your hinterland. Can't be blamed on the Jews, it was your monarchy, aristocracy and military. Same for WWI. And especially true of our elites in the USA in regard to the Civil Way. Proportionally the worst bloodletting of all.

Now, as to your negro problem...

Anonymous said...

Kaffirs aside, Kikes love their faggots too - Fry!

This vile homosexual of the kike persuasion with a criminal record is tipped to replace Clarkson on Top Gear ?

How the fuck is a cunt like this allowed into the USA with a criminal record ?!? He did a show in a London taxi a couple years back pver there - Ooops like Nigeralla Lawson its Jewish chutzpah!

Old Anglian said...

This is what the Jewish nation-wreckers are intent on destroying:

"Britons still live in Anglo-Saxon tribal kingdoms, Oxford University finds
A new genetic map of Britain shows that there has been little movement between areas of Britain which were former tribal kingoms in Anglo-Saxon England.......

The BBC's leftist interpretation:

Anonymous said...

Corkonian, Keiser did have to work hard. Now if he had been black he could have lay back, have a spliff, then on a piece of paper written'It was the white man n shit.' Keiser would now be lauded as one of the geniuses of our age and would be up for a Nobel Prize. Remember it was a black guy who invented the internet.

Dave +33. Alf Garnett was played by Warren Mitchell. A Jew.
I do remember one scene where Alf was at a party.He said 'Look at the coon. He can larf. The coon can larf'.

Lemmyhead (showing his age)

heuristic said...

Keiser, just as a matter of 'academic' interest, what was the subject of your Masters' dissertation?

Hugh Laurie said...

Sir Elton John OBE is quite right with his boycott of Starbucks. Why would he want to take his fabulous Dolce and Gabbana attire to an establishment like Starbucks to hear a barista say that Danny Coin was perfectly correct to replace Jeremy Clarkson with Stephen "look a me! look at me! look at me!" Fry?

Anonymous said...

"A Serious Case Review examining childhood sexual abuse which took place in Oxfordshire, England concludes that the role of Pakistani Muslim men in the rape and torture of white British girls should become a topic of national investigation and concern....

The British government are feverishly trying to cover this up as much as possible.

Hugh Laurie said...

Michelle Obama's mother's racism (bi)

Michelle Robinson Obama's mother did not want her daughter marrying a half caste.

The comments section carries the claim that black's grandparents were beaten in the 60s is weird given that the average age of a black grandmother would be around 40 with Michelle Robinson Obama's mother being an outlier as she married a half caste as if he had been full caste she would be long deserted and Malia would be with sprog herself.

"Yet her son Craig is married to a white woman and has two children with her..wonder how mama treats the white woman! Can't imagine anyone having a Harvard Law Degree and giving it up! Wonder why both Obama's did!"

Will Jeremy Clarkson be welcomed back with open arms like Russell Brand,Johnaton Ross,Richard Bacon and that other cokehead or will he be forgotten like the Kennedy woman who told the same joke as someone else?

Anonymous said...

You have such a talent at writing these stories, Savant.
I still wonder why you don't jump to hard paper. Your audience may have increased, but I doubt you will ever touch the 50 and more, with Internet only. These people still consider newspaper and TV the main source of 'opinion'. The 50 and more are the ones with responsibilities: doctors, lawyers with impact, police chiefs... every day decision makers in real life.
The function of the entire society depends on them.
We know the Elite controls them with the opinion-making medias. The content of a newspaper, per se, doesn't really matter for the Elite, what they really care is its impact on the people with responsibilities.
That is, the Elite is not afraid to read anything for themselves, but it is afraid that this key part of the society would read 'subversive' articles.
And down the chain, these everyday-decision-makers in turn, have the same attitude: they don't care as much about what's in the paper than who is reading it: their employees? their patients? customers? Obviously your articles, if published on paper, would attract all possible criticisms from the competing newspapers, but first, you could still write under a pseudonym, and second, this paper would actually sale more.
Take Charly Hebdo as an example, this establishment of political correctness was dying, as most other political correctness oriented papers who don't sale anymore. They don't grab any new younger audience, but they still have a hold on the 50 years old.

Anyway, that's long comment that I could have made shorter by asking you:

Have you received an offer from one, or more Newspaper (with a reader base bigger than local) to write editorials under pseudo?
Did they ask you to amend your texts, remove N words and so on?


