Monday, 24 November 2014

The worm turns

The town of Kalispell is capital of  Flathead County Montana, a county that is possibly the nearest thing on this earth to paradise. Quite apart from the stunning scenery, the social life is excellent, the people warm and friendly and it's almost crime-free. If you've deduced that this happy state of affairs reflects, indeed requires, an almost total absence of diversity you would of course be correct.

The region has been mooted for some time by White Nationalists as a possible White Homeland, somewhere that Whites could live with just themselves as company. The threat of which probably explains the arrival of one Rabbi Allen Secher a few years back.  The Rabbi has form going back to his time as a 'freedom rider' down South in the sixties. And since then he's been spreading freedom and diversity in New York, LA and Chicago . And now he's worried that Flathead might miss out on their share of enrichment. Not only that, he's horrified, terrified, that a dreadful White Hate Group (the ADL called them that so it must be true) are setting up shop in the region.

Here's the Flathead Beacon's breathless report

"Local residents turned out in droves Monday night at the Whitefish City Council meeting to decry a white separatist think-tank’s local residency and voice support for an anti-hate ordinance barring such groups from assembling in the community. The grassroots demonstration was organized by Love Lives Here [is that Orwellian,or what?] and comes on the heels of renewed publicity for the National Policy Institute, whose president, Richard B. Spencer, set up headquarters in Whitefish several years ago after moving from Washington, D.C.  The meeting was organized by civil rights activist and local Rabbi Allen Secher and his wife Ina Albert. Many in attendance spoke of their Jewish faith, including Hilary Shaw whose grandfather is [roll of drums] a Holocaust survivor.''

I love this town. I adore it and I want to keep adoring it. Let’s not even open the door to this guy”  implored Secher. " Or else how can we enrich this place to the point of being minority White?" He professes to believe race to be a social construct yet amazingly his own site proclaims itself to be is dedicated to "the continuity of the Jewish people."

Talk about chutzpah.  But listen, the worm is turning. You see the comments to the report are running at least 20:1 against the the Thought Police and, even better, show a really clear understanding of Secher's hypocrisy and the central Jewish role in the White Genocide Project.  I

Read them yourself at the end of the article.  

And enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Chase down every last white person.

That's what they do.

And it's always the jews.

Rabbi Moshe said...

Oy vey! They are turning against us again. After all we do for them.

Nero said...

Strange how the threat of extermination clarifies the mind,
...raises I.Q. several points,
...maximizes the willpower.

Anonymous said...

@ Rabbi Moshe --

Phooey, Moe. No way.

White guys local to me were all full of piss & vinegar in the 50s and 60s when the de-seg orders came in and two seasons later they all rolled over.

Some bought off, some scared off, some just too useless to bother with.

Montana will get the same thing we got.

Big shots like Hebrew Immigrant Aid and the Knights of Columbus will pay to bring in some "dversity" for a few years. From then on, locals will foot the bill.

It's how they do business everywhere. Got a friend right now on the Black Sea who says "Not here, never." White self delusion is eternal.


John said...

Whitefish is Montana’s “Aspen”, populated by liberal “New Rich” types such as B.B. coach Phil Jackson and pop psychologist John Bradshaw of “Healing Your Inner Child” fame and the tens of millions that came with it, and of course, rich Judaists.

Of course there is a “servant class” of working class whites to take take of their whims, but in general its politics are directed by the island of liberal insanity within the surrounding sea of normalcy. “The Montana Human Rights Network is Khazar funded of course, with its primary activities supporting the LGBTQZYXWVU(T)SR(Q)POMN odditie,s and then of course, it’s benefactors when they raise their heads in moments such as these. “Hell is coming.”

Glen C. said...

Remind me not to get an African nanny

"African nanny secretly filmed throwing child across a room, beating her, STOMPING on her and then kicking her in the ribs after the child was sick as she ate dinner

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Good find, Savant! Suggest your readers add a few comments of their own and/or give "thumbs up" to supporters.

Only 3 blacks in Kalispell, Montana (Pop. 20,500)

April Gaede (formerly of Kalispell, now North Dakota) and her family apparently moved due to difficulties in finding jobs ... all because of her WN beliefs.

I see the meddling rabbi is getting his "just desserts" from some readers.

nilus said...

Seriously, is someone employed to ensure that there is at least one jew on almost every show?

Or does it happen randomly?

Statistically, they are an almost negligable proportion of the UK population:

ITV 10.40pm "The Agenda" (political discussion. Panel of 4.

JEW Grant Shapps
(Tory party spokesman)

JEW (orthodox)Emma Barnett (Woman's Editor,Telegraph, and regular on BBC radio 4skin's 'Woman's Hour)

Washed-up FEMBOT hypocrite and admirer of pre-teen boys bodies, Germain Greer

Magic Nigger ex-con black supremacist 'poet' Benjamin Zephaniah. Topic at present:
JEW Miliband, 1/2 JEW Cameron.
And UKIP,UKIP,UKIP, and Immigwayshun.

"I'm a third-generwayshun immigwant" says JEW Shapps, right on cue.

Greer ends with a joke:
"Do They Know It's Hanukkah?
(In Gaza)"


50% JEW ,

BBC2 10pm
"Never Mind The Buzzcocks"
4 guests, including
JEW Lloyd Grossman. WHY?
WHY is Lloyd Grossman picked ?
Panel is 25% JEW.

followed by JEW Katz's 'Jewsnight', presented by
Dobby The House QUEER Evan Davies.
Topic at present time:
JEW Sarkozy, then two NIGGERS talking about WAYCISSUM and the N.I.G.G.E.R. word, then onto

followed by POOFTER Portillo in the JEW Ghetto of Warsaw, talking to JEWS about NAAAAZIS and Loloca$t.

followed by

KIKE LORD Sir/Baron Anal Sugar: The Apprentice goes to JEW York.

Channel 5, "Harry Brown" Pensioner terrorised by those surly bastards in the hoods that hang around subways and mug people. You know, WHITE KIDS. LOL

ITV2 10pm BLACK FAGGOT Andi-with-an-i Peters, followed by
JEW Tom Rosenthal
JEW David Schneider, then " 2 and a half Foreskins", followed by "Das" (JEW Seth Green, etc)etc

BBC3 "Family Kike" (JEW Seth Green, etc)followed by
QUEER Grimshaw with
JEW Solomon and a troupe of
dusky enrichers.

followed by
JEW Jolyon Rubenstein

BBC4 "Dancing In The Blitz: How World War 2 made British Ballet"

Fer fuck's sake.

More 4 "The World's Biggest Penis"

(A White man, BTW)

BBC1 11.25 "Citizen Khan"
PAKI shit-com,

followed by
FAGGOT Graham Norton.

nilus said...

"Remind me not to get an African nanny

"African nanny secretly filmed throwing child across a room, beating her, STOMPING on her and then kicking her in the ribs after the child was sick as she ate dinner"

Especially a Somalian:

Tragic four month-old baby 'looked like something from Auschwitz' when found dead at east London home

That's "AUSCHWITZ", folks.

A four month-old baby looked like "something from Auschwitz" when she was found dead at home by paramedics, a High Court judge heard. (YES,"AUSCHWITZ", everyone.


The little girl was "extremely malnourished" and "profoundly dehydrated" when found in at an east London home October 2013, Mr Justice Hayden heard.

She was pronounced dead about two hours after being found - but her condition was so bad paramedics thought she was dead when they arrived.

One experienced medic who was called to the scene had never seen a baby in such an awful condition, the judge said.

The baby's name, or her parents' names and addresses have not been revealed.

The judge only disclosed she had lived in Tower Hamlets (THERE'S YOUR FIRST CLUE) as he referred to the baby as 'W' in a written ruling after a hearing at the Family Division of the High Court in which Mr Justice Hayden was asked to consider a legal issue relating to W's father. The litigation does not relate to the dead baby.

Baby W's mother had been married in her mid-teens after being taken from the UK to Somalia, (AND THERE'S YOUR SECOND CLUE)said the judge. She had returned to the UK about two years ago after becoming pregnant with baby W.

The judge said British embassy officials had helped her "escape" from Somalia.( NUMBER THREE) He said the mother, now thought to be in her late teens, had admitted permitting baby W's death and neglect, and was due to be sentenced soon.

But he said the mother appeared to have suffered a "profound psychological breakdown" before her daughter's death.

And a consultant paediatrician who produced a report in the case had been "highly critical" of some agencies involved, the judge added.


"One of the paramedics observed that whilst it was immediately obvious that (baby W) was skinny, he was profoundly shocked when upon cutting off her top she looked - as he put it - 'like something from Auschwitz'," said Mr Justice Hayden.



Stop thinking about BLACK PEOPLE.

(and forget that skinny starving jews were proof that were they were was NOT an extermination camp)

Anonymous said...

Savant even gets a mention in the comments -
and let's guess Montana is 5000 miles away.

nilus said...

Treachery and Treason. If you live within access of BBC i Player, see how far you can get through this.

Seriously, see if you can get through more than 5 mins.

This is described as "comedy" or "satire" but it's neither.

2 DYKES, a JEW and two LEFTY PRICKS mock UKIP, mock the English White working class, mock and sneer at anyone who is alarmed or concerned by massive levels of immigration, etc. Smug, rich, elitist, establishment-approved TRAITORS.

