Sunday, 24 August 2014

When Irish eyes are bleeding

A few posts back I wrote about the latest gift from the Dark Continent, the Ebola virus. There had been a fear that this would spread to Western countries, what with our vibrant local African communities and their penchant for bush meat and so on.  And indeed this terrible outcome seemed to have occurred, with patients from the affected areas arriving in the West and ending up dead in isolation units.  We've even had a case in Donegal, where a man recently returned from Sierra Leone succumbed to the dreaded symptoms.

However you can imagine the relief when it was revealed that the cause of death was not the Ebola virus, rather the Not-Ebola virus. Same thing seems to be happening all over the world so maybe we don't have anything to worry about.

So just to clarify, the symptoms of the Ebola virus are fatigue, fever, joint, muscle and abdominal pain, blood-soaked vomiting and diarrhoea, and  bleeding from every orifice before the unfortunate victim expires after about ten days by dissolving into a bloody mass.

The symptoms of the  Not-Ebola virus on the other hand are fatigue, fever, joint, muscle and abdominal pain, blood-soaked vomiting and diarrhoea, and  bleeding from every orifice before the unfortunate victim expires after about ten days by dissolving into a bloody mass.

So don't worry if you hear about such a case near you.  The likelihood is that it not be the dreaded Ebola virus, rather the Non-Ebola one.  Now back to work.


Eire nua said...

I was thniking the same thing savant, all this denial...they doth protest too much.

Anyway lets hope it never arrives anywhere.

nilus said...

off topic:

JEW danny Cohen's BBC1, Sunday Morning:

BBC News: MASSIVE carnage in Gaza, reported by a female called
Alpa Patel.

Over to correspondent
JEW David Stern in Kiev.

Now over to China, reporter
JEW? Tim Allman /Ulmann?

Finally, A White English Male...doing the weather.
Know your place, bitch.

Next, a trailer for the "BBC Travel Show", presented by an Indian male,Tommy Sandher,another male who looks Burmese, a female Chink Australian, a dreadlock African nigger in a wheelchair..see his free holiday , oops I meant gripping and urgent Important Investigative report about how jet skis are getting more difficult to hire... in Jamaica


Next, a review of the jewspapers with Indian/Muz Female Academic Zimila Bunglawala and crap Black female writer Dreda Say Mitchell

Both are obsessed with the word "coonmoonity"

The front pages are full of photos of niggers and muslims,tales of FBI agents at UK airports, beheadings,Terror,Terrorists, Ebola,immigration..but nothing about Gaza/israel.

Back to the wee White guy doing the weather..KNOW YOUR PLACE, BITCH.

BBC1's "ethical debate" programme"Sunday Morning Live":

Firstly, a female Indian reporter Aliva Hadyatt (?) at the Christian Green Belt festival.

First topic: Wyminnz iz being BULLIED, EMOTIONALLY.New laws is required.Lets hear from Black, female barrister Paula Rhone-Adrien, who seems to still have problems pronouncing some English words, despite being born here, innit?

NEXT "Should Islam blah blah blah..?"

Let's ask the panel:

MAIN GUEST JEW Sir Lord Robert Winston.

Right of center Neocon
QUEER Douglas Murray.

OBLIGATORY pretty White English female Muzz convert, in headscarf.

NEXT TOPIC: "Is traditional Christian worship on the way out?"

Lets ask the panel:

Obligatory Female Vicar.

Right-of-center QUEER
Milos wossisname ( assistant head of Breitbart London)

JEW Sir Lord Robert Winston

nilus said...

The programme also askes "What can we do to stop young British men being radicalised, seduced by War propaganda, and going off to kill and die in the Middle East?

EASY ! Stop all those "Join The Army " campaigns!

I jest, I jest, they of course were talking about how "inexplicable" it is that UK born MUZZ SCUM could "hate their country" and go off to fight with fellow MUZZ SCUM against the Evil, JEW CONTROLLED ,WEST, that's been bombing MUZZIE countries relentlessly for decades now.

Yeah, its a real chin-scratcher, that one.

Let's hear from MUZZ Sir Iqbal Sacranie and Female Muzzie Lawyer Zubeda Limbada..and MUZZ Shiraz Maher (sounds like a jewish wine..)

Celtic Morning said...

You can take the African out of Africa (unfortunately) but you cant take Africa out of the African.

Anonymous said...

Someone from the UK has been confirmed with the Ebila virus (To quote Marian Finucane who surprisingly never heard the correct pronunciation when doing her research of listening to RTE.)
though whether they are over there or over here threatening real British people and the fakers I do not know.

nilus said...

On another report from "Greenbelt" festival, there was an interview with ANOTHER female vicar, this time the rather thick and shallow one from "Googlebox". "Should Christianity be more FUN?"
Yay! Bouncy Castles!
Yay!Pogo Sticks!
Were goin' to Praiseland, USYay!

Then an interview with a jewy-looking lesbian-looking American (short grey hair, Buddy Holly specs, wrap-around shawl/scarf and tattoos all over her arms ) called "Pastor Nadia Volks-Weber"? who apparently has her own church.

Meanwhile, on ITV2 "America's Got Talent" with KIKE JUDGES Howie Mandel and Howard Stern, coalburning Nordic female Heidi Klum, and brash half-caste Mel B.

On "Yesterday": "Nazi Hunters" 'Goering-The Star Exhibit'

The global search for the most sought-after World War 2 criminals (NO SUCH THING)
How HITLER'S deputy Hermann Goering was captured by the GOODIES,oops I mean "The Allies" leading to his suicide.'

Sponge Cake said...

Sickle Cell: Ireland’s new disease which affects 400 children and 100 adults.

One-third of new HIV cases are African(2007).

TB Immigrants arrive Ireland compulsory medical examination.

Second case of leprosy reported in Ireland.

If we exclude Ebola from entering Ireland, that would be Waaycis.

Sponge Cake said...

Go to Google images and type in Ebola.

Is it safe to eat ebola soup? :(

Anonymous said...

Here in Canada, we also had an "Ebola" scare from a returning African that was "proven" to be a false alarm. Not sure what all this means, except that it must be agenda-driven.

As an aside, if any writers want to strut their stuff, the following website might be just the place for you.

Sponge Cake said...

A British man who tested positive for Ebola is being transported for treatment in London on a Royal Air Force jet, Sierra Leone's health ministry has said.

It is the first confirmed case of a Briton contracting the virus, which does not have a cure.

Sidie Yayah Tunis, director of communications for Sierra Leone's health ministry, said the man has been transported to the main airport in the coastal town of Lungi and will fly to Britain today.

The Department of Health said he is not "currently seriously unwell" and will be treated at the Royal Free Hospital, in Hampstead, north London.

If I had the final say, I wouldn't let him come to the UK. Of course, common sense has never been my strong point. :)

Anonymous said...

The Aperican who had her niglet delivered by veteranarians to first world standards by Chimp Section could have gone to the UK for an abortion it was just that she was too lazy and the pro-abortion crowd wanted another darkskinned type to push their agenda.

Sponge Cake said...


Rose of Tralee reveals she's gay.

"I'm confident in who I am as a person," she said.

"To me, being gay is normal. I told my parents and they were supportive, as I knew they would be."

