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Explaining the hysteria

I know that Mandela is a special hate figure for many if not most on this blog, especially South Africans.  But I don't see it that way.  You see he fought diligently, relentlessly and highly successfully for his own people.  That was very bad for Whites there and it gets worse by the day.  Yet if Whites had had a Mandela on their side who knows how things might stand today? And sure he was involved in violence where innocent people got killed, but that happens in every rebellion or civil war.  (Why, we  have another black man in the White House who does it daily on a much bigger scale and he has the Nobel Peace Prize on his cupboard.) Mandela was also a man of principle,  enduring many additional years in prison for refusing to renounce his policies.  And finally, in a way unknown in the rest of Africa, he did seek to embrace the country's Whites, albeit being too old ultimately to make much difference.

Having said all of that he was, or should be, a minor world figure. Yes, he 'inspired' his movement from prison, was ultimately successful and held the position of President for a few years. In terms of global importance his country would realistically be ranked mid-range, about the same as say Algeria or Roumania.  Now can you imagine the global reaction to the death of one of their Presidents? A few lines on the back page.   Or let's take Presidents with colossal geopolitical achievements, such as Michael Gorbachev, who oversaw the collapse of the Second World, or Helmut Kohl who rammed through German reunification.  Compare those achievements to that of Mandela who, in effect, lead the majority in a sometimes violent rebellion against a tiny and ultimately doomed minority in a country of little global importance.

Realistically he didn't achieve a lot more than did ben Bella in Algeria or even Mugabe in Southern Rhodesia . But you'd never think that from the MSM in the west.  I don't need to rub your noses in it anymore. But to take just a single example, the front page of the Irish Times yesterday had the paper's logo at the top, while every other single pixel went to make up a giant picture of Mandela (whom many of the cringing and slobbering madia have now taken to calling -excruciatingly -  Madeba.)  Suffice to say I have never - ever -  seen such blanket hagiographical coverage, not even for JFK.

All for the leader of a rebellion in a faraway country of modest importance.

The whole treatment bears an uncanny resonance with that of the Peace Prize Laureate himself, you know the one who starts undeclared wars and makes a list of people to be killed at the beginning of each week.  I remember when he burst on the scene on the basis of his speech to the Democratic National Convention. Now I'm not looking at this with hindsight but I really did think at the time 'ok the guy made a good speech. So what?'  I say the same about any speech from any politician. Because they have highly paid speech writers to create the words while the pol just reads them out. The words are analysed and parsed and run across focus groups interminably before they're finally loaded up onto the speaker's autocue. The 'soaring rhetoric' is someone else's creation

So really we're just seeing another example of the attempt to transmogrify elemental and localised black accomplishments into something profound and global.  And that in turn is part of the broader strategy to make blacks appear good, successful, intelligent and thus attractive brood stock for naïve and credulous White females. Probably 95% of those creaming themselves over 'Madeba' don't realise why they're doing it. But the elite few currently implementing the long-standing programme of White destruction know exactly what's going on. And why. As the following quotation from Mein Kampf underlines, the author was ahead of his time in so very many ways.

“The Jews were responsible for bringing negroes into the Rhineland, with the ultimate idea of bastardizing the white race which they hate and thus lowering its cultural and political level so that the Jew might dominate.”

Couldn't put it better myself.


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Nero said...

Black Africans and failure:
Every country in black Africa is 3rd world. Even countries whose prospects once seemed so bright - Rhodesia, South Africa, Ghana etc. - all returned to basketcasedom after black rule.

Mandelaland is just another case, but now there is something interesting in the rainbow nation: no-one else to blame.

After 20 years what does the ANC have to show for it? The same old failures as before for the ordinary blacks. Eventually, yes eventually, the ANC will come to be seen as useless and a bunch of careeristic, parasitic cliques. Then all the expectations they have raised, and all the vicious criticism they have levelled will aim directly back onto them...

With nothing to brag about, and no more black heroes to drool over, the restless ambition of the rising generation will wash the ANC away...

Uncle Nasty said...

A very short comment, Savant, but one that is relevant.

If the mainstream media have been calling the old fart "Madeba", then they have it wrong ... again.

It's actually "Madiba" ... his Xhosa clan name. If the FUMSM* can't even get that right, then it shows where they are.
Where they have always been ...



*Fucking Useless etc., etc.

Anonymous said...

I see the England and Australian cricket teams (in Australia) had a minute's silence before the match in honour of Mandela!

What a hoot!

Personally, I'm not anti-Mandela but the whole Mandela myth and cult is just that: a myth and a cult. I don't believe in the myth and I won't follow the cult.

I believe that some credit is due Mandela (I am South African) and that the man is due some credit. But if that credit is a meter long, then that's where it ends. It's not a freeway, as most of the World laughably seems to think (or feels obliged to say).

However, I'm not at all surprised by the hysteria. I knew it would be this way.

Kudos to Russia Today news - they mentioned the basic stuff about Mandela's death and then moved on to other things. Like it should be, of course.

Death of Mandela = death of Princess Di on steroids.

Nuff said.

Uncle Nasty said...

Much as I have little respect for AmRen, this will be an interesting thread to follow over the next few days ...

Mandela: White Genocide with a Whimper

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, December 5, 2013

Madiba’s true legacy.

Nelson Mandela is dead, and South Africa without “Madiba” will be much the same as it was before: a wreck of a country with slowly collapsing infrastructure, high crime, and the slow-motion genocide of Afrikaners.

None of this much matters to the opinion makers of what used to be the West. For them, the true hallmark of leftist totalitarianism isn’t brutality—it’s kitsch, and we’ll see plenty of that. Mandela will be on every magazine cover, the Internet will be drowning in sentimental schmaltz, and Facebook will be littered with sanctimonious status updates.

The truth is, the saintly visage of Mandela—all crinkly eyes and warm smiles—conceals a violent past as a terrorist. He was the founder of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the armed wing of the African National Congress, and played a key role in the ANC’s embrace of armed struggle after a “general strike” failed miserably. The first terrorist attacks took place in 1961. In 1962, Mandela left South Africa on an international trip to win support for a violent struggle against the South African government. He negotiated for aid for the African National Congress with various anti-Western governments, including East Germany and Communist China.

Among the countries that pledged him full support were Communist Cuba and the Egyptian government of Gamal Abdel Nasser, a fellow “anti-colonialist.” Mandela’s international activities also included detailed meetings on strategy with Algeria’s National Liberation Army. Perhaps most importantly, with Mandela acting as an international agent for the ANC, the Soviet Union provided massive amounts of financial and military aid to Unkhonto we Sizwe.

After this perverse version of international diplomacy, Mandela underwent intensive military training in Ethiopia, where he learned sabotage, bombing, and guerrilla warfare. Upon his return to South Africa, Mandela was arrested for leaving the country without a passport and for inciting a strike. Later, he was tried along with other members of the ANC in the famous Rivonia Trial. The government alleged 235 separate acts of sabotage.

Most importantly, the South African authorities captured documents about Operation Mayibuye, a plan for a sweeping military confrontation with the government. Mandela was found guilty, along with almost all the other defendants. Because of international pressure, Mandela was sentenced only to life imprisonment rather than death, even though the government believed it had prevented a bloody civil war.

*My emphases.


Holocaustralian said...

“The Jews were responsible for bringing negroes into the Rhineland, with the ultimate idea of bastardizing the white race which they hate and thus lowering its cultural and political level so that the Jew might dominate.”

Heil Hitler

Uncle Nasty said...

Next time some starry-eyed leftie dipshit goes wittering on about the "Rainbow Nation" of the ANC, send them here ...

Camp Quatro - ANC crimes against humanity

Tuesday, December 8, 2009
Inside Quatro: Uncovering the Exile History of the ANC and SWAPO

This book by Paul Trewhela, uncovers some of the exile history (savagery) of the ANC and SWAPO that both organisations would prefer not to remember. Here is a first-hand account of the ANC's Quatro prison camp and of the mutiny in Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) in Angola in 1984; articles on the SWAPO 'spy drama' of the 1970s and 1980s; an analysis of a death in exile with implications relating to Jacob Zuma; and a study of the responses of both the ANC and SWAPO to these episodes of intolerance, repression and excess. In all his essays, Trewelha analyses problems of the liberation struggles with a former insider's knowledge and a journalist's ability to ferret out the facts.

In this edited extract from his book, Inside Quatro: Uncovering the Exile history of the ANC and Swapo, Paul Trewhela sheds light on a past that the ANC would prefer to forget.

The ANC's Quatro was best described in a terse statement by Zaba Maledza, when he said: "When you get in there, forget about human rights."

This was a statement from a man who had lived in Quatro during one of the worst periods in its history, from 1980 to 1982.

Established in 1979, Quatro was supposed to be the rehabilitation centre of the ANC, where enemy agents who had infiltrated the ANC would be "re-educated" and would be made to love the ANC through the opportunity to experience the humane character of its ideals.

Regrettably, through a process that still cries out for explanation, Quatro became worse than any prison that even the apartheid regime - itself considered a crime against humanity - had ever had.

However harsh the above statement, however disagreeable to the fighters against the monstrous apartheid system, it is a truth that needs bold examination by our people, and the whole of the ANC membership.


Keiser said...

"Daddy's back you bitches"

My apologies for the utterly pretentious and self serving reference to GTA IV's opening scene above but I thought it apt.

It would appear someone has been excising some superfluous tissue Savant. It will be interesting to see if the quality improves or changes, etc. Well I am eager to see what happens.

Yes, I agreed with some of his points but the repetitive, arduous and down right juvenile presentation was anathema to honest discourse.

I also feel a false representation was being thrust upon us as being "national socialists". This was a construct that our absent friend would very much like to be true. It served to destroy group cohesion by presenting it as something which it was not, something unpalatable. I mean, really, I haven't worn my camp commander Halloween outfit in quite some time!

I owe you an apology girl! I have neglected our wwf game. I will attend to it tonight or should it have expired I will start a new one if you would be so kind as to agree.

Lem I scanned a comment from you me old Rabbi in one of the previous threads wondering where I have been. I am still here in diminished capacity as I have been hard at work.

I am doing some behind the scenes work for some friends on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, taking the fight to the enemy hopefully.

Allow me to explain to all...

Basically I think that the destructive power structure that targets all our people has three legs... media, politics and finance.

Kick one out and the other two go as well. The internet as a whole and blogs like Savanat's are doing a fine job attacking the MSM and I am not a politician but I am oh so good behind a keyboard and have some grasp of economics so I am interested in the finance aspect.

If people have an option other that monetised debt and the interest rate apartheid thrust upon them by fiat currency that was magicked out of thin air by a bank then they will use it.

We can develop a devolved system of finance, or at least the inception of one that will grow in time, that is independent of the banks. If we can gradually stop using their currency or at least present a competitive option we immediately remove a chain that has choked our freedom for too long.

I could expound on this but given my audience's understanding of the subject and it ramifications I know I don't have to.

I hopefully will still have a few comments to make albeit with less frequency. On the plus side the quality of said comments should go up but no promises on the quality issue :-)

Keiser said...

RE "Daddy's back you bitches"

...and of course that remark was just in jest.

My problem is now I have no one to get into an antagonistic name calling argument with anymore now that he's gone.

Oh well you can't please everyone Savant.

Keiser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keiser said...

One last thing...

Meet the Congolese militiaman who is running for Sinn Féin in next year’s election

See the comments section for a wonderful laugh. I especially enjoyed "Elaine Fogarty's" comments. Is this the Elaine that comments here I wonder? What an utter warrior woman.

Keiser said...

"What an utter warrior woman."

In case that sounded anyway derogatory I actually meant it as the highest compliment

Croesus said...

We can develop a devolved system of finance, or at least the inception of one that will grow in time, that is independent of the banks. If we can gradually stop using their currency or at least present a competitive option we immediately remove a chain that has choked our freedom for too long.

Keiser I think you could be onto something massive here. And it's not just devolved finance - it's devolved - or localised - everything. That way we starve the beast.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't give Mandela credit for anything. Twas the Jews' media and political influence that made him into someone important. Without that we'd never have heard of him. AT ALL.

Keiser said...

@ Croesus

Exactly we should strive for local decisions from the ground up, not the top down.

Have a look at this...

I have thought long on this and of all the systems I feel it works the best as it allows people to find the optimal balance for themselves.

With it your interactions are voluntary and the state is relagated to the back seat (if not the boot/trunk) where it belongs.

No one system is perfect and will always be a hybrid of various influences but a society with an agorist leaning is determined from the ground up by its participants not from the top down by corrupt financiers who don't have to deal with the rot they create.

So people will naturally group under their chosen lifestyles, no more multicult nonsense and if someone/groups want it they are free to pursue it on their own dollar/euro.

Currency is key to this. Gold, Silver and Bitcoin will faciliate this without firing a single shot.

I think Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are counter revolution at its finest and are beautifully quiet weapons fit for a silent war.

Holocaustralian said...

I see the England and Australian cricket teams (in Australia) had a minute's silence before the match in honour of Mandela!

Its day 3 now in the whitest of all white contests, Test cricket, and the Holocaustralians are still wearing black armbands.
The English are not and are getting their arses handed to them, with the only resistance coming from Carberry, a groid. Go figure

00:31 said...