By the way, there are six or more people employed to write Sandi Toxic's "spontaneous wit"

"The News Quiz" BBC Radio 4skin

'A satirical review of the week's news, chaired by Sandi Toksvig, who is joined by Susan Calman, Hugo Rifkind and Andy Hamilton, alongside regular panellist Jeremy Hardy'

AnalogMan said...

O/T, for those concerned about Uncle Nasty, I have just finished talking to him, he's in good shape, finally got his internet connection back, and will be online soon.

Also, I'll finally get to meet him this weekend.

Damn, what's happened to the captchas? Used to be three or four digit, legible numbers, now it looks like a spider crawled through a bottle of ink.

Anonymous said...

Any ethnic group in the world which values its ethnic identity is lauded. Except white ethnic groups of course. White solidarity is racist and criminal.

Anonymous said...

Savant, you need to make up a list of best quotes such as:

"Anti-Semitism used to mean somebody who didn't like Jews.
Now it means anybody that Jews don't like." -- Was this yours?

Another good one: "And to think that the global Jewish population is only around 14 million. Oh, silly me, that's just the Holocaust survivors."

Anonymous said...

You must admit that that Milibland fellow is quite the comic.

On noticing that 1 in 25 engineers are female and that there would be more than that if Labour had been interested in increasing the numbers when Blair and Brown were in power for 14 years and those encouraged would be graduating now he noticed who was to blame and shouted MRS HARM!.

Ben Elton has never told a joke.

AnalogMan said...

I went to the linked article, and yes, those comments are heartening. Very little support for the proposed action.

The comments, though great, seem to be coming from a small cheering section. Hats off to them.

The thing that strikes me most forcibly, is how much more intelligent the people who agree with me are than those who don't. So, I wonder; is it really true? Am I a bigot?

Are there actually other people, at least as intelligent as me, who find the other side's argument convincing?

nilus said...

Cop not charged, Ferguson burns!

Jews, your tactics are SHIT, and they are all coming back to bite you. Hubris is a wonderful thing.

We are witnessing the End of the "Jewish Century".
The omens are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Look at these cunts - all white!
Promoter and photographer Jewish by any chance? Is this why dumb white birds are falling for niggers and asiatic sub human filth?

Mrs. Heraclitus said...

Analog, I agree. The comments the others make are just sheer stupid and also very frequently not arguments at all, just ad hominem attacks.

By the way, any news from UN? He still hasn't shown up here.

SAVANT said...

There's an option in Blogger to turn off word verification (captcha). I've selected it but the freakin' thing keeps coming up.

Sorry, as I know it's aright pain.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Nilus.2339

Great observation of 'smoke mirrors'
Look at this hand! not that one.
'Cracking' example as to how they bend most folks minds.
More people are catching on now.

nilus said...

The verification disappeared for me as soon as i signed into my google account.

Jew tactics FAIL!!!!
This will bring so many people over to our side, everything's just blowing up in the jews face these days.

*Story A: (without kike media bias)

Cop with exemplary record defends himself from giant thug gangbanger after giant thug (who was caught on video violently stealing cigars (to make blunts) from local store) attacks him and breaks his orbital socket, then tries to grab cops gun.
Giant ape wont surrender , 3 bullets dont deter it, neither do 7, 8, 9, 10. In the end innocent cop has to fire 12 bullets to terminate the beast.

People from all coonmutinies say "meh, another useless nigger got what he asked for", life goes on.

*Story B (kike media version)

by Daqueesha Goldstein-Menedez

Evil Hitler Worshipping Slave-o-caust Denying White Supremacist KKK Grand Wizard cop Darren McCrackerbastard spies Rosa Parks-Brown walking down the street on her way to do some unpaid charity work in the coonmutiny. She is heavy with child..a special child, a Christ Child. An unarmed child.Cattle are lowing an' sheeyit.
Unfortunately no wise men were to be found in the area. However:

McCrackerbastard for no reason apart from hate and slavery ,orders unarmed Parks-Brown to "Get on the floor, NIGGER BITCH " and smacks her upside the head with the butt of his Luger 9mm pistol, spittin a stream of dirty tabbaccy juice over her prone, shapely body.
"But Sir, massa, I's with chile! Have mercy" cries Rosa -Parks.
But mercy wasnt a word in McCrackerbastard's vocabulary, and "mercy" turned out to be her last the giant White cop's shiny jackboot stomped down hard on the back of her skull, like in American History X.

McCrackerbastard pulled on some thin black leather gloves, like a NAZI in a film about NAZIS. "Lets see now, Im gonna have me a little fun"

He reached into his long black leather Nazi-style coat and pulled out a Nazi-style knife. He performed a brutal "street-Caesarean (named after the King of The Apes in the Apes films) and ripped out the unarmed crying Christ-Child, who shall be called Swisher Sweet Georgia Brown, or Saint Micheal the Unarmed Martyr, or simply "Skittle Twin"

Some witnesses reported a 'holy light' emanating from the eyes of the unarmed Boy-Child, a light of Wisdom, Truth, Hope, and Change that truly seemed otherworldly.
Others remarked that "his countenance was divine, an sheeyit".

None of this mattered to Officer Nazi McCrackerbastard, who, in a rage, like Hitler, raised himself up to his full height of almost seven feet, and roared, " WHITE MEN CANT JUMP,EH? Well, NIGGERS CANT THUNK, AND HERE'S A SLAM DUNK!!!"

nilus said...

With that, he booted the unarmed infant , NFL-style, towards a nearby basketball court (there were five in the immediate vicinity) ,shooting the unarmed babe seventy times whilst it span in the air, and it went straight through a hoop on the far end of the court. The unarmed crowd, who were mostly of Person-Of-African-American-Coloured Ethnic Heritage, forgot themselves for a moment and applauded the incredible shot. They resumed booing and protesting (politely) once again as McCrackerbastard finished off Our Little Brown Lord and Saviour with a WW2 era Nazi flamethrower, which he had retrieved from his non-issue Panzer tank.

"You stinking dirty pavement-apes and porch monkeys better get the fuck outta here REAL QUICK and keep your blue-gum nigger lips from flappin if you know whats good for ya" ordered Officer McCrackerbastard, his eyes a demonic red, as he brandished the Naziflamethrower to the crowd .
(who were all Offiice Workers on their lunchbreak)

McCrackerbastard denied the above but was charged when his dash-cam footage revaled it to be ALL TRUE.

However, he was aquitted and promoted to Chief Of Police, with an annual $3 million so-called "dead-nigger bonus".

His unarmed flesh may be full of holes and all crispy, but his Eternal Unarmed Pure Spirit will inspire a striving for fairness and love and brotherhood and especially Hope and Change in all of our hearts.

Alapesha Muhdick, a coonmutiny leader from the Persons-Of-African-American-Colour and Heritage coonmutiny said " Not all White people are Evil Nazis. Just nearly all of them. We appeal for reflection, calm, forgiveness and not violent retribution or needless destruction", he winked into the camera.


Check out Bonnie Greer on Radio 2 now, treason, absolute treason (re Freguson)

Nero said...

News just in...

Mr Adams said he was often asked by republicans "what's the point?"
"They weren't blaming Sinn Féin - in fact they were making the point that Sinn Féin were doing their best," he said.
"But what's the point? The point is to actually break these bastards - that's the point. And what's going to break them is equality. That's what's going to break them - equality.
"Who could be afraid of equality? Who could be afraid of treating somebody the way you want to be treated?
"That's what we need to keep the focus on - that's the Trojan horse of the entire republican strategy is to reach out to people on the basis of equality."

Equality means levelling down the establishment.
Levelling down Loyalists versus Republicans, sure.
And levelling down whites versus blacks.
...natives versus immigrants.

Come to think of it: levelling down men versus women, heterosexuals versus homosexuals, etc.

Vote Sinn Fein. Get the world.

Anonymous said...

Way of topic. I'm really glad to see that Sweden has a new immigrant. One that works really hard and respects his new home. His loyalty is beyond question. I wish we could have more immigrants with the tenacity of this guy. (And the same number of legs.)

katana said...

AnalogMan said... 24 November 2014 23:53

O/T, for those concerned about Uncle Nasty, I have just finished talking to him, he's in good shape, finally got his internet connection back, and will be online soon.

Also, I'll finally get to meet him this weekend.

Damn, what's happened to the captchas? Used to be three or four digit, legible numbers, now it looks like a spider crawled through a bottle of ink.


Thanks AnalogMan for that good news.

Uncle's unique and insightful comments presented with dry witted humor and sarcasm has certainly been missed of late. Uncle Nasty has made a huge contribution to this blog over the years, like so many others such as Frank Galton, for example. Commenters willing to plug away for the cause of truth.

I look forward to an account of your meeting with, The Man Called Uncle Nasty. No identifying info please, just a overall sense of his person and presence.

And BTW Analog, when you do meet up, and after introductory pleasantries have been exchanged, can you give him swift whack upside the head for all the concern he's caused with his unexpected radio silence!

Another BTW, nice wording re ink, spiders and captchas.


My latest blog post, The Bloody Red Streak - Part 1, is here: KATANA


Anonymous said...