A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Maria (27) moved to Shrule in Co Mayo with her family 20 years ago but following her graduation in Journalism and Visual Media at Griffith College, moved to New York and later to Philadelphia.

Next year's Rose of Tralee winner, will be a one-legged, black transvestite from Detroit.

P.S. The ROT is shit, always has been.

Dave said...

Great post. ROTFLOL!!!

Bad to laught at something like this but, ah fuck it!

tsnamm said...

The 2 US aid workers "cured"...huzzah! Even though experts say that the virus can lay dormant for weeks or months, they're free to long will they be able to keep this swept under the rug, once a serious outbreak happens? It's painfully obvious that health officials would have had zero qualms about enforcing stricter quarantine polices if ebola originated in Europe or Asia...but since niggers carry it, it's racist to do that now...just ask the "news" outlets.

rebel said...

Know what, those movies like Outbreak are pretty cool. NOthing like watching blood shooting out of every orifice in bodies with hot nurses in Hazmat Gear running around all hot and sweaty. Problem with this as opposed to cinema, is we have to wait so long to get to the real excitement. I'd much rather get the whole fricking thing over with in an hour and 30 minutes than to watch this drag on for months or years on end.

nilus said...

"Why did the queer Irishman get tested twice for AIDS?"

"To be sure, to be sure"

HIV positive men treated like 'lepers' - TCD study
Gay Irishmen 'shun' friends who admit they've contracted the virus

Irish gay men have reported being shunned by some of their own friends when they reveal that they are HIV positive.

The stigma associated with the virus that activists prayed had been consigned to history is back with a vengeance, a new joint Trinity College Dublin study concludes.

One HIV infected gay man who took part in the study said negativity from his 
peers was so strong when he told them he had tested positive that he felt it would be preferable to have cancer than HIV.

The disturbing stigmatisation of the disease comes as new cases of HIV infection among gay men in Ireland are at their highest ever.

In 2005 there were 60 newly diagnosed cases. Last year there were 159. Many HIV positive men, faced with odium from their peers, are choosing to keep their illness a secret.

Those who reveal their diagnosis to family, friends and sexual partners say the 
experience is deeply traumatic.

Some HIV sufferers, who opened up to friends, even found themselves publicly outed on social media and banished from their circle of gay friends.

"Dublin is relatively small and Ireland is relatively small, but Dublin's gay community is smaller still, so when they tell one person it is almost guaranteed that other people are going to find out as well," said Patrick Murphy, lead researcher for The HIV Disclosure Study,

"It's almost a double bind, because there is a pressure to disclose, so you are damned if you do and you are damned if you don't. They are faced with the moral burden of non-disclosure or a backlash if they act responsibly."

Disgusting Homosexual Abomination Vows To Have Sex With Different Person Each Day For A Year

The world under Jew-inspired Cultural Marxism continues to provide moments of absolute shock, with a 26 year old faggot “activist” declaring his intention to have sex with a different person each day for an entire year.
Mischa Badasyan, unfortunately a resident of Berlin, claims to be an Armenian of Russian descent, although some sources, including TruTube, have called him out for being a Jew. The behavior this freak is engaged in, topped off by astounding hubris and voyeurism, also tends to support the existence of parasitic DNA.

Anonymous said...


nilus said...

On LBC right now: "Why are people not more accepting of transgender people?"

( In the light of "Kelly" Maloney's brother's comments in the Sunday Mirror, apparently he is still "in denial" about his brother who likes dressing up as a lady)

Notice how the language puts the "problem" on us?

Why are we not "more accepting" ?

So sick of this shit.

Radio 4skin, today:

06:35 "On Your Farm"
Opium poppy harvest
Sybil Ruscoe follows the British opium poppy harvest from field to pharmacy.

Sybil Ruscoe goes on the journey of Britain's opium poppy harvest starting in the fields of Dorset but heading to the medicine cabinets of our hospitals and pharmacies. The crop is grown by the pharmaceutical company MacFarlan Smith and provides half of all morphine used in the UK. MacFarlan Smith work with a number of farmers in Dorset, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Lincolnshire. Although the farmer has to drill the seed, MacFarlan Smith monitors the crop on a weekly basis. More commonly grown in warmer countries such as India and Tasmania, the UK harvest this year has flourished.

08:48 "A Point of View"
'What's Funny?'
JEW Will Self reflects on comedy, asking what really makes us laugh.

12:04 "Just a Minute"
'How hard can it be to talk for 60 seconds without hesitation, repetition or deviation?'

How hard is it to find a BBC show that doesnt feature tedious
LESBIAN Sue Perkins?

"Taking the Edge Off"
Francine Stock explores our use of mind-altering substances and Aldous Huxley's influence. (

Francine explores the evolutionary possibilities associated with our use of mind-altering substances in the company of psychologist and neuroscientist Professor
JEW? Marc Lewis

Sponge Cake said...

When Irish eyes are bleeding,
Sure, 'tis like the morn in Spring.
In the lilt of Irish laughter
You can hear the African sing.
When Irish hearts are happy,
All the world seems bright and gay.
And when Irish eyes are bleeding,
Sure, they steal your sail phone away.

Anonymous said...

Africa. It explains a lot. Jared Taylor is spot-on in his article explaining the (most recent) African riots in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

@nilus 18:02

"Notice how the language puts the "problem" on us?

Why are we not "more accepting" ?"

Yeah, why should we be expected to accept it.

Same goes for slow old ladies on zebra crossings. I can't believe we are just expected to accept them as they are. RUN THE FUCKERS DOWN!

What about kids who get chicken pox. Why the fuck should we just accept them? Throw them down a fucking pit.

The worst ones are those people who move to the gay capital of the UK, enjoy watching oiled-up men touch each other then talk about homos all day. And we're expected to just be more accepting of these deviants!

Anonymous said...

@nilus 12:06

When the Muslims tried to conquer Europe in the 8th Century but were stopped at Tours, was the aggression the Muslims held towards the Europeans because of the number of we bombs were dropping on them from our planes?

It wasn't, was it.

This is because Muslims don't hate the West because of bombs. Muslims hate the West because the West is full of non-Muslims, and non-Muslims are an abomination to them.

So, stop being so cowardly and gullible - if we stop bombing them, they won't stop bombing us. Stop blindly believing whatever you are told.

Anonymous said...

Irish gay men have reported being shunned by some of their own friends when they reveal that they are HIV positive.

Could it be because they are responsible and don't go around barebacking?

Anonymous said...

Socialist Worker, 23 August 2014

Protesters rally at Downing Street against Israel's new attacks on Gaza

Several thousand people joined an emergency protest in front of Downing Street in central London today, Saturday, against Israel's renewed bombing of Gaza.

Left wing Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn celebrated the huge wave of protests that have taken place this summer against Israel's attacks. He said, "We've seen the seen the biggest demonstrations in support of Palestine during the last few weeks.

"And we're NOT GOING AWAY."

Every Little Helps

Note: There's no mention of this protest in the British MSM.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Watch: Pro-Palestinians Defend Hitler in London

Tensions high at London 'free Gaza' protest; pro-Israel protestor ejected by police, allegedly for his own safety.

“Tensions high”

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

IMEMC, 24 August 2014

Palestine Supporters Block Israeli Ships in Washington and Los Angeles

Following a four-day long port blockade action in Oakland, California, in which activists delayed and blocked an Israeli ship from unloading its goods, Palestine supporters in Tacoma, Washington and Los Angeles, California have continued the action on Friday and Saturday by blocking two ships from the Israeli Zim line.