Check this out:


Anonymous said...

Spot-on commentary, Savant.
The only real news in Mandela's death is the fact that a once-great (white)nation is now convulsing in its death throes. SA was once a country that contributed much to Western civilization, such as pioneering the world's first heart transplant. Now it's on a rapid descent into becoming just another Third World s**t hole. Whites, worldwide, are their own worst enemy... why else would they scuttle civilizations they've created?

Anonymous said...

The deification of Mandela is sickening. I am going to great lengths to avoid any mention of it.

Keiser said...

Just on my last point. It is worth noting that we need not "change" a complex system directly. We can set an over-riding concern and the system will adapt. This is what is referred to as levels of abstraction.

For example if I wished to stop people from driving (just as an example) I would not try to convince each person not to drive I would defer to a higher level of abstraction e.g. I would charge more for fuel.

This is just an illustrative example to show that a complex system will realign according to a single change in a higher level of abstraction. For any mathematicians another example could be solving ODEs with Laplace transformations.

If we remove the debt paradigm and the fiat money debt/wage slavery system and replace it even in part at a high level of abstraction the system will realign itself in accordance with the new paradigm.

So with less non-existant made up fiat debt money which we are charged excessive interest for and in theory less of the attendant problems such as bank bailouts and Jewish financial globalism the system is freed up and allowed to reform in accordance with free market principles.

By using a high level abstraction, i.e. currency or specifically honest currency such as Bitcoin, we can change a complex system.

I know some people will mention the lack of liquidity and elasticity in things like Bitcoin as it has a fixed limit but this is why we have multiple cryptocurrencies, the market will value them all against its own need for them and voila the elasticity of fiat without the financial rape.

Now some bright spark will no doubt try the derivative trick with Bitcoin but wait unlike fiat the two cannot be intermixed. Bitcoin is inimicable to derivatives in the same sense as Gold is. You either have it or you don't. With fiat the derivative is the currency and vice versa.

Well I hope this is food for thought. My point is that a complex system can be changed by operating within a level of abstraction which is easier than direct tinkering with complex minutia. This is kinda what they do to us with the present debt currency system already.

Keiser said...

but he was a "good" terrorist

Anonymous said...

I've been anticpating the Savant's thoughts on the West's deification of Mandela. It didn't disappoint. Well said.

Keiser said...

I hope you will join me in seeing Mandela out with this
beautiful tribute.

I see him in the sky smiling down on us, right there with Saint Trayvon...

♫♪♫♪Madela will be free, ♫♪Mandela, ♫Nelson Mandela♪♫♪

Anonymous said...

Seeing as negroes are unable to organize a two car funeral procession, it would be fitting to mention the persons behind the scenes who directed, financed and ran interference for dupes such as the late terrorist.

Ronnie Kasrils, "Joe" Slovo & the late Helen Suzman, may you all rot in hell.

The South African Communist Party:

From Wiki: " The SACP is a partner of the Tripartite Alliance with the African National Congress and the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU).

Rachel said...

Keiser!!!! Where have you been?!! Good to see you back! :-) :-) :-)

Btw, I crashed the words app and lost everything. Tell me your handle and I'll start over.

Mandela... Communist. Look at what has happened to SA under black rule - same as the rest of the continent, Haiti, Detroit...

Anonymous said...

The African Saint lying in state:

Uncle Nasty said...

A little antidote to the mandelamania.

Don't go here if you're at all sensitive.


Uncle Nasty said...

I love these little-known snippets of history.

We've all heard of Rosa Parks, not so?

It would appear that the Magic Silverback Nigger, Rosa Parks, caused all the shit because she refused to give up her seat to a Whitey "on de bus".

Read a little more about that particular Whitey ... living proof that in this world, if you're White, no good deed goes unpunished.

Who was the White man Rosa Parks refused to let sit down?

Hello students! Need to write a paper about Civil Rights activist Rosa Parks and the lives she touched? Just copy and paste this essay into your homework and take the rest of your evening off!

Yesterday marked 58 years since Civil Rights activist Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus to a 74-year-old crippled White man who had lost his right leg and been rendered legally blind some forty years earlier while rescuing six Negro children from a burning home.

William F. Dixon had served for two decades as a Montgomery County fire fighter before the sacrifice that cost him his health and livelihood. In the predawn hours of August 6th, 1913, Dixon and seven other White men responded to a house fire three miles south from a street now known as the Martin Luther King Expressway. The first impression was the house was vacant, and the fire too advanced to risk lives fighting. However, Dixon was convinced he heard cries for help inside the home, and urged his colleagues to hatchet through a wall. To the astonishment of the fire fighters, five young Negro children (aged 2 - 11 years) emerged. Dixon was told a sixth was in a crib and could not be reached. Undaunted, he reentered the home and brought a six-month old out of the fire. Dixon was horrifically burned by the fire, and received shrapnel to his leg from an exploding lantern. The children were miraculously unscathed. Later it was discovered that the parents of the Negro children had spent the night drinking at a friend's house and had slept there, leaving their children unattended.

Let 'em burn, I say ... and a MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.


nilus said...

Doctor Who - Series 6 -
8. Let's Kill Hitler

Nazis! River on the rampage! Regeneration! It's all happening after the TARDIS crash-lands in 1930s Berlin.

"They accidentally save Adolf Hitler (Albert Welling) who was scheduled for torture by the Teselecta, a time-travelling justice department. When shot by Hitler, Mels unexpectedly regenerates into River Song, the grown version of Amy and Rory's child who had been taken away from them. As River is a criminal herself due to her future execution of the Doctor, the Teselecta pursue her instead, whilst the Doctor faces death from her poisoned lipstick.

Moffat intended for "Let's Kill Hitler" to be more lighthearted than the series opener, and he intended to make fun of Hitler. "

"Writer Steven Moffat wanted to show Hitler in a comedic light and "take the mickey out of him" instead of making him "an icon of evil".[13] He compared it to a scene in an Indiana Jones film which made fun of Hitler."

Why so many Negroes on Commercials?

According to the US census, African Americans make up 13.1% of the U.S. population. Why then did five commercials in a row tonight prominently, and in some cases exclusively, feature darkies? Sequentially, I half-watched young Negroes passing off Campbell's soup as homemade, old Negroes cooking while side effects of medication were spouted by a disembodied voice, the Negro spokesman for BP tell me how committed they are to safety or some such claptrap, a Negro pharmacist invite me to Walgreen's or some other similar chain store, and another Negro trying to sell insurance. It was at that point that I turned to the television and pressed the info button to see if I was tuned to BET - nope, it was Fox News.

That led me to Google the question, "how many black people watch Fox News?" According to this article at the Huffington post, 1.38% of the Fox News audience is Negroidal. So lets review: 13.1% of the U.S. population, 1.38% of the Fox News audience, featured in 100% of the commercials on Fox News during a single commercial break.


Anonymous said...

@ St. Nilus: My question EXACTLY. Why so many Negroes on TV commericials? Why? Why??

Uncle Nasty said...

They go together like Niggazanjoos,

Here we have the lot ... niggers, jews and white afrikaner traitors ... all one big happy family.

(check out the link immediately above ... it's more like jooz, jooz, jooz, jooz, -- the occasional nigger, then even more jooz, jooz, jooz.

They're everywhere, I tell you.


Dan said...

I admire the old coon for sticking up for his people. BUT I can't celebrate his opening for a genocide of a white population.

Gem Junior said...

Wow, great article - Sav strikes AGAIN! Whoop whoop hooray. One dickhead in a newspaper report actually said he is the first political figure that can be compared to Jesus Christ!! Imagine the gall to compare a human with God, the traditional God of the European people too. What a disgusting fucking insult that should have backlash in the form of white Christians lining up picketing and protesting at the South African Embassy, or whatever shithole passes for one. But the only whites who dare to say how gross, how sick, how utterly unacceptable this is are the ones in the that are already in the choir with the rest of us. It is exactly why we are in the mess we are in. We allow any lowlife beneath us to walk on us like doormats.

Gem Junior said...

I think it was the London Telegraph or Daily Mail? It was unbelievable. There will be hordes of college students in love with themselves for their own goodness, decency and mercy - young leftists fighting for the poor and fighting against and sneering at people who are exactly like their parents, who are like they will be when they grow some common sense. It's sick and it's not normal - it's aberrant human behavior brought on by outside influence.....

Uncle Nasty said...

While we're on the subject of hysteria, please see if you can make any kind of sense out of this article:

You'll notice that the shot woman was a silverback (and therefore guilty of something, no doubt) and that the article is written by a possible tribal member (Kant?).

At end of it, I am no wiser than I was at the start, except that it confirms that the social fabric of America unravels at an ever-accelerating speed.

Why did Capitol cops cut down 'innocent' woman?

'This is something those officers will have to live with'

WASHINGTON — A woman shot and killed by police on Capitol Hill supposedly was a threat to public safety, but a review of the known facts shows it was the police who may have posed the greater threat to public safety.

It appears Miriam Carey never violated any law until police began pursuing her car. Officers, on the other hand, fired numerous shots at her in a crowded public space near the Capitol, as the video below shows.

Seeing the news reports of the Oct. 3 shooting, many Americans came away with the impression that a mentally unstable and dangerous woman rammed a gate at the White House, sped away and was eventually shot by police because she could have posed a security threat to the nation’s capital.

But the official record raises numerous questions about that account, and the mainstream media have asked very few questions about the shooting death of Miriam Carey by police:
Did she really ram a White House gate?
Did she do anything illegal until police began pursuing her?
Why didn’t police try to Taser her instead of shooting her?
Why didn’t police shoot her tires instead of shooting into the car?
If police feared she had an explosive device, why would they shoot at her?
Was she really mentally unhinged, as claimed by some?
Why did police shoot her at all?




Uncle Nasty said...

While I'm at it:

Knock, knock, knock.
Ruth First: Joe ... someone's at the door. It's the postman.
Joe Slovo: You get it, Dear. It's probably for you anyway

Another one, which is actually true, is about a friend of my old GF who was a matron at the Johannesburg General Hospital at the time the ANC crawled in.

She posted a notice on the board saying something along the lines of:-

"In view of the new political dispensation, it has been decided that the staff cafeteria will be renamed as the name is no longer appropriate.

It will now be referred to as the Mandelicatessen."

Apparently it was weeks before anyone caught on.


parisclaims said...

I have read that the only populated place in the world where the indigenous people did not invent the wheel is sub Saharan Africa.
I was watching a nature programme about Rhinos the other evening. One had a dump, and out came a load of dung beetles. They rolled up what they wanted into a ball, and wheeled away all they wanted.
Draw your own conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: “Seeing as negroes are unable to organize a two car funeral procession, it would be fitting to mention the persons BEHIND THE SCENES who DIRECTED, FINANCED and ran interference for dupes such as the late terrorist.

Ronnie Kasrils, "Joe" Slovo & the late Helen Suzman, may you all rot in hell.”

"I embraced it all instantly. It seemed absolutely NATURAL TO ME and I made it clear I'd do EVERYTHING I could to make a success of it [the MK]." - Jew Ronnie Kasrils, FOUNDING member of MK (the ANC’s terrorist wing), head of MK's intelligence and former minister for South Africa’s Intelligence Services

Jew Kasrils

Frank Galton

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Heard a fellow at the next table in a café saying to someone "What shitty bad luck for Gerry Adams to have been born fascist-thug White in Belfast instead of saintly Black in Bloemfontein" and I thought, he's on the ball that guy...........

B Boru said...

Eamomm. Well that guy at the next table was on the ball man. Was he what!

AnalogMan said...

parisclaims, that isn't true. American Indians apparently never invented the wheel, which is one thing usually raised to refute the Book of Mormon (although the Mormons in turn point to some pre-Columbian wheeled toys).

But the Australian Aborigines are at least as useless as the Africans. They never invented anything but a throwing stick. Never so much as piled a stone on another stone. Check Savant's article in the sidebar.

Africans are perhaps in a special class of stupidity in that they had at least some contact with other civilizations (from whom they learned metal-working) but never adopted the wheel. Perhaps because carrying things is women's work, so nobody ever gave any thought to making it easier.

Matrix-buster said...

Parisclaims. I literally burst out laughing at that one about the dung beatles. Even Mrs. Matrix-buster came in to see what was so funny. Not funny at all to her unfortunately.

Anonymous said...


Re the negress, Rosa Parks

The Jew media always gives the impression that Parks refusal to give up its seat was a spontaneous act.

In the early 1950s, nigger Edgar Nixon (an African-American civil rights leader) decided to mount a court challenge to the discriminatory seating practices on Montgomery's municipal buses, along with a boycott of the bus company.

Before Nixon could mount the court challenge, he needed someone to voluntarily violate the bus seating law and be arrested for it.

Nixon just happened to pick Rosa Parks, who, at the time, was secretary of the Montgomery chapter of the Jew-founded, Jew-financed and Jew-controlled, NAACP.

After Parks' arrest, Nixon called a number of local ministers to organize support for the boycott; the third man he called was Martin Luther King Jr., a young minister who was newly arrived from Atlanta, Georgia.