SAVANT said...

Many thanks Calculus. Much appreciated and very encouraginge.

As to why I don't transition to paper, well I think you answered the question yourself. Basically my writing - assuming I remain true to my beliefs and not sell out like your typical media whore - would not be published by the "respectable" print media. In fact I've given up even sending 'letters to the editor' because they invariably get consigned to the digital bin.

The best way for us to progress IMHO is to increase readership for this and related sites. Link to them on Disqus and such media, send them to friends and associates.

Anyway, thanks again for the kind words and suggestions.

Anonymous said...

An education in one for those who haven't a clue !!

Anonymous said...

Two dead in Sweden after 'Kalashnikov shooters storm pub during football match'

Hugh Laurie said...

Racist ageist in Starbucks prevents teen from being a teen

A teen was innocently being a teen like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown when he had his teening stopped by a busybody customer who denied him his right to be a teen.

Eric Holder is looking to persecute under the teen rights act.

His Hollywood friends have
Danny Trujillo signed up for the movie based on the incident with Rutger Hauer as the villian and Morgan Freeman as the scientist.

Elsewhere Meryl Street will star as Cressida Dick OBE Common Purpose Jean de Menezes killer.

Spike Lee is making Pants Up Don't Shoot the Michael Brown Story about a jaywalker whose baggy pants caused him to fall into a police officer's vehicle and as he ran away terrified they further tripped him spinning him 180 degrees and making him go towards the police officer again.

James Lord said...

Welcome back Keiser!

Anonymous said...

"doubt you will ever touch the 50 and more"

I am a lawyer and send the links to other lawyers on a regular basis.
Savant is correct, the readers of these blogs have a long reach, promote the contents yourself and do so religiously.

Rob said...

Anyone watch Britain's Racist Election on Channel 4? You can watch it here.

It's about the "infamous" election in the West Midlands in 1964 when the people of Smethwick tried to do something about the invasion of their country. It describes what was probably the last gallant attempt through the ballot box of English people to save themselves from annihilation. To watch the sheer loathing and contempt of establishment politicians for this modest anti-immigration campaign is a revelation.

Anonymous said...

anon 23:58 --

"I thought this kind of Negro entitlement and subsequent Negro cronyism happened only here in the States."

No it only STARTED in the States it was never meant to stay there.

Ask yourself why Jews got West African negro slave plopped down in a place that already had the most docile white slaves in history.

History is a sporting event. Fixed like all the others.


Uncle Nasty said...

Nice one, Keiser and welcome back.

As a celebratory gesture and a plea to some more of the old posters to come back as well, I offer this.

Please download, print and paste on the wall ... to remind us of what it's all about.


Anonymous said...

Lets talk about race

Some facts that Starbucks CEO wants you to talk about.

Uncle Nasty said...

Speaking of old contributors, I wish Nilus would return to give us our daily dose of outrage at the crap on the Beeb.

I got thirteen channels of shit on the TV to choose from ...
choose from ...
choose from ...

Roger Waters (Nobody home)
The Wall. 1979


Keiser said...

"heuristic said...
Keiser, just as a matter of 'academic' interest, what was the subject of your Masters' dissertation?

19 March 2015 at 10:15"

It is in business heuristic, my thesis involves digital currencies such as Bitcoin. Essentially I think that the world need an alternative to fiat for well very obvious reasons. It won't replace anything overnight but it should show that it is possible for communities to coin their own debt free currencies and support them through their own productive endeavours and labours.

James and UN, Howdy and thank you kindly. Hope you're keeping well!

"Now if he had been black he could have lay back, have a spliff, then on a piece of paper written'It was the white man n shit."

That would be too cogent Lemmyhead. I would have to rephrase it in jungle gibberish black talk. Like so...

muggahfuggah dat bez whyte craggaz asz mofuggah ey goits dem hens up don shho cragga bez al icez datnigga. niggas dyin awll tim gnoimsayin.

Henry IX said...

Yes, Nilus disappears for weeks on end then reemerges with a treasure trove of MSM outrages.

Keiser said...

@UN 20 March 2015 at 00:22

57 channels and nothing on - Bruce Springsteen

Dan said...

Proved fucking right...

Anonymous said...


Why no story on the Irish Holocaust?