Savant, I read the link and the comments. Excellent stuff in the comments. One of the posters was particularly wise. Perhaps you could persuade this guy to make regular comments on your blog. His quote :-

Anti-Semitism used to mean somebody who didn't like Jews.
Now it means anybody that Jews don't like.

I'm sure you will agree that the gentleman who made this comment must be of the highest intelligence and integrity who would be of great value to any Nationalist group?


David said...

Thanks for the chuckle Nilus.

Sponge Cake said...

Only 30 looting days till Christmas.

Anonymous said...

You have to admire the followers of Doctor Martin Luther King who said judge by the character and not the content of the skin when quoting some other dude and Barack Hussein Obama said that while Trayvon Martin looked like his son he would be ashamed if they were related because of the thuggish attack on a neighborhood watchman and burglary issues which he did not need to involve himself with as AA allowed As to attend top notch universities not on ability but on skin color and now in Ferguson MO people stay at home watching CNN telling us what a thug Martin 6' 4" 300 lbs Brown was and hos stupid he was for attacking a police officer who politely asked him to walk on the pavement rather than unsafely in the middle of the road. How Europe must wish that if they were to import darkskinned types that they would be the first world type rather than the african type that Barbara Spectre prefers.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Prosser has picture taken with Ray Rice

Then discovers that Ray Rice is ray Rice and so posts picture on twitter lamenting the fact that she has a picture taken with ray Rice because she now does not approve of him. Mike Tyson was unavailable for the photo. As was Charlie Webster.

James said...

Liberalism is the religion destroying the White Race.

“LIBERALISM” IS A succedaneous religion that was devised late in the Eighteenth Century and it originally included a vague deism. Like the Christianity from which it sprang, it split into various sects and heresies, such as Jacobinism, Fourierism, Owenism, Fabian Socialism, Marxism, and the like. The doctrine of the “Liberal” cults is essentially Christianity divested of its belief in supernatural beings, but retaining its social superstitions, which were originally derived from, and necessarily depend on, the supposed wishes of a god. This “Liberalism,” the residue of Christianity, is, despite the fervor with which its votaries hold their faith, merely a logical absurdity, a series of deductions from a premise that has been denied.

The dependence of the “Liberal” cults on a blind and irrational faith was long obscured or concealed by their professed esteem for objective science, which they used as a polemic weapon against orthodox Christianity, much as the Protestants took up the Copernican restoration of heliocentric astronomy as a weapon against the Catholics, who had imprudently decided that the earth could be stopped from revolving about the sun in defiance of Holy Writ by burning intelligent men at the stake or torturing them until they recanted. Pious Protestants would naturally have preferred a cozy little earth, such as their god described in their holy book, but they saw the advantage of appealing to our racial respect for observed reality to enlist support, while simultaneously stigmatizing their rivals as ignorant obscurantists and ridiculous ranters.‘liberalism’/#more-273

There are few more self-righteous and well-meaning than the committed liberal - that is one of the foremost facts of modern life! There are few more destructive.

Anonymous said...

Jewish Daily Forward, 04 November 2009

In a departure from its storied history, more than 80% of those assisted and RESETTLED by the agency [the HEBREW IMMIGRANT AID SOCIETY] are now DARFURI and SOMALI refugees...

And HIAS spends about as much time and energy these days on Capitol Hill advocating for immigrant rights as it does on RESETTLEMENT and refugee services. Lobbying for immigration reform — another new role for the agency — is also part of the way the organization is transforming.

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society launches petition drive to INCREASE this year’s refugee quota from 70,000-100,000

Star Tribune, 01 November 2014

New Somali refugee arrivals in Minnesota are INCREASING

CBN, 19 May 2009

Somali Muslims Changing Small Town

Tens of thousands of Somali refugees have resettled in America in recent years to escape the chaos of their homeland, which is located in the Horn of Africa.

But the transition isn't going smoothly in one small town.

At first glance, Shelbyville is your typical sleepy southern hamlet. It's nestled in middle Tennessee, where the walking horse is king.

There's Main St., the local sheriff, a movie theatre. It's all very "Mayberry," except for one big difference: the recent arrival of hundreds of Somali Muslims.

Shelbyville is about an hour's drive from Nashville, in the heart of the BIBLE BELT. Like many Americans, the citizens of Shelbyville knew little about Somalia other than the 1993 Black Hawk Down incident, in which 18 U.S. servicemen were killed while battling warlords and Islamic jihadists in the Somali capital of Mogadishu.

So when hundreds of Somalis began turning up in the town--many of them dressed in traditional Islamic garb--locals quickly took notice.

"They've had an impact here. Unfortunately, it's not been a good impact," said Brian Mosely, a reporter for the local Shelbyville Times-Gazette.

"Their culture is totally alien to anything the residents are used to," Mosely added.

Taken in by the U.S.

The State Department helps resettle refugees from war-torn countries like Somalia in the United States. The resettlement project is one part of a taxpayer-funded refugee aid program with a billion dollar budget.


Although most of the refuges are repatriated to their home countries, the U.S. takes in more refugees than any other nation--with a cap of about 80,000 this year.

CBS News, 20 July 2009

Rise of Somali Gangs Plagues Minneapolis

Business Insider, 19 March 2014

Somali gangs have cropped up in many U.S. cities, including Seattle, San Diego, and Minneapolis, which has a history of welcoming Somali refugees.

While some Somali immigrants adopt Blood or Crip membership, separate Somali gangs are becoming more prevalent across the country. They often experience tension with other African-American gangs, such as groups comprised of Ethiopian refugees.

Frank Galton

nilus said...

Actual genuine Police report from eyewitness re Micheal Brown. Relevant parts highlighted in yellow. Stupid thug charged twice at Officer, even after being shot 3 times:

Former Surrey Comet news editor gagged over reporting of alleged paedophile ring

A former Surrey Comet news editor was gagged by the Government over the reporting of an alleged Westminster paedophile ring operating out of Elm Guest House in Barnes.

Hilton Tims, 82, the paper’s news editor between 1980 and 1988, revealed at the weekend he had been handed a D-notice preventing the reporting of sex allegations in 1984.

Elm Guest House, in Rocks Lane, is at the centre of the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Fernbridge, which is investigating claims of sexual abuse and grooming of children by Government ministers, MPs and senior police officers in the late 1970s and early 80s.

Radio 4skin, as I type:

7.15 pm "Front Row"
QUEER JEW Barry Manilow;
DYKE Diana Souhami;
JEWISH comedy.

QUEER JEW Barry Manilow talks to PAKI Samira Ahmed about his new album, 'My Dream Duets'. It's a collection of duets with artists beyond the grave such as John Denver, Judy Garland and Whitney Houston.

JEW David Baddiel and
JEW David Schneider unpick the changing nature of Jewish comedy as a new festival begins in London.

DYKE (JEW?)Diana Souhami, whose novel Gwendolen imagines life from the point of view of Daniel Deronda's heroine, and
JEW Viv Groskop, Artistic Director of the Bath Literature Festival, discuss the trend for novels from the perspective of peripheral characters.

UK Jewish Comedy Festival

"A week of hilarious, insightful and entertaining shows, films, conversations and wildcard events, all celebrating the art of Jewish, Jew-ish and not-at-all Jewish comedy. Start the week with our all-star Hava Nagiggle comedy night. Then choose a bag of brilliance - whether you want to see David Baddiel's lauded performance of Fame – Not The Musical, explore mindfulness with Ruby Wax, celebrate Woody Allen's birthday with a movie, performances and jazz, hear The Comedy Questions of Arnold Brown and special guests, or enter our Jewish Comedian of The Year Competition (or just be in the audience)."

nilus said...

"In 1986 she received a commission to write a biography of JEW DYKE Hannah Gluckstein.

(Gluck was born into a WEALTHY Jewish family, the child of Joseph Gluckstein, whose brothers Isidore and Montague had founded J. Lyons and Co., a British coffee house and catering empire. Gluck's American-born mother, Francesca Halle, was an opera singer. Gluck's brother, Sir Louis Gluckstein, was a Conservative politician.)

"Souhami became a full-time writer publishing biographies which mostly explore the most influential and intriguing of 20th century lesbian (and gay lives). She followed Gluck (1988), with Gertrude and Alice (1991) an account of the relationship between
JEW DYKE Gertrude Stein and
JEW DYKE Alice B. Toklas which lasted from their first meeting to Stein’s death in 1946, Greta and Cecil (1994) examining the romantic relationship between BISEXUAL/DYKE Greta Garbo and BISEXUAL/QUEER Cecil Beaton, and Mrs Keppel and her daughter (1996) a dual biography of Alice Keppel, a long-time mistress of King Edward VII, and her daughter,
DYKE Violet Trefusis.The Trials of Radclyffe Hall (1998), the biography of
DYKE Marguerite Radclyffe Hall won the Lambda Literary Award for Biography in 2000and was shortlisted for the James Tait Black Memorial Prize."

"Returning to lesbian biography Souhami's, Wild Girls (2004) is a dual biography of Romaine Brooks, the American-born artist and her lover Natalie Barney and is set mostly in Paris between the wars. Never a straight biographer, (LOL?) Souhami places at the start of each chapter a short passage in italics where "she appears to be narrating some of her personal lesbian experiences - waiting in a bar for a blind date, a secret affair with a woman Dean, furtive love-making with a girl on the deck of a Greek ferry at night."