Every Little Helps

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

"If you are lucky enough to know or work with a Jew, punch him right on the nose tomorrow"

Former Tyrone GAA star Tommy McGuigan who posted tweet urging followers to 'punch a Jew' facing police probe

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...


A new law passed this year is being used to prevent contractors providing services to the Scottish government from using Israeli equipment, goods, and services.

Every Little Helps

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

The little nose behind the curtain said: “This is because Muslims don't hate the West because of bombs. Muslims hate the West because the West is full of non-Muslims...”

...which is why the Jew continues to lobby for/demand open borders for Western Europe, North America and Australasia.

Question for the little nose behind the curtain: Can you name one – just ONE – Jewish political organisation opposed to Third World immigration into Western Europe, North America and Australasia?

Frank Galton

AnalogMan said...

NU @ 19:31:

Get lost, you pathetic faggot. I told you before, keep it clean, but you just can't help yourself.

You'll find less "acceptance" here than a pig in a synagogue.

Seneca said...

Can you name one – just ONE – Jewish political organisation opposed to Third World immigration into Western Europe, North America and Australasia?

That is the acid test. And no, I cannot name even a single one.

Anonymous said...


Too true!

And that was the same strategy they used to say "No Such Thing As Race" was it not?

First deny cause, then deny effect. Last: deny us palefaces ever existed.


Uncle Nasty said...

I find St. Nilus's revelations on the doings and the screwings of the joo/fag/nigger dominated Hebe-Bee-Cee absolutely fascinating ... and of course, wonder that anyone in the UK can stand to watch it. This pretty much goes for television anywhere, of course, but the Brits seem to be a particularly egregious example.

It's rather like the McMillan quote of sealing off Africa, and then peeping in every ten years or so, to see if anything has changed. I have not watched a television set for about twenty years and feel no compulsion to do so. It's (to my mind) like setting up a deck chair to view a high-risk train-smash level crossing -- but without the entertainment value.

I once read that the aristocracy -- and a fair amount of the plebs -- used to stroll down to Bedlam on a dull day to view the antics of the inmates. This always struck me as far-fetched.

But, I now begin to see the thinking behind it.

I am sure that the the world is agog with the knowledge that New Zealand is about to suffer a general election and anticipates the outcome with keen interest.

The fight -- if one may dignify it with such a title -- will be between the National Party (very-slightly-to-the-right Left Wing) and Labour (very-much-to-the-left Left Wing) ... rather like the UK's Conservative and Labour and the US's Reps and Dems -- and like the aforementioned parties pretty much two sides of the same coin.

To my absolute astonishment, I am eligible to vote, and will do so, although the parties that I would vote for (ACT, NZ First or Conservative) do not stand a snowball's hope.

Of course they don't ... not yet.

Maybe in ten year's time, when the country is 60% Chinese .... but not yet.

Interestingly enough, my work takes me to the Auckland International Airport on a regular basis. Over the last week a good deal of the signage, departure/landing info, etc. has become bilingual ... English and Chinese.

The thin end of the wedge. Whattaya know.


Anonymous said...

Light Unto the Nations bombs 12-storey tower after Larry Silverstein says “Pull It”.

The Israeli military said the target was a Hamas operations room in the building, but did not say why the whole tower with 44 apartments was brought down.

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Here in Canada, we also had an "Ebola" scare from a returning African that was "proven" to be a false alarm. Not sure what all this means, except that it must be agenda-driven.

As an aside, if any writers want to strut their stuff, the following website might be just the place for you.

24 August 2014 15:21

Thank you Annonny of Canada ... absolutely excellent site. Thoughtful and in-depth comment on a host of issues regarding the LNBTC.

This goes right next to my Stormfront link.


David said...

X-factor on location.

She wants the one she cant have: the tragedy of the queer. said...

Former Chief Psychiatrist Says ‘Transgender’ Craze is a Mental Disorder

The “transgender” craze currently being promoted by the controlled mass media as “the next civil rights frontier” is in fact a mental illness and its promotion is aiding and abetting mental disorders, the former chief psychiatrist for the Johns Hopkins Hospital has said.
Dr. Paul R. McHugh, who is currently Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at the world-famous hospital, also said that sex changes were “biologically impossible” and that those doctors who “promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.”
In addition, he said, “transgenderism is a mental disorder that merits treatment” like society would treat other mental disorders, and it should not be catered to by the media or the medical profession in the way that it is.
Dr. McHugh, who is the author of six books and at least 125 peer-reviewed medical articles, made his remarks in an article in the WALL STREETJournal titled “Transgender Surgery Isn’t the Solution”, in which he explained that transgender surgery is not the solution for people who suffer a “disorder of ‘assumption’”—the notion that their maleness or femaleness is different than what nature assigned to them biologically.

Last night I watched Brit Micheal Bisping kick the shit out of Vietnamese Cung Le,he nust have lost easily a pint of blood from the cuts round his eyes, and now Im about to watch the UFC main card from last night, Henderson vs Dosanjos.

I suppose there are more fags in the crowd than at a George Micheal concert, hey, faggot?

At least when you are trolling me you arent touching kids.

Just yourself.

Anonymous said...

I knew Ireland would be in the top five recipients of the "Ebola/non-Ebola" travellers. Just behind US, England, Germany...large populace countries. Keep focusing on gay rights, cultural-marxist Ireland!!! Nothing to see here!!

Btw, I expect the stolen homeland of the chosen ones to be the last country to accept an infected one from the dark continent.

Anonymous said...

All those possible cases of ebola were ebola. You really don't think there is a western government that would tell its citizenry the truth, do you?

Wake up folks and prepare yourself for hell to be unleased. Do they ever tell us what it is yet it has similar symptoms to ebola??? It is ebola!

Anonymous said...

@She wants the one she cant have: the tragedy of the queer. 00:00

There isn't a transgender craze being promoted by the mass media. A person cannot be made to become a transgender person. It's a biological problem.

Oddly though, you think that these people should be made to suffer just because their physical and mental genders aren't the same.

Do you think that all people born with some kind of disability or disorder should be discriminated against and cast out, or have you just settled on transgenders and queers because it is something close to your own heart?

Write me a reply then you can get back to watching Spartacus followed by some wrestling.

Anonymous said...

Some dude was a dude then the NHS made him a gal and she did not like it so they made her a guy again.

Shaunantijihad said...

I'll third that link. Very well written stuff.

This article is a good intro to the Holohoax lie, and how Jews use it as a psychological weapon against Whites whilst they organise the very real genocide against us by mass non-White immigration:

nilus said...

"Oddly though, you think that these people should be made to suffer just because their physical and mental genders aren't the same."

-Nanciest Auntie.

Firstly, I never once said these people should suffer of be subjected to any form of punishment, you snide, lying FAGGOT.

Second, "Spartacus" is a shit KIKE movie starring a KIKE as a KIKE, why on Earth would I want to watch it?If I was a FAG and I wanted a wank, surely there's usually a "gay" section on most free porn sites? Could you confirm this?

Do you think that all people born with some kind of disability or disorder should be discriminated against and cast out, or have you just settled on transgenders and queers because it is something close to your own heart?"