You Irishmen need to pass on this info to the next generations:

www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=cbAXsWU5G0Q

www dot irish holocaust dot org

My Lord you guys are the victims of an earlier conspiracy!

AnalogMan said...

Mississippi Wind Chimes are back!

The investigation involves the FBI, the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division and the United States Attorney's office. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is also involved.

All for one dead coon hanging in a tree. If he were White, nobody would care.

Anonymous said...

I'm Professor Libtard of Kumunpurpes University. While reading you comments I came across this contribution:-

'muggahfuggah dat bez whyte craggaz asz mofuggah ey goits dem hens up don shho cragga bez al icez datnigga. niggas dyin awll tim gnoimsayin.'

Could you let me know who the Author is please? I would like to offer him as much money as he wants to join our faculty.

Anonymous said...

Hey, unbelievable as it is look at this story posted on a fairly mainstream news site.

And notice how on side the comments are!

Hugh Laurie said...

Worst Battlestar Galatica reboot character CEO wants you to speak about race

The man responsible for putting the noose around convicted felon Otis Byrd's neck was convicted felon Otis Byrd. As you say AnalogMan because he was a convicted felon naturally the lamestream media care about him.

Anonymous said...

Mary Stokes who was treated exactly like a settled person and then sued because she wasn't treated like a traveller has been told that she will have to pay nothing towards her court cases #fuming

fair-minded-racist said...

The Rowntree Trust is an institution of sedition. If only the original Rowntre family realised what their endowment was being used for.

Anonymous said...

Senator from Al capone town too glug glug to operate two phones

(Hic) Give a gal a (hic) break. She is so devoted to a case of Jim Beam that it is impossible for her to operate the floor of a sinking spinning airship er two phones.

Anonymous said...

this guy got the medal for living to the age he is wothout getting mugged or shot..

Anonymous said...

Racism is fact of life for all minorities in Ireland

We need to face up to the reality that racism and racial violence exists in our country.

IT’S BY NO means a given that Jeremy Clarkson will be sacked by the BBC even if he is found – as is alleged – to have punched and racially abused producer Oisin Tymon. There is even less of a chance that he will be charged with racially aggravated assault. Where Clarkson fans have dismissed his language as “banter”, Irish people in particular will shudder at his choice of words.
They will also know that the fact that Clarkson has previous form for using the N word and other racist language against other minorities is no guarantee that the charge of racism will stick. Astonishingly, the BBC has already ruled this week that the Top Gear frontman’s use of the word “pikey” was not racist, a finding vehemently contested by the Traveller Movement.

Anonymous said...

Neighbour used loud singing and chanting as 'psychological tools to torture'

Anonymous said...

This is France

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Another rangers fan bites his prison pillow

Anonymous said...

When the tables finally turn all the anti-Whites will tell us that they were always on our side.

Don't let them get away with it!

Anonymous said...

Shit...snowing again.

Irish should not tolerate the heavily weighted "new Irish" term applied to third world immigrants. The "new Irish" are your kids. The foreigners are "immigrants." Traditionally, new immigrant groups had to prove themselves here in the US by way of service and unique cultural contribution. Irish typical and classic and integral to the whole culture but also now boring and cliched. And liable to upset many Savant posters. Better example is the Italians: unique culture and cuisine and powerful family values and with their own look, which was not really considered white before WWII. However, Italians were everywhere during the war and sacrificed themselves like leaves off a tree. Even though the government sanctioned them and even put some in camps like the Japanese. Joe DiMaggio's father had his fishing boat confiscated. But they were always stoic and uncomplaining and patriotic.

New immigrants now come here simply to take advantage of the system. I worked with many Asian Indians and, while they are not dangerous, they tend to game the system and look for handouts whenever possible. Also, like all the "new immigrants," they have a sense of grievance that tends to come out when things don't go their way. One was arrested around here some years ago during the Indian New Year celebration for firing off fireworks, which are always and completely illegal. On the Fourth of July each year, hundreds of natives are arrested for fireworks. But the incident with the Indian has been nowimmortalized by the local commie rags as a historic racial incident.

Anonymous said...

Just as an add-on related to the token Negro implant into British politics, Mr. Trevor Phillips (and, surely that is not his birth name??).