Note that Revrum Monkey Looting Koon’s ADVISOR, SPEECHWRITER and ORGANISER, guessed it...Jew Stanley Levison.

Dig deep enough and you’ll find the “little nose behind the curtain”.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: “My question EXACTLY. Why so many Negroes on TV commericials? Why? Why??”

The reason why there are so many magic niggers on TV commercials is because Jews control the major ad agencies.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Re the article UN linked to:

Mandela maintained his far-left positions two weeks before his release from prison, “The NATIONALIZATION of the MINES, BANKS, AND MONOPOLY INDUSTRIES is the POLICY OF THE ANC, and the change or modification of our views in this regard is INCONCEIVABLE. Black economic empowerment is a goal we fully support and encourage, but in our situation state control of certain sectors of the economy is unavoidable.” Two weeks later, Mandela would be released from prison by F. W. de Klerk. The South African government unbanned political organizations such as the ANC and Communist Party. Mandela’s communist supporters such as Slovo, Kasrils, and Marcus would be allowed to return to the country.

Mandela had an astounding CHANGE OF HEART upon being released from prison. After Mandela began holding regular meetings with former Anglo American and De Beers chairman Harry OPPENHEIMER, they REVERSED the ANC’s ECONOMIC POSITION. In his first post-election interview as president Mandela stated: “In our economic policies . . . there is not a single reference to things like nationalization, and this is not accidental . . .” Following the 1994 election in which Mandela was elected president, the ANC submitted its economic program to Oppenheimer “for approval.”

Ironically, between 1997 and 2004 EIGHTEEN state-owned firms were SOLD by the South African government, raising $4 billion. Even stranger, the Minister of Finance elected during the 1994 elections was none other than GILL MARCUS [Jew deputy secretary of the ANC's Department of Information and Publicity in London]. In fact, it was under this new leadership that the CENTRAL South African RESERVE BANK was PRIVATIZED. Marcus became Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank in 1999, and its GOVERNOR in 2009.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Mandela had a lot of help from the joos, namely harry oppenheimer, but here are some others:

I'd be interested in knowing, if anyone can figure it out, how much of South Africa's wealth is in jooish hands today.

Sponge Cake said...

The "Madiba" crowd should be forced to live in the Soweto township for a few months.

Sponge Cake said...

South Africa was the first and only country to build nuclear weapons and then voluntarily dismantle them. In the 1980s, South Africa constructed six gun-type nuclear weapons and had started building a seventh. Less than a decade after assembling its first nuclear weapon, South Africa abandoned its nuclear weapons program, joined the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) as a non-nuclear weapon state, and allowed international inspections of its former nuclear weapons program. In 1993, South African President F. W. de Klerk announced publicly that South African had pursued a nuclear weapons program from 1974 through 1990 as a deterrent to counter a perceived Soviet threat in the region. Since abandoning its nuclear weapons program, South Africa has emerged as a champion of both global nuclear nonproliferation and equal access to peaceful nuclear energy. However, South Africa's remaining dual-use nuclear capabilities have made it both a possible exporter of nuclear technology and know-how, and a target for state and non-state actors seeking nuclear materials.

Wat deesh button for

Sponge Cake said...

China wants to make a Johannesburg suburb into the “New York of Africa”

The Chinks have got long term plans to take over South Africa.

Dan said...

African-Insects are smarter than African-Africans. Brilliant.

Keiser said...

How the Whites took over America Part 2

Shaunantijihad said...

Sponge Cake,

Didn't a young political intern called David Cameron accompany one Dr David Kelly to collect one of those nukes for the UK from SA, but, ah, lost it? I wonder where it ended up?

Well, anyway, for their sins, one of them was destined to be Prime Minister and the other would be found dead in a field.

Anonymous said...

Mandela is only important because whites are important.

Hagiographies of Mandela by whites are really celebrating the hagiographers.

Sponge Cake said...

Daily Mail comments on Mandela.

i don't mean to change subject but first paul walker, now nelson mandela.. we've really suffered a great loss over the past few days, 2 amazing and selfless people. thank you for everything you've done for this world mr mandela, i pray you find peace xxxxxxx

How could you compare the two, one was a wonderful man who brought joy and happiness to millions and the other was Nelson Mandela.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I wouldn't give Mandela credit for anything. Twas the Jews' media and political influence that made him into someone important. Without that we'd never have heard of him. AT ALL.

8 December 2013 00:29

All right, let me add to this. Mandela didn't do anything positive for "his own people". Used as nothing more than a tool to destroy White SA, he also sealed the fate of "his own people" in doing so. They will revert to savagery and depopulate the region in less than a century. Well, minus the number it takes to keep the diamonds flowing to YKW.

Dan said...

The unfortunate truth: Despite its institutionalized anti-white racism, stagnating economy, sky-high crime rate, and far-Left constitution, South Africa as it is now is about the best we can expect out of a black-run government in a country with a small white minority.

But, putting racial policies aside, South Africa is undeniably less “conservative” in every conceivable aspect than it was 30 years ago. Knowingly or not, the Conservatism Inc. types who praise Mandela and South Africa’s transition are in effect saying they are willing to trade public safety, conservative governance and, ultimately, economic growth, for racial egalitarianism.

This should be applied to every European state too. Don't think that praising the black cunt will save you.

nemesis said...

The reason why there are so many magic niggers on TV commercials is because Jews control the major ad agencies.

Yes, that is the immediate reason, I agree. But the deeper one is to present the yard apes as 'just like us' - except maybe a little bit better. So we all one big happy colour-blind family who should have lots of little brown kids.

What could be better? For YKW.

Anonymous said...

I feel realy out of touch!
I could not bring to mind one single word he uttered .
Now ‘his’ ladyship FireStone : I do recall alittle. She got her collar felt over an underage child, who was used as bitpart in some kind of ritual.

James said...

Miley Cyrus complaining about all the old Jews controlling the media.

This article puts the record straight.--NU/NUB

Anonymous said...

Part one…
Merry Xmas and a prosperous new year, the same goes to the naked emperor.
Some thoughts.
I do not know of one black that asked Mandela and the ANC to free them before 1994.
I am just aware that thousands of blacks were necklaced and maimed soviet style, more precis north viernam style, until they also saw the light. Those that did not see the light, shared the fate of black 32 battalion veterans. I saw plenty of anticommunist and anti-Mandela black leaders being executed.
Before the fatal elections 1994 blacks stopped me on the road and told me they do not want the ANC and Mandela to come into power.
Those black homelands who opposed the ANC, were toppled.
The communist always comes and tells you they want to liberate you from oppression. Ask Hungary.

Anonymous said...

Part two…
What oppression was there that Mandela and the ANC wanted to liberate the blacks from? Which blacks did he want to liberate? The Zulus? The Xhosas? The North Sothos? The South Sothos? The Basutos? The Ndebeles? Did they invite the ANC to speak for them?
Like Mugabe. What did he want to free his people from? Which were his people? The Matabeles? The Shonas? He slaughtered them like cattle, if they did not wanted to be liberated.
Same for SWAPO. Sam Njumo. What did he want to liberate his people from?
Ask the ex Rhodesians. Ask the black Rhodesian troops who fought the vermin on the side of the whites. Ask how their traditional structures were dismantled. Photos of blacks cut into pieces, if they did not toe the party line.
Lets go deeper into Africa. Africa Addio. The Congo. Kenia. Lumumba. Tshombe. Idi Amin. Countless pocket dicators who freed their people, while fighting the surrogate war for East and West during the Cold War.
As soon as one dictator came to power, he quickly grabbed what he could and stole it into a Swiss bank account, for he knew his time was short and he also would be toppled.

Anonymous said...

Part three…
In Africa the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was always greater than the desire to liberate their people. They have a different understanding of liberaton that we in the West.
Liberation meant to get into power to rule over their people the african way, and the african way is to bow to a african strongman, whether he mistreats them or not, to be in charge of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Thousands of blacks fled from Mozambique, Angola and the frontline states to South Africa, away from communism in their home countries. Some of our most elite military units and most successful consisted out of black troops, who fled for their lives from communism in their home countries, and got a safe haven in white South Africa. They personally have experienced what black liberation meant.
Thousands of blacks streamed into South Africa, prospered and prospered so well they outbred the whites and then took their country away.
There were plenty of other black organizations within South Africa that wanted to buy freedom for their nations, and they did not take the communist revolutionaries way. Inkhata Freedom Party. Black unions with a certain black bishop at its head, with a million followers (forgot his name over the years, just the impressions have remained - Uncle Nasty, can you still remember?) - he was asassinated by a communist black.
This black bishop saw what the effect of sanctions was on his blacks, the blacks who were the primary sufferers of this Red Fog over America and the western world. They were the most defenceless.

Anonymous said...

Part four…and END
Who was the ultimate liberator of South Africa from the whites? The PAC (Pan African Congress) or the ANC? The first thing the ANC did (and Mandela was head of State then and condoned everything) was to neutralize their competitor the PAC for the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow (white South Africa with its treasures).
Who really suffered? Take Jonas Savimbi. He wanted to liberate. Nearly his whole life he was in the bush and the jungle and the rain, he saw the light. He saw what communism was. Perhaps not a leader quite in the western sense, but he suffered more and tried to do more than any other black leader, and sad to say also contemporary white leaders, for his people. There was no pot of gold for him at the end of the rainbow, only death in the prime of his years.

Kind regards

Citizen Kane, from the old zasucks website.

Anonymous said...


I couldn't read this entire article. After the first paragraph, I was seething.

You need to do a little history check on Mandela. He was a globalist creation and tool and he sold out many of his own people to usher in communism and sheer destruction. He was in prison for murder and terrorism. How does that make him a martyr? He did what the machine asked him to do. He's the patron saint of the jew world order, nothing more.

Are you sneaking in a few hours of CNN at night?

Anonymous said...

Match Fixing

Pinch a black and call him negrito ‘little black’ all hell brakes lose.

Call an ugly half-caste a ‘black c#nt’ all hell brakes lose.

But fix matches, including punching an opponent to purposely get a red card, hush hush don’t let everyone know they’re ALL COLOURED!

Sam Sodje.
Cristian Montano

Michael Boateng
Hakeem Adelakun
100% NEGRO

Chann Sankaran,
Krishna Sanjey Ganeshan

Sponge Cake said...

After the transition of Apartheid in 1994, it was decided by the government of the African National Congress that direct intervention in the redistribution of assets and opportunities was needed to resolve the economic disparities created by Apartheid policies which had favoured white business owners. BEE intended to transform the economy to be representative of the demographics, specifically race demographics of the country. BEE was defined in the 2001 Commission Report as follows,
"It is an integrated and coherent political process. It is located within the context of the country's nation transformation programme, namely the RDP (Reconstruction and Development Programme). It is aimed at change the imbalances of the past by seeking to substantially transfer and confer ownership, management and control of South Africa's financial and economic resources to the majority of the citizens. It seeks to ensure broader and meaningful participation in the economy by black people to achieve sustainable development and prosperity."

In response to criticism, the South African Government launched Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment which is the current gazetted framework for addressing Black Empowerment beyond enriching a few, but with little effect.
BEE has also been criticised for creating a brain drain, where the qualified white expertise is emigrating to countries where they would not be discriminated against. Inkatha Freedom Party leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi is a strong critic of BEE and supports this view. He has stated that "the government's reckless implementation of the affirmative action policy is forcing many white people to leave the country in search of work, creating a skills shortage crisis".[11] Warning that South Africa is sitting on a "powder keg," Archbishop Desmond Tutu argued that Black Economic Empowerment only serves a black ANC elite few, leaving millions in "dehumanising poverty"

Uncle Nasty said...

Thanks for that, Annonny of 8 December 2013 17:14

You prompted me into looking up hagiography, which I have always meant to do ... Lovely word.

God, I love the English language ... nothing is indescribable.

hagiography [ˌhægɪˈɒgrəfɪ]
n pl -phies
1. (Christian Religious Writings / Theology) the writing of the lives of the saints
2. (Christian Religious Writings / Theology) biography of the saints
3. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) any biography that idealizes or idolizes its subject
hagiographic [ˌhægɪəˈgræfɪk], hagiographical adj

Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003


Sponge Cake said...

When whites become a minority in their own countries.

Black Economic Empowerment
Affirmative action
Sharia law

SAVANT said...

@anon 20.17. Well you should have continued reading. I never said he was a martyr nor did I deny he did bad things.

The real purpose of my post was to highlight how, comparatively, he was of little international importance and that his legendary status has been contrived so as to further burnish the image of blacks, with a particular emphasis on their desirability as breeding stock.

Sponge Cake said...

Thousands seek refuge at Central African airport.

Uncle Nasty said...

My God!! First, Keiser returns and now Citizen Kane.

Christmas came early this year.

CK, regarding the black bishop of whom you speak, the first name that popped into my head was Abel Muzorewa, but he was Rhodesian.

I will try to do some research.

Speaking of which, I just recalled a story we were all regaled with a few years ago. A friend was passing through Beit Bridge (ZA - Zimbabwe border control) just behind a really old - and obviously mission-educated -- darkie who insisted that he had been born in Salisbury in Rhodesia ... and not Harare in Zimbabwe, as the customs guy was insisting ... and he was prepared to stand there, all day, smoking his ancient pipe until the customs guy gave up.