Very feeble, pathetic, pisspoor attempt at constructing a strawman.

You're simply not up to the job, you phoney, fake White Nationalist businessman.

Jewish faggot.

Iron Felix said...

Dear oh dear, there is a lot of ill-temper emerging off topic. The main thing here is this ebola disease; it is, I believe, officially denied that it has arrived in the UK or in Ireland.
Mencken; never believe something until it has been officially denied. Wise words.

Anonymous said...

The little nose behind the curtain said: “There isn't a transgender craze being promoted by the mass media.”

GLAAD's Transgender Media and Education Program

...most Americans LEARN ABOUT TRANSGENDER PEOPLE through the MEDIA... GLAAD's staff, which has included transgender people for over 15 years, is committed to WORKING WITH THE MEDIA... GLAAD works with NATIONAL NEWS OUTLETS, TV NETWORKS, FILM STUDIOS... GLAAD provides free MEDIA TRAININGS to empower transgender people to share their stories.

Frank Galton

SAVANT said...

"Dear oh dear, there is a lot of ill-temper emerging off topic. "

Correct, Felix. and there have been numerous attempts to reintroduce NU, all of which have been thwarted by yours truly.

Anonymous said...

Daily Mail

Gay and bisexual character featured on scripted television shows reaches an ALL-TIME HIGH

[Jew-controlled] ABC has the highest amount with 10 out of 194, or 5.2 per cent, of their regular characters identified as LGBT.

After leading last year, [Zionist-controlled] FOX ranks second with six LGBT characters out of 118 total series regulars, or 5.1 percent.

[Jew-controlled] CBS was saluted as the most-improved network,

New York Times

Gay on TV: It’s All in the Family

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Walt Disney World Resort Honored With MBA Orlando “Corporate ALLY of the Year” Award -

“This award is about engagement, and Disney has a LONG HISTORY of being ENGAGED AND STANDING PROUDLY WITH THE LGBT COMMUNITY,” said Mikael Frank Audebert, MBA Orlando president. - See

Disney World Appoints First Openly Gay President

Disney To Host ‘Outfest’ For LGBT Families This Summer

As news of a lesbian couple’s introduction on the Disney Channel’s hit show “Good Luck Charlie” continues to circulate, the theme park has announced a summer vacation alternative for what they referred to as the MODERN FAMILY.

Disney digs in on gay rights

By declining donations to the Boy Scouts organization, which does not allow gay adult leaders, the company stays on a years-long path.

NOTE: The Walt Disney Company is the world's second largest broadcasting and cable company in terms of revenue, after Comcast. Its Chairman and CEO is JEW Bob Iger.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Business Insider, 14 June 2012

These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America

1. Comcast

Founded by Jew Ralph Joel Roberts, Comcast is the largest broadcasting and cable company in the world by revenue. Comcast’s Chairman, President, and CEO is Jew Brian L. Roberts.

2. The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company is the world's second largest broadcasting and cable company in terms of revenue, after Comcast. Its Chairman and CEO is Jew Bob Iger.

3. Viacom Inc.

The President and CEO of Viacom Inc is Jew Philippe Dauman. Dauman is a longtime associate of the company's chairman, Jew Sumner Redstone.

4. CBS Corporation

The President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS Corporation is Jew Leslie Moonves. Jew Sumner Redstone is CBS's majority shareholder and serves as executive chairman.

5. News Corp

21st Century Fox is an American multinational mass media corporation. It is one of two companies created from the 2013 split of News Corporation. 21st Century Fox retains the previous News Corporation's broadcasting and film assets and serves as its legal successor, while its publishing assets were spun off to form News Corp at the same time.

The Executive Chairman of News Corp is Zionist Rupert Murdoch.
The Chairman and CEO of 21st Century Fox is Zionist Rupert Murdoch.

6. Time Warner

The Chairman and CEO of Time Warner is Gentile Jeffrey Lawrence Bewkes.

83% of the people who control the corporations which control 90% of the media in the United States are Jews/Zionists.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Liberian Doctor who received experimental Ebola drug dies

The virus can only be transmitted through direct contact with the bodily fluids of the sick or from touching victims' bodies, leaving doctors and other health care workers most vulnerable to contracting it.

Only six people in the world are known to have received ZMapp. The small supply is now said to be exhausted and it is expected to be months before more can be produced by its US maker.

So why were two people who have been around Ebola patients brought to the CDC in Georgia?

If mortality rate is 90% in Africa and under 50% in the first world won't some moron want to import them?

You know who I mean.

Regular readers respond strongly, and surprisingly positively, to two topics which feature fairly regularly in this column: Protestants and Jews. To be specific, the historical experience of Southern Protestants and European Jews.

Eoghan Harris me me me farticle from last Sunday

The largest number, nearly 80pc, live in France Their numbers are dropping fast, from 535,000 in 1980 to some 500,000 in just two decades, and that decrease is being accelerated by events like the Toulouse murder of a Rabbi and his three children.

Seriously that is from the brainfart from the nag that Bertie Ahern won the money on in the 3:30 at Chepstow all those years ago.

Now if this thicko and Brenadan O'Connor are Cork morons think of Tipperary where they have just celebrated the second anniversary of evryone finally being able to stand on thier hindlegs and Denise Charlatan wants to import TB or AIDS or Ebola sufferers with an average IQ of 67.

Anonymous said...

"...and there have been numerous attempts to reintroduce NU, all of which have been thwarted by yours truly."

Savant - I'd reckon that the efforts of the jews to re-introduce their troll is an endorsement of the effectiveness of your site. I don't comment as often as I used to but then, I don't need to - all useful information is getting here without any need for my assistance, and the jew will be fuming over this.


Anonymous said...

Swedish cops are kicking some ANaL ass.. lol!

AnalogMan said...

SAVANT said...

... there have been numerous attempts to reintroduce NU, all of which have been thwarted by yours truly.

Well, no, not quite all. He's baaack!

But thanks for the effort. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Baron Sasha Cohen is correct we should all get on our knees and fellate nastiest uncles comic genius nephew Benjamin Menachim Elton for pointing out that could Tays Sachs carrier Elie Weasel through surviving Treblinka Auschwitz Teresienstadt Mauschwitz and Belsen by his ability to dance in fountains of blood has the necessary antibodies to fight Ebola through his superman blood.
What would we do without jewish genius?

Anonymous said...

My eyes are bleeding. Not from Ebola but that idiot Eoghan Harris spells Hillary Clinton's name as Hilary Clinton as if she is a man rather than a drunken, fat muumu wearing crook and not only that but the sub editor spells it like that in the headline. Does anyone work at The Sunday Independent

Anonymous said...

"Savant - I'd reckon that the efforts of the jews to re-introduce their troll is an endorsement of the effectiveness of your site."

Not really. They come because there is still some 'wiggle room' on the jq. Some sites, they just don't bother because no-one's buying their diversions... but here, you still have Jared Taylor type followers who are all kosher.

Anonymous said...

Fair fucks to the Kardashians sluts over Ferguson

VMA "music" "awards" had a minutes silence for Ebola victim Trayvon Martin but if the nasty thug bastard did not want Ebola he shouldn't have been going around thumping a victim and thus getting the victim's blood on him.

Anonymous said...