"“I started writing about lesbians 25 years ago in the hope of contributing to breaking the history of silence. Acceptance can’t happen without openness, and I believe we should all try to speak out in our own way. If you’re silent and invisible you’re no trouble to anyone. You’re so buried you’re assumed not to be there. So, historically, we have to dig deep to shed light on ‘these practices’, rid them of insult, turn the wrongdoing around, name and shame the abusers.”

Tony in VA said...

Great to hear that UN is ok. Thanks Analogman.

James said...

Revilo Oliver on Islam.

There is one conspicuous difference between Islam and Christianity in their dysgenic effects, equally pleasing to Jews. With the exception of some early Christian sects that were exterminated when the Fathers of the Church wormed their way to power and could start killing their competitors, Christianity, during the greater part of its history, enforced celibacy and homosexuality on a fairly large part of our race, including some of its most intelligent members, through the priesthood and monasticism, and broke up families and family property by prohibiting marriages between even fairly distant relatives. Islam, on the other hand, ordained polygyny and encouraged Moslems to fill their harems, and engender children by women of all different races; that is why the Arabic stock was diluted and liquidated so much more quickly than our own.

(And also why Muslims suffer from extremely high numbers of birth defects in the UK compared with the rest of the population. The will of Allah?)

nilus said...

Also on BBC Radio 4skin, today:

The Reith Lectures

Surgeon and writer
PAKI (Indian) Atul Gawande explores the nature of fallibility and suggests that preventing avoidable mistakes is a key challenge for the future of medicine.
Produced by JEW? Jim Frank

"15 Minute Drama" Syria: Bread and Bombs.
Hassan is testing out the contents of one of the food parcels.

"A History of Ideas"

Circumcised JEW Vicar Giles Fraser on moral character and Aristotle's Virtue ethics.With JEW? Nancy Sherman

"You and Yours" presented by
PAKI Shari Vahl

"It's a condition that's hard to spot - and even harder to treat, but loneliness affects thousands across the UK. Earlier this year researchers said that loneliness was at epidemic levels among young people. Now a telephone helpline which supports older people says it has been inundated with calls in its first year, with loneliness the biggest problem.

What's your experience? Have you struggled with loneliness? What affect did it have on your general health? Have you managed to work with it or even make a virtue of being alone?

Why have we become a nation that the Office of National Statistics dubbed "the loneliness capital of Europe"?


"Afternoon Drama" Lost in Mexico,
produced by
PAKI Nadir Khan

"The Design Dimension"
JEW? Tom Dyckhoff explores the history and the practice of design in protest.


AFRICAN NEGRO Angélique Kpasseloko Hinto Hounsinou Kandjo Manta Zogbin Kidjo (Angelique Kidjo) responds to questions from the audience about her breakthrough album Aye.

"Time Magazine has called her "Africa's premier diva". The BBC has included Kidjo in its list of the African continent's 50 most iconic figures. The Guardian has listed her as one of its Top 100 Most Inspiring Women in the World and Kidjo is the first woman to be listed among "The 40 Most Powerful Celebrities In Africa" by Forbes Magazine. The Daily Telegraph in London describes her as "The undisputed queen of African music" during the 2012 Olympic Games River of Music Festival. In March 2013, NPR, National Public Radio in America, called her "Africa's greatest living diva". On June 6, 2013, Kidjo was elected vice-president of the Confédération Internationale des Sociétés d´Auteurs et Compositeurs (CISAC). She is an occasional contributor to the New York Times."

Kidjo's hits include the songs "Agolo", "We We", "Adouma", "Wombo Lombo", "Afirika", "Batonga", and her version of "Malaika".

Kidjo is fluent in Fon, French, Yorùbá and English, and sings in all four languages; she also has her own personal language, which includes words that serve as song titles such as "Batonga".

QUEER Eddie Mair with interviews, context and analcysts.

Afghanistan: The Lessons of War
A former British commander in Afghanistan examines what has been achieved by the campaign. LOL!!

He reflects on what was achieved in Afghanistan with leading politicians including former UK Foreign Secretary
JEW David Miliband.

"Book at Bedtime" In Love and War

'Esmond Lowndes's father is a leading light in the British Union Of Fascists. In 1937, Esmond is sent down from Cambridge in disgrace and dispatched instead to Florence to set up Radio Firenze - an English-language radio station aiming to form closer ties between Fascists in Italy and England.

Esmond finds love and loss, and his journey of self-discovery becomes increasingly and - as Italy moves into war - more tightly intertwined with the fortunes of Florence, the city he has made his home.

And at every turn, he comes up against the local Blackshirt leader, the brutal Mario Carita.'


Anonymous said...

AIPAC rabbi calls for ‘militant nonviolent resistance’ to “racial injustice” in St. Louis

A theme around here has been that Jews have posed as moral paragons while relentlessly pursuing their ethnic interests, resulting in cognitive dissonance among many White liberals. A good example of the resulting HYPOCRISY is Reform Rabbi Susan Talve who is AIDING AND ABETTING THE FERGUSON PROTESTERS masquerading as an exemplar of enlightened liberal morality WHILE ALSO SUPPORTING AIPAC AND ITS PROGRAM OF APARTHEID AND ETHNIC DISPOSSESSION OF THE PALESTINIANS

This is a common pose of liberal Jews in the Diaspora in the West — maintaining a veneer of moral consistency while doing nothing to change their own ethnic community by trying to change AIPAC, Israel, or the US government on Palestine. ALL THEIR ENERGIES ARE DIRECTED AGAINST WHITE AMERICA.

There is a consistency here, of course. Activists like Talve are consistently pursuing THEIR ETHNIC INTERESTS. It’s just that their interests differ dramatically depending on whether it’s about Israeli actions vis-à-vis the Palestinians, or in promoting the ANTI-WHITE coalition in the U.S.

Frank Galton

nilus said...

BBC1 , 10.35
"Imagine -The One And Only Mike Leigh"
JEW Anal Yenta presents a tribute to
JEW Mike Leigh (Lieberman)

"Leigh came from a Jewish immigrant family whose surname, originally Lieberman, had been anglicised in 1939 "for obvious reasons".

BBC2 10.30
JEW Ian Katz's "Jewsnight" presented by
JEW Emily Maitliss

BBC2 9pm "Secrets of the castle with JEW? Ruth Goodman
(looks like a jew, jew name, jew occupation (TV historian) quack quack

Channel 4 10pm "Googlebox"
JEWS,QUEERS,NIGS and PAKIS watching the Electronic Rabbi.

Channel 4 9pm The "Normalising Paedophilia" season continues with

"The Paedophile Next Door"

'This BRAVE and THOUGHT-PROVOKING documentary sets out to discover why our efforts to protect children from sexual abuse HAVE FAILED (???) and explores RADICAL and CONTROVERSIAL alternatives..."

A BRAVE Paedophile (non-practicing allegedly) "comes out" (now where have we heard that before) to tell us that its hard being a paedo and we should have sympathy, not discrimination. Opens with shots of The Rabble, The Angry Mob, all shouting and angry and uncouth. Horrible White English People, the kind that, just 40 years ago, would have given homosexuals a hard time...

Anonymous said...

Good to hear Uncle Nasty is well.

On a side note, the chimpout in Fergudishu has reached category five and hopefully lots of whites will get woken up by all that looking and seeking. We can but hope.

Bemused stare

nilus said...

Fourskin, yesterday:

"Woman's Hour"
Do black, Asian and minority ethnic women get a fair deal in the media?

Diversity and women in the media'

Nicki Heywood emailed to ask why black, Asian and Ethnic Minority (BAME) women working in the media are being marginalised.
The Creative Skillset 2012 Employment Census of the Creative Industries found a major drop in the representation of Black Asian and Minority Ethnic people from 6.7% in 2009 to 5.4% in 2012. Jane is joined by
JEW? Elonka SOROS, Editor for

"Diversity & Communities at the BBC" ,

to discuss why production teams are not more diverse, how to get more BAME people employed in managerial roles, and whether diversity schemes really change things.

"15 Minute Drama"
Syria: Bread and Bombs
'There is tension among the aid workers: JAMIL is old school and HASSAN is a maverick.'

"Terror Through Time"
Mossad: The Wrath of God

The extraordinary history of Mossad, Israel's international security agency.

"Perception is power" says one former head of Mossad. If that's true, then Israel's international spy agency is very powerful indeed.

When the planes struck the twin towers in 2001, it was Mossad that the world's security agencies turned to, drawing on their decades of experience in fighting terrorism. (FUCKING LOL!!)
Their reputation is based upon the drama and daring of the operations they mount. From the Wrath of God campaign against the Palestinians suspected of planning the Munich Olympics massacre to the assassination plots against prominent figures in Hamas and Hezbollah, Mossad attacks have regularly made headline news. Even when their operations go disastrously wrong, killing innocent people or leading to the arrest of their agents, they still serve to strike fear in the enemies of Israel.

In the first episode of ten examining the world of terrorism in the run-up to 9/11, Fergal Keane asks if the reputation of Mossad has been a help or a hindrance to peace in the Middle East. Has the agency's ruthlessness destroyed the efforts of moderate voices on both sides or stopped the worst perpetrators of violence in their tracks?