Which he did.

That ... was the Africa that I grew up in.


Shaunantijihad said...

CITIZEN KANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't you dare leave here! How are you? What happened with Mike Smith? We need you here!! What is happening to our White brothers and sisters in the darklands?

God! Welcome!!!

Uncle Nasty said...

Just an aside ... the official population of South Africa, right now, is stated as forty five million.

Uncontrolled immigration -- from as far north as Somalia, and barely existent border control puts the real figure at close to fifty five or even sixty million, I am told.

But, hey ... what's fifteen million nogs one way or the other? The average ANC flunky regards this as, in the words of Douglas Adams, an SEP.

Somebody Else's Problem.

Except for the fact that ZA niggers regard Zimbabweans, Zambians, Malawians and other assorted riffraff as aliens and interlopers "Stilling our Wek, stilling our Chops ..."

So they chop them up in turn.


James said...

In response to criticism, the South African Government launched Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment

Same thing in NZ with the Maoris, Oz with the Abbos, Canada with the Eskimos (but don't call them that), and Hawaii. The list goes on and on. Much more blood in SA of course.

James said...

Citizen Kane, that was very interesting.
More please!

Anonymous said...

I really liked his I have a dream speech.

Satirical tweet on Paris Hilton.

David said...

Well UN you have stated on occasion the universal language of the brown hordes which will be the thing that will shift these people back to their homelands.

Somalis Fear South African Violence More Than War at Home
Ali Omar Mohamed fled Somalia’s civil war two years ago to seek a better life in South Africa. Now after being robbed at gunpoint and seeing scores of his countrymen murdered in xenophobic violence, he’s ready to leave. Mohammed, a 21-year-old shopkeeper, is part of a growing tide of immigrants who say they prefer returning to a war zone rather than face the hatred and jealousy they are subject to in South Africa where they’re called “the enemy.” “It’s better to die in your country where your mother and father can see you and not worry so much,” said Mohamed, who sleeps in a small room attached to the shop in the northern Johannesburg shantytown of Diepsloot. “As soon as possible, I’ll go back.”About 2,000 Somalis, or almost 8 percent of those living in South Africa, have returned home this year as parts of the Horn of Africa country become more stable"

Somalis are generally accepted in a close run off with Nigerians to be the winners in the worst Africans ever competition, so here they are fleeing the Rainbow nation, the country that two years got voted the friendliest country on Earth, why? because the universal language of broken bones and slashed faces spoke and all must heed. A lesson for white men everywhere.

The Uhuru Guru said...

Long time Savant! I've been reading your superb blog diligently, albeit in lurk mode. A veritable island of reason and sanity in a sea of zombified madness, kudos to you.

I too was a bit dismayed at what seemed to be some CNN-speak, but I get your point - more about that later. Whites everywhere have become so morally, intellectually and spiritually bankrupt that the MSM have absolute free reign. The global hysteria surrounding Mandela death sets an astounding new benchmark in groupthink insanity.

There's an amazing parallel between Western deification of negroid Marxist terrorists and the "Cargo Cult" phenomenon, when local tribesmen observed the Japanese and American armies setting up forward bases during WW2. When the war was over, Papua New Guinean and Melanesian tribesmen built their own airstrips, constructed rudimentary air traffic towers and even carved radio headsets out of wood, in the wan hope of attracting silver birds bearing food, tobacco, booze and nice goodies. They figured if the White man's magic could induce the sky gods to send nice goodies, so could their magic.

No amount of explaining to these primitive savages (that "cargo" needed to be produced somewhere in factories then delivered via sophisticated logistical means) convinced them otherwise. In fact, the more explaining whites tried to do, the more the tribesmen became convinced that the nasty whiteys were determined to selfishly "keep the black man down", so they redoubled their efforts. Performing weird rituals, muttering strange incantations and even offering live sacrifices of their children and livestock became the order of the day.

(See for more).

So with Mandela's demise, we now appear have the reverse of the cargo cult - intelligent, educated White people wailing in grief, muttering homilies and fantastic tributes, queuing for hours at embassies to sign condolence books, US & UK flags hanging half mast, observing minutes of silence in schools and during important sports matches across Europe and the USA - all to a mythical, mystical invention whose true nature is abhorrent and repulsive to any right-minded thinking person.

And for what? At least the noble savages of Papua New Guinea had self-interest as motivation, but what drives our vastly more erudite kinsmen to hysterically prostrate themselves and bow down like lemmings to a Socialist Workers / UK Labour Party / BBC-invented deity?

We've seen this insanity not too long ago, when the vile North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il popped his clogs. Thousands of weeping, crying people lining the Pyongyang streets and behaving in the exact same manner as now with Mandela. The mind boggles at such mindlessness.

James said...

Another cohencidence. Maybe Henry Makow reads this blog.

Not long after this post from UN:

Thanks for that, Annonny of 8 December 2013 17:14

You prompted me into looking up hagiography, which I have always meant to do ... Lovely word.

God, I love the English language ... nothing is indescribable.

hagiography [ˌhægɪˈɒgrəfɪ]
n pl -phies
1. (Christian Religious Writings / Theology) the writing of the lives of the saints
2. (Christian Religious Writings / Theology) biography of the saints
3. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) any biography that idealizes or idolizes its subject
hagiographic [ˌhægɪəˈgræfɪk], hagiographical adj

Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

Makow Tweets this:

The hagiography surrounding Nelson Mandel is an indication of the monolithic control the Illuminati have over the mass media and our minds.

It's happening so often, it makes me wonder.

James said...

"Stilling our Wek, stilling our Chops ..."

Ha ha. Nice one.

James said...

"Stilling our Wek, stilling our Chops ..."

Ha ha. Nice one.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

"@anon 20.17. Well you should have continued reading. I never said he was a martyr nor did I deny he did bad things."

Fair enough. But perhaps the praise should come at the end. You know this crowd has no patience when it comes to our enemies. I have the least out of us all.

BTW, he was kept in prison until he agreed to the terms set forth by the Anglo-American empire syndicate. That's why James Baker, George H.W. Bush's Secretary of State, was the first person he met with after his release from prison. Actions speak louder than words.

James said...

While we are saint-busting, let's revisit Einstein.

On the Subject of Einstein's Plagiarism

The above article is quite interesting. CJB is arguably one of the biggest anti-jews on the net, and yet a MSM paper in Oz published his article (albeit over 10 years ago).

This is of interest too.

Gnostic Liberation Front? Ha ha ha ha ha ha. My Nigger. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT. Tut tut fact checking. Crazy. Thicko.--NU/NUB

Anonymous said...

Think of the bright side.

Iran is safe for at least another month.

Anonymous said...

Now go forth my brothers, and post that fact with every Mandela story.

Uncle Nasty said...

James said:-

Makow Tweets this:

The hagiography surrounding Nelson Mandel is an indication of the monolithic control the Illuminati have over the mass media and our minds.

It's happening so often, it makes me wonder.

I just suddenly thought of the old Guinness campaign ... "Refreshing the parts other beers cannot reach ..."

Maybe Makow pops along from time to time, because we "Say the things that other, more mainstream blogs, cannot utter ..."
Rather like what was once "The Love that dare not speak its name" and is now the "Love that Refuses to Shut the Fuck Up."

An interesting corollary would be that American yellow-sheet newspaper: The National Enquirer. For all the scurrilous stories it publishes, (Aliens Screwed My Weimaraner!!!) there has never (to my knowlege) been a successful lawsuit or prosecution against it for libel.

On second thoughts I take that back ... In Germany, people like David Irving, Germer Rudolf, Syvlia Stolz et al -- never mind the defendents in the 1947 Nuremburg Travelling Circus and Barmitzva -- soon discovered that "truth" is no defence.

A bit of a liability in fact.


Anonymous said...

Excellent insight, Nero @ Dec. 7 22:23.

Anonymous said...

off topic savant,i recently enquired of you if the NORAID was a scam and the monies given were squandered by unscupulous people.please reply,john old rtd chicago copper....

kulak said...

I forgot to say "Hi" UN.

So, "Hi!"

Sav, it doesn't need to be explained. It needs to be attacked. Go forth!

Uncle Nasty said...

Holy Batshit, Batman. UG is back!

Welcome to our cozy and relatively hasbarat-free chat zone, UG. Well, for now, anyway.

Regarding a fragment of Uhuru Guru's post on post-mortem pre-disposal hysteria, this from the Heretical two:-

... The most terrible event of Chaka's (Or Shaka [UN]) reign that was actually witnessed by Fynn followed the illness and death of Nandi. Universal mourning was immediately ordered. The chiefs and people began to assemble in a crowd estimated at eight thousand. To eat or drink was forbidden; weeping was compulsory. Lamentations continued all night.

Those who could not force tears from their eyes – those who were found near the river panting for water – were beaten to death by others who were mad with excitement. Toward the afternoon I calculated that not fewer than 7,000 people had fallen in this frightful indiscriminate massacre.... Whilst masses were thus employing themselves, Shaka and his chiefs, the latter surrounding him, were tumbling and throwing themselves about, each trying to excel in their demonstrations of grief by alternate fits of howling.

Fynn felt ‘as if the whole universe were at that moment coming to an end.’ On his first appearance after the massacre Chaka ordered the execution of one of his aunts, who had been unfriendly to Nandi, and of all her attendants (some twelve or fourteen girls). Parties were sent out to execute those who had not come to express sorrow. During a period of one year after Nandi's death, all women found to be pregnant were executed with their husbands.

A very similar massacre had occurred previously, when an attempt had been made on Chaka's life.

I understand that those NK citizens (Vassals? Peons?) who showed -- shall we say? Insufficient grief for Dear Leader MkI were soon re-educated in how to feel sorry ... really, really sorry.

Or as Private Pyle put it so aptly in Full Metal Jacket ...

A world of shit


Anonymous said...

Mandela did nothing more than react to situations caused by White Society. Analyzing his "accomplishments" make it clear that he actually did nothing... he simply reacting and responded to conditions set forth by a White Society.

In terms of Western Civilization, Negro culture has never created or produced anything that warrants sustained time and effort. Unlike European-based culture which has created magnificent architecture, prosperity, democratic governments, university education, etc., African culture has only EVER consisted of RESPONSES and REACTIONS to European-based culture. The nature of Negro culture is simply not wired for mapping the world, exploring space, finding cures for diseases, or splitting the atom.

Thus, the Negro is, de facto, out-of-place in any white society where innovation and creation have been the norm through the ages. What else can the Negro do, then, except REACT to, and against, the white societies they don't fit into. Their natural reaction? Frustration and jealousy, of course. They simply aren't integrally invested in the creation and maintenance of these societies.

The Uhuru Guru said...

Savant, you're a kind soul and quite the gentleman. I sadly am not. Now I'd like to divest you of your few well-intentioned but seriously misguided notions regarding this latter day black son of Christ...

Mandela was most certainly no "principled" man, unless you had another sort of principle in mind. After studying at Fort Hare University (courtesy of the horrible racist White regime and partly funded by some bleeding heart liberal missionaries) he was expelled for disrupting classes, intimidating fellow students and stirring up trouble.

Attracted to the hedonistic pleasures of wine, women and song, he migrated to Johannesburg and found a job working as a legal clerk. Mandela never properly qualified as a lawyer - he never finished his bar exams nor his LLB law degree, failing exams on no less than three times.

He drank himself into a stupor every night, and when his first wife Evelyn dared complain about his drunken philandering, he beat her into a pulp - something he was exceedingly good at since he practiced boxing as a sport.

Evelyn divorced her deadbeat boozer husband and he quickly married Winnie, who also got beaten regularly. He once smacked the daylights out of her - in front of the kids - for daring to swallow razor blades in silly protest at his constant whoring and drinking.

Somehow he managed to hold on to his law clerk job and soon ingratiated himself with the Jewish community. In short time, he took a job with the Jewish firm Sidelsky, Witkin & Eidelman. The rest is history.

His new best chums Goldreich, Slovo, Goldberg (the list reads like a fucking Tel Aviv phonebook) saw great potential in Mandela, so the Yids (always searching for a puppet to hide behind and lend authenticity to what at face value appeared to be a legitimate indigenous struggle for rights and dignity, but was in truth a cynical Zionist diversion to exploit for their own nefarious purposes) - started plying him with money, booze and most dangerously – political bullshit which became the core of his delusions of grandeur.

Not long after, Mandela joined the almost exclusively Jewish SA Communist Party and was whisked off to Algeria and Ethiopia for terrorist training. He was taught bomb-making and military skills by Soviet commissars and secretly visited Moscow for political indoctrination. It was on his return to SA that he was arrested and briefly jailed.

Within four years, he was again arrested, this time for the famous Rivonia Treason Trial. Mandela and his mostly Jewish co-conspirators had brought in about 500 TONS of materiel as supplied by the Soviets. Rocket launchers, land mines, explosives, hand grenades as well as thousands of AK-47 rifles and ammo.

Mandela attempted to start a race war in SA, the end goal being the establishment of a communist dictatorship through which he would lord over all and sundry, whilst The Chosen pulled his puppet strings. This was no man who "cared for and stood up for his people" as you so sweetly put it, Savant.