The Guardian, 25 August 2014

Ken Loach calls for cultural boycott of Israel

Ken Loach has called for a boycott of all cultural and sporting events supported by the Israeli state...

Every Little Helps

“Israel must become a pariah state.” – Ken Loach

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 25 August 2014

Israel lowering interest rate again as economy struggles amid Gaza op

The Gaza operation has affected nearly all economic sectors of Israel, including TOURISM, agriculture and manufacturing.

Israel’s tourism industry has lost at least $566 million after tourism dropped by 26 percent over last year for the month of July.

Frank Galton

Corkonian said...

Anon 21:24. Talking about Harris, did you ever come across anything worse than last Sunday's Indo? One OC pile of bullshit after another. Definitely packing up paying for it.

Anonymous said...

Irish Mirror, 25 August 2014

Kathryn Reilly: Ireland must stand up against Israel the face of Israeli actions in Gaza, the Israeli ambassador to Ireland should be expelled. How many more dead children and civilians will it take for this Government to send a strong message to the Israeli government it cannot kill civilians with impunity?

At the very least, the Irish ambassador to Tel Aviv should be recalled.

Another response would be to support an arms boycott of Israel. Ireland’s Department of Defence has spent over €14million in recent years on military equipment made by Israeli manufacturers.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Jewish News, 22 August 2014

Sparks fly at Marks as protesters clash over Israel

Police were forced to intervene as anti-Israel demonstrators clashed with supporters of the Jewish state outside the Marble Arch branch of Marks and Spencer on Thursday night,

“Sparks fly... as anti-Israel demonstrators clashed with supporters of the Jewish state”

Frank Galton

James said...

Well, no, not quite all. He's baaack!

Well no, not quite.

He never left.

He has (like any virus) simply evolved a new transcriptase which writes less detectable material for injection into the nucleus of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Ebola...the next Great White Hope,john old rtd. chicago copper.

Anonymous said...

forgot ot add.45 wounded,7 killed.over wkend here in shitcago/John.

Anonymous said...

Tampa Tribune Pulls "Repugnant" Anti-Gay Column

The Tampa Tribune has pulled a controversial column that alleged Disney is indoctrinating children with its "pro-gay agenda."

On August 11, Douglas MacKinnon, who is listed on the since-pulled column as "Tribune staff," argued that Disney has been engaged in an underhanded effort to wrongly "indoctrinate" children. He also contended the company is trying to subtly push an agenda through its children's programming.

The piece, titled, "Disney's pro-gay agenda is disturbing," quoted an anonymous "former Disney executive" saying, "the company has taken direct aim at children to indoctrinate them about gay lifestyles and gay marriage through shows it airs on The Disney Channel and Disney XD."

MacKinnon later added:

The former executive said one of the more subtle techniques is to incorporate the colors of the gay-pride flag in as many shots as possible. The colors are woven in as a wink and nod to the gay community and show up on shirts, hats, posters, stacked cups and rings. The practice has been picked up by other children's networks and national advertisers. Disney also pushes the gay agenda by introducing openly gay characters and couples on its children's programing. Again, that is their right, but should they be in the business of entertaining children or indoctrinating them?

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Huffington Post, 21 February 2012

“American Jews are committed to cultural tolerance because of their belief -- one firmly rooted in history -- that Jews are safe only in a society acceptant of a WIDE RANGE OF ATTITUDES and BEHAVIORS, as well as a DIVERSITY of RELIGIOUS AND ETHNIC GROUPS." – Jew Charles Silberman

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

They tried to come out with some crap that malaria has the same symptons as Ebola...

Uncle Nasty said...

Not strictly on-topic, but still ...


By John Ward August 25, 2014

75% of new Italian debt short-term French Government falls Geman bunds go net negative Hollande fires rebels The Draghi Jackson Hole effect

Manuel Valls…dans le merde
Paris government split, Italian government broke: eurozone’s crisis now deeper than ever.

Just five months after the last government resigned and he took office as Prime Minister, France’s Manuel Valls must now form a new government after two leftist Cabinet rebels, Montebourg and Hamon, flayed the country’s economic policy in general and Francois Hollande in particular.

As predicted here and elsewhere, the Socialist Party is finding it increasingly difficult to carry out the austerity policy dictated to it by Brussels-am-Berlin. Hollande himself would not have adopted it had the US/EU axis not blatantly attacked his borrowing costs – as reported by The Slog earlier this year. The PS Left has been incandescent about the austerity policy since that time.

Sources in Paris confirm that Montebourg and Hamon will be fired, damaging the fragile unity of the Socialists still further. It is also thought likely that Valls will appoint more close allies to the Cabinet. But none of this will solve the increasing radicalism of the syndicats (Unions) beyond the National Assembly.

The right wing UMP Opposition was quick to take advantage of weekend criticisms of Hollande. “If Arnault Montebourg and Benoit Hamon had any dignity they would quit. If Manuel Valls and François Hollande had any authority, they would fire them,” centre-right UMP deputy Bruno Le Maire told Le Monde. “The problem is that never in the Fifth Republic have we had so little dignity and so little authority at the head of the state.”

Well, Hollande has asserted his authority….but his left wing has predictably condemned the action as “too authoritarian”.

This is a pivotal moment in both French and EU history. After the Jackson Hole speech from Draghi, it is now even clearer that the eurozone is flatlining, and Germany is the only real safe haven: immediately the markets opened today, German Bunds went net negative yield and currently stand at -0.04%.

Two things, both predicted here, are now falling into place:

With every day that passes, I think of Yeats.

The Second Coming

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

... and so on.


nilus said...

Just listening to LBC, Nick Ferrari..the topic was eeking chimps whining about "stop and search".

Seems the simian mind cant understand the correllation between black crime stats-especially of the stabby/robby/rapey/muggy/druggy type-and the subsequent "profiling" by (wayciss) Po-Po.

A White woman, quietly spoken, gets on: "Id like to thank the police for making me feel safer on the streets of daughter was threatened with having her throat cut by a black man, we are both still traumatised"

A White man gets on: " If the blacks dont want to be stopped and searched maybe they should stop committing 90% of the crimes."

NEXT TOPIC: Sex education and porn for seven year olds..

nilus said...


A man just called in to Nick Ferrari and was passionately ranting about the Lib Dems, the "party of Cyril Smith" and their plans to teach sex ed, etc , to seven year olds, he mentioned that even "masturbation with sex toys" would be taught"

Ferrari then said, "Well, I've got to cut you short as it's the summer holidays and the kids are off school and may be listening.."

Anonymous said...

Huffington Post, 21 February 2012

“American Jews are committed to cultural tolerance because of their belief -- one firmly rooted in history -- that Jews are safe only in a society acceptant of a WIDE RANGE OF ATTITUDES and BEHAVIORS, as well as a DIVERSITY of RELIGIOUS AND ETHNIC GROUPS." – Jew Charles Silberman

Frank Galton

Barbra Specter is correct Israel needs more diversity.

Anonymous said...

@SAVANT 16:28

Except that's just not true.

David said...

@Frank Galton:

the kick the YKWs must get from defiling the memory and image of Disney, probably one the reasons they could nt wait to buy it, Walt Disney after all was a notorious "anti-Semite", in turning good clean family entertainment with a moral lesson into pro gay programming aimed at white Christian children.
Walt pops up in South Park regularly as an evil mouse who behaves like a gangster boss. During the episode "The Ring", his main motive with the Jonas Brothers was to "sell sex" to little girls with sex euphemisms to "stupid" Christian families.