Fergal is joined by the author of a new history of Mossad,
KIKE Ronan Bergman, by Palestinian activist and victim of a Mossad attack, Bassam Abu Sharif and by ex-Mossad chiefs,
KIKE Shabtai Shavit and
KIKE Efraim Halevy.

QUEER Paul Gambaccini chairs the first semi-final of the general knowledge music quiz.

"PM" 24/11/2014
QUEER Eddie Mair presents
coverage and analysis of the day's news.

"I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue"
JEW Barry Cryer


nilus said...

"Front Row"
PAKI Samira Ahmed with Jude Law,(JUDE LAW!!!) who discusses how playing Henry V on stage inspired his role as a desperate, out of work submarine captain searching for NAAAAAAAAAAZI gold in his new film Black Sea.

The French DJ and record producer JEW David Guetta discusses his latest album Listen.

A new exhibition at the
BILLIONAIRE KIKE Saatchi Gallery in London, Post Pop: East Meets West, explores how pop art has had a powerful and lasting influence on artists around the world from the United States to China.

"The Meaning of Mongol"
Uuganaa Ramsay searches for the true meaning of the word Mongol.
Imagine your nationality was used by people all around the world to describe someone with a learning disability or a stupid person. That's what happened to Uuganaa Ramsay. A Mongol, born and brought up on the Mongolian steppe, living in a yurt and herding goats, she came to live in the UK and when her son Billy was diagnosed, she realised that the word mongol meant someone with Down's Syndrome. Insult was added to injury when she discovered derivatives of mongol such as mong, are used as a term of abuse meaning an idiot.


"Crossing Continents"
Hunting the Taliban

PAKI Mobeen Azhar reports from Karachi, Pakistan's biggest city, where police are at war with the Taliban.

"Book at Bedtime" In Love and War
Esmond Lowndes's father is a leading light in the British Union Of Fascists. In 1937, Esmond is sent down from Cambridge in disgrace and dispatched instead to Florence to set up Radio Firenze - an English-language radio station aiming to form closer ties between Fascists in Italy and England.

blah, blah, blah

nilus said...

Enrichment Tales:

'Significant and substantial' sentence for paedophile doctor who spied on more than 1000 hospital patients and staff as they used the toilet

he perverted spy doctor who filmed more than 1,000 patients, staff, and visitors using hospital toilets, and labelled the sick videos with titles such as 'Exeter 10/3 mum-young blonde' and 'teenager bum', will receive a 'significant and substantial' sentence.

Dr Lam Hoe Yeoh, 62, who until his fall from grace had been one of the one of the country's leading ear doctors, admitted using his position to plant cameras and film people using the toilets at the Epsom and St Helier Hospital, St Antony's in Cheam, and a clinic in Thames Ditton.

He also filmed men, women, and children in other unidentified clinics including one in Nottingham.

He admitted to masturbating over some of the videos.

The court heard at least one film on his computer showed a woman changing her sanitary towel.

Horrified former friends and colleagues packed the public gallery of Croydon Crown Court on Tuesday, November 25, to hear the doctor admit his twisted behaviour, including hiding cameras in his watch, pens, and lining of bins, to capture lewd footage that he would use to make mini-home movies.

The court also heard Yeoh was a compulsive collector with an obsession for children's books and had built a huge collection of Enid Blyton novels.

He pleaded guilty to seven counts of voyeurism as well as six counts of making indecent images of a child, and one count of possessing extreme pornography.

The court heard that he also filmed guests who visited his home in Garratts Lane, Banstead, and put covert cameras in train toilets while, in a handful of cases, Yeoh filmed mothers using the toilet and later their children.

Merton policeman banned from brothels as he awaits trial on harassment and sexual assault charges
A Merton policeman has been banned from going to brothels or contacting sex workers as he awaits trial on harassment and sexual assault charges.

PC Irshad Kamal, 46, a police constable based in the borough, has been suspended from duty while the case goes through the courts.


nilus said...

Boy, 15, describes fight in which Kingston and Richmond College student Jamil Palmer was fatally stabbed
boy accused of murder has described in court the moment Hampton teenager Jamil Palmer was stabbed to death.

The 15-year-old [defendant A], who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the Old Bailey jury Mr Palmer, 18, handed a “black kitchen knife” to an accomplice shortly before his death.

(A Kitchen Knife Of Colour)

Five people are on trial for Mr Palmer’s murder, a 15-year-old (def A), two 16-year-olds (def B and C) and a 17-year-old (def D), none of whom can be named for legal reasons, and 18-year-old Kishon Zelaya, from Reading. They all deny murder and conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm.

Worthless ring con in Elmbridge sees two people duped out of money

The first scam happened on Thursday, November 6, as the 64-year-old victim, from Walton, was driving along Lammas Lane, Esher.

He was flagged down at about 2.15pm by people who claimed to need cash for fuel, which they wanted to exchange for three gold rings as surety.

They gave him a business card and promised to repay the money. The rings were then found to be worthless and the business card fake.

The two con-artists were smartly dressed, dark skinned, possibility of Arabic origin, largely built and about 40 to 50 years old. Their vehicle is believed to be a black Mercedes saloon car.

Two more scams took place on Saturday, November 15, between 9.45am and 10.10am.

Another victim, a 54-year-old man from Byfleet, was flagged down at the slip road of the A3 Cobham roundabout by a man who needed petrol to get to Glasgow, and offered to give him some rings for money.

The victim refused the rings but drove to Sainsbury's petrol station in Cobham while the suspect followed.

At the petrol station, the victim handed over £240, and took a business card along with a promise he would pay back the money.

He was Asian, about 40 to 45 years old and stocky. He had a moustache and short, dark well-kept hair. He was wearing a white shirt and dark-coloured trousers and tie. It is also possible he understood Arabic.

nilus said...

Oh dear, oh dear.

Just saw this ad:
NIGGERS nigger-dancing with WHITE Irish Wigger-girls, as an Irish fiddle band plays

slogan "There's Joy In The Blend"

with of course, nigger voice over, which is becoming more and more common

Uncle Nasty said...

To paraphrase the little girl in Poltergeist ... "I'm Baaaack."

To those of the NG who expressed concern at my extended absence, I say thank you. To the others, Esther, et al I extend a hearty fuck you sideways, jewboys ... and your limp-wristed camp followers, to boot.

So ... what happened? I would really like to present a rollicking roller-coaster tale about how I was kidnapped in a combined CIA/Mossad/MI6/Enyoo sting operation, fired back through time to 1943 in NAAAAAAAZI Germany just in time to see the multicoloured smoke plumes* rising from the stacks at Mauthausen, Sobibor, Bergen-Belsen and AAAAAUUUUUUUschwitz, where I personally shook the hand of Josef Mengele (while looking him directly in the eye, of course) and was treated to the unedifying sight (and sound) of jewesses squatting in the mud, noisily expelling, for the umpteenth time, the family jewels while being simultaneously consumed by slavering Alsatian dogs (the jewesses, not the jewels) ... a popular Saturday night entertainment, I was told. I was also introduced to Anne Frank, proudly referred to as the World Hide-And-Seek
champion for three years running (1943-1945)

Did I mention the lampshades, the hairy submariner socks and the heaps of bayoneted, circumcised babies? No? Well, there were lampshades, hairy socks and bayoneted, circumcised shrunken heads. Or were the socks bayoneting the lampshades?

It all happened so quickly ... and it was dark, so I may be getting confused, here.

Sadly, all the foregoing is a fiction. The prosaic truth is that I was the victim of a laughable set of circumstances involving a Toyota Hi-Ace (Yep, you get them even here) knocking over my neighbor's power and phone pole and three weeks of blithering incompetence from the new company Spark (formerly NZ Telecom) in re-connecting my phone line.

So to shorten a long story, I am back in the game.


*Seriously ... one the the pieces of "evidence" at the Nuremberg trials included this gem where a so-called witness claimed he could identify the nationalities of the deceased by the colour of the smoke they emitted from the chimney stacks of the cremas. One imagines that the vapours emitted by the pink triangles (the judenpoofters) were a tasteful lilac ... or lavender.


Anonymous said...

Nilius humor (humour?) growing on me more and more.

By the way, it doesn't rub off, you know. The color, I mean. I feel sorry that you Europeans have to learn all this nasty racial stuff all at once. You just watch your back around over 40% black in a given area.

Have you noticed yet that black women trust white men more than their own kind?

You are better off with a mulatto or black woman than, what do you call it, a mudshark or coal burner, or, as we say, a nigger-lover. The latter are psychos who actually hate you while the former are just a different kind of woman.

BTW - WASP grandfather said that in a fight with a black, you cripple their delicate knees as opposed to their hard heads.

nilus said...

BBC4, 11.30pm:
A tribute to (and a free plug for his new album on the "non-commercial" Hebe-Bee-See)
JEW Neil Diamond.

tsnamm said...

speaking of posters who have been missing, I don't recall seeing anything from John the retired Chicago cop lately...

Anonymous said...

"Crossing Continents"
Hunting the Taliban
Which continent do you cross to reach Bradford, Blackburn, Birmingham or Luton?