This guy was an egotistical, murderous, bloodthirsty megalomaniac who fancied himself as a Che Guevara, Stalin or Fidel Castro.


The Uhuru Guru said...


But don't take my admittedly dubious word as a pissed-off White South African for it - check the facts. The vast majority of people murdered through Nelson and Winnie Mandela's infamous "necklace" method, not to mention bombings, shootings and getting hacked to death, were his own black constituents.

Amnesty International, themselves a notoriously left-wing outfit even refused to acknowledge Mandela as a political prisoner, because of his irrepressible love of violence. In 1985, SA President PW Botha offered Mandela immediate freedom, on condition that he irrevocably renounced violence. Mandela flatly refused. By its fruits shall a tree be known...

Mandela apologists will assail me by saying "but he was in prison, he couldn't have ordered or controlled any of the goings-on." Well, the truth is he did - most of them. Read his autobiographies, where he brags about smuggling communiques out of prison, one of which was his direct authorisation of the 1983 Church street bombing in Pretoria, where 27 people died and 274 were seriously injured.

It’s for good reason that the US State Department listed him on their blacklist of terrorist persona non grata, and for which special waiver dispensation had to be applied for when he visited the US in the ‘90’s. He was only removed from the terrorist list in 2008…

During an Inkatha (opposing black party consisting mainly of Zulus) protest march to the ANC headquarters in Johannesburg circa March 1994, Mandela personally ordered his thugs to open fire on the marchers.

19 people were instantly killed, a further 36 were murdered later that day, and hundreds wounded. The world, who vociferously bleated on about the Sharpeville shootings said nothing, looked the other way and praised The Black King for his commitment to non-violence.

The irascible Mandela is worshipped for his supposed "lack of bitterness" and "spirit of forgiveness" once he walked free in 1990. Oh really? I can point you to some Youtube videos showing him singing "kill the Whites, kill the Boers".


The Uhuru Guru said...


Mandela himself signed the order to create the ludicrous "Truth & Reconciliation" Commission, a farce modelled closely on the Nuremberg show trials of WW2, and with the exact same outcome - total exoneration and whitewash for murderous black terrorists, and defamation, lies and indictment of Whites which directly led to racial tensions becoming worse than at any point during the worst days of Apartheid.

This in turn led to an anti-White orgy of criminal violence which is a de facto racist genocide, cleverly disguised by the MSM as "ordinary crime common to a society in transition". Leaked ANC documents later showed that the post 1994 incitement of racial tension was a deliberate strategy – demonise the Whites so as to unite the pugilistic, warring black tribes against a common enemy, the consequences be damned. And the world hailed The Black King as a racial peacemaker.

You see, it was the plan all along. The communist take-over in SA was planned to proceed along three main stages: Stage 1 was immediately after taking power to placate nervous Whites, preach mock forgiveness, feign acceptance and lull unsuspecting citizens and investors into lowering their guard. As is typical of communists, they say one thing and do precisely the opposite.

Mandela the saintly forgiver, Nobel Peace Prize holder and poster boy for letting bygones be bygones, yet presiding over 68 000 + whites (and about 500 000 blacks) being savagely murdered SINCE 1994. Does anyone see the monstrous disconnect? Clearly not – flags in London and Washington are hanging half-mast in honour of a man who brought this murderous scourge upon his people.

The illustrious Black King whose policies have elevated SA to being the murder and rape capital of the world. Where wee little babies are routinely raped and white women raped then stoned, as this video attests:

Savant, I can go on and on - having authored SA Sucks for five long years, and closely researching the goings-on in SA for two decades gives you pretty incisive angles. I can truly tell you that my own subjective views aside, there is not ONE single redeeming factor I can cite about Mandela.

A vile, murderous poseur, phony and loser of a man who walked out of prison a pauper yet became a multi-millionaire within a few short months.

A man who along with his disgusting family shamelessly looted the Mandela Childrens Fund charity to line their own pockets, then engineered the greatest economical rape of South Africa, in the form of the corrupt Arms Deal. And the Black King spoketh and He Said: “We did not join the struggle to be poor”.

And yet, all the world prostrate themselves before him, and chant as one: all hail to the Great Black King.

Like I said - morally, spiritually and intellectually bankrupt. I guess one good thing comes of this – the grim realisation of how utterly and completely fucked we are.

Uncle nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Think of the bright side.
Iran is safe for at least another month.

9 December 2013 01:57

Wonderful comment, and so true. Who knows? Maybe if Lizzie the Twoth, Phil the Greek, or the Barack and Moochelle comedy duo fall off the perch, Iran and Afghanistan might stay afloat 'till Easter.

Speaking of Moochelle Obama, she, Like Hilary Clinton, has been out of the public eye for a while now.

One can only hope that they tasered her into submission and she is touring Guantanamo in a cage as we speak.

As for Hillary, I don't know ... when she's quiet, she's plotting something.


Anonymous said...


AnalogMan said...

UG, good to see you back. Is it for real, this time? Are you planning to blog again?

Isn't it amazing, the influx of new and old posters since vermin control was instituted here?

I do question your assertion that the Holy One walked out of prison a pauper. He was born rich. But, of course, that's relative. Peanuts, compared to the proceeds of corruption and looting.

Uncle Nasty said...

When I read this, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

One about Benyamin Netenyahu, he's not afraid of being stereotyped as a tightfisted peruvian bastard ...**

Netanyahu decides not to attend Mandela funeral citing high costs


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu decided on Sunday night not to travel to South Africa for the funeral of freedom fighter Nelson Mandela on Tuesday because the trip is very expensive and there were "logical concerns," according to an official from his office.

The short-notice trip, combined with complex security arrangements due to the many participants expected at the funeral, have upped the costs of the trip.

A preliminary assessment showed such a trip would cost some NIS 7 million.

Where are your friends when you need 'em, eh?

Still you have to admit it's pretty odd.
The one country that worked harder than anyone to sink South Africa in a sea of mud, is now too skint to fork out for an airfare or two so as to plant their big, manufactured hero.

"Yes, yes, yes. Ve know ... but vhot heff you done for us recently?"


** what my Mom used to call them.

Piet said...

UG, that you? Hey, great to hear from you man and to stick it to the porch monkey-in-chief, St. Mandela.

great white said...

See that vid where white guy fights back on knockout game. That dirty filthy cowardly coon. One punch and he goes down, doesn't even defend himself against the girl.

They are a despicable worthless species, far lower than the gorilla's.

Nero said...

Another cohencidence. Maybe Henry Makow reads this blog.

9 December 2013 00:17 James

Maybe he comments here too.

Anonymous said...

When we consider the role of the North and the South in the Civil War, we must not behave like typical White men who cannot think consistently from 12 o'clock to noon. Both North and South were anti-White: (1) By killing their fellow Whites and (2) By tolerating a multi-racial society which insures miscegenation, as Earnest Sevier Cox warned in "White America". Kaut Hamsun visited the U.S.A. in the 1880s and described the South as a "mulatto stud farm." North and South produced brave and capable White warriors who served in an anti-White cause. Boers and Brits fought each other, and the Blacks got the land from the White man. If we look at history in centuries, rather than quarterly accounts, we can see that America is fundamentally anti-White, from the very beginning. I am sure that there were brave Aryans in the Red Army, who fought gallantly against their fellow White Germans, on behalf of Asiatic despotism. I see no reason to honor such men, any more than I can honor brave Whites of North or South. As one mestiza invader replied, when asked about the Confederate flag controversy: "This has nothing to do with MY people, so it is of no interest to me." Land belongs to those who occupy it. When Whites vanish from the land, I must conclude that they have been the victims of an anti-White policy on the part of their rulers. The ZOG is much older than the U.S.A., whose founders were conscious zoglings like Hamilton or unconscious witlings like Jefferson, the "useful idiot" of jew-supremacy. Unfortunately, Jefferson was not alone.

Southern Whites must become true National Socialists: they must be able to get their hands dirty in honest work, and not assign that to 'their Blacks and mestizos', for that is their undoing, exactly as I saw with the Whites in Southern Africa. In other words, they must dump their nigger-addicted class pretensions. I do not need the gun of a White man who comes to me with his family of nigger servants, for his future and mine can only be Black. As you observe, the niggerball crackers may not be able to see the racial connection between Black football players and White female cheerleaders. More fools, they! I'm sure Rastus could show them 'the connection'. Neither North nor South, nor the U.S. of the Foundering Fathers ever was on the White man's side. The results which we can see prove that beyond a doubt. Race was a very tiny blip on their radar screens, if at all. The question is, can Whitey become pro-White by renouncing his anti-White past, or as Dr. Goebbels asked, "Can he leap over his own shadow?" And can he do it in time?


Anonymous said...

Netanyahu decides not to attend Mandela funeral citing high costs

The jews did not show up for work on 9/11 either.

The Uhuru Guru said...

Hi Uncle Nasty / Analogman / Piet

Thanks for the warm welcome & glad to see you still fighting the good fight.

No time for blogging unfortunately, business is beyond manic. Besides, I'm a marked man so best to lurk & comment for now lest I get my front door kicked down again... :)

Anonymous said...

In terms of Western Civilization, Negro culture has never created or produced anything that warrants sustained time and effort.

I believe a c-rap group tried to warn people of this with their album
Fear of a black Planet

nilus said...

BBC Radio 4skin 9-12-2013

Book of the Week
Long Walk to Freedom, Episode 1
Born 1918, in a village in the Transkei, Nelson Mandela tells the story of his early life.

Woman's Hour
Winnie Mandela

Food Programme

Lesley Steinitz (?)

6.30 jew Barry Cryer

Crossing Continents

India: Resisting Rape
One year on from the attack in Delhi, the experience of women who've chosen to report rape


So far, so good. The real history of the muzzies:

Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner

nilus said...

Normal activities in the UK House of Commons has been cancelled for a day of Mandela tributes.

SAVANT said...

Hi UG. Great to hear from you and hope all is well after the crises you had to face. Hopefully we'll hear a lot more from you here and/or on your own blog.

Re Mandela, I don't really disagree with anything you say and acknowledge your deeper understanding of things in SA.

But the main point of my post was to show that, at best he was a dedicated fighter for his own people in a mid-ranking country. As such the hysteria surrounding him was a wholly unjustified contrivance aimed at further enabling blacks and, by extension, debasing Whites.

I disagree somewhat with you though w/r/t his principles. First, nobody, least of all a successful 'freedom fighter' is perfect. But he could easily have 'sold out' to (or compromised with) the White government very early and enjoyed wealth and fame while still young enough. Yet he languished in jail until he was a very old man. That's principle to me. Could you imagine a Zuma or Mugable doing that? Or come to think of it, ANY western politician. I think the corruption associated with his estate has more to do with his execrable family than the man himself. And he did project the objective of peace and reconciliation, even to the extent of wearing Francois Pienaar's Springbok jersey at the 1995 final.

And hey, anyone who whacks Winnie can't be all bad!

Anonymous said...

Mandela and the Jews

The Uhuru Guru said...

Necklacing Nancy - A Tribute to Nelson Mandela

rambaloosa said...

One dickhead in a newspaper report actually said he is the first political figure that can be compared to Jesus Christ!! Imagine the gall to compare a human with God.

Gem, imagine some dickhead comparing that coon to a human being!

potgieter said...

UG and Citizen Kane revitalised.

My cup brimmeth over!

The Uhuru Guru said...

Greetings Savant

Life in the UK is awesome thanks - nothing beats living in a First World country especially after escaping turd world shit holes like Arsezania! Just sad to see the same rot setting in here. Having seen this movie before, one shudders to think how it will end here too.

As for Mandela's languishing in jail: his crimes were so serious that if the prosecutor asked for a death sentence, it would have been handed down.

Be that as it may, the first fifteen years was harsh, although bearable - nothing like what white men suffer in African prisons. No shower gang rapes, shanking or months spent in solitary confinement. In 1984 they moved him to the Victor Verster prison, which technically wasn't a prison. It was a private and quite luxurious house which had all the amenities - swimming pool, rolling gardens all kitted out with the latest gadgets of the time. Why, the SA government even provided him with phones, fax and telex machines so he could communicate with his comrades and the outside world. He could literally do as he pleased, had the whole place to himself, could receive visitors any time, ate top notch food cooked by professional chefs and truly lived the life of riley. But as with the Hotel California, he could check in but not leave.

This arrangement suited him well - by this time the prison keepers had become his prisoners and he knew it, so for all his "principled languishing" it was more like a tactic. How cool is that - just sit tight, play martyr and let the accolades, honorary doctorates and platitudes rain down on you.

Its medical fact that years of harsh prison life takes a good chunk out of any man's life. That this crafty coffin dodger could live to the ripe old age of 95 is testament to the excellent care he suffered at the hands of his white jailers, and a supreme irony when contrasted to the current South African life expectancy of 46, which used to be 59 during the dark days of Apartheid.

Agreed on smacking Winnie around! Which reminds me - what's black and slides down Nelson's column?

English Tony from NYC said...

An English chap just got arrested and questioned by police for eight hours for the hideous hate crime of posting the following on his Facebook:

"My computer takes so long to shut down I call it Nelson Mandela."