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that we have a Marxist academic, Islamophile as our first black president. Colin Powell would have been so much better. Sure, he carried Alexander Haig's briefcase but he was also an educated and accomplished patriot. Courageous under fire. He tried to talk the moronic Bush out of the second Iraq war. When he couldn't, he did his duty as he saw it and made the case before the UN. Soon after Bush and his maniacs hung him out dry,

Anonymous said...

I really wonder when and where all the multicultural Wansee conferences (oh...didn't happen? well, you know what I mean) were held to get the elites onboard with pushing an obviously stupid and socially destructive agenda on western society.

You are better off being the poorest person in a rich town (white) than the richest person in a poor town (black).

Anonymous said...

Strongest backers of Israel here in USA are the Southern Christian fundamentalists (read as Scotch-Irish). They believe Jesus will come back when the Temple is restored a la Revelations. Hope to be beamed up in the Rapture.

And look out for the three Blood Moons this year!

While I'm not in their camp, I consider it unseemly to be an enemy of the Jews. Maybe I'm superstitious but as Dad said watching the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1981 "Hmmm...maybe they are the Chosen People."

Anonymous said...

Rhodesia bombing the shit out of kaffirs in the good ole days

Listen to the tape

Anonymous said...

Someone posted Punk lyrics, here are some more:


Belsen was a gas I heard the other day

in the open graves where the Jews all lay

"Life is fun and I wish you were here"

they wrote on postcards to those held dear


Black Flag: White Minority

We're gonna be a white minority
We won't listen to the majority
We're gonna feel inferiority
We're gonna be white minority

White pride
You're an american
I'm gonna hide
Anywhere I can

Gonna be a white minority
We don't believe there's a possibility
Well you just wait and see
We're gonna be white minority

White pride
You're an american
White pride
Anywhere I can?

Gonna be a white minority
There's gonna be large cavity
Within my new territory
We're all gonna die

Anonymous said...

If you go down to Daunt Square tomorrow (14:00) you will find yourself in the worst hive of villainy and scum not only in the People's Republic but in the known and unknown multiverses as the Wrongtype of Trevor Philips Fanclub will be there asking that it become scummier and villainier by importing the scum of the third world so that Denise Charlatan can ruin areas of Ireland where she does not live so that she can feel good about destroying the country.

Keiser said...

@Professor Libtard 20 March 2015 at 08:42

Certainly I can put you in contact with him, a Mister Dindu Nuffins.

I have just relayed your offer and Dindu Nuffins III replied with the following...

"gibe um dem whity betcis cragga asz bithes ges muh dik nomesayin MUH Dik ah be techur noaw gez dem dat whyit assz al up in a niggaz gril sheet"

So there you have it. Dindu is looking forward to meeting the students on campus and feels he could be an exemplar of diversity for the young White ladies who previously may not have encountered a vibrant such as himself.

Corkonian said...

What's going on in Daunt Sq.tomorrow? (Saturday).

J Bull said...

Radio 2 is too white, say BBC diversity chiefs: Trust demands station urgently improves in attracting non-white listeners.

Uncle Nasty said...

AnalogMan posted the original

I checked this out and the hysteria over a dead jigaboo is amazing.

FBI investigating body of black man found hanging in Miss., official says

CLAIBORNE COUNTY, Miss. - Law enforcement officials are investigating the death of a black man who was found hanging from a tree Thursday after having been missing for two weeks.

Otis Byrd/ CBS News

Authorities have not released the man's name. However, he was identified by the Claiborne County NAACP chapter and family members as 54-year-old Otis Byrd.

He was found hanging in the woods about a half-mile from his last known residence, CBS News affiliate WJTV reported.

The investigation involves the FBI, the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division and the United States Attorney's office. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is also involved.

The man was last seen March 2 and was reported missing by his family days later, FBI Supervisory Special Agent Jason Pack said in a statement. Pack says the cause of death has not been determined, and authorities aren't sure if it's a homicide or a suicide.

Amazing ... all the fuss and flap over an Alabama Wind Chime (Love that!!).

You'd swear he was in place to be America's next president.

Oh. Wait. Cunningly hidden at the very end of the article, we read this:-

Claiborne County Sheriff Marvin Lucas Sr. said a positive identification will not be available until the completion of an autopsy, which he said should help determine the cause of death.

Lucas said the body, which was found hanging by a bedsheet, has been sent to the state Crime Lab in Jackson.