Of course who writes South Park?

Of interest when Saddam Hussein was held captive by the Americans: the movie "South Park was shown to him repeatedly. In the film Hussein is shown as the Devils gay lover.

Anonymous said...

Time are idiots

Gay marriage is the next big civil rights issue not transgenderism.

Two of these guys look like Obama's son would can you tell me which one before my son is done.

Nastiest Uncle won't be able to post here as often as art pervertformer Mischa Badaysan will be going for a year trying to find a gay lover a day for gay loving gayly.

Story in The Independent where some idiot wants to give half the world to animals so that they can conserve it. They have a had a whole continent to themselves forever and have never done a thing with it.

Anonymous said...

The trouble with Eoghan Harris is that he is a Harrisite given to scoring Eoghan goals.

Ebola for the Ebolans!

Sponge Cake said...

Revealed: How fear of being seen as racist stopped social workers saving up to 1,400 children from sexual exploitation at the hands of Asian men in just ONE TOWN.

Asian = Muslim

Sponge Cake said...

Violence mars Notting Hill Carnival carnival after 11 people are stabbed.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan, said he is concerned by the growing number of stabbings, some of which were "centimetres from being a murder" as the two-day street festival in west London came to a close.

The Met said they made 252 arrests over the weekend, including 76 for drug crimes, 43 for public order offences and 23 for possessing an offensive weapon.

In response to the stabbings, the Met imposed Section 60 public order measures last night, giving officers powers to stop and search across the carnival from 7pm until 2am this morning.

Nine people were stabbed during a violent clash at the corner of Colville Terrace and Colville Gardens and a 29-year-old man was rushed to hospital with serious stab wounds.

He is said to be a in a stable condition, while eight others received knife wounds. Eight people were arrested in connection with the brutal fight.

In two other knife attacks, an 18-year-old man was injured in Southam Street, and another 25-year-old man suffered a serious stab wound that is being treated as attempted murder.

In response to the stabbings the Met imposed Section 60 public order measures, giving officers powers to stop and search.

Anonymous said...

Here's another type of virus affecting England:

Revealed: How fear of being seen as racist stopped social workers saving up to 1,400 children from sexual exploitation at the hands of Asian men in just ONE TOWN

Report found 1,400 children abused between 1997 and 2013 in Rotherham
The figure is likely to be a conservative estimate of the true scale

Victims terrorised with guns and doused in petrol and threatened with fire
More than a third of the cases were already know to agencies
Author of the report condemned 'blatant' failings by council's leadership
Action blocked by political correctness as staff 'feared appearing racist'
Majority of victims described the perpetrators as 'Asian' men

Anonymous said...

IOL News, 26 August 2014

Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) to INTENSIFY Israel boycott

Johannesburg - Cosatu on Tuesday vowed to “intensify” mobilising South Africans to boycott companies trading with Israel and any goods imported from the country.

Every Little Helps

Frank Galton

Sean said...

The dire, decadent, degenerate stat of Britain today. What will it take before the Brits say enough?

"Rotherham child sexual exploitation: Victims raped, beaten and doused in petrol if they threatened to tell
Report reveals how victims were ritually abused by gangs of Asian men before being ignored by the police and social services"

Around 1,400 white girls sexually abused by Pakistanis in just one English town, Rotherham. How many thousands of others in Burnley, Bradford, Blackburn, Oxford, Manchester etc etc? Meanwhile the authorities, including the police, ignored the victims and threatened those who tried to stop the abuse.

James said...

Interestingly enough, my work takes me to the Auckland International Airport on a regular basis. Over the last week a good deal of the signage, departure/landing info, etc. has become bilingual ... English and Chinese.

The "NO SPITTING" signs are of course bi-lingual. Chinese used to spit big gobs of mucus on the carpet, inside the airport terminal. Auckland airport is noted for its nice carpet. Not wanting to single anyone out, I guess they need to Chinesify all the signs so they can't be accused of calling the Chinese "spitters".

At Sydney airport, they have bilingual signs too, also targeted in particular instances to the troublemakers of one particular race. At the arrivals area there is a red line and you are supposed to wait behind it to greet your relatives and friends, to prevent congestion at the customs area exit door. One section of Australian society however routinely defies this directive and constantly blocks the exit causing inconvenience to everyone else. That's why the sign on the floor is in Arabic as well as English. I've noticed that Arabs are pushy, loud, and obnoxious. They break the standard rules of Australian society all the time. This is just a tacit official acknowledgement of the fact.

Anonymous said...

Group To Teach Icelanders How To Boycott Goods From Israel

A group of Icelanders hopes to educate the general public on how to avoid buying products from Israel.

DV reports that the group, called BDS Ísland, hopes to bring to light which Icelandic companies are importing and selling Israeli goods.

Every Little Helps

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Matteo in Sussex., Brighton, United Kingdom, 16 minutes ago

Go back to India where you have real domestic abuse problems.

Read more: Unwelcome foreign chapess says criticising weight constantly is domestic abuse
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Well done this brave Indian woman coming out with this so that your cowardly scum colleagues in Rotherham can be convienently forgetton about.

It is this type of spinning that made Tony Blair what he is today.

Anonymous said...

From thelink, as previously posted by other concerned patriots:

- In two cases, fathers had tracked down their daughters and tried to remove them from houses where they were being abused - only to be arrested themselves when police were called to the scene. -

One can only conclude that the police are our enemy, an existential threat to our people.


nilus said...

I was sure Ken Loach was part-jew, but I cant be arsed to look right now. Of course, Mike Leigh (Lieberman is, and SIR David Puttnam. And of course, SIR Jeremy Issacs..cant have those goyim in charge of the Televitz Screens, oh, no:

"In 2007, Loach was one of more than 100 artists and writers who signed an open letter initiated by Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism and the South West Asian, North African Bay Area Queers (SWANABAQ) and calling on the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival "to honour calls for an international boycott of Israeli political and cultural institutions, by discontinuing Israeli consulate sponsorship of the LGBT film festival and not co-sponsoring events with the Israeli consulate."

Loach also joined "54 international figures in the literary and cultural fields" in signing a letter that stated, in part, "celebrating 'Israel at 60' is tantamount to dancing on Palestinian graves to the haunting tune of lingering dispossession and multi-faceted injustice". The letter was published in the International Herald Tribune on 8 May 2008."
Responding to a report, which he described as "a red herring", on the growth of antisemitism since the beginning of the Gaza War, he has said: "If there has been a rise I am not surprised. In fact, it is perfectly understandable because Israel feeds feelings of anti-Semitism." He added "no-one can condone violence".

In May 2009, organisers of the Edinburgh International Film Festival returned a £300 grant from the Israeli Embassy after speaking with Ken Loach. The director was supporting a boycott of the festival called for by the PACBI campaign. In response, former Channel 4 chief executive Sir Jeremy Isaacs describing Loach's intervention as an act of censorship, he said: "They must not allow someone who has no real position, no rock to stand on, to interfere with their programming." Later, a spokesman for the EIFF said that although it had returned £300 to the Israeli Embassy, the festival itself would fund Israeli filmmaker Tali Shalom-Ezer's travel to Edinburgh out of its own budget.