Anonymous said...

@ Potgieter, and the old zasucks crowd. I wish I could be more political active, if it were not for my personal circumstance, which I will touch on briefly.

Left S.A. nearly two years ago. This is the challenge. My current job drains quite a bit of energy out of me. And as a responsible single parent I cannot justify a political involvement of such an nature that might land me with a criminal record and the removal of my child from me. It will crack him completely,in a time where he has to adjust to his new country of my choice.


Citizen Kane

Anonymous said...

Jewish wealth causes knockout game attacks.

If only New York, USA had a Mandela!

Anonymous said...

The strange transformation of Mandela’s prison cell - See more at:

James said...

They don't even try to hide it anymore.

Big octopus wrapping the world with its tentacles like a Nazi jew cartoon.

Shaunantijihad said...

Uhuru as well! OMG it gets better! Things are looking up.

However, as was pointed out earlier by Sigh, (probably NU behaving himself instead of being an obnoxious dick), the video claiming a White woman being stoned is almost certainly a light coloured Negro male being stoned.

It just shows how violent the savages of "Zimbabwe" - aka H. Erectus Land - really are. The savages of SA are no different.

But it simultaneously shows that we must pay close attention to claim made on the internet. Liars and anti-White agents abound, hoping their lies will be repeated.

James said...

Info on the Rothschilds.


James said...

Citizen Kane,
You can do some political stuff, why risk Jail?

For example, in NZ you can help the NZ First party. They are anti-immigration and a lot of low-key White Nationalists belong to the party. Of course they have a PC element, but this is the reality we live under. There is so much work that can be done, and there is no need to risk your job over any of it.

James said...

Actually just going to the odd meeting and cancelling out a liberal or two would be a massive help. You'd be surprised how few people are politically active, so your effect would be bigger than maybe you can imagine at this point.

Shaunantijihad said...

ERIC, well said.

Which is why we need Caucasia, and thus the Caucasian Constitution, it's womb.

Shaunantijihad said...

Uhuru, if you find yourself anywhere near Yorkshire, I would like to show you how the anti-Whites are using Islam to colonise and destroy us, at least here. The perfect war is to get your enemy to agree to suicide. And that is what Whites are agreeing to by following the msm and main political parties.

Contact me if you get a day free at the weekend via Savant. It would be great to meet you.

Gary Paul said...

UG, you don't look a day older than in your SAS days!


Sponge Cake said...

Arrested because he joked about Mandela: Police hold shopkeeper for eight hours, take his DNA and seize his computer - after local councillor objects to off-colour internet comments

James said...

This is the problem with Nastiestuncle and NUB.

Uncle Nasty said...

kulak said...

I forgot to say "Hi" UN.

So, "Hi!"

And "hi" back to you, Kulak. It has been a while.

All the old commenters ... it's as though someone opened all the windows and let some sunlight in. Thanks, Savant.


Anonymous said...


I am not in NZ, but a northern european country (left it at the age of 4, only country which I could return to at my age) with currently something in the line of more than 10 000 right wing political dissidents in jail, if I can believe the sources I read.


Uncle Nasty said...

Totally off-topic, but relevant, I feel.

As was mentioned once before, people often predict more correctly than not, what lies before us ... it's just that, as optimists or pessimists, they get their timing wrong.


By John Ward December 8, 2013 ECB's 2014

AQR Falling liquidity HILLARY CLINTON Janet Yellen Nomura's Bob Janjuah Rydex monitor Spring 2014 critical to Crash2 Stock market QE bubble

Fix (n- colloqu) relief of addictive wIthdrawal, usually by drug injection

Fix (vt – colloqu) cheat, as in ‘put in a fix’

Fix (vt) solve problem

The final farewell end and absolutely last performance of QE….soon.

You’d think the above chart would be everywhere, but US Slog contact Butch sent it to me last night, and it isn’t one I’ve seen before. It couldn’t be simpler in displaying the overwhelming result of the US Federal Reserve using QE: the creation of a ludicrous stock market bubble.

The S&P 500 (like all stock markets now) is an investment forum in which the ‘squeezed middle’ of the western world (from 45-70% depending on country) lack the skills required to benefit from it, and have little in the way of trustworthy information by which to judge when the bubble will burst. This reality has been exacerbated in recent years by everything from dark liquidity pools to speed of light and algorythmic trading. The small investor might benefit inidrectly via pension or assurance investments held on his or her behalf, but the real number of people who do is frighteningly small: 42% of upmarket British workers, for example, have no pension arrangements at all.

I’m not a great fan of the capital letter’s use for emphasis, but in the next paragraph I fancy it is warranted.

The irrefutable bottom line on this one is that both the US Federal Reserve, the UK Bank of England (and upcoming, the European Central Bank) are taking YOUR money and WIPING OUT GREEDY, DUMB TRADES made by the bankers who YOU ALREADY BAILED OUT to the tune of $23 trillion around the world anyway. But instead of using the money to INVEST IN RESEARCH, HIRE MORE STAFF OR LEND TO SMALL BUSINESS, what the banks and major multinationals are doing is adding the newly freed-up money TO THEIR OWN BOTTOM LINES such that the dividends declared REWARD FAILURE WITH MORE PROFIT and the stock price goes up to make the élite f**kwits EVEN RICHER THAN THEY WERE BEFORE by simply putting EVEN MORE MONEY for themselves and clients into the stock markets knowing THEY CAN’T LOSE because (a) the market IS FIXED and (b) they’re using YOUR MONEY NOT THEIRS.

Some commenters may ask why I continually post about money and finance, when I know so little about it?

That's why I post ... to get answers.


Mr. White said...

What can I do to effectively resist/counteract the media brain-washing of my teen children, regarding multi-culturalism, blacks, etc...? I live in Oregon, USA.

Uncle Nasty said...

Allow me to quietly wipe a way a tear as I tune up the world's tiniest violin ...

Apparently, thanks to an agreement with the UN (Thanks Helen Clarke, you snaggletoothed cunt) New Zealand imports seven hundred and fifty "refugees" a year ... which could be one of the reasons why the Mongrel Mob Maori gang is now having turf wars with Somali (yes, Somali) gangs.

New Zealand is barely meeting its international obligations to asylum seekers, who have severely limited access to support services creating a highly vulnerable and nearly invisible population open to exploitation, according to new research.

New Zealand receives two types of refugees. Each year about 750 are settled as part of the UN refugee quota and about 100 who claim asylum and are granted refugee status. Both sets are considered equal under the UN Refugee Convention.

However, while quota refugees are given significant assistance and social support, asylum seekers have access to only a small range of social services and receive almost no support in settling into their new home, a report by ChangeMakers Refugee Forum and the National Refugee Network says.

Notice that the whining article -- poorly written and edited as only a "STUFF" article could be -- only mentions one name as a commentator ... Bloom.

A member of the tribe? You tell me.


Dan said...

The Mandela death is a great opportunity to breach the dam of the Multicult. Some people are beginning to notice the Soviet style mourning.

James said...

What can I do to effectively resist/counteract the media brain-washing of my teen children, regarding multi-culturalism, blacks, etc...? I live in Oregon, USA.

Smash your TV tuner. Learn musical instruments together.
Watch vids on the DVD player. It's hard to disconnect completely.
Keep the family together so they respect you.
Tell it to them like it is.
Don't get too intense.
Don't lie to them.
Don't tell them to hate every non-white, that's too much hard work.

They can practice defensive racism without being 24/7 Nazis. Being a 24/7 Nazi is not everyone's cup of tea.

Tell them the media lies, the world is full of anti-whites, not the other way around.

They may be kids but they aren't stupid.

Above all, remember that people like us watched ALL the Hollywood propaganda when we were kids, and we snapped out of it with no help so you don't need to have a two hour debriefing session after every episode of Game of Thrones.

Then again, the propaganda gets everyone, its very cleverly produced.

nilus said...

Frost interviews Mosley:

nilus said...

"One dickhead in a newspaper report actually said he is the first political figure that can be compared to Jesus Christ!! Imagine the gall to compare a human with God.

Gem, imagine some dickhead comparing that coon to a human being!"

For shame, it was in the "conservative, "right wing press":

'Bearing in mind that I haven't collected these from the book of 'True Believers' of the left , but from just one day's worth of articles in a supposedly conservative/Conservative
paper, The Daily Telegraph:

* "Nelson Mandela was a secular saint for the whole world

*Nelson Mandela fought the last great crusade of modern civilisation

*Nelson Mandela showed a divided country how to forgive

*Nelson Mandela: Saying farewell to South Africa’s liberator

*Nelson Mandela had a unique gift: he was able to govern in poetry

*The Left does not own Nelson Mandela’s legacy

* Few human beings can be compared to Jesus Christ. Nelson Mandela was one "

SAVANT said...

What can I do to effectively resist/counteract the media brain-washing of my teen children, regarding multi-culturalism, blacks, etc...? I live in Oregon, USA.

Mr. White, may I supplement the excellent suggestions James makes above. One big suggestion I would make as a parent with grown up kids is - don't force feed them your views. Ideally lead them to finding out for themselves. I also suggest an approach along the lines of 'it pains me to say it but.......' If you come across as a 'raging racist' (as currently defined) you'll turn them off.

I know that my approach has worked spectacularly well, if very slowly, in my own case. I used to say things like 'you know, the more I see the more it's that.....' A good one was to invite kids to see how blacks are portrayed in ads and films etc. and then open them to real life black behaviour. I recommend the Derb's message here (which incidentally got him fired from his job).

Dan said...

Watch Zulu repeatedly. Gordon of Khartoum is also good. I strongly suggest they see Black Hawk Down repeatedly. Besieged whites in historical situations. They will be subliminally racially aware.

Dan said...

What to not let them see:

Movies that demonize other whites. WW2 stuff directed by Jews is different from the fair made by Christians. There is a good WW1 film called Noel. This also includes movies that overly promote fragmentary nationalism and that's trouble. The Wind That Shakes The Barley is a thoughtful bit of Irish nationalism but it is problematic.

What to push subtle like? Anything with beleaguered whites battling nigger or Arab hordes.

Dan said...

The Alamo might even be a useful rallying cry.

nilus said...

It really does feel like a window has been opened here, in a fuggy room.

Or like a pub that is "under new management" and familiar faces are wandering back in ( obviously they are not familiar to me and the death of Saint Mandingo has a lot to do with it also: a happy coincidence, if you will)

James is of course "keeping the ghost alive" but I think that will fade.

I'm trying not to overpost but that is pretty much related to my alcohol intake.

As usual the BBC news is all about faraway lands: Africa, Ukraine, North Korea, etc.

"Never You Mind The Cut-Cocks" is on BBC2 right now, a compilation of the "best bits" (lol)

Presented by Krishnan Gurumurthy, showing guest presenters "Dizzee Rascal" and "Lethal Bizzle " and "Rizzle Kicks" and "Stinky Chipfat" and jew Micheal Bolton, etc.

The fat twat Phil Jupitus is still there of course , it pays the mortgage.

The UK has changed , but if you watch the telly you'd never know: A Royal Variety Performance" with Edna Everage, Kenny Everett, Des O Connor, a shockingly long-haired new 'beat' group called The Beetles ( introduced by Jimmy Tarbuck) , Humphrey Littleton, concluding with a raucous performance of "Pussy Is For Queers" by Billy Cotton and his Big Band.

Dan said...

Kelly's Heroes is a subtle bit of pro white propaganda. The Tiger
Tank commander makes the bank heist possible.

nilus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nilus said...

Second post: True story of Islam:

'The history of Islam in Europe and how it effects us to this day. This is a history based on numbers and facts that you may not see anywhere else and explains why we may be afraid to see Islam for what it is based on its own doctrine and practice.'

nilus said...

Ive gone from the "madman" of the family to the soothsayer.

They can all now see that I'm right.

It's not enough, but it is encouraging.

Dan said...

Someone ought to find the obits for Lenin in the NYT and compare n contrast them with that of Mandela

nilus said...

Let's never forget that ther is a CLASS aspect to all this.

Right now on ITV's answer to "Question Time", called "The Agenda ", is peudo-black Labour posh boy Chuka Umunna, our very own Obongo.

Personally, I dont know anyone who speaks as posh as him.

He's probably closet queer and has been "romantically linked" with Labour jewess Luciana Berger.

Also on the panel is posh shouty unfunnyman Dom Joly , and presented by another posh boy.

Also the BBC's sexless rambler Julia Bradbury and journalist Jane Moore.

I cant be arsed to look it up, my bet is Jane Moore is the only one who went to a state school.

But I wouldnt put money on it.

Dan said...

This is quite good. Although Duranty did at the very least provide some clue as to the power struggle between Stalin and Trotsky.

The gushing queer style is very similar though. People stunned, in tears, universally adored dear leader... We are so fucked.

nilus said...


Moore was born in Oxford, England. Her father was a professor of mathematics at the University of Oxford, and her mother was a teacher. She went to primary school in Oxford, then went to the Worcester Grammar School for Girls (since 1983 the Worcester Sixth Form College) on Spetchley Road in Worcester, when her parents divorced.

my bad:

Dom Joly is using the " How many Brits are in Spain?" non argument.