"We are calling on federal authorities to immediately investigate the hanging death of Mr. Otis Byrd to determine whether or not his death is the result of a hate crime," Derrick Johnson, the President of the NAACP Mississippi State Conference said in a statement, WJTV reported.

Byrd has a criminal record and was incarcerated in 1980 for the killing of a woman during a robbery. He was paroled in 2006.

Obviously a mere detail. -- Yup. Definitely presidential material there.


Anonymous said...

After 12 months at the CRE I had come to the conclusion that, while beautiful in theory, multiculturalism had become a racket in which self-style community leaders bargained for control over local authority funds that would prop up their own status and authority.

"Far from encouraging integration it had become in their interest to preserve the isolation of their ethnic groups. In some, practices such as female genital mutilation — a topic I’d made films about as a TV journalist — were regarded as the private domain of the community.

"In others, local politicians and community bosses had clearly struck a Faustian bargain: grants for votes.

"And I saw a looming danger that these communities were steadily shrinking in on themselves, trapping young people behind walls of tradition and deference to elders.

"Of course none of this was secret. But anyone who pointed the finger could expect to be denounced for not respecting diversity."

FrankLynn Clinton Webster Huddele's and Hillary's daughter is very observant!

Anonymous said...

It don't matter what the autopsy says, when there's reparations to be screwed out of Whitey, the Black grievance industry will scream & holler 'racism' at the top of their lungs until the family receive their just reward
for the suspicious death of their, ahem, loved one. This callous Black murderer of an innocent White woman should have been executed twenty-six years ago when he committed this vicious criminal act.

These leeches have absolutely no shame, for this NAACP 'Black Rights group' is the exact same NAACP who only a couple of months ago claimed that the 'scorch marks' that had suddenly appeared on the outside wall of their small office came from a bomb planted by a Black-hating White racist group. But the insurance company later produced a photo from an earlier date proving that the 'scorch marks' were already there. For sure the gravy-train is in full flow for Blacks in BRA under Obama & them Blacks is making sure they get all they can from their 'Black' president, for that's what a Black president is for, right.


Anonymous said...

Watch out for a relaunch of Strange Fruit .By the MSM
Oper-toonism at it's best!

Croesus said...

Keiser, I realise that this is a big subject but is there a relatively simple way of explaining how Bitcoin represents value and how this value cannot be suborned by central bank like mass-issue debasement?

Malcolm EXcrement said...

UN. The reason the MSM is all over this Mississippi wind-chime story is that it might enable them to give the KKK boogie man another airing.

Kevin Rafferty said...

Would love to know if this guy is a hebe. Would explain a lot.

Anonymous said...


Daunt Square will see an anti-racism meeting attended by professional protestors like the Wexican who got 10 of his Dublin pals to protest foreign drug dealers from being removed from their Waterford house and those eejits from RTE gave this "event" prominent coverage on the "news".

Uzes said...

Todays Telegraph (UK)....

Crap article but some good comments:

"Should we be scared of Marine Le Pen's Front National?
Once a dubious protest party of xenophobes, anti-Semites and die-hard fascists, FN is now poised to win French local elections. But how deep does its reinvention go?"

Anonymous said...

F.T.A.O. Mister Dindu Nuffins.
It is with regret that I have to withdraw the offer. We have offered the job to a one legged, Muslim, transgender person with learning disabilities. Obviously this fills many of our quotas and top trumps you. I have found you a place at Magdelene College, Oxford. On the down side they are only offering £250,000 p.a. and you would have to work four hours per week. I do appreciate that four hours a week is more than you were prepared to work. Have you considered a job in politics?

Anonymous said...

Savant said: “A notable example was his awarding a contract to his buddy SAMIR [SHAH] for the sum of £300,000.”

GOV.UK, 12 June 2014

The UK’s Secretary of State for CULTURE, Muslim Sajid Javid, appoints former Chair of the Runnymede Trust*, Muslim Dr SAMIR SHAH OBE, as Chair of the Geffrye Museum*.

* The Runnymede Trust is a race equality think tank and was founded by (surprise, surprise!) Jew Lord Lester and former British intelligence officer, Jew Eliot Joseph Benn ("Jim") Rose.

The Independent, 04 June 1999

[Jew] “Jim” Rose was...director and co-ordinator of a massive six-year survey of race relations in Britain.