Anonymous said...

No picture of the 80 year old perverted paki but very clear pictures of the white retards who assisted it. Typical "right wing" ha! Jewly mail

Dave+33 said...

Don't be too hard on the Daily Mail. Not perfect for sure but day after day they report on and show pictures of the black and muslim feral scum who plague us.

Shaunantijihad said...

I don't believe that Mail story at all. A 20 year old gets involved with an 80 year old Paki? Ha!

More likely, a 20 year old slut is prostituted to an old Paki scumbag, who abuses her, as is their way, and she doesn't want to continue servicing him. Her pimps, angry at losing the revenue from the old pervert, give her an acid bath to show her whose boss.

She goes to police and concocts the bullshit told to the Mail.

Anonymous said...



he's just a baby How could u?

(this from a White Irish-Scot woman LOL!)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of witticisms being scriptd the amazingly talented Russell Brand announced that he needed potty on Have I Got News 4 U? and there was a silence until he came back. That show is recorded and then edited so the two minutes silence was funnier than other stuff they had recorded.
Top US TV talent could do with such scriptwriters as her protest at what the meanies did in ferguson was to get her alcoholic tits out which is an expression of empowerment or some other oprahsized nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Lucky for the US they have a partblack president as the police did not know how to disper the crowd in Ferguson and heroic Barack Hussein Obama being in touch with the black community through his years as a community organiser told them how and the police dropped job applications from helicopters causing the crowd to disperse.

Uncle Nasty said...

Now that the dust has settled ... what really happened in Libya?

Read this, watch the video ... and be very afraid.

Libya Then and Now: An Overview of NATO’s Handiwork

In 2011, as the entire world watched the Arab Spring in amazement, the US and its allies, predominantly working under the banner of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), militarily overran the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

The peaceful civilian protesters they claimed to be intervening to protect were not really what the US and its cohorts presented to the world. Many of these so-called “protesters” were armed, and when this became apparent they eventually began to portray themselves as “rebel forces.” These so-called “rebels” in Libya were not a military force that emerged spontaneously for the most part, but an insurgency movement cultivated and organised before any opposition activities were even reported in Libya.

After Libya’s rapprochement with the US and the European Union, it was unthinkable to many that Washington and any of its allies could even have been preparing to topple the Libyan government. Business and trade ties between Libya and the US, Britain, Italy, France, Spain, and Turkey had bloomed since 2003 after Colonel Muammar Qadhafi opted for cooperation with Washington. No one imagined that Saif Al-Islam Qadhafi’s “New Libya” with its neo-liberalism could be on a collision course with NATO.

Yet, the US and its EU partners for several years made preparations for taking over Libya. They had infiltrated the Jamahiriya’s government, security and intelligence sectors. Longstanding imperialist objectives existing since the Second World War, aimed at dividing Libya into three colonial territories, were taken out of government filing cabinets in Washington, London, Paris and Rome, and circulated at NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

In league with these colonial plans, the US and its allies had been cultivating ties with different members of the Libyan opposition and had always reserved the option of using these opposition figures for regime change in Tripoli.

Read on ...


DJF said...

“”””Big shots like Hebrew Immigrant Aid and the Knights of Columbus will pay to bring in some "diversity" for a few years. From then on, locals will foot the bill.”””

In the US refugees are paid for by the US Federal taxpayers, the so-called charities like Hebrew Immigrant Aid are just government contractors who get paid for each refugee they dump in the US. And once Hebrew Immigrant Aid arranges to put the refugee into a place like Montana they walk away and the refugees are on the Fed, State and Local welfare rolls.

The President of Hebrew Immigrant Aid gets at least 300,000 a year

Their three biggest sources of income are the US government and UN totaling 19 million out of 22 million

Link to PDF of financial statement

Sponge Cake said...

Have a look at this.

white rose said...

UN, I think I speak for all - well almost all!! - of us when I say it's a great relief to know you are ok and back with us in good fettle.

tsnamm said...

UN...Not to be last to the party, but I concur with all the other posters, a hearty welcome back, and looking forward to more your excellent analysis and camaraderie...

Rogue said...


Your "Ferguson Shooting" accounts of events, apart from the good laugh, had me thinking about the way the MSM try to manipulate the public's minds with disingenuous distortions of truth and reality.

They like to portray Michael Brown as a "teenager" which, of course, he was - but it is also designed to portray him as a non-adult, or child.

Now take Mike Tyson, his boxing heyday was at ages 18-22. He was unbeatable at those ages. Would anyone have wanted to tangle with him, in the street or ring, when he was 18 years of age?

The same age as Michael Brown.

A teenager can be a 13 year old, and reasonably still be described as a child (for boys especially as their voices might not yet have broken), but an 18 year old is a young MAN! And if the SWTHTF, 18 year old's, especially males, are conscripted for military service to go fight, kill and be killed. (War, at the sharp end all said and done, is a young man's game - the very age demographic that this "teen" fell into).

But, of course, the reason the MSM prefer to label him as a teen is not in the above context, but to subliminally put into the heads of the general masses the idea that he was just a young lad, a child, not a grown man.

MSM = Me So Mendacious!

As for Obongo, he's just a disgrace. His speech yesterday absolutely dripped with thinly-veiled antagonism towards both officer Wilson and the grand-jury verdict, while cutting an utter pass for both Michael Brown and the forces of Lawlesness and Disorder.

James said...

UN, Spark is a dumb name. They seem to have a higher than normal proportion of black body radiation coming from their employees too.

BTW - WASP grandfather said that in a fight with a black, you cripple their delicate knees as opposed to their hard heads.

Go for their necks too. Weak necks. Strong faces. If you encounter a hulking Ferguson monster, run.

They do have week legs. look on youtube for vids of their legs breaking playing basketball.

They have no calf muscle hardly.

James said...

North Dakota has named a huge garbage dump after Obama.

Barack Obama Memorial Landfill

When completed, the Barack Obama Memorial Landfill will be the largest waste disposal site in North Dakota, and the 17th largest in the United States. It will be especially rich in toxic waste from the local petroleum and medical industries.
“We wanted to do something to honor the president,” says Republican State Senator Doug Perlman, who was the lead sponsor of the bill. “And I think a pile of garbage is a fitting tribute to Obama’s presidency.

James said...

Uncle Nasty, you might enjoy this book --- highly recommended by Henry Makow.

Goodson is a former Director of the Reserve Bank and, according to his book:

It is absolutely clear that the Board of the Reserve Bank has absolutely no idea how the money creation process works. In other words, they do not actually understand that, when a commercial bank creates a loan or an overdraft, the customer spends the money into existence. In other words, a bank loan creates brand new money.

The scandal of Gill Marcus, a Jew, the former Governor of the SARB, is both alarming and disturbing. After selling sandwiches in London, she studied economics and went to work for our Reserve Bank. She was so awful*, that she was instructed to clear her desk in 2004 and leave the building. She was fired. However after secretly following [her predecessor] Tito Mboweni around, she created a black-list** of all his ill-deeds. Later, she reappeared as Governor of SARB under mysterious circumstances.


* Awful according to crazy anti-Semites; competent and unfairly smeared according to sane people such as the Nobel Prize committee and Nastiestuncle.

** Racist terminology. Better buy the book before it gets banned.

James said...

Again, I'd recommend this online book which gives a seemingly realistic portrayal of Jew/Pole interactions during WW2 in Poland.

One eye-opener is this part of chapter II:

The purpose here, of course, is not to demonstrate what one hopes would be taken for granted, namely, that Jews given the chance will behave as well or as badly as anyone else. The purpose is simply to show that the marked increase in anti-Semitism in occupied Poland in 1939-1941 was linked to Jewish conduct. To put the perspective of many Poles emotively, Jews were seen to be dancing on Poland's grave.
Naturally, there is more to the story than that. Objectively speaking, there was no reason for Polish Jews as a whole to react to Poland's defeat in the way that most Poles did, nor for them to share Polish feeling that collaborating with the invaders was in itself an act of disloyalty. Nor should one forget that the prevalence of Jews in the Soviet organs of oppression did not stop the Soviets, once established, from devastating Jewish life in the Soviet zone. The Jewish communes, which had flourished under Polish rule, were peremptorily abolished. The Jewish middle class was reduced to penury. Hebrew schools, Zionist clubs, all independent Jewish organizations were closed down overnight. Conditions were so good that thousands of Jewish refugees swarmed westward toward the Nazi zone, passing swarms of other refugees fleeing in the opposite direction. Gross even reports one incident, where a visiting Nazi commission was greeted by crowds of Jews chanting "Heil Hitler" in the hope of getting permission to cross the frontier. And on the frontier bridge over the River Bug, they were met by a Nazi officer shouting: "Jews, where on earth are you going? We are going to kill you".
All Polish citizens shared in the confusion. Many fled from west to east to escape the Nazis. Many fled from east to west to escape the Soviets. Many, quite literally, went around in circles...

The hopeless predicament of such people, trapped between Hitler and Stalin, eloquently illustrates the predicament of Eastern Europe as a whole. Poles, Jews, Ukrainians, and all other peoples of the region were caught in the same double bind, overtaken not just by one occupation, but by two. Eastern Europe lay astride the battleground of the two greatest tyrannies the world has yet seen; and the full horror of its fate can never be comprehended unless events on either side of the dividing line are related to each other.