I always thougt he was a cunt.

Another toffee-nosed "citizen of the world" socialist.

And yes, the "Big Phone " gag was funny, once, the first time, for forty seconds.

nilus said...

Keep a close eye on posh pseudo-black "socialists" like SpearChukka Umbongo.

Britain WILL have it's Obama.

nilus said...

I see Bush and Blair as ( possibly closet homo/compromised) Goy faces on jew "wars".

Obama was the perfect antidote: Still killing brown people in their own lands, but somehow it's not so "EVIL" now...

He's the perfect vapour: Is he black? White ? Jew? Muslim? Christian? Commie? Athiest?
Peacemaker? Warmonger? Israel's bitch? Israels foe? Queer/ straight/ bi?

Truth is, he's nothing.

It was time to get a brown face to front kike wars.

" All American Presidents are jewish puppets: except Ombongo !"


That makes sense.

No history, 2 biographies and a Nobel prize.

A truly "Magic Nigger"

Dan said...

I disagree about a brown face on Jewish wars. Obama is probably a Muslim at heart. At the moment there's no love lost between him and Israel. The Jewish diaspora love him though. Because he is a 24/7 humiation for white men. This suits most Jews.

Dan said...

The Costa Del Refuge. I saw a travel show by Rick Steves on Spain. He moaned about how the British didn't blend in with the Spanish. Pardon me Steves but the British have been a fixture on the Mediteranean Riveria for centuries... If not Millenia. The Spanish Royal family has a variety of Lancastrian ancestors and the Basques were effectively English subjects for centuries. Next week Steves goes to London and describes how colorful the Jamaicans make Brixton and how charming Brick Lane's Pakis are.

nilus said...

I doubt very much whether we have had anything to do with it, but BBC "Jewsnight" has really cut back on the jewish presenters recently.

( Jew Ian Katz is the new boss)

I will re-post next weeks panel for "Any Questions?" , a political "debate" show on BBC Radio 4skin.

This is ENGLAND :

Sajid Javid MP, (Tory)

Financial Secretary to the Treasury

Chuka Umunna MP,(Labour)

Shadow Business Secretary

Shami Chakrabarti,( Rent-a-do-gooder Lawyer, Director of Liberty

Amjad Bashir (UKIP) !!!!

Jonathan Dimbleby presents political debate and discussion from Leeds.


On BBC1 now: Filthy faggot Graham Norton chats to jew Daniel Radcliffe about playing filthy jew pederast and pervert Allen Ginsberg, yada yada yada

"I hope my good old asshole holds out
60 years it's been mostly OK
Tho in Bolivia a fissure operation
survived the altiplano hospital--
a little blood, no polyps, occasionally
a small hemorrhoid
active, eager, receptive to phallus
coke bottle, candle, carrot
banana & fingers--
Now AIDS makes it shy, but still
eager to serve--
out with the dumps, in with the condom'd
orgasmic friend--
still rubbery muscular,
unashamed wide open for joy
But another 20 years who knows,
old folks got troubles everywhere--
necks, prostates, stomachs, joints--
Hope the old hole stays young
till death, relax"

Daniel explains that Allen fell in love with a faggot who went on to kill

His mom was a psycho jew.

A modern hero.

Recently we have seen movies clebrating kike perverts like Serge Gainsbourg, and kikes campaigning for the "freedom" of kike perverts and pedophiles Woody Allen and Roman Polanski.

They are NOT like you and me.

Id be happy to see every last one of them ( redacted) and maybe we could all enjoy life on earth.

There's plenty of water, and food, and sunshine, and...well, we know.

James said...

What can I do to effectively resist/counteract the media brain-washing of my teen children, regarding multi-culturalism, blacks, etc...? I live in Oregon, USA.

One thing to be careful of is that they might just believe you if you tell them stuff like "The Jews control everything and Whites will be 14% of the population of the US by 2088, and we'll be second class citizens and bla bla bla"

You kids will think "to hell with being a miserable Nazi all bitter and twisted, might as well be a happy race mixer since that's allowed, it's where it's going anyway, and I'll be more popular. Also, I believe Dad when he says there's nothing we can do to stop it so why bother?"

James said...

Lots of White people are refusing to have kids already because they feel it's not right to bring Aryans into this world to suffer at the hands of blacks and Chinese and Jews.

Is this a valid point of view or defeatism that the enemy would love to program into all of us?

James said...

Why do White Nationalists have to suffer and struggle to save the White race, but Jewish activists get chicks, money, booze, and big yachts?

nilus said...

Dan, I agree with all your stuff, but, respectfully, the " Obongo is a Muzzie" thing I cant swallow.

He was put there by kikes and he does what kikes tell him to , he reads kike speeches that further kike agendas.

A true and passionate leader who really cared about his people and his country would kick away the teleprompters and speak passionately from the heart for 3 hours or more.

This "not even really black" cipher cant speak 2 words without reading.

Who are "his people?" What country is "His?"

And he's probably another compromised faggot:

The Uhuru Guru said...

@ Shaunantijihad

That would be awesome Shaun. I'm about 100 miles from Yorkshire and wifey's been nagging to go check out the cathedral and Dales so might make a trip of it. Can it be more depressing than Oldham, Burnley and Blackburn I wonder? Will PM you through Savant.

@Gary Paul: Hehe the wonders of Photoshop :)

@St Nilus: Do you know if a special trip was laid on to NM's boneyard pity party for Dame / Baroness Doreen Lawrence? They would never dream to leave her out in the cold, right?

Anonymous said...

The video of rape and stoning of white woman isn’t correct.

It’s actually of a Somali man Abdi Nasir Mahmoud Good, stoned to death by SA mob 2013.

Still it goes to show how the ‘RAINBOW NATION’ is brutal.

The fact that NORMAL passers by are kicking and beating this guy protecting his shop from looters is testament to the bantu mindset.

nilus said...

"Is this a valid point of view or defeatism that the enemy would love to program into all of us?"

It worked on me. I'm 44 , not exactly hideous-looking , talented with art, music, language , and competent with all practical stuff as well. Probably a few notches above average intelligence, as are most people at venues like this.I also work damned hard.

But I always thought that you should have a stable situation in which to bring a child: If I mate, it's for life.

Chances of that happening now are very slim to zero.

And all around me ( and on Jeremy Kyle) I see dysgenics in action.

Let's be honest: The scummiest, thickest dregs of EVERY race are spawning the most, and they are encouraged and funded.

No, I do not wish to bring a child into this world.

Is that a cop-out?


Anonymous said...

The video of rape and stoning of white woman isn’t correct.

It’s actually of a Somali man Abdi Nasir Mahmoud Good, stoned to death by SA mob 2013.

Still it goes to show how the ‘RAINBOW NATION’ is really the 'brutal NATION'.

The fact that NORMAL passers by are kicking and beating this guy is testament to this.

Imagine UK Whites looting a paki corner shop and then stoning the shopkeeper to death if he tried to intervene. There’d be non-stop worldwide news coverage for a month and about 5 Jewywood films made about it. A special remembrance day would be held. The family of the dead shopkeeper would be given knighthoods.

But SA brutally killing a Somali and looting over 150 shops , well I only heard about it when investigating the ‘rape and stoning of white woman video’

nilus said...

@St Nilus: Do you know if a special trip was laid on to NM's boneyard pity party for Dame / Baroness Doreen Lawrence? They would never dream to leave her out in the cold, right?

Benni Netanyahoo couldnt afford it.

Even after a whipround.

Actually, it's probably about :
" What has israel got to do with Mandela? What have joooz got to do with South Africa?

NUTHIN, THATS'S WOT, and youze better shut yer fuckin maaaaaf.."

Im pretty sure Baroness Deadnigger will be there, though.

nilus said...

Someone hould tell " Birmingham Nationalist" to " fact check" otherwise he will be chucked on the heap of bullshitters.

I would dearly like to think that he is sincere and I have really enjoyed his John Tyndall stuff.

I was such a lefty once I may have even gone down as part of a mob to " protest" ( smash windows" at a Brighton Hotel where a "Rayciss" was speaking ( It may have been Tyndall...circa 1994/5)

I didnt have a clue what I was doing or even who the "baddie" was.

SAVANT said...

UH and careful about meeting up. Be sure that you confirm your identities. Our enemies patrol sites like this and try to impersonate. I know UG is well up on technology so should not be too difficult.

By the way I'm hoping that a much larger group of us can meet up somewhere. Personally at this stage of my career I don't give a fuck about being found out but I know that doesn't apply to most of the rest of you.

nilus said...

I hope to make this sentence into a meme:


BBC2 right now : Jew Claudia Winkleman talking about jew Daniel Radcliffe playing jew pervert Allen Ginsberg


" Hear the jewish voice now, it's always talking..."

SAVANT said...

@John retired copper. My own belief on such aid was that it was generally used for the stated purposes until late in the day when the top brass knew the 'armed struggle' was on the way out they started helping themselves.

Anonymous said...

SA nigs freely loot Somali shops.


White Brits can't deport somali rapist for right to family life - even though he doesn't have one!!!!

Anonymous said...

Will liberal-douche Seth Macfarlane recover from this blunder?

Anonymous said...

music break

St Nilus didn't you post an Albert Lee video a while back?

This is class.

nilus said...

If there was any sure sign that we are fucked beyond belief it's the Congolese nigger as a Sinn Fein candidate.

Meet the Congolese native who is running for Sinn Féin in next year’s election

Admit it. Let's just rub a dollop of vaseline on the hole and hope that they dont rupture our stomach.


We have been trained to let "The Police " and "The Courts" take care of everything.

Democracy can only work in a tribal situation of 2,000 or so.

People will chose a leader cos they can see he has what it takes. He or she might accept the role reluctantly.

As opposed to what we have now, the exact opposite.

Anonymous said...

nilus said...

Yes I did post Albert Lee vid. What is it about our tiny island that produced all these great rockers?

Albert Lee is the King Picker, and even HE is a Brit!

It does make me proud.

Ive recently become cynical about the endless promotion of Blues and niggers.

The chordal format of blues is nicked off English, Irish and Scottish ballads. Niggers used majors and sevenths cos thats how a primitive would tune a guitar.

Im sick of monkeys being worshipped.


Who made those record decks? Who made those mikes? etc

VERY CLEVER GERMANS, that's who, nigger.

But we are supposed to worship every grunt and thrust.

nilus said...

Ricky Skaggs and Albert Lee.

It makes me SICK to hear what he can do on an acoustic.


And the vocal harmonies are precision.

But what would we know about music?


Dammit, the older and drunker I get, the less liberal I get.

Damn those jews and fuck them niggers.

Can we still say that?

nilus said...

The BBC and Joolz Holland will worship 3 chord niggers forever.

How many English people have heard of Albert Lee?

The way I see it; we are in the final reel of a sci-fi movie.

The aliens have almost won.

What on Earth could save us?

Anonymous said...

The White singing voice is unique, White music in its highest form is unparalleled in its purity, creativity and discipline.

But blacks have been banging drums for a few 1000 years they're pretty good at it.

nilus said...

BBC Nigger Worship:

The Devil's Music - Series 2 -

First transmitted in 1979, the last of four programmes exploring American Blues music. Alexis Korner focuses on contemporary Chicago Blues.
( permanent fixture on BBC i Player)

The Godmother of Rock & Roll: Sister Rosetta Tharpe -

Documentary about gospel singer Sister Rosetta Tharpe, who played a significant role in the creation of rock & roll, inspiring musicians like Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis.

The Man who Brought the Blues to Britain: Big Bill Broonzy -

Biography of the bluesman Big Bill Broonzy, who would inspire a generation of musicians yet was not the man they believed him to be. Broonzy's own words are read by Clarke Peters.

and so on

nilus said...

White man on drums:

James said...

Recent contributor's post on

This is powerful stuff.

Tahir said (December 9, 2013): I am an Indian. I have been to Germany, France and few other European countries and i have witnessed multiculturalism my self there. I will certainly say yes you are right (Illuminati) Jews have destroyed white race up to a considerable limit by means of massive immigrations and work force import. I am not white but i feel sorry for white race. Now only God can save white race.

Henry Makow is a JEW!--Mary

He's crazy, there is no God.--NU/NUB

As I've said before we need to make the immigrants feel a bit guilty about what they are doing to us, as one part of our defence. Lots will go home if they do. Many won't but they will miss the support they once had.

Anyone agree?

nilus said...

Niggers have been banging bongos, blah blah, we even beat niggers at their own shit, like rapping, breakdancing, etc. How embarrassing it must be to be a nigger. No wonder they are full of impotent rage:

Anonymous said...

Julian hates loud Metal music too.

One of the things that makes bluegrass bluegrass is no drums.

Thinking about it most all folk trad music has very little percussion or drums

James said...

Niggers have been banging bongos, blah blah, we even beat niggers at their own shit, like rapping, breakdancing, etc. How embarrassing it must be to be a nigger. No wonder they are full of impotent rage:

BZZZZZZZZZZT. They naturally dance better than the best professional white dancers. They just look better doing it.--NU/NUB

The above is unfortunately how far too many people think.

Dan said...

His heart is with the Umma. Not by much though. I also find the Arab hostility to Jews to be slightly fake too. The Palestine stuff is just a way to fleece YT.

nilus said...