The man who had the idea he [“Jim” Rose] was looking for was [Jew] Anthony (now Lord) Lester, who had been musing to friends of the need for a British institute combining the best of the ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE and the Potomac Institute in the United States...

Jewish Chronicle, 10 July 2008

Aye! To 150 years of Jewish MPs

A few who made an impact

LibDem peer Lord Lester, whose two Private Members’ Bills became the models for the HUMAN RIGHTS ACT 1998

Lord Lester of Herne Hill, co-founder and former Chairman, The Runnymede Trust

*The Geffrye Museum is a museum specialising in the history of the ENGLISH domestic interior.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 December 2012

Muslim Tory MP [Sajid Javid]: After Britain, ISRAEL IS BEST

Mr Javid, who described himself as a “proud British-born Muslim”, announced that if he had to leave Britain to live in the Middle East, then he would choose ISRAEL as home.

The Independent, 09 April 2014

[Muslim] Sajid Javid, MP for Bromsgrove, has been appointed the new CULTURE SECRETARY by [Mischling Jew] David Cameron...

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

“When you look back at the history of the Reform movement in our conventions in particular,” [Rabbi] Eger said, “you can see the passions rabbis bring – from helping the wave of Jewish immigrants, Reform Jews who helped get those Jews settled, to marching for CIVIL RIGHTS ACT and the VOTING RIGHTS ACT – BOTH CRAFTED IN A REFORM JUDAISM ROOM.“ – Rabbi Denise Eger, President of the Central Conference of American Rabbis

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

17:58 says "New immigrants now come here simply to take advantage of the system. I worked with many Asian Indians and, while they are not dangerous, they tend to game the system and look for handouts whenever possible."

For all you near-minimum-wage earners working in your own White western nations, imagine an ordinary foreign "import" hired on race-based policies earning $244,000 in Canada. That would be ordinary Constable ABDULHAMEED VIRANIA of the Toronto Police working over-time. His base salary is about $95,000 per year.

He was the runner-up to the Police Chief's salary.

Anonymous said...

Jews are white people, for all practical purposes. But I like you guys so here's another kike super-villain to check out:

Dov Zakheim out of Brooklyn.

A titan of the military/industrial complex. He was comptroller of the Pentagon when Donald Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 trillion dollars was missing.

That was 9-10-01.

Anonymous said...

According to national communist government radio, Bird was hanging 12 feet off the ground. Suicide possible I guess.

Anonymous said...

Re the Trevor Phillips documentary, ‘The Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True’.

Note the subtle propaganda at 14:20.

At 14:20, Phillips talks about the number of ARRESTS (note: ARRESTS) the Metropolitan Police made for pickpocketing in 2012. Of the 791 arrests for pickpocketing, a third (266) were from a single group – Romanians (Phillips neglects to mention that these pickpockets were Romanian GYPSIES).

Yet when it comes to black crime, Phillips doesn’t talk about the number of ARRESTS (as he did when talking about Romanian “white” crime) the Metropolitan Police made for violent crime involving blacks. He talks about blacks being, quote: “twice as LIKELY to be SENTENCED for violent crime than the AVERAGE, and over six times more LIKELY to be SENTENCED for robbery,” giving the impression that blacks are victims of a racist judiciary (“institutional racism”) and that blacks are more likely to be jailed than whites for the same crime.

Frank Galton

Jarvis Cocker said...

Police (UK wide or just London?) are being told not to bother with shoplifters would steal under £50 worth so they have set a target of £49.99 for Delbert and pals. Bit of a shame Jordans cost around £80.

Do you know why knife crime went down in London a few years ago?

Stopping and searching the most likely to be "carrying" aka Delbert et al from Brixton and assorted places.

Why was Mark Duggan stopped?

Cameron is increasing the money spent on protecting jewish schools despite the fact that the victims were mainly found in Rotherham, Sheffield, Oxford, Rochdale.

Sing along with the Common Purpose and you just might get an OBE.

Keiser said...

Croesus said...
Keiser, I realise that this is a big subject but is there a relatively simple way of explaining how Bitcoin represents value and how this value cannot be suborned by central bank like mass-issue debasement?