In an open letter to Ms Shalom Ezer, Ken Loach wrote "From the beginning, Israel and its supporters have attacked their critics as anti-semites or racists. It is a tactic to undermine rational debate. To be crystal clear: as a film maker you will receive a warm welcome in Edinburgh. You are not censored or rejected. The opposition was to the Festival’s taking money from the Israeli state". To his critics, he added later: "The boycott, as anyone who takes the trouble to investigate knows, is aimed at the Israeli state."Loach said he had a "respectful and reasoned" conversation with event organisers, saying they should not be accepting funds from Israel."

James said...

These are Jews we can work with and understand.

Racist Jew says miscegenation is 1000 times worse for Jews than Hamas rockets. He says Golda Meir said "race mixing with Jews is a continuation of the gas chambers and the Holocaust".

They have another thing in common with us: leftist "liberal" Jews are promoting race mixing and trying to silence them.

I guess the difference is that they can grab a megaphone and shout this in the streets without getting beaten up.

Whites believe race is a concept of the past and that everyone can just get along now.

Only whites would believe that. And only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the hot mid day sun.

James said...

Would Barbara Spectre marry and Arab?

nilus said...

I really enjoy the updates from John , our retired Chimpcongo copper. This one's for you, John:

"Who writes South Park"?

Most if not all episodes are credited to GOY Trey Parker, but they always have a team of kikes to put their shekel in.

For instance, Brit kike Robert Popper (Friday Night Dinner) has contributed his jewnius.

See Incog for some of my recent observations about "Family kike"

nilus said...

Im trying to resist the "I just saw this on telly" routine, but, just flicking through the channels:

BBC4 "A History Of Britain By JEW Simon Schama":

'The Wromg Empire"

JEW Simon Schama traces the steps of the empire-makers, asking how a trading empire based on the idea of liberty became an empire built on SLAVERY"

Slavery is baad, umkay. Well it is when White Europeans do it, umkay.

My neighbour ( a supposed lesbian who keeps getting off with men-no, not my upstairs neighbour who is a fag-hag, and not my downstairs neighbours who are two fags)) today asked me if I wanted to watch a"great film" theyd got off netflicks.

It was "12 Years A Slave"...I bluntly declined and started reciting some facts of which she was of course unaware (she's unaware of most things, to be fair, with the exception of how to get shitty £40 a gram "coke" at 2 am)

Anyway, her eyes glazed over.

Grizzom/Mamis Shit re-posted this today, I wish she'd watch it:

The True World Masters of Slavery

(David Duke vid)

Lots of good stuff at Mamis today:

nilus said...

Best programme on UK TV now is the "Royal Marines Commando School " on Channel 4.

Brilliantly made, fascinating,engaging,surprisingly warm, and exceptionally NON-DIVERSE (of course)

Anonymous said...

You racist bastards!

You fawn over Miley Cyrus in her sparkly outfit and her routine on a stripper pole which makes her a feminist icon but Beyonce gets up and twerks with her husband Robin Thicke and its all Bey-bey be bad influence.

nilus said...

This is a keeper. If this was a spoof it would be geniuis, but it's the opposite of genius.

How do you confound a nigger?

Aks him a "tricky quesson"

Beleieve me, this is worth watching:

"80MPH" is a code word for...

'How long does it take to go 80 miles at 80 mph?? Please show your kids'

Uncle Nasty said...

This is interesting. From the website of Covington.

Sunday, August 24, 2014
Swiss Banks Hop On Yuan Bandwagon

by Bill White

Switzerland’s National Bank and the People’s Bank of China have reached an agreement to swap their respective currencies, meaning the trade between Swiss banking customers and China will no longer have to be mediated by banking systems depending on the Federal Reserve or European Central Bank (ECB).

This agreement is that latest of nearly two dozen which China has made with central banks, including he ECB, the Bank of England, and the Australian Central Bank, which allow for trade between the nations to use China’s currency, the yuan.

Before the agreements, someone with large amounts of national currency, like the Swiss franc, would have to route transactions through a bank in a third-party nation, or the People’s Bank of China itself, to obtain Yuan, or to exchange yuan for heir national currency. Now Swiss companies can exchange up to 150 billion yuan (21 billion Swiss francs) through the Swiss banking system.

These agreements by China are part of a strategy to limit American world influence and help present an alternative to the U.S.-led Bretton Woods system. Before 2009, when China began this push, most currency transactions went through the Federal Reserve, with the International Monetary Fund providing loans to support national currencies. Among other things this meant the U.S., could isolate nations by denying them access to the Federal Reserve system to clear international transactions, a tactic recently used against Iran.

Under China’s new regime, countries could continue trade the China, and theoretically with nations in China’s exchange network, even if access to the U.S. banking system was terminated.

This news comes a week after China, Russia, Brazil, India and South Africa announced the launch of a new development bank and currency reserve designed to provide small nations with an alternative to the World Bank/IMF system. China has pledged to Venezuela this week $40 billion in loans and economic aid to shore up the Venezuelan economy, loans Venezuela is repaying with 100,000 barrels of oil worth about $9.3 million on the international market a day.

In the past, the United States has been able to starve small nations like Venezuela or Argentina of dollars, and cause substantial harm to their economies. Such nations have had to import heavily dollar-denominated contracts and have also, in the case of Argentina, exported dollars as interest payments on their bonds. Their domestic economies’ dollar-dependence has thus driven down exchange rates. A yuan alternative for such nations, back by a steady supply of yuan from China, would transfer nations’ economic dependence from the U.S. to China.

Nations are only financially independent when they print their own currency, giving it value by accepting it for taxes and demanding its acceptance by foreigners. The alternative, which exists in most nations and the U.S., has a federal bank print currency only to fund loans, giving it value by accepting it as interest. The former system is debt free because the nation spends money into existence. The latter creates a never-ending debt cycle because money only comes into existence when it is lent. When too many debts come due, the system collapses—which is why never-ending inflation, which planners hope will expand the money supply faster than payment is demanding, characterizes modern economies.

The first comment:-

1 Comment

Anonymous said...

So, they're basically doing what National Socialists did in 1933. Bad news for the joos!

4:46 PM

Vhooopsy Daisy.


Uncle Nasty said...

Further to my last ... All wars, in the end, are economic ones. Since Biblical times.

Mo loot? No shoot.


katana said...

Here’s how some darkies are responding to the Ebola outbreak:

The outbreak has led some to take drastic action.

Newspaper seller Mallam Hassan says he no longer allows his customers to read the papers at his newsstand unless they are wearing gloves.

"My customers, they came to me (and said) I should stop people touching my newspapers. I say, why? They said, because of Ebola. I should not allow my customers to touch my newspapers. I say, why? They said because there is Ebola spreading around. I say, why? They said because most of my customers, I don't know whether they're affected with Ebola," he said.

Although the prospect of Ebola in Lagos, Africa's biggest city with 21 million people, has ratcheted up alarm about its spread, some remain sceptical.

"If they say the Ebola is real, I don't know, because me I am a typical African man, I don't believe, that's my own belief because the Bible let us understand that as man thinketh in his heart, so shall it be. With my own heart, I don't believe that maybe I am going to contract any Ebola disease," said Emmanuel Ogudubi.