James: It's OK, you can just be yourself now. Let the ghost lie. I first read Makow around 2004/5, and I thought he had a really good take on male/female hetero/homo stuff.

He wavers on whether he is a jew or an ex-jew ( how I became a mensch) and whether he is Christian or not.

I dont really care, myself.

For a while he let all sorts of loonies like Benjamin Fulford have sway at his site.

It's best when he writes his own stuff. Do you advocate him cos he's a "good jew" or because you think his stuff is the best you'll find on the net, regardless of whether he's a jew or not?

Personally, I cant take any more talk of "Satanists" or "Globalists" or "Illuminati" or " Frankist Sabbatean Jews".

I reckon you have to be a Christian to believe in Satanism , its all a silly merry-go-round, and if you get swept up you might just find that the "Satanists" are the "good guys" , and all that...

It all seems a bit teenage kicks.

Does Henry Makow believe in Satan?

Is Satan a person? Does Satan have horns and stuff?

Or is Satan an allegory? For what?

People who write about Lucifer and Satan should be able to tell us what they mean.

Is Satan Lucifer?

Are they giant invisible beings who get a kick out of tripping up vicars and hiding their car keys?

Havent they got better things to do?

Or is "Satan" ( adversary) just a personification of Badd Stufff?

Is God real and is he a person?

Would God beat Satan in a cage fight and whose side would Lucifer be on?

These questions have troubled the cleverest and silliest little minds for ages.


nilus said...

I like Julian Lee, and kudos for Incogman for sticking by him during the "spat" a few years back.

Julian Lee is very much into the Vedic stiff ( which he sees as a White Man thing and he may well be right)

Julian read the "Pink Swastika" book and took it unto his breast. His argument was, no wonder it is supressed cos the Homo LObby cannot be seen to be asociated with "NAZI", much in the same way that the homo lobby cannot EVER be seen to be associated with kiddy fiddling or boy-sex ( even though we know most child sex abuse is male on male)

Incogland turned on Julian Lee ( even though he saved Incogman by having the foresight to but " and ""

This made some people think that Incogman was now Julian Lee's bitch.

Me, I dont care, my "mentor" thinks that Incog and Savant and most others are "kikesites" anyway.

I'm more forgiving/gullible.

This as the first time I saw Julian Lee, his thoughts on a jewish summer camp. Here is his face, and his name. That takes guts, and it is for now more than I am prepared to do.

So, Julian, if you see this, or if someone will kindly pass it on to where you might see it: Hats Off.
( GTRman)

The Jewish Double Standard For Race. - By Julian Lee

nilus said...

"Julian hates loud Metal music too."

Tough titty.

Metal is as White as it gets!

Let's not MOCK our unique creations.

Who mocked it? Ah yes, the jew Rob Reiner, the jew Christopher Guest, the jew Harry Shearer..AKA Spinal Tap...

ACDC Back In Black is the best selling album EVER. Iron Maiden and ACDC sell way more than any hippety-hop nigger or plastic pop slut.

Hang on to what you've got, dont let the jews make you hate your own skin, your own kith and kin.

Who would you like Five Minutes Alone with?

When finally the Anglo-Saxon awakes, he will ask you to put Pantera on.

James said...

Julian Lee is pretty intense.

I post Makow because I like him.

If people think the Illuminati don't exist, that's good for them. Personally, I think we need something to explain the conspiracy against the White race. I treat "Illuminati" as a fancier term for "Them", and that's about it.

nilus said...

That's a good answer, James. Im on your side. I didnt mean to come over as antagonistic, and it seems you realised that. I like hearing your NZ perspective.

Makow's good when he doesnt allow bullshitters to write for him.

We're all in the same boat.

Uncle Nasty said...

While we drift towards the subject of music, my tastes in music tend towards the ... esoteric, shall we say?

Only really formed in the seventies, they tend towards the best of that era, Kate Bush, Floyd, Eagles, Led Zep, Genesis and even early Elton John when his stuff was still written by Bernie Taupin ... with some real oddities like PFM - Premiata Forneria Marconi (literally Marconi's First Oven -- don't even ask).

Now I find myself leaning towards Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck (assisted on bass by the brilliant little Ozzie girl, Tal Wilkenfeld) and weird stuff like Lamb, The Ecstacy of Saint Theresa (Czechoslovakian ambient group), Moby, Pearl Jam and Creed.

Classics like Ravel, Mozart and Saint Saens are also in the mix ...

About three years ago I met a young guy who said that Clapton was the best Guitarist since sliced bread, so I sent him this one:-

The energetic guy with the hair is the Swede, Yngwie Malmsteen -- I think. Crank the volume and enjoy ...

Interestingly enough, Satriani, so I am told, regularly slips in and out of NZ unheralded, puts on an impromptu one-night charity gig and slips out again. Big supporter of diabetes charities.

Here, BTW, is pretty much Tal Wlkinfeld's first big number with Jeff Beck. Let's be frank, the best bit is the way her boob nestles so ... comfortably, shall we say, in the body of the bass.

Finally, just for fun, here's an up-and-comer who should be quite something ... when she hits puberty.

.. and not a nigger to be seen. Once again, enjoy.


James said...

Makow understands that he himself is not omniscient so he posts crap for people to judge and comment on. I think that's a good policy. Imagine NU's site! It would be the opposite - dogmatic and accusing the rest of the world of being gullible idiots. The reason conspiracies exist is because people like him refuse to even entertain the possibility and thus the perps get away with it.

Another reason I like Makow: he posts stuff like this:

Benefit Concert for Sandy Hook first responders cancelled due to low ticket sales- Read the comments!

Yeah check out the comments! Most are saying HOAX, HOAX, HOAX with lots of youtube links.


50 years ago or so "The Mafia" was a "Conspiracy Theory".

Some people are too brainy for their own good.

nilus said...

James: Do you ever comment at Makow? I see that he is very selective with his replies. Why not ask him over? He surely cant be that busy?

I ask this in a genuine spirit of curiousity , written stuff can seem snarky when it really isnt.

Do you reckon Henry might stop by these parts?

tsnamm said...

"What can I do to effectively resist/counteract the media brain-washing of my teen children..."

I remember quite vividly as a youngster while riding along with my father through the Baltimore neighborhoods he grew up in , listening to his constant tour guide commentary..."this used to be a nice neighborhood...this used to be a nice neighborhood..." almost every chance he got. Of course the now shitty neighborhoods were overflowing with stupid, lazy niggers. This show and tell session reverberated through all the times when I was being fed PC bullshit in schools, from media, and brainwashed friends etc. I think it made it cemented the evidence, and made it easier to wake up and see what is going wrong. I also highly recommend "The Birth of a Nation"...they just don't make em' like that anymore.

nilus said...

My career was/is music, so I have a very bittersweet relationship with it.

I tend to listen to spoken radio, and I was intrigued to find that my fellow musos do the same!

It really is too painful to see the Simon Cowell cancer everywhere.

I dont like seeing silly little White kids signing up to the British Arms Industry to kill and be killed in kike wars,, but it looks like it will always happen.

This should have been the song to end it all, but, who listens to pop songs?

"Our little army boy
Is coming home from b.f.p.o.
I've a bunch of purple flowers
To decorate a mammy's hero.

Mourning in the aerodrome,
The weather warmer, he is colder.
Four men in uniform
To carry home my little soldier.

"what could he do?
Should have been a rock star."
But he didn't have the money for a guitar.
"what could he do?
Should have been a politician."
But he never had a proper education.
"what could he do?
Should have been a father."
But he never even made it to his twenties.
What a waste --
Army dreamers.
Ooh, what a waste of
Army dreamers.

Tears o'er a tin box.
Oh, jesus christ, he wasn't to know,
Like a chicken with a fox,
He couldn't win the war with ego.

Give the kid the pick of pips,
And give him all your stripes and ribbons.
Now he's sitting in his hole,
He might as well have buttons and bows.

"what could he do?
Should have been a rock star."
But he didn't have the money for a guitar.
"what could he do?
Should have been a politician."
But he never had a proper education.
"what could he do?
Should have been a father."
But he never even made it to his twenties.
What a waste --
Army dreamers.
Ooh, what a waste of
Army dreamers.
Ooh, what a waste of all that
Army dreamers,
Army dreamers,
Army dreamers, oh...

Army dreamers.
("mammy's hero.")
Army dreamers.
("mammy's hero.")
No harm heroes.
("mammy's hero.")
Army dreamers.
("mammy's hero.")
No harm heroes."

We should all cry.
We were all once children.

This is not why we were born here.
To kill other children?

tsnamm said...

PS I see the 1st string is back! I couldn't be happier!

Californian said...

Good point, Savant: why has been Mandela's death been transformed into some uber-global-event?

Look at Princess Dianna. When she died it got turned into a major global event. Yet what realistically did she do to merit such beatification? It just may be so much bread & circuses. Elites use the media hooplah to keep people distracted while they continue their binge looting and warmongering.


To many people in the West, Mandela became a symbol of "ending racism." The fact that whenever "racism" has been ended, the resulting situation leads to the ethnic cleansing of whites is ignored. Look at Algeria, Rhodesia, South Africa, Detroit (and any number of American cities) and now, apparently, many neighborhoods in Europa.

To non-Westerners, Mandela showed that they could take on and defeat the Western world, despite its vaunted military technology, economic power and electronic toys. Remember Mao's dictum about American nuclear weapons being a "paper tiger?" "Anti-racism" is a form of revolutionary struggle, and one which has become much more effective than communism ever war.

Realistically speaking, "racism" has not come to an end in Africa or anywhere else. The post-colonial world has seen any number of ethnic based massacres (usually by those vaunted people of color). And we have ongoing discrimination against whites under various policies from affirmative action up to farm-murders in SA. Nor do we see any real move towards democracy in Africa, whatever lip service may be paid at the UN.

What is really meant by "anti-racism" is the overthrow of white/Western civilization. This has been the reality, globally. White/Western peoples have surrendered colonies, frontiers, cities, universities and even genes in one of the greatest strategic retreats in world history. Yet they have been mostly deluded into believing this is all an advance for democracy, equality, and a better world--all rolled up into smilin' Nelson Mandela.

The question is: why do you and the people on this website see the reality, but the rest of the white world does not?

James said...

The question is: why do you and the people on this website see the reality, but the rest of the white world does not?

They appear not too, because the media controls how things appear.

Many Whites are braindead zombie do-gooders, and they are not afraid of spreading their "opinions".

People that are fed up with it all simply don't have a voice, but they are everywhere.

Also, human intelligence is limited. It is hard to figure everything out. That's why blogs like this are needed to encourage debate on forbidden topics.

Uncle Nasty said...

I think I am going to throw up ...

Norwegian Christians​: "Forgive us, Israel!"

...from Dan Friedman

[To a Jew who’s taken up the fight against the relentless war against my people from within and without, this expression of repentance by a group of Norwegian Christian leaders is heartening. Makes me believe that one day Jews will finally overcome the hate and evil that’s been arrayed against us from the very beginning. Still, it will take faith, determination, and the willingness to use the mighty arm Hashem has given us without asking for anyone’s permission. df]

Dan Friedman

H/T Joan Swirsky

About 40 Norwegian Christian leaders and clerics held a special ceremony in the Knesset Wednesday to formally apologize on Norway’s behalf for their role during the Holocaust and the 1993 Oslo Accords. The delegation featured representatives from 21 different organizations, who were greeted by Knesset Christian Caucus members MKs Rabbi Dov Lipman (Yesh Atid) and Gila Gamliel (Likud). The representatives then delivered a speech expressing support for Israel, as well as reservations about the Oslo Accords, which they claimed “rips apart the Land of Israel.” Here is the text of the declaration, given to every Knesset member.

I wonder how many Norwegians are saying "fuck you" to the traitors in their midst?
The (Heh, heh, heh) modern day quislings?

Not many, I'd wager.

And I was feeling so good for a moment, there. Ah well. Onwards.


nilus said...

"I'm an Englishman in New York"

sang Sting.

That's fine, I doubt if you are going to rape anybody.

" Im a Somalian in Oslo"


" I'm a Nigerian in Stockholm"


"Im an unemployed Sudanese Muslim in Copenhagen"


Anonymous said...

there is a movement afoot in Chicago to rename Lake Shore Drive and Cicero ave, here to mandella ave, and mandella drive,our thought is to rename Halsted st, to Lenin blvd.Ashland ave, to Trotsky street,Damen ave will be Joe Solvo parkway,oh the list of possibilities staggers the imagination....John old rtd chicago copper...

Uncle Nasty said...

James said...

Another reason I like Makow: he posts stuff like this:

Benefit Concert for Sandy Hook first responders cancelled due to low ticket sales- Read the comments!

Went to the recommended site and ended up howling with laughter.

Weep not for Enyoo, folks. He's found employment posting there as "doz" -- and fucking it up, I might add.

Seriously, check out his sarky "you're all iggernut pricks" and "only dumfux like you would swallow that" posts, and watch the commenters tearing him so many new ani that his rear end resembles a vegetable strainer.

It's a bugger to be unemployed over Hanukkah. You gotta take what you can get.


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