21 March 2015 at 10:41

TL:DR Version
It is valuable because of what it can do not because of what it is. In the same way email is valuable because of what it can do. The more people that use the system more valuable it becomes as a means of personal transaction. The value of the token is therefore set by consensus and market supply and demand for those tokens.

You can’t flood the system with bitcoin because there is only a fixed number possible and this has been agreed upon by a peer-to-peer network.

Every transaction in the bitcoin network is based on the fact that there are only 25 million coins. If this number were to change then no transaction will be valid. The system would reject such an attempt.
This peer-to-peer network called block chain also monitors all the transactions and validates them so in order to change the transaction you would have to overwhelm the computational power of this network which at this stage would be very difficult as it is the largest distributed single purpose computational network on the planet.

Longer explanation

Bitcoin represents agreed upon value. What people sometimes miss is that Bitcoin is valuable for what it does. Not what it is.

It is code, a program, 1s and 0s so when the gold and silver people say it is worthless because it is insubstantial they miss the point. E-mail is insubstantial but its value cannot be denied.

Bitcoin is like this.You can transfer value from one person to another in the same way you can transfer an email from one person to another.

It is instant, it does not rely on third-party systems such as a bank wire transfer system, the fees associated with it are low (a tiny fraction of cent per transaction as opposed to a relatively large percentage of the transaction value like PayPal would charge)

These functional aspects give Bitcoin value. If everybody uses and benefits from this then a simple economy grows up around the currency based on supply and demand. The supply and demand is calculated from an order book at a Bitcoin exchange. More people that buy Bitcoin the higher the cost. The less people buy it and the more that’s available, the lower the cost.

The issue with central banks as you pointed out is that the overprint money, start asset bubbles such as in the property market, then some market scare panics everybody and the banks withdraw their credit. When they withdraw the credit then there is nobody new at the bottom to prop up the asset bubble pyramid and people panic because there are overleveraged. They then panic sell their property assets or whatever. This then leads to a deflationary spiral and a drop in prices. We then have negative equity conditions where people have large loans but unfortunately the value of their asset has dropped below the value of the loan they took out to afford it. The banks that started it all in the first place then come along and pick up the asset for a fraction of its purchase cost. The person who took out the loan however does not have loan relief and still owes the difference on the original debt. The bank has created a debt slave and this debt slave has nothing to show for it.

All this is possible because banks can effectively print money and increase the flow of credit or decrease it at will. In Ireland’s case it was more that Germany had a lot of savings but the issue still remains in the United States the quantitative easing i.e. rampant printing of money could lead to massive inflation in the future especially if bilateral trade agreements mean that nobody really needs the petrodollar any more and all those dollars come back to the states.

Keiser said...

Croesus's question...Continued

So your question Croesus essentially is what makes bitcoin different? I’ll answer it with two points...

1. it has definitive ownership

2. it has something called a block chain

Definitive ownership
The euro or dollar in your pocket is a unit of debt. It is not a unit of substance insofar as it is actually an IOU. When the bank issues that money to you is effectively a promise that you will repay the bank the value of €10 or whatever the value. When you repay them that money vanishes back into the ether.

Bitcoin exists insofar as if you own a bitcoin you have a bitcoin it’s like a piece of silver in that sense.

It accomplishes this by providing a token that can only be signed over to somebody else using a cryptographic key pair.

In other words I have a private key or secret piece of code which I use to release the token and sign to your public address (public key), your private key, which only you have access to in theory, is then needed for you to sign that token on to another person's address. This is effectively a transaction.

the block chain

Ok so what is to stop from signing over the bitcoin “token” to 2 peoples addresses or 10 peoples addresses and effectively “counterfeiting” by means of a form of copying the bitcoin to multiple people. This is where the block chain comes in.

I won't go in to too much detail about it because it’s complicated. Essentially how it works is it is a merkle tree of transaction data. Each and every transaction is recorded by the system into a massive distributed ledger that everyone has a copy of. So what’s to stop people from trying to change the ledger and how is a transaction validated as being the only one that has occurred for that bit coin. What I mean by that is how is the system to know that I didn’t sign that token over to two or more people. Well all the transaction data for a given time period, 10 minutes, is called a block and all the computers on the bitcoin network tried to calculate a mathematical value associated with that block called a hash. They tried to calculate ones with very specific properties. The more computers that are thrown at this problem more specific the hash value they can calculate. So in order to trick the network you would have to have more computer power so that you could calculate this value quicker for your bogus transaction data in order to satisfy the systems requirements for the inclusion of the new block in the merkle tree i.e. the blockchain. At this point in bitcoin’s evolution this would be infeasible for all but a large government.