Anonymous said...

Hey nilus I'm currently watching the Communist News Network and there's a "who" and a negro.

You'd laugh or spit.
I get a kick out of your commentary.
Scot Irish

AnalogMan said...

I won't even call this off topic:

Probably my favourite writer on subjects relating to our racial survival is F Roger Devlin. He doesn't write a lot, but what he writes "he writes real good".

Amren has an interview with him - The Decline of Western Man (and Woman). Highly recommended - and read the linked articles, too, if you haven't already. There's a treasure trove of links there that will keep me reading for days. Sorry to sound like a teenage groupie girl, but this man is a clear thinker.

Some samples: First, from one of the linked articles (Amren, June 2008) on women in the movement -

Many racially conscious whites worry about the absence of women in our ranks, but I believe they have it backwards. We do not need women on our side to succeed politically; we need to succeed politically to have women on our side. As soon as we start winning, the ladies will find our arguments plausible, our faces handsome, and our jokes witty. Direct political action by women is not part of the European tradition; respect for the vital female role in the family is. When we have done our work, they will gladly do theirs: bear our race’s children.

On politics -

I am as far as possible from any lack of interest in politics, but I take a long term view of events in which particular electoral contests shrink to near-insignificance. The liberal system will not be defeated by electing substantial numbers of dissidents to high office; there is truth in the old radical slogan that if elections could change anything, they would be illegal. The liberal system will collapse of its own weight: debt, over-centralization, anti-natalism, all the perverse incentives it creates. As our old sources of national strength quietly dry up, the regime is distracted with exotic trivia like gay marriage and the search for new forms of discrimination to combat. Competition from China alone is going to put an end to this ideological navel-gazing in the not-too-distant future. We must position ourselves to present the public with a credible alternative when the crisis hits. This is my focus, not the shadow-boxing of Republicans vs. Democrats.

On the Jewish Question:

I have read Dr. MacDonald’s trilogy from beginning to end twice, parts of it more often. I think the interpretation of “cultures” as group evolutionary strategies will prove a crucial insight. Viewed sub specie aeternitatis, Dr. MacDonald’s interpretation of Jewish-Gentile conflict has a tragic quality to it: Conflict is not due to any misunderstanding which might be corrected, but to the intrinsic nature of the two peoples. Of course, in politics we do not have the luxury of viewing conflict sub specie aeternitatis, and we must do what is best for our own people. This has nothing to do with harboring negative feelings toward Jews or anyone else, but only with perceiving our ethnopolitical situation accurately in order to act upon it rationally. I work with dissident Jews who are willing to work with me, but I do not foresee any time when the perceived self-interest of organized Jewry coincides with White self-interest.

On the white ethnostate:

I’m in favor of it. The whole racial problem comes of having to share territory with enemies and parasites. Anti-white sentiment is merely an “ideological superstructure” resting on the “material base” of shared territory: Remove the base and the ideology will vanish overnight.

nilus said...

Angelo Gage on "The Unarmed Black Teenager"(Worldwide copyright, Kike-MantraCorps), Swisher Sweet Georgia Brown. Excellent as ever:

F. McCool said...

UN. This Libya thing always fascinated me. The one thing I noticed was that they set up a central bank in Benghazi even as the war was still raging.

SAVANT said...

Lemmyhead. That 'wise poster' on the Kalispell link was me! (LoL)

Anonymous said...

Fucks and old Jewish perv argues with one of the foulest publicity seeking ageing jewesses on the planet and gives birth to shit coloured gene polluted offspring


Anonymous said...

Is Hefner jewish?

What struck me about that link was the borderline illiteracy of the "journalist". Just read the first few paragraphs and see what I mean.

katana said...

AnalogMan said... 27 November 2014 06:47
I won't even call this off topic:

Probably my favourite writer on subjects relating to our racial survival is F Roger Devlin. He doesn't write a lot, but what he writes "he writes real good".

I have to agree to a good degree that Devlin has important things to say, especially on "male -female relationship" issues.

His observations on White female loyalty is eye-opening for males in particular. Females, given their evolved sense of survival for themselves and future offspring will likely shift allegiance to the victors' side in any conflict if they think that will be the foreseeable status quo. They will find reason to side with the victors, regardless of any race, creed or whatever in general. Of course there is a sizable minority, who will resist strongly.

But where I find Devlin lacking is his view on politics. To me it seems he doesn't want to get involved in the nitty gritty of it all because it prevents him from pontificating from up on high.

You quote him saying:

"The liberal system will collapse of its own weight: debt, over-centralization, anti-natalism, all the perverse incentives it creates. As our old sources of national strength quietly dry up, the regime is distracted with exotic trivia like gay marriage and the search for new forms of discrimination to combat. Competition from China alone is going to put an end to this ideological navel-gazing in the not-too-distant future. We must position ourselves to present the public with a credible alternative when the crisis hits. This is my focus, not the shadow-boxing of Republicans vs. Democrats."

This is low level analysis, accepting of the jew media narrative, talk.

Example: ""The liberal system will collapse of its own weight: debt, over-centralization, anti-natalism, all the perverse incentives it creates." This kind of outcome would be a feature and not a bug that organized jewry have engineered.

Example: "The regime is distracted with exotic trivia like gay marriage and the search for new forms of discrimination to combat." The "regime" is most certainly not distracted by such things. It's the jew "regime" that is deliberately trying to distract us with such talk about gays and discrimination. Once again it's a feature not a bug.

Example: " Competition from China alone is going to put an end to this ideological navel-gazing in the not-too-distant future." Yes, this is so, but who engineered that outcome? Who transferred manufacturing to China? Was it the Chinese? No, it was the usual suspects, international jewry.

Example: "We must position ourselves to present the public with a credible alternative when the crisis hits. This is my focus, not the shadow-boxing of Republicans vs. Democrats." Pretty vague talk that sounds good. But what of this "when the crisis hits"?

I'd say that the vast majority of crisis's that occur are deliberately engineered to happen by the usual suspects, just like the Great Depression, the World Wars and so on.

So, Devlin is good but falls on his face when he starts discussing a subject he distances himself from.


My latest blog post, The Bloody Red Streak - Part 2 (last), is here: KATANA


Sponge Cake said...

Chilling moment member of 13-strong Somali prostitution gang checks in to a Premier Inn hotel before raping 13-year-old girl in a room with another man

Tol said...

Celebrating diversity?

Here is some diversity that the 25,000 recently arrived Somali immigrants have brought to the fine old English town of Bristol:

Apparently child rape is part of Somali culture, or so the savages told their 13 year old white victims who were being 'groomed', abused and farmed out to other Somalis on an industrial scale.

AnalogMan said...

Savant, you're Tony Murphy?

I thought Dan O'Connor did heroic work.

I see the comments are closed now, due to complaints of commenters attacking each other. I wonder who did the attacking, and who complained? Somehow, I suspect they were the same group.

Anonymous said...

Angus Deayton was removed from Have I got News For You because Merton and Hisplop disliked him not for cocaine as Richard Bacon showed as he returned 6 months after being fired.

This allows them to bring in guest hosts like Miranda Hart who cannot read the autocue with regard to timing so losing the humour.

Angus Deayton could.

nilus said...



I was just waiting for a podcast to buffer, so I flicked on LBC.

Didnt recognise the voice talking, but the presenter is Iain Dale
(QUEER). Turns out the voice I heard was that of Micheal Fabricant

I heard about 10 mins last night of
JEW Olly Mann's show, regarding "asylum seekers" "refugees" from Syria

(you know the score, we bomb'em, we bring'em in, they hate us for bombing'em, we hate'm for being here: everybody's happy! Well, the JEWS are, at least)

The JEW of course was saying that there should be no limit to the amount of these poor,poor Syrians that can come here, somehow it's "our duty", etc.

A caller said "We are an island. We are FULL. We are BURSTING. This is not racist, it's about number's, infrastructure, etc "

The JEW went on to basically refute all the caller's points, even saying that we are not an island, there's loads of room, only a tiny percentage of the countryside is used for housing (THAT'S WHY IT'S CALLED "THE COUNTRYSIDE" YOU DUMB KIKE)so let's just concrete over whats left so Syrians, Afghans, Pakis,Iraqis,Somalis,Sudanese ,Bangladeshis ,etc etc can live there. Blood fully boiling at this point, had to switch it off.


Funnily enough, a mate of mine heard exactly the same section of that programme, whilst driving last night, he also had to slam it off as his anger was in danger of affecting his driving.

Same mate sent me a text about an hour ago: He was watching BBC Parliament, there's a debate about the child sex abuse/paedophilia , speaker is JEW Zac Goldsmith (Tory)..speaking to "row upon row of empty benches"

Only SIX MPs PRESENT out of 600.

nilus said...

UK Home Secretary: Child sex abuse reports only tip of Goldberg

Sponge Cake said...

Oscar-Nominated Filmmaker To Make Ferguson, ‘Black Male Crisis’ Documentary.

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Amy Berg and actor Nate Parker are teaming on a “Black Male Crisis” documentary in the U.S. in the wake of the August shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. in August.