A Letter to Mr Ebola Virus
Dear Mr Ebola, You are the last thing we want in this country.
We are still dealing with
1. Cancer
2. Strikes
3. Corrupt politicians
5. Boko haram
6. Religious issues
7. Unemployment
8. Unstable Electricity
9. 419 a.k.a. yahoo yahoo
10. The missing Chibok girls and the First Lady still
crying 'There is God o'

As you can see, we already have enough problems in this country, some of which we've been
dealing with since we gained our. independence.
Mr Ebola, adding your own problem after no.10, will be as late Fela said, 'Double wahala for dead body'.
In fact, in this case, it is not only for dead bodies, but also for those of us that are still living.
We therefore say you have no place in Nigeria.
We pray that the power you have in this country be broken in God's NAME type amen



Girls no longer hug their guys, the highest they give nowadays is 45` instead of the normal 360.

Guys are now afraid to shake their fellow guys instead they throw way salutes like soldiers.(Na their fault?)

People now wear long sleave sweaters, headcovers, and trousers while entering buses and taxi no matter how hot the weather is.. (Lol… See as Naija take turn europe o)..

Neighbors, even family members become suspects at the slightest sign of illness.. (the one wey make my neighbour go call health officers for me because say he see me sneeze 2 times today).

You take a girl out for dinner, drives her back to her house, walk her to the door-step, she leaves you, walks to her door, open it, waves at you and throw a goodnight kiss at you (if you like catch am).

The aboki that sells suya beside our house, dey chop Him suyas himself these days because even the suya is a suspect (Who wan die?)

Nigeria Police don’t arrest People by Themselves anymore, if You commit any Crime just do the arresting by Yourself. (Just Handcuff yourself come station, use ur hand by seelf enter Cell)

PLEASE!! My friend is no longer dating our Neighbor’s Daughter called BOLA, even if She had Changed name to TOLA, as far as the “OLA” is still there, IT IS OVER BETWEEN HIM AND HER!!..abeg who knows..(His Heart dey vacant o if u dey interested).

As for Me, Arewa, I don start to dey dress like SPIDERWOMAN now to avoid body contact o…(God no go let my Obituary get anytin to do wit EBOLA or anyfin disastrous, e go beta if na sleep I sleep and no wake up) death is not even now sef;) .

YORUBA People in My Area now greets EKU EBOLA.(I dey answer them EKU BACK TO SENDER).


My latest blog post is here: KATANA

Holocaustralian said...

'Wake up white Australia': Anti-Semitic flyers distributed in Sydney

Can't fault the sentiment, but i think even i might have produced a more legible offering.
Are these type of flyers a help or hindrance?

AnalogMan said...

One can only conclude that the police are our enemy, an existential threat to our people.


You read reports saying that it's just the political leadership of the police that's hostile to the public. When the fit hits the shan, they say, the police will side with us. They know the score.

This may be true in America. It's not true, I think, in Britain.

A couple of years ago, during the riots in London, I went to a police blog to get their perspective. They were clueless. Anybody who pointed out who was actually rioting was soon deleted and banned (including me). With, of course, the usual abuse from the gallery. True believers, all.

Jeremy said...

Analogman, sorry to say I agree with you against Allen@Aberdeen. Maybe things are different up there but police down here seem to be as you describe. You see the understood requirements for career advancement seep into the pores of everyone in the organisation and they absorb this into their actual personality.

Getting very philosophical but I think you know what I mean.

James Lord said...

Holocaustralian. Very interesting point you raise about that flyer. I was reading through it and nodding my head, yes this is good stuff.

Then the sting in the tail. Guilt by association. Rightly or wrongly the association with Stormfront and anything Hitlerish is a killer. Hard to say whether it did more harm than good. At least it might get people thinking.

But it does underline again the absolute disparity in resources between true patriots and our enemies.

Anonymous said...

jeremy, Analog - I wish that the lower ranks of the police were 'on our side' but my direct experience shows this not to be so. The recruits are filtered from the outset such that nobody liklely to side with us would get in. In Aberdeen, one of our (BNP at the time) activists was arrested for assault, though he was absolutely innocent. The police fromed him, lied in court and falsified their notes. That was the reality check for me.


Croesus said...

UN, what is happening between China, Russia and many other countries all helps to undermine the accursed Federal Reserve system.

katana said...

Thanks Holocaustralian for that.
Here's the exact text contained on the plain typed flyer shown at SBS (Looking at their site: a multiculti/race tax payer funded anti-White broadcaster).


The Jews own all Hollywood studios & 97% of US newspapers and media. Any movie or tv show you watch may as well be coming straight from Israel.

They pump anti European values, race mixing, drug abuse everything that is harmful to our young people and they wouldn't have it any other way.

Jews have been kicked out of countries 109 times through history.

Is this anti semetism???
Predjuce of the times???
Or is there something more sinister???
Could it be that having them in a European country is harmful to the host????

Wake up white Australia
For people with an open mind, youtube search Dr. William Pierce - the history of everything and Dr William Pierce national health.

Let's take a stand join Squadron 88 email find us on facebook or on in the downunder section


These people should be congratulated for at least doing something. The actual content is very factual and there is nothing hateful in it.

I would suggest that they:

* Get someone to proofread their text as the above has spelling and grammar issues.

* Get someone with some graphic design to make it attractive.

* Have some introductory material explaining what they are about.

* Provide links to good sites and info.


My latest blog post is here: KATANA

nilus said...

Richard Bacon on BBC5live is tip-toeing sickenly in his pre-amble to a "discussion " on the MUZ SCUM rapists.

The men are..of an "Asian Background" (MUZ SCUM)..which is "a sensitive issue" (WHY?)and Richard fears that there may be lurking some "awful ,old-fashioned attitudes" (WAYCISSUM) in the minds of the "older White men" who should have investigated/prosecuted.

The guest ,Richard "independent clinical psychologist" agrees, saying that such)older White Men) men inevitably hold "misogynist attitudes"



Anonymous said...

It voz a miracle, oh the sufferink

Zara removes striped pyjamas with yellow star following online outrage.

Social media users likened the baby’s pyjama top, featuring horizontal stripes and a ‘Sheriff’ star to clothes worn by Jewish concentration camp prisoners.

Anonymous said...

James said: “These are Jews we can work with and understand.”


These same Jews that rant about miscegenation would have no qualms sending every “infiltrator” (sub-Saharan African) to Europe.

So, no, James, these are NOT people the white Christian can work with. These people are only interested in what’s good for the Jews.

“We must fight against miscegenation in the LAND OF ISRAEL, because it is the greatest threat to the JEWISH PEOPLE.” – former MK Michael Ben Ari

Frank Galton

AnalogMan said...

Croesus said...

UN, what is happening between China, Russia and many other countries all helps to undermine the accursed Federal Reserve system.

Does it? Who owns the central banks of Switzerland and China? I ask as a sincere seeker after wisdom.

James said...

Wake up white Australia
For people with an open mind, youtube search Dr. William Pierce - the history of everything and Dr William Pierce national health.

Let's take a stand join Squadron 88 email find us on facebook or on in the downunder section

Hakenkreuzters will never save the white race. Reboot. A new approach is needed. I'd suggest BUGS, and copying the right wing Jews in Israel.

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