If you’re interested there are plenty of good resources and many good explanations, ones that are far better than this one on the Internet. Try for some good introductory material.

Anonymous said...

"So there you have it. Dindu is looking forward to meeting the students on campus and feels he could be an exemplar of diversity for the young White ladies who previously may not have encountered a vibrant such as himself."

Ha! You certainly have the skill of deciphering ebonics.

Scot Irish

SAVANT said...

ANon....I've written about the talented Mr. Zackheim here.

Uncle Nasty said...

Uzes said...

Todays Telegraph (UK)....

Crap article but some good comments:

"Should we be scared of Marine Le Pen's Front National?

"We?" Who the hell is this "we" you're going on about, jewboy?

This is a beautiful example of why the press -- all of the media, in fact -- must be brought to heel ... or simply destroyed.They are the greatest impediment to our progress.

MSM simply must delenda est. By the way ....

Read it. we could use a few more Catos.


Anonymous said...

The immigration invasions of religiously and culturally hostile Xenos across the Western World is Jew Strategy for all nations owned by the Jewish Tribal and operated by their bankster cartel.

Synagogue Rising is another censored book that would never make it past Jewish ownership of all media.

Gem Junior said...

That's a coincidence that I just listened to that interview "The Irish Holocaust" on Red Ice Radio the other day. It's a radio show out of Sweden by a man named Henrick Somethingson, or some such name, and I ran across the story because I had been listening to another Red Ice Radio production on "Rabbinical Food Tax" - after which I went into my kitchen cabinets and refrigerator and checked the food packs and EVERY ONE OF THEM has the stamp on it of "kosher" - and there are numerous stamps. We pay the Jews a lot more than we even understand (especially here in the US). They are truly a bloodsucking race of parasites. And Henrik makes no bones about that even though he never says it explicitly or rudely but does get the point across.

Anyway, regarding the Irish Holocaust, I was going to bring it up on here to see what people thought (other than Iron Felix because he has already made his feelings plain, so thanks Felix but please hold your comments on the matter) about this author Chris Fogarty. Yes, there are mass graves in the west of Ireland and I think they should be appropriately marked or memorialized. Incidentally, Henrik the interviewer commented on how rich it is that Shatter was berating the Irish for not helping the Jews during the holocaust, and for conducting a "pogrom" in Limerick, and for not having enough Holocaust Memorials for the Shoah (oy vey) in Ireland of all places. He contrasts this balls with the Irish gov't including Shatter's prior viewpoint that no good would come from these memorials on mass graves in Roscommon, as the incident was of natural causes. It's amazing that our leaders are such criminals, and that these fucking jews are always, always seeking power in places where they are not supposed to even be seen among the population. So, for anyone interested, it's on youtube.

Uncle Nasty said...

For those who followed the Starbucks bullshit Let's-Make-Whitey-feel-guilty-about-being-White-while-they-buy-our-shit campaign, you'll be interested to know that it seems to blown up in their noses.

Sorry. Sorry. Make that "faces".

Starbucks’ #RaceTogether Campaign is Backfiring – Images from Twitter

It seems that Starbucks’ #RaceTogether campaign, where its employees are supposed to talk about racism and make white customers feel bad, is backfiring. People on Twitter are using this as an opportunity for some #realtalk and race.

Vhoops. Own goal. Vunce again.


Nero said...


For the true scale of what happened in the famine, see Census of Ireland 1851 (tables of deaths)
The Irish said 20,000. From a population of 8,000,000. 1 in 400. Say, one in every village.
So yes, it’s all based on real events.
The propaganda says 1,000,000. An exaggeration factor of 50. Notice the technique. Take a census before and after. There is a big drop due to emigration/refugees. Claim a big death toll. Play the victim. Cue ranting tirade for effect as if to even question the propaganda is to cause heinous offense. Use victim status to gain outrageous a whole country or something.
Sound familiar? Yugoslav wars...

Anonymous said...

Bonjour! Ton article est plutot pas mal. je recherchais notamment
des informations sur le sujet. Bon courage!