Berg, Parker and writer-director Matthew Cooke launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on Wednesday — two days after the announcement of a grand jury failing to indict officer Darren Wilson in the shooting.

The campaign has already generated $3,125 or 12% of its $25,000 goal. Deadline for contributions is Jan 5.

Amy J. Berg (born October 13, 1970) is an American film maker best known for her Academy Award-nominated documentary Deliver Us from Evil (2006). Deliver Us from Evil is about sex abuse cases in the Roman Catholic Church, focusing on Oliver O'Grady, who abused many children in California between the late 1970s and early 1990s.[1]

Born to an American Jewish family,[2][3] Berg grew up in the San Fernando Valley and lives in the Venice Beach neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.[4]

Prior to Deliver Us From Evil, Berg produced documentary segments for CNN Investigations and the CBS News program "30 Minutes of Special Assignment". Her work at CBS News earned her Emmy Awards in 2003 and 2004. Before that, Berg researched and developed stories for Silver Creek Entertainment. Many aired on Good Morning America, 20/20, and Extra. In addition, she has written numerous articles for the National Organization For Women, The Jewish Journal[disambiguation needed] and a number of monthly and weekly periodicals in America and France.[5]

red pill said...

We can presume then that AMy Berg, 'born to a jewish family' will not be producing films on the rampant paedophilia among Orthodox jewish rabbis?

Anonymous said...

Black boy with toy gun fatally shot.

Uncle Nasty said...

Regarding Katana's post on the book The Bloody Red Streak – Part 2

All that happened was we had a measure of depreciation). In time of war, of course, Britain went completely off gold and spent something like her real spending power — £15,000,000 a day — in killing her German brothers, but then the life of world-Jewry was at stake! That’s different of course! Why can’t we spend £15,000,000 a day in peace time on improving the conditions of the British working class? Why can we only spend it when fighting wars for the Jews?

Hitler went off the gold standard completely, both internally and externally. Internally he printed enough money to dissolve in a very short time his seven million unemployed which he inherited in 1933, and also to give them three square meals a day for the first time in their lives.

Put plainly, the secondary war aim of the allies was to save the gold standard. There are about 400 international financiers, mostly Jews, who between them in 1939 had cornered £7,000,000,000 worth of gold. Were Hitler’s economics to be copied by the rest of the world to the vast benefit of their hordes of unemployed, those 400 men stood to lose £7,000,000,000 of gold, which would become useless scrap metal overnight.

This will be wonderful weekend reading ...


Anonymous said...

British man on honeymoon Mohamed Keyla kicked off flight for swigging too much from duty free vodka and to think that Ben Elton gave out about Mother in Law jokes a staple of British comedy.

Anonymous said...

So Joan Collins was raped by an actor and went on to marry him because she is a stupid as a character in one of her sister's books?

nilus said...

Chilling moment member of 13-strong Somali prostitution gang checks in to a Premier Inn hotel before raping 13-year-old girl in a room with another man

Jusuf Abdirizak, 20, and Said Zakaria, 22, raped girl three times in hotel
They were members of a gang who abused four schoolgirls
Three of the girls were white and one was mixed race
They believed they were in relationships with the defendants
Some were persuaded to have sex with their 'boyfriend's' friends and told this was part of Somali 'culture and tradition'
Another victim, 16, had been placed in a city centre flat on her own
Abusers used her home as a base to sell drugs
Seven men were convicted of sex offences at trial in the summer
Other six, plus Zakaria, who was involved in first trial, convicted yesterday
They were in custody today and will be sentenced tomorrow
A 14th man linked to the gang admitted supplying cocaine in first trial
All of the men, though Somali in origin, were in the UK legally

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Obi-Wan Nairobi


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Tall Fallover woman meets kike BBC chief Cohen's 'diversity' anti-male quota.

Anonymous said...

If you want to know why all the African Refugees are showing up to "enrich" Europe and North America, take a look at US agribusiness giants like ADM and Cargill. They dump millions of tons of surplus grain into African feeding camps every year. The "Refugee Camps" are actually giant permanent cities propagated solely by UN food aid. Why would US corporations do this? Is it simply greed by these agribusiness companies? Or is it an effort to overwhelm the last white places on earth with an endless tide of African Refugees.,8599,2044430,00.html



Uncle Nasty said...

Could this be the start of something big?

From Russia with Love
The Administration / 1 day ago

I’m beginning to warm to this Putin fellow. Russia allegedly funding Europe’s entire dissident right.

Marine Le Pen has admitted that her [far far far far far] far-right Front National accepted money from a Russian bank, amid growing evidence that the Kremlin is backing [pro-European people] anti-European parties across the continent.

Le Pen said that her party had received a loan of €9 million (£7 million) in September from the Russian-owned First Czech-Russian Bank, but insisted that the money would have no impact on her policies.

“We signed with the First bank who agreed and we’re very happy about it,” she said. But it is “ridiculous to suggest that gaining a loan would determine our international position,” she insisted. “These insinuations are outrageous and offensive.”

According to recent opinion polls, the National Front is now France’s most popular party.

Russian loans have also been extended to Greece’s [nazi nazi nazi nazi] neofascist Golden Dawn party, Belgium’s [extremist] Vlaams Belang, Italy’s Northern League [of bigots], Hungary’s Jobbik [haters] and the [intolerant] Freedom Party of Austria, The Times reports. All of these parties except Golden Dawn were invited to observe Crimea’s vote on joining Russia and all offered their support for the annexation of the south-eastern Ukrainian region.

The loans to the National Front from the Russian-owned bank occurred amid “growing evidence of a secret Kremlin campaign to buy influence in European politics,” The Times says.

Read on and hopefully be cheered up a bit ... Now all we have to do is destroy the MSM, and the journey back to reality begins.


Uncle Nasty said...

Off topic, but interesting nonetheless, and sort of further to my last post.

I have often been fascinated by the animosity shown by the MSM towards the Catholic church. In particular, the ongoing vendetta regarding the so-called propensity of Catholic priests fiddling with the choir boys.

Say the words "Catholic priests" and the first image that pops into the head is "paedophile". Needless to say, the Catholic church, traditionally has been the bastion against the judaic takeover for centuries, now.

Pot ... meet kettle.

2,013 posts categorized "Pedophilia & Related Crimes"

November 26, 2014: Haredi Teacher Indicted For Serial Child Sex Abuse
Comments: 2 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Israel , Pedophilia & Related Crimes
A teacher in a haredi Talmud Torah school in Beitar Illit was charged today with a series of child sex abuse charges. Above: File photo Haredi Teacher Indicted For Serial Child Sex Abuse Shmarya Rosenberg • A teacher in...

November 26, 2014: Hidden Crisis Of Violence Against Women And Girls Needs Immediate Actions. Studies Show
Comments: 9 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Pedophilia & Related Crimes
"Globally, one in three women will experience intimate partner and/or sexual violence by non-partners in their lifetime, which shows that more investment needs to be made in prevention.…No magic wand will eliminate violence against women and girls. But evidence tells...

November 25, 2014: Chabad Pedophile Deported To US
Comments: 7 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes
Rabbi David Kramer, the twice-convicted Chabad pedophile who has served time in both US and Australian prisons for sexually abusing boys in a Chabad school and in an Orthodox synagogue, was deported in September from Australia to the US. His...

November 25, 2014: London Trial Of Accused Child Molester Halted, Remaining Charges May Be Dropped
Comments: 26 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes , Skepticism & Former Haredim
The trial of a South Tottenham, London, UK "rebel" haredi man accused of molesting an “innocent and vulnerable” 14-year-old haredi girl in her own home has been halted on the first day of the hearing and one charge against him...

November 25, 2014: Case Against Rabbi Elimelech Meisels, Pnimim Seminary, Et Al Settled Out Of Court
Comments: 6 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Israel , Pedophilia & Related Crimes
The civil suit against Rabbi Elimelech Meisels, Pnimim Seminary, its American fundraising arm, several other haredi seminaries once controlled by Meisels, and others has been settled out of court. Meisels allegedly sexually abused and exploited young haredi women who were...

Yep ... you read it right. 2,013 posts on kiddy-fiddling Rabbis.

Strange how we don't read about them so often ... no?

Said it before, and I'll say it again. Rein in or, preferably, destroy the MSM and ninety percent of the battle is won.


Unknown said...

Dear Nilus (who does not drive a GTR car)... You are amazing mate and if you are looking for new job and are at least 66.6% good at doing IT work then I may have a job for you because my current IT man is a know what!!!


Unknown said...

"Talk about chutzpah. But listen, the worm is turning. You see the comments to the report are running at least 20:1 against the the Thought Police and, even better, show a really clear understanding of Secher's hypocrisy and the central Jewish role in the White Genocide Project. I
Read them yourself at the end of the article.
And enjoy!"

I have just read what you recommended here... And it is brilliant just like you said it would be!(Well most of it anyway)

Anonymous said...

98.6% white town. So much for diversity. But Love Lives Here has on their agenda, as you can see by their blog, the homosexual agenda in schools, Black Lives Matter, and Refugees.

Anonymous said...

May I simply just say what a comfort to uncover an individual who really understands what they're discussing on the internet.
You certainly know how to bring a problem to light and make
it important. A lot more people need to read this and understand